LMU-2012 Honor-Roll - Lincoln Memorial University



LMU-2012 Honor-Roll - Lincoln Memorial University
2010 – 2011
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011
From the President
B. James Dawson, EdD
n August as we began a new year at Lincoln Memorial
University, we also reflected on 2010-2011 and its incredible
impact on our institution. Growth continued in so many
areas - certainly in our physical plant but also organizationally,
academically and fiscally. Each of these areas are interdependent,
and none of them would enjoy such success without our donors.
In order to deliver the services that are vital to a quality educational
experience, we must have people. Lincoln Memorial University is
one of the largest employers in Claiborne County. Additionally, we
have numerous employees at our 11 extended learning sites.These
same employees are fiscally-minded and attentive to the budgeting
process from beginning to end. New technology, as well as effective use
of existing technology, has aided in the budget process. New programs
have emerged and will continue to emerge as we complete construction
of the state-of-the-art Math and Science Center scheduled to open Fall 2012.
With every new campus improvement comes a new opportunity to enrich the
lives of our students.
The area that is the most talked about – and rightly so – is our physical plant.
Perhaps I am prejudiced, but I don’t believe you will find a more beautiful college campus
in the country. Nestled in these picturesque mountains is a university that was envisioned by
a great leader and continues to prosper because of great leadership. Our Board of Trustees has
taken the vision of Mr. Lincoln literally and insists that we follow a course to sustain our mission
and purpose.You, too, have shown your devotion to the worthy cause by continuing to give of
your time, your talents and your dollars.
Please accept our sincerest appreciation for your generous support as we continue this
journey of educating tomorrow’s great leaders. We hope that your desire to partner with
us will remain steadfast.
“The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the
stormy present. As our case is new, so we must think
anew and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves,
and then we shall save our country.”
-Lincoln’s annual message to Congress,
December 1, 1862
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 1
Why Philanthropy Matters
From the Chairman of the Board
O. V. “Pete” DeBusk, ‘65
incoln Memorial University has
experienced tremendous growth over
the past few years. We are enormously
proud of our medical school, the LMUDeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
that opened its doors in 2007, and our law
school, the LMU-John J. Duncan School of
Law, that welcomed its first class in 2009. In
progress is a new facility that will improve
undergraduate math and science offerings.
All of these things are possible because you,
our alumni and friends, have continued to
support us despite the tough economic
times. As a result of the growth in academic
programs, our on-campus population is
increasing as well, creating an immediate
need for additional campus housing.
In LMU’s 115-year history vision, foresight
and leadership have played important
roles in the founding, growth and success
of the University. It was LMU’s namesake,
President Abraham Lincoln, who first
challenged people to see this great
institution when he pointed to a map and
told General O.O. Howard to go there and do something for the loyal people of Appalachia.
And now LMU’s leadership is again challenging students, faculty, staff and the community
to see the vibrant future of this career-path University. Because of you and your support,
we’ve seen our enrollment grow by nearly 60%; we’ve opened the doors to Tennessee’s
newest medical and law schools; and we’ve seen those new programs grow even in their
infancy with the addition of the Physician Assistant Program at LMU-DCOM and a full-time
day program at LMU-DSOL. LMU is literally moving mountains as it continues to develop
its 1,000-acre campus in Harrogate. The nearly 140,000 square foot building that will be
the home for math, science and nursing classrooms and labs is well underway. It will also
include space for student and faculty research. The new programs and facilities have had an
even more dramatic effect on our undergraduate enrollment. Our University housing was at
capacity for fall, and we continue to push our dining facilities to the limit. The time to act is
now. We appreciate your continued support despite the daunting times, and we hope you
can help us solve our housing crunch.
Please contact us today to see how you can be a part of our exciting growth.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 2
Giving Clubs
Members of these recognition societies are Lincoln Memorial University’s main resource for current
operations. Current operations include the University’s ongoing programs and the facilities in which they
Founder’s Club
The Founder’s Club is Lincoln Memorial University’s major gift society. Membership can be obtained
through annual gifts of $5,000 and above.
Lincoln Club
The Lincoln Club is named for the nation’s 16th president whose name the University continues to honor.
The level of support for this group is $2,500 to $4,999.
President’s Club
Members of the President’s Club partner with the president to support the University with $1,000 to
$2,499 annually.
Century Club
The Century Club was established in honor of the founding of Lincoln Memorial University and
recognizes annual gifts of $100 to $999.
Blue and Gray Contributors
Blue and Gray Contributors support the University with annual gifts under $100.
Bridge Builders Heritage Club
The Bridge Builders Heritage Club recognizes those who have given to Lincoln Memorial University
through estate planning.
Railsplitter Business Partners
This group is comprised of area
businesses and professionals who
recognize the importance of higher
education and provide the University with
financial support.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 3
Founders Club - $5,000 and above
Algernon Sydney Sullivan
John ('53) and Barbara Annan
Appalachian College Association
Doug Barnard ('90)
Berea College
Albert Bobrofsky
John R. W. ('47, dec.) and Jean
Estate of Evelyn Bumgarner (Mrs.
John Bumgarner ’32, dec.)
William Bunch/Okie's Pharmacy
II, Inc.
G.L. Carter, Jr.
Ken Daniels ('78)/Southern
Appalachian Coal Sales, Inc.
Jim and Karen Dawson
George and Judy Day
O. V. "Pete" ('65) and Cindi DeBusk
/ DeRoyal Industries, Inc.
Brian and Porscha DeBusk/
DeRoyal Industries, Inc.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jean Finley
Hillsdale College
Charles ('62) and Shirley Holland/
QualPro, Inc.
Health Resources and Services
Rod ('71) and Denise Keen
Kentucky Hospital Association
L. Robert Langley ('50)
Betty Laningham
Estate of Harry C. Lichman
Estate of Anna Ruth Longmire
Jean Muncy
National Science Foundation
James Nevils ('75)/The
Prescription Shop
New York Community Trust
Fred Maloof Fund
Ronald and Linda Nutt
Jean Ownby
Donald Parker ('63)
Pfizer, Inc.
Pineville Community Hospital
Carroll ('65) and Janice Rose
Myles and Karen Scoggins
Joe Frank and LizBeth Smiddy
Smithfield Luter Foundation, Inc.
Sodexo Management, Inc.
South Atlantic Conference
Sam ('40) and Mary Lou Spencer
State Farm Company Foundation
Ray and Peggy Stowers
Howard Teitelbaum and Jane
Tennessee Independent Colleges
and Universities Association
Emmette and Valarie Thompson/
Mission of Hope, Inc.
United States-Japan Foundation
Estate of Anne C. Vermillion
Estate of J. Frank White
Estate of Ben H. Whiteaker
Maria Wiener
Lincoln Club - $2,500-$4,999
Dorothy Brooks (‘42)
Gary (‘63) and Frances (‘81)
Charles and Wilma Chadwell
City of Harrogate
The Colby Foundation
Mark Dreps
Jimmy and Lynn Duncan
Duncan for Congress
July 2010
LMU opened the driving range at its new Golf Complex. The driving range and
putting green is open to the public. The School of Business offers the professional
golf management major and will use the state of the art training center to assist in
developing the next generation of PGA professionals.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 4
Linda Sue Goins
The Greenbrier Resort
James A. Haslam, II
Home Federal Bank
Thomas (‘71) and Phyllis Jennings
Jewelry Television
Dorothy Kincaid
Sam and Sue (‘50) Mars/Mars
Sam and Debbie Mars/Holiday Inn
Middlesboro Coca-Cola Bottling
Nat’l Society Daughters of the
Union, 1861-1865, Inc.
D. Mae Owenby (‘58)
Avis Phillips
Billie Phillips
Rita Phillips (‘46)
Phillips Consulting, LLC
Paul and Judy Rice
Edwin and Judy (’71) Robertson/
Gondolier Italian Restaurant
Vergil (‘42) and Winifred Saine
Ruby Slemp (‘50)
Joseph (‘47) and Reba Smiddy
J. Herschel Taylor (’50)
Trinity Benefit Advisors, Inc.
Lamar Shuler/World Travel, Inc
Presidents Club - $1,000-$2,499
Alcoa Foundation
Richard (‘62) and Patricia Bacon
Roger Ball (‘66)/Ball Realty &
Auction, Inc.
Pat Biggerstaff
Kimberlee J. Bontrager
Art (‘53) and Betty Ann Brill
Thomas and Susan Brown
Jack Buchanan (‘54)
John Campbell (‘60)
Citizens Bank
Evan P. Comer (‘48)
Commercial Bank
Johnny and Mary (‘84) Copeland
Charles Covey (‘40)
Dixie Diffenderfer (‘56)
Ronald Dubin/Dubin Orthopaedic
Buddy Duncan/Duncan Lumber,
William and Ruth (‘56) Dunn
Joseph and Teresa Eaton
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Estate of Arthur H. Smith
Family Care Center of Harrah, Inc.
Claude (‘60) and Ann Ferrell
Frederick S. Fields
Robert and Barbara Finley
Curtis and Betty (‘63) Flanary
Telford E. Forgety, Jr.
Bill and Joyce Fultz/Holiday BP
Kathryn Gerling/Midstate Federal
Randy and Jan Greaves
Jim Grubb (‘56)
Henry and Mary (‘90) Hatfield
John and Katherine (‘57) Heinen
Howard Baker Cancer Treatment
J.R. Hoe and Sons, Inc.
Colin Jackson
James (‘55) and Janet Jordan
Knoxville Wholesale Furniture
Kroger Company Foundation
Terry (‘79) and Wanda (‘80) Lee
Elif Lewis
Lexus of Knoxville
Pete (‘67) and Jennifer (‘70)
Maples/The Lodge at Valley View
Richard Maples
Jack and Kathern McCann
Mellon Bank
Joseph (‘57) and Julia Moon
Alan and Becky (‘88,‘90) Neely
Leroy and Alice Overton
Ray and Gretchen Penn
Denny (‘65) and Sandra Peters
Gabe Polk
Lisa Pullen
Max (‘55) and Connie Ramsey
Jackson and Cynthia Reasor (‘75)
Jon and Mintha Roach
Rodefer Moss & Co, PLLC
Sue Rosenbalm
Burt and Deborah Routman
Gordon Russell
Joseph and Debra Sage
Salzburg Global Seminar
Ben and Nancy (‘79) Sergent
Jay and Kelly Shoffner
Greg Smith
Paul G. Smith
State Electric Supply Company
Inez Stiner (‘53)
Sybil Taylor (‘45)
Tennessee General Sessions Judges
Richard Thompson
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Ray and Linda Villanueva
Sharp and Rose Walker
Nancy Walls
Eugene (‘56) and Jeannie Seely
Robert H. Watson, Jr.
Cindy Whitt (‘77,‘93)
August 2010
The Student Support Services Program at Lincoln Memorial University received an
anticipated five-year federal grant from the United States Department of Education.
The 2010-2011 year was funded for $290,513.00. The purpose of the SSS Program
is to provide academic and other support services to low-income, first-generation
or disabled college students to increase students’ retention and graduation rates.
The program also fosters an institutional climate supportive of the success of lowincome and first generation college students and individuals with disabilities. The SSS
Program at LMU has provided these valuable services to students for over 30 years.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 5
Century Club - $100-$999
Alan J. Aiken
Jack Ailshie (‘59)
All Occasions Catering
All Star Trophies
Tiffany Alley
Paul (‘59) and Barbara (‘60) Allison
Keith and Cynthia Altshuler
Thomas Amis
Carolyn Anderson (‘60)
Gary Asher (‘70)/Appolo Fuels,
Toby Rogers and Judy Arnold
George and Kimberly Arrants
Carlos (‘53) and Mary Jo Ayers
Ken and Helen (‘77) Bailey
Norma Bailey
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
Roy Bales
Mary Ball (‘61,‘92)
Bank of America
Daniel Barnette
Casey Bassett
Sheldon and Sharon Bates
Tom and Patti Jane Baugh
Sam and Sue Beaty
Sydney and Allyson Beckman
Richard and Paulette Beckner
Fred (‘54) and Norma (‘55)
Richard (‘73) and Lynnette Beeler
Charles and Catherine Bell
Bell Concrete
Bell County Farm Supply
David Berry
Victoria Berry
William (‘51) and Susan Beverly
Teresa Bicknell
Alan Biel
Linda Bishop (‘64)
Sidney and Jonelda Blalock
Phillip (‘88,‘04) and Edwina (‘91,
‘00,‘07) Blevins
BlueCross BlueShield
Brennan Boettcher
Mable Bogucki
Scott Bollenbacher
Bollenbacher & Associates, LLC.
Mary Bolton-Speegle
Boone Trail Properties, Inc.
Jim and Karen Bowling
Wanda Bowling
Mildred Britton (‘40)
Erin Brock (‘10)
Karen Brooks (‘77)
Ralph (‘62) and Martha Ann (‘60)
James and Phillis (‘70) Brown
Tim Brown
Richard and Catherine (‘97,‘05)
Charles (‘54) and Faye Buchanan
Buckhorn Inn
Charlotte Buckland
Mike (‘72) and Lisa Burchette
Roy (‘51) and Anna Burchfield
Jerry and Jennifer Burke
Dwain and Martha Burke (‘67)
Dan (‘74) and Regina (‘81,‘94)
David Burrell
William (‘56) and Jean Butron
Mary Byers
Joan Byrd (‘61)
Jody Caldwell
Ann Callahan
Mark Camblin
Michael (‘75) and Emily Campbell
Nathan Campbell (‘07)
Steven Cannady
Harold and Angie Cannon
Marie Capitanio (‘55)
Captain D’s of Middlesboro
Carson and Frances (‘49)
Joseph E. Carr (‘51)
Ronald and Terry Carr (‘65)
Daisy Carter (‘56)
Roy and Brenda Cartledge
Sharon Catlett
Nicholas Cazana / Commercial &
Investment Properties
Walter and Vickie Celusta
Willene Chalmers
Jessica Chandler (‘11)
Rachel Chapman (‘43)
Charles Chesnutt
Claiborne County Utility District
B. J. Clark
Patricia Clark
James and Kay Clayton
J.P. and Arabella Cline
Winifred Cloran (‘73)
Estle and Sarah Cloud (‘60)
Helen Coleman (‘78,‘91)
Ronald (‘70) and Sandra (‘71)
Shannon Coleman (‘96)
Commonwealth of Virginia
Community Trust Bank
Larry and Judy Compton (‘73)
Matt Compton / State Farm
Insurance Co.
David Conner
Dennis and Judy Cook
Fred Cooke (‘39)
William and Sally Cope
September 2010
Writer-In-Residence Darnell Arnoult began offering a free six-week writing class
to staff, faculty and community members (18 years or older) who are not currently
enrolled full-time in a degree-granting program at LMU. According to Arnoult, the
focus of the writing class will change from semester to semester. The first series of
classes were about “Mining the Mother Load.” The community writing class adds
to a host of literary programs and events already established at LMU. LMU brings
in acclaimed writers throughout the year to read from their recent works with the
Appalachian Reading Series.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 6
Thomas (‘51) and Joanne Corbin
Marty (‘81) and Sheliah (‘84)
Cottrell Cemetery Fund
John and Hope Couch
Christine Cowan
Christy Cowan
Russell Cowan
Danny Cox (‘52)
Gene and Joyce Cox (‘63)
Lieven and Lisa (‘92) Cox
Ralph (‘48) and Mary Helen Cox
Henry Crawford
Wortha Crawford
Allen and Catherine Credle
George and Karen Cridlin
Mack, Lisa and James Crigger
Bill Criswell (‘67)
Ronald (‘61) and Willie Cronan
Neal Cross
Mac and Betty Crumley
Smithfield, Inc.
Cumberland Medical Center
Howard Cummins (‘50)
Seldon Daniels (‘63)
Conrad Daniels (‘75)
Gilbert (‘47) and Jo Ann Hall
Ray (‘57) and Nancy Daugherty
Claude (‘44) and Mildred Davis
Gloria K. Davis
Steven (‘89) and Michelle Day
Linvil (‘77) and Rosemary Day
Wesley and Tammy Dean
Dan and Betty DeBord
Nicholas and Pamela Dennis
Elizabeth Dickson
Michael Dillon, Jr.
Direct Mail Services
Gene and Juanita Doss (‘50)
Helen Dotson (‘63)
William Downie, Jr. (‘71)
Downtown Inn and Suites
Dream Furniture of Middlesboro,
Ben Pressnell (dec.) and Amy
Joe Duncan
Garry Dutton
Philip Arnold and Amy Eads-Arnold
Tracy and Susan Edmundson
Lois Edwards (‘52)
Michael and Joan Eiffe
Franz Eitel
Eli Lilly & Company
Jeffrey and Catherine Elliott
Douglas (‘67) and Sandra Ellis
Irene Ellis
Thomas Epperson, III
Bryan Erslan
Wanda Eubank (‘59)
Frank Evans
John and Elsie Everett
Tim Fawver
Janet Feenstra
Mary Fennell
Billy Ferguson
Kenny (‘62) and Shirley (‘61)
Joe (‘51) and Isabel Finnell
First Century Bank
First State Financial
Douglas and Lovella Fitzovich
Robert Flowers, Jr.
Food City of Middlesboro
Charles (‘68) and Gail Fortner
Chester (‘71) and Brenda Franklin
Peter and Heather Fraser
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Charles and Sara Frazier
Brad (‘90) and Robyn (‘00)
Phillip and Vicky Fulmer
Bill and Anna Gamble
James Gandy
Phyllis Garrison (‘58)
Danny and Brenda Gaylor
John and Maxine Gernert
Meryl Gerson
Dana and Elizabeth (‘77) Gibbs
Ray and Cheryl Gibson
Jerry and Elaine Gilbert
Giles Industries
Richard Gillespie (‘55)
Dewayne Gilpin (‘97)
Ginger Glenn (‘03)
J. L. and Martha (‘60) Goins
John Gooding
Eugene and Hanna Graff
Graham Heating & Air
Dan (‘94) and Brenda (‘79,‘00)
Ray and Opal (‘39) Graves
Betty Green (‘57)
Fay Greene
Randy Greene / Greene Insurance
Greene & Lewis Attorneys At Law
Wayne and Susan Grimes
Arturo Guerrero
Alan and Carolyn (‘07,‘10) Gulley
Mark Gustafson
Mary Ann Hale (‘50)
Daniel Hammer
Cindy Hankins-Koppel (‘09,‘11)
October 2010
The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum welcomed a traveling exhibit including
an authentic replica of Abraham Lincoln’s coffin from the Batesville Casket Company.
The replica was on display at the Museum for just one week and took its place beside
the permanent Lincoln Funeral display. The authentic replica is six foot six inches
long and is constructed of solid walnut and completely covered in black broadcloth
with a white satin interior. It is not lined with lead and adorned with a silver plate
(inscribed with Lincoln’s date of birth and death) as President Lincoln’s coffin was.
The outside is adorned with silver-colored handles and silver tacks extending the
entire length of the coffin’s sides.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 7
Bobby Harber (‘61)
Nancy Harbison
Billy Harris (‘93)
Mrs. Edward Harrison
Harrogate Collision
Deborah Hayes
David and Jane Haynes
Michelle Heinan
Andy (‘61) and Carolyn
Clayton Hess (’81, ’87, ’06)
Hickman Building Supplies
Reginald High
Ahleasha (‘04) Hill
Will (‘03) Hill
James Hobbs (‘62)
John Hoellman
Home Federal Bank of Harrogate
George and Louise (‘56) Hood
Eleanor Horvath
Jerry and Judy Hounshell (‘69)
Jeff and Barbara Houser
Louis and Eleanor Houser
Paul and Glenda (‘60) Houston
Janice Haws Howard (‘73)
J.D. and Lisa (‘84) Sanford Howard
John Howe (‘64)
Harlan (‘91) and Tricia Hubbs
Michelle Huddleston (‘91)
William and Kathy Hulley
Henry Humphreys, Jr.
Ronald (‘67) and Linda Hunley
Fred and Regina Hurst
Paul (‘54) and Carol Hurst
Ellen Husarik (‘98)
Cindi Husk (‘11)
Geoffrey (‘95) and Heidi Hyde
IBM Matching Gift Center
Shawn and Yvonne Collins / Ideal
Print Shop, Inc.
International Equipment Company
Interstate Construction Products
Frank G. Irwin
Kenneth (‘64) and Kendra (‘88)
Andrew Jackson
Robert and Nancy Jackson
James Cable, LLC
Lisa Janke
Don (‘57) and Iris Jeffers
Bobby (‘55) and Dolores (‘57)
JohnCo, Inc.
Russell Johnson
Thomas and Deborah Johnson
Brenda Johnston (‘66)
Jane Jones
Kenneth (‘79) and Otelia Jones
Jones Hay Co.
Eddie and Angela (‘08) Jordan
KAMA Philanthropic Fund
Robert and Beverly Kerr
Wallace and Gloria Kessel
Dennis Kiick
Kilgore’s Auction
Robert Forster and Joohee Kim
Charles King, Jr.
Elizabeth King (‘11)
Curtis Klinghoffer
Barbara Kludy (‘56)
Anne Knestrick
Tom and Pam Korn
Kristen Kupeyan (‘00)
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant
Lakeway Alumni Chapter
Foraker (‘50) and Charla Jean
Larry and Glenna (‘62) Landry
Fred Langley
David Large (‘80)
Sylvia Larson
Roy (‘65) and Margaret Laster
Robert and Dale (‘69) Latiff
David Laws (‘11)
Gary Laxton
Justin Leach (‘09)
Nancy Leach (‘61)
Thomas Leach (‘90)
Sharon Lee
Sherri Lee
Craig and Linda Lenz
Craig and Erin Lenz
Jonathan and Susan Leo
Pamela Lester (‘09)
Donnie (‘08) and Pauline
Charles and Lynda (’71) Livesay
Robert Lloyd
Ray and Emmie (‘48) Love
Denton Loving (‘96)
Donald and Karen Loving
Jack (‘53) and Shirley Lowe
Lowe’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
Sylvia Lynch (‘77)
Thomas and Laura (‘08) Mackie
Dick and Virginia (‘79) Macklin
Madisonville Disposal, LLC
David and Janette (‘10) Martin
Timothy Martindale
Eydie Martinez
Jimmy Matlock / Matlock Tire
Service, Inc.
Robert (‘72) and Janet Matthews
Greenie (‘72) and Barbra Maury
Bobby (‘53) and Charlotte
November 2010
LMU celebrated National Philanthropy Day with an awareness campaign on the main
campus and LMU’s extended learning sites, and by participating in activities with the
local philanthropic community. LMU President B. James Dawson, Board Chairman
Autry O.V.“Pete” DeBusk, Vice President for University Advancement Cynthia Whitt
and Director of Foundations Martha Scheidler attended the Association of Fundraising
Professionals Philanthropy Day Celebration in Knoxville,Tenn., where LMU trustee
Charles Holland,‘62, was recognized with a community award. Also in attendance
were Holland’s wife Shirley, daughters Cara and Britni and QualPro Consultant
Dana Thompson.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 8
Chris McCracken (‘83)
Sherry McCreary (‘07,‘10)
Joy McCroskey
Barb McCune
Edwin McDevitt (‘41)
McDonald’s of Tazewell
Estate of Robert L. McGinley, Jr.
Monty McLaurin
Clyde (’48) and Charlotte
Sherri McWherter
Buford McWright
Jeanne Meador
George (‘78) and Joyce (‘68)
April Meldrum (‘94)
Arlen and Janis Meline
O.L. (‘51) and Bobbie Merritt
Frank Miceli
Shelby (‘52) and Jetty Middleton
Mary Milano (‘72)
Tom Milhorn (‘60)
Military Order of the Loyal Legion
of the United States
Bruce (‘61) and Pat Mills
John Mills
Charles and Patricia Mink
Marvin (‘73) and Alice Minton
Elaine Minton (‘76)
Richard Minton (’82)
Mark and Helen (‘95) Miracle
Ric and Mary Misischia
Mary Anne Modrcin
Max Money (‘93)
Ronnie (‘71) and Sandra
Jean Moore
Ronald Morgan
Judy Morton
Millie Morton (‘46)
William and Ruth (‘60) Moss
Anna Lou Moyers
MPi Business Solutions, Inc.
Patricia Murphree
John and Mary Murphy (‘62)
John Henry and Nancy (‘96)
William (‘62) and Lois (‘65) Myers
Roy Mynatt, Jr. (‘52)
Nuzhat Nadvi (‘03)
Trulene Nash (‘57)
Warren and Annelle Neel
Clay (‘63) and Santa Fay Neely
Mary Neverstitch
Luther and Elaine Newby
John and Katherine Niedergeses
Dorothy Nuckols (‘48)
Oakland Processing
John O’Dell
Donald and Darla O’Neill
Clyde (‘52) and Rena (‘50) Orr
Nancy Owen
James (‘40) and Edna Owens
Richard and Susan Owens
Gene and Rita Pack
Jared Pack
Jerrold and Judy Packler
Mark Padgett (‘00,‘02)
Bonnie Page (‘40)
Domenico and Donna (‘10)
Papa John’s Pizza
Travis (‘00) and Kay Paris
Joseph (‘69) and Carol Parisi
Jill Parks
David and Lynn (‘75) Parr
Damon Patterson (‘58)
Timothy Patterson
Patricia Peace (‘72)
Dan and Sherry (‘83) Pearman
Marceil H. Peery (‘43)
Pelancho’s Restaurant
Jane Perkins
Gregory and Carol Perry (‘70)
Chas (‘56) and Judith Pierce
Phillip Pierce
Betty Pittman
Pizza Hut/Rage Inc.
Wanda Potter
Michael Poulsen
Hobart (‘55) and Phyllis Powell
Powell Mountain Energy, LLC
Powell Valley Electric CoOperative
Zackary Powers
George and Mary Pressley
Larry and Angela Pressley
Terry Prince
Print Direction, Inc.
ProForms, Inc.
Pump Springs Baptist Church
John and Elizabeth Purrington
Hollis and Edith Quarles
Blake Rabe
Radio Shack, Inc.
Corabel Ralston
Kenneth and Christine Ramos
B. J. and Vivian Ramsey
Gary and Pat Ramsey (‘72)
Sam (‘62) and Ava Ramsey
Joseph and Vickie Rasnic
Katherine Reagan
Realty Group II
Lester Rector (‘57)
Alan Redmond (‘73)
Ida Reed
Regional Malls, LLC
December 2010
The lives of 246 needy children in the tri-state community were made a little
brighter thanks to the efforts of the RoHo Fishing Club in Middlesboro, Ky., and
volunteers from the athletic department at LMU. The children were bused to WalMart in Middlesboro for the RoHo Fishing Club’s annual shopping spree where
they were paired up with 77 athletes, coaches and staff from LMU’s athletics
program, along with volunteers from other local banks and organizations. The
volunteers helped each child spend $150 -- $40 for toys and $110 for clothing –
which was raised by a fishing tournament that RoHo puts on each year.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 9
Karen Reynolds
Byno Rhodes
Betty Richardson (‘48)
David Ridenour
Reese Ripatti (‘44)
Charles and Mary Ritchie
Shirley Ritchie
Robert Martin Fox Chapter of the
Nat’l Society Daughters of the
Union 1861-1865, Inc.
Cotton and Martha Robertson
Harold (‘49) and Ruby Rogers
Jack (‘61) and Pat (‘60) Roop
Rosanna Cavin Memorial Fund
Rose Center
Rose Hill Pharmacy
Wheeler (‘60) and Betty (‘59)
John Rosson
Mark and Jo Ann (‘69) Russell
Robert and Beryl (‘45) Sadler
David and Amy (‘89) Sanford
David Santini
Stan (‘61) and Lou (‘62) Satterfield
Don and Martha Scheidler
John (‘09) and Sheree (‘78)
Billie Jean Scott (‘50)
Michael and Deborah Seaman
Seaton Shoots, Inc.
Barbara Segur
Birg and Lana (‘61) Sergent
Diane Shannon
Keith and Lee Ann Sharp
Mounir and Nemat Shazly
Merle and Flora Shell
David and Paula Shuford
Gary and Lisa Shuford
George and Dorothy Shuford
Allen (‘79) and Dorothy Sizemore
Cindy Skaruppa
Paul Skelcher
Harry (‘65) and Sue Slemp
David Smith (‘62)
Dennis Smith
Donald (‘81) and Jane (‘85) Smith
Paul and Edith (‘45) Smith
Ron and Evelyn Smith
Frank Smith (‘82,‘10)
Kenneth and Isabelle Smith
J. B. Smith
James (‘50) and Audrey Smith
Steve (‘80) and Janet Smith
Mabel Smith (‘71)
Southwest Virginia Alumni
William Sowder
Lawrence (‘60) and Mary Anne
(‘59) Spencer
Johnny and Rose (‘60) Spriggs
Donald Squibb (‘56)
Betty Standifer
Stanifer Drugs
Jay (‘62) and Sandra Stanley
Robert Stapleton
Judi Starliper
Carnelle Starnes (‘47)
State Farm Insurance Company
Geraldine Statler (‘42)
Timothy Stegbauer
Keith Stewart / Subway of Hyden
Bobby and Judy Stogner
J. Robert Stogner, Jr.
Grant Stone
Cecil (‘53) and Georgia Sumpter
Don and Martha Sundquist
William (‘69) and Sherrie (‘73,‘87)
Robin Susong
Gene and Frances Swantic
Richard and Georgeanne Tamer
Katherine Tarwater
Alec (‘58) and Betty (‘59) Taylor
Janet Testerman-Crossley
Larry Thacker (‘91,‘11)
Kenneth (‘49) and Madelyn
Bob (‘54) and Betty Thompson
Ronald and Peggy (‘87) Thornton
John Throckmorton
Mark Tichon
Paul and Nancy (‘61) Tobergte
Charles and Pam Tompkins
Lisa Travis (‘10)
Harold and Karen Treadway
Neal Treadway
Tri State Tire & Automotive
Gerald Troutman
Amy Turbeville (‘82)
John Turley
Ruth A. Van Korlaar (’48)
Roger (‘75) and Pamela (‘76)
Owen Vincent (‘11)
James and Nancy (‘58) Vines
Gary Wade
Daniel (‘61) and Sarah Warner
Brent and Shelia (‘96) Watson
Russell (‘52) and Eleanor Webb
Frank Weiss (‘72)
Leroy and Emily Wheeler
Chris and Nancy (‘77) Whitaker
Troy Whiteside
Michael and Shelley (‘09) Wieting
Roy Wilcox
Dan Wilder
Wilderness At the Smokies
January 2011
The School of Business unveiled a new major in energy management that
will prepare students for the challenges of leading in a green economy
and to direct and develop new sources of energy in the future. The major
launched in the fall of 2011. The School of Business will prepare students
enrolling in this major by providing them with the necessary leadership
skills to succeed in the new green economy. This program will also prepare
future leaders for tomorrow’s “green collar” jobs by working closely with
current energy producers and those involved in creating new energy
sources to provide jobs to the local economy.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 10
Charles (‘87) and Julia (‘97)
William Wrigley, Jr. Company
Amy Williams
John Williamson
William and Robin (‘79, 93,‘08)
Harold and Gwendolyn (‘52)
Okie Wolfe
H. Pat Wood
Levi Woodroof (‘01)
Frank Woodward
James and Dorothy Woody
Marty and Connie Woody
David and Toni Worley
Donnie (’81, ’00) and Connie
Jaret Wright
Lowell and Una (‘90) Wright
Joyce Cope Wyatt (‘47)
James (‘67) and Anne Yearwood
Doyle Yeary
Melissa Yeary (‘89)
Eleanor Yoakum
David and Dolores Yoder
Chris (‘98) and Jennifer Yonts
Paul (‘67) and Janet Ziegler
Jerry and Carole Zillion
Blue & Gray Club - under $100
Stephen Adams
William Adkins
Advance Auto Parts
Rebecca Akers (‘03)
Gary and Marilyn Akins
Gaynell Allen (‘08)
Syndi Allgood
Robert (‘75) and Dorothy Alsup
Barbara Ancar (‘72)
Bob Andrews
Allan Apter
JoAnn Armbrister
Darnell Arnoult
Sandra Asher
Anthony Austin
Auto Zone
Shelly Ayers (‘08)
Ernest Bacon (‘55)
Michelle Baird
Walter (‘88,‘90) and Tammy (‘90)
James and Priscilla Baker
Ronald and Velma Barkley (‘70)
Janice Barnett
Archie and Sandra Bartley (‘65)
James and Barbara Barton
Bobby Joe and Nancy (‘61) Barton
Rebecca Barton (‘02)
Jack and Kelly Bayse
Wayne and (‘07) Anita Beasley
Theresa Beaty
Glenda Beeler
Danny Bellamy (‘01)
Suzy Besson-Martilotta (‘09)
Kenneth Billups (‘06)
Ronald Bishop
Terry and Angelia Blalock
BLJ Bus Lines, Inc.
Bluegrass Motor Supply
Max and Carrie Bollenbacher
Megan Boring
Helen Bouboulis (‘09)
Robert and Dana Boyd
Lisa Brannon
Mary Brashears (‘39)
Jacob Brazee
Jerry and Anita Bruce
Louisa Bruce
Vicki Brumback
Katherine Brunsma
Robert and Leslie Bryant
Missy Bryant-Harris
Buddy’s Small Engine Repair
Donna Busic
Ronald and Kathy Caldwell
Daniel and Barbara Callahan
Betty Campbell (‘80)
Claude (‘51) and Audrey Campbell
Doug Campbell
Mary Campbell
Sherry Campbell
Gwynneth Carey (‘02)
Michael Cates
Shu-Li Chen
Lesley Chumley (‘08)
Larry (‘70) and Dena Clonce
Lawrence Cody
Othella Cody
Richard Cohen
Helen Cole
Louis and Amanda (‘08,‘09)
Elaine Colson (‘67)
Heather Colwell (‘07,‘08)
Kenneth Combs
Lila Combs (‘87)
Georgette Cornelius (‘76)
Kenneth Couch
Pauline Couch
James (‘48) and Nancy (‘49) Cox
Richard Cox (‘61)
Wayne and Nicole Cravens
Ernest Creel (‘01)
James Cross (‘60)
Richard and Tammy (‘86) Crowder
February 2011
Health literacy expert Michael S. Wolf delivered two lectures at Lincoln Memorial
University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. He spoke on “Enhancing the
Relationship Between Health Care Providers and Patients,” a session specifically
targeted to health care students and professionals. Wolf also gave a presentation to
the community on “Understanding Your Health.”
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 11
Walter and Carol Culin
Frederick and Verma Dampier
D. G. David
James and Linda Davidson
Harold and Alice (‘90) Davis
Christopher Davis
George Davis (‘60)
Judy Davis
Mark Davis
Paul and Sue Deane (‘51)
Delta Kappa Gamma - Nu Chapter
David Denny (‘02)
Collins and Rachel (‘85,‘86)
Robert Denyer
Margaret Depalma (‘80)
James and Karen Dewhirst
Harold and Floe Diffenderfer
Mark and Jodi Diffenderfer
Robert and Judy Dinsmore
Lydia Dobson
Frank and Jackie Domosle
Wendy Drummer (‘03)
Sally Duerr (‘02)
Marty and Vickie Duncan
Lisa Duval (‘09)
Betty Dworkin (‘65)
Frances Dyer (‘62)
Brianna Ebbinghaus (‘05)
Thomas Ebbinghaus
Kenneth Edds (‘53)
Grace Edwards
Stuart Edwards
Judy Ely (‘78)
Edwin and Phyllis (‘69) Ely
Sue England (‘09)
Russell and Gladys Engle
Bart Engram
Paul Ensor
Robert (‘61) and Mary Helen
Stephen Everly
Laura Fairfax
Tracy Fannon (‘00)
James and Karen Faust
Harold Fee
Anthony Feltner
Henry and Cassie Fennell
William and Bobbye Fennell
Wilhelmina Fields (‘60)
Absolute Fitness
Virginia Fletcher (‘50)
Wendell and Dorothy Ford (‘60)
James (‘94) and Rachel (‘06)
Rod Frakes
Steven French
Denny Fugate
Jack (‘55) and Amelia Fugate
Thomas (‘54) and Aileen Fugate
David (‘72) and Floyde Anne (‘73)
Nancy Garrett (‘81)
Gary Maxwell Insurance Agency
Gregory and Rebekah Gibson
Katie Giebenhain
Paul Gleason
George and Caroline Goforth
Jody Goins (‘04,‘05,‘06)
Larry Goodwin
Albert (‘64) and Linda Gosson
Amanda Graham (‘03)
Richard and Connie Green
Maritza Guadalupe
Pauline Hagy (‘46)
William (‘59) and Violet Hales
Dianne Hall
James and Helen (‘59) Hamilton
Lowell Hammer
Hobart and Audrey (‘63) Hansard
Wayne (‘57) and Frances Hansard
Karen Hart
Dana (‘69) and Donna Hartness
William and Mildred (‘73) Haskell
Ryan and Chelsea Haun
Robert (‘04) and Cynthia Haun
Louise Heberling
Marcia Yeary-Hembree (‘89)
Harry and Melissa (‘89) Hertfelder
Jane Hicks
Donald (‘63) and Theresa Hill
Gwen Hillenbrand
Lori Hillman (‘96)
Theresa Hinds
Lindsay Hinton
Rankin and Kay Hipp
Bill and Mary Hirschy
Melanie Hitchcock (‘00)
Mary Hodges (‘03)
James Hoelscher
Michael and Connie (‘81)
Calvin and Helen Holt
Stacey Hopkins (‘01)
Earl and Jo Ann (‘78) Horton
Carl and Sherri Hoskins
Ron Houchin
James and Nicole Howe
Charles and Sherry Hubbard
Anna Huber
Ray and Jo (‘57) Huddleston
Virginia Huff (‘37)
John Idol
Benjamin Iles
Stanley and Julie Iliff
Vivian Ingle (‘54)
Bobby Inman
March 2011
Thirty students and two teachers from Kanto Senior High School in Tokyo, Japan,
arrived on campus for a customary six weeks stay where they engage in rigorous,
immersive English studies and an extracurricular cultural program that exposes
them to the richness of the culture of the Appalachian region. This particular
group came days after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan and triggered a
catastrophic tsunami. The LMU-Kanto program has been in existence since 1979.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 12
Sherry Jackson (‘06)
Johnny and Frances (‘95) Jefferies
Betty Jennings (‘48)
Harold and Edith (‘67) Jessee
Douglas and Susan Jobe
Larry and Rita (‘71) Johnson
Jay and Joan Johnston (‘61)
Kevin Jones
Lisa Jones
Thomas (‘60) and Rebecca Jones
John and Mary Ruth (‘42) Keen
James (‘64) and Marie (‘62)
Russell and Georgette Keith (‘03)
Denton Kendrick (‘68)
Gerald and June King
Michael and Diane King
James and Julie Knestrick
Robert and Adrienne Knestrick
Doug and Theresa (‘07) Knuckles
Krista Kohout (‘11)
Garry Kozlin
Stan Kunigelis
Ray Labelle
Jerry (‘79,‘00) and Cathy Lambert
Elizabeth Lamont
Dalene Latham
Scott and Tina Laxton
Lewis and Rosalie Leigh
Frank and Lisa Lenz
Scott Leonard
Lester Signs
Frances Lewis (‘66)
John Lindsey
Milton (‘84) and Nieves Long
Brad Loveless (‘98)
Jessica Lowe (‘05)
Hickey Lubus
Marian Luffman (‘57)
Carol Luntsford
Heloise Luton
Lakeshia Mabe (‘01)
Charles MacLean
Norman (‘82) and Kimberly (‘84)
Mary Mars (‘07,‘10)
Jack (‘51) and Mary Anne Martin
Aprile Mason
Robert and Amy Massey
Barbara Maxon
Elizabeth Maxwell-Murphy (‘09)
Joyce McDonald
Ray and Janice McDonnell
Greta McDonough
Robert and Billie McEwen (‘56)
James and Ruble (‘52) McFall
David McGill
Sandra McGuire
Shelia McKinney (‘76)
Ruth McMartin (‘43)
Tate McMillan
J. J. and Diane Mehall
Patti Meredith
Berny (‘59) and Patricia Miller
Lawrence and Mary Mlynczak
Jerry and Norma Money
Morgan Memorial United
Methodist Church
Jaime Morris
James (‘54) and Alice Morris
Kimiela Mortazavi (‘78)
Daryl and Lori Mount
Bonita Mulligan (‘70)
Ruby Mullins
Carrabeth Myatt (‘99)
Kevin (‘08) and Holly (‘07) Napier
Estill and Renee Neace
Wanda Newcome
No Bucks Coffee House
Howard and Konnie Norris
Howard and Carolyn Oedel
Virginia Olander
O’Reilly Auto Parts
Jose Ortiz
Lois Osborne (‘47)
Esco (‘60) and Charlotte Owens
Emily Pair
Lawrence Parker
Linda Parker
Suzanne Parker
Ted Parker, Sr.
Tim and Lee Parker
Donald and Barbara (‘89) Partin
Neil (‘94) and Tracy Patil
Rebecca Patterson
James Payne
Elizabeth Paynter (‘98)
Katherine Pebworth
David and Patricia (‘48) Peck
Peoples Bank and Trust Co.
Christina Peters
Fred (‘58) and Laurae Phagan
Gregory Pierce
Linda O’Dell Pierce
Pioneer Auto Parts
Donald Pirozzi, Jr. (‘10)
Robert and Susan Pittman
Arthur (‘67) and Karen Poff
James Postma
Donald (‘72) and Cathy Poston
Bennell Powers (‘73)
Barbara Provost (‘56)
Lane Raber (‘07)
Daniel (‘77) and Stephanie (‘75)
Brad and Stephanie Reeder (‘00)
Harold (‘90) and Virginia Rice
Ritchie (‘84) and Sharon
Martha Ridgway (‘06)
George and Sandra Robbins
Rachael Robbins (‘08)
Tim (‘55) and Gloria Roberts
Katherine Robinson (‘01)
Arturo Rodriguez
Joseph (‘65) and Mary (‘60,‘65)
Jeremy Roerdink (‘03,‘05)
Michael and Carol Rogan
Jackie Rogers
Victoria Rolin (‘05)
Frank (‘53) and Ann Ronga
Terry and Ginger Rummel
Jim Russell
Timothy Rutz (‘03)
Larry and Vivian (’86) Sadler
Ronnie (‘69) and Paula Sams
John and Anna Sanders
Linda Sarandes
William (‘88,‘90) and Carletta
(‘86) Scarberry
Ryan and Rebecca (‘07,‘10)
Ruth Schofield (‘65)
Charles Screws
Jennifer Seals
Hilda Sharp
Harry Shatz
Hugh and Louise Shelton
Cindy Sherwood
Barbara Shirley-Scott (‘49)
Stephen and Margaret Shortt (‘99)
Martha Sides (‘66)
Kenneth (‘70) and Rosemary
Ronald (‘56) and Carol (‘59) Skeen
April 2011
The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) of the Lincoln Memorial UniversityDuncan School of Law organized a teddy bear drive to benefit the Knoxville
Police Department and the juvenile courts in the area.The student organization
spent the week prior to Easter encouraging students, faculty and staff to support
the cause. BLSA worked with DSOL faculty to offer incentives to students who
participated. A total of 277 stuffed animals were donated. Often when law
enforcement officers respond to a call, there are children present. Officers
routinely carry teddy bears or stuffed animals with them to offer the children
for comfort and to help ease the stress of the situation, making the call easier to
respond to.
Photo: J. Miles Cary/Knoxville News Sentinel
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 13
Shirley Skeen
George and Dolores Slappey
Jack Sliger
Amanda Smith
Jean Smith
Michael (‘92,‘94) Smith
Glen and Mollie (‘06,‘10) Smith
John and Marie Smithers
Edward and Georgie (‘57) Snapp
Sportsworld, Inc.
Dean Stahly
Rodney (‘68) and Trudy Stanley
Robert Stapleton
Peter and Cindy Stegbauer
Robert and Christeen Stegbauer
Ronald Stocker (‘56)
R. Stuart and Kimberly Stogner
Leontyne Stone (‘08)
David Ranz / Stones River Eye
Rick Stowe (‘09)
Roger and Rose Swalls
John and Lorene Taylor
Connie Theriot
Rhonda Thomas
John (‘85) and Denna Trent
Vickie Tribble (‘00)
Stanley and Sherry (‘08) Trinkle
Terry and Meg Troutman
Sherri Lee Troy (‘00)
Wiley (‘70) and Lorraine Turner
Ellen Underwood
Stephanie Vanover (‘97)
Robert Vaughn
Nancy Vick
Sharon Vigluicci (‘04)
Robert and Carol Vollack
Quinton Wacks (‘74)
Anthony Wakin
Cristiana Walker
Wal-Mart of Middlesboro
Linda Walstad (‘78)
Howard (‘49) and Curtisteen
Marietta Walton
Norma Ward (‘82)
Michael and Marcia (‘85,‘99)
Anna Watson
Manerva Watson (‘49)
Sheila Welch
Missy Wells
Wayne (‘03,‘06, dec.) and Norma
Thomas Lynn Wells (‘64)
Sara West (‘11)
Wanda Westmoreland (‘99)
Rosamond Wetmore (‘36)
May 2011
Twenty-six LMU students were inducted into the Tennessee Epsilon 82
chapter of Alpha Chi, a national college honor society. Membership in Alpha
Chi is limited to no more than 10 percent of the junior, senior and graduate
classes. The objectives of Alpha Chi are to promote and to recognize superior
scholarship and those elements of character which make scholarship effective
for service. The society, founded in 1922, has more than 300 chapters.
Membership is the highest academic honor on campus.
June 2011
Lincoln Memorial University presented the sixth annual Mountain Heritage
Literary Festival (MHLF). Former North Carolina Poet Laureate Kathryn Stripling
Byer was the keynote speaker. The Festival celebrates Appalachian tradition,
storytelling and the legacy of LMU’s rich literary heritage. Among the iconic
writers who have lived and been inspired at LMU are James Still, Jesse Stewart,
Don West, Emma Bell Miles and more. The MHLF also features classes and
sessions with some of the best fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, playwrights
and songwriters from the region.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 14
Ann Wheeler (‘70)
Roger and Joanne (‘78) Whitaker
Allen and Nancy White
Emily Whitehead (‘92, 94)
Kathy Whitson
Marjorie Whittlesey (‘49)
Daniel (‘53) and Christine
Duane (‘69) and Peggy (‘70)
Loraine Williams
Pete and Mary Williams
David and Karen (‘06) Wilson
Truman Wilson
Raymond (‘61) and Jackie Winters
Mike Wise
Joseph and Laura Witten
Scott and Laura Wolf
Sylvia Woods
Rhonda Woody
Clark (‘83) and Jody (‘84)
William Worsham (‘68)
Charles and Velma Wright
Jody (‘83) and Kim Wright
William (‘46) and Jane Wright
Agnes Yates (‘40)
Gladys Zahn
Giving By Class Year
1936 (1 out of 8)
Rosamond Wetmore
1937 (1 out of 6)
Virginia Huff
1942 (4 out of 19)
Dorothy Brooks
Mary Ruth Keen
Vergil Saine
Geraldine Statler
1939 (3 out of 17)
Mary Brashears
Fred Cooke
Opal Graves
1943 (3 out of 23)
Rachel Chapman
Ruth McMartin
Marceil Peery
1940 (6 out of 15)
Mildred Britton
Charles Covey
James Owens
Bonnie Page
Sam Spencer
Agnes Yates
1944 (2 out of 16)
Claude Davis
Reese Ripatti
1941 (1 out of 10)
Edwin McDevitt
Millie Morton
Rita Phillips
William Wright
1947 (5 out of 26)
C. Gilbert Darnell
Lois Osborne
Joseph Smiddy
Carnelle Starnes
Joyce Cope Wyatt
1948 (9 out of 34)
Evan P. Comer
James Cox
Ralph Cox
Ruth A. Van Korlaar
Betty Jennings
Emmie Love
Clyde McMahan
Dorothy Nuckols
Patricia Peck
1945 (3 out of 14)
Beryl Sadler
Edith Smith
Sybil Taylor
1946 (4 out of 17)
Pauline Hagy
Naming of Performing Arts
Center Honors Lifetime of Service
The Sam and Sue Mars Performing Arts
Center was dedicated in May 2011 in
honor of a couple’s lifetime dedication
to Lincoln Memorial University. Sam
Mars, Jr., chairman of the Executive
Committee of the LMU Board of Trustees,
and wife Sue of Middlesboro, Ky., have
been major contributors to LMU, and
their philanthropy extends beyond the
University to their community. Sam Mars
is the principal partner in Mars Properties
and owner of S.A. Mars, Inc. Sue Mars
attended LMU and is a member of the
Delta Theta Sigma sorority and a writer. Her
poetry has been a source of joy and comfort
for many and includes a published book
entitled Collections by Sue Ausmus Mars.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 15
1949 (8 out of 39)
Frances Carmichael
Nancy Cox
Harold Rogers
Barbara Shirley-Scott
Kenneth Thomas
Howard Walter
Manerva Watson
Marjorie Whittlesey
1950 (13 out of 50)
Howard Cummins
Gene Doss
Juanita Doss
Virginia Fletcher
Mary Ann Hale
Foraker Lambdin
L. Robert Langley
Sue Mars
Rena Orr
Billie Jean Scott
Ruby Slemp
James Smith
J. Herschel Taylor
1951 (10 out of 45)
William Beverly
Roy Burchfield
Claude Campbell
Joseph E. Carr
Thomas Corbin
Paul Deane
Sue Deane
Joe Finnell
Jack Martin
O.L. Merritt
Jack Lowe
Bobby McConnell
Frank Ronga
Inez Stiner
Cecil Sumpter
Daniel Williams
1954 (8 out of 40)
Fred Bedelle
Charles Buchanan
Jack Buchanan
Thomas Fugate
Paul Hurst
Vivian Ingle
James Morris
Bob Thompson
1952 (8 out of 42)
Danny Cox
Lois Edwards
Ruble McFall
Shelby Middleton
Roy Mynatt, Jr.
Clyde Orr
J. Russell Webb
Gwendolyn Wolfe
1955 (10 out of 36)
Ernest Bacon
Norma Bedelle
Marie Capitanio
Jack Fugate
Richard Gillespie
Bobby Jenkins
James Jordan
Hobart Powell
Max Ramsey
1953 (10 out of 43)
John Annan
Carlos Ayers
Art Brill
Kenneth Edds
Diamond Grads Going Strong
The class of 1950 was honored
for their 60th anniversary during
Homecoming 2010. Many of the
50 class members are still active
with the University, including
the group pictured here at the
President’s Home during their
special luncheon.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 16
Tim Roberts
1956 (15 out of 57)
William Butron
Daisy Carter
Dixie Diffenderfer
Ruth Dunn
Jim Grubb
Louise Hood
Barbara Kludy
Billie McEwen
Robert McEwen
Chas Pierce
Barbara Provost
Ronald Skeen
Donald Squibb
Ronald Stocker
Eugene Ward
1957 (12 out of 48)
Ray Daugherty
Betty Green
Wayne Hansard
Katherine Heinen
Jo Huddleston
Don Jeffers
1960 (23 out of 70)
Barbara Allison
Carolyn Anderson
Martha Ann Brown
John Campbell
Claude Ferrell
Estle Cloud
Sarah Cloud
James Cross
George Davis
Wilhelmina Fields
Dorothy Ford
Wendell Ford
Martha Goins
Glenda Houston
Thomas Jones
Tom Milhorn
Ruth Moss
Esco Owens
Mary Roe
Pat Roop
Wheeler Rosenbalm
Lawrence Spencer
Rose Spriggs
Dolores Jenkins
Marian Luffman
Joseph Moon
Trulene Nash
Lester Rector
Georgie Snapp
1958 (6 out of 57)
Phyllis Garrison
D. Mae Owenby
Damon Patterson
Fred Phagan
Alec Taylor
Nancy Vines
1959 (10 out of 70)
Jack Ailshie
Paul Allison
Wanda Eubank
William Hales
Helen Hamilton
Berny Miller
Betty Rosenbalm
Carol Skeen
Mary Anne Spencer
Betty Taylor
Zeta Tau Kappa Sorority
Receives Tremendous
Alumni Support
Wanda Eubank,‘59, remains
passionate about her sorority,
Zeta Tau Kappa. Here, she
addresses the Fall 2010 Zeta
pledges during the alumni/
active gathering in the library
during Homecoming. Wanda
is also the mastermind behind
the “Count Me In” Campaign to
increase annual giving to LMU.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 17
1961 (19 out of 76)
Mary Ball
Nancy Barton
Joan Byrd
Richard Cox
Ronald Cronan
Robert Evans
Shirley Fields
Bobby Harber
Andy Henderson
Nancy Leach
Jay Johnston
Joan Johnston
Bruce Mills
Jack Roop
Stan Satterfield
Lana Sergent
Nancy Tobergte
Daniel Warner
Raymond Winters
1962 (15 out of 62)
Richard Bacon
Ralph Brown
Frances Dyer
Kenny Fields
James Hobbs
Kenneth Isham
James Keenan
Thomas Lynn Wells
Charles Holland
Marie Keenan
Glenna Landry
John Murphy
Mary Murphy
William Myers
Sam Ramsey
Lou Satterfield
David Smith
Jay Stanley
1963 (10 out of 77)
Gary Burchett
Gene Cox
Joyce Cox
Seldon Daniels
Helen Dotson
Betty Flanary
Audrey Hansard
Donald Hill
Clay Neely
Donald Parker
1964 (6 out of 83)
Linda Bishop
Albert Gosson
John Howe
1965 (14 out of 76)
Archie Bartley
Sandra Bartley
Ronald Carr
Terry Carr
O. V. "Pete" DeBusk
Betty Dworkin
Roy Laster
Lois Myers
Denny Peters
Joseph Roe
Mary Roe
Carroll Rose
Ruth Schofield
Harry Slemp
1966 (4 out of 69)
Roger Ball
Brenda Johnston
Frances Lewis
Martha Sides
Southwest Virginia Alumni Chapter
Still Going Strong
Led by President Bob Harber,‘61, the Southwest
Virginia Alumni Chapter continues to go about
the business of promoting Lincoln Memorial
University. The chapter’s efforts were rewarded
again during Homecoming 2010 when it was
presented the symbolic Spirit Stick Award.
The award is given annually to the most active
chapter based on attendance at meetings,
attendance at LMU events, volunteer efforts and
Alumni chapters are a great mechanism for
staying in touch with the campus. If you
are interested in organizing a group, or even
organizing a less traditional gathering of alumni
and friends, contact Director of Alumni Services
Donnie Lipscomb at 423.869.6353.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 18
1967 (11 out of 79)
Dwain Burke
Martha Burke
Bill Criswell
Elaine Colson
Douglas Ellis
Ronald Hunley
Edith Jessee
Pete Maples
Arthur Poff
James Yearwood
Paul Ziegler
Jo Ann Russell
Ronnie Sams
William Surber
Duane Williams
Lynda Livesay
Ronnie Montgomery
Judy Robertson
Mabel Smith
1968 (5 out of 91)
Charles Fortner
Denton Kendrick
Joyce Mears
Rodney Stanley
William Worsham
1970 (14 out of 136)
Ronald Barkley
Velma Barkley
Phillis Brown
Larry Clonce
Ronald Coleman
Jennifer Maples
Bonita Mulligan
Gregory Perry
Carol Perry
Kenneth Siegel
Wiley Turner
Ann Wheeler
Peggy Williams
1972 (11 out of 126)
Barbara Ancar
Mike Burchette
David Gardner
Robert Matthews
Greenie Maury
Mary Milano
Patricia Peace
Donald Poston
Gary Ramsey
Pat Ramsey
Frank Weiss
1969 (10 out of 107)
Phyllis Ely
Dana Hartness
Jerry Hounshell
Judy Hounshell
Dale Latiff
Joseph Parisi
1971 (10 out of 80)
Sandra Coleman
William Downie, Jr.
Chester Franklin
Thomas Jennings
Rita Johnson
Rod Keen
1973 (11 out of 94)
Richard Beeler
Winifred Cloran
Judy Compton
Larry Compton
Floyde Anne Gardner
Mildred Haskell
Janice Haws Howard
Marvin Minton
Maples Family
Hosts LMU
Businessman and
member of the
Board of Trustees
Pete Maples,‘67,
wife Jennifer,‘70, and
son Kevin,‘92, regularly
make their facilities
available to LMU for
meetings and retreats,
including alumni chapter
gatherings and department and
staff planning retreats.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 19
Robin Wilson
1974 (2 out of 87)
Dan Burns
Quinton Wacks
Karen Brooks
Linvil Day
Elizabeth Gibbs
Sylvia Lynch
Daniel Redmond
Nancy Whitaker
Cindy Whitt
1975 (9 out of 82)
Robert Alsup
Michael Campbell
Conrad Daniels
Dick Nevils
Lynn Parr
Cynthia Reasor
Jackson Reasor
Stephanie Redmond
Roger Vannoy
1978 (9 out of 119)
Helen Coleman
Ken Daniels
Judy Ely
Jo Ann Horton
George Mears
Kimiela Mortazavi
Sheree Schneider
Linda Walstad
Joanne Whitaker
1976 (4 out of 90)
Georgette Cornelius
Shelia McKinney
Elaine Minton
Pamela Vannoy
1979 (8 out of 123)
Brenda Graves
Kenneth Jones
Jerry Lambert
Terry Lee
Virginia Macklin
Nancy Sergent
Allen Sizemore
Bennell Powers
Alan Redmond
Sherrie Surber
1977 (8 out of 106)
Helen Bailey
1980 (5 out of 137)
Betty Campbell
Margaret Depalma
David Large
Wanda Lee
Steve Smith
1981 (8 out of 138)
Frances Burchett
Regina Burns
Marty Cosby
Nancy Garrett
Clayton Hess
Connie Holdway
Donald Smith
Donnie Wright
1982 (5 out of 140)
Norman Marcum
Richard N. Minton
Frank Smith
Amy Turbeville
Norma Ward
LMU Alum and Supporter is
Air Force Historian
Dr. Margaret DePalma,‘80, is a 509th Bomb
Wing historian at Whiteman Air Force Base
in Mo. DePalma compiles 12-months worth
of history at a time into a 400 or more page
narrative and 2,000 documents playing out
Whiteman’s history. According to an Air
Force spokesman, DePalma’s job is to shape
the information battlefield to extract the
meaningful information for leadership to use
as an aid in assessing the implications of real
world events. He says the wing commander
depends on her to provide context. Her job is
not done simply sitting behind a desk hovering
over documents. DePalma also deploys to
gather details about different wings, and their
different missions.
(U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Carlin Leslie)
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 20
1983 (4 out of 161)
Chris McCracken
Sherry Pearman
Clark Wormsley
Jody Wright
1984 (7 out of 133)
Mary Copeland
Sheliah Cosby
Lisa Howard
Milton Long
Kimberly Marcum
Ritchie Richardson
Jody Wormsley
1985 (4 out of 145)
Rachel Denton
Jane Smith
John Trent
Marcia Wasson
1986 (4 out of 159)
Tammy Crowder
Rachel Denton
Vivian Sadler
Carletta Scarberry
1987 (5 out of 135)
Lila Combs
Clayton Hess
Sherrie Surber
Peggy Thornton
Charles Wilhoit
Mary Hatfield
Thomas Leach
Becky Neely
Harold Rice
William Scarberry
Una Wright
1988 (5 out of 191)
Walter Baird
Phillip Blevins
Kendra Isham
Becky Neely
William Scarberry
1991 (5 out of 292)
Edwina Blevins
Helen Coleman
Harlan Hubbs
Michelle Huddleston
Larry Thacker
1989 (5 out of 273)
Steven Day
Barbara Partin
Amy Sanford
Melissa Yeary
Marcia Yeary-Hembree
1992 (4 out of 315)
Mary Ball
Lisa Cox
Michael Smith
Emily Whitehead
1993 (4 out of 293)
Billy Harris
Melissa Hertfelder
Max Money
Robin Wilson
1990 (11 out of 265)
Tammy Baird
Walter Baird
Doug Barnard
Alice Davis
Brad Froning
Huddleston Supports University
and Community
Michelle Vannoy Huddleston,‘91,
was inducted into the Professional
Hall of Fame in October 2010. She
is executive vice president and chief
operations officer at Commercial Bank
in Harrogate where she has worked
for 17 years. Huddleston is also active
in community service. As a member
of the Relay for Life committee, she
has helped Claiborne County raise
thousands of dollars for the American
Cancer Society. She is also a guiding
force in starting a partnership program
between her church, Pump Spring
Baptist, and the ACS called Road
to Recovery.The program matches
volunteer drivers with cancer patients
in need of a ride to treatments.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 21
1994 (7 out of 278)
Regina Burns
James Forrester
Dan Graves
April Meldrum
Neil Patil
Michael Smith
Emily Whitehead
1995 (3 out of 342)
Geoffrey Hyde
Frances Jefferies
Helen Miracle
1996 (5 out of 411)
Shannon Coleman
Lori Hillman
Denton Loving
Nancy Myers
Shelia Watson
1997 (4 out of 514)
Catherine Bryant
Dewayne Gilpin
Stephanie Vanover
Julia Wilhoit
1998 (4 out of 538)
Ellen Husarik
Brad Loveless
Elizabeth Paynter
Chris Yonts
1999 (4 out of 773)
Carrabeth Myatt
Margaret Shortt
Marcia Wasson
Wanda Westmoreland
2000 (14 out of 877)
Edwina Blevins
Tracy Fannon
Robyn Froning
Brenda Graves
Melanie Hitchcock
Kristen Kupeyan
Jerry Lambert
Mark Padgett
Travis Paris
Brad Reeder
Stephanie Reeder
Vickie Tribble
Sherri Lee Troy
Donnie Wright
2001 (6 out of 739)
Danny Bellamy
Ernest Creel
Stacey Hopkins
Lakeshia Mabe
Katherine Robinson
Levi Woodroof
2002 (5 out of 741)
Rebecca Barton
Gwynneth Carey
David Denny
Sally Duerr
Mark Padgett
2003 (11 out of 996)
Rebecca Akers
Wendy Drummer
Ginger Glenn
Amanda Graham
Will Hill
Mary Hodges
Georgette Keith
Russell Keith
Nuzhat Nadvi
Jeremy Roerdink
Timothy Rutz
Alumni Association
Golf Tournament
The National Alumni
Association held its
first golf tournament to
benefit the Democrat
Hollow Renovation
Project. The tournament,
organized by the alumni
board with assistance
from Director of Alumni
Services Donnie
Lipscomb,‘08, was held
at Three Ridges Golf
Course in Knoxville,Tenn.
Sponsors included DeRoyal
Industries,The Village
Market, Kramer-Rayson LLC.,
Attorneys at Law,The Lodge at
Valley View, Middlesboro CocaCola, Lee Motors and the Ideal
Print Shop.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 22
2004 (5 out of 1,084)
Phillip Blevins
Jody Goins
Robert Haun
Ahleasha Hill
Sharon Vigluicci
2005 (6 out of 1,253)
Catherine Bryant
Brianna Ebbinghaus
Jody Goins
Jessica Lowe
Jeremy Roerdink
Victoria Rolin
2006 (8 out of 1,398)
Kenneth Billups
Rachel Forrester
Jody Goins
Clayton Hess
Sherry Jackson
Martha Ridgway
Mollie Smith
Karen Wilson
2007 (11 out of 1,456)
Anita Beasley
Edwina Blevins
Nathan Campbell
Heather Colwell
Carolyn Gulley
Theresa Knuckles
Mary Mars
Sherry McCreary
Holly Napier
Lane Raber
Rebecca Schmalz
2008 (13 out of 1,524)
Gaynell Allen
Shelly Ayers
Lesley Chumley
Amanda Collins
Heather Colwell
Donnie Lipscomb
Angela Jordan
Laura Mackie
Kevin Napier
Rachael Robbins
Leontyne Stone
Sherry Trinkle
Robin Wilson
2009 (12 out of 1,385)
Suzy Besson-Martilotta
Helen Bouboulis
Amanda Collins
Lisa Duval
Sue England
Cindy Hankins-Koppel
Justin Leach
Pamela Lester
Elizabeth Maxwell-Murphy
John Schneider
Rick Stowe
Shelley Wieting
2010 (10 out of 1,218)
Erin Brock
Carolyn Gulley
Mary Mars
Janette Martin
Sherry McCreary
Donald Pirozzi, Jr.
Rebecca Schmalz
Frank Smith
Mollie Smith
Lisa Travis
2011 (11 out of 590, not incl.
December 2011 graduates)
Philip Arnold
Jessica Chandler
Amy Eads-Arnold
Cindy Hankins-Koppel
Cindi Husk
Elizabeth King
Krista Kohout
David Laws
Larry Thacker
Owen Vincent
Sara West
May 2011 Valedictorian
Continues Education
Sara West,‘11, is a graduate
student at ETSU. She is also
a graduate assistant for the
Women’s Studies Program.
Originally from New Tazewell,
Tenn., West was a member of the
Zeta Tau Kappa Sorority, Sigma
Tau Delta English Honor Society,
Alpha Chi Honor Society and
Baptist Collegiate Ministry.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 23
Corporations and Foundations
Corporations and Foundations
Absolute Fitness
Algernon Sydney Sullivan
All Occasion Catering
All Star Trophies
Appalachian College Association
Appolo Fuels
Baker Heirloom Seed Co.
Bell Concrete
Bell County Farm Supply
Berea College
BLJ Bus Lines, Inc.
BlueCross BlueShield
Bluegrass Motor Supply
Bollenbacher & Associates, LLC
Buckhorn Inn
Buddy’s Small Engine Repair
Captain D’s of Middlesboro
Citizens Bank
City of Harrogate
Claiborne County Utility District
Commercial & Investment
Commercial Bank
Commonwealth of Virginia
Community Trust Bank
Cumberland Medical Center
Delta Kappa Gamma – Nu
DeRoyal Industries, Inc.
Direct Mail Services
Downtown Inn and Suites
Dream Furniture of Middlesboro
Dubin Orthopaedic Centre, PSC.
Duncan for Congress
Duncan Lumber, Inc.
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Family Care Center of Harrah,
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First Century Bank of Tazewell
First State Financial
Food City
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Gary Maxwell Insurance Agency
Giles Industries, Inc.
Gondolier Italian Restaurant
Graham Heating and Air
Greene & Lewis Attorneys at Law
Greene Insurance Agency
Harrogate Collision
Hickman Building Supplies
Hillsdale College
Holiday BP Service
Holiday Inn Express
Home Federal Bank of Harrogate
Home Federal Bank of
Howard Baker Cancer Treatment
Health Resources and Services
IBM Matching Gift Center
International Equipment
Interstate Construction Products
J.P. Cline III Law Office
J.R. Hoe and Sons, Inc.
James Cable, LLC
Jewelry Television
JohnCo, Inc.
KAMA Philanthropic Fund
Kentucky Hospital Association
Kilgore’s Auction
Knoxville Wholesale Furniture
Kroger Co. Foundation
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
La Esperanza Mexican Restaurant
Lakeway Alumni Chapter
Lester Signs
Lexus of Knoxville
Lowe’s Sporting Goods, Inc.
City of Harrogate Partners
with LMU
The City of Harrogate has
partnered with LMU for several
years to bring the Knoxville
Symphony Orchestra to the
campus for a free Christmas
concert to kick off the
holiday season.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 24
Madisonville Disposal, LLC
Matlock Tire Service, Inc.
McDonald’s of Tazewell
Mellon Bank
Middlesboro Coca-Cola Bottling
Midstate Federal Bank
Military Order of the Loyal Legion
of the United States
Mission of Hope, Inc.
Morgan Memorial United
Methodist Church
MPi Business Solutions, Inc.
Nat’l Society Daughters of the
Union, 1861-1865, Inc.
National Science Foundation
New York Community Trust
Oakland Processing
Okie’s Pharmacy II, Inc.
Papa John’s Pizza of Middlesboro
Peoples Bank and Trust Co.
Pfizer, Inc.
Pineville Community Hospital
Pizza Hut/Rage, Inc.
Powell Mountain Energy, LLC
Powell Valley Electric Co0perative
Print Direction, Inc.
ProForms, Inc.
Pump Springs Baptist Church
QualPro, Inc.
Radio Shack
Realty Group II
Regional Malls, LLC
Robert Martin Fox Chapter, Nat’l
Society Daughters of the Union,
1861-1865, Inc.
Rodefer Moss & Co, PLLC.
Rose Center
Salzburg Global Seminar
Seaton Shoots, Inc.
Smithfield Luter Foundation
Smithfield, Inc.
Sodexo, Inc.
South Atlantic Conference
Southern Appalachian Coal Sales,
Southwest Virginia Alumni
Sportsworld, Inc.
State Electric Supply Co.
State Farm Insurance Company of
State Farm Insurance Company of
State Farm Matching Gift
Stones River Eye Center
Subway of Hyden
Tennessee General Sessions
Tennessee Independent Colleges
and Universities Association
The Colby Foundation
The Greenbrier Resort
The Lodge at Valley View
The Prescription Shop
Trinity Benefit Advisors, Inc.
Tri-State Tire and Automotive
United States-Japan Foundation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Wal-Mart of Middlesboro
Wilderness at the Smokies
William Wrigley, Jr. Company
World Travel, Inc.
of Hope
Mission of Hope Director
Emmette Thompson is in the
business of asking for donations,
but he is also very passionate
about education and its importance
to the people of the Appalachian region
that his organization serves. A few years ago,
Thompson introduced the Courtney family to
LMU. The family wanted to establish a scholarship
to honor Dedrick Andrew “Andy” Courtney, who had
passed away. Mr. Courtney volunteered many hours to
the Mission of Hope organization. The Courtney children
Caroline, Connor and Claire were with Thompson for the
presentation of the scholarship to Jonathan K. Spires in Spring 2011.
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 25
Scholarships Established in 2010-2011
Anna Vermillion Memorial Fund
Bobby L. and James F. Collier
Endowed Memorial Scholarship
in Memory of Ruth Longmire
and in Honor of Katherine
John and Carol Howe Annual
DCOM Scholarship
Judy Edds Memorial Nursing
Phillips Annual Nursing
Physician Assistant Program
Annual Scholarship
Robert McGinley Memorial
Annual Scholarship
Roy and Anna Burchfield Annual
Scoggins Family Endowed
Tennessee General Sessions
Judges Annual Scholarship
Wayne Wells Memorial Scholarship
Estate Gifts Support Education
Anna Ruth Longmire and Bobby Longmire Collier shared a close sisterhood throughout their life. The pair
attended LMU just two years apart; Longmire was a member of the Class of 1938 and Collier the Class of 1940.
Following LMU, they remained close and eventually passed away within weeks of one another.
Longmire, of Andersonville,Tenn., was a lifelong educator in Anderson County. Collier, who resided in Knoxville
and Anderson County, married a contractor and was a homemaker. Both were passionate about education,
particularly the education they received at LMU. Following their March 2010 passings, both left generous estate
gifts to their alma mater. Longmire’s gift provided funds to equip a new instructional technology classroom in the
Carter and Moyers School of Education.The Collier estate has provided a gift establishing the Bobby L. and James
F. Collier Endowed Memorial Scholarship in memory of Ruth Longmire and in honor of Katherine DePersio. The
scholarship is designated for an education major from Anderson County. The scholarship will be
awarded annually.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 26
Faculty and Staff Donors
Rebecca Akers
Tiffany Alley
Thomas Amis
Judy Arnold
Darnell Arnoult
Shelly Ayers
Helen Bailey
Michelle Baird
Sydney Beckman
Richard Beeler
David Berry
Victoria Berry
Teresa Bicknell
Phillip Blevins
Mable Bogucki
Megan Boring
Karen Bowling
Erin Brock
Phillis Brown
Louisa Bruce
Katherine Brunsma
Richard Bryant
Dan Burns
Regina Burns
David Burrell
Jody Caldwell
Ronald Caldwell
Ann Callahan
Mark Camblin
Sherry Campbell
Walter Celusta
Shu-Li Chen
Lesley Chumley
Patricia Clark
Helen Cole
Louis Collins
Lila Combs
Johnny Copeland
Christy Cowan
Lisa Blair-Cox
Neal Cross
Conrad Daniels
Kay Davis
Jim Dawson
Rosemary Day
Tammy Dean
BeBe Debord
Dan Debord
Michael Dillon, Jr.
Amy Drittler
Lynn Duncan
Gary Dutton
Amy Eads-Arnold
Joan Eiffe
Irene Ellis
Sue England
Bryan Erslan
Stephen Everly
Douglas Fitzovich
Lovella Fitzovich
David Gardner
FloydeAnne Gardner
Sue Goins
Brenda Graves
Dan Graves
Carolyn Gulley
Cindy Hankins-Koppel
Mary Hatfield
Deborah Hayes
Clayton Hess
Reginald High
John Hoellman
James Hoelscher
Judy Hounshell
Charles Hubbard, Sr.
Kathy Hulley
Cindi Husk
Stanley Iliff
Robert Jackson
Kevin Jones
Lisa Jones
Angela Jordan
Dennis Kiick
Joohee Kim
Libby King
Curtis Klinghoffer
Theresa Knuckles
Stan Kunigelis
Elizabeth Lamont
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 27
Amy EadsArnold
Director of
Bryan Erslan
Director of
Financial Aid
of History/
Professor of
David Laws
Jonathan Leo
Pamela Lester
Donnie Lipscomb, Jr.
Pauline Lipscomb
Denton Loving
Karen Loving
Carol Luntsford
Sylvia Lynch
Laura Mackie
Thomas Mackie
Charles MacLean
Mary Mars
Janette Martin
Aprile Mason
Jack McCann
Sherry McCreary
Barbara McCune
Janice McDonnell
Sandra McGuire
Buford McWright
George Mears
Joyce Mears
April Meldrum
Alice Minton
Mark Miracle
Mary Anne Modrcin
Patricia Murphree
Nuzhat Nadvi
Holly Napier
Howard Norris, Jr.
John O'Dell
Richard Owens
Susan Owens
Jerrold Packler
Domenico Palazzolo
Kay Paris
Jill Parks
Barbara Partin
Tracy Patil
Rebecca Patterson
Patricia Peace
Katherine Pebworth
Ray Penn
Billie Phillips
Lisa Pullen
Katherine Reagan
Toby Rogers
Burt Routman
Gordon Russell
Martha Scheidler
Ryan Schmalz
Sheree Schneider
Michael Seaman
Flo Shell
David Smith
Dennis Smith
Evelyn Smith
Frank Smith
Janet Smith
Michael Smith
William Sowder
Betty Standifer
Rick Stowe
Ray Stowers
Robin Susong
Frances Swantic
Howard Teitelbaum
Larry Thacker, Jr.
Connie Theriot
Rhonda Thomas
Ronald Thornton
Mark Tichon
Lisa Travis
Roger Vannoy
Quinton Wacks
Sheila Welch
Norma Wells
Cynthia Whitt
Michael Wieting
Shelley Wieting
Roy Wilcox
Dan Wilder
Charles Wilhoit, Jr.
John Williamson
Robin Wilson
Okie Wolfe
Frank Woodward
Toni Worley
Connie Wright
Chris Yonts
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 28
of Alumni
Associate Dean
for Academics/
Professor of
Nuzhat Nadvi
Billie Phillips
Professor of
BSN Program
Mike Smith
Roy Wilcox
Professor of
Thank You For Your Support
From the Vice President for
University Advancement
Cynthia L. Whitt, Med, B’77, M’93
e hope you have enjoyed
this overview of the 20102011 year in giving at Lincoln
Memorial University. It is our goal to
always be accessible, to provide up-todate information concerning University
initiatives and to ensure that your
relationship with LMU remains as strong
as ever.
LMU alumni are our single most valuable
asset and provide the financial support,
service and professional expertise that
keep the University moving forward.The
Division of University Advancement is
composed of many dedicated professionals
who work diligently to assure that LMU
stays connected with alumni, friends and the communities that we serve. Housed in
our division are the offices of prospect research, alumni services, public relations and
marketing, major gifts, planned giving, foundations, external relations, publications, web
development and administration, social networking and gift processing. We hope that you
will always feel connected to LMU and have the ability to share in our successes.
The support of LMU alumni and friends
continues to drive the tremendous growth of our
institution, and we are committed to helping you
remain an active partner in the advancement of
Lincoln Memorial University.
Thank you for investing in Lincoln
Memorial University!
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 29
Planned Giving
LMU’s Bridge Builder’s Heritage Society recognizes those who have given through estate planning.
Planned giving may be defined as a method of supporting non-profits and charities that enables
philanthropic individuals or donors to make larger gifts than they could make from their income. While
some planned gifts provide a life-long income to the donor, others use estate and tax planning techniques
to provide for charity and other heirs in ways that maximize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the
donor's estate.Therefore, a planned gift is any major gift made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s
overall financial and/or estate planning.
Sam Spencer
Lakeland, Fla.
Class of 1940
CDR L. Robert Langley
Sumter, S.C.
Class of 1950
Sam Spencer, retired
produce broker, is
totally committed to
his alma mater. As
trustee emeritus, he
continues to promote
LMU’s reputation
as an institution of higher learning in order to
ensure its continued success.
The American people
are best known for their
volunteer spirit and for
aiding causes in which
they believe. As a direct
result of this volunteer
spirit, all of our lives are
One approach that he suggests alumni and
friends might consider is to purchase a life
insurance policy, pay periodic premiums and
name the University as owner and beneficiary.
Cash values, if any, belong to LMU and policy
proceeds are payable to the University upon the
purchaser’s death. Since life insurance benefits
are many times the amount of the premium paid,
the generosity is multiplied many times. And, per
the IRS, premiums are full tax-deductible in the
year paid. Life insurance may help you satisfy
your desire to help LMU without depleting your
financial resources.
The same is true when
you are choosing a charitable organization to
include in your financial planning. Making a gift
to LMU can go hand-in-hand with preserving the
economic security of this great institution.
CDR L. Robert Langley accomplished these
designations through his initial efforts and
studies at LMU, and he has personally chosen an
irrevocable trust as one vehicle for making a longrange gift to the University. His desire is to give
back a portion of what LMU gave him before and
after he came out of the U.S. Navy.
You may choose one of several ways to benefit Lincoln Memorial University. By having your attorney
revise your will or add a simple amendment, you can make a gift of a dollar amount, a specific property a
percentage of your estate or the remainder after providing for loved ones.
This information is intended to help guide you through your estate planning process. More information is
available for you and/or your advisors on request.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 30
Building a Living
The Bridge Builder
An old man, going a lone highway,
Came at the evening, cold and gray,
To a chasm, vast and deep and wide,
Through which was flowing a sullen tide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim;
The sullen stream had no fears for him.
But he turned when safe on the other side,
And built a bridge to span the tide.
“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near,
“You are wasting strength with building here:
Your journey will end with the ending day,
You never again must pass this way.
You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide –
Why build you the bridge at the eventide?”
The builder lifted his old gray head:
“Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,
“There followeth after me today
A youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been naught to me
To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;
Good friend, I am building the bridge for him.”
~ by Will Allen Dromgoole, circa 1900~
Honor Roll of Donors 2010-2011 | Page 31
Did We Miss Your Name?
If you do not find your name on a list, one of several things may have happened:
• We made a mistake. We regret that errors occur in lists such as these, and appreciate your
correcting us if this is the case.
• You didn’t make your gift during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs from July
1-June 30. Please check your records as to the date of your gift(s).
• Are you sure you made a gift? The many appeals from organizations and institutions make
it easy to miss an opportunity. We hope that Lincoln Memorial University is among those
worthy causes at the top of your list for sharing.
If you have any questions, or would like information about becoming a giving club member and
a loyal supporter of Lincoln Memorial University, call us at 423.869.6351.
Lincoln Memorial University | Page 32
6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway
Harrogate, Tennessee 37752