June 15th 2016 - Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska



June 15th 2016 - Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Published Bi-Weekly for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska • Volume 44, Number 12, Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Bago Bits…
Just like to say thank to Sheila Whitewater for making all your tribal buildings
beautiful with the flowers and shrubs.
One of the Ho-Chunk village’s newly
build house caught on fire last week, not
sure on what caused the fire.
The kiddos at Educare were enjoying COOL capabilities that the high tech facility has to offer.
Here are few little ladies enjoying some
eats at Kids Café.
The Reform Church is getting a new walk
way provided by one of its summer youth
Indianz.com… Tim Giago: Settlers forced shame on America’s indigenous peoples
MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016
It’s the current Winnebago Veterans Association Pow-wow Princess at 2016 Prairie
Band Potawatmi Pow-Wow. And if you
see her around today wish Caly a Happy
Kelly pond water level is almost reaching
the road. So does more water mean more
fish or bigger fish?
Shaundiin Long and Delicia Payer in
Grand Entry on Saturday afternoon in
Mayetta, KS.
Why did the indigenous people convert to a foreign religion?
Notes from Indian Country
By T im Giago (Nanwica Kciji)
© 2016 Unity South Dakota
It is written (Niehardt – Black Elk
Speaks – 1932) that in the end, Black
Elk converted to Catholicism and it is
also well-known that Lakota Chief Red
Cloud also converted to Catholicism
and this brings me to ask: Why?
There have been many very traditional Lakota who never gave up their
inherent spirituality for Catholicism
or any of the other foreign religion
that came from Europe. Crazy Horse,
one of the truly great Lakota leaders,
went to his grave still holding on to the
traditional spiritual beliefs of his ancestors. Why did so many Lakota, Navajo,
Pueblo, and other tribal people give up
their centuries old beliefs and convert
to a foreign religion?
Were the traditional religious beliefs
of the indigenous people so weak that
its practitioners could give it up so willingly? Or were the persuasive powers
of the missionaries so overwhelming
that they could cause a people with
spiritual beliefs much older than their
own to toss them aside and embrace
their religion?
This begs the question: How strong
were the traditional beliefs of the indigenous people? The Bible says that
Christians felt so strongly about their
religion they marched into the den of
hungry lions singing the praises of their
creator. We may never know how many
Indians reacted in the same fashion
when asked to give up their traditional
beliefs and accept a new one. We do
know that many Indians chose death
before they would accept a new belief.
It is said by Christians that it doesn’t
really matter if one believes in the Indian way or in the Christian way because
we all worship the same God. If that is
V i s i t
u s
a t
true, why were Native Americans forced
to push aside the way they worshipped
their God and forced to accept worshipping another God in another way?
The invading Christians labeled the
indigenous people as heathens. They
set out with a vengeance to cleanse the
land of these heathens. The dictates of
the Spanish conquerors were, “Convert or die.” The Christian’s concept of
heaven was that if the heathen Indians
were not Christians they would never
enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven
seemed to be the ultimate goal of the
settlers and they never considered that
that indigenous people had their own
version of heaven.
After his conversion Chief Red Cloud
gave up the land where Holy Rosary Mission was built. He asked to be buried at
the Holy Rosary cemetery in the black
robe of the Catholic priests. He was
granted his wish. He and other tribal
leaders then proceeded to give up land
for other religious orders to build their
churches and schools.
Would Crazy Horse have done the
same if he had surrendered his freedom
to become an Agency Indian?
We will never know the answer to that
question, but perhaps Native Americans
in the year 2016 should re-examine
their concept of Christianity and look
back on all of the spiritual beliefs they
gave up. The beliefs of the indigenous
people appear to be far superior to those
of the doom and gloom religions of the
European settlers. The “Happy Hunting
Grounds” cliché that has become a part
of the vernacular would suggest that the
Indians preferred happy to hell, fire and
In my observance and participation
in the spiritual practices of the Lakota,
I find that these traditional ways are so
much more profound, or down to earth,
than the practices of the religions that
came across the ocean. It is no wonder
that the Native Americans that met the
first settlers had a hard time under-
standing their apparent lack of humor
and the shame they felt about the human body.
Because the Indians dressed to
accommodate the seasons, they were
immediately called naked savages. The
Indians had no shame of their bodies,
but it was not long before the Indian
women were forced to cover their naked
breasts by the invading Christians. The
settlers forced their self-shame upon
the women.
Perhaps it was an act of white supremacy that caused the settlers to
totally block out and begin to destroy
the faith and ideologies of the indigenous people. There was never an effort
made to understand their beliefs. It was
automatically assumed that they were
inferior and therefore their spirituality
and traditions were worthless. They
took from the indigenous people the
tools to survive and cast aside all others. If they converted to Christianity
they would be saved and much more,
they would be civilized. Thousands of
converted Christian Indians still died
at the hands of the settlers. Many died
while on their knees praying to their
new god.
I am still left with the question that
has bothered me all of my life: Why did
so many indigenous people convert to
the religions that came from a foreign
land with a Bible in which not one
indigenous tribe in the Western Hemisphere is ever mentioned?
Tim Giago, Oglala Lakota, was born
and educated on the Pine Ridge Reservation. He was a Nieman Fellow at
Harvard with the Class of 1991. His
weekly column won the H. L. Mencken
Award in 1985. He was the founder
of The Lakota Times which was renamed Indian Country Today, Lakota
Journal and Native Sun News. He can
be reached at unitysoda[email protected]
For this and more stories from
around Indian Country visit us at
w w w . w i n n e b a g o t r i b e . c o m
Page 2 — Winnebago Indian News, Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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for Winnebago Newspaper June 24
Winnebago Indian News, Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — Page 3
Thoughts from a Sad Place by Lance Morgan
kind of thing that makes us unique and
although it is often based in tragedy, it
also highlights the strengths of living
in a community where we are all connected.
Being a tribal community can be difficult, but I would rather have the support
that comes with it then to suffer alone.
Maybe when we all share a little bit of
the pain and it helps those closest to the
person suffering.
The last few weeks have been difficult. It seems everywhere I turn
lately someone is suffering some kind
of health issue or passing. I have lost
a long time friend and mentor and also
a beautiful young relative who was just
starting her life. I have seen another
friend suffer greatly from the side effects
of diabetes and I have heard of several
other people who I know or I am related
to having serious life threatening health
I expressed some dismay about this
recently and someone mentioned that
they thought that tribal communities
experience so much mental trauma
because we are all so closely linked and
related in some way. So in the outside
world when this kind of thing happens
it is fairly isolated to those closest to the
person, but when it happens in a tribal
community a much larger circle feels it.
The larger sense of family and connections can make experiencing the
loss of a family member or friend harder
on a community, but if you think about
it there is an opposite side to this coin.
It can also provide a large support network from the family who has suffered
the loss.
One of the best things about Winnebago is how people do all they can to
support a family by helping, donating
or just offering support. I stopped by
a wake to offer my condolences and
saw several people doing all they can
to prepare the noon meal. It is that
A Related Thought
Community health is a big issue
in our community. We have so many
people suffering from what are largely
self-inflicted wounds. Diabetes, heart
issues and strokes, all point to lifestyle
and diet choices. We also have side
effects of alcohol and drug use. I am
no saint and just as guilty of having a
bad diet and the occasional beer. But
everyday I get on that treadmill and no
matter how pathetic my work out is
I continue to try. I even have mostly
given up bacon!
As a community we are slowly hurting ourselves in so many ways. I worry
because my grandfather, mother and
two aunts have had strokes and my
family has a history of diabetes. I would
really prefer to avoid a heart attack or
stroke if at all possible. Something
things you can’t control, but mostly
of these issues comes down to simple
choices about what you consume and
having healthy options available.
I admire the effort that our health
professionals put into educating our
community on diet issues, but for every
person who makes the right choices we
have another 10 who don’t. We have
figured out how to create jobs. We have
figured out that we need to get educated.
We have even figured out how to start
dealing with the housing crisis in our
community. But we need to take the
next step and create a healthy community so that we are around long enough
to enjoy all the hard work and reap the
benefits by watching the success of
our large families, instead of sharing in
their pain.
I don’t know what I am going to do
about it exactly. I am not much of an
educator, but I am in the position to help
with the access to healthy options. I am
open to suggestions.
I am tired of watching people suffer. Old age needs to be our preferred
method of saying goodbye!
“Our Sons and Daughters”
May our sons in their youth
be like plants full grown,
our daughters like corner pillars
cut for the structure of a palace;
may our granaries be full,
providing all kinds of produce;
may our sheep bring forth thousands
and ten thousands in our fields;
may our cattle be heavy with young,
suffering no mishap or failure in
may there be no cry of distress in
our streets!
Blessed are the people to whom such
blessings fall!
Blessed are the people whose God is
the Lord!
[Psalm 144:12-15 ESV]
The above is a song of the tribe of
Israel. King David wrote this psalm as
a prayer for the people whom he was
blessed by God to rule. This prayer is a
guide for all of us who have the vocation,
the calling from God, to serve as parents
and/or guardians of children.
What God-fearing parent does not
desire to have his or her child grow up
and reach their full stature and potential? Sadly, in this fallen world, racked
with disease and suffering, this does not
always happen. We often focus on what
is not possible rather than on what is
indeed possible with the strength of our
Creator and the guidance of His Spirit.
Often as a young person enters their
tween and teen ages they are led further
and further away from knowing their
Creator and further away from walking in His ways as found in His Sacred
Scriptures. Too many young people have
Little Priest Tribal College would like to thank WinnaVegas Casino & Resorts for their diamond sponsorship in the amount of $50,000.00 for each of
the next five years. Half of the sponsorships will be used for Casino employee
scholarships for professional development opportunities.
Thank you again for your generosity, which will make it possible for many
worthy young women and young men to have the advantage of a quality education and athletic success.
Deadline ! ! !
Winnebago Newspaper June 24
To the Winnebago Community,
I would like to greet you all! Here at the Angel Decora Museum we are in the
process of completing a project to map our reservation in an effort to record our
historic village sites, family/community burial grounds and other landmarks
pertinent here on the Winnebago Indian Reservation. We would like to record
this information for the purpose of reassessing our lands here on the reservation for future generations and to provide a detailed map that may include
possible historic landmarks. We currently would like to reach out to those in
the community who would be willing to share any information on this issue to
both verify as well as to include locations that we might miss or overlook. At the
end of this project we will host a forum as to what we as the Winnebago Community would like to include and properly display, along with what we should
keep for our own information here on the reservation. Please call Henry Payer
at the Angel Decora Museum at (402) 878-3313 to set up a time to discuss and
share any information that may be relevant to this project. Thanks in advance!
We look forward to hearing from you!
Letter to the Editor
Spanish Club
Cheryl Burrell said that some of the Winnebago students asked her
to have Spanish at Winnebago public school. She put Spanish club on
the list for this fall.
I hope ALL the Bago students join this. Adding a world language
will give your kids a better education. In about 30 years Spanish will
be the major language in the United States. It will benefit your kids if
they learn Spanish.
p.s. no work no eat.
Pat Greyhair
Maxi Ska
The next issue of the WINNEBAGO INDIAN NEWS will be published on June 29, 2016.
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I was glad when they said to me,
"Let us go to the house of the Lord!"
Psalm 122:1
Lupita (Lupe) Decora, 91, passed away
peacefully Tuesday, May 16 2016 in Black River
Falls, Wisconsin surrounded by her family.
Lupe was born in Isleta, New Mexico, July
29, 1924. She was preceded in death by Reverend, Wilber J. Decora and their son Ernest
Lupe was a nurse at the Winnebago Hospital for several years. After her retirement
she stayed in the Winnebago community and
remained active with the Reformed church before returning back to Isleta New Mexico and
until most recently moved back to the Midwest.
Lupe loved spending time with family and doing various activities with her grandchildren
such as; painting, making pottery, cooking,
gardening and most of all enjoyed nature. She
was a mother to seven children and several
grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Thank You ...
a distorted or a minuscule amount of
knowledge of their Father in heaven,
His Son Jesus, or the powerful work of
His Spirit. Many young people are not
being protected from the Evil One and
are subjected to all sorts of attacks,
temptations and are easily led to do evil
things to themselves and others.
Some reject the wisdom that comes
down from above and the ways of their
parents who attempt to walk in these
ways. Some foolishly walk in the ways
of their foolish parents, or the wayward ways of their chosen friends or
Still others shun the ways of their
foolish parents and find grandparents,
teachers, coaches and friends who
will encourage them as they mature to
become men and women of integrity.
They aspire to live their lives as Godfearing, honest, friendly, hospitable,
courageous, and upright young leaders
who can be counted on when the going
gets tough. With the assist of the Spirit
of God they will be remain connected
to Jesus through faith and bear much
fruit. Apart from faith in Jesus you can
do nothing.
The final line of this Hebrew Psalm
is: Blessed are the people whose God is
the Lord! This is my prayer for you and
for your family. Each and every week
you are invited to spend family time
together in the House of God, hearing
the Word of God, receiving the gifts of
the forgiveness of sin and the blessings
from above. You also become a great
encouragement to all of the others who
make the effort and gather together to
praise and thank God, as well as to pray
for the needs of others.
In Loving Memory ... Lupita (Lupe) Decora
Contact me at [email protected]
As many of you know our Editor of the WIN fell ill three weeks ago
and has been on the mend since.
Jerome was very ill and by the strength of family and friends support
and prayers he was able to pull through the illness and is now on the
mend. He probably won’t be able to return to work for a month or so, but
I know he is looking forward to it. Thank you VJ and Trish for stepping
in and getting the WIN out to all of us.
Jerome’s family would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone
that stopped in at the hospital to see him or to sit with the family. All of
your support and prayers are greatly appreciated. Special thank you’s to
the people that brought the family meals as we waited. A HUGE THANK
YOU to Lance for everything that you do and the supportive friendship
you have with Jerome.
Jerome will be coming home today and is still in need of prayers as
he will facing lifestyle changes that need to be made for his good health.
As we all know it is hard to change old bad habits, but when it has to
be done for our survival, we need strength to make those changes and
stick to them.
From; Jerome’s Children, Siblings and Lil’ Mama
Pastor Ricky Jacob
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Goodshield, Theresa Mae
Gorrin Sr., Roberto Delano
Gorrin, Leta Joy
Grant, Julie Erin
Grant, Marilyn Louise
Grasty, Chuskae Torah
Grasty, Waukon Joseph
Greene, Dulcie Marie
Greene, Kayla Anne
Greyhair, Patrick John
Grezlik, Christian Alphonse
Griffin, Stormy Marie
Gunderson IV, Edward Kyle
Gurneau Jr, Alan Paul
Hallowell Jr, William B.
Hamilton Jr, Lloyd James
Hamilton, Karen Marie
Hamilton, Landon Jay
Hamilton, Melton James
Harden, Anthony Henry
Harden, Emily Jean
Harden, Elwood Merlin
Harden, Eric Ashley
Harden, Frederick Darrell
Harden, Jasmine Lorita Elise
Harden, Kalief Alexander
Harden, Kiva Lynn
Harden, Maverick Wayne
Harden, Rosanne Margaret
Harden, Scarlett Dawn
Harden, Sianne Jade
Harden, Taryn Diane
Harlan, Marvella Joy
Harlan, Michael Angelo
Harlan, Stephanie Marie
Harlan, Thomas Walter
Hensley, Henry Gustav
Hernandez, Tara Joy
Herron, Britiny Lyn
Hittle-Cleveland Sr, Harold
Hoffman, Clarissa Michelle
Holiday, Corey Glen
Holstein, Ladonna Mae
Holstein, Leo Robert
Holstein, Marian Dorothy
Horn Jr, Marvin Benjamin
Horn, Benjamin Anthony
Horn, Jalisa Martece Killian
Horn, Kandyce Lynn
Horn, Marlene Larae
Horton, Agnes Leona
Horton, Leroy Robinson
Houghton Jr, Louis Cornelius
Houghton Sr., Daniel Owen
Houghton, Christoper Louis
Houghton, Dorothy Luella
Houghton, Fay Ann
Houghton, Misty Rae
Houghton, Tamara Jeanette
Huffman, Fred Lee
Huffman, Laura Leah
Huffman, Raven Lee
Huffman, Tammy Lynn
Hulit, Mary Ann
Hulit, Walter James
Hunter, Alexandria Paige
Hunter, Dion Lee
Hunter, Leah Marie
Hunter, Louise Mae
Hutchinson, Luella Mae
Jacobs, Jay Kyle
Jacobs, Kristina Lyn
Jefferson, Misty Dine'
Johnson, Marguerite Ellen
Johnson, Nicholas Ryan
Johnson, Toryann Renee
Kearnes Sr, Rocky Everette
Kearnes, Curtis Thomas
Kearnes, Kearnes Danelle
Kearnes, Lilly Rainbow
Kearnes, Lola Jean
Kearnes, Lola Jean
Kearnes, Margo Elaine
Kearnes, Mary Ann
Kearnes, Noah James
Kearnes, Richard Dickson
Kearnes, Scott Alan
Kearnes, Tricia Ann
Kearnes-Loera, Angel Gustabo
Kearnes-Marr, Richelle Rae
Kearnes-Walker, Keithen Jaleel
Keller, Tonia Louise
Kelsey Jr, Wayne Charles
Kelsey Sr, Wayne Charles
Kelsey, Kellen Winfield
Kelsey, Mary Jean
Kennedy, Bartholomew Bruce
Kennedy, Brian
Kennedy, Bruce
Kennedy, Carmella Victoria
Kennedy, Loylee Christine
Kennedy, Matthew Ryan
Kennedy, Maxwell Brian
Kennedy, Skylar Alexandria
Kennedy, Thomas Christian
Kie, Michelice Marie
Kitcheyan Jr, Vincent James
Kitcheyan, Billie Fawn
Kitcheyan, Cassie Joy
Kitcheyan, Desiree Joyce
Kitcheyan, Victoria Rae
Kratz, Evangeline Louise
Lame, Jesse Clayton
Lamere, John Frederick
Lamere, Michelle Colleen
Lamere, Samuel Charles
Lapointe Jr, Jerome Pierre
Lapointe Sr, Jerome Pierre
Lapointe, Amy Nicole
Lapointe, Cherie Janelle
Lapointe, Christian Jerrod
Lapointe, Darla Lynn
Lapointe, Durell Anthony
Lapointe, Kenneth Robert
Lapointe, Latausha Jenae
Lapointe, Viola Elizabeth
Lapointe, Winona Rose
Larose, James Louis
Larose, Katherine
Larose, Leslie Ann
Larose, Tyrone Carter
Latray, Carmelita Rain
Latray, Fannie Michelle
Latray, Gwen Raefield
Latray, Louis David Buckskin
Lee, Cade Lorenzo
Lee, Donovan Jacob Dennis
Levering III, Nelson Joseph
Levering Jr, Nelson James
Levering, Alicia Rae
Levering, Daniel Dane
Levering, Duane Lee
Levering, Ellen Agatha
Levering, James Bartlett
Levering, Katherine Nannette
Levering, Lita Lynn
Levering, Samantha Justine
Lewis, Tana Rae
Lewis, Tina Michelle
Lewis, Wanda Rose
Lincoln, Denise Marie
Lincoln, Lois Jean
Lincoln, Matilda Ann
Little Walker, Garry Hunter
Littlebear, Derrick Jon
Littlegeorge, Eric Jason
Littlegeorge, Joseph Allen
Littlegeorge, Melissa Ann
Littlegeorge, Sandra Jean
Littlegeorge, Teresa Dawn
Littlethunder III, Daryl Lee
Littlethunder, Darod Ray
Littlethunder, Heather Rae
Littlewalker, Anita Louise
Littlewalker, Leroy Milford
Littlewalker, Tammy Lea
Littlewalker, Timothy Edward
Loera Jr., Francisco Ramon
Loera Sr, Raul
Loera, Alanna Leigh
Loera, Amarro Tical
Loera, Anna Marie
Loera, James Michael
Logan, Leilla Grace
Lonewolf, Lynne Ann
Lonewolf, Nicole Martha
Lonewolf-Decora, Kellie Mae
Lonewolf-Decora, Orlando
Long, Joy Rene
Long, Xerxes Takoda
Lopez Jr, Alfred Gonzalez
Lopez Jr, Camilo John
Lopez Sr, Camilo John
Lopez, Wyatt Christopher
Lucero, Latricia Kay
Lyons, Angel Leah
Lyons, Ashley Marie
Lyons, Cheyenne Rain
Lyons, Cree Autumn
Lyons, Sierra Summer
Madson, Laura Maree
Madson, Patricia A.
Madson, Renae
Mallory Jr, Louis Francis
Mallory, Cherish Sharon Rose
Mallory, Kenneth Wayne
Mallory, Lou Ann
Mallory, Nakia Allen
Maney, Ilona Rose
Marr Jr, Arthur Anthony
Marr, Jordin Lee
Marr, Michelle Lee
Marrufo, Kirsten Louise
Marrufo, Kristofor Shane
Martinez, Joseph Lee
Martinez-Brown, Nellie Suzette
Masquat, Niana Lailece
Mazur, Erick James
McCauley, Annette Maria
McCauley, Barbara Ann
McCauley, Robert Murphy
McCauley, Rodney Allen
McCauley, Walter Wilfred
McDonald, Dannelle Alexis
McDonald, Mason Jade
McDonald, Terrence Jared
Means, Faith Rose
Medina, Anthony David
Medina, Mimi Lorraine
Medina-Pretends Eagle, Christine Genelle
Mercer Jr, Robert Duane
Mercer, Esther Rose
Merrick, Luke Allen
Miller, Maggie Rose
Morgan, Maunka
Morgan, Pearl L.
Morris III, William Penn
Morris Iv, William Penn
Morris, Alexis Jo Ella
Morris, Beverly Ann
Morris, Jason Tyler
Morris, Tyla Jenelle
Morrison, Mary Louise
Nava, Abigail Buchanan
Nava, Marisela Buchanan
Neff II, Gregory Allen
Neff Sr, Gregory Allen
Neff, Cheryl Lynne
Neff, Craig Henry
Neff, James Neal
Neff, Juanita
Neff, Talia Rose
Neff, Victoria Rose
Nez Jr, Norman Dineh
Nieman, Autumn Joy
Nieman, Jeremiah George
O'Shogay, Gloria Leigh
Olivares, Jovan Lynn
Owen, Charisse Star
Painter Sr, Matthew Charles
Painter, Amy Belle
Painter, Eli John Ventura
Painter, Les James
Painter, Mary Jeanette
Parker, Christina Darnell
Parker, Dana Faye
Parker, Jennifer Kay
Parker, Jewel Larae
Parker, Melanie Lynn
Parker, Michaelene Kay
Parker, Teresa Leanne
Patton Jr, Carl Thomas
Paulsen, Andrea Annette
Paulsen, Donna Marie
Payer III, Edward
Payer Sr, Henry Francis
Payer, Anthony Joseph
Payer, Barkley Stacey
Payer, Benita Belle
Payer, Brenda Jean
Payer, Candace Natasha
Payer, Cela Janae
Payer, Damon Lee
Payer, Darren Jay
Payer, Dorine Lee
Payer, Drake Benjamin
Payer, Jae Dawn
Payer, Jeremy Edward
Payer, Lawrence Allen
Payer, Rita F
Payer, Royce Moses
Pennah, Sharon Lynn
Perales, Gabriela Ariadne
Perales, Roman Anthony
Phillips, Kyla Ashlyn
Picotte, Angelica Rose
Picotte, Krystle Lee
Picotte, Lincoln Wayne
Picotte, Marcel Antoine
Picotte, Michelle Katherine
Picotte, Tara Charonne
Picotte, Winona Agnes
Pilcher, Matthew Hensley
Porter, Jean Marie
Porter, Michell Marie
Pretends Eagle, Benny Edward
Pretends Eagle, Daniel Francis
Pretends Eagle, Dyan Lynn
Pretends Eagle, Thomas
Price Jr, James Harold
Price Sr, James Harold
Quagon, Elijah Jacob
Rave Jr, Ira George
Rave, Aaron Leigh
Rave, Angelo Miquel Larose
Rave, Annie Larose
Rave, Arianna Rae
Rave, Clarissa Marie
Rave, Dwayne Joseph
Rave Sr, Ira George
Con’t. on page 5 ...
Winnebago Indian News, Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — Page 5
Eligible Voters List
... Con’t. from page 4
Rave, Isaiah Westin
Rave, John Joseph
Rave, Justina Ashley
Rave, Kierra Emaline
Rave, Leslie Evans
Rave, Norman Alan
Rave, Rebecca Rose
Rave, Vanna Jade
Rave, Warren Daniel
Rave, Xavier Anthony
Raymond IV, Charles John
Redfeather, Twila Neola Marie
Redhorn Jr, William Ivan
Redhorn Sr., Ivan Bradley
Redhorn, Antonio John
Redhorn, Bethani Nicole
Redhorn, Cheri Elizabeth
Redhorn, David Joseph
Redhorn, Deidre Jacqueline
Redhorn, Diane Lee
Redhorn, Ida Mae
Redhorn, Ihleen Rene
Redhorn, Madisyn Joe
Redhorn, Mary E
Redhorn, Melori Joi
Redhorn, Morgyn Jae
Redhorn, Nicole Rochelle
Redhorn, Rita Charlene
Redhorn, Robin Kay
Redhorn, Ryan Scott
Redhorn, Sandra Jean
Redhorn, Seferina Marie
Redhorn, Skyler Droy
Herrington Andr
Redhorn, Steven Ihler
Redhorn, Wakiya Rose
Redhorn-Chamberlain, Sharon
Redhorn-Endito, Ihler Mark
Redhorn-Shores, Bradley John
Reinhart, Yvonne Esther
Reynolds Jr, Troy Anthony
Reynolds, Trice Xavier
Rice Jr, Nicholas Dean
Rice Sr., Nicholas Dean
Rice, Alysia Ann
Rice, Avis Maria
Rice, Charles Francis
Rice, Fontaine Julie
Rice, Gabriel Lee
Rice, Henry Mel
Rice, Jeanette Marie
Rice, Katherine Marie
Rice, Louis Edward
Rice, Mary Hannah
Rice, Maxine Jeanette
Rice, Thelma Jane
Rice, Winona F.
Ricehill Sr, Daniel William
Ricehill, Tiara Leigh
Rios, Rocina Marie
Roberts, Christian James
Roberts, Elyas Payne
Roberts, Tania Leigh
Rogers, Tonia Nicole
Rogers, Triston Bailey
Rogue, Anna M
Rooney, Jonathan Daniel
Rosado, Jacob
Ross, Crystal Roberta
Saldana, Anna Maria
Saldana, Eraine Marie
Sanchez, Leopoldo Glenn
Sandoval, Elizabeth
Sandoval, Ramona
Saul, Fern Irene
Saunsoci III, Charles Amos
Saunsoci, Elena White Plume
Scott II, Sandy McIntosh
Scott, Austin Van
Scott, Bette
Scott, Cristian Van
Scott, Johnny Ramo
Scott, Karen Ann
Scott, Kee Lynn
Scott, Maria Jacqueline
Scott, Marlon Michael
Scott, Sandy Revson
Scott, Van Darret
Seymour, Shirlene Fawn
Sharpback, Carmelita Marie
Sharpback, Fran G.
Sharpback, Scott Alan
Sharpback, Wilhelmena Mae
Sharpback-Lujan, Andreana
Sharpback-Lujan, Teresa Ann
Sheridan Jr, David Norman
Sheridan Sr, David Norman
Sheridan, Gloria Marie
Sheridan, Lisa Joy
Sheridan, Ramona Marie
Slowman, He-We-zeka Lansing
Slowman, Kristia Latrice
Slowman, Sherriel Mary
Smith Jr, John Waukon
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ernest Dean
Smith, Francine Andrea
Smith, Francis Michael
Smith, Gregory James
Smith, Isaac Blake
Smith, Jarron Francis
Smith, Jennifer Ann
Smith, Johnnie Leroy
Smith, Jonielle Latrice
Smith, Kobe Ray
Smith, Marcella Ann
Smith, Michele Regina
Smith, Monica Faye
Smith, Rena Etta
Smith, Stephanie Lynn
Smith, Victor Edwin
Snake III, Reuben Melvin
Snake, Abigail Elizabeth
Snake, Anthony
Snake, Dawn Marie
Snake, Katherine
Snake, Lavonne Theresa
Snake, Lorna Ruth
Snake, Michael Greyson
Snake, Rosa Ann
Snake, Salena Rebecca
Snake, Serena Dale
Snake, Stuart Wade
Snake-Bumann, Lenore Ann
Snake-Bumann, Maxine Amelia
Snow, Carmen Ilea
Snow, Carol Ann
Snow, David Ryan
Snow, Farrar Patrick
Snow, James Edward
Snow, Julia Veronica
Snow, Kellie Renee
Snow, Linda Lou
Snow, Natasha Nicole
Snow, Rita Louise
Snow, Rodney Louis
Snow, Sheila K
Snow, Thomas James
Snow, Vinetta Joyce
Snowball Jr, Peter
Snowball Jr, Thomas Edward
Snowball Sr, Peter
Snowball Sr, Thomas Edward
Snowball, Crystal Dawn
Snowball, Duane Joseph
Snowball, Herschel Miles
Snowball, Joseph Craig
Snowball, Lavinia Pauline
Snowball, Nathan Charles
Snowball, Paul Donald
Snowball, Raymond Mitchell
Snowball, Samuel Shane
Snowball, Terry Eldon
Snowball-Carley, Brenda Carol
Snyder, Darwin Lee
Snyder, Teisha Lee
Solomon, Cora Nicolasa
Spears, Christa Leigh
Springer, Christina Marie
Springer, Marcella Rose
St. Cyr, Benjamin Louis
St. Cyr, Curtis Harold
St. Cyr, Daryl Greg
St. Cyr, Ebony Danielle
St. Cyr, Gentry Lee
St. Cyr, Isaiah William Jarrod
St. Cyr, John Raymond
St. Cyr, Lewis Cass
St. Cyr, Luke Andrew
St. Cyr, Qui Qui Renee
St. Cyr, Robert Francis
St. Cyr, Terry Lee
St. Cyr, William John
Stealer, Jessica Jean
Stealer, Norma Jean
Stealer, Rona Doreen
Suarez III, Jorge Eduardo
Suarez, Saralee Iona
Sun, Anna Queen
Symouksavanh, Artavian
Tebo III, Samuel William
Tebo, Corey Allen
Tebo, Courtney
Tebo, Kathleen
Tebo, Kevin Lamont
Tebo, Randolph Evans
Tebo, Rosella
Tecumseh, Dannielle Lee
Thomas Jr, Jeffery Scott
Thomas Sr, Jeffery Scott
Thomas Sr., Michael Milton
2011 GMC Sierra ● 4x4 New Mud Tires ● Some Worx Rim
2004 GMC Envoy ● 4x4 ● Like New, Nice Ride ● 69 k miles
Thomas, Audrey
Thomas, Bernard Daniel
Thomas, Brooke Rose
Thomas, Deanna Nicole
Thomas, Heath Jeremy
Thomas, Helena Marie
Thomas, Jamie Nicole
Thomas, Joann Elizabeth
Thomas, Kadge Michael
Thomas, Louise A.
Thomas, Marian Lee
Thomas, Marissa Samone
Thomas, Mark Isaiah
Thomas, Michelle Lee
Thomas, Rodney James
Thomas, Savhana Sioux
Thomas, Scott Everett
Thomas, Taryn Jade
Thomas, Tracy
Tyndall Jr, Harold Alexander
Tyndall, Corbin Jace
Tyndall, Ms. Hannah Rose
Urbanec, Deanna Lynn
Velasco, Viola Marie
Walker II, Richard Thomas
Walker Jr, Emmett Earl
Walker, Adonis Jare
Walker, Alan Jay
Walker, Alma Rose
Walker, Angie Marie
Walker, Anthony Cole
Walker, April Leigh
Walker, Barbara Ann
Walker, Byron James
Walker, Carol Jean
Walker, Cassondra Marie
Walker, Christie Veronica
Walker, Dawnika Joelle
Walker, Dontae Lee
Walker, Gaylene Jan
Walker, Elizabeth Jean
Walker, Isaiah Miguel
Walker, Jacob Thomas Cain
Walker, Jordan Thomas Quinn
Walker, Mariah Marie
Walker, Mary Alice
Walker, Nathan Joseph
Walker, Richard Thomas
Walker, Skyla Marie
Walker, Teala Colleen
Walker, Todd Benjamin David
Walker, Victoria Mae
Walker, Vincent
Walker, Vincent Eugene
Walker-Flanders, Rella Mayme
Ware Jr, Kent Daniel
Ware, Anthony Daniel
Ware, Clarice Danielle
Ware, Phyllis Marie
Ware, Ralisha Marie
Warner #6405807,
David Francis
Warner, Agnes Mary
Warner, Levi William
Warner, Roland Monroe
Warner, Ronald Evans
Warner, Tiffani Joye
Warner, Yvette Michelle
West, Christine
White Jr, Thomas Lee
White, Allina Yvonne
White, Crystal Faith
White, Elizabeth June
White, Frank Gilbert
White, Janelle Flossie
White, Kenneth Gene
White, Michelle Matilda
White, Ramona Krystal
Whitebear, Alicia Charlotte
Whitebear, Kaylynn Renae
Whitebear, Ronald Ray
Whitebeaver Jr, Roger Alan
Whitebeaver Sr, Roger Alan
Whitebeaver, Stephani Laura
Whitener, Joseph Leon
Whitener, Preston Logan
Whitewater, Amelia Marie
Whitewater, Brandon Terrance
Whitewater, Darren Wayne
Whitewater, Gayla Jalece
Whitewater, Jerrine Tylah
Whitewater, Kenneth Wayne
Whitewater, Kimberly Joi
Whitewater, Latia Rose
Whitewater, Lois Leota
Whitewater, Louis Benjamin
Whitewater, Luther Steven
Whitewater, Merle Daniel
Whitewater, Monica Marie
Whitewater, Sandra Jean
Whitewater, Sheila Marie
Whitewater, Stephanie Rella
Whitewater, Tanesha Marie
Whitewater, Thelma Jane
Whitewater, Trista Jewels
Whitewing, Lisa Marie
Whitewing, Solomon George
Whitewing-Saul, Oliver Lewis
Whitewing-Saul, Olivia Marie
Wilkie, Trevor Chase
Wingett, Mathew Paul
Wolfe Jr, Roy Anthony
Wolfe Jr, Thomas Edward
Wolfe, Alan Duane
Wolfe, Alyssa Deeann
Wolfe, Audrey Rose
Wolfe, Bobbie Jo
Wolfe, Chotch-he-schkotch-ga
Wolfe, Daniel
Wolfe, Ellyson Cecelia
Wolfe, Henrietta Ann
Wolfe, Jeremiah Mitchell
Wolfe, Karen Maria
Wolfe, Kryssa Reeann
Wolfe, Natasha Marie
Wolfe, Ramona Kay
Wolfe, Regina Leeann
Wolfe, Samantha Josephine
Wolfe, Theodore John
Wolfe, Tyree Leeanne
Wolfe, Tyren Lee
Wolfe, Tyresha Lynelle
Wolfleader, Vincent James
Yellowbull, Marie Elaine
Zach, Douglas Rainen
Zach, Eugene Charles
Zagurski, Dana Lynn
Call For Price!
2008 Chevy Aveo ● WOW Like New! ● 68 k miles
Call For Price!
2006 Hummer H3 ● Off Road Monster ● Look at the Wheels
Page 6 — Winnebago Indian News, Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Now Open!!!
Senior Citizens Center June Menu
June 13th
Tater tot casserole, homemade bun, Cherry pie
June 14th
Chef salad, Garlic bread stick, Cantaloupe
June 15th
Liver& onions, Mashed potatoes, Peas, Dinner roll, Jello cake
June 16th
Chicken & wild rice casserole, squash, biscuit, mixed fruit
June 17th
Baked ham, Scalloped potatoes, Spinach, Strawberry short cake
June 20th
Stuffed green pepper, Broccoli with cheese, Waldorf salad,
Marble bread
Chicken Stir-fry, Egg roll, Rice, Fortune cookie,
June 21st
Tapioca pudding
June 22nd
Lasagna, Garden salad, Baked apple, Garlic toast
June 23rd
Squash, Pork & Corn soup, Cowboy bread, Apple pie
June 24th
Cube steak, Rice, Corn, Whole wheat bun
June 27th
Taco salad, Yellow apples
Hot Turkey sandwich, Mashed potatoes, Beets, Pumpkin pie
June 29th
Stuffed cabbage, Mixed vegetable, Sliced bread, Banana pudding
June 30th Chicken Alfredo with box tie noodles, Breadsticks, Salad,
Blueberry crumb cake
Native American Owned
Manufacturing Housing Company
Construction trades including,drywalling, roofing,
electrical, plumbing, framing, siding
Weekdays! 1st Shift! Attendance bonusus!
Apply at: Cascatra Homes 909 17th Ave. Central City, NE 68826
[email protected]
Winnebago Self Storage
5x10 - $35/month
10x10 - $45/month
10x20 - $65/month
Notice of Hearing
Case No. CV16-085
Notice of Hearing
Case No. CV16-090
In the Matter of the
Divorce Petition of:
In the Matter of the Custody Petition of:
Apartment For Rent
Lovely 1 bedroom apartment available for persons 62 years of age
or with a disability in Walthill, NE.
Controlled access building with laundry facilities. Rent based on income.
You are hereby notified that a Divorce
petition has been filed and a hearing
concerning the above referred Case No.
CV16-085 has been scheduled and will
be heard in the Winnebago Tribal Court
of Winnebago, Nebraska on the 25th day
of JULY 2016 at the hour of 10:30 A.M.
You are hereby notified that a
Custody petition has been filed and
a Trial concerning the above referred
Individual(s) in case no. CV16-090 has
been scheduled will be heard in the
Winnebago Tribal Court of Winnebago,
Nebraska on the 16TH day of AGUST
2016 at the hour of 10:00 A.M.
For more information, call
New Deadline ! ! !
for Winnebago Newspaper
or write: Weinberg P.M. Inc.,
600 4th Street, Suite 306, Sioux City, Iowa 51105
This institution is an equal opportunity provider
June 24
Winnebago Indian News, Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — Page 7
Summer Youth Spotlight
My name is Zeke Porter, I am a 16 year old enrolled member of the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, employed through the Summer Youth Program. I have
been attending school at Winnebago Public School
since I was 5, and I have always enjoyed it here. My
favorite activities include playing football, working
out, fishing, and, of course, sleeping. My goal is to
attend college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
so I always make sure I work extra hard in school.
I think that working hard in school has translated
into my work ethic in everything I do. I got a job this
summer so I could have money to do the things I
enjoy, while gaining more work experience.
Alexandria Neff is a 15 year old enrolled member
of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Some of Alex’s
favorite activities are playing volleyball, running, and
drawing. Something cool that she plans on doing this
summer is traveling to California with family. Some of
her main interests include music, sports, and sleeping.
She wants to buy a new phone with her first paycheck.
Nicholas Painter is a 16 year old enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Nick’s main
interest is football; his favorite teams are the Cornhuskers, Minnesota Vikings, and the Winnebago
Indians. He plans on going to many wrestling camps,
and to go fishing with f riends all summer. Some of
his hobbies include fishing, playing games, and eating. He really wants to get new football cleats with
his first paycheck.
The purpose of Men’s Health Month
is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of
disease among men and boys. This
month gives health care providers,
public policy makers, the media, and
individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular
medical advice and early treatment for
disease and injury. The response has
been overwhelming with thousands of
awareness activities in the USA and
around the globe.
Currently, men are dying an average of 5 years younger than women
and lead 9 out of 10 of the top causes
of death.
Men are at greater risk for death
in every age group. More males than
females are born (105 vs 100), but by
age 35, women outnumber men.
Men have a higher suicide death
rate than women. Men account for 92%
of fatal workplace injuries.
Men do not see physicians for a
physical exam nearly as often as
women and men are more likely to be
uninsured than women.
There has been progress over
the last 20 years since Congress
recognized National Men’s Health
Week , supported by the Men’s
Health Caucus in Congress and
the APHA Men’s Health Caucus.
Men’s Health Month website – www.
State of Men’s Health website –
which has individual state reports
that supply statistics for age adjusted
death rates for the top causes of death
and other men’s health statistics.
Top causes of death – http://
Key health indicators – http://
Health Facts – A detailed list of health reports.
To continue to raise awareness
WEAR BLUE FRIDAY on June 17th!
Winnebago Daughter ...
Victoria E. WomanDress
Manuel P. WomanDress (Son of Buster and Dorothy WomanDress) and Sharon L.
WomanDress (Daughter of Richard and Lillian Bouchard) are proud to announce the
graduation of Victoria E. WomanDress from William Woods University in Fulton,
MO. She returns home to Temecula, CA., completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology
with a concentration in Pre-veterinarian medicine commencing on, May 7th, 2016.
Winnebago Indian News, Wednesday, June 15, 2016 — Page 8