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Champions aren’t born free. Everyone in this world has private demons to
wrestle. But, it’s the champions, who deal with it, refuse to be a slave to it,
strive to understand it, take responsibility for it without blame, and fight it like
warriors on the battlefield and become an inspiration for others. Their goal in
life - to leave an immortal memory of their courage and valor behind so others
may learn.
At HRX, we believe that every person has a hero within – a hero who refuses
to back down and wants to overcome every challenge life throws at him or
her. This eBook is a montage of such individuals and their phenomenal victory
over defeat.
The most profound meaning of human existence is facing obstacles and doing
the impossible. Each story that is part of this eBook marks a page in an
individual’s life where they have done just that and is one that must be shared
with all.
Hrithik Roshan
Hyderabad, India
Dear Smitha,
You are a true champion at heart. You took a
decision not to give up and followed through.
That's what champions are about. Your strength,
patience and perseverance can today inspire
others. What I am personally inspired by is that
your vision was not just to be normal and pain free,
but higher than that, to create a self sufficient world
for yourself through your passion for singing.
Remarkable. Truly! All my love and more power to
1st of all, I love you as Meera Bai loved Krishna. Coming
from a lower middle-class family, I was born with Perthes
disease which was diagnosed in the last stage when my
right leg stopped growing and I started limping at the age
of 10. Doctors said that it was an incurable disease and
my body would grow except for my right leg which would
remain of the same size as it was back then. Basically I
would be handicapped for life. My School Principal
suggested my mom to send me to a school for special
children but my mom refused. We prayed and went to all
the top doctors in the city until a miracle happened and
one of the best specialists in our city decided to give my
disease a try for cure!
I went through a major
Orthopaedic surgery where they inserted a rod in my hip
joint and in that way, doctor said that this process of
fixing and removing the rod in my hip should go on every
once in 4 yrs for life, in order to prevent the disease from
becoming permanent. I attended school with special
attention and a less attendance until I passed out with
flying colours after half a decade of going through 4
surgeries. Finally God made another miracle happen by
finally curing my disease for life, after the 4th surgery.
That did leave me with a lot of side-effects like lack of
immunity levels and regular ailments like fever and all that
every now and then. My mom thought I would end up as
a good for nothing adult with such a difficult childhood.
She decided to take care of me for life. But I started
working immediately after my 12th as I wanted to stand
on my own legs. Despite my weak health I decided not to
quit and continued working. Until I met with an accident
in 2012 and had a multiple fracture crushing my left elbow
into pieces. It took 6 months for me to recover but I got
back to work after 4 months and after working for 8 long
yrs, I quit work a year after that, since I finally realized I
wanted to live my dream of becoming a playback singer.
After deciding to take a risk of letting go of my salaried
job, I started getting trained in classical vocals. It's been
a year and a half since my training (apart from several
stage shows to my credit within our city in the past
decade) I am now hunting for auditions and struggling for
a break and by God's grace, my efforts are turning to be
fruitful little by little. From what I was to what I am today.
I can definitely say that I did take charge to #DefeatDefeat
by overcoming my weaknesses and making them my
Strengths! My journey has just begun and it's a rough and
tough path out there. But all I have to say to the people
who never believed in me is... Watch ME!!
Seattle, USA
I decided to defeat defeat a year ago. I had surgery two
years ago and my body didn't recover as fast as the
doctors and family expected. I was in pain for almost a
year and the doctors had no idea what was going on. I
didn't want more meds, so indecided to start working out
which made my pain worse. I was devastated and
hopeless. When I keep reading all your inspiration to keep
up and never quit, that was exactly what I did. No pain no
gain, right. So I kept on going to the gym as often as
possible and started to notice that when my muscles
were getting stronger the pain was less. Finally after the
last test, the doc told me it was my tissue that ripped
after surgery and was going to take some time to heal. As
for today, I still hurts, but I've decided not to give up on
the things I love to do which are dancing and exercising.
Thanks for being such an inspiration for so many people
around the globe!!!
A big hug from Seattle, Washington, USA.
Dear Elisa,
I went through the same thing after my brain surgery.
Recovery time was 4 weeks but my pain lasted for a year
and a half. The gym made it worse. But just like you, I did
whatever little I could whenever I could and slowly as I
got stronger the pain reduced. And now there are
remnants which we can learn to live with. What is most
valuable in this for me is to realize how many people go
through the same challenges, and how examples like
yours can guide and motivate so many others who have
lost patience and hope because science can't do
anything more for them. Thank you for sharing your
story Elisa and keep defeating defeat! You are an
amazingly resilient human being. All my love to you!
Kolkata, India
Dear Vedhreshi,
You are a warrior my friend! A true symbol of what
an HRX champion stands for. Thank you for
inspiring me and others with your story. You are a
very strong man and hearing your story makes me
believe even more that if you keep going and don't
give up, you will one day find what you seek. You
should be proud. Thank you for sharing your story.
All my love to you...
I'm not sure my life story suits here or not but sharing it here.
I got burn injury on 2007. 72% of my body got deeply burnt.
There was no hope to survive. I was in coma for 3 and half
months. But I survived by all my parents’ and god's blessings
and my doctors treatments. But I lost my father in the year
2008. That time I was first year in my college. When my father
died the bank notice came that "5 lacs loans" we need to
pay. I had no option to leave my studies and get a job. I
started jobing in bpos as CCE. By that times I was looking for
a secure Government job. Even I filled up form for KOLKATA
POLICE requirement. I got selected. But the time had come
for the medical and field tests I got figure out "Out of list" as
I have burn marks, scares on my body. No one among the
board allowed me for the field tests except one person, Mr.
Rahaman, IPS of Kolkata police. I begged before him to get
a chance to prove myself. But he asked me, "Why I give you
the opportunity?” I replied him, "Sir, everyone should get an
opportunity to prove himself. Everyone here chalk me out as
I have burn injuries, marks, scares on my body. I'm not even
allowed for field tests. But they commented that, "This guy is
not suits for police job. He can't even complete the field tests
and he has no other eligibilities a Police should has" just by
seeing my burnt marks. How can anyone judge a person's
abilities and disabilities without giving him a chance to prove
himself? He replied, "Okay, as you are insisting I'm giving you
a single chance to prove yourself. I'm allowing you for the
field tests. But if you fail don't come to me with any request."
I nodded my head and went for the field tests. I completed all
the field tests with good marks. Later after when I got my
appointment letter my friends kept on taunting me "Archi,
how can you think you suits Police job man? How much bride
you offered to get this job? We are assuring you, you better
look for any in office job where you can work on desk. This
Police job needs a lot of physical activities which you can't
put on." I only heard them but kept myself mum and
promised myself that I WILL PROVE MYSELF. I finally
completed my training sessions where I been ragged by my
in training friends, they also commented a lot as such like
before I heard. But on my Passing out Parade I represented
my Platoon and rewarded Rs. 2000 as the ‘Best Platoon’. Not
only that, on later I had represented my unit of Kolkata police
on 26th Jan, Republican Parade at Red road, Kolkata for 3
times and rewarded once for the best parade platoon. I
escorts for a lots of most wanted and notorious terrorists for
several times. I'm still serving for the Glory of Kolkata Police
keep uplifting and a safe society for the inhabitants of
Kolkata. I still can pump up my chest and be loud enough to
say "I haven't taken a single penny as bribe from anyone." I
am the first one in Kolkata Police's 160+ years history that a
guy completed his training and still serving with his 72% burn
injuries burnt marks and scares and completed such tough
trainings like Combat, Commando, NSG successfully. I'm still
keep on proving myself before everyone who always bring a
question on my abilities. "JAI HIND" This was my life's true
New Delhi, India
I am defeating the urge of my drinking and smoking every
time in nervous and tension by practicing Mixed Martial
Arts and its discipline. Earlier I use to smoke 2-3 packs of
cigarette in a day and I drink all the time, but have
reduced to 1 cigarette a day and no more drinks. I wish to
Defeat it completely...
Dear NT,
That's amazing. Cigarette smoking is by far the
greatest evil that an individual or society allows to
be inflicted on oneself. It is not a habit but an
addiction and must be eradicated from ones life
completely. Say no to slavery and yes to freedom
health and energy. I am proud of you for cutting
down to one but you must realize even that is still
slavery. Here's a tip - Allen Carr's The Easy Way To
Stop Smoking - it's a book that helped me. Try it.
More power to you my friend!
Oakley, USA
I was 30lbs overweight and worked hard to shed the fat.
Then I got sick and diagnosed with the thyroid disease
which slows down metabolism. During the therapy, I
gained 40lbs due to the medication but I didn't give up
and decided to workout harder than before to destroy this
fat; now I look & feel great!
Dear Ravi,
Wow love that spirit! It must have been
heartbreaking to see all your effort go to waste and
having to begin again at a disadvantage. But life
isn't fair and that's ok for champions like us! More
power to you my friend.
Aurangabad, India
It all started 4 years back when every single relative and
friend of mine used to taunt me about being skinny.. I
started gym.. But no results because I was getting
defeated by weights by people telling me I can't be
anything without steroids.. But this was not the end.. I
came up with a story of a man who was have double slip
disk and a 36 inch waist who transformed himself in 10
weeks to a 32 and a half inch ripped waist.. This
inspiration pushed me to say myself, he is also a human
even he had setbacks in life then whats the difference
between you and him.. Just the name differed.. Thoughts
were followed implied and matched.. Rigorous training,
Diet and constant dedication gave me the mantra..
Defeat Defeat..!! I transformed from. 56kg lad to 75kg
Physique Fitness Model Competitor.. I owe this to you
Hrithik Roshan Sir.. I am because you are..
Dear Tejas,
Thank you for sharing that with me. Makes me
happy that I am able to contribute to your life in
such a positive way. I am sure you are silently
inspiring all those who have watched your
transformation just like you did mine. We both
deserve a pat on our backs. Well done!
Mumbai, India
Kuljinder Singh Sidhu. Punjabi Actor. Despite of my swear
shoulder injury, my shoulder was frozen I could not move
it for one month but I kept doing my work out whether
other body parts were involved. Slowly and gradually I
should also started responding and finally I achieved the
goal which I had set for my upcoming movie "yoddha".
You were my motivation Mr Hrithik. Keep it up and keep
inspiring people like me.
Dear Kuljinder,
Thank you for your kind words. Makes me
extremely happy that I could inspire you. But you
did this yourself! You should be proud. All my love
to you!
Chicago, USA
In high school, I was insecure and not confident about
anything in life. After high school, finally decided to make
some life changes and decided to pursue bodybuilding.
Went from 90lbs skinny wet to 165lbs and competing in
stage. Also won best physique in Mr. Pak World Pageant
while pursuing 2 schools, working part-time and being a
fast bowler. No one knew I could be one of the best at
what I do. But I have proved all my doubters wrong. May
not have the best genetics but my work ethic is
Dear Faizan,
I can identify with your story to a great extent my
friend. A great work ethic beats great genetics
hands down! It is impossible to beat a person who
just never gives up. I am sure there are many out
there who did not know the way out of their doubts
and suffering, your story will inspire all those who
still live trapped. All you have to do is decide and
that is the only way out! Well done my friend! Keep
defeating defeat!! My love to you!
Mathura, India
Hi Hrithik. Mera naam abhay hai. Aj meri age 29 hai.
kareeb 10 pehle mene cricket khelna shuru kiya or me ek
fast bowler banna chahata tha but mera bowling action
chucker tha jiski wajah se mere friends mujhe nhi khilate
the or Jo club mene join kiya tha us club ne bhi mujhe
team se nikal diya. Mein bahut dukhi hua aisa laga kabhi
fast bowler nhi ban paunga. Fir mere bade bhai ne
mujhse kaha ki tum pehle spin bowling karo Jisse tuhara
arm right position me ayega. Mene unki baat Mani or
kareeb 4 saal spin bowling ki or fir jaise jaise mera arm full
flash me sidha ghumne laga mene apni bowling me pace
Lana shuru Kar diya. Aj me ek acha fast bowler hu or
kareeb 125/130 km/hr ki speed she bowling karta hu.
Mera apna cricket club h. Thanks to bhai n meri mehnat
defeat to defeat Marne ki!
Dear Abhay,
Kya baat hai, well done.
Itna sabar rakhna aur itni mehenat karna sirf ek
taqatwar insaan ki bas ki baat hai. Kabhie kabhie
life mein jab hamare plans fail hote hain to flexible
hona bohut zaroori ho jaata hai. Apna bowling style
change karke, ahista ahista apne goal tak
pahunchna bohut difficult raha hoga lekin tumne
haar nahin maani. Well done yaara. You should be
proud!! Lots of love to you!
Bangalore, India
I was obese since the age of 10, fed with lot of love and
food. It never bothered me till I went to college. Had some
really bad days. I tried every possible shortcut to lose
weight. Took slimming pills, went to slimming centers,
etc. Wasted tons of money and time and lost my
self-respect. In 2012, I saw Hrithik's transformation article
in Bangalore times and was shocked as to how he
defeated weakness and emerged as a true champion. I
noticed Kris Gethin's name and bought his book "body
by design". Followed Kris's program religiously and rest
was history. I was 90kgs and I reached my best 73kgs in
less than a year. I have been a true fan of Hrithik since
KNPH and I blindly follow him. This was one of the best
things that ever happened to me. Today people ask me,
how I did it. And I am very happy to help them to reach
their goals. Thank u so much Hrithik for coming into my
life. Everything happens for a reason. You and Kris Gethin
were the reason why I am what I am today. Blessed,
honored and committed. Thank you.
Dear Akash,
First of all, my congratulations to you for such a
fabulous transformation! It is truly a test of will,
courage, faith and vision and you my friend have it
all! Amazing. It makes me feel great to know that my
own journey has inspired you. Now your journey is
going to be even more of an inspiration to others!
How cool is that. Remember, if you can do this then
you have already discovered the tools for a great life
and now you can achieve anything! Tools like
discipline, consistency, vision, patience, etc are all
that you need to achieve anything in this lifetime! All
the best and all my love to you!
Kolkata, India
I don’t know whether I have defeated defeat or not. Well
my story begun in the year 2013. When my gf broke-up
with me after a 4-year long relationship which has
actually shattered me. It was July 20, 2013. However,
prior to that I was asked her to join the gym because I
was huge at that. I weighed 120kg at that moment. I
joined gym on 28th November, 2012. Because she asked.
Well I use to be very lazy at beginning. But when she left
me I let all my frustration out in the gym. I was shattered
and pained as well. So whenever it used to hurt me and
whenever it was paining inside I use to hit myself with
workout to decrease the pain. I lost near about 50kg
since then. Now I am 70 kgs. And still working out. And
honestly want to workout and get a physique like u sir. As
my body type may be not ectomorph but endomorph but
the structure is quite similar. I don't have economic
support to gym like you or even eat like you but trying
hard every day to give it all in the gym. I also follow KRIS
GETHIN's workout plan. Like he is your good friend and
also a world renowned trainer.
Here is my transformation picture since July 2013 to Dec
Dear Srijit,
You have already proven that you don't need money, you
don't need the perfect body type, you don't even need the
perfect food to create a transformation in your life. All you
need is motivation and a purpose. What you have done only
3 to 5 % of humans achieve! Amazing. Now Imagine if your
girlfriend had not broken your heart, you would probably have
never realized the potential inside you or never have lost all
that fat and look as great as you do now! We are lucky when
life gives us purpose automatically, but I believe we must
always strive to be the best versions of ourselves
independent of what experiences we may go thru. So imagine
right now what else is there in your life that you could be
better at? And do it! Make it happen. Don't wait for another
blow or some hard circumstance to make things tougher! Do
it now! Because you can! Thank you for sharing . All my love!
Kolkata, India
My girlfriend had monetary problems when we both were
in 2nd year of college. Her family couldn't complete her
future studies in the ongoing semester. The course fee
was nearly 2 lacs which was yet to be paid for her
studies. We both started giving tuitions and we saved 2.5
lacs n she completed her course in the allotted period of
time only no drops no nothing.
That's our #DefeatDefeatStory
Dear Biswajit,
You guys make a great team! I'm sure together you
both can accomplish anything! Good luck to you
both. What a great example of love this is. Big hug
to you both.
Chicago, USA
I used to think that running 5kms (3 miles) was some
grand achievement, and maybe for some it is. But I was
put through a life-shattering episode of unforeseen
betrayal in 2012 when I was 48, and used the
gut-wrenching emotional pain to defeat defeat, and in
doing so, I found I could strap `em on and run 10 and
even 13.1 miles at the drop of a hat without stopping. I
went from 232lbs to 180lbs that year and realized the
power was in me all along. I just needed to harness the
fury in my soul, and use it to my advantage to focus and
defeat defeat. The power is within each of us, it's all a
matter of how badly we want what is rightfully ours for the
taking. Peace, love and joy to all.
Dear Louie,
Wow, you sound unstoppable! I think some things
are meant to happen to you so you may get the
opportunity to become a better stronger version of
yourself in this life. We don't know the ultimate
purpose of it all but atleast while we're here and
alive we might as well play the game to its best!
Keep it up!
Cuttack, India
Great things happen when you come out from your
comfort zone. Never give up always try to find out a
reason for keep trying.
My board exam year I met an accident, I felled from my
roof & my spinal cord jerked & an internal part of my body
badly injured for which I feel pain not only in back but also
in whole body. Doctors said this girl should be paralysed
but fortunately if she’s not then soon she will be. So I
should take bed rest for at least one year. Family told me
drop one year of my board exam but I did not. I took care
of mine & did exercises & Yoga for my back & gave exam
& scored well.
To see your defeat video I will do all that uncomfortable
things which in some cases stop me achieving my goal.
Dear Kiran,
Your story is a great example for all who think that
success is meant only for those who are super
intelligent or super talented or lucky. When in fact
success requires only one ingredient and that is to
not give up and keep moving forward no matter
what. No excuses only results! Proud of you and
hope you are getting back to perfect health now.
My love to you.
Pune, India
Hi Hrithik sir. I am also a stammerer. I joined The Indian
Stammering Association (TISA), few months back, and
one day I called a customer care of my internet service
provider and told them about the issue in my internet
plan. Previously I was dead afraid of calling customer
cares and any unknown number to give my intro and tell
them about my problem. But that day, I was determined
that it doesn't matter if I stammer or not, I will make them
understand my issue. And I was successful at last. That's
my defeat story. THANKS!
Dear Pranjal,
I know the trauma of something as small as making
a phone call when you suffer from a speech defect.
In my younger days I used to practice an entire
conversation for hours with my heart palpitating
before making a call. But we are survivors and
there is no need to be embarrassed about a stutter.
I am with you. You are a champion!
Saskatchewan, Canada
I defeated defeat April 15, 1999. No more drinking, or
smoking. This coming up to 16 years. I wouldn't have
made it to 2000 if I hadn't made that decision and stuck
with it. Through mental health issues, divorce that
devistated me....I am here. Operation.. weight gain, poor
self estI defeated defeat April 15, 1999. No more drinking,
or smoking. This coming up to 16 years. I wouldn't have
made it to 2000 if I hadn't made that decision and stuck
with it. Through mental health issues, divorce that
devastated me. I am here. Operation, weight gain, poor
self esteem. I am making another decision. I will be 61
and fit. I saw what you did to help your mom and dad in
there fitness struggle. I will defeat defeat. I am inspired by
you.eem. I am making another decision. I will be 61 and
fit. I saw what you did to help your mom and dad in there
fitness struggle. I will defeat defeat. I am inspired by you.
Dear Jessica,
Wow, you just motivated me with your words!
Thank you for that! Your decision has so much
strength that I know you will achieve whatever it is
that you desire. Amazing.
New York, USA
My greatest victory was when I defeated depression
three years ago. After the death of my beloved Dad, I
sank into depression. I lost the will to live. I saw totally
black, I hadn't the strength to fight, despite my family's
affection I was struggling.
Then one night I saw my dad in my dream and he told me
that I had to return to live and smile and go back to being
happy. From that day on, I found the strength to fight and
defeat depression.
Dear Sonia,
You can be a great influence on other people who
are battling with depression now that you have
experienced how it feels to overcome it and are
aware that most times depression is just a
consequence of the perspective we choose to
have on any situation. I am sure your dad, wherever
he is, is proud of you and is happy that you have
taken control of your life! Well done! All my love to
My story may seem not so inspirational but it is for people
who have speech problems. The story started when I was
3 years old and my mom had to send me every day to the
nursery school. We had a teacher who used to yell at me
when I did something wrong. From that moment I had
serious speech difficulties. I couldn’t pronounce words
without repeating the first letter. It’s called stutter. In
school everyone, even teachers laughed at me because
of my incapacity to speak fluently. Was always
embarrassed, shy and cried about it. No one understood
me until I found a book about how to improve yourself. It
was when I was 14 years old. From the book I discovered
that if I train myself in the mirror every day, I could
overcome my problem. Every time I wanted to say a word
I would take a deep breath and say it. It took me 3 years
of practice to become what I am today. Now I teach
English and I share my story to people who seem to
struggle with same issues as I did once. So nothing is
impossible as long as we believe.
Dear Diana,
I'm probably one of the few who would understand
your pain completely. I too have a speech issue
and couldn't say a complete sentence for the first
20 years of my life. But just like you I too took it up
as my responsibility to find a way out. It's amazing
how the impossible can become possible with
consistency, perseverance and patience. Well
done Diana. We both deserve a pat on our backs!
Durgapur, India
I wish you a great and even much more success in your
future, from present. I was very lean till I was 12 ,
everyone taunted me even my uncles. I thought, whatever
I eat it’s not going to get to my body, so I used to eat lot,
specially , oily food, then unfortunately within a year I
started transforming , but that wasn't a good
transformation. I increased hell lot of weight with fat. I
then gave the world another reason to taunt me. I was
totally disheartened about myself. When I was 19, I joined
gym. I searched different bodybuilding sites, got ideas of
how to get trained, what to follow and what not to. I
sacrificed all my favorite foods and now I am totally
dedicated, mentally prepared, and strict on my diet, hard
workout. I deducted all of the fats and gained pure mass.
I reduced my waist from 34 to 30, almost getting abs.
Love your abs, absolutely mind-blowing. Now I train daily,
getting proposals. Hahaha! I DEFEAT DEFEAT. My
history. Built a new present, will achieve a good future,
and that's my story sir. It would be a great pleasure, if you
read it. You are always an inspirational actor for me. Love
you Sir.
Dear Subham,
You have truly taken control of your life! Its been a
long journey of taunts and setbacks for you. And I
know from my own experience how being ridiculed
when you are younger can have lasting impacts on
your perspective on life and world. I am so proud of
you that you got up decided and took charge!
Amazing! Thank you for the inspiration! All my love
to you!
Bhubaneshwar, India
5 surgeries and now living without an intestine since
Aug'2010, life sure hasn’t been a bed of roses the past
few years. To top it all, family and its issues. But I had had
enough lying in a corner of the bedroom and getting out
only for a visit to the doctor. There's more to life than
succumbing to pain and torture. It’s not every day you get
a second chance at life. Last year I decided I’m done
wasting my life. Had to fight my way out, but managed to
get to Bangalore and enrol myself for a RJ course as well
as a theatre workshop. Also joined a gym and I’m glad I’m
one of the regulars as also my trainers are very impressed
with my stamina. I just hope my family and friends and
especially my daughter is proud of me at the end.
Dear Nauseen,
I'm so glad you took that first step! It's all about
just starting, one step and it gets easier from there
on. The first step is the hardest. I'm sure your
family is proud, but I think you are the one who
should be most proud of yourself because only you
understand the pain and the suffering that you had
to overcome! Well done Nauseen. Well done! Keep
going and keep creating! All my love.