March 2015 - California Yacht Club



March 2015 - California Yacht Club
MARCH 2015
From The
his month I wish to focus
Olympics Games. Major
on three subjects of
League Baseball did not
interest to the membership.
support Olympic baseball
Opening Day at CYC is
and now baseball and
Saturday, March 7. Be sure to
softball have been removed
Dress Ship and join your
from the roster of Olympic
friends in what should be a
sports. By comparison, the
fun-filled day at CYC. Besides
National Hockey League
the ceremony (including one of
shuts down for two weeks
my brief speeches) and a
during the Winter Olympics
hosted lunch for all members,
and their sport thrives. Rear
there will be carnival fun for
Commodore Kellie
the kids and fun for the adults
Fennessy is busy finalizing
with a Mardi Gras theme. The
the clinics and the dinner
Rick Turner
day will include a magician,
event. Don’t miss this
Hurricanes to quench your thirst,
opportunity to raise funds for
and an Honor Guard from the United States
the 2016 Olympians to represent the USA in
Marine Corps. A big thank you to Fleet Captain
Rio de Janeiro.
Mike Blecher and his committee for doing an
By this time everyone probably knows
outstanding job to officially open the yachting
that CYC’s Club Keelboat Program has
season at our Club.
purchased two Martin 242 sailboats. They
On May 16, CYC is hosting a fundraising
are available for racing, such as the recent
event in support of the United States Olympic
SCYA Midwinter Regatta, and are also
Sailing Team. US Sailing Team members will be
available for day sails. There will be Learn
here conducting clinics for junior and not-so
to Sail classes in April for those who always
junior sailors. In the evening there will be a silent
wanted to go sailing but didn’t know how.
and live auction along with a dinner. This is an
This is a great new program for the
event that is important to sailing in the United
members of our Club. Kudos to Keelboat
States. Our Club has a rich tradition of its
Chair Tim Clarke and his committee. If you
members sailing at the Olympic Games,
need more information, contact Tim.
including medalists Owen Churchill (1932 Eight
As always, this month is full of
Meter, gold), Hal Haenel (1988 Star, silver; 1992
upcoming fun: The Harris Spring Regatta is
Star, gold) and J.J. Isler (1992 470, bronze; 2000
March 14, just before the actual Spring
470, silver).
Equinox on March 20. The Power Fleet will
The Club and its members have also been
host the Spring Dinner Dance “A Night in
deeply involved in Olympic sailing race
Vegas II” on March 21. The last weekend in
management. In 1932, Club member Paul Hiller
March, CYC is holding the Laser
was General Chairman for Olympic yacht racing
Midwinters West Regatta for over 80
events and CYC Commodore A.N. Kemp
sailors. So get your Race Committee
organized the necessary financing. In the 1984
training or your boat ready for spring
Olympic Games, the Club helped run Olympic Circle
sailing. Before you know it, the Sunset
A, which we continue to use on a weekly basis.
Series begins on April 15.
Sailing is generally a non-spectator sport, so
Enjoy your Club!
ticket sales and media provide little income.
In friendship,
Therefore, this type of sport is at risk in the
Rick Turner, Commodore
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members with announcements of,
and information about, Club
activities. Deadline for articles is the
first day of the previous month of the
publication date.
Contact Breeze Editor John W Nelson
at [email protected] for
information on submitting articles.
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Port Captain
Debbie Feinerman
Mariners Education
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From the Commodore
Sunset Series Survey
CYC Keelboat Program
Winners’ Circle
Competition Fund
RC Volunteer Training
Jr Sailing Update
Key West Race Week
Key West Corinthian Class Racing
Yachting Dinner
Epicurean News
CYC Burgee
Evening Colors
Sunset Book Club
Book Mates
Power Fleet News
Photo Contest
Mariners Education
Installation and Awards
On The Horizon
El Segundo Trip
Painting Aficionados
New Members
From the Manager
March/April Events
CYCWA Installation
Front Cover: Keelboat Program Committee Chair Tim Clarke qualifying CYC members
to sail the Club’s new Martin 242s.
- Sam Haythorn photo
Back cover: Assisted by your Club’s Competition Fund, Jessica McJones competes in a
Laser regatta on San Francisco Bay.
- Chris Ray photo
“What Makes You Race?”
A Survey of Sunset Series Racers
By SUE SERVICE, Sail Committee Chair
t the final race of the 2014
Sunset Series a short 10 question
survey was passed out to racers
at the trophy presentation. Additionally,
a link was provided in the next day's
Sunset Series email where interested
racers could answer the survey on-line.
In total, we received responses
from 92 people (53 in person, and 39
on-line), which probably represents
somewhere in the neighborhood of 15%
of people that race in Sunset. This
survey is by no means perfect, or even
We asked if the following factors were
important, not important, or neutral, in terms
of deciding whether to enter a regatta. Race
management was important to nearly all
respondents. The format of the regatta (buoy
race vs. random leg) and the location of the
regatta (in MdR vs. another marina) were
also important to most respondents. The
trophies and entry fees, however, were not
important to most respondents.
scientifically sound, but it provides
some insight into racing preferences and
the interests of Sunset Series racers.
While the survey was administered
to Sunset Series racers, it did consider a
range of racing topics. Here are the
characteristics of the respondents:
• 11% have done only random leg type
regattas in the last two years
• 47% have raced in either San Diego
Yachting Cup or Long Beach Race
Week in the last two years
• Age distribution:
<25: 8%
26-40: 21%
41-60: 44%
>60: 27%
• 61% have done a random leg regatta
in the last two years
While no choice had questions
about regatta format, a clear majority of
respondents preferred buoy races over
random leg regattas, and single-day
regattas over multi-day; although nearly
as many respondents did
not have a preference.
• 52% race primarily PHRF, 35% race
primarily One-Design, and 13% race
primarily in cruising class
With regard to race formats, most
respondents want to race only one
weekend a month.
CYC’s No Hassle, All Fun, Fun, Fun
Keelboat Program
By TIM CLARKE, Keelboat Program Chair
ince our kickoff presentation on
January 23, interest in the Keelboat
Program continues to grow. The
opportunity to get out on the water
without the hassle and cost of boat
ownership has resonated with Club
members. Our initial two Martin 242s are
looking great with plenty of time and
money having been invested in refinishing decks, replacing all the standing
rigging, new outboards, and new safety
As mentioned in last month’s Breeze,
the Keelboat Program is open to all CYC
members and includes excellent benefits:
• 15 day sails
• The opportunity to rent a boat for a
maximum of six (6) regatta days
- Martin 242 one design regattas
- Wednesday night Sunset Series
- PHRF races within Santa Monica
• Friday Night Match Racing
All of this is available for only 12
monthly payments of $50 or one annual
payment of $600.
Keelboat Program members have
had access to the boats for a few weeks
now. Whether benefiting from the
comfort and ease of day sailing the
Martin 242s, or the competitiveness of
one design racing in upcoming regattas,
or Wednesday night Sunset Series races,
all the members will thoroughly enjoy
the program.
We are very pleased to announce that
Friday Night Match Racing will start
May 15. Access as a skipper to this part
of the program is exclusively for
Keelboat Program members. Stay tuned
for more details.
Opening Day on Saturday, March 7,
is almost here, so please come and join
us on the docks to learn more about the
program and our pair of Martin 242s. We
will have both boats on the water
showcasing how exciting they are to
match race and simply sail for recreation.
More details about the program and
how to join are available on the CYC
In the Keelboat Program’s check-out process, members demonstrate the ability to
perform basic maneuvers, including departing and returning to the dock, tacking and
gybing, and sailing a specified course. Crew overboard recovery is also tested. If they
intend to race the boat, or use the spinnaker during day sails, members will be required
to demonstrate proficiency with that sail. In addition to the hands-on skills assessment,
they will also be “quizzed” regarding knowledge of basic seamanship, “rules of the
road,” and safety procedures.
- Sam Haythorn photo
Yachting Dinner
Thursday, March 26, 2015
Toward Cleaner Waterways in Marina del Rey
A Public Forum on Issues Impacting Use and Enjoyment of Our Maritime Vessels
Greg Gibeson – President, Recreational Boaters of California
Greg Schem – Owner, The Boat Yard, Marina del Rey and Channel Islands
Steve Hathaway – President, California Yacht Club
Charles E. Michaels – Vice President and General Counsel, LAACO, Ltd.
oin fellow power, sail, rowing, kayaking, and
paddleboard enthusiasts for a critically
informative forum addressing major issues
impacting the recreational boating community:
• TMDL – the dilemma of copper paints in MdR
and statewide
• Copper paints and alternatives
• Hull cleaning and best management practices
• What lessees, boaters, and anchorages need to know
– practical tips in an age of uncertainty.
Who should care about this issue?
All boaters, all marinas, and all coastal governments.
Boater interests will be significantly impacted by the
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board’s
approval to impose a TMDL regulation in reducing copper by 85% and remove sediment polluted with trace
metals in MdR. This carries a heavy price tag for boaters and marinas.
Where are we now?
What is the timeline?
What is a reasonable approach?
No-Host Cocktails – 6:15 p.m.
Bountiful Buffet - 7:00 p.m. followed by presentation
$26 includes dinner, tax, service, and parking
Open to all who enjoy yachting and adventure, as a public service of CYC.
CYC Staff Commodore Martin McCarthy, Yachting Programs Chair
Winners’ Circle
DRYC JANUARY 3-4 PHRF AA Holua, Brack Duker.
2. Pyewacket, Roy Disney. 3. Pendragon IV, John MacLaurin.
4. Margaritaville 1.5, Jay Steinbeck. PHRF A 2. Babe, Doug
Steele. PHRF B 1. Trust Me, Duncan Cameron. CRUISER
1. Va Pensiero, Joseph Weber. 2. Encore, John McEntire.
3. Celerity, Bruce and Renne Bilson. 4. Pacific, Whitney Green.
ORCA 1. Porkapotomus, Dave Licata. 2. Hiper, David
CHAMPS (14 boats entered) 1. Grant Janov. 4. Jordan Janov.
5. Katharine Doble. 6. Tot Davis. 8. Elijah Smith. 9. Aidan
Koslu. OPTI GREEN FLEET (22 boats entered) Valentina
Casal, Ethan Chi, Callie Davis, Lucca Farrell, Tessa Farrell,
Nial Glynn, Josie Hamilton, Fisher Jenkins, Lucas Knight,
Oona Koslu, Nicholas Silva. LASER RADIAL (13 boats)
3. Andro Korlaet. 4. Jack Hogan 6. Bastien Rasse. 9. Ryan
Janov. CFJ 1. Kieran Schocklee/Preston Zeigler.
(30 boats entered) 14. Jessica McJones/ Gavin McJones.
29. Marie Line/Lucie Freeman.
Competition Fund
Supports CYC Athletes
By MARYLYN HOENEMEYER, Competition Fund Chair
or nearly two decades, CYC’s Competition Fund has
provided financial support to our members as they
prepare for and participate in national, regional, and
international competition. Be they juniors or adults, competing
in sailboats or shells, the Competition Fund helps CYC athletes
develop their competitive edge as they proudly represent our
Club at numerous prestigious events.
In the past year, Competition Fund grants have allowed
members to participate in advanced level coaching clinics,
interclub challenges, and national, continental, and
international sailing regattas. Highlights for the past year
include the Fund’s support of:
• Junior sailors competing at the Orange Bowl, USODA Team
Trials, US Sailing Women’s Singlehanded Championship, and
US Sailing Youth Championships;
• Coaching sessions for CYC teams competing in the Farr 40
and Martin 242 North American Championships;
• CYC skippers competing in the J/80 Worlds and in the J/70
class at Key West Race Week;
• CYC’s entries in interclub challenges, including the Lipton
Cup and the Linda Elias Women’s One Design, which again
featured a team comprised of junior and adult sailors.
-Bronny Daniels photo
Those who participated in funded events were grateful for
your support. Some of our members won their event and all did
well, better prepared to realize their goals thanks to the
Competition Fund. While doing well is laudable, it is not the
only measure of success, as all bring back to the Club a spirit of
enthusiasm to compete again, and provide the inspiration for
others to achieve at the highest levels.
A special demand on the Competition Fund in 2015 will
be upgrading the Competition Fund boat to make it more
suitable for today’s coaching requirements. These upgrades
include chaps to protect the skins, a new driving station to
create more interior space for ease of movement within the boat,
and a permanent shed to insure that our asset will remain in
good repair for many years to come.
Coaching of individual members, challenge teams, and
fleets remains a primary focus for the Competition Fund, as
that is paramount for building the skills necessary to successfully
compete. The Fund will continue to work with some of CYC’s
One Design fleet to host clinics that will prepare our members
to compete at national and regional events.
Voluntary contributions from CYC members are the sole
source of funding for the Competition Fund, through a
recommended annual contribution of $36 on your February
bill. The Competition Fund Committee, composed of S/C Alice
Leahey, S/C Craig Leeds, Fleet Secretary Sam Haythorn, and
Chair Marylyn Hoenemeyer, will work to invest the Fund
wisely. Our dedicated rowers and sailors, striving to meet their
competitive goals, thank you for your continued support.
CYC Race Committee Volunteer Training –
March 21
A legacy of spirit and service
alifornia Yacht Club has a long tradition of hosting
outstanding local, regional, national, and international
regattas. This is possible only through the participation of
our many race committee volunteers. If you have ever
wondered exactly what these volunteers are doing and why they
are having so much fun, plan on attending the Race Committee
Volunteer orientation and training session on Saturday, March
21, at 9 a.m.
A brief classroom orientation will be followed by dockside
activities on the main committee boat, the Owen Churchill, and
the Club’s inflatable markset boats. Whether you are interested
in setting marks or helping with starts and finishes on the Owen
Churchill, the training will walk you through all the steps. We
hope to see you there.
Race committee participation is a great way to get involved
at CYC and be part of the action, all while having fun on the
water and at your Club. Check out the Sailing/Regattas page on
the CYC website to see some of the regattas we host.
For more information about volunteering and this event,
contact Lori Haythorn at [email protected] Sign-ups
are also on the Sailing Education page of the CYC website.
Volunteers enjoying Race Committee Appreciation Day
in January.
A Busy Year Lies Ahead
for Junior Sailing
ur Junior Sailing Program has grown exponentially and
brought many new members and families to share in
CYC’s youth sailing traditions. We are training hard and
having a great time in our busy spring season, while developing
a strong coaching team with a spectrum of expertise that caters
to the needs of our healthy program.
We are enjoying the blossoming of many new racers, some
whose first time in a boat was just last summer, and they are
already performing well at regattas and showing great potential.
We are working hard at staying creative, inventive, and
inspirational while laying a strong foundation for our kids to
build on and have fun.
Our Junior Room is shipshape after a good spring cleaning
and is undergoing a refreshing remodel. Our youth Learn to
Sail and Intro to Racing programs are now open for the Spring
Session and the team is already traveling and competing nearly
every weekend.
Be sure to mark your calendar for the Sanguinetti Team
Racing Opti Championship, which will be hosted by the Club
on June 6-7.
CYC Racing Updates:
Key West Race Week
Key West
Race Week
-Allen Clark/
alifornia Yacht Club was ably represented during this
year’s Key West Race Week. Led by skipper Doug
McLean and sailing under the CYC burgee, USA 32
competed in the 54 boat strong J/70 fleet, January 18-23, 2015.
In addition, CYC members Guillaume Rasse and Nina Aviles
crewed on USA 59, also in the J/70 fleet.
Not only was the J/70 class the largest of the regatta, it was
also the most competitive, with the final positioning seriously
contested throughout the 11 races. Through solid and consistent
sailing, Doug McLean’s CYC team (which also included crew
Keith Magnussen, Erik Shampain, and Greg Koski) found
themselves in 7th place going into day four, and in striking
distance of a podium position.
They say if you are never over early, you aren’t getting to
the line early enough. If ever there was a time to gamble with an
aggressive start, this was it. In such a big fleet there is a huge
difference between a good start, clear air, and moving up in the
standings versus being buried in the pack with 50 other boats
doing their best to make sure you stay there. Unfortunately,
USA 32 was OCS in two races on the final day, but still
managed to claw its way back to respectable finishes.
In the end, CYC’s USA 32 rounded out the regatta in 11th
place, which is a great finish for a team doing its first regatta in
the boat and in a really tough fleet. Said Doug McLean: “One of
the best sailing experiences ever, great boat, great sailing venue,
and really great team. We came a long way from where we
started, and having never sailed together until Key West, I am
very proud of this team. I am also very proud of our results. I
want to thank our sponsors, Latis Racing, Ullman Sails, and
most of all California Yacht Club, for their great support.”
CYC Racing KWRW team photo (Greg Koski, Doug McLean,
Erik Shampain, Keith Magnussen)
need a
canne s g ran d p r i x
n o m i nat e d
aicp • clio • one show
310.279.5024 • ARCANAACADEMY.COM
Fun and Challenges at
Key West Race Week
ey West Race Week 2015 was a wonderful experience,
on and off the water. Junior Program Director Guillaume
Rasse and I competed in the J/70 class, the largest class
of the regatta, with 54 boats featuring a slew of big name
professionals. The Corinthian class
within this large fleet consisted of 20
teams, with our J/70 being one of
them. The talent level was extremely
high, making it a week-long dog-fight
that saw constant changes at the top of
the standings in challenging weather
and inconsistent conditions. It was
some of the best sailing we have had
since we competed in the Star World
Championship in 2013.
The trip began with a long,
crowded red-eye flight into Miami,
where we picked up our rental car and
made our way to the Keys just in time
to jump aboard the J/70, Jaya, and get
in a full day of practice. Jaya’s USA
59 crew consisted of: Craig Tallman (skipper), Erik Mayol
(tactician), Guillaume Rasse (forward), and Nina Aviles
(trimmer). We recently competed together in the J/70 World
Championship in September of 2014 and were all looking
forward to getting back on the water.
The sailing community is truly a small one. It’s even
smaller when you begin competing in high caliber one-design
events. You always run into the same people and friends, just
on different boats and at different venues. Such as: World
Match Race Champion Taylor Canfield, 2014 Rolex Yachtsman
Terry Hutchinson and Yachtswoman Stephanie Roble, a
multitude of Olympic and America’s Cup athletes, and even
your very own Club’s members like CYC’s Doug McLean,
skippering his J/70 USA 32. It makes for great racing and great
camaraderie on shore.
There were several highlights to
this experience: From the pristine
sailing conditions, the beautiful
turquoise waters, the low humidity
tropical weather, to the wonderful
libation recommendations from Scott
Jarema and Sue Service. Best of all, it
was getting together with our friends
at the end of the day and sharing in
each other’s challenges. I can’t tell
you how much comfort it brought to
hear how the top professionals seemed
to be struggling just as much as we
were. Being a new class, but a strong
one, we are always picking each
other’s brains and sharing what was
working and what wasn’t at the end of each day. This made for
an overall fulfilling and unique learning experience.
“… the top
seemed to be
struggling just
as much as
we were.”
CYC Power Fleet
Off and Running for 2015!
By SEO KAREN STIRLING, Power Fleet Chair
huge thank you to Rich Namerow for starting the Power
Fleet year off with an amazing Mariners Education knot
seminar, by Lindsey Philpott, “the Knot Guy.” Lindsey
reminded us of all the nautical knots for making our ocean
adventures enjoyable and safe.
Saturday, March 21
Slip into your lucky gambling outfit, break open your
piggy bank, and come join the Power Fleet on Saturday, March
21, 2015. CYCWA Secretary Diane Howard and Mary Ann
Robinson have planned an exciting “Vegas Baby” night,
without the long drive. Start the evening with cocktails at 6:30
p.m., then dinner from 7-8 p.m., topped off with dancing and
“gambling” to follow. $40.00 inclusive. Please RSVP early to
the CYC front desk at 310-823-4567.
Saturday, April 25
Spring Dock Party – Rock the Dock
Sunday, May 24
Day Cruise to Malibu – Progressive Lunch
Power and Sailboats
Saturday, June 20
Summer Dock Party – Celebrating 50th Birthday of MDR
If it is any indication, by all the CYC members who came
by the Power Fleet display and signed up during Activities Day,
it is definitely going to be a fantastic year at CYC. Thank you
to the event chairs for all your hard work.
The Power Fleet events are open to all CYC members. I
look forward to seeing you at the Club.
Power Fleet
Photo Contest
CYCWA 2nd Officer
Dawn Sprout
“View from Fortuna at Sunset”
Taken in Marina del Rey
On the Water Photos to:
[email protected]
2015 Mariners
Education Kickoff
Knot Tying Seminar
number of knots, the actual number can easily exceed several
Lindsey’s discussion also included a practical session
where he handed out lengths of line and we practiced a variety
of knots that we as sailors and power boaters can use every
day. Several examples: The Flemish Coil was replaced by a
Figure 8 Flake, which is a figure eight layout that is a better
way to leave a line on the dock. Lindsey also shared a great
knot called the Highwayman’s Hitch that allows you to
securely tie your dinghy to a wooded section of dock and then
pull the single side for a stress-free getaway.
Lindsey has a great website that contains beautiful pictures
of his decorative knots, how to order his publications, and other
useful information. Check out
Thank you to Lindsey Philpott for an informative and
entertaining morning. The next Mariners Education is Saturday,
February 28. Check the Breeze and CYC website calendar as
well as the Club video screens for the topic and location.
Speaker Lindsey Philpott, SEO Karen Stirling, and event Chair
Rich Namerow
he elegance of knot tying was shared with an overflow
audience of CYC members at the inaugural session of
the 2015 Mariners Education series on January 31,
2015. Lecturer Lindsey Philpott held our rapt attention for over
90 minutes as he shared his vast expertise on the artistry and
practicality of appropriate knot tying to make our beloved sport
of boating safer and easier.
Also known as “The Knot Guy,” Lindsey is the author of
several books, including “The Ultimate Book of Decorative
Knots.” Lindsey began his lecture with a discussion on the
definition of “knot,” the attempts to assign a proper taxonomy
of recording and documenting knots, and the difference
between a hitch (ties a rope to an object), a bend (ties two or
more ropes together), and a stopper (tie an end of rope to keep
it from unraveling or passing through a narrow gap). In the end,
Lindsey admitted that while there may not be an infinite
- Diane Howard photos
CYCWA’s 2015 Installation Luncheon
Awards and Synchronized “Swimming”
es. Synchronized (somewhat)
swimming, excellent food, and
much laughter marked CYCWA’s
lovely luncheon on January 17. Executive
Officer Sharon Stewart was installed to
lead the Women’s Association in 2015 by
S/C and SEO Betta Mortarotti and SEO
Mary Jane McClintock. Also installed
were First Officer Carol Watkins, Second
Officer Dawn Sprout, and Secretary Diane
Howard. As usual, Betta and Mary Jane
outdid themselves by creating a flower
garden for this year’s Executive Board.
Following a delicious meal, our
Master of Ceremonies F/O Carol Watkins
showed a film clip from the “Wide World
of Sports, CYC Style” of the CYCWA
women’s synchronized swim team
performing at the First Mates Cruise at
4th of July Cove last October. Carol then
introduced CYC’s own men's
synchronized swim team made up of
Doug Stewart, CYC President Steve
Hathaway, Steven Myles, Fred Lanes,
Rick Citron, and S/C Bill Watkins.
These “aquatic artistes” mesmerized
the attendees with their own unique
interpretation of synchronized swimming
in the thin air of the Club’s dining room.
Commodore Rick Turner and Jr. S/C
CYCWA Bridge – 1st Officer Carol Watkins, 2nd Officer Dawn Sprout, Executive Officer
Sharon Stewart, and SEO Donna Petersen
Richard Mainland were their indispensable
executive stagehands. One word describes
this performance – hilarious! If you missed
it, you missed out.
Following lunch, Jr. SEO Nancy
Matzdorff presented 2015’s CYC Sail
Committee Chair Susan Service with the
2014 CYCWA Fleet Service Award for her
outstanding contributions in time and
service to CYC. Michele Fisher was
CYCWA Men’s Auxiliary Synchronized Swim Team
honored with the 2014 CYCWA Woman
of the Year Award for her contributions of
time and service to our association. To
conclude the awards ceremony, Nancy
Matzdorff was presented with a beautiful
scrapbook of memories made for her by
2014 CYCWA Historian, Diane Howard.
The fun and festive luncheon
concluded with a few words from Nancy
Matzdorff and EO Sharon Stewart,
followed by a toast by Commodore
urner saluting Sharon and her newly
installed board.
1st Officer Carol Watkins and CYCWA
Secretary Diane Howard
CYCWA Fleet Service Award recipient Susan
Service and Carol Watkins
Table decoration for Executive Board
CYCWA SEO Norma Pratt, Joanna Brody, CYCWA Hon. SEO Patty Hathaway,
Eva Cohen, and Peggy Powers
Jr. SEO Nancy Matzdorff and EO Sharon Stewart
- Vivian Huff photos
CYCWA On The Horizon
Thursday, March 5
11:45 a.m. in the Fireside Room
Wednesday, March 18
6:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room
“The Children Act” by Ian McEwan,
one of the most celebrated fiction writers
in the world, applies McEwan's incisive
approach to the story of Fiona Maye, a
High Court British judge, who presides
over Family Court. Fifty-nine, childless,
and with her marriage in crisis, she
receives a troubling case of a beautiful
17-year-old boy who wants to refuse
medical treatment, and will undoubtedly
die due to the religious convictions of his
family. With time running out, she can
forcibly order the treatment, but first has
to do her own painful self-analysis of lost
chances, personal failings, and
professional disappointments. Her visit
with young Adam becomes a dramatic
epiphany. McEwan, who also wrote
“Atonement,” is brilliant with language
and ambiguity. Moderator is SEO
Stephanie Weston. Call the Club for a
reservation and lunch information.
This month’s selection is “Blue
Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Cook
Has Gone Before,” by Tony Horwitz.
It is both an informative and humorous
retracing of the explorations of Captain
Cook, who pioneered the discovery of
the Pacific and its exotic islands.
The author actually signed on as
mate on a replica of Cook’s ship to
replicate Cook’s path, with hilarious
results and also piercing insights. This
elegantly written book describes the
wonders he found as well as the
questionable morality of imposing
European culture, diseases, and power
on people who had learned to live
successfully in their own spectacular
natural world. Moderator is Peggy
Mitchell. Price is $10.00 inclusive for
dessert and coffee. Please contact the
Club for reservations, which are
requested. Chairs are Marie Hedlund
and Antoinette Leos.
every Tuesday and Thursday
10 a.m. to noon.
Bring your paddles to the courts
for fun-filled round-robin matches. No
experience required – all skill levels
are welcome and invited to participate.
Following the play on Thursdays, there
is a no-host lunch in the dining room.
Please contact Chairs Paula Watson
and Linde Caughey for more
every Wednesday
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Bridge players of all skill levels
are invited to join this club. Bridge is
an excellent way to sharpen the mind
with strategy and memory as well as
meet a great group of talented
members who know how to combine
fun and competition. Tables are set up
in the bar area. Cards and score sheets
are provided. The bridge players break
midday for a no-host luncheon. All
interested new players are encouraged to
come or contact Chair Joan Silver.
every Wednesday
10:30 a.m. to noon
Knitters, crocheters, or
needleworkers of any sort are welcome
to join us in the Members Lounge.
Beginners are very welcome as we have
many experienced craftpersons who can
help you with that new or abandoned
project. New Club members are
especially invited. A no-host lunch in
the dining room follows the activities.
Contact Chair Patty Hathaway for more
every Thursday
1 p.m.
Join the group on Thursdays to play
this fascinating and strategic tile game.
All skill levels welcome. If you already
play mahjong, you can also help teach
the game and strategies to members who
are new to the game. Just come and
have some fun.
For more information, drop by or
contact Chair Susan Allan.
every second and fourth Wednesday
10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Join the growing artistic group – if
you enjoy drawing and painting this is
the group for you. The group is
fortunate to have some incredible
guidance and teaching from some of
CYC’s talented artists. All skill levels
encouraged. For details, contact Nancy
Saturday, March 7
All CYCWA members are
encouraged to attend the 2015 Opening
Day of California Yacht Club. We will
be welcoming members, guests, and
dignitaries from other clubs and
organizations and enjoying the
festivities of the day. Please dress in
your Club Blazer attire.
CYCWA Explores
El Segundo
orty-five CYC members and guests
recently enjoyed a beautiful day in
and around El Segundo. The first of
six programs sponsored by our Club’s
women’s association, we started with a tour
of the Flight Path Museum at LAX’s
Imperial Terminal on the south side of the
airport. Following a presentation on the
history of the airport, our group enjoyed
displays of models and uniforms and toured
a vintage DC-9 passenger jet. It was great
fun to see the stewardess uniforms dating
back to the 1950s. Our experience was
enriched by our excellent tour guides.
We then enjoyed lunch at Rock &
Brews in El Segundo. Since they were
expecting 26 people, and 45 of us showed
up at their door, they did an excellent job of
serving us a delicious lunch. From there, we
went to four fascinating venues, all within
walking distance of the restaurant.
Across the street was the El Segundo
Brewery, where we tasted beer and toured
the brewery accompanied by the owner, Rob
Croxell. Rob was very informative, and we
learned a lot about the process of making
Next, we had a lovely tour of the El
Segundo Museum of Art, and then continued
on to two galleries, Donjo Designs and
MotoArt. At Donjo Designs, some of our
party purchased beautiful sculptures of sea
life. At MotoArt, we learned how the artists
turn junk airplane parts into spectacular
pieces of art and furniture.
There was a lot to see in El Segundo,
but do not fret if you missed it. We have two
more trips coming up in this unique
community. On April 26, we will visit the
Old Town Music Hall, home of the Mighty
Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ, and on
October 25, we will see an interesting
collection of cars at El Segundo’s
Automobile Driving Museum.
The Women’s Association offers
wonderful opportunities for socializing,
local tours, and philanthropic activities to
enhance your CYC experience. To learn
more about CYCWA, contact EO Sharon
- Pam Spriggs photos
Enjoy January
YCWA’s Painting
Aficionados group held
two engaging sessions in
January, working with CYC
member Randy Sprout to create
magic with watercolor and
watercolor pencils. Randy was
selected to teach on an
“Odyssey Art at Sea” cruise this
February during a thirteen-day
voyage around Southeast Asia
on the Crystal Symphony cruise
ship out of Singapore. When
Randy asked if he could
practice his lessons with us in
January,, we enthusiastically
said, “Yes!”
Members of Painting Aficionados display their works in progress resulting from Randy Sprout’s
watercolor lesson, “Singapore Skyline.” Pictured L to R: CYCWA 2nd Officer Dawn Sprout,
Linda Oistad, Nancy Fellows, SEO Norma Pratt, Chip Goebert, Randy Sprout, Susan Silver, and
Kathy Patterson. Seated: CYCWA 1st Officer Carol Watkins and CYCWA SEO Anne Sanguinetti.
Epicurean Society News
By SUSAN FRENCH, Epicurean Society Chair
he Epicurean Society held its first informal event of 2015
on January 28. Members spent a convivial evening feasting
on Neapolitan style pizzas and fine wines. The pizzas came
from Southend, a high-end pizza restaurant located on Washington
Boulevard in the strip mall at the boulevard’s intersection with
Abbot Kinney. Mario Vollera, Oste (Italian for host) and a partner
in Southend, delivered the pizzas himself and stayed to chat about
the restaurant, the pizzas (made with the highest quality
ingredients), and the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which
runs a pizza cooking school at 4040 Del Rey Avenue #10.
Four wines were served: ZD Abacus VIII, a very unusual
solera-style wine that blends 14 vintages (1992-2005) of ZD’s
Evening Colors
The Return of a
New CYC Tradition
Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon; Saintsbury, Brown
Ranch, Carneros 2010 Pinot Noir; a Jeraboam of Zaca Mesa,
Santa Ynez Valley 2007 Syrah; and a magnum of Chateau
Villars, Fronsac, Bordeaux 2006.
Upcoming Epicurean events include:
• “War and Cheese,” March 11, chaired by Katerina Bakhta
(members-only informal event)
• “An Evening in Old Havana,” May 12, chaired by Connie
Hyman, Fleet Surgeon Richard Hyman, and S/C Martin
McCarthy (formal dinner open to all CYC members)
CYC Burgee
Let us know where you and your CYC burgee have been.
Pack your burgee on your travels and take a picture of it
with you and your fellow CYC members. Submit to the
Breeze editor, [email protected]
t’s nearly Opening Day, marking the traditional
opening of the yachting season, and also the return of
our Evening Colors ceremonies. The first opportunity
at California Yacht Club this season to participate in
Evening Colors, the ceremony in which we lower the
Stars and Stripes and other flags from the yardarm, will
be on Opening Day. Gather on the front lawn on
March 7, at
1720 hours
for the
ceremony at
1730 hours.
ceremony is
with a
cannon blast
triggered by
our Master at
Arms, Scott
Jarema. It’s a
lovely opportunity to show our respect for the flag and to
reflect on all that it represents. Then, join us for Evening
Colors at 1845 hours each Sunday from March 8 until
September 13, and think about how fortunate we are to
live in freedom ... and end the week with a bang!
Contact me if you’re interested in learning more
about Evening Colors or would like to join the CYC
color guard.
CYC member Erik Oistad displays the CYC burgee at
Shelter Bay Marina at the Caribbean entrance to the
Panama Canal. Erik recently brought his sailboat
Angantyr from Houston to Marina del Rey, via the
Panama Canal. Shelter Bay Marina is a popular spot to
lay over while being scheduled for transiting the canal.
Where will you take the Club burgee?
Sunset Book Club
Voyages Through History
ur January meeting was a nuanced and excellent
discussion of “Longitude: The True Story of a Lone
Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of
His Time,” by Dava Sobel. It was skillfully guided by moderator
Penelope Cornwall, who also provided a wonderful scrapbook
of information on the subject. The dialogue was lively, with
each person adding a new insight, personal point of reference, or
comment on the book and its subject of how the invention of a
seaworthy clock made modern navigation possible, and one
man’s struggle to be recognized for his creation.
Next we turn to another amazing story, this one on the
uncharted high seas of the 18th century, and the adventures of
the remarkable English explorer, Captain James Cook. Was
Cook a hero or a villain? Two centuries after his three historic
voyages of discovery, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tony
Horwitz took his own wild ride across time and oceans to
recapture Cook’s adventures in “Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going
Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before.”
With a roguishly hilarious traveling companion, Mr.
Horwitz joins the crew of a replica of Captain Cook’s ship and
discovers the man behind the legend. James Cook was a restless
prodigy, born in a peasant hut in Yorkshire, who reinvented
himself in Georgian London and became the greatest navigator
of his day. His voyages completed the map of the world, thereby
helping create the global village as we know it today. However,
Cook and his crews also brought disease, guns, and greed to the
indigenous peoples of the Pacific.
During his own voyage of discovery, Horwitz encounters
the still exotic red-toothed warriors of “Savage Island” (today’s
Niue), braves the roughest bar in Alaska, and learns that Cook’s
legacy is still as controversial as it was when he was killed in a
bloody clash on the Big Island of Hawai’i in 1779. This is a
“rollicking good tale!”
Please join us for our discussion on March 18 at 6:30 p.m.
Reservations please; the cost is $10.00, inclusive. Of course,
there will be a fabulous dessert and coffee.
In Memoriam
Edward Neale
CYC member since 1973
Laverne Keesling
CYC member since 2007
Patricia Joan Alder
CYC member since 1994
Catherine Gotthoffer
CYC member since 1992
CYC’s Competition Fund supports both adult and junior sailors
who represent our Club.
-Sara Proctor photo
Book Mates:
A Classic Case
of Everything Old
Is New Again
his may be the 21st century, but we were happily
transported back to the mid-20th century with the lively
presentation of Raymond Chandler’s “The Long
Goodbye,” published in 1953. Under the stewardship of the
always resourceful moderator, S/C Bill Watkins, the first Book
Mates meeting of 2015, attended by an overflow crowd of 40
CYC members, was filled with surprises and personal insights
that gave unexpected depth and dimension to the novel, its
author, the Los Angeles setting, and its "pulp" fiction format.
The discussion of the novel was lively, with many
members weighing in on their appreciation of the novel’s
timeless quality. But the highlight of the day was the presence
of surprise guest, John Nelson, CYC Breeze Editor. A soon-to-be
… he concentrated less on
plotting and more on style,
character, and the words on the
page, and, as a result, influenced
the writing styles of his
contemporaries and writers such as
Robert B. Parker, Lee Child, and
Walter Mosley today.
published crime novelist, John provided an in-depth presentation
with photos and dialogue selections from Raymond Chandler
works, including his earliest short stories in the hard-boiled
publication, “Black Mask.”
Chandler, along with Dashiell Hammett, Erle Stanley
Gardner, and James M. Cain, earned acceptance in literary
circles as a writer of real fiction, or as one critic observed: “He
turned pulp into gold.” Our moderator remarked that Chandler’s
great contribution to the crime and mystery genres was
introducing the idea that crime writing was about the reason for
that crime being committed, and not just about the corpse; he
concentrated less on plotting and more on style, character, and
the words on the page, and, as a result, influenced the writing
styles of his contemporaries and writers such as Robert B.
Parker, Lee Child, and Walter Mosley today.
“The Long Goodbye” was Chandler’s sixth novel centering
on detective Philip Marlowe and some critics consider it his
finest work, certainly his most personal. Chandler himself, in a
letter to a friend, called the novel “my best book” and recalled
the agony of writing it while his wife was terminally ill. In
1955, the novel received the Edgar Award for Best Novel from
the Mystery Writers of America. The leadership of S/C Watkins
and John as co-moderators made this 2015 Book Mates kick-off
session truly memorable and set the bar high for subsequent
books and discussions.
Another welcome surprise was provided by SEO Norma
Pratt, moderator of the May non-fiction selection, “The
Kindness of The Hangman,” co-authored by Holocaust survivor
Henry Oster. Norma confirmed that the author will appear at
the meeting, and he has graciously offered to provide signed
first edition copies of his book at a reduced cash price.
More surprises are in store for members at the March 5
meeting. CYC members who are attorneys will add insight and
interpretation of the provocative themes of our next book
selection, “The Children Act” by best-selling author Ian
McEwan. SEO Stephanie Weston will moderate.
Join us for lunch and a stimulating environment of
discussion that has made Book Mates such a popular book
group on the first Thursday of each month, 11:45 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Luncheon: $12.47++ Reservations (310-823-4567) a must.
Full-Service Boat Yard and Marina
Learn more about us online:
13555 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Phone: (310) 823-8964 Fax: (310) 821-0569
From The Manager
pening Day will feel like we have been
transported to New Orleans with a
Mardi Gras theme for the day’s
activities. Beyond the annual ceremony
opening our racing season, the day will have a
unique flavor incorporating zydeco music,
traditional Cajun and Creole food, Hurricanes,
and beads. It’s sure to be a party on the docks.
Fleet Captain Mike Blecher has made an extra
effort to add activities for both children and
adults throughout the day, so even if you
cannot make the morning ceremony, come
during the afternoon and enjoy the festivities.
We recently held our annual Employees
Awards Dinner celebrating CYC employees'
years of service for 2014. Several employees
received service pins for reaching milestone
years of service: Francisco Rodriguez, Dining
Room Server - 35 years; Ruben Gutierrez,
Cook - 30 years; Juan Aguilar, Cook - 25 years;
Gaime Gutierrez, Cook - 20 years; Roberto
Gonzales, Dining Room Busser - 15 years;
Pedro Gonzales, Boat Operations - 10 years;
Paula Gutierrez, Bar Server - 10 years; and
Ruben Velazquez, Banquet Server - 10 years. It
is wonderful the number of years these
employees have dedicated themselves to
member service. The highlight of the evening
was announcing the 2014 Employee of the
Year, Dining Room Server Walter Martinez.
Please congratulate these employees on a job
well done.
There are several events you should note
this month. The March Yachting Dinner will
host a panel discussion covering topics of great
importance to boat owners as the county makes
decisions about the TMDL load within Marina
del Rey: copper paint alternatives, hull
cleaning, diver regulations, site studies, what is
happening in other marinas, and suggestions
for what we can do now. We expect a large
number of people to attend this function, so
please make a reservation.
If you have an interest in joining the Race
Committee, but do not have any experience,
plan on attending the Race Committee training
day on March 21. You’ll learn all the different
jobs that volunteers do, on and off the water, to
make our regattas run so smoothly. Some jobs
require strength, while others require
experience, but no matter what your skill level,
you will learn enough at the training to be able
to join the Race Committee for 2015. See
Peggy Powers if you have any questions.
“A Night in Vegas II” is being planned for
the Power Fleet’s spring dinner dance.
CYCWA Secretary Diane Howard and Mary
Ann Robinson were encouraged by members to
bring back the casino, as so many enjoyed the
evening last year. Come enjoy an evening of
dining, dancing, and “gambling” on March 21.
Children can enjoy Kids Movie Night
downstairs while adults imbibe in some wine
tasting in the Dining Room on March 20.
Assistant General Manager Gus Marks has
invited our vendors to bring wines from
organic and sustainable vineyards from
throughout the world to pour for that evening,
and the Chef has been challenged to pair these
wines with seasonal products from the
farmers market.
I look forward to seeing you at the Club.
MARCH 2015
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4469 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 • 310-823-4567 • Fax: 310-822-3658
Always check for the most current event information.