January 26, 2016
North Valley CSOs met State
Rep Heather Carter to
discuss STEM workforce
barriers. (Pictured here with
CSOs from Sierra Verde STEM
Academy). CSOs from Cactus
Shadows High, Deer Valley
Middle Schools, Ironwood and
Mountain Ridge High Schools
were also in attendance.
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January 22, 2016
At the 21st Century
STEM Conference, Iocal
educators engaged with
a panel of CSOs to hear
about the program and
opinions on STEM
education. CSOs from
Kenilworth, CO
Greenfield and SySTEM
Schools pictured.
Note: Panel discussions are really awesome experiences for our CSOs as they get a chance
voice their opinion in a public forum. Our students report very positive comments about their
experiences on panels – *click here to see more events*
December 2015
Metro Tech High School CSOs
organized and implemented an awesome spirit
week of activities to expose students to hands on
STEAM activities. Thanks to Science, Career Tech
Education (CTE) and Math teachers for their event
support. "It was great to see these guys like
rock stars- they really did a great job" said JEDI
Mentor Ash from Intel. Click here to see more
January 9, 2016
CSO Sage from
Centerra Mirage
Stem Academy
prepares for Vex IQ Robotics
League field event. Robotics
is a perfect STEAM activity
that all students can enjoy.
November 2015
Southwest CSOs
"Chief Science and Innovation Officers took
Arizona State University by storm and were
met with snow flurries in return as they closed
out their 2015 STEAM year in Payson,
Arizona at ASU Camp Tontozona with fellow
students." Submitted by CSO Teacher Denise
Hicks at Copper Trails.
Chief Science Officer Voice Opinions...
"The person that inspired me
most in science was...
my science teachers! Everyday during science class
I loved learning something new. It has made me
want to learn more from space to deep down in our
tectonic plates. To me it has made me question tons
of things like, if time travel exits or tele-porting or even new planets that can sustain life and
support the elements that we have like H20." CSO Alex, Villago Middle School in Casa Grande
Arizona SciTech Festival - Game On!
February and March 2016
CSOs, parent and teachers are encouraged to
attend AZ Scitech Festival events. Help expose your
CSO student to over 1000 STEM related events.
CSOs can get ideas on how to host events at their
Founder/Executive Director: Dr. Jeremy Babendure, PhD,
[email protected]
Educational Initiatives: Susan Farreta, MA Ed,
[email protected]
This publication is designed to help keep the parents, teachers and school administrators of
Chief Science Officers (CSOs) up-to-date with the program progress, events and happenings.
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