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Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
S H O P E AT PA R T Y H A N G O U T I N D U L G E F A S H I O N T R AV E L H E A LT H TA L K O F F E R S Vol. 1 No. 1 Page 8
Best Gifts for Diwali this season
Salwar Kameez Suit Georgette
Green Rs. 6,975
Aapno Rajasthan Diyas and
Ganeshji Seated on a Chowki
with Kundans Rs.1145
Lakshmi Ganesha Saraswati
Cabin Rs.978
Aapno Rajasthan Shree Shagun
Puja Thali Rs.499
Set Wet Pack of 2 Deodorants
Rs. 285
Superman Pack Rs. 150
Just Trufs Designer Box With
Chocolate Truffles Rs.590
Just Trufs Chocolate Almond
Logs And Dry Fruits Hamper
Aapno Rajasthan Wooden
Handcrafted Dryfruit Box
Breadbox Orange Rs. 200
Aakriti 12" Blue Earthen
Lamp Rs.1500.00
Briefcase Pack Rs 125.
Bikanervala Om Dry Fruit
Platter 850 gms Rs.1484
Mahi Gajanan Gold Plated
Pendant Rs. 499
giftease Rs. 2700
Timex Watches The collection
is priced between Rs 12495 –
Rs 16995.
Sailor Venkateshwara Price:
Rs.3.45 Lakh
Vaadi Herbals Assorted Soaps
Gift Pack (450 g) Rs 199
Gelato Vinto launches
Diwali Cakes price
starting from Rs.700
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Stylish green jhumka earrings
with green white top Rs. 319
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Soulflower One Man Hamper
Set (500 g) Rs 618
Bikanerwala Dryfruit Delight
with Candle 600 gms Rs. 1214
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happenings around you to public
attention or you are engaged in a
social cause seeking people's
support – all in public interest –
just email to [email protected]
Post your story to The Editor –
ZOOMDELHI, 253, 3rd Floor,
Panchsheel Commercial Complex,
Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-49.
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Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
S H O P E AT PA R T Y H A N G O U T I N D U L G E F A S H I O N T R AV E L H E A LT H TA L K O F F E R S Vol. 1 No. 1 Page 8
getAlive on
Yo u r o n l i n e h a p p e n i n g r e f r e s h e r
Let’s celebrate a clean Diwali
As it is very well known,
children are involved in
the manufacturing of
crackers which involves
handling of various toxic
chemicals. This can prove
fatal to their health. By not
burning crackers, you
support the cause of
preventing and abolishing
child labour very much
prevalent even in the
modernized and
globalized society.
Saurabh Sengupta
Associate Editor
ould you disagree if I say that
the aura and environment
DIWALI creates is like a
magnet? Diwali attracts people’s
i m a g i n a t i o n, a s p i r a t i o n s , a n d
expectations ... The Pomp & Show that is
native to its character invigorates all –
No one is spared!
As a child you have been part of this
oversized extravaganza or at least you
have observed it from a distance.
Haven’t you felt dumbfounded ...
Awestruck? So how do you feel now
growing-up with festival of Diwali?
Next is – how many people
celebrate Diwali? (Barring reasons of
different faiths, beliefs and personal
ideologies) ... better it should be; how
many can actually afford to celebrate this
great evening? Sorry. Am I sounding
antagonist – And even if I ... my love and
attraction for this great day won’t shrink
any less.
DIWALI attracts so many things but,
what does it release? ... You know it. Just
stand outside in open air and take a deep
breath while deafening sounds of fire
crackers continue to hammer your
eardrums. Just imagine how those
who’ve passed their 60s & 70s quietly
bear the burn.
Did people complain about all this
some 500 years ago :) Well, frankly ...
can’t say – there wasn’t Press or
electronic media at that time and neither
any mention of pollution, global
warming, CFCs or economic fallouts
Then why such a hue & cry for this
particular day when we know that Diwali
itself doesn’t creates sound and air
pollution to the likeness of Gulf War or
the volcanic eruption in Iceland some 3
years ago or dangers that were created
out of earthquake in Japan in 2011.
A commonplace argument could be
... Let’s not choke the happiness of
victory of good over evil by creating
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serious health issues for our loved ones;
kids, parents ... spouse and even pets we
love. Let us do away with such things
that may cause harm to others and
accidents to ourselves. Let’s keep it
simple & sweet, something that all
people can cherish. We could try
following these ...
1. Say no to crackers. Here’s why:
Chemicals present in crackers cause air
and noise pollution which adversely
impacts health. In winters that’s
approaching, smoke produced from
crackers can result into the formation of
smog which could be lethal for
asthmatic patients. It also creates
visibility problem for drivers, increasing
probability of accidents. As it is very well
known, children are involved in the
manufacturing of crackers which
involves handling of various toxic
chemicals. This can prove fatal to their
health. By not burning crackers, you
support the cause of preventing and
abolishing child labour very much
prevalent even in the modernized and
globalized society.
2. Keep your pets inside the house.
Try to put them in the centre most room
ensuring the doors and windows are
close so that minimum noise enters the
room. Try to be with them as the noise
tends to make them run in all directions.
3. Reduce your carbon footprint by
adopting sustainable lifestyle practices.
Gift wrapping can be done with
newspapers present in a fun and creative
way. One can also use recycled paper
also for gift wrapping.
4. Pick that perfect green present,
a plant! How about gifting something that
doesn’t require a wrap at all and that
grows with every passing Diwali? You
can visit a nearby nursery and buy a
beautiful green plant for your loved ones.
5. With every gift, write a green
message along with it. This will help
raise awareness and remind everyone
about the environmental impacts of the
festival and why people should act to
ensure minimum pollution.
6. Make your rangoli with biodegradable products and they can be
served as a feed to birds and would not
go as a waste into your garbage bins.
7. Go for most economical ways of
wishing. Send text messages, emails or
recycled papers for conveying Diwali
wishes instead of traditional cards that
will bring down paper usage.
8. Recycle items that are no longer
functional. If gifts given by friends and
relatives are wrapped by a gift cover
open it in such a way that the paper is not
destroyed and can be used later.
9. Think about the poor. Do
celebrate the festival of lights with less
pollution and do help poor people by
offering food and clothing rather than
spending huge money on buying
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Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd.
E - 49/8, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - 2, New Delhi - 110020 (India)
Phone 91-11-26385100 & 91-11-41084140 Email Business [email protected] | General [email protected]
Indie Nights Every
Friday @9:30 pm for
4 hrs.
brings to you the
unique blend of Sufi,
Bollywood and Asian
Piano Recital by
Nov 01 @6:30pm
The Kila, Seven Style
Mile, Opposite Qutub
Call 3080 0300
Get enthralled by this
artist from Poland in
a programme of
works by Schubert,
Liszt and Chopin.
Nehru Planetarium,
Teen Murti House
Patake Bhari Diwali
Till Nov 04
Noon to Midnigtht
Rang de Basanti
Call 64650001
twitter zoomdelhi
Friday Mashup with
DJ Karan
Nov 01 @8pm
Indie Nights Every
Friday @8:30 pm for
3 hrs.
Don't Stop The Music
best of Commercials,
EDM and Club music
Club Rhino
312, 3rd. Flr, South
Point Mall, DLF
Phase 5, Golf Course
Road, Gurgaon
Blues - Connaught
Place N-18, Outer
Circle, (Opp. Scindia
House) C.P. Call
9958296006 /
Magical Melodies by
Shetal Gupta
Nov 05 @5:30pm
Toba Tek Singh Hindi Play
Nov 05 @7pm for
1:30 hrs
Dance theatre
dialogue between
Sita and Draupadi by
Jyotsna Shourie's
Dance Centre
Ek Gati Gungunati
Sham. Aap ke Naam!
Concept &
Presentation by
Pavan Naidu.
Written by Saadat
Hasan Manto.
Directed by Rajesh
India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road
Airforce Auditorium,
Subroto Park, Delhi
Bhai Veer Singh
Marg, Near Gole
Diwali Bazaar 2013
Till Nov 03 @11am
for 9 hrs
The Taj Mahal Hotel
Man Singh Road
Shop 102, 1st Flr, DLF
South Square, Sarojini
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Face to Face Dance Drama
Nov 05 @7pm
Taj Khazana presents
traditional and
designed gifting
collection for Diwali
Rang de Basanti
Dhaba offer Food
Patakas a 5 course
culinary extravaganza
Celebrating All
Saints' Day and All
Souls' Day.
Blues - Connaught
Place N-18, Outer
Circle, (Opp. Scindia
House) C.P. Call
9958296006 /
Dia De Los Muertos
- Live Band
Nov 02 @9pm for
4:30 hrs.
Celebrate Diwali &
Bhai Dooj
Till Nov 05 begins
9am daily / Full day
Its' 9 Bakery Cafe
Yashwant Place,
The Gift - Sculpture
Till Nov 05 begins
11am daily / Full day
Gift exhibition of small
scale affordable bronze
Art Konsult
Call 24121520,
Meal for two Rs. 500 to
1000 +Tax
F 213-C, First Floor,
Lado Sarai
Call 65683083 /
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Rani Roopmati festive line launched - Designer
Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
Splits Villa @ FLO
Sagrika Mittal Goyal
[email protected]
Deepa with a friend
Rachna Rampal with daughter
Sona Jain with Mona Jain
Riya Goenka with Neha Chandna
MTV Splits Villa fame DJ Akanksha Popli performed at FLO Saket. Being a ladies night the bold and
beautiful ladies were seeing grooving to the awesome mixes churned out by the DJ. The party was a full
house and dancing went on wee hours. In pics from left clock-wise Nidhi & Manish Malhan, Ankita &
Ankur Jain, DJ Akansha and Aamir Zakhir and Harry
[email protected]
Kareena Kapoor honoured in the House of Commons
ollywood actress Kareena Kapoor was
honoured in the House of Commons here
by an Asian ethnic weekly for her
contribution to the global entertainment
industry. Leading NRI MP Rt Hon Keith Vaz,
Chairman of Britain's Home Affairs Committee,
presented a framed golden coloured plaque to
the 33-year old actress last night.
Kareena has acted in several blockbuster
films including 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham',
'Omkara', 'Jab We Met', '3 Idiots', 'Golmaal 3'
and 'Bodyguard'.
While receiving the award, Kareena said,
"UK has been one of my most favoured
destinations. There has always been special
relation between India and the UK and over the
years the bond has become stronger." She
recalled that her great grandmother was British
and her father-in-law, late Nawab of Pataudi,
captained Oxford cricket team. "England has
been kind to me," she stated.
Courtesy aajtak.com
Sagarika Mittal Goyel
+91 9990 360 535
With the festive season just
round the corner, Designer
Sagrika Mittal Goyal hosted a
fashion preview of her new
festive collection "Rani
Roopmati" which had an array
of Sarees , lehnegas and fusion
dresses to choose from.
Among the guests who
attended the event included
names like Dr. Geetika Mittal
Gupta , Ritu Sood, Sunita
Chandak, Anu Sachdeva,
Ruchika Mahajan, Neha
Pandey, Richu Singhal,
Sheetal Kumar and more ...
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Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
Nandal Bose and the Indian Freedom Struggle
t was in 1935 when
Gandhi personally
Nandalal Bose to
arrange the exhibition
in Luknow Congress
Session. Gandhiji
said: “This exhibition
to my mind brings out
concretely for the first
time the conception of
a true rural
exhibition.... It is the
purpose of this
exhibition to show that
even things which we
town dwellers do not
like may be used both
to the villagers’ and
o u r a d v a n t a g e .”
N a n d a l a l ' s
resourceful use of
simple local down-toearth materials
became a model for
young designers in the
years to come.
andalal Bose (1882-1966) was
born to Purnachandra Bose and
Kshetramani Devi in the obscure
town of Haveli Kharagpur in Monghyr
district of Bihar Province. Nandalal
gained interest in modeling images since
childhood and created images of Durga,
Ganesh, elephants, and bulls that were
exhibited in fairs and festivals. Nandalal
Bose had a kind of obvious interest in
taking care for the décor, and aesthetical
arrangements for the performances,
rituals and rituals held in territory of
It is a well known fact that the Indian
National Movement had a tremendous
impact on public life. The end of the
nineteenth and the beginning of the
twentieth century’s introduced it to a
more organized and extreme phase
which influenced the contemporary
artists also. Hence they chose the
freedom struggle as a subject for their
paintings. These artists felt that it was a
kind of service to “Swadeshi” and
national movement.
The famous lino-cut he did in the
wake of Gandhi's historic Dandi march in
March 1930 gave strong evidence about
Nandalal’s admiration on Gandhi. His
war against the Salt-law that charged the
entire nation was symbolized in a blackwhite lino-cut of modest size depicting
Mahatma stepping out with his walking
stick, evoking a sense of strong will to
overcome all obstacles, which later on
was fashioned as the most iconic style
of the Gandhi. History says that Nandalal
was never known to Gandhi personally
until 1935, it was in 1935 when Gandhi
personally approached Nandalal Bose to
arrange the exhibition in Luknow
Congress Session. Gandhi believed that
the introduction of Art and Craft in the
exhibition will bring the common people
more closely to the party, so he thought
of placing the same concept in
subsequent sessions.In one of his
speech at the exhibition ground (28
March 1936) Gandhi said: “This
exhibition to my mind brings out
concretely for the first time the
conception of a true rural exhibition.... It
is the purpose of this exhibition to show
that even things which we town dwellers
do not like may be used both to the
villagers’ and our advantage.” Nandalal's
resourceful use of simple local down-toearth materials became a model for
young designers in the years to come.
The year of 1938 adorned one more
responsibility of decorating the congress
session at Haripura, Gujrat. Once again
Gandhi made Nandalal Bose in charge of
evry liabilities. The idea of creating the
unique environment infused with local
art and craft. As a significant component
of this huge public art Nandalal planned
separate paintings which were later to
become famous as Haripura posters
depicting Indian life in all its variety. This
all efforts were calculated as the pre-
buzz of the sessions and was immense
successful even.
Its reported that Nandalal painted
nearly eighty posters himself The
earthen pigments on the posters were
applied by the indigenous brushes like
bamboo and thatches. Gandhi wanted
the posters to be placed on the cozy sites
where the attempt was to catch the
attention of every passerby. The whole
panorama visualized by Gandhi
,Nandalal and his team had turned in to a
public art event into a unseen scale.
Debabrota Das
Delhi based Curator and Writer.
A roost for food lovers
erenely located in a cozy, rustic nook in one of the most
popular & lively alleys of the village, Roost is truly a
discovery in the middle of all the action. At Roost, the old &
the new are exquisitely juxtaposed against each other- old
cart wheel turned chandelier, intricately carved charpoy legs
turned candle stands, wittingly placed with open industrial
ceilings, modern metal furniture & stainless steel kitchen
tops. The modest exteriors say very little about the vibrant &
eclectic interiors that gently lead to a panoramic view of the
dense greens that surrounds the village.
A lively & carefree haunt with an extremely warm &
friendly atmosphere, Roost invites groups of young foodies in
a cozy, comfortable yet chic setting. ROOST Bistro & Bar, is an
all-day dining modern bistro with the highlight being a live
kitchen and bar with seating for a highly interactive &
enjoyable experience. Popular authentic dishes such as
NasiGoreng, YakiUdon Noodles, Prawns Balchao, Warm
Salmon Salad, Spaghetti Bolognese etc are beautifully
facebook /myzoomdelhi
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complemented with in-house creations such as Bacon
wrapped Chicken malaitikkas, Fettucine with Chilli Saffron,
Masala Encrusted New Zealand Lamb Chops & Basil & Bird
Chilli Rice to name a few. The menu consists of 8 main food
categories- Starters, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches & Wraps,
Steaks, Pastas, and Wok& Specials, ensuring there is
something for everyone's taste. Focus is on using good
quality ingredients, well designed recipes & neat presentation
to come up with dishes that are flavorful, tasty and would
make customers come back for more.
ROOST Bistro Shop No. 8-9, Building 30, Ground Floor, Hauz
Khas Village, New Delhi-16,
Reservations 42851008 Open 11am-1 am
Meal for two Rs. 1,500 + Taxes
ADVT 46063232 / 9555355212
Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
Ash Amaira by Divya Bhatia
Priyanka Anil Dhaka is 14 years into faith healing. Well known! She is a learned Vedic Astrologer
and an accomplished Tarot Card reader. She says – “The right time, the right code of conduct and
the right method to perform a task always aid success whether in a career, business, marriage or
even life.” Mail your concerns to [email protected]
You could save yourself from
Saturn’s eye provided you are
logical and methodical in your
approach. You may also earn
foreign exchange. Growth in
business or career abroad is
somewhat probable. Enemies
will eat defeat. Success in
litigation is most likely. Goodrelations with family members
You need to prove the hard way!
Transition of Jupiter & Rahu in
Leo can give hard-time to your
pocket and your profession as
well. Not the right time to switch
job. The same transition of
Jupiter & Rahu in Capricorn can
add worries in home front. Battle
of Words could ensue between
you and your spouse over trivial /
avoidable issues.
Happiness & prosperity will
bloom in your family. Good
times with spouse, is
assured. Those still single &
looking can enjoy fruits of
their labour. Favourable
transit of Venus and Mercury
will add charm to love &
Harmonious relation with spouse
is seen though children could
bring worries like; taking them to
a doctor. Same applies with
adults as well, so stay healthy
and take good care. A chronic
health issue could kick-start
spending. Your house needs
protection from theft.
Thanks to the transition of Venus
and Jupiter, those married will be
happier than ever. Time will be
productive and your relationship
will be passing on expected lines.
You & your spouse will come
closer. Mutual understanding and
cooperation will seek new-High.
Planets indicate happiness in
home, victory over opponents
and of course good health.
Please control your aggression
and gauge your overconfidence!
Take due diligence before finalizing
any new or major deals. Transiting
positions of planets are not
favourable enough for ventures
and business of quick gains.
However – transiting Saturn in
10th house will give results in-line
to your genuine efforts and
High risk investments should be
avoided. Jupiter transiting in
Capricorn along-with Rahu could
attract controversy and
allegations! Elders could pose
difficulties at home, work or
elsewhere. The time is not
productive for your expectation
so just wait & watch. Keep calm
and have patience.
Don’t expect growth or trigger in
your employment rather keep
your head down and stay alert.
Your reputation could face a
showdown by seniors or your
boss. Don’t blind faith except
God. Smoke of tensions could
arise in your family. Keep tact
with spouse. Happiness is
Transiting Venus in 2nd house
will prove fortunate for the inflow
of money. Those good with
stocks & shares can make big
profits. Investing in real-estate,
buying new property is marked
favourable. You shall enjoy
comforts of your home and
family members.
This is a time for selfrealization. Don’t cut into
arguments with your spouse.
Your tone & tact are important
delimiters in pursuing your
goals. Good time with family is
seen. Parents shall enjoy good
health and siblings will provide
their best support.
facebook /myzoomdelhi
You are about to get fruits of your
labour. Obstacles faced in
pursuing goals shall diminish by
the day. Your will-power stands
on high. Professional
commitments might hamper
personal life but on-&-on you’ll
enjoy company of family
members and your spouse. Try
to keep head straight. Be calm.
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SK Jeweller brings GOLD Fortune!
ivya Bhatia’s artistry has made a vibrant reach for the brand, Ash Amaira has already been an indemand participant in the leading fashion shows for years now at Paris, Milan, Las Vegas,
Japan and Hong Kong. Ash Amaira’s exclusive collection of iconic evening footwear, beaming
jewellery and faddish evening bags was launched in the year 2009 and saw flying colors in the
international markets. With a fount of creative energy to tap into, it’s little wonder that Ash Amaira has
become one of the most desired evening accessories brand among various international celebrities
including Hollywood, Lady Gaga , Russian actress Ekaterina Odintsova, drop dead gorgeous fashion
icons Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and Paris Hilton to name a few. As the brand gathered appreciation
in the International markets, Ash Amaira opened its first flagship store in Delhi at N-Block Market,
Greater Kailash-I to offer high-end fashion accessories to the style conscious Indian woman. They are
now also present in Khan Market - one of the most posh shopping destinations of the capital.
You are advised to take career,
finance and investments related
decisions with utmost caution.
Transiting Jupiter over the 10th
house along with Rahu is going
to give a greater reputation and
reorganization. You’ll be able to
overcome hindrances. Take care
of yourself. Transiting Mars in
2nd and Sun in 4th may also give
favorable outcomes.
ow you can take Hallmark Gold jewellery onthe-spot by entering into a lucky draw by
depositing amounts like ₹1000, ₹2000, ₹5000
or ₹10,000. SK Jeweller has initiated schemes
where a lucky draw is organised every month for
its members who choose to deposit amounts
mentioned above every month. The Winner who
takes-away the jewellery will not need to pay rest
of the amounts.
SK Jeweller is 35 years into the business of
precious stones and metals. They have huge
collection of Gold jewellery with 4000+ designs
available in 14, 18 and 22 carat Gold is Hallmark
certified. Kundan Polki with 850+ designs
available in 22 and 24 carat Hallmarked Gold.
Unbelievable Diamond collection with 1800+
designs available in 14, 18 and 22 carat diamond
where every item is Hallmark certified and
1200+ designs of exotic rings to choose from
available in 14 and 18 carats all Hallmarked.
Founded by Surender Kumar Gogia in 1978
SK Jeweller has offered unmatched crafted
jewellery that has led to a new era of
contemporary designer jewellery. “We
believe that the best customer relationships
are formed on the basis of honest business
deals. Visit our store to find & choose jewellery
for almost any occasion from our wide range of
jewellery collection” said Rajat Gogia SK
Jeweller. Location SK Jeweller, C-6, Main Market,
Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017 Ph. 4107 0111
Festive offers
from Pepe Jeans
With the festival
season round the corner,
high street major ‘Pepe
Jeans’ is all set to provide
the best shopping
experience for its
customers with exciting
offers available at
exceptional prices.
Celebrate the festivities
this season with ‘Pepe
Shop for Rs. 4999/and get a Laptop Bag
Free, Shop for Rs.
7499/- and get a Duffle
Bag Free, Shop for Rs.
9999/- and get Apparel
Free worth Rs. 2499/-.
Pepe Jeans gives you a
chance to bring alive the
fashionista in you with
these exclusive offers.
P r o v i d i n g
standards of luxury and
the best retail experience
is what Pepe Jeans
believes in.
With this exclusive
o f f e r ‘P e p e J e a n s’
continues to attract its
fashion conscious youth
towards the most elegant
and stylish designs of the
Autumn Winter’13
Collection. With each
range of
the latest
Autumn Winter collection
from Pepe Jeans, the
brand introduces an
array of trendy and
stylish new designs and
fabrics that are
magnificently combined
to create refined
silhouettes; a colour
palette that is diverse,
and exciting this season.
So rush to your
nearest ‘Pepe Jeans’
outlet and avail of these
exiting offers.
Compiled by ZOOMDELHI Team
ADVT 46063232 / 9555355212
Friday 1-7 Nov, 2013
Khimsar sand dunes village is a great escape
from urban civilisation. It actually is remote in
every sense of the word. Around 612 km from
Delhi between Jodhpur & Bikaner, this exotic
village, just 6 km from Khimsar Fort has been
developed by ITC Welcome Heritage Group as
budget hotel that is operational from Oct 1 to 31st
The village surrounds an oasis that fills life
into every aspect of Khimsar's existence. This
water body adds more wonders when ducks and
geese swirl around with their little ones and
infinite number of goldfish reflects back sunlight
transforming the desert into some myth-cometrue!
Huts in this village is far from actual, fitted
and draped with all modern comforts like
attached bathrooms, hot & cold running water,
heaters & coolers, laundry service, in-house
dining, bar & lounge ... the service staff are direct
descendants of royal courtiers who once served
the royal family for generations. Times have
changed – Guests who come to this village to
stay are treated equally as members of the Royal
[email protected]
Nothing like Khimsar!
The Khimsar sand dunes village is mere 15 minute drive from the Khimsar Fort. It is located in Nagaur district of Rajasthan that lies about midway between Jodhpur and
Bikaner. Khimsar is about 612 km from Delhi. Nearest airport and railway station is Jodhpur that is about 91 km from this village.
hat's the first thing which comes to your
mind when you hear of South Extension,
or South Ex, as it is popularly known?
Well, there wouldn't be just a word, but words.
Glitz, glamour, happening, hush-hush, loads of
lights, cars. But, what's all this hush-hush about?
It's that one divine therapy for some, and for some
it's sheer indulgence. There's no suspense, yes
it's SHOPPING! From clothes, bags and shoes,
almost all's available here as far as luxury and
lifestyle are concerned. Pantaloons, Marks and
Spencer, Lacoste, Globus, Puma, Reebok, Fab
India, Levis, Lee, W and many other brands
always have gates open for the quality seekers.
Youngsters especially would love to grab
something for their wardrobes during the
delightful discount seasons. Of course, the
students would never miss a peek at small
vendors in the street selling trendy apparels at
reasonable prices. One can always find a miniSarojini Nagar everywhere. Those passing by the
big showrooms and missing the luxury of
bargaining , would find their oasis at such stops.
People looking for some ethnic and
Indianfootwear , would find the two shops located
in Part 1, appealing. Apart from serving one's
patriotic nerves, these two shops are wallet
friendly and flexible. The shop boasts of varieties
of original Kohlapuris which go with today's trend
of fusing the Indian and the western. The quality
seems durable and one can keep these for regular
One can satiate the jewellery desires either
from the street vendors or from the glitzy
showrooms of Tanishq or PC Jewellers. These
give you a contrast range. Where one would be
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funky the other would be elegant and rich. In
South Ex, it's almost like getting you a makeover
from the scratch. You step in a Levis store, get
yourself a nice fit jeans, next you go to W and find
a perfect fit kurti, team up some funky jewellery
from the vendors and finally go for the ethnic
footwear shop and complete today's 'fusion
There's lot for book lovers as well. Teksons,
Midland and some others seem a good option as
they have perennial discounts all through the year.
These bookshops also provide up-to-date editions
and latest arrivals.
At the end, with the indulgent burden making
one's hands ache, one would want to stop by and
grab something. For that as well the place offers
many eateries and caféswith a lot of range. The
spectrum of these would not only include Café
Coffee Day or Costa, but also small shops with
cheaper rates. The God of fast food, McDonalds is
omnipresent, in Part 1 and Part 2 both. The very
famous Bombay Bhelpuri also dwells near
Mcdonalds. What the shop offers include
Bhelpuri, JhaliMuri , SevPuri and other things with
'puri' suffix. Bengali Sweets also offers not only
Bengali but the usual Delhi snacks like Aloo-tikki,
Samosa, Kulfi and full meal lunch as well.
Stepping out of Bengali Sweets would make
people notice the intelligently placed 'mukhwas'
vendor selling the range of mouth-fresheners and
digestive Indian candies. Your hands full with
shopping bags, stomach satiate with good food
and mouth filled with mukhwas. Nothing better to
conclude your South Ex. Day Out!
Prakriti Kargeti
ADVT 46063232 / 9555355212