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Cycling in Slovenia
STB – Standards for Cycling
Hotels and Campsites
Slovenia, European Cycling
At the junction of the Alps, Dinaric Alps, Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean, Mother Nature
has created a rolling and diverse landscape which boasts countless prominent and hidden natural
attractions. With a perfect combination of unspoilt nature and rich cultural heritage, Slovenia is an
increasingly popular European destination and a perfect spot for cycling holidays.
Thanks to Slovenia’s diverse terrain, there are plenty of possibilities for every cyclist. Families and
leisure cyclists will enjoy numerous valleys and flat areas with cycling routes or quiet country roads
with little traffic. Advanced road cyclists and mountain bikers can take on Alpine mountain passes
and the most spectacular cycling trails in this part of the world, which will delight even the most
discerning taste. What is more, you will quickly see that cycling is one of the most popular forms
of recreation among the local people and that around the country there are many cycling events
taking place, including some world-class competitions.
You can never get bored in Slovenia, as the country where four distinct worlds converge boasts a
fast and frequently changing landscape. Cycling in Slovenia is possible all year round in most parts
thanks to the country’s proximity to the Mediterranean. The only exception is the Alps, where you
can stay refreshingly cool and enjoy remarkable vistas on hot summer days.
To make your cycling holidays as varied and colourful as possible, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB)
is endeavouring to harmonise and expand the range of specialised cycling products and services.
To this end, the STB has introduced the “cycling destination” category and developed standards for
cycling hotels, hostels, campsites and tourist farms. Apart from putting the right infrastructure in
place, the main guiding principle followed is to provide relevant information to all types of cyclists,
to make sure cycling routes and trails are well kept and marked, and to establish a broad network of
guides. This way you will always be able to take the most beautiful routes and get to see Slovenia’s
greatest jewels, wherever you are.
Cycling destinations
Areas with well rounded cycling offers are designated as cycling destinations when the following
requirements are in place: (topographic) map of cycling tours and routes, marked cycling routes
and trails, specialised cycling accommodation (cycling hotel, campsite or tourist farm), qualified
cycling guides, bicycle hire, bicycle repair shop and at least one information point.
Slovenia Cycling Information Points
As many as 35 cycling information points are scattered all around the country to provide cycling
maps and guidebooks combining detailed information on specific routes, tour guide options, shuttle
transfers, accommodation, bicycle shops, repair shops and other services dedicated to cycling.
For more information on the range of cycling products and services in Slovenia, visit:
Slovenia cycling hotel
Apart from the conventional star classification, cyclist-friendly accommodation and food providers
(hotels, hostels, guesthouses, self-contained units and others) can also be categorised based on
labels with “wheels” indicating the range and quality of services for cyclists.
The most basic range of services is denoted by one wheel, the widest range and highest quality
by five; this label is reserved for tourism providers dedicated to cycling, which is also their core
business. Here are the criteria for the classification of tourist providers – please note that each set
of criteria below upgrades the preceding one.
One wheel
A one-wheel hotel provides guests with the following: Information on the cycling offer in the
area, a cycling information point, one overnight accommodation at no extra charge, a secure
bicycle storage facility, basic repair tools and a bicycle wash, bicycle transport to a nearby bicycle
repair shop, laundry and drying rooms for cycling apparel and boots, bicycle rental in the area, a
carbohydrate-rich breakfast with fresh fruit, and first aid.
Two wheels
Along with basic cycling information, a two-wheel hotel provides cycling maps of the area,
information on cycling in other Slovenian regions, and a tour guide. It also has Internet access,
special accommodation packages for cyclists, secure bicycle and equipment storage, five midrange bicycles for rent, shuttle transfers, bicycle and equipment transport, and a packed lunch and
energy drinks for cyclists.
Three wheels
A three-wheel hotel has two tour guides and a help desk for planning cycling tours, runs scheduled
cycling tours around the area at least 4 days a week, and helps guests find and book accommodation
at other destinations. It also has individual bicycle locking facilities, offers bicycle repair services,
ten mid-range bicycles for hire, has an emergency call option, alternative programmes in the event
of bad weather, and a sauna within the area.
Four wheels
A four-wheel hotel has scheduled tours for every day of the week and several tour guides. It provides
free secure parking, sells spare tubes of different dimensions and types, offers free transport to
a repair shop and use of a replacement bicycle, has 15 top-class bicycles for hire, runs its own
passenger shuttle and bicycle transfer service, offers a special menu for cycling tours extending
over several days, energy bars and refreshments, has a sauna in the hotel and massage salon in
the vicinity.
Five wheels
Apart from all the features specified earlier, a five-wheel tourist provider must fully accommodate
every cycling guest’s wishes, run a weekly guided tour, have special laundry drying racks in the
rooms, 20 top-class bicycles for hire, offer a carbohydrate-rich dinner menu with vegetables and
fresh fruit, a selection of typical local and regional dishes, have its own massage area on the spot,
GPS data for tour navigation and GPS device rental, and cycling events must be held within the
Cycling campsite
A cyclist-friendly campsite provides comprehensive information on cycling trips in the surrounding
and wider areas, runs scheduled cycling tours 4 days a week and has one qualified tour guide.
On top of that, it must have bicycle repair tools, a bicycle and equipment cleaning facility, secure
bicycle storage, laundry and drying rooms for cycling apparel and boots, and it must render bicycle
transport services and have five mid-range bicycles for hire. A cycling campsite must also serve
energy-rich food and drinks.
1. Postojna, HOTEL SPORT,
3. Bohinjsko Jezero, HOSTEL POD VOGLOM,
6. Logatec, TGM ŽAKELJ GRC Zapolje,
7. Otočec, HOTEL ŠPORT,
8. Radenci, HOTEL RADIN,
9. Moravske Toplice, HOTEL TERMAL,
10. Lendava, HOTEL LIPA,
11. Pohorje, HOTEL BELLEVUE,
14. Zreče, HOTEL ROGLA,
15. Bohinjska Bistrica, PENZION TRIPIČ,
17. Bovec, HOTEL KANIN,
18. Kobarid, HOTEL HVALA,
19. Most na Soči, HOTEL LUCIJA,
20. Cerkno, HOTEL CERKNO,
21. Idrija, YH DOM IDRIJA
22. Bled, HOTEL RIBNO,
23. Bohinjsko Jezero, PENZION STARE,
24. Bohinjsko Jezero, SOBE RESMAN,
26. Kranj, HOTEL CREINA,
27. Jezersko, HOTEL PLANINKA,
28. Maribor, HOTEL TABOR,
30. Maribor, HOTEL BAU,
31. Slovenska Bistrica, HOTEL LEONARDO,
32. Rogaška Slatina, GH DONAT,
33. Dobrna, HOTEL PARK,
34. Topolšica, HOTEL VESNA,
36. Ptuj, GH PRIMUS,
37. Moravske Toplice, HOTEL VIVAT,
38. Moravske Toplice, VILLA TAMARA,
39. Šmarješke Toplice, TERME ŠMARJEŠKE TOPLICE,
40. Laško, HOTEL VRELEC,
42. Čatež ob Savi, HOTEL TOPLICE,
Cycling Information Point
43. Čatež ob Savi, PENZION LES,
44. Šempeter pri Novi Gorici, HOTEL LIPA,
45. Solkan, HOTEL SABOTIN,
46. Strunjan, HOTEL SALINERA,
47. Stari Trg pri Ložu, TURIZEM JURE,
48. Ljubljana, CITY HOTEL,
Ladies and gentlemen. Start your engines.
LTO Sotočje - TIC Kobarid
Gregorčičeva 8, 5222 Kobrid
T: +386 (0)5 380 04 90
E: [email protected]
LTO Sotočje - TIC Tolmin
Petra Skalarja 4, 5220 Tolmin
T: +386 (0)5 380 04 80
E: [email protected]
Maps and guidebooks
Kobarid – The Nadiža Valley – Tolmin tourist
and cycling map, plus the 28 Circular Cycling
Tours guidebook (Sl, De, It, En, Fr)
MTB guide Slowenien: 30 Mountainbiketouren
im Soča-Tal (in German)
The Soča Valley Mountain Bike Guide (43 tours;
Sl, En)
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 2,271km
No. of tours: 73
Marked routes: 1
Lowest point: 167 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,490 m above sea level
Road and MTB Uphill Race to Široko,
15 August every year
The Three Nations’ International Cycling
Marathon (Italy, Austria, Slovenia) – June every
Cycling packages
The Along the Princess package
includes 2x half board at Hotel
Hvala****, an easy guided cycling tour
along the Soča, a visit to the Kobarid
Museum, energy snack, and sauna.
Price: EUR 209 per person (for groups
of 4+).
The Around Bučenica package includes
2x half board at Hotel Lucija***, an easy
guided cycling tour around Most na Soči,
refreshments, sauna and one massage.
Price: EUR 125 per person.
Land of Living Water
The Soča Valley is the most attractive Slovenian hub for outdoor activities. The
protected area of Triglav National Park boasts remarkable landmarks, panoramas
and views; cycling tours there include visits to unique World War I heritage sites.
The Soča, nestled among the jewels of the Julian Alps, and its tributaries have created countless
waterfalls, pools, ravines, springs and canyons, which command admiration and capture the
imagination of the sharp-eyed visitor. It is easy and fun to explore these half-hidden places by
bicycle. Also, the mountainous terrain holds many challenges for well-trained cyclists.
Cycling tours
As many as 73 cycling tours are included in the guidebooks covering the areas around Kobarid
and Tolmin. The tours run through the Soča Valley, along and above the Nadiža River, through the
Bača Gorge, across Trebuša and the Šentvid Plateau, and reach across the former Italian border
to Venetian Slovenia. The tours are 20–50 km long and come in three difficulty grades. The first
grade denotes routes suitable for families, the second for intermediate cyclists and the third
for advanced riders. The easy tours lead through valleys and across plateaus, whereas the more
difficult ones, with an elevation gain of up to 2,000 m, run along mountain roads and cart tracks
in the rolling foothills of the Julian Alps. Five tours lead to Triglav National Park. All the tours
available are circular.
Additional offer
Outdoor sports (hiking, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning, rock climbing),
fishing, cultural and natural attractions of Triglav National Park (Tolmin Gorges, Javorca), the
Walk of Peace – open-air WWI museums, museum train and Bohinj Railway autotrain.
Holidays with friends
Follow the World War I trails and endless
mule tracks, which wind their way through the
precipitous Julian Alps, or pedal uphill on a
breathtaking panoramic road with many tunnels
to reach the Mangart Saddle (2,055m).
Sea of flavour
The Soča Valley
Deep in the Julian Alps, with steep
faces, deep valleys and secluded
spots, you will find your peace of
heaven and everything you have been
expecting from your cycling holiday.
Restaurant Topli Val.
Organic, healthy and tasteful cuisine
has been their passion since 1976.
Topli Val is a Mediterraneanstyle restaurant, which creatively
incorporates a broad palette of flavours
into the local homemade cuisine.
Hotel Hvala****
and the renowned restaurant Topli Val
are family-run businesses. The hotel
has 31 rooms with 61 beds, a fishing
gear storage, drying room, sauna, bicycle
storage, bicycle and car hire, information
point, and sells artificial flies and fishing
Hotel Hvala, Trg Svobode 1, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia. Tel.: 00386 5 38 99 300 Fax: 00386 5 38 85 322
E:-mail: [email protected]
Package 1 includes a
difficult guided cycling
tour, bicycle and
equipment hire, overnight
caravan accommodation
and sauna. Price: EUR
70 per person.
The three-day
weekend package
includes 2x half board,
a cycling tour to Most
na Soči and sightseeing,
refreshments, one sauna
pass and one massage.
Price: EUR 125 per
Package 2 includes
bicycle and equipment
hire, overnight caravan
accommodation, use of
the climbing wall and
sauna. Price: EUR 45
per person.
The five-day package
includes 4x half board,
a half-day cycling tour,
a cycling tour to Most
na Soči and sightseeing,
refreshments, one sauna
pass and one massage.
Price: EUR 225 per
Drežniške Ravne 33, 5222 Kobarid
T: +386 (0)5 389 13 11
M +386 (0)41 371 229
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Most na Soči 57, 5216 Most na Soči
T: +386 (0)5 38 13 292
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Kamp Koren, a campsite situated at the edge of Triglav National
Park in the heart of the Soča Valley, is an excellent starting point
for easy, difficult and extreme cycling tours. At the campsite you
can rent equipment, buy guidebooks and energy drinks, and hire
a tour guide. Climb the tower or play a game of beach volleyball to
warm up, and when you get back from your cycling trip, relax in
the sauna and refresh yourself with a quick bite at the fast-food
Hotel Lucija is in the centre of Most na Soči, where the three valleys
of the rivers Soča, Idrijca and Bača meet. This is a great starting
point for cycling. The hotel offers its guests the possibility to relax
with massages and sauna. Here they can also store, a repair and
rent bicycles. The hotel is also a great starting point for mountain
biking tours (Krn at 2,058 m), for combined train-bicycle tours
(Bohinj-Bled) or in combination with extreme sports.
Bovec and its
The location away from major urban areas, diverse landscape and many natural,
cultural and historical attractions to see while cycling make Bovec one of the most
beautiful cycling destinations.
The numerous cycling routes through this picturesque valley and unspoilt landscape of Triglav
National Park, which was carved by the emerald Soča River over centuries, are perfect for families,
touring cyclists and mountain bikers, as well as riders looking for very difficult trails. The easy
and lively routes, which run through cool forests, along rivers and streams, to World War I
monuments and open-air museums, are great for recreational cyclists and families. Advanced
cycling enthusiasts, however, will love the breathtaking views that open up on the high-mountain
trails and the adrenaline rushes at the Kanin MTB Park. Hire a tour guide to make sure that your
cycling trip is safe and that you are left with nothing but fond and long-lasting memories.
Cycling tours
The Bovec area boasts some of the country’s most popular mountain bike and road cycling tours,
ranging from only a few to almost 100 kilometres. Families and leisure cyclists can take one of
the many easy routes along the Soča, like the one leading to the village of Čezsoča or Koritnica.
Mountain bikers will love the numerous mountain trails over the slopes and peaks of the Julian
Alps, which are best experienced on a guided tour. Climbs to Stol, Lepena and Vrsnik are only some
of the challenging rides. Attractions such as the source of the Soča and Bavšica can be explored on
shorter tours with low elevation gains. For avid riders, there is the MTB Park, which boasts a 4.5km
trail with an elevation gain of 600 m.
Bovec Tourist Information Centre
Trg golobarskih žrtev 8, 5230 Bovec
T: +386 (0)5 389 64 44
M +386 (0) 31 388 700
E: [email protected]
Maps and guidebooks
The Cycling Routes brochure (in Slovene,
English, German and Italian)
The Bovec Guide (in Slovene, English, German
and Italian)
MTB guide Slowenien: 30 Mountainbiketouren
im Soča-Tal (in German)
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 395km
No. of tours: 17
Marked routes: 17
Lowest point: 370m above sea level
Highest point: 2,040m above sea level
Kugy’s Vršič Climb (June 2009)
Mangart Climb by Bicycle (August 2009)
Specialised cycling
Hotel Kanin (+386 (0)5 389 68 80,
[email protected])
Cycling packages
The four-day package includes 3x
half board, a guided half-day tour
around Bovec (various difficulty grades
available), bicycle and safety helmet
rental, insurance. Prices start at EUR
217 per person.
The six-day package includes 5x halfboard, two guided half-day tours (various
difficulty grades available) around Bovec,
a moderate full-day cycling tour, bicycle
and safety helmet rental, insurance.
Prices start at EUR 430 per person.
Road cyclists will love Bovec for its two of the most popular climbs in the country – to Vršič and
Mangart. Both are relatively short but with an elevation gain of well over 1,000m. You can also add
additional kilometres – of distance or elevation – to your scoreboard by cycling around Kanin.
Natural and cultural attractions:
Natural: Soča River, the Boka waterfall, the Great Gorge of the Soča, Juliana Alpine Botanical
Garden, Kaninski Podi and Prestreljeniško Okno, Mlinarica, the source of the Soča, basins at
Kršovec, the Kluže ravine, the Koritnica basins, the Nemčlja basins, Mangart Saddle, lakes Krnsko
and Dupeljsko Jezero, lakes Kriška jezera, etc.
Fortifications, open-air museums and monuments to the Isonzo Front (Kluže Fortress, fortress
and memorial at Predel, open-air museums: Ravelnik and Čelo), the Matija Komac Beehive, Mt
Mangart, churches (St Joseph in Soča, the Trenta Valley, St Stephen in Log pod Mangrtom, St
Lenart, Virgin Mary in Polje, St Urh), the memorial to Dr. Julius Kugy, Dom Trenta – Triglav
National Park information centre, and the Trenta Museum, etc.
Additional offer
Bicycle and equipment rental, tour guide hire, other sporting activities (hiking, theme trails,
kayaking, rafting, canyoning, river sledding, paragliding and aviation, caving, horseback riding,
fishing, climbing, golf, skiing, etc.), wellness, etc
HIT Bovec d.o.o.
Ledina 6, 5230 Bovec
T: +386 (0)5 389 68 80
F: +386 (0)5 389 68 89
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
The three-day package
includes 3x half board,
a guided half-day tour
around Bovec (various
difficulty grades available),
bicycle and safety helmet
rental, tour guide and
insurance. Prices start at
EUR 217 per person.
The five-day package
includes 5x half-board,
two guided half-day tours
(various difficulty grades
available) around Bovec, a
moderate full-day cycling
tour, bicycle and safety
helmet rental, insurance.
Prices start at EUR 430
per person.
Hotel Kanin, with 125 rooms, 75 with a balcony, is set in a peaceful location at the edge of Bovec, only 100m from the town centre.
The town of Bovec, situated at the centre of the Soča Region, is a
remarkable starting point for cycling trips. The hotel offers a secure bicycle storage, and a rental, repair shop and agency with tour
guides for hire is just 100 m away. Hotel guests can enjoy the pool,
Finnish, Turkish, bio and infrared saunas, the whirlpool, massages
and a number of other sporting activities.
Cycling in Slovenia
In Slovenia, cycling is allowed on all types of
roads, paved and gravel, but forest dirt roads
should be taken at one’s own risk. The exception
is forest dirt roads on private property, which
are marked accordingly. Riding on forest and
mountain trails is prohibited; particularly tight
restrictions are in force at Triglav National Park.
In this Alpine paradise, cycling is only allowed on
a number of dirt roads and cart tracks.
According to law, a safety helmet must be worn
by children aged 14 and less; however, all cyclists
are strongly advised to use a safety helmet and
other bicycle safety equipment.
While cycling on paved roads you must comply
with the traffic regulations. In any case, try to
stay away from busy roads and keep to quiet
country roads whenever possible. Motorists are
generally considerate towards cyclists, but it pays
to keep an eye out for any potential hazards.
You can take your bicycle on a train, but only
when the train has a special bicycle carriage. For
more information, visit the Slovenske Železnice
website at
Maps and guidebooks
Guide map with descriptions of 15 cycling and
20 walking trails
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Kranjska Gora
Amazing cycling adventures
the Primorska region to the other side. The side valleys, which stretch into the heart of the
Julian Alps, are great for leisurely trips to the steep faces of the Julian Alps. The Tamar and
Krnica valleys are the two most widely known. For an exhilarating downhill adventure, visit
the Vitranc Bike Park. The park boasts many downhill tracks across natural terrain and manmade barriers.
Road cyclists can tackle the Vršič mountain pass or take the easier way via Tarvisio to reach
Mangart, or head for Austria via Korensko Sedlo (Wurzenpass).
Cycling tour profile
Natural attractions
Zelenci Nature Reserve, Lake Jasna, the Špik mountain group, nature’s sculpture Ajdovska
Deklica, the Prisank window, Planica and the Tamar Valley, valleys Vrata, Kot and Krma
Valleys, the Peričnik waterfall, the Grbinasti Travniki meadows, Gogala’s linden tree.
Juriš na Vršič, race to the Vršič Pass,
5 September 2009
European MTB Downhill Championship,
13–14 June 2008
Cultural attractions
Russian chapel, Triglav Mountain Museum, Kajžnik’s house, Liznjek’s farm, Jakob Aljaž
Memorial, Pocar’s farm, Psnak’s sawmill
Specialised cycling
Additional offer
Bike park, organised cycling trips, bicycle hire at several locations, other sporting activities,
The popularity of Kranjska Gora as a cycling destination grew with the launching
of the network of waymarked cycle paths and the bike park situated on the steep
slopes of Vitranc. What was once known among cyclists as the starting point for
the legendary climb to the Vršič mountain pass is today a recreational and race
cycling hotspot. Suitable for families, advanced individual riders and professional
cycling teams.
The famous winding road to the 1,611 m-high Vršič mountain pass is still a popular topic among
road cyclists and mountain bikers. But the valley too holds numerous beautiful cycle paths,
many of which are waymarked and suitable for families and recreational riders. The main cycle
path, from which other routes branch out to the north and south, connects Kranjska Gora, or
Rateče at the far end of the valley, with Jesenice. Following the former railway line and running
away from the main road for the most part, it is a peaceful and scenic route enjoyed by cyclists,
inline skaters and strollers alike. This family cycle path crosses the Italian border into Tarvisio,
where it is known as Ciclovia, and continues to Austria. From Kranjska Gora you can also pedal
your way through the Radovna River Valley and reach Bled.
TIC Kranjska Gora
Tourist Information & Private Accommodation
Tičarjeva ulica 2, 4280 Kranjska Gora
T: +386 (0)4 580 94 40
F: +386 (0)4 580 94 41
E: [email protected]
Cycling tours
Most of the advanced mountain bike trails lead north from the valley, into the wooded slopes of
the Karavanke Alps. You can climb to the very top of the Karavanke ridge, the border between
Slovenia and Austria. You will enjoy the spectacular view of the Julian Alps, whose steep and
rocky slopes are inaccessible to cyclists, except for the remarkable Vršič Pass, which overlooks
Lengths of individual cycling routes:
from 5 km to 30+km
No. of marked routes: 15
Lowest point: 571 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,618 m above sea level
ApartHotel Vijolica ***/****
Vitranška 11 A, 4280 Kranjska Gora
T: +386 (0)4 588 59 35
F: + 386 (0)4 588 59 33
E: [email protected]
Cycling packages
The weekend package for two
at ApartHotel Vijolica includes
2 nights accommodation, 2 guided
cycling tours, a map, sauna and
massage pool. Prices start at EUR
268 (at EUR 134 per person).
TIC Bohinj – Bohinjska Bistrica
Triglavska cesta 30, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
T: +386 (0)4 574 75 90
F: +385 (0)4 574 75 91
E: [email protected] |
TIC Bohinj – Ribčev Laz
Ribčev Laz 48, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
T: +386 (0)4 574 60 10
F: +386 (0)4 572 33 30
E: [email protected] |
Maps and guidebooks
Panoramic cycling map of Bohinj
Bohinj Mountain Biking Guide (Matjaž Žmitek),
in Slovene, German and English
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Bohinj
At the heart of the Julian Alps lies Bohinj, a glacial valley known for Lake Bohinj, the
unspoilt Alpine landscape and a rich cultural heritage. At the same time, the valley is
one of the most prominent attractions of Triglav National Park.
The Pod Voglom Hostel is set in an idyllic setting in the heart of Triglav National Park, close to
Lake Bohinj. The hostel, a popular centre for sporting activities, places a special focus on cycling.
It has as many as 50 mountain bikes to rent and runs a network of specialised local guides, who
will take you to the most beautiful parts of Bohinj. You can also relax on the hostel’s private beach
and large garden with sunloungers.
Additional offer
Pac Sports sporting activities (adrenaline park, rafting, paragliding, canyoning, kayaking, hiking,
etc.), bicycle hire, tour guides, bicycle storage.
Ribčev laz 60, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
T: +386 (0)4 572 34 61
M +386 (0)40 864 202
F: +386 (0)4 572 071
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: **/
Cycling package
The five-day cycling package
in Bohinj includes 4 nights
accommodation, two guided halfday mountain bike tours, 4x full-day
mountain bike hire and 1x full-day
canoe hire. Price: at EUR 122 per
person (five persons minimum).
Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 370km
No. of tours: 15
Marked routes: 5
Lowest point: 512m above sea level
Highest point: 1,400m above sea level
Mountain bike race to Uskovnica (August)
Cycling packages
The Bohinj package is suitable
for families and includes 3 nights
accommodation, a guided cycling trip
around Bohinj and sightseeing, a visit
to the Savica waterfall, wild flower sites
along the Klodič Cycling Trail, a boat
ride on Lake Bohinj.
Prices start at EUR 132 per person.
The Bohinj Alpine Meadows package
is suitable for mountain bikers and
includes 3 nights accommodation,
a guided cycling tour to mountain
pastures Uskovnica and Zajamniki, a
cycling tour to Ratitovec and a ride in
the Vogel cable car.
Prices start at EUR 152 per person.
As there is not enough space for wide roads between the mountains and the lake, this Alpine jewel
is best explored by bicycle. On gravel roads you will avoid motorised traffic, and you won’t be in
anyone’s way in narrow village streets. Bohinj is a perfect spot for a Sunday cycling trip with your
family, as well as for advanced mountain bikers and road cyclists. It is simply too beautiful to be
explored by car, so hop on your bicycle and explore the natural splendours and local heritage of
this Alpine valley.
Cycling tours
To the mountain biker’s delight, Lake Bohinj is surrounded by mountains with numerous mountain
roads and trails. Road cyclists will also be well catered for in this area where only the strongest
riders run out of routes to travel. Apart from roads and trails, there are also many waymarked
The Klodič Cycling Path runs along the left bank of the Sava Bohinjka to Bohinjska Bistrica, along
the foot of Rudnica to Lake Bohinj, and in Stara Fužina curves into the Upper Bohinj Valley and
continues to Srednja Vas. The 11 km cycle path is suitable for families and advanced cyclists, who
normally incorporate this trail into longer cycling expeditions. You can visit the stunning waterfall
at the source of the Bistrica as well as the Mostnica, Grmečica and Peračica falls. You can also ride
most of the way to the famous Savica waterfall and towards the Ribnica falls.
Cycling trips across the slopes of the southern Bohinj mountains afford beautiful views of the
valley and the lake, Bohinjska Bistrica and the Triglav mountain range. The panoramic vantage
points will make it easy for you to decide where to go next.
Additional offer
Guided cycling trips, bicycle rentals and repair shop.
Triglavska cesta 13, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
T/F: +386 (0)4 572 12 82
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
The family-run Hotel-Pension Tripič, in Bohinjska Bistrica, has a dedicated offer for cyclists and
is a good starting point for exploring the beauty of the Bohinj Basin. Their staff will help you pick
the right cycling tours for your skill level, point you to the biggest attractions and get you a tour
guide. When you are done cycling, relax at the Bohinj Water Park, only 50 metres from the hotel,
or enjoy a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant, which serves home-cooked local dishes and
assorted delicacies.
Additional offer for cyclists
Tour guides, bicycle hire and storage, bicycle and equipment transportation, free wireless Internet
access in all rooms, 10% off on Bohinj Water Park pool pass.
Cycling package
The four-day Bohinj-Podbrdo
package includes 3x half board, a
rich buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
menus, a self-guided cycling tour from
Bohinjska Bistrica to Podbrdo, 1x fullday bicycle and safety helmet hire, one
isotonic drink, one three-hour pass to
Bohinj Water Park, a visit to the Tomaž
Godec Museum in Bohinjska Bistrica
(two permanent collections: Small War
Museum of the Isonzo and Alpine Fronts,
Leather-Tanning Museum).
Price: EUR 152 per person.
The three-day Bohinj package
includes 2x half board, a rich buffet
breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, 1x
full-day bicycle and safety helmet hire,
a self-guided cycling tour around Bohinj,
and one full body massage at Bohinj
Water Park.
Price: EUR 131 per person.
Camping Bled
TIC Bled
Cesta svobode 10, 4260 Bled
T: +386 (0)4 574 11 22
E: [email protected]
Maps and guidebooks
Radovna Cycling Route
Information map
Municipality of Bled tourist map
Mountain biking:
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride:
MTB: Bicycle hire
Agencies Helia, Kompas, Lifetrek, Amigo; Bled
Tourist Information Centre, etc.
Specialised cycling
Hotel Ribno, Hotel Park, Camping Bled
Lake Bled, the symbol of Slovenian tourism, lies close to Triglav National Park, which
makes it an excellent starting point for all types of cycling tours. The cycling routes
take in the rich cultural and natural heritage of the town of Bled and the wider area.
Kidričeva 10c, 4260 Bled
T: +386 (0)4 575 20 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: *****/
Cesta svobode 15, 4260 Bled
T: +386 (0)4 579 18 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
The campsite, situated on the shore of Lake Bled, offers a wide
variety of sporting activities and runs a well-rounded programme of
organised activities for children and adults. Then there is the sports
and recreation area, children’s playground, shop, tent rental, discount
on Hotel Golf pool passes and Bled Golf Course fees. Take this and add
it to the magnificence of the Julian and the Karavanke Alps, and you
get everything you could wish for on your cycling holiday.
Additional offer
Free secure bicycle, luggage and equipment storage, first-aid kit rental,
bicycle and cycling apparel washing facility, drying room for cycling
apparel and boots, qualified mountain bike tour guide, cycling tour
help desk, accommodation booking, passenger and bicycle shuttle,
luggage transfers.
Cycling package
The range of cycling packages for short and long stays is posted on the
campsite’s website.
Boasting an attractive offer and location, Bled’s Hotel Park is the right
spot for cyclists. You will also be well catered for before and after your
cycling expedition, as there is a big swimming pool with heated thermal
water, a whirlpool, saunas, fitness centre, Thai massage centre, à la carte
restaurant and pizzeria, sweetshop and café. You also get free admission
to the Hotel Golf pools and you can play golf at the Bled Golf Course for
Additional offer
Free secure bicycle, luggage and equipment storage, first-aid kit rental,
bicycle and cycling apparel washing facility, drying room for cycling
apparel and boots, qualified mountain bike tour guide, cycling tour help
desk, accommodation booking, passenger and bicycle shuttle, luggage
Cycling package
The range of cycling packages for short and long stays is posted on the
campsite’s website.
Bled and its surroundings are perfect for cycling, suitable for leisurely senior riders, families and
keen recreational cyclists. The diverse roads and paths leading to the villages around Bled are great
for short cycling trips, and the intricate network of dirt roads on Jelovica, Pokljuka and Mežaklja
will satisfy even the most advanced mountain biker. There are several agencies in Bled where you
can hire a bicycle or a guide.
The cycling routes
The cycling routes around Bled run along quiet roads, mostly gravel. Naturally, the most famous is
the route around the lake, which is 6 km long, easy and suitable for families with small children.
Numerous cycling routes lead away from the lake. Very attractive is the Radovna Cycling Route,
which runs through the valley of the Radovna river, in Triglav National Park. It is 16km long, runs
on a gravel road and has numerous information points.
The Short Tour of Bled takes you around the town; it is 30 km long, but you can turn around at
any point and head back to Bled. The route leads towards the Sava Dolinka canyon, to the famous
Vintgar Gorge, through traditional villages of the Gorenjska region and along the banks of the Sava
Bled is also a great starting point for more demanding road cycling and mountain bike tours. There
are cycling routes to Bohinj and the edges of Triglav National Park, or one can cross the Ljubljana
Basin, which is quite narrow there, to reach the Karavanke Alps.
Additional offer
Helia Travel Agency specialising in cycling (
Hotel Park
Hotel Ribno
includes bed and breakfast
accommodation, a map
of cycling routes in and
around Bled, bicycle
storage and technical
support, one packed lunch,
free use of the hotel sauna
and jacuzzi. Prices start at
EUR 55 per person (offer
valid 1 Apr. 2009 through
30 Oct. 2009).
Izletniška 44, 4260 Bled
T: +386 (0)4 578 31 00
F: +386 (0)4 578 32 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Hotel Ribno sits in a spruce forest, a peaceful setting not more than a
stone’s throw from Bled. It is the perfect place for relaxation, rest and
recreation. The hotel is a good starting point for family trips around
Bled and along the Sava River. And there is plenty for advanced
mountain bikers and road cyclists to see and do in the surrounding
mountains as well. After your cycling tour, you can relax in a sauna or
jacuzzi, perhaps treat yourself to a massage, or just keep moving, as
there are many other sporting activities out there.
Additional offer
Mountain bike hire, Internet access, for a stay of 2+ nights a free
one-hour tennis session (to be used before 3 p.m.), 10% discount
at the hotel restaurant.
Hotel Creina
TIC Idrija
Vodnikova 3, 5280 Idrija
T: +386 (0)5 374 39 16
M +386 (0)31 743 672
E: [email protected]
TIC Cerkno
Močnikova 2, 5282 Cerkno
T: +386 (0)5 373 46 45
M +386 (0)51 644 557
E: [email protected]
Maps and guidebooks
Koroška cesta 5, 4000 Kranj
T: +386 (0)4 281 75 04
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Idrija and Cerkno
Kranj is an excellent starting point for bicycle challenges. If you are
a bold and adventurous mountain biker, you will enjoy the exciting
downhill/freeride track from Krvavec, which can be reached by cable
car. Families and recreational riders can take quiet back roads to Bled;
road cyclists and mountain bikers can explore the Škofja Loka Hills.
Detailed tour information is available at the hotel’s front desk, where
you can sign up for guided trips or hire a touring bicycle (8 bicycles
A diverse region with a pristine landcape, numerous scenic nature trails and remarkable cultural and technical heritage.
Cycling packages
Cyclists get 20% off on bed and breakfast accommodation. Pick your
preferences from the Relax catalogue and create a personalised activity
package at an affordable price.
Idrija and Cerkno Cycling Trails catalogue
Idrija and Cerkno map (1 : 50 000)
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 326km
No. of tours: 6
Marked routes: 6
Lowest point: 227m above sea level
Highest point: 1,240m above sea level
Cycling along the Bloudek routes in Črni Vrh
nad Idrijo (May)
Cycling in the Cerkno Hills
Specialised cycling
Hotel Cerkno,
Cycling packages
The 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-day cycling
packages include bed and breakfast
accommodation at Hotel Cerkno, entry
to the short-course thermal pool,
bicycle storage and tour information kit.
Optional shuttle service, tour guide hire
and purchase of lunch packs.
Price: from EUR 63–200 per person.
The Idrija and Cerkno hills are every cyclist’s dream. Choose a short and easy tour, or a long and
difficult one, where a high level of physical fitness is crucial. Climbs to the nearby summits will
reward you with unforgettable views. And there are plenty of treats for downhill fans too. You will
look back fondly on your adventures in the wonderful setting, the peaceful and unspoilt natural
environment,the clean rivers and warm people, and you will be eager to return.
Cycling tours
The waymarked routes include: the Contraband Trail (45 km), Across the Vojskarska Plateau (35
km), Tracing Bloudek (56 km), Trail to the heart of the Idrija forest (78 km), Across the Cerkno
Hills (62 km) and Tracing flutes and taverns (50 km). Circular, the routes start in Idrija or Cerkno.
They follow quiet country roads, dirt roads and trails on the Ledine, Vojsko, Šebrelje, Krnica and
Črni Vrh plateaus, along the edge of the Trnovo forest and through the Cerkno Hills. Suitable for
mountain and touring bikes, the routes take in numerous natural and cultural attractions. There
are several MTB downhill trails for thrill-seeking riders, with the Javornik Bike Park as the epicentre of “gravitational” action.
Additional offer
Javornik Bike Park, freeride and downhill trails (Lome near Črni Vrh nad Idrijo,, +386 (0)40 370 838)
Mobile adventures biking is a new type of cycling in
Slovenia and Europe. Slovenia is a perfect spot to
go cycling. It boasts a unique cultural and natural
heritage, many natural attractions, a spectacular
and diverse landscape and a dense network of quiet
roads. Taking a motor caravan and bicycle and hiring
a tour guide is a great and fun way to explore all the
treasures of the country. Cycling from one jewel to
the other will make you feel free and happy. You can
stop wherever and whenever you like.
Our goal is provide you with the opportunity to cycle
through the most scenic parts of Slovenia in just one
week. You can pick your favourite regions, or we can
choose them for you. All you need is your luggage,
cycling equipment and a great passion for cycling. We
provide the rest. Cycling tours are suitable for all skill
and fitness levels.
Cycling, in all its forms, is one of the
most Tourist
popular farms
up a
local population. Mountain biking won
part of accommodation capacities,
widespread popularity thanks to the
and many of them have been
country’s many hills and mountains,
but road
cycling isas
catching up.
During weekends you will seefarms
is the
and day
in allas
of Slovenia.
case with hotels and campsites.
The influence
of the cycling
Most importantly,
must have
is manifested
bicycles, safety helmets and
numerous dedicated bicycle shops
qualified tour guides for hire.
around the country and many cycling
For more information on tourist
events, even international competitions,
open from
April to the
end of September.
If you prefer a self-guided tour, we
recommend that you find a local rider
to show you the best cycling spots.
The price includes:
- 7x half-board accommodation,
- 6 guided full-day cycling trips,
- Internationally licensed professional tour guide,
- Campsite and motor caravan overnight charges,
- Towels and bedclothes,
- Airport shuttle from Ljubljana, Trieste or Klagenfurt.
Price: EUR 699 per person
Extra charge: First-class SCOTT mountain bike – EUR 35 per day
Group size: min. 4 – max. 5 (smaller groups by arrangement)
Season: May–October
Terrain: gravel roads, forest dirt tracks and mountain trails,
Individual tour length: 30–50km
Difficulty: 1–5
The price does not include:
- Insurance
- Trip to Slovenia
- Personal expenses, drinks
More information:
Jamnica 10, 2391 Prevalje
T: +386 (0)2 870 30 60
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Bike Base Jamnica – Ekohotel Kmetija Koroš
Jamnica 10, 2391 Prevalje
T: +386 (0)2 870 30 60
E: [email protected]
TIC Dravograd
Trg 4. julija 50, 2370 Dravograd
T: +386 (0)2 871 02 85
E: [email protected]
TIC Ravne na Koroškem
Trg svobode 21, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem
T: +386 (0)2 822 12 19
E: [email protected]
TIC Slovenj Gradec
Glavni trg 24, 2380 Slovenj Gradec
T: +386 (0)2 881 21 16
E: [email protected]
Colourful Valleys
The eastern edge of the Karavanke Alps introduces a land of valleys and mountains,
which holds many attractions for cyclists. The cycling infrastructure is impressive,
with more than 1,000 kilometres of different cycling routes. Keen cyclists will love
the spectacular single trail network and unique underground cycling trips. There are
numerous cycling events and competitions, which testifies to the local affection for
mountain biking.
Mountain Bike Park – Many mountain valleys in this part of the Karavanke Alps rise to Alpine
peaks. The nearby woodland holds unlimited possibilities for mountain bikers thanks to its intricate
network of dirt roads and cart tracks, which is why Slovenia’s first mountain bike park was started
there. The network of well-tended mountain biking trails is waymarked with animal footprints,
hence its name Traces of Wilderness. Črna na Koroškem, Mežica and Jamnica are the gateways to
more than 350 km of cycling routes.
Underground Biking – Mountain bikes were built to ride mountains, but Koroška also boasts
a unique 6 km waymarked cycling route that runs deep beneath the ground. It runs through the
mysterious abandoned mine underneath Peca.
Kundi’s Biking Routes – Starting in Prevalje, the waymarked routes lead to Leše, Šentanel, Dolga
Brda and Strojna. Some routes can be combined, so there are many different ways to explore the
area with magnificent panoramic views of the mountains and valleys of Koroška.
Bike Base Jamnica
The centre of mountain bike tourism in the Koroška region, Bike Base Jamnica has a unique hotel
Koroš and tourist farm Mikel with self-contained accommodation and a holiday home, offers a
wide selection of guided tours, has a single trail park and organises tours around Slovenia.
Ekohotel Kmetija Koroš
This mountain bike centre made its name by opening the first cycling hotel and mountain bike
park in the country. With more than ten years of experience, they relocated to a smaller but cosier
hotel with a stunning panoramic backdrop – the mountains and forests of Koroška. Today Koroš,
where three bicycle networks meet, is a unique hotspot for mountain biking and other mountain
adventures. The farm was converted into a charming eco- and cyclist-friendly hotel, which offers
comfortable accommodation and a unique selection of organic home-cooked menus. Mountain
biking clearly left a huge mark on their lifestyle, which is evident from the hotel’s interiors. To
relax, there are dedicated club rooms plus a sauna and a pool.
Single Trail Park
The tourist farm and its surroundings have a network of single trails ideal for a safe mountain bike
adventure. Take an easy route or a technically more difficult one to get ready for the tours ahead.
Additional offer
The leading centre with information on cycling in Slovenia, SingleTrail camps, mountain bike
training courses, cycling tour guide training, massages for cyclists.
Mountain Bike Nomad
Want to explore Slovenia by bicycle?
We organise and guide cycling tours
that take several days, suitable
for groups and individuals, fully
guided or self-guided and aided by
guidebooks, maps and GPS. The tour
itineraries can be tailored to you,
and we can make all the necessary
accommodation, luggage and travel
arrangements. More information at
Cycling package
The weekend mountain bike package
includes 2x half board, briefing, a cycling
map and an Underground Biking tour.
Price: from EUR 95 per person.
The Seven Green Suns package
includes 7x half board, an Underground
Biking tour, one guided tour and 2x
shuttle service. Price: from EUR 249
per person.
The Best Single Trails! package
includes 3x half board, 4 guided tours,
an Underground Biking tour and shuttle
Price: from EUR 296 per person
(Packages for groups of 3–7 available at
all times; individuals can choose from
the dates published at:
Maps and guidebooks
Mountain Bike Park map
Mountain Bike Guide to the Mežica, Upper Drava
and Mislinja valleys
The River Drava - Cycling Guide
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tours profile
Total distance: 580 km
No. of tours: 20
Marked routes: 14
Lowest point: 415 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,400 m above sea level
Divja Jaga Freeride – June
Trbonje MTB Marathon – June
The Krejan Memorial – September
Cycling around Uršlja Gora – September
Cycling in Ravne – June
The eastern parts of the Koroška region are characterised by the Drava River, which
carved a first-rate terrain for recreational and family cycling. The river flows between
the hills of Kobansko and Kozjak on the country’s northern border and Pohorje to the
south, which is a true paradise for mountain bikers and tourers.
The international Drava Cycle Trail – The route winds its way through diverse scenery along
the Drava River, to the old town of Dravograd and along the edge of the vast Pohorje forest. The
international Drava Bicycle Trail is part of a European network of cycling routes. In Slovenia, the
trail runs from Vič towards Maribor.
Cycling trail around Uršlja Gora – The 41-km mountain bike trail runs along quiet country
roads and dirt roads linking the small communities and farms, which dot the hillside of Uršlja Gora.
The trail starts at the lake Ivarčko Jezero, a popular tourist recreation spot in Ravne na Koroškem,
and it meets other trails running from the neighbouring Mežica and Mislinja valleys.
Pohorje Biking Transversal – The cycling trail runs along the ridges of Pohorje, connecting the
eastern parts with the western. This transversal includes cycling trails from all the major centres
around Pohorje. The ideal starting point for this exciting 75-km ride, on a trail which is waymarked
in both directions, is the mountain hut Koča pod Kremžarjevim Vrhom near Slovenj Gradec.
Zreče – Rogla
The Zreče Pohorje area holds many possibilities for cycling on marked routes,
accompanied by a state-of-the-art satellite navigation system or local guides. The
beneficial atmosphere of the natural climatic health resort will make you jump on
your bicycle and explore the wealth of natural and cultural heritage sites.
The Zreče Pohorje area, with Rogla and Terme Zreče, is the green heart of the tourist region which
boasts plenty of quality hotels and self-contained accommodation units along with exceptional
tourist farms. Cycling fans will love the untouched scenery, the mild mid-elevation climate and the
numerous marked and unmarked cycling routes, which can be discovered with the help of modern
GPS navigation systems. But the riding uphill is not the only thing that will leave you breathless,
as the region is known for its picturesque natural and cultural attractions, ethnological hallmarks
of the region and friendly, warm people. Zreče and Rogla lie close to the main Ljubljana–Maribor
motorway and are a great starting point for cycling trips around the Pohorje massif, from Maribor
to Slovenj Gradec Pohorje, which is taken in by the Pohorje Biking Transversal.
Cycling tours
Cycling tours generally start at two locations: at Zreče, with the Terme Zreče spa, and Rogla. The
tours starting at Rogla are circular, with distances ranging from 27 to 40 km, and include many
sites of interest and climbs to the Pohorje summits, for instance Osankarica and Jurgovo. You can
visit the mighty trees of the Šumik ancient forest, the natural reserve in the Lobnica Valley, several
places commemorating the world war and the famed Pohorje Battalion, and many other sites.
The tours starting at Zreče either finish where they started or lead to Rogla. The easy 13 km circular
tour takes you through Slovenske Konjice to extensive vineyards. A slightly shorter route leads
to Golek, a popular local spot for leisurely day trips. The circular route to the Zangger ponds, a
Hotel Dobrava 2000
Cesta na Roglo 15, 3214 Zreče
T: +386(0)3 757 60 00
E: [email protected]
Unior d.d. Program Turizem, Terme Zreče
Cesta na Roglo 15, 3214 Zreče
T: +386 (0)3 75 77 100
F: +386 (0)3 57 66 010
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Maps and guidebooks
Zreče cycling map
Rogla tourist and cycling map
Cycling map and tour descriptions are available
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 214km
No. of tours: 8
Marked routes: 8
Lowest point: 360m above sea level
Highest point: 1,533m above sea level
Rogla by Bicycle (August)
Jurij Vodovnik Cycling Marathon (September)
Ljubno Time Trial (September)
Cyclist-friendly food
Koča na Pesku, Dom na Osankarici, tourist
farms: Arbajter, Ločnikar, Kovše, KočnikKovše, Pačnik, Arzenšek, Ramšak, Gričnik,
Urška, Zimrajh Inn, Smogavc Inn, Mlin Cafe,
Čebelica Cafe, Hlastec Inn, Jana Inn, Zlati Grič
wineshop, Zangger ponds.
Specialised cycling
accommodation providers
great place to stop and cool down, is a little more than 25 km long. Rogla can be reached from
Terme Zreče along two routes; the difficult, 35 km-long route leads across Bukova Gora, through
lush beech forests and the village of Skomarje, the cradle of Slovenian clogmaking. The easier
one, leading across Brinjeva Gora and through Gorenje above Zreče, is 25 km long and takes in a
Roman cemetery and the Church of St Kunigunda, which dates from 1391.
Natural and cultural attractions
The archeological collection titled “Vestiges of the Past” at Hotel Planja, the Šumik ancient forest,
waterfalls Mali and Veliki Šumik, the last battlefield of the Pohorje Batallion (NOB memorial), the
lake Črno Jezero, the Skomarje house, the Church of St Lambert, Church of St Jacob, Church of
St Martin, Mother of God Church at Brinjeva Gora, Church of St Agnes at Golika and Church of
St Kunigunda, the birth house of Janez Koprivnik, Luschberg Castle ruins, Ošlak’s smithy, the
Church of St Vid, Beškovnik’s granary, the Church of St Lawrence, museum of “100 Frankolovo
Victims”, Šrekl’s smithy, Podpohorje Wine Road No. 17, the old town of Slovenske Konjice, the
Church of St George, Riemer Gallery.
Rogla is a place where the grass is still green, streams clean and the air fresh. A wonderful
landscape, pleasant climate and home-cooked meals are what every cyclist will appreciate.
Accommodation available at Hotel Rogla or in the bungalows next to the hotel.
Additional offer for cyclists
Cycling equipment purchase and rental. Apart from the pool and sauna,
the Land of Well-Being also offers a wide range of wellness services, such
as massages and baths.
The four-day cycling package at
Hotel Smogavc*** includes 3x half
board, guided cycling tours, a cycling
map and a schedule of organised
Price: EUR 180 per person.
The three-day Cycling for Health
package at Bungalow Rogla***
includes 2x half board, selected cycling
tours, organised activity and relaxation
Price: EUR 141 per person.
The three-day Cycling for Health package
includes 2x half board at Bungalow Rogla,
guided cycling tours to the village of Skomarje
and to Osankarica, pampering at the Land of
Well-Being (hotel pool, one sauna pass), one
adrenaline toboggan ride at Zlodejevo, a 30minute foot massage, introduction to Nordic
walking, two energy packs and a crash course
in climbing. Prices start from EUR 152 per
person (children: from EUR 92 per person).
The five-day Cycling for Health package
includes 4x half board at Bungalow Rogla,
guided cycling tours to Jurgovo (snack
included), the village of Skomarje, to
Osankarica and a panoramic tour to Jezerca,
pampering at the Land of Well-Being (hotel
pool, two sauna passes), one adrenaline
toboggan ride at Zlodejevo, a 30-minute foot
massage, introduction to Nordic walking, three
energy packs and a three-day climbing course.
Prices start from EUR 293 per person
(children: from EUR 192 per person).
Unior d.d. Program Turizem
Terme Zreče
Cesta na Roglo 15, 3214 Zreče
T: +386 (0)3 75 76 000
F: +386 (0)3 57 62 446
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Additional offer
Bicycle hire at Hotel Dobrava 2000 and Hotel Planja, Jesix bicycle repair shop in Slovenske Konjice,
tour guide hire, numerous other sporting activities.
Hotel Dobrava 2000****
(Zreče, +386(0)3 757 60 00, [email protected],
Hotel Planja****
(Zreče, +386 (0)3 757 71 00, [email protected],
Hotel Smogavc****
(Zreče, +386 (0)3 757 66 00,
[email protected],
Cycling packages
Cycling package
Cycling package
Terme Zreče
At the foot of the Zreče Pohorje Hills lies Terme Zreče, the health resort where body and soul
are pampered. Terme Zreče Villas are situated in a pleasant park very close to the health resort.
Accommodation available in self-contained units and double/twin rooms.
Additional offer for cyclists
Cycling equipment purchase and rental, thermal pools and various
baths, various massages, rich culinary offer.
The three-day Cycling for Health package
includes 2x half board at Vile Terme Zreče,
guided cycling tours to the village of Skomarje
and the Žiče Carthusian Monastery, swimming
in thermal pools, one pass to Sauna Village, a
30-minute foot massage, introduction to Nordic
walking, two energy packs and a crash course
in climbing.
Prices start from EUR 165 per person
(children: from EUR 93 per person).
The five-day Cycling for Health package
includes 4x half board at Vile Terme Zreče,
guided cycling tours to the village of Skomarje,
the Žiče Carthusian Monastery and Ribniki na
Stranicah (barbecue included), the Zlati Grič
cycling tour, swimming in thermal pools, two
passes to Sauna Village, a 30-minute foot
massage, introduction to Nordic walking, three
energy packs and a crash course in climbing.
Prices start at EUR 302 per person (children:
from EUR 183 per person).
Slomškova ulica 4, 3214 Zreče
T: +386 (0)3 757 66 00
F: +386 (0)3 757 66 10
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: *** and ****/
Cycling packages
The four-day basic package includes 3x half
board at Hotel Smogavc***, a brochure with
descriptions of 15 cycling routes, a cycling map
and list of attractions, a welcome reception and
video presentation of the destination, one free
entry to the Terme Zreče pools, a torch-lit night
walk, tea party with multivision screenings and
a candle-lit dinner.
Price: EUR 180 per person.
The four-day premium package includes the
basic package plus a brochure with descriptions
of adventure spots, free entry vouchers for
adventure spots: a deer farm with game cold
cuts, a strawberry farm (all-you-can-eat),
archery, golf, adrenaline-rushing toboggan ride
in Rogla and clay pigeon shooting, as well as
free admission to museums, the herbal gallery,
the Žiče Carthusian Monastery, the Zlati Grič
wine cellar (wine tasting included), various
churches and other attractions.
Price: EUR 280 per person.
Hotel Smogavc
Pohorje is a cycling paradise, and the specialised cycling hotel Smogavc the gateway to it. Fifteen
cycling routes of various difficulty grades were selected; detailed descriptions and directions
were published in a pocket-size brochure. These cycling routes are all unique for their points of
interest, where you can stop for a while and explore the natural, cultural and historical wealth of
the region.
Additional offer for cyclists
Light and hearty dinners, energy drinks and fresh fruit to go, laundry for cycling apparel, bicycle
storage and bicycle repair tools.
Hotel Park,
Terme Dobrna
Dobrna 52, 3204 Dobrna
T: +386 (0)3 780 81 10
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
For all who love to cycle through hills and valleys, verdant meadows,
Terme Dobrna is an ideal starting point for discovering the beauty
of the adjacent Savinja Valley, with the Mozirski Gaj flower park, the
Logarska Valley, lake Šmartinsko jezero and Celje Castle.
Additional offer
Bicycle rental (for children and adults), saunas, pools, beauty and
massage centre, culinary delicacies and healing hot baths.
Cycling package
Price of half-board accommodation: from EUR 45 per person.
Tourist farms make up a significant
part of accommodation capacities,
and many of them have been
designated as cyclist-friendly
tourist farms. Tourist farms must
meet certain criteria, as is the
case with hotels and campsites.
Most importantly, they must have
bicycles, safety helmets and
qualified tour guides for hire.
For more information on tourist
farms in Slovenia, visit
Maps and guidebooks
Pohorje Cycling Map and With a bike through
the city (both available in Slovene, English and
Veliki kolesarski vodnik po Sloveniji, the
definitive guide for every fan of cycling and
nature, Igor Maher, Ljubljana, Sidarta 2004
(routes 71, 72) (in Slovene)
Štajerska and Koroška, mountain bike guide,
Peter Krajnc, Ljubljana, Sidarta, 2002 (in
Drava Cycling Route – from Vič to Ormož, MRA,
2008 (in Slovene and English)
The Pohorje foothills are laced with vineyards, where you can enjoy wine tasting and culinary
delights, and can admire magnificent views. Or you can take the international Drava Bicycle Trail
along the river Drava, whose 129 km leg in Slovenia runs through Maribor. There are also two
more trails that include Maribor: the Bicycle Trail Over the Hills of Slovenske Gorice and the
Amber Cycling Trail from the Baltic to the Adriatic.
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Maribor - Pohorje
Additional offers
Bicycle rental available at TIC Maribor, Maribor railway station, the lower and upper stations of
the Pohorje cable car (ŠC Pohorje), and the cycling hotels. Pohorje Bike Park, Pohorje Adrenaline
Park, Betnava Adventure Park.
Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 1000+ km
Individual route length: 5–75 km
No. of tours: 20+
Number of marked routes: 10
Lowest point: 275 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,400 m above sea level
MTB World Cup, 20–21 June 2009
Fruit and Wine Road Marathon, June 2009
Pohorje Cycling Marathon, June 2009
Climb to Trije Kralji, August 2009
The city of Maribor, famed for its culture and remarkable wine tradition, is known in
the mountain biking world as an MTB World Cup venue. Marked by the green Pohorje
Hills, scenic vineyards on the slopes and the Drava River, it offers amazing cycling
experiences. Suitable for families, mountain bikers and road cyclists.
Slovenia’s most famous cycling hub, Maribor is a world-class cycling competition venue whose
name enjoys worldwide recognition. But with its rich wine, culinary and cultural heritage Maribor
is more than just a good starting point for various trips. Three wine roads, which are also perfect
for cycling adventures begin at the Old Vine, the oldest grape vine in the world, in the old town
core. The diversity of the city and the surroundings draws visitors all year round, and the best time
to visit Pohorje is from early spring to late autumn.
TIC Maribor
Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
T: +386 (0)2 23 46 611
F: +386 (0)2 23 46 613
E: [email protected]
Cycling tours
In the embrace of green Pohorje, winegrowing hills, and the gravel terraces of the river Drava you
can do road cycling or mountain biking or take a cycling trip with your family. There is something
for every cycling fan, no matter what. Mountain bikers can discover and explore Pohorje and do
the waymarked 75 km Pohorje Biking Transversal. Adrenaline seekers can cycle through Bike Park
Pohorje, a downhill world cup race venue. Of course the cable car is not the only way to reach the
summit of Pohorje, as there are numerous roads leading up there from several directions; you can
climb the roads individually, to beat a personal best or you can include them in your traverse across
Pohorje (the climbs start in Oplotnica, Slovenska Bistrica, Zgornja Polskava, Fram, Hoče, Maribor,
Pekre and Ruše).
Specialized cycling
Hotel Bellevue, Pohorje
Garni Hotel Tabor, Maribor
Garni Hotel Milena, Maribor
Hotel Bau, Maribor
Hotel Leonardo, Slovenska Bistrica
Cycling packages
The Wine Road City Adventure
package includes 2x bed and breakfast
at a three-star hotel, bicycle rental and
tourist tax. Enjoy the exciting city and
explore the vineyards and orchards of
this green region.
Price: from EUR 70 per person (for 2+
Na Slemenu 35, SI – 2208 Pohorje
(At the upper station of the Pohorje cable car)
T: +386 (0)2 607 51 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Hotel Bellevue
Grand Hotel Primus,
Terme Ptuj
Cycling packages
The 3-, 6- and 8-day Cycling around
Pohorje packages include 2x, 5x or 7x
half-board accommodation at Hotel Bellevue,
buffet breakfast, Pohorje-style dinners, 3-hour
bicycle rental, unlimited entry to the saunas
in the hotel wellness centre, one ticket to the
Hotel Habakuk pool complex, unlimited entry
to the fitness centre, one leg massage (3-day
package), one sport massage (6- or 8-day
package), possibility of packed lunch, and
cycling map of the local area. Prices per person
start at EUR 124 (three days), EUR 246 (six
days) and EUR 312 (eight days).
Hotel Bellevue is situated next to the upper station of the Pohorje cable car, 1050 m above sea
level, and offers soothing climatic effects of fresh mountain air in the lush forests of the Maribor
Pohorje. It is a perfect starting point for cycling trips across different cycling trails and forest paths,
which are suitable for families with children and experienced cyclists alike. The routes come in three
difficulty grades, and this is where the 75 km Pohorje Biking Transversal begins. Also available are
active holiday packages and body and soul Wellness programmes.
Additional offer
Cycling equipment hire, tour guides, bicycle storage, bicycle wash and clean facility, repair tools hire,
repair shop in the area, and laundry and drying rooms. The hotel also has a cycling information area
and Internet access.
The two-day Tabor
cycling package includes
2x half board in double
room, a cycling map of the
area, a Cycling in the City
guidebook and tourist tax.
Price: EUR 88 per
The two-day package
includes 2x bed and
breakfast, tourist tax
and a cycling map of the
area. Price: EUR 60 per
Hotel Tabor
Hotel Bau
Ulica Heroja Zidanška 18, 2000 Maribor
T: +386 (0)2 421 64 10
F: +386 (0)2 421 64 40
M +386 (0)41 311 457
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Limbuška cesta 85, 2000 Maribor
T: +386 (0)2 421 63 10
F: +386 (0)2 421 63 29
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Hotel Tabor has been providing cyclist-friendly accommodation for
a number of years, offering discounts, packages and a wide selection
of additional services: bicycle storage and servicing area, luggage and
passenger transfers, laundry, repair tools, cycling maps, well-balanced
menus, free Internet access and detailed information.
The family-run Hotel Bau is ideally located between the Pohorje and
the town centre, which makes it a perfect starting point for all kinds of
cycling tours and adventures. Cyclists always enjoy a warm welcome at
the hotel, which has its own bicycle storage, cleaning and servicing facility
and laundry room. It also has cycling maps and free Internet access.
Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town, and its rolling surrounding areas hold a wealth of cycling routes.
Experienced cyclists will love tours to Haloze and Slovenske Gorice, and for families and more
leisurely cyclists we run tours to the town centre to explore the town’s colourful historical
background with Roman roots. After a good day’s cycling you can relax in the modern wellness
centre or the spa with the highest water slide in the country.
Additional offer
Bicycle and equipment rental, bicycle storage, bicycle wash,
laundry and drying rooms for cycling apparel, tour guides.
Hotel Radin
Set in the heart of the beautiful and untouched Pomurje area and boasting a broad selection of
sporting activities and wellness services, Terme Radenci is a great starting point for cycling tours.
It is popular among families, recreational cyclists and professionals training for the season ahead.
The cycling routes run through magnificent natural areas and the idyllic towns and villages of
Pomurje, where you can relax and recharge your batteries. Alternatively, you can take part in the
traditional Radenci cycling marathon, where many cyclists from near and far meet and compete.
Additional offer
Unlimited swimming, sauna, wellness services (massages, baths), drinking session in the drinking
hall, morning exercise, water exercise, Nordic walking, tennis, fitness studio, buffet breakfast with
fruit and salad bar, diet and vegetarian menus.
Pot v toplice 9, 2251 Ptuj
T: +386 (0)2 749 45 00
F: +386 (0)2 749 45 23
E: [email protected],
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Cycling packages
The four-day cycling package includes
3x half board, a map of the leisure and
recreation cycling network of the Lower
Drava area, unlimited entry to the hotel
pool, one visit to sauna and fitness
studio, and one sport massage. Price:
EUR 259 per person
(offer valid 1 Apr.–31 Nov. 2009)
Zdraviliško naselje 12, 9252 Radenci
T: +386 (0)2 520 10 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Cycling packages
The four-day Keen Cyclist programme
programme includes 3x half board, unlimited
entry to the thermal complex, one entry
daily to the World of Saunas, natural mineral
water drinking session in the drinking
hall, one mineral water bath, a 20-minute
massage and an ergometric test (to see how
your body reacts to physical stress and to
determine your fitness level). Prices start at
EUR 313 per person.
The four-day Healthy Cyclist programme
includes the Keen Cyclist package plus
an appointment with the doctor (internal
medicine specialist – cardiologist) and a
sport massage. Prices start at EUR 362 per
The Weekend Cycling package
at Terme Lendava includes 2x
half board at Hotel Lipa or the
Lipov Gaj appartement unit
complex, a guided cycling tour
with bicycle hire, unlimited
use of the swimming facilities,
night swimming on Friday and
Saturday, use of the fitness
studio once a day and one sauna
pass during the stay. Prices range
from EUR 96 to EUR 116 per
person (subject to time of year
and selected accommodation).
TIC Moravske Toplice
Kranjčeva 3, 9226 Moravske Toplice
T: +386 (0)2 538 15 20
F: +386 (0)2 538 15 22
E: [email protected]
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 235 km
No. of tours: 10
Marked routes: 10
Lowest point: 5m above sea level
Highest point: 435 m above sea level
The recreational Ajda cycling marathon,
scheduled for 7 June 2009, which takes place
in the municipality of Moravske Toplice and
Goričko Landscape Park, is held on three
circuits of different lengths and difficulty
Cycling packages
The seven-day Cycling to Pannonian
Spas package includes 5 days of cycling
through northeastern Slovenia, with
short trips to Austria and Hungary, 6x
half board accommodation, swimming at
Terme 3000, Terme Radenci and Terme
Ptuj, luggage transfers and information
kit. Price: EUR 481 per person.
The three-day Tamara package
includes 2x bed and breakfast at Garni
Hotel Tamara in Moravske Toplice, two
snacks, a visit to the Romanic chapel
in Selo, a visit to the pottery village in
Filovci and a Cycling Paradise map. Price:
EUR 79 per person.
The five-day package at Terme Vivat
includes 5 half-board accommodation at
Hotel Vivat, unlimited swimming at Terme
Vivat Sun Park, 2x four-hour bicycle
rental, leg massage, organised group
activities and working out in the fitness
studio. Price: EUR 260 per person.
Fibras Tourist Farm
Cycling package
Moravske Toplice
and its surroundings
Cycling in a pristine landcape, quiet areas with little traffic, along designated and
waymarked cycleways. This tourist region has a well-rounded offer and numerous
specialised cycling hotels.
Moravske Toplice owes a great deal of its charm to the location on the border between the flat and
hilly stretches of Goričko Landscape Park. The unspoilt scenery, preserved traditional architecture,
storks and friendly locals have much to offer to cycling enthusiasts. You can choose between cycling
routes of various difficulty grades, most of which are waymarked and shown on cycling maps.
Cycling tours
Moravske Toplice has 10 theme cycling routes with distances ranging from 5 to 50km, which run over
largely flat terrain. All cycling tours start and finish at Moravske Toplice. Particularly noteworthy
are the following cycling tours: The easy tour called “To Plečnik’s White Dove,” which leads to the
village of Bogojina and the architect Plečnik’s famous church known as the “White Dove.” The
“Enchanted By You” tour, at 29km, is a little more difficult. It takes you to Lake Bukovnica, once a
resting spot for Knights Templar, now a site with numerous bioenergy hotspots. The name of the
“Visit Hungary” road cycling tour says it all; the 50km tour takes you across the border to Hungary,
where villages are markedly different from ours but no less interesting.
Additional offer
Bicycle hire at several locations, sales of general and special cycling maps.
The Cycling Week package at
Terme Lendava includes 5x half
board at Hotel Lipa or the Lipov
Gaj self-contained unit complex,
four guided cycling tours with
bicycle hire, consultation with a
doctor, weight and blood pressure
monitoring, extensive use of
the swimming facility, organised
group activities, use of the fitness
studio, one sauna pass and one
wellness service. Prices range
from EUR 223 to EUR 270 per
person (subject to time of year
and selected accommodation).
Marjana, Alojz Fibras
Cogetinci 60
2236 Cerkvenjak
T: +386 (0)2 703 50 90
M +386 (0)41 746 174
F: +386 (0)2 703 50 90
E: [email protected]
Hotel Lipa
Tomšičeva 2a, 9220 Lendava
T: +386 (0)2577 41 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
The spa located at the foot of the scenic Lendavske Gorice, close to the
three-way border between Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, offers a rich
array of possibilities for active holidays. It boasts indoor and outdoor
pools with unique paraffin-rich thermal water and a varied range of
wellness, medical, sports and relaxation programmes. Their impressive
cuisine also includes local specialities and you can stay at the hotel, appartement units or campsite.
Altitude: 330 m
Size of farm: 12 hectars
A tourist farm that has evolved through time and possesses a
quaint charm, Domačija Firbas is situated in the small village
of Cogetinci, in Slovenske Gorice. Around the farmhouse
spreads an urban environment that features a rich variety
of enjoyable cycleways and wine roads. There you can
establish genuine contact with nature, have immense fun
riding a bicycle and smell the fragrant grasses, then spend
the night in the hayloft or a comfortable room. The range
of home-cooked meals served there will tempt your senses
with distinctive, unforgettable flavours.
Cycling websites – central web portal for mountain bikers, with news and updates from
the local MTB scene and an English version giving detailed tour information and useful
tips for foreign riders – website of the Cycling Federation of Slovenia, mostly
containing information on competitions – website dedicated to recreational and road cycling, with a short
section for mountain biking – the biggest forum for mountain bikers, with a separate English
section – an interactive theme atlas which allows users to add and manage
material on Slovenia – Slovenia’s national travel and tourism portal
Maps and guidebooks
Cycling information folder
Tourist cycling map
Brežice tourist map
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: The Posavje region
Municipality of Brežice
Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Lengths of individual cycling routes: 15–60 km
No. of marked routes: 30 main routes and 50
shorter sections
Lowest point: 135 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,178 m above sea level
Cycling marathon – Brežice sports weekend
in June
Cycling packages
The five-day package includes 4x half
board at Gostilna Pension Les, a guided
“Sand Adventure” cycling tour, a guided
tour of Brežice and a wine cellar, a visit to
Kostanjevica Cave, kayaking or canoeing
down the Krka River, entry to Terme
Čatež every day of your stay, and basic
tourist insurance.
Price: EUR 340 per person (for 5–8
The seven-day package includes 6x
half board at Gostilna Pension Les, two
guided cycling tours: “Around Posavje”
and “Sand Adventure,” a guided tour
of Brežice and a visit to the Posavje
Museum and a wine cellar, a visit to
Kostanjevica Cave, kayaking or canoeing
down the Krka River, a visit to the
Minorite monastery near Podčetrtek,
swimming at Terme Olimje and a
four-day pool pass for Terme Čatež.
Price: EUR 510 per person (for 5–8
Topliška cesta 35, 8251 Čatež ob Savi
T: +386 (0)7 493 50 23, +386 (0)7 493 50 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Hotel Toplice,
Terme Čatež
TIC Čatež ob Savi
Topliška cesta 35, 8251 Čatež ob Savi
T: +386 (0)7 493 67 57
E: [email protected]
A mountain biking and road cycling destination. For families, occasional and advanced
recreational riders.
Situated at the heart of Terme Čatež, Slovenia’s leading natural health resort, Hotel Toplice runs an
extensive network of leisure activities. The hotel is an excellent starting point for cycling tours, both
for keen cyclists and families. On top of that, you can fuel your sporting spirit at the hotel’s sports
centre, the popular Thermal Riviera and the nearby Mokrice Castle golf course, one of the most superb
golf locations in Slovenia. And to satisfy your appetite, there are many renowned restaurants that will
cater to your needs.
Additional offer
Bicycle hire, bicycle and cycling equipment storage, laundry and drying room for cycling apparel,
sports park (fitness studio, squash, tennis, table tennis, badminton, bowling, etc.), winter and summer
Thermal Riviera (pools, waterslides, water attractions, etc.), wellness centres, sauna park, Mokrice Golf
Course and more.
Cycling package
The Krško-Brežice plain, the heart of the Posavje area, is surrounded by hills covered with forests,
vineyards and orchards. Visitors to the area where the sub-Pannonian, sub-Alpine and Dinaric
worlds meet flock to Terme Čatež, whose prime location and offer make it an ideal starting point
for bicycle tours and family cycling tours. The region’s natural diversity is enhanced by the rich
historical heritage, churches and museum collections. It is the quintessential traditional Slovenian
Cycling tours
The cycling trails of Posavje run for a total of 1,500 km over an area of 100,000 hectares, with
Trdinov Vrh in the Gorjanci Hills, at 1,178 m the highest point. Local guides will help you choose
the right cycling path for your skill and fitness level. All cycleways are waymarked and run along
quiet roads and cart tracks, which makes them suitable for all bicycle types and skill levels. But
there is more to the cycling tours than just sports and recreation; the cycling network takes in
200 sites of natural and cultural significance. The wine roads of the Posavje wine region are also
included in the network of cycleways.
The “Cultural Track” circular trail combines recreation with culture, as it visits as many as six Posavje
museums in a total distance of 100 kilometres. Advanced cyclists will relish the challenging 243km-long “Mountain Track” circular trail with a total elevation gain of 5,800 m, which passes three
castles of the Kozjansko area and Sveta Gora, a place of pilgrimage. By bicycle you can also discover
and explore the sand storage caves that used to hold turnips, or repa as we call it in Slovene, and
now wine, and are commonly referred to as repnice, a unique tourist attraction of the sandy
Bizeljsko Hills.
The five-day package
includes 4x half board,
a guided cycling tour, a
guided boat trip and four
full-day tickets to the
summer or winter Thermal
Riviera at Terme Čatež.
Price: EUR 185 per
person (four-person
Cycling package
The five-day Mini Holiday package
at Hotel Toplice includes 4x half
board, a five-day pool pass and an
information kit. Price: from EUR 178
per person.
Boris Papac s.p.
Gregorčičeva 4a
8250 Brežice
tel.: + 386 7 49 59 188
mob.: + 386 41 657 552
[email protected]
Pension Les
Rimska cesta 31, Čatež ob Savi, 8250 Brežice
T: +386 (7) 49 61 100
M: +386 (0)31 569 303
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Gostilna Pension Les is situated in the heart of Čatež ob Savi, a village sitting at the confluence of two rivers, the Krka and the Sava, at the foot of
the Gorjanci Hills, right next to the main road connecting the east with
the west and only five minutes by bicycle to the popular Terme Čatež
resort. What started as a small country inn evolved into a renowned
guesthouse with more than 75 years of tradition. On its 75th anniversary, the guesthouse revamped its image, modernised its range of food
and accommodation services, and embraced cycling tourism with arms
wide open.
Accreditation system: Trail Leader Award
Organised cycling tours for individuals and groups. Guided
cycling tours on racing bicycles and mountain bikes.
Terme Šmarješke Toplice
Cycling information points
Terme Šmarješke Toplice, Šmarješke Toplice
Šmarješke Toplice 100, 8220 Šmarješke Toplice
T: +386 (0)7 384 34 00
F: +386 (0)7 307 31 07
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Cyclist-Friendly Spot
Hoteli Otočec – Hotel Šport, Otočec
TIC Novo mesto
Glavni trg 6, Novo mesto
T: +386 (0)7 393 92 63
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Cycling package
Additional offer
Guided cycling tours, bicycle hire, bicycle storage and repair facility (tools provided), cycling map,
bicycle washing facility.
Touring: Freeride: MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 400 km
No. of tours: 14
Marked routes: Some
Lowest point: 150 m above sea level
Highest point: 928 m above sea level
Gently rolling verdant slopes laced with neat
vineyards bathing in the sun are home to warm
and friendly people who always see that your
body and soul get recharged.
Tour of Slovenia, the international road cycling
race around the country
Through the Krka Valley, cycling marathon
Across the Land of Cviček, cycling marathon
Set in an idyllic, pristine location among the gently rolling hills of the Dolenjska winegrowing
region, with vantage points, tourist and natural attractions, Šmarješke Toplice is a perfect place
to go cycling. It is suitable for beginners, recreational and advanced cyclists alike. The cycling
experience in the Dolenjska region can be further enhanced by a broad variety of other sporting
and relaxation activities, as well as sports diagnostics services.
The 3 or 5-day package includes
half-board accommodation at a fourstar hotel, fully guided and self-guided
cycling tours, entry to thermal pools,
saunas and baths, cardiac stress
testing, bicycle and guide map rental.
Prices: three-day package from
EUR 228 per person;
five-day package from EUR 391 per
person. Accommodation at Hotel
Šmarjeta**** or Hotel Toplice****.
The pleasant trails in the scenic landscape of Dolenjska take in numerous natural
attractions and vantage points with breathtaking views. Your eyes will feast on the
wine slopes, the lush Krka Valley and the mythical Gorjanci Hills as a backdrop, whose
crystalline waters are said to help one gain eternal youth. And the water from the
Terme Šmarješke Toplice hot spring, whose healing qualities have been known for
centuries, will revitalise your body and boost your stamina.
Cycling tours
There are many cycling routes along either side of the Krka River, running through beautiful
landscapes and embracing numerous natural, cultural and historical sites. The routes kick off at
the Šmarješke Toplice or Otočec Hotels and are all circular, with distances ranging from a few to
more than 65 km. The “Šmarješka Kolesnica” route is suitable for children. And so are other marked
routes between Otočec Castle and the spa. The route over the seven hills of Novo mesto is suitable
for everyone.
The length of the circular tour through Kostanjevica na Krki, the veritable Venice of Dolenjska, is
a little under 50 km, and from there you can push forward up to Kočarija and Veliki Ban. If you
really want to get to know the true gentle hills, then you must do the 65-km Wetland Trail and the
55-km Winegrowing Hills and Wetlands Trail, both of which feature numerous steep but short
ascents and descents. A slightly longer climb awaits you on the way to the 928-m-high Krvavi
Kamen. There you can stop for a short break at the mountain hut on Gospodična and then head
for the youth spring. There are numerous other cycling routes and trails in Dolenjska, where the
season never really ends.
Additional offer
Guided cycling tours, bicycle and equipment rental, regional cycling map, wide range of sporting
activities (swimming, Nordic walking, hiking, tennis, golf, altitude simulation room, etc.), sports
diagnostics at the Šmarješke Toplice Prevention and Rehabilitation Sports Centre, thermal health
resorts, rich gastronomy, natural, cultural and historical sites of interest (the Krka River Valley,
Novo Mesto, Otočec Castle, Kostanjevica, Pleterje, Gorjanci Hills, etc.).
Hoteli Otočec – Hotel Šport
Grajska cesta 2, 8222 Otočec
T: +386 (0)7 384 86 00
F: +386 (0)7 384 87 05
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ****/
Otočec Hotels, Sport Hotel
Mosaic of Unforgettable Experiences
The stunning scenery along the green Krka River and the rich collection of natural, cultural and
historical sites of interest hold plenty of possibilities for keen cyclists. The cycleways around
Otočec come in a variety of difficulty grades and lengths: from short family tours through the
Krka Valley to longer tours taking up to several hours, which take you to the wine hills, past
castles and on to the seven hills of the Dolenjska capital, maybe even as far as the Gorjanci Hills
on the Croatian border.
Additional offer
Guided cycling tours, cycling map, secure bicycle storage, bicycle and equipment hire (for your
children, too), well-balanced sports diet, packed lunch, cycling equipment cleaning and storage
services, shuttle transfers and emergency call, variety of sport activities (tennis, badminton,
skike, hiking, golf).
Cycling package
The two, three or four-day
packages includes a chosen number
of nights of half-board accommodation
at a four star hotel, a guided cycling
tour, guide map for self guided tours,
swimming at the nearby spas, a pass to
the Otočec Sports & Recreation Centre
fitness, sauna and whirlpool, and a wellbalanced sports diet. Prices:
two days from EUR 113 per person;
three days from EUR 112 per person;
three days from EUR 153 per person;
four days from EUR 187 per person.
Kolodvorska cesta 1, 6230 Postojna
T: +386 (0) 5 720 22 44
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Hotel Sport
Kolodvorska cesta 1, 6230 Postojna
T: +386 (0) 5 720 22 44
E: [email protected]
Maps and guidebooks
MTB Park Notranjska cycling map
and guidebook
Terrain suitability rating
Road cycling: Families: Touring: Freeride:
MTB: Cycling tour profile
Total distance: 500 km
No. of tours: 13
Marked routes: 3
Lowest point: 570 m above sea level
Highest point: 1,268 m above sea level
Race Around Slovenia – RAS Extreme,
ultramarathon bicycle race, 7–10 May 2009,
Cycling package
The three-day Explore Notranjska
package includes 2x half board, two
guided cycling tours, a visit to Postojna
Cave and Predjama Castle, bicycle hire
and tour energy pack.
Price: EUR 170 per person.
Postojna and
Bike Park
This specialised cycling hotel is the centrepiece of Notranjska Bike Park, the main cycling
information point in the region and a great starting point for cycling trips. With friends or
family, you can visit the nearby Postojna Cave or Predjama Castle, or take an adventure tour to
Lake Cerknica or Rakov Škocjan. Essentially a family cycling centre, Hotel Sport also welcomes
advanced on- and off-road cyclists. Apart from quiet roads, you will also get a chance to conquer
the many exciting single tracks in the Javornik Hills.
Additional offer
A 10% discount for cyclists on bed and breakfast, bicycle hire (a total of 20 bicycles), cycling
guides, GPS navigation and free Internet access.
Cycling package
The seven-day Holiday Biker
package includes 6x half board, 3
guided cycling tours, one tour to the
coast, a visit to Postojna Cave and
Predjama Castle, bicycle hire, tour
energy pack, one sauna pass, afternoon
pastry and coffee and an optional GPS
navigation tour.
Price: EUR 395 per person (for a
group of 6).
Naturally diverse and colourful, the distinctive karst landscape and the Nature 2000
conservation area, which occupies a large part of Notranjska Bike Park, feature
spectacular byways that make cycling in the Notranjska region unforgettable.
Apart from the Karst, Notranjska is known for its vast forests and is the largest unpopulated
woodland in Central Europe. The intricate network of trails in the Javornik-Snežnik forests offers
refreshing summer trips in the shade of trees. The terrain is most suitable for mountain bikers
who like to visit natural and cultural sites and taste culinary delicacies along the way. The area also
offers families and day trippers easy access to some of the most widely-known attractions in the
Cycling tours
Notranjska Bike Park has more than 500 kilometres of cycleways over an area of 1,381 square
kilometres. Three of the trails are waymarked – the rest are described in detail in a guidebook. You
can, however, also use a GPS system to navigate or hire a qualified tour guide. Footpaths or single
trails can only be taken when accompanied by local guides, since only a handful of footpaths are
suitable for mountain biking. Though scarce, these trails are greatly appreciated among cyclists.
The average length of the cycling trails in Notranjska is 45 km, so make sure you have enough time
to fully explore the region. There are 10 theme trails to choose from, so you can pick the one(s)
most suitable for your level of fitness. All the trails are circular and share the same starting point:
Hotel Sport, Postojna. With an elevation gain ranging from 100 m to 2,100 m, the cycling trails
mostly run on byways such as gravel roads, cart tracks, wood and meadow trails.
Additional offer
Bicycle hire, local guides, satellite navigation, stationary exercise bicycle.
Peace Park
The Sabotin Peace Park, with Sveta Gora and Škabrijel, was created to commemorate
the battles of World War I that took place there. Today, Sabotin is a popular place for
day trips and cycling.
Nova Gorica Tourist Information Centre
Bevkov trg 4, 5000 Nova Gorica
T: +386 (0)5 330 46 00
F: +386 (0)5 330 46 06
E: [email protected]
Above Nova Gorica rises the 609-m-high Sabotin, dotted with natural, historical and cultural
sites. Between Sabotin and the neighbouring Škabrijel and Sveta Gora hills flows the emerald
Soča River. The area offers five interesting cycling trails ranging from 11 to 25 km, three of which
are circular. The trails are accessible year-round and suitable for experienced mountain bikers.
Affording magnificent views, the trails lead to memorials and reminders of World War I.
Nova Gorica Tourist Association
Ulica tolminskih puntarjev 4, 5000 Nova Gorica
T: +386 (0)5 330 46 02
F: +386 (0)5 330 46 05
Cesta IX korpusa 35, 5250 Solkan
T: +386 (0)5 336 50 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Cycling packages
The three-day Cycling Holiday 1
package includes 2x half board, one
packed lunch and bicycle hire.
Prices start at EUR 84 per person.
The four-day Cycling Holiday 2
package includes 3x half board, one
packed lunch and bicycle hire.
Prices start at EUR 117.60 per
Hotel Sabotin
Above the Soča River, a stone’s throw from the Italian border, rises the rocky slope of Sabotin,
after which a small hotel at its foot was named. The hotel, based in a renovated and charming 18th
century country villa, sits in the 1,000-year-old town of Solkan, at the junction of roads from Nova
Gorica to the Soča region. This cycling hotel, also suitable for families, is a great starting point for
road cycling and mountain bike tours through the Soča Valley and the surrounding hills.
Additional offer
Bicycle storage, 10% off on massages, 20% off on Spa Perla wellness centre services, free entry and
shuttle to the gaming and Perla and Park entertainment centres and the Casinò Drive-In gaming
Thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate, Slovenian Istria can be explored by bicycle
year-round. Visit the old town centres, get to know the natural splendours of the
region and choose from the wide range of accommodation, events and sports.
The old town centres of Koper, Izola and Piran, with their historical feel, the natural phenomena
of the Istrian coast, landscape parks and the scenic Šavrini Hills, make Slovenian Istria a unique
tourist destination for cycling enthusiasts. In a bora, or gentle maestral breeze, the Parenzana is
simply a must-do.
The five-day Cycling Holiday 3 package
includes 4x half board, one packed
lunch, one traditional full body massage
and bicycle hire.
Prices start at EUR 165.70 per
Hotel Lipa
Trg Ivana Roba 7, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
T: +386 (0)5 336 60 00
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/
Slovenian Istria
Šempeter is a warm and picturesque town on the Italian border near Nova Gorica. The town square
is characterised by the friendly Hotel Lipa, which is famed for its diverse service range and cosiness.
The hotel takes its name from the linden trees that surround it, which are said to be the first
lindens in the Gorica area to bloom and cast their fragrance. It is a good starting point for trips
along Sabotin’s marked trails as well as for exploring the Vipava Valley and the Karst.
Additional offer
Bicycle storage, 10% off on massages, 20% off on Spa Perla wellness centre services, free entry and
shuttle to the gaming and Perla and Park entertainment centres and the Casinò Drive-In gaming
Cycling tours
Running for 30 km from Škofije to Sečovlje, the famous Porečanka-Parenzana route takes you
across the short but excitingly diverse Slovenian coast. The route, commonly known as the Route
of Health and Friendship, follows the former narrow-gauge railway line between Trieste (Italy) and
Poreč (Croatia), in operation from 1902 to 1935. Suitable for both cycling and hiking, the route is
ideal for a family tour or active holidays.
The Parenzana runs through the old towns by the sea and amid vineyards and olive groves, through
short tunnels, across valleys with majestic viaducts, over rolling hills. Start at the former Sečovlje
border crossing, follow the D-8 signposts to Portorož, Izola, Koper, all the way to the well-known
Sečovlje saltpans, where you will learn – without getting off your bicycle – how salt is made.
Additional offer
Bicycle hire is available at RR & CO (Koper, +486 (0)5 637 93 80, [email protected]),
KC Ritoša (Izola, +386 (0)5 640 12 40, [email protected]) and Adriarent (Koper, +386 (0)41 300 050,
[email protected]), The Parenzana Train Museum (Izola, +386 41 613 299)
TIC Koper
Titov trg 3, 6000 Koper
T: +386 (0)5 664 64 03
F: +386 (0)5 664 64 06
E: [email protected]
TIC Ankaran
Jadranska cesta 25
6280 Ankaran
T: +386 (0)5 652 04 44
F: +386 (0)5 652 04 45
E: [email protected]
Maps and guidebooks
Parenzana – The Route of Health and
Friendship (folder), 1 : 50 000
Map of Slovenian Istria – Roads around
Slovenian Istria, 1 : 50 000
Free tourist map Slovenian Istria, The Green
Mediterranean (Koper, Izola, Piran), 1 : 50 000
Koper-Capodistria (folder), 1 : 50 000
Terrain suitability rating
(e.g. the Porečanka-Parenzana route)
Road cycling: Touring: MTB: Freeride: Families: Events
Tour of Slovenia (one stage)
Cycling package
A special offer for cyclists is available
at Terme Krka in Strunjan (+386 (0)5
676 41 00, [email protected]) and the tourist accommodation
complex Salinera in Strunjan (+386 (0)5
676 25 02, [email protected],
Strunjan 148, 6323 Strunjan
T: +386 (0)5 676 41 00
F: +386 (0)5 678 20 36
E: [email protected]
Star and wheel rating: ***/****
Cycling package
The five-day Panoramic Cycling
package comprises three guided
coastal cycling tours starting at Strunjan
(individual tour length around 25 km,
elevation gain 200 m) and includes
bicycle and safety helmet rental.
Talaso Strunjan
The Talaso Strunjan hotel complex boasts a prime location by the sea, in the heart of the unspoilt
landscape park with remarkably clean and fresh air. Cycling is possible all year round, as the
cycleways leading to secluded and charming Istrian villages are never covered in snow. Families,
groups or singles on touring or racing bicycles can visit numerous natural and cultural attractions,
with the Strunjan saltpans and the coastal town of Piran as highlights.
Additional offer
Thalassotherapy (seawater, sea mud and sea salt used for medicinal purposes and beauty
treatments), relaxation and medical centre, heated seawater pools and other sporting activities
(Nordic walking, hiking, etc.).
STIC Ljubljana, Krekov trg 10, 1000, Ljubljana, [email protected]
TIC KRANJSKA GORA, Tičarjeva 2, 4280, Kranjska Gora, [email protected]
TIC RADOVLJICA, Gorenjska cesta 1, 4240, Radovljica, [email protected]
TIC BLED, Cesta svobode 10, 4260, Bled, [email protected]
TIC BOHINJ - BOHINJSKA BISTRICA, Trg svobode 3a, 4264, Bohinjska Bistrica, [email protected]
TIC BOHINJ - RIBČEV LAZ, Ribčev Laz 48, 4265, Ribčev Laz, [email protected]
TIC KRANJ, Glavni trg 2, 4000, Kranj, [email protected]
TIC ŠKOFJELOŠKO OBMOČJE, Kidričeva cesta 1a, 4220, Škofja Loka, [email protected]
TIC KAMNIK, Glavni trg 2, 1241, Kamnik, [email protected]
TIC LUČE, Luče 106, 3334, Luče, [email protected]
TIC VELENJE, Titov trg 1, 3320, Velenje, [email protected]
TIC DRAVOGRAD, Trg 4. julija 50, 2370, Dravograd, [email protected]
TIC RAVNE NA KOROŠKEM, Trg svobode 21, 2345, Ravne na Koroškem, [email protected]
TIC SLOVENJ GRADEC, Glavni trg 24, 2380, Slovenj Gradec, [email protected]
TIC MARIBOR, Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000, Maribor, [email protected]
TIC ROGATEC, Trg 22, 3252, Rogatec, [email protected]
TIC PODČETRTEK, Škofja gora 1, 3254, Podčetrtek, [email protected]
TIC ŠENTJUR, Drofenikova 16, 3230, Šentjur, [email protected]
TIC BOVEC, Trg golobarskih žrtev 8, 5230, Bovec, [email protected]
TIC KOBARID, Gregorčičeva 8, 5222, Kobarid, [email protected]
TIC CERKNO, Močnikova 2, 5282, Cerkno, [email protected]
TIC IDRIJA, Vodnikova 3, 5280, Idrija, [email protected]
TIC NOVA GORICA, Bevkov trg 4, 5000, Nova Gorica, [email protected]
TIC VIPAVA, Glavni trg 1, 5271, Vipava, [email protected]
TIC POSTOJNA , Jamska cesta 9, 6230, Postojna, [email protected]
TIC ILIRSKA BISTRICA, Bazoviška 12, 6250, Ilirska Bistrica, [email protected]
TIC KOPER, Titov trg 3, 6000, Koper, [email protected]
TIC ANKARAN, Jadranska cesta 25, 6280, Ankaran, [email protected]
TIC NOVO MESTO, Glavni trg 6, 8000, Novo mesto, [email protected].si
TIC ŠMARJEŠKE TOPLICE, Šmarješke Toplice 115, 8220, Šmarješke Toplice, [email protected]
TIC TREBNJE, Baragov trg 1, 8210, Trebnje, [email protected]
TIC ČATEŽ OB SAVI, Topliška cesta 35, 8251, Čatež ob Savi, [email protected]
TIC MORAVSKE TOPLICE, Kranjčeva 3, 9226, Moravske Toplice, [email protected]
TIC JERUZALEM, Jeruzalem 8, 2259, Ivajnkovci, [email protected]
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Slovenian Tourist Board
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