Special Thanks To The Following People/Groups For



Special Thanks To The Following People/Groups For
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Craft Room & Karaoke Hours................................................... 20
Tabletop Gaming..................................................................... 23
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Manga Library Hours...............................................................36
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Music Guests........................................................................... 41
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Special Guests......................................................................... 45
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Autographs.................................................. 48
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Our Staff.................................................................................. 50
Special Thanks......................................................................... 51
*Front cover art created by Trauma Tize (Artist Alley - C14)*
*Back cover art created by Matt Herms*
Letter from our Chairman
Dave "Proz" Henkin
Convention Chairman
About Us
Mission Statement
San Japan, LLC, formed in fall 2005, is a fanrun organization tasked with providing a
yearly Japanese Anime Focused Convention,
which supplies high-quality education and
entertainment for our attendees in a safe and fun
environment. Along with that, we also promote
the acceptance and appreciation of anime as well
as other participating fandoms in South Texas.
The inaugural three-day convention was held in
San Antonio, Texas on August 8-10, 2008.
Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all
participating cultures and participants to come
together in appreciation of Japanese animation
and other unique aspects from surrounding
Asian and fan cultures, which associate with this
convention event.
Convention History
San Japan was started in late 2005 by a collective group of volunteers who wanted to work together in
bringing a different type of Japanese fan and animation convention to San Antonio, Texas. A hotel host
location was decided by the original management and planning was started to work on San Japan [1.0]
with the initial intention to debut in July 2007. However, due to issues with the chosen host location,
it was decided by the acting chairman to postpone the event to ensure that San Japan made a grand
debut which the attendees deserve in the Alamo City.
To make up for the postponement, a one-day event was organized at Our Lady of the Lake University
called San Japan: Zero Day Anime to give people a sample of what to expect from the main convention.
Over 800 people attended this event. This event was later spun off to be its own convention which is
now run by the Mizuumi Anime Club called Mizuumi-Con.
It begins again. Going into seven years of San Japan, our third year at the Henry
B. Gonzalez Convention Center, we have amassed a large following. It is hard to
believe it all started as a small one-day con at a university (which later spun off into
Mizuumi-Con). We paid our dues by spending a couple of years ‘in the basement’
of the Municipal Auditorium. Next we moved south, progressed into the Marriott
Rivercenter, then finally moved into our ultimate home at the Convention Center.
We were the first large fandom-convention in San Antonio to reach the HBG where
others took notice.
Each year, the expectation is to grow bigger and we hope we didn’t disappoint.
We’ve brought more to the table by shifting the Dealer’s Room into its own
Exhibition Hall. The Fashion and Lolita tracks have been added to the programming
schedule. We’ve picked up the Lila Cockrell Theatre to make this year’s Cosplay Show
a true spectacle. We even managed to add a heck of a lot more to the Game Room
this year. We somehow were able to book the composer of Silent Hill to fly out from
Japan and bring the sounds of survival horror to the Alamo City.
It has been a difficult year. There were bumps in planning but thanks to our fans
we didn’t even stop. You have told your friends about how well we put together
San Japan and we appreciate it. San Antonio has been one of the greatest cities to
work with in putting together a convention. The community has been nothing but
extremely supportive as they want to put on a great show. The staff works tirelessly
all year long to put on this great convention for one long weekend.
It is not common- in this fandom -to grow to over 10,000 people in such a short
amount of time.
Whether you’re from the city or visiting from away, we highly recommend taking
advantage of the surrounding neighborhood like Hemisfair Park and The River Walk.
If “normies” ask for your picture or ask what’s going on, be sure to be courteous
and direct them to the convention. You might just introduce a new person to the
It was decided for the grand debut convention to be held at simultaneous locations at the San Antonio
Municipal Auditorium and El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel to be held in August 2008. After an additional
year of planning, San Japan 1.5 premiered on the San Antonio Riverwalk. It was a success with over
3500 attendees at the convention. Afterward, planning was immediately started for the second year
which was called San Japan 2.x. This convention happened in mid-August 2009 with 4003 attendees. In
its next two subsequent years, upon moving to another location at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, San
Japan showed continued growth with attendance reaching nearly 7000 attendees by 2011.
We plan to be around for quite some time. Arrangements have already been made
with the city of San Antonio and we’re set with dates up to 2018. You’ll need to
come to Closing Ceremonies to hear them. Things will be shifting in 2016 and we
hope you’ll share the word.
Starting in 2012, San Japan moved to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the San Antonio
Grand Hyatt Hotel. It is the largest hotel and convention center within the San Antonio city limits. This
will be San Japan’s permanent location with conventions already contracted until at least 2018.
Welcome to San Japan: Samurai 7, San Antonio’s Largest Anime Convention.
Welcome to the Con.
Thank you for your constant support. San Japan hopes to be another fun wellrounded convention where all types can let go of the real world and have fun in the
fandom of their desires.
& Directory
West Registration
5PM - 11PM
Arcade/ Console
West Registration
9AM - 9:30PM
Artist Alley
Exhibit Hall A
9:30AM - 11PM
Exhibit Hall A
9:30AM - 9PM
Gaming Gallery Exhibit Hall A
10AM - 11PM
Grand Hyatt
24 Hours
Dealer Room
Exhibit Hall A
10:30AM [Gold Pass]
11AM [General] - 7:30PM
Artist Alley
Gaming Gallery Dealer Room
Dealer Room
Artist Alley
Gaming Gallery Grand Hyatt
West Registration
Exhibit Hall A
Exhibit Hall A
Exhibit Hall A
Exhibit Hall A
West Registration
Exhibit Hall B
Exhibit Hall A
Exhibit Hall A
Exhibit Hall A
9AM - 9:30PM
9:30AM - 11PM
9:30AM - 9PM
10AM - 11PM
9:30AM [Gold Pass]
10 AM [General] - 7:30PM
10AM - 3PM
10AM [General] - 4:00PM
9:30AM - 5PM
9:30AM - 5PM
10AM - 5PM
Closes at 5PM
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Hall A Gallery
Craft Room
Mission B
Hotel Info Desk
2nd Floor
Maid Cafe
Main Events
Lone Star
Late Night Tabletop
Mission B
Cosplay Sign-in
Bonham B
Cosplay Live Action
Hall Sign-up Bonham B
Cosplay Repair Area
Bonham B
Artist Alley
Exhibit Hall A
Art Show
Exhibit Hall A
Exhibit Hall A
Ballroom B
Ballroom B
Cosplay Show &
Lila Cockrell
Dealers Room
Exhibit Hall B
HBG Info Desk
West Reg.
Lost & Found
West Reg.
Manga Library
Room 101
Meetup Room
Room 203
West Reg
Panel 001
Room 001
Panel 102
Room 102
Bonham C
Panel 103
Room 103
Classic J-Pop
3rd Floor
Panel 204
Room 204
Bonham E
Exhibit Hall A
Photoshoot Areas Exhibit Hall A
Late Night Gaming
Bonham B
West Reg.
Panel Presidio
Tabletop Gaming
Exhibit Hall A
Panel Travis A
Travis A
Tokusatsu Video Room
Room 002
Panel Travis D
Travis D
Video Room HD
Room 003
24 Hour Video Room Independence
Venue Maps
Dealer Room
B19-B20, B53-B54
A5-A6, B8-B9
B23,B50, E1-E2
168 DragonTrading
ACI Services
Anime Depot
Anime Palace
Anime Pavilion
Anime Pop
Anime Remix
Anime Tokyo
Antartic Press
Bad Wolf Trading
Best Anime Shop
Best Anime Shop
Cartoon Passion
Cordy’s Corner
Collector’s Universe And Anime
Collector’s Universe And Anime
Comics Unlimited
Creepy Classics
Digital Discs
Discotek Media
Eagle Anime
Enhanced Dream Wear
Epic Cosplay
Far East Emporium
Game Over VideoGames
Global Anime
Greentea Design
Hen Da Ne
Holy Cow Anime
Artist Alley
IT Cosplay
J-Pop House
JPNToys c/o Nextep
Kampai Kimono
Kawaii Gifts
Kpoppin’ USA
La’ De’ Da’s
Level Up Studios
Loyal K.N.G.
Media Blasters
Myth Adventures
Nine Tails
Octane Toys
Pan-Gaia Designs
Pegasus Publishing
Pix Posters
Prince Pez Addictions
Purple Plum Inc
Ric & Ric Otaku Cafe
Socal Belts
The Anime Jutsu
Wayne’s Comic Closet
White Lightning Productions
Wulf’s Toys
Yuki Pearl Trading
Featured Section
Funimation (Sponsor)
Alamo City Comic Con
W/Drape Angelic Pretty USA
FG1-FG2 HamletMachine
FG3-FG4 PowerGlove / Kieran Strange
FG5-FG6 Amelie Belcher
FG7-FG8 LittleKuriboh
Fred Wood / The Bancast
Ushicon / Brony Fan Fair
Convention Alley Section
Sherwood Forest
Anime Matsuri
Anime North Texas
Kaede Anime Convention
Delta H Con
Extra Life San Antonio Guide
K.O.T.A/Heroes & Villains of Cosplay
Mecha Gorilla
Ghostbusters SATX
Bexar Co. BiblioTech Digital Library
Doctor Who Fans Unite
Joel’s Illustrated Portraits
Afro Horse
The Croc Shop
Missy Pena
A10 Mojgon
A11 ejwp Artisan Designs
A12 Oxygen Impulse Studios
A13 Studio Sweet
A14 Jinzilla
A15 Yanimator Illustration
A16 alicechan
Marshmallow Jelly
Angry Panda Gin
Elise Trinh
sypri art
B10 Yorozuya K
B11 Blue
B12 Myku
B13 chaoticHARMONY
B14 Skim
B15 E.K. Weaver
B16 Deerlet Design
beep boop
Bing Lin
Darling Bird Creations
John Yume
Kat Girl Crochet
Kyoryu Red
Shimizu Design
Trauma Tize
Zyeph art
Negative Space
Mixed Mayhem Studios
Mini Commish
Jean Liang
Scuttlebutt Ink
Sewn Together Reflections
Jenny Park
Moriam Art
Lulu Lin
Rally Aly Art and Design
retro dynamite
Rise Again Productions
Sunni Studios
E10 Maya Kern
E11 YoshisPirates
E12 Chanp Art
E13 Zeiva
E14 Starmine
E15 syunrii
E16 T-Block
Precious Bbyz
Princess Pearl
Radiant Grey
Rockin’ Robin
Rowans Originals
Sarus Design Art Inc.
F10 winged phallus
F11 WhiteOblivion
F12 Marcotte Studios
F13 Teaat2am
F14 Texas Roll Mafia
F15 enduro
F16 Evil Pastry Studios
Faye’s Realm
Foolish Mortal
Honey Drops
Hoshikko Ink
Threads & Yarn
inu creations
Christa Deason
The Art of Nikki Ward &
Jeena Pepersack
Deverish Workshop
dream cosplays
Allison Stanley
Allyson Schroy
CitrusCandy Designs
Cute ‘n’ Deadly
Cynthia Conner Studios
Blue Vanilla Studios
Artistic Oddities
Bad Creations
Little Blob of Green, LLC
Places to Eat
Photo Locations
San Antonio
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Mall Restaurants
Available Delivery
to Hotel
Perks Coffee & More [$]
Open 24 Hours
Ruth Chris’s Steak House [$$]
Bar Rojo [$-$$]
(Sushi served in Bar Rojo
during the evening)
Chili’s [$-$$]
Fogo de Chão [$$$]
Hooter’s [$$]
Luciano’s Ristorante Italiano [$$]
Maria Mia’s Mexican Restaurant [$$]
Tony Roma’s Ribs [$$]
Domino’s [$-$$]
(210) 527-9505
Open until 2:00am
Order online: dominos.com
Papa John’s [$$]
(210) 224-7272
Open until 1:00am
Order online: papajohns.com
Pizza Hut [$$]
(210) 798-4800
Open until 12:00am
Order online: pizzahut.com
Pizzaritas [$-$$]
(210) 293-7482
Open until 10:30pm
Order online: www.pizzaritas.com
King’s Palace (Chinese) [$-$$]
(210) 824-0279 / 824-6878
Open until 9:30pm
Thai Lao Orchid (Thai) [$$]
(210) 442-8110
Open until 8:00pm
Sushi Zushi [$$]
(210) 472-2900
Open until 11:00pm
Order online: www.sushizushi.com
Jimmy John’s [$]
(210) 222-1444
Open until 9:00pm
Order online: www.jimmyjohns.com
Delivery Market [$$]
(210) 226-2400
Open until 10:00pm
Order online: www.deliverymarketsa.com
Driving Distance of Hotel
(<5 miles)
Rivercenter Mall
Food Court
Lulu’s Bakery & Cafe [$]
918 N Main
Open 24 Hours
San Antonio’s Pig Stand [$-$$]
1508 Broadway St
Open 24Hrs Friday/Saturday
IHOP [$$]
3820 Broadway St
Open 24 Hours
Mi Tierra [$$]
218 Produce Way
Open 24 Hours
Alamo Eat Street Bar [$-$$]
609 S Alamo St
5:00pm - 2:00am Fri/Sat
Bourbon Street Cafe (Cajun)
Luciano (Pizza/Pasta)
Cinnabon (Pastry)
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius (Hamburgers)
Gourmet Kabob House (Mediterranean)
IHOP Express (Breakfast)
Little Tokyo (Japanese)
Marble Slab Creamery (Ice Cream)
Side Wok Café (Chinese Food)
Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken (Soul Food)
Starbucks (Coffee)
Time Out Corner Store (Snacks/Drinks/Beer)
Tutti Frutti (Frozen Yogurt)
Walking Distance of Hotel (<.5 miles)
McDonald’s [$]
101 Alamo Plaza
Open until 10:00pm
Schilo’s Delicatessen [$]
428 E Commerce St
Open until 8:30pm
(Staff Favorite)
Subway [$]
109 Alamo Plaza
Open until 10:00pm
Fuddrucker’s [$]
115 Alamo Plaza
Open until 10:00pm
Iron Cactus [$$]
200 E River Walk St
Open until 11:00pm
Casa Rio [$$]
430 E Commerce St
Open until 9:00pm
Whataburger [$]
412 E Commerce St
Open 24 Hours
(High traffic at all hours)
Denny’s [$-$$]
903 E Commerce St
Open 24 Hours
(High traffic at all hours)
The Original Mexican Restaurant [$$]
528 E River Walk St
Open 24 Hours
$ = Cheap - Less than $10
$$ = Moderate - $11 to $30
Pat O’Brien’s [$$]
121 Alamo Plaza
Open until 2:00am
Zocca Cuisine d’Italia [$$]
420 W Market St
Open until 2:00am
Moses Rose’s Hideout [$]
518 E Houston St
Open until 2:00am
Esquire Tavern [$$]
155 E Commerce St
Open until 2:00am
Barriba Cantina [$$]
111 W Crockett
Open until 2:00am
$$$ = Pricey - $31 to $60
Want to find that perfect shot for your or your group?
Here are some places in the immediate area to consider.
Located in front of the
Marriott Riverwalk on the
river level.
Bridge area located right next
to Tower of the Americas in
Hemisfair Park.
Water fountains nearby
Tower of Americas in
Hemisfair park.
The bridge on the river level
that goes over the river
from the Grand Hyatt to the
HBG Convention Center.
Misting water and wading
pool in Hemisfair Park by
the Tower of the Americas.
Right by the Grand Hyatt
on the river level.
Cascading water and stage
by Tower of the Americas in
Hemisfair Park.
The bridge located in the
center of Rivercenter Mall
at the river level.
Pathway above the
fountains in Hemisfair Park
by the Tower of Americas.
2. By purchasing or obtaining a badge you agree to adhere
to all the rules and policies outlined in this program book.
12. Locals, tourists, and others not involved in the
convention will naturally be curious about the convention
and its attendees. Treat these individuals with courtesy and
respect. Our convention has an excellent reputation in the
city of San Antonio because of our excellent attendees.
3. Only ADA working animals with proper identification are
allowed in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The
Grand Hyatt is a pet-friendly hotel. Cats and dogs under
50lbs will be permitted in the hotel with permission from
hotel staff.
Props & Weapons
1. No live weaponry such as edged steel, non-replica
firearms, or functional projectile weaponry is permitted in
convention spaces at any time. Convention staff reserve
the right to inspect any prop or weaponry at any time.
4. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in convention spaces
at any time. Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs
will be asked to return to their rooms. Refusal to return to
your room may result in action by the San Antonio Police
Department and removal from the convention.
2. All props must be examined and approved by the safety
desk immediately upon entering any convention or hotel
spaces. Unchecked weaponry will be directed to the safety
desk. Repeated failures to have weaponry approved will
result in expulsion from the convention.
5. Shoes must be worn at all times in convention spaces.
“Barefoot” cosplays must wear shoes or non open-toe
lyricals, however they may be removed for photographs.
6. No sleeping is permitted in any convention spaces
including lobbies, hallways, vendor spaces, and gaming
7. While waiting for an event, form a single-file orderly line
under the direction of convention volunteers and/or staff.
Cosplayers taking pictures are encouraged to move to the
side of the hallway or find an open space where they will
not impede the flow of traffic. Sitting against hallway walls
is not permitted at any time.
8. Follow all convention staff, convention volunteer, hotel
staff and convention center staff instructions. Treat staff
and volunteers with respect and courtesy. If a problem
arises with a convention volunteer, seek out Safety and
report the issue immediately.
9. Do not move or tamper with hotel property or
equipment including lobby chairs, couches, curtains, doors,
windows, etc. Do not move or tamper with convention
property including tables, microphones, video equipment,
etc. If you require assistance with convention or hotel
property, ask a member of convention staff.
5. No swinging, play fighting, firing projectiles, or throwing
of any kind will be permitted at any time. Violation of this
rule will result in possible expulsion from the convention.
San Japan Dress Code
1. San Japan is a family-friendly convention. Excessively
revealing clothing or costumes are not permitted. Private
areas must be covered with opaque cloth at all times.
Attendees in excessively revealing attire will be asked to
2. Convention spaces have a “no shirt, no shoes, no service”
policy. Because of this, shirts and shoes must be worn at all
times and may only be removed for photographs.
3. No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed
on costumes or clothing.
3. San Japan reserves the right to end the line to keep
events (and guests) on schedule.
4. Attendees are not allowed to line up for an autograph
session more than 30 minutes before the scheduled start
time. Attendees gathering in the vicinity of the autograph
room before that time will be asked to disperse.
5. To keep the line moving, we request that attendees bring
absolutely no more than two items to be signed. Items
should also be prepared for signing. For example, DVD
inserts should be removed from the case and posters should
be unrolled.
6. Attendees are welcome to take photographs of the
guests, but we ask that they please refrain from asking the
guests to come around the table for a posed shot.
7. Attendees participating in disruptive or rude behavior
may be asked to leave the autograph area.
Rivercenter Mall
San Japan is close to the Rivercenter Mall, which has a great
food court on the bottom floor and plenty of shops. The
Mall has asked that we share these basic guidelines with our
Before entering the Rivercenter mall, please know:
1. Cosplay props are not allowed.
2. Masks are not allowed.
3. Face paint is not allowed.
4. Occasionally, convention staff and volunteers need
to speak loudly enough that the entire line hears the
instructions. Convention staff and volunteers are not yelling
at you.
5. For events with seats, completely fill in all seats and do
not leave any empty seats. You may not be able to sit next
to all members of your party.
6. Event specific rules will be announced at the start of the
event. Please listen carefully to all event rules.
7. Convention staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to
leave if they are being disruptive or not following the rules.
Attendees that do not listen to staff instructions may be
expelled from the convention.
Dance / Electronic Music Rules
1. No alcohol or drugs are permitted in the dance at any
2. Handbags are subject to search, and bags larger than a
handbag are not permitted inside dance spaces.
3. Staff will not watch over bags, jackets, or other loose
items you do not wish to bring to the dance floor. San Japan
assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
4. Staff may initiate a search for alcohol or drugs at any
5. Stringing is allowed only in designated areas. Do not
string close to other stringers. Unsafe situations may result
in loss of the stringing area and stringing privileges.
6. No bulky cosplay or large props are allowed in the dance
7. Shoes must be worn at all times in the dance space.
8.There is a zero-harassment policy enforced (do not grind
on people who do not consent to it). There will not be a
warning given. There will be an immediate expulsion from
the dance with badge revoked if you attempt to sneak back
9.Attendees are not allowed on stage unless asked.
10.Attendees are not allowed to jump off the stage.
It is your responsibility to not break these simple rules or
you will be kicked out of the mall!
San Japan will not hold onto or store any cosplay items
either. Find a friend to hold your item or store it in your
hotel room before entering the mall.
EDM Dress Code Visual
The Rivercenter Mall also has some other general rules
that apply to all patrons and these rules can be found on
their website: shoprivercenter.com/about/security and are
subject to change without notice.
Applicable To Both
Men and Women.
11. Mistreatment of other guests is prohibited. Complaints
of harassment, stalking, bullying, glomping and mobbing
will be investigated and may result in expulsion from
the convention. San Japan has a zero tolerance policy
for sexual harassment and discrimination. San Japan is
4. All weapons purchased in vendor spaces must
immediately be transported in the box or packaging to
the attendee’s hotel room or vehicle and left there for the
duration of the convention.
2. Anyone past the one hundred (100) mark will not receive
a ticket. Whether or not they receive an autograph depends
on how quickly the line moves during the allotted time.
Individuals without tickets may not attend scheduled
overflow sessions.
3. No cutting under any circumstances. Friends may not save
your spot in line for you.
10. Do not affix signs, posters, banners or anything else to
walls, doors, windows or floors in the convention or hotel
3. All projectile weaponry including but not limited to
Airsoft, Nerf and paintball weaponry must be unloaded,
trigger-locked, and must have the barrel plugged. Bright
orange barrel plugs are required.
1. The first one hundred (100) attendees in line for a given
autograph session will receive tickets just prior to start of
the session.
2. Do not block doorways with the line.
1. A valid badge must be purchased and worn openly at
all times. Anyone without a badge visibly displayed on the
con floor will be asked to leave. Any person without a valid
badge will not be permitted entry into events, vending
spaces, or other key convention areas.
committed to reporting any dangerous or illegal acts to the
proper authorities.
Events & Lines
1. Keep lines single-file, and stay close to walls/barricades.
General Rules & Behavior Guidelines
Autographs Policy
Gold Pass holders do not have front of the line access for
autographs. A special VIP autograph session will be held on
Sunday of the convention.
In an effort to predict wait times for autograph lines and
to allow our attendees and guests to have as much fun as
possible at San Japan, the following guidelines should be
All San Japan 7 merchandise is available for purchase at
West Registration over at our Merch Section located by Exhibit Hall A!
Tote Bags
$20 S-XL
$23 2XL
$24 3XL
$25 4XL
$30 5XL
$7 each
$10 each
Samurai T-Shirt Art
By SKim (B14)
Titan T-Shirt Art
By TeeNinjas
Pin Buttons
$5 each
$1 each
$5 each
Water Bottles
$5 each
$7 each
Messenger Bags
$25 each
Art By Jinzilla (Artist Alley - A14)
Art By Chris “Oz” Fulton
Cosplay Show
Overview & Sportsmanship
The San Japan Cosplay Show is dedicated to excellence in
costume replication. Costumes may be of either Western
or Eastern origin, and may be from anime, manga, video
games, live-action shows or movies, webcomics, web
series, etc. “Crossover” characters are permitted, as well
as artbook variants or costume designs based on fan works
(such as fanart). All cosplay MUST have source material
of some kind. Original designs with no published source
material are not permitted.
Youth: For entrants 12 and under to compete among
their own age group. Normal craftsmanship rules apply,
however the cosplayer can have parents or relatives assist
them in making their costume. All competitors in this
division receive a participation award.
The San Japan cosplay show divides entrants into four
competitive classes and two performance divisions. While
entrants may enter in any class they qualify for, judges
reserve the right to change a competitor’s class at any time.
Entrants may only enter one class and one division.
cosplaying over a year, or competitors who have won the
following awards:
Best Craftsmanship (Hall or Stage)Best Performance (Stage)
Best Runner-Up (Hall or Stage)
Class restrictions are strictly enforced. If any competitor
is found to have entered a class below their skill level, the
competitor will be immediately moved to a higher class. If
a competitor is found to have intentionally entered a class
below their skill level (also known as sandbagging), the
competitor risks immediate disqualification.
San Japan encourages competitors to bring costumes to
our competition that have not previously won awards.
However, we will accept those costumes that have only
won awards at conventions of a smaller size (calculated
by attendance) than San Japan. Any entrant found to be
entering a costume which has previously taken a major
award at a larger convention (also known as sandbagging)
will be immediately disqualified, and risks being barred
from future competitions.
When entrants are in the cosplay room, in pre-judging
panels, and backstage for the show, the staff and judges
monitor their sportsmanship. Rude remarks, put-downs,
or other unsportsmanlike conduct will have consequences.
Egregious cases may result in immediate disqualification.
Respect the staff, the judges, and your fellow competitors.
Competitors will not be notified if they have been
disqualified, and judges are not permitted to discuss the
judging process or the results. This is to protect entrants,
judges, and staff, as well as to maintain the professionalism
of the contest.
Entrants may not be a member of San Japan staff. Entrants
may not enter the same costume in the stage show and the
hall cosplay.
Novice: For first-year competitors and competitors who
have only won judge’s awards.
Journeyman: For competitors who have been
Cosplay Sign- up & Pre -Judging
1. All competitors are required to construct their own
costumes. No store-bought costumes are allowed in the
1. All competitors, including on-line signups, are required
to be pre-judged before the cosplay contest begins. Prejudging times are listed below for Friday and Saturday.
2. If the competitor’s costume was constructed by a third
party, the third party must be present at the competition.
The third party, not the model, will be eligible for all
2. At the time of pre-judging, the costume may be brought
in on a hanger and is not required to be worn.
3. Some costumes of simplistic design may raise questions
about whether “enough” of the costume was constructed
by the competitor. As a general rule, at least 75% of the
costume must be constructed or heavily modified by
the competitor. Borderline costumes will be accepted or
declined by staff or judges on a case-by-case basis.
4. Cosplay staff and judges may disqualify any entrant at
any time for not meeting craftsmanship requirements.
5. Craftsmanship requirements may be waived for skit
entries only.
Walk-on: Competitors have 30 seconds of stage time
beginning when the competitor crosses onto the staging
area from backstage. Competitors are allowed custom
audio. Audio must be music and is preferred to be from the
series being cosplayed. No microphones will be available for
walk-on competitors. Competitors are highly encouraged
to upload or submit files in .MP3 format when signing up
for the competition. Tracks are limited to 1:00 in length and
may be cut or faded. No YouTube rips are allowed due to
low-quality output. Staff may contact you about your file if
it is too low-quality for stage. If you do not submit custom
audio, music will be chosen for you. Audio must be rated
TV-PG. Entrants with bulky costumes or other concerns
crossing stage will be alotted time within reason to clear
the stage outside of their 30 second performance window.
Skit: Competitors have 3:30 of stage time beginning
when their audio starts or when entrants begin speaking.
All introductions, if applicable, must be made by the MC.
All skits must submit scripts in advance to be screened by
staff on content, coherence, originality, and entertainment
value. Pure dance skits without original choreography will
be declined unless applicable to the series being cosplayed
(IE Vocaloid). Skits are highly encouraged to submit prerecorded audio, as microphones will not be available. Skit
entrants may be contacted if their audio is too low-quality
for stage.
Friday 7/18 - 9AM-4PM
Saturday 7/19 - 9AM-2PM
Location: Bonham B Room - Grand Hyatt Hotel - 3rd Floor
REQUIRED Pre-Judging
Friday 7/18 - 2PM-4PM
Saturday 7/19 - 10AM-12PM, 2PM-4PM
Location: Independence Room - Grand Hyatt - 3rd Floor
Master: For competitors who are professional
seamstresses, tailors or costumers, or competitors who
have won the following awards:
Best in Class (Hall or Stage)Best in Division (Hall or Stage)
Best in Show (Hall or Stage)
3. Competitors who have not been pre-judged when lineup
begins for the competition will be disqualified.
Stage Rules
1. All walk-on entries, skit performances and costumes
must conform to a TV-PG rating. No nudity, foul language,
sexual content or references to drugs or alcohol are
Judge’s Awards: Personal awards acknowledging
costumes favored by a particular judge. The number
of judge’s awards will be announced when judges are
2. All skits must be submitted with a script that will be
pre-screened for content. The staff and the judges reserve
the right to decline any skit for lack of original content,
incoherent scripting or dialog, or lack of entertainment
value. All skit entries are strongly encouraged to use prerecorded audio.
Best Youth: This award is given to the overall
best entrant into the youth division, judged on both
craftsmanship and stage presentation.
Best Craftsmanship: This award is given to
entrants who exemplify excellence in craftsmanship. There
are three craftsmanship awards; Novice, Journeyman and
3. Competitors are required to have at least one foot on
the stage at all times. Absolutely no jumping, tumbling or
stunts are allowed. Special permission for dance moves
which require both feet to leave the stage must be obtained
from the staff in advance. Stunts performed without prior
permission will result in disqualification.
Best Performance: This award is given to entrants
who exemplify excellence in presentation on stage. There
are six performance awards; Novice, Journeyman and
Master in the Walk-on and Skit divisions.
5. There is absolutely no flash powder, liquid, food,
projectile or swinging weaponry allowed on stage at any
time. Anything a competitor brings on stage with them
must leave stage with them. This is not our stage. Please be
respectful of the space.
Best in Class: Winners exemplify the best
combination of craftsmanship and performance. There are
three best in class awards; Novice, Journeyman and Master.
The winners of these awards will be presented with $100 in
VISA Gift Cards.
6. Competitors must arrive on time for lineup and seating.
Competitors arriving more than 15 minutes late will be
disqualified from the competition. If an emergency arises,
please contact the staff.
Best in Show: The cosplayer or group selected for
best in show represents the best in craftsmanship and
performance across all classes and divisions. There is only
one Best in Show award. The winner of this award will be
presented with $500 in VISA Gift Cards.
7. Group entries are limited to 8 people.
Electronic Gaming
Super Smash Bros Melee 1v1
Time: 5 PM Cost: $5
Super Smash Bros Brawl 2v2
Time: 5 PM Cost: $10
Smash Project M
Time: 1 PM Cost: $5
Super Smash Bros Brawl 1v1
Time: 1 PM Cost: $10
XBOX 360
XBOX 360
ULTRA Street Fighter IV
Time: 2 PM Cost: $5
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
Time: 5 PM Cost: FREE
King of Fighters XIII
Time: 1 PM Cost: $5
Gears of War 3
Time: 1 PM Cost: $5
Mario Kart Wii
Time: 1 PM Cost: FREE
Nintendo 3DS
Pokémon X & Y
Time: 2 PM Cost: FREE
Minecraft SPLEEF
Time: 3 PM Cost: FREE
Less time watching ads
means more time
watching anime.
Time: 3 PM Cost: $5
Halo 4
Time: 3 PM Cost: $5
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Time: 4 PM Cost: $5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Time: 5 PM Cost: $5
Time: 6 PM Cost: $5
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Time: 7 PM Cost: $5
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Time: 7 PM Cost: $5
All Console Game Tournaments are
located in the Gallery attached to
Hall A in the Convention Center.
Killer Instinct
Time: 5 PM Cost: $5
Craft Room
Located on the 2nd floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel
in Room Mission B.
Friday / Saturday
10 AM - 6 PM
10 AM - 4 PM
Skip the ads. Try Crunchyroll Premium free.
Located on the 3rd floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel
in Room Bonham E.
12 PM - 4:30 PM
10 AM - 4:30 PM
11 AM - 4 PM
Stream the largest HD anime collection without ads right after Japanese broadcast!
Now with unlimited manga.
Tabletop Tournaments
Sponsored by Heroes & Fantasies
2 PM / 4 PM / 6 PM
Cost: $10
Style: Battle Royale Gravity Feed Sealed Tournament
Recieve: 3 gravity feed boosters of your choice
3 PM / 5 PM
Cost: $15
Style: Constructed (50%/50% Sealed) 400pt
Recieve: 3 gravity feed boosters of your choice
Magic the Gathering
1 PM
Style: Standard Win-A-Box (Min. 8 player sign-up)
Cost: $15
4 PM
Style: Standard Win-A-Box (Min. 8 player sign-up)
Cost: $15
7 PM
Style: M15 Launch Sealed Tournament
Cost: $30
12 PM - 5 PM
Cost: $12
Style: Win-A-Mat
(Will start upon 8 player sign-up)
Receive: 3 Booster Packs Upon Entry
6 PM Cost: $5
Style: Advanced Format
Receive: Prizes based on # of Players
12:30 PM / 5 PM
Cost: $30
Style: Sealed 300PT
(Grand prize: Cyclops Phoenix Figure, The Serpent)
Magic the Gathering
12 PM / 2 PM / 4 PM / 7 PM
Style: M15 Launch Sealed Tournament Cost: $30
Receive: 3 Booster Packs Upon Entry at 12 PM game
1 PM / 3 PM / 5 PM / 7 PM
Style: Conspiracy 3-Pack Draft
Cost: $15
Receive: Four man pod free for all
11 AM - 1 PM / 5 PM - 9 PM
Cost: $12
Style: Win-A-Mat
(Min. 8 player sign-up)
Recieve: 3 Booster Packs Upon Entry
2 PM Cost: $5
Style: Advanced Format
(Table Top Mat Grand Prize
/ Mininum 20 Players)
Recieve: Astral pack upon entry
All card game tournaments will take place in the
back of Hall A in the Convention Center.
Magic the Gathering
1 PM / 2 PM
Cost: $10
Style: Battle Royale Gravity Feed Sealed
Receive: 3 gravity feed boosters of your choice
12 PM
Style: M15 Launch Sealed Tournament
Cost: $30
3 PM
Cost: $10
Style: Constructed 400pt
Receive: 3 gravity feed boosters of your choice
1 PM - 4 PM
Cost: $12
Style: Win-A-Mat
(Min. 8 player sign-up)
1 PM / 3 PM / 4 PM
Style: Conspiracy 3-Pack Draft
Cost: $15
Please reference convention schedule of events for
panel times and locations.
50lbs of Baggage
Conventions take place all over the world, and not everyone
is lucky enough to live within commuting distance. Road trips,
connecting flights, and extended stays; how to bring your
creations along.
All-Ages Panel
Anime Press Your Luck
The whammies are coming, the whammies are coming! It's
coming to me now; I see big bucks in your future! Can you beat
the whammy, or will he strike again and take more winnings back
to the warehouse?
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
A Gentleman's Duel Steampunk / Victorian
This class covers the culture, weapons, and skills of dueling and
self-defense with weapons from the Renaissance to Victorian
times. Rapiers, pistols, canes, fists, and more will be covered!
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Anime Zumba
Love to dance? Always wondered what Zumba was like? This
panel brings together popular and anime songs with dancing to
give you a new Zumba experience. So get ready to have fun and
All-Ages Panel
A History of Epic Anime and
Video Game Soundtracks
Do you have a favorite anime or video game music track that
you listen to over and over again? This panel is all about music in
anime and video games! We'll listen to hidden gems and popular
All-Ages Panel
Are you smarter than
Sheldon Cooper?
Based off of the popular game show, Are you smarter than a 5th
grader?, this panel will focus its questions and categories based
on the Comedy hit: The Big Bang Theory! Seasons 1-7.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
A story of the Postive Side
of video game playing
A story about how video games can be a positive influence, as
well as help you in your time of trouble.
All-Ages Panel
Asian Horror Movie Panel
Turn off the lights, it's time for a scary good time! Come to the
Asian Horror Panel to enjoy a movie and round table discussion
about the genre.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
All Cosplayers are Equal
Come meet 007 and PHG as they inform you about their site and
get your photo taken so YOU can be featured on All Cosplayers
are Equal!
All-Ages Panel
Assassin's Creed -- On and
Off the Console
Ezio can do pull-ups all day with 50 lbs of armor and weapons.
Hawks scream when he dives into hay stacks. We will look at knife
fighting, sword-fighting, and parkour -- aimed at training like Ezio.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
AMV Contest
Come see the entrants of this year's San Japan AMV contest! Our
judges will be screening the entries for your viewing pleasure,
and will also be determining the winners! Presented by Florida
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Atomic Daisy Underground
Pokémon League!
Battle your way through elite GYM leaders! Defeat them all to
receive the San Japan Pokemon Badge! Bring your Nintendo 3DS
plus Pokemon X/Y for the challenge!
All-Ages Panel
Anime Club Summit:
Program Planning, Campus
Involvement, & Best
Open to all members of collegiate anime clubs or anyone
interested in joining/starting one. In this panel groups will discuss
how they plan club programming and share their best practices.
All-Ages Panel
Bad Fanfiction Reading
Comedic readings of bad fan fictions(Provided by us, or requested
by audience). Audience chooses the voice of each character to be
read in and is welcomed to participate as well. (NC-17 Rated)
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Anime Club Summit:
Recruitment and
Open to any member of a collegiate anime club or anyone
interested in joining/starting one. This is a mediated discussion on
the best methods of recruiting membership and club fundraising.
All-Ages Panel
BJD Addicts
Are you into the BJD hobby? Ready for some reverse Q&A? Get
ready to have fun in this interactive panel where we ask some
prompt questions regarding the hobby! Step up and share your
All-Ages Panel
Anime Confessional
Have a confession about being a fan of anything? Want to hear
others confessions or share your own? Anime Confessional would
be perfect for you.
All-Ages Panel
BJD Basics
What is a BJD? A BJD is a ball jointed doll typically made in Asia
that you can customize to look like any character you want! If you
want to learn more about the basics this is your panel to visit.
All-Ages Panel
Animé Jeopardy
Anime Jeopardy is back! Test your knowledge in a Jeopardy-style
format for great prizes and fun! Audience members get involved
as well, so everyone has a chance to win something!
All-Ages Panel
Body and Fitness: Impact
For Good Cosplay
Want to lose weight, gain weight, or get Goku-ripped? We can
help get you started! We'll discuss fitness, nutrition, and bodyshaping towards specific goals and cosplays in mind.
All-Ages Panel
Anime Murder Mystery
A live Murder Mystery Game with a twist. Come and try to figure
out who is the murderer through clues and questions from the
audience, or sit back and watch the show.
All-Ages Panel
Body Paint with The Syrins
Learn how to body paint for any cosplay, whether it is for
homestuck, a dark elf, or for body art. Watch, learn and discuss
with others as we demonstrate the art of body paint.
All-Ages Panel
Panels Cont.
Body Types and Cosplay
Body type can be an important factor in choosing a character,
whether you share a body type with them or not. Learn about
different body types and how to manipulate them for your
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Classic J-Pop Vinyl Exhibit
Curious on what songs were the hits in Japan during the 60s,
70s and 80s? Wanna know the artists that predate the J-Pop you
know and love? Come and hear them all played on the original
vinyl records!
All-Ages Panel
Have a cosplay that you don't want to make from scratch? Look
no further! Join PMP as we discuss the varying methods of
altering thrift shop or closet clothing to fit your cosplay needs!
See you there!
All-Ages Panel
There's a few things new and old convention attendees should
need to know in order to enjoy a safe and full con weekend.
All-Ages Panel
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times -- we're here to
talk about the latter.
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Closet Cosplay: The Art of
Con Basics
Convention and Cosplay
Horror Stories
Cosplay 101
Cosplay: that one weird hobby where everyone dresses up in
funny clothes. Wanna know where to start? Members of Southern
Cospitality are here to help.
All-Ages Panel
Interactive chess game with cosplay performing as pieces. Also
new Battle Checkers! Faster and with MULTIKILLS! Bring your
energy and your gameface!
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Cosplay Dating Game
Come and watch your favorite characters take a shot at random
love! Who will they choose and who's heart will they break?
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Cosplay Horror Stories (17+)
In this possibly informative panel a group of veteran cosplayers
will share tales of horror from blood loss to burn wounds, all in
the name of cosplay. Fell free to bring your own stories too!
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Cosplay Modeling 101 - It's
all in the Presentation
Creating cosplay is hard enough! Let's make the presentation a
little bit easier with tips and tricks from a cosplay of 16 years on
how to pose for camera to show your best side from all sides!
All-Ages Panel
Cosplay Stencil Workshop
This workshop will teach you how to create a custom stencil and
use it to paint designs on fabric. This is a hands on demo, you get
to keep what you make!
All-Ages Panel
Cosplay Battle chess and
Cosplay Swap Meet
Got a retired cosplay or just some props, wigs, or extra materials
lying around? Why not meet with other cosplayers and trade
those unwanted cosplay items for something new?
All-Ages Panel
Cosplay's Evolving Place And
Influence In Their Society
A presentation and discussion about cosplay's place and influence
in society. We will explore its origins, definition(s), evolution and
All-Ages Panel
Cult Movies with
Unnecessary Commentary
In this panel we'll be watching clips from a wide variety of cult
classics, while simultaneously discussing the films in a way that
we hope will make you laugh
Discussions /
Material (17+)
D20 Girls Present: Blogging
for Conventions and Nerd
Have you ever wondered what it takes to blog or vlog about
conventions and all things geeky? Then take a seat and pull out
your wands, the D20 Girls of Texas will show you how its done!
All-Ages Panel
Dance Lessons by The Syrins
Learn exciting new dances such as hip hop, industrial, tecktonik,
shuffle and more! Everyone is welcome whether you have had
years of experience or your first time dancing!
All-Ages Panel
Dogs Cosplay 101
Your furry friend is more than just some prop, they're your
cosplay partner! Learn the first steps to making a cosplay
experience enjoyable for you and your four legged friend.
All-Ages Panel
Eternal Productions
presents a Supernatural fanmade Web Series
Eternal Productions is beginning a new YouTube web-series
inspired by the show Supernatural. We will be discussing how the
production company started off and how we'll go about filming
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Everyone is John LIVE - San
Japan Edition
In this competitive roleplaying game, players role play as voices
inside John's head and bid for control over John's body to
complete their obsessions. Performed live, who knows what will
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Everything You Wanted To
Know About Video Games
But Were Afraid To Ask
Are you a fan of video games & have questions about the
industry? Ask your burning questions to developers, YouTube
stars & members of the gaming press. Stick around for a chance
to win free games!
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
First Person Shooters: A
Retrospective History
Call of Duty, Titanfall, Battlefield... all of these names instantly
make you think shooter games. This panel will show you the
history of the genre and show you some notable and overlooked
games too!
Discussions /
Material (17+)
FtM Crossplay: Advanced
and In Depth
Feminine to Masculine crossplay, from head to toe. We
will discuss everything from binding to packing. Hosted by
an experienced drag king/crossplayer, includes in person
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Panels Cont.
FUNimation Industry
From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news and information
from North America’s largest anime distributor--FUNimation.
All-Ages Panel
Hetalia Quiz Show
Who will be crowned the ultimate fan of Hetalia this year? It
could be you! Come try and take part or watch contestants
compete to become San-Japan 2014's Ultimate Hetalia Fan!
All-Ages Panel
FUNimation Peep Show
Guaranteed to be a good time that's oh so NSFW. Watch some
jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation
titles. Don't forget to bring some tissues, you know, for the nose
Adult Content
/ Adult
Material (18+)
High Rollers
Come test your knowledge of trivia and your luck of dice in this
fast paced game that can quickly add up to tons of prizes if your
rolls are lucky and you don't strike out! It's High Rollers!
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
FUNimation Previews
Extended clips and trailers from FUNimation. Come see extended
clips and trailers for some of the hottest anime series from
All-Ages Panel
Hilarious Hentai Dubs
Experience the world of outrageously over-the-top adult anime
voice acting as we explore some of the most unintentionally
hilarious hentai dubs.
Adult Content
/ Adult
Material (18+)
FWE's Cosplay Improv
It's FWE's take on Whose Line where the points don't matter and
the content's filler just like an episode of DragonBall Z! Come join
us on stage as we act out crazy scenes with YOU, our audience!
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Hitbox presents: Cons
Against Humanity
Our British/Canadian guests Kieran Strange and Sarah Adams
bring on of their favorite games to San Japan in this epic 18+
panel! Come along and enjoy the ultimate party game for horrible
Adult Content
/ Adult
Material (18+)
FWE's Electronica Dance
Musical Chairs
You've heard of musical chairs before, well we put a new spin on
it were you have chance to pick the next song!!! This isn't your
regular musical chairs... we also have thrown trivia in as well!
All-Ages Panel
Hitbox presents: So You
Wanna Be A Famous
All-Ages Panel
FWE's Welcome to Game
COME ON DOWN!!! You might be the next contestant on one of
Florida Whammy's Game Shows this weekend! Swing on in as we
tell you what to expect this weekend! You might even win a prize
just for coming!
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Social media junkie Kieran Strange and renowned Canadian
cosplayer Sarah "Smare" Adams run you through some basic
cosplay tips and how to successfully get yourself out there onto
the world wide webz!
Horrible Fanfiction Theater
In this panel, we read aloud some of the worst fan fictions we've
come across on fanfiction.net Attendees are encouraged to bring
us bad fictions to read aloud as well.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Game of Thrones -- Get in a
George RR Martin was inspired by Tolkien, the War of the Roses,
Bernard Cornwell, etc. This class teaches you hands-on how real
15th century knights fought -- the basis for the GoT characters.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
How to Find Your Anime
All-Ages Panel
Gentle And Not So Gentle
Arts: Modern Martial Arts
And Japanese Culture
Did you know that one of Japan's best judo olympians based her
look on a manga character? That Japan got MMA ten years before
the UFC debuted? Ever wanted to know how to sort a legitimate
teacher form.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
This panel will help you find that anime you've always been
looking for, whether you’re a beginner or not. I will be showing
anime clips and discussing on helping you find that "perfect"
anime show.
How to Publish your Writing
as an E-Book
Have you written something that you would like to try to sell?
Self-published author Eduardo Soliz can show you how to sell
your book on Kindles and iPads and even Nooks!
All-Ages Panel
Group Cosplay 101
Sick of cosplaying alone and want to start a group? Well you've
come to the right place! Learn the ins and outs of running your
own group as well as how to deal with the dreaded group drama!
All-Ages Panel
How To Run a Fun and
Inviting Anime Club
All-Ages Panel
Hand Sewing 101 Workshop
Interested in having that perfect finish? Come get hands on
experience on how to add a variety of closures and finish a variety
of hand stitches for your next project.
All-Ages Panel
We've all heard horror stories, but gatherings of Anime and
Manga enthusiasts need not be terror they end up being. So
let's go over a few general rules to make your club more fun and
How to Run a Panel
Running a panel or an event at a convention is no walk in the
park, but not impossible! Come learn the basics of panels and
how to take the first steps of running your own.
All-Ages Panel
Panels Cont.
Inclusive Cosplay: The Art of
Adaptation and Accessibility
Cosplay is fun. Cosplay is entertaining. Cosplay is an art form. And
the best part is, anyone can do it! But as it grows in appeal, how
can we ensure that it remains open to everyone?
All-Ages Panel
Iron Artist 18+
Much like Iron Chef, iron artist puts artists of all levels on the spot
to show their stuff with random topics to draw.
Adult Content
/ Adult
Material (18+)
Iron Artist PG13
Much like Iron Chef, iron artist puts artists of all levels on the spot
to show their stuff with random topics to draw.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Japanese Folktales
A reading of various Japanese Folktales.
All-Ages Panel
Japanese Street Fashion
Come learn about all of the various current Japanese street
fashions, their origins, and how to get started in those fashions!
From Gyaru to Shiro-nuri, come learn about all of the hot
All-Ages Panel
Japanese Weapons: Fact
and Fiction
The full range of Japanese fighting arts goes far beyond what
you see in film. This panel will show the variety of fighting styles
possible with a katana, as well as several other weapons.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
JoJo's Bizarre Panel
One of the longest running and most iconic manga (and now
anime) series in the industry has something of a cult following in
the US. Come see what all the hype is about and learn about the
All-Ages Panel
Judge an Anime by it`s
Are you good at figuring out plotlines in anime? Can you figure
out a story by the cover? Just try and guess these title-less covers
as if you have seen them in a game show format.
All-Ages Panel
K-Pop Karaoke & Dance
K-pop Karaoke & Dance is just like regular karaoke but catered
to the ever growing Kpop fandom. Participants will be given the
chance to sing their favorite kpop song or just dance along if they
All-Ages Panel
Katara's Relaxation Yoga
Ever feel tired at a Convention after the 1st day? With a 50 minute
session of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation, w/ Katara, you'll
be re-energized again because even a 10 min meditation = 30 min
All-Ages Panel
Khet 2.0- The Laser Game is a board game similar to chess, but
with an Egyptian theme, and played using real lasers and mirrors!
All-Ages Panel
Khet 2.0- The Laser
Game: San Antonio City
K-pop: Do Games Idol Style
Come and join us to play K-Pop Variety Games! Come test your
knowledge of K-pop to win anything from a sticker, bracelet,
korean food, or even a bigger prize like a album or poster!
All-Ages Panel
Learn MikuMikuDance! Your
Chance to Make Videos
Instead of Watching Them
MikuMikuDance is free animation software used to make
Vocaloid/Touhou videos seen on YouTube and NicoNicoDouga.
Attendees will learn the basics of downloading and using this
wonderful software.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Let's Dance!! with Asian Pop
We are the Asian Pop Society, based out of San Antonio College
and specializing in Japanese and Korean pop dances. Come out
and watch us perform--then, come learn to dance right along with
All-Ages Panel
Let's Dance!
If you are the type of person who likes to watch dance covers on
the interwebz and definitely do some dancing of your own, come
dance with us! Bring your favorite J-pop/K-pop songs and let's
All-Ages Panel
LGBT themes in Anime and
Returning from last year, this panel will discuss LGBT-relevant
themes, characters, and series from Japan. Everyone is
encouraged to attend, regardless if you are or are not LGBT
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Light Saber Demonstrations
Dueling Forms and Styles
Lightsaber Demonstrations: Dueling Forms and Styles. Enjoy
demonstrations of light saber dueling presented by the Knights
of the Alamo (KOTA). Discuss saber types as well as the forms and
styles used
All-Ages Panel
Lolita Fashion Show
A Lolita Fashion Show, displaying some of the most iconic
substyles of lolita in a runway-style event. Come see our
magnificent display of frills, bows and petticoats!
All-Ages Panel
Lolita Fashion Swap Meet
Have some Lolita or other J fashion items that don't quite fit?
Want to try a different style but have too much of the same?
Bring your unwanted J Fashion items for bartering and trading
All-Ages Panel
Lolita Meet Up
Come join San Antonio Lolitas for a fun meet! Activities include:
guests voted best dressed contest, fun filled games with prizes,
and a Lolita fashion trivia.
All-Ages Panel
Make Your Own Visual
Novels With Ren'Py!
Have you ever wanted to make your own Visual Novels, but have
little to no programming skill? Let me introduce you to a simple
(and FREE) development kit intended for creators of any skill
All-Ages Panel
Makeup Fit for a Queen:
For all your Cosplay and
Crossplay Needs
If makeup isn't your forte then join us as we cover the basics
of highlighting and contouring to help make a face look more
masculine or feminine for your cosplay and crossplay needs.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Panels Cont.
Pony Character Analysis
You can tell a lot about Pinkie Pie just from looking at her, the
same can be said of nearly all the ponies, but why is that?
Let’s discuss it, and maybe find out which pony has the best
All-Ages Panel
Two Individuals or Teams do battle against each other in an
epic posing contest to see who is the most superior in the art of
stance! Who will be the one master of posing to rule them all?!
All-Ages Panel
Princess Cosplay: Hoopskirts
and More! Practicality,
Accuracy, and Poise.
Princesses have the most complex and challenging oufits known
to cosplay-kind. So this panel will teach you how to: choose/make
your dress, wear a hoopskirt, complete the look and act royal.
All-Ages Panel
Prop and Armor Building
101: Building the Dream
Basic Armor and prop building from a seasoned veteran!
Learn tips and tricks to concur even the trickiest and biggest
of props!"
All-Ages Panel
Psychology of Nerdery:
Conformity and Delusion
Looking into the nerd brain and how it relates to psychology.
Focus on the effects of social media, obsession, and grouppromotion of deviant behavior. Or, how being a weeaboo is bad
for you.
All-Ages Panel
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Retro Arcade Machine! Let's
get started in building one!
Want your very own arcade machine, but don't know where to
start? Come on down here and I will provide tips and instructions
to get you started, whether you want to build one or buy a whole
All-Ages Panel
Think you know video games? Prove it. Players will be randomly
selected to compete for free games by showcasing their video
game knowledge. Audience members can also participate and win
free games!
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
San Antonio Texas Lolita
presents: J-FASHION SHOW
San Antonio Texas Lolitas presents a fashion show extravaganza!
Showcasing lolita, fairy kei, and street fashion from Japan!
All-Ages Panel
Otaku Acoustic
Listen to renditions of your favorite songs while you explore all
that the con has to offer by this nerdy/geeky cover band.
All-Ages Panel
San Japun: An Impromptu
Comedy Show
In this pun-themed comedy show we will be sharing stories
and life with the soul purpose of making you laugh and groan.
Audience participation is encouraged, but not required.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Philosophy in Anime
For a medium that is mostly known for giant robots, anime sure
touches on a lot of quite deep themes. So, let's expand a little;
let's experiment with thought.
All-Ages Panel
Secret Mysteries of Life and
Fan Films
Want to produce your own fan films? Join us as we debunk
the myths and state the facts to help you along the road of
All-Ages Panel
Poké-Battle LIVE
Teams of one trainer and one cosplay Pokemon role-play battle
against each other in a life size arena. This is based off the show,
not the game, and we duel until there is one champion team!
All-Ages Panel
Seven Samurai and
Beyond: The Works of Akira
Join Vitamin H as we explore the career of Japan's first visionary
director and the samurai, delinquents, and dreams that continue
to inspire filmmakers around the world even today.
All-Ages Panel
Poké-Battle LIVE (Jr.
Teams of one trainer and one cosplay Pokémon role-play battle
against each other in a life size arena. This is based off the show,
not the game, and we duel until there is one champion team!
All-Ages Panel
Sewing for Beginners (And
We Mean Beginners)
Ever wanted to learn how to hand sew? Or learn the basics of a
sewing machine? Have we got the panel for you! Come join PMP
as we discuss the basics of sewing for beginners!
All-Ages Panel
Pokémon Movie Live Riffing
Nothing is sacred, not Pikachu, not the healing tears of friendship.
Sit down and air out your pokeballs as your childhood is
destroyed in this live comedic riffing of The Pokémon Movie.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Silent Hill 101
Fan of the Silent Hill series? Ever wondered what the hype is
about? Come put those questions to rest, at the Silent Hill 101
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Masquerade Ballroom
Dance Lessons
Wanting to learn how to dance in a ballroom setting, or are you
wanting to learn dances for the masquerade at San Japan? This
panel has it; Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Mambo, and Swing.
All-Ages Panel
MtF Crossplay: Advanced
and In-Depth
Sister panel to FtM Crossplay, we will cover the masculine to
feminine transformation from wig to heel for cosplayers. Will
include makeup, padding, wigs, and more, and an in person
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Nerdcore Comedy
Stand-Up comedy for the nerd and nerd at heart! Award winning
comics perform their geek-centric humor for their third San
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Not-So-Creepy Pasta With
Hyper realistic blood on an NES game!? ? 90's childhood suicide.
avi ….Wait WHAT!? Yup.exe, lets comedically read and dissect the
cliched creepypasta stories which take a complete turn away from
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
OBJECTION! Ace Attorney
Join Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Dick Gumshoe, and Missile
for mock trials, quizzes, prizes, and more!
All-Ages Panel
OC's, Mary Sues, and
Cliches- Oh My!
Do you like making original characters? Did you ever want to learn
how to make a great fan character? Join your hosts and their
mascot, Bob the Necromancer, as we show you all the tips of
making OC's!
OriginalGamer.com Presents
Video Game Jeopardy!
Panels Cont.
The $100,000 Pyramid
Do you think you can guess a subject based on clues a partner
or stranger give you and climb the $100,000 Pyramid? Can you
beat our Mystery 7? Come find out and win some cool prizes on
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
The Art of Cosplay
Seamstresses, commission artists, prop builders, cosplayers and
photographers. With so many contributions to the cosplay world,
it's good to show appreciation for every facet of the hobby.
All-Ages Panel
All-Ages Panel
The Bancast Live at San
Japan: Foreign Objects
The Bancast is back for the fourth year, Join Fred, Levi,
Mike, PsyGuy, and Little Kuriboh for ridiculous chatter about
hypothetical situations and embarrassing memories.
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Join the Dangan Ronpa cast in an interactive investigation and
trial! You cast judgment and must decide on who you think the
culprit is. The fate of the characters is in your hands!
All-Ages Panel
The Extraordinary
Adventures of Baron
Munchausen: the CrowdSourced RPG
Join comedian Uncle Yo in the competitive story-telling RPG
"Baron Munchausen," where your greatest tale of adventure may
be altered by any of your fellow barons.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Supernatural Slumber Party
3: No Rest for the Wicked
A fun party for angels, demons, monsters and hunters to
play traditional human party games and watch episodes of
Supernatural :)
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
The K-pop Variety Games
With audience participation you can play games that are often
seen on popular Korean variety show. Test your K-pop knowledge,
win prizes and make new friends all here at the K-pop Variety
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
SuperWhoLock Fan Panel
Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock all in one panel?!
Games with prizes and Q&A, this is an event that's fun for
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
The Nerding Instinct
Podcast- San Japan edition!
The first live appearance of the Nerding Instinct Podcast! Join
Mike Brown, Myke Hritz, and Bonnie Hritz, your Nerd Who Say NI,
as we fly our geek flags and united the Geek Tribes.
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Surviving a Mecha Attack
Uncle Yo presents this parody of public safety announcements is
meant to prepare YOU, the average Joe, for the inevitable, real life
threat of giant, fictitious robots.
All-Ages Panel
The Twisted Horror of Junji
Welcome to the world…or, rather, worlds of Japan’s most darkly
inventive and disturbing mangaka. From fish that walk on rusted
legs to girls who never die, the madness is sure to consume you.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Swap Meet
Bring anything you want to trade for new items. No cash or
currency trades allowed, only item for item.
All-Ages Panel
RANGERS: An Intro to
Tokusatsu is a diverse genre of filmmaking that was never truly
done justice in its imports to America. We'd like to show you
some highlights of the genre and some starting points for getting
into it.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Takashi Miike Bites The
Yakuza. Violence. Madness. Sing-a-longs? Come see a few of the
many faces of Japan's mad dog director, who's made everything
from Ichi The Killer to the Phoenix Wright movie.
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Too Good to be Through
Don't keep that old cosplay in the closet or throw that old wig
away. There's so much you can do with recycling old cosplays!
Come learn a few nifty ways how.
All-Ages Panel
Taking an Aesthetic
approach to video games
Did you ever play a game that had visual that stuck with you,
perhaps independent of the graphical quality? This was likely
because of aesthetics, lets discuss aesthetics and video games.
All-Ages Panel
Toons that Go Bump in the
A look at the darker side of anime, showcasing everything from
gothic gloom to high-octane thrillers, from traditional yokai to
eldritch alien horrors. Prepare to be scared.
Discussions /
Material (17+)
Tastefully Risque
Discuss how to appropriately dress sexy/classy, what to
wear at the dance, making your cosplay acceptable in a
conservative environment, attendee etiquette, personal
boondaries and prejudices
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Transformative Theatrical
Makeup and Cosplay
A panel for those who are looking to take their cosplaying to that
next level by learning theatrical and SFX makeup techniques to
transform themselves from a person to a character.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Our panel addresses the film and television genre from Japan
known as tokusatsu. The 1954 release of Godzilla gave the world
tokusatsu, and we're entering it's 60th year.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Uncle Yo Presents HP
Lovecraft: Legacy of
Author HP Lovecraft created the C'thulu Mythos and laid the
grounds for generations of American sci-fi, horror, board games,
and films. Uncle Yo invites you to learn about his life, works, and
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Sketching the Human Form:
From Cutesy to Comics
Call your style what you want to, but there are basic rules to
drawing the human form. This panel will demonstrate how to
approach proportion and faces in western comic art & various
anime styles.
All-Ages Panel
Star Wars: Past, Present and
A Star Wars presentation and discussion on the phenomena's
past, present and future in all its forms. We will explore the
encompassing aspects of the movies, the books, and the games.
All-Ages Panel
Steampunk: Victorian Style
and Beyond
Steampunk is a constantly growing culture, taking in anyone
who's willing to listen. With the proper know-how, we hope to
expand the culture beyond the popular Victorian style. The sky's
the limit!
Super High School-Level
Teach Me How To Toku
Panels Cont.
Uncle Yo's Magical Girl
Are you man enough to put on a skirt and fight the forces of
darkness?! Of course you are! Join Uncle Yo in this breakdown of
the training and legacy of the few, the proud, the glittered.
All-Ages Panel
Uncle Yo's Stand-up Comedy
for Geeks
Uncle Yo, the Otaku comedian premieres at San Japan to redefine
the American fan. When conventions become Tumblr: the LARP,
this funny man is ready to put your fandom to the test.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Welcome to Gensokyo
An introduction to the Touhou Project series and its community.
We will discuss topics including the series’ history, points of
appeal, doujinshi circles and the impact of the fandom.
All-Ages Panel
Welcome to the Velvet
A Velvet Room and Persona Arena are here for eager contestants
to try their luck and skill. Discover your Persona. Seek your true
power. Fulfill your destiny.
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Who Wants to be a
Do you have what it takes to answer 15 increasingly difficult
questions and become our first ever Otaku Millionaire?! We've
got questions ranging from SAO to 4chan, so Who Wants to Be a
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Who Wants to Be an Otaku?
Welcome to Who Wants to Be an Otaku?!, the animé trivia game
based on the popular "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"! The
more tiers you reach, the bigger the prize you get! Audience can
win too!
All-Ages Panel
Whose Line Is It Anime?
A comedy improv show based on television’s “Whose Line Is It
Anyway?”. Contestants who wish to participate are given a slew of
fandom-themed scenarios to act out in as hilarious a manner as
Adult Content
/ Adult
Material (18+)
Wigs for Beginners
New to Cosplay? Don't know a wig cap from a wig head? No
problem! Let us help you out. Join us as we go over the basics
of wigs and wig care in this beginners panel over the care and
keeping of wigs.
All-Ages Panel
WTF: What The Film?
Think you know just how weird Japanese cinema can be? Join
us as we show you some our favorite films that make you go "...
Huh?" (13+)
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
WTNV Listening Panel
Citizens are welcomed to join us and listen to Night Vale's past
radio broadcasts. We're even offering special prizes for those with
good memories of the show. Unless you've been re-educated
PG-13 Rated
Discussions /
Material (13+)
Manga Library
Located in Room 101 in the Convention Center.
Sponsored by the SAPL. 210 Teen Services
Friday / Saturday
10 AM - 6 PM
10 AM - 4 PM
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Voice Over Guests
Matthew Mercer is a Los Angeles-based actor/voice actor known primarily for
his roles in animation and video games.
His extensive training in theater, improv, and being a life-long hardcore gamer
helped prepare him for such projects and characters as Leon Kennedy in
Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Damnation, Captain Levi in Attack on Titan,
Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero, Gundahar in KNACK, Anarky in Batman: Arkham
Origins, Alvin in Tales of Xillia, Sinbad in Magi, Kuroh Yatogami in K, Rexxar in
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Iron Man/Tony Stark in Iron Man: Rise of
Technovore, Walter in Shin Megami Tensei IV, Rihan Nura in Nura: Rise of the
Yokai Clan, Tygra in Cartoon Network’s Thundercats, Chrom in Fire Emblem:
Awakening, Reapmon/Beelzemon in Digimon Fusion, and many other projects
you are welcome to look up online.
Lisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz’s career as a voice over artist began under the shroud of an
attempted auto larceny gone awry. Luckily for her, and for her sibling the
perpetrator in question, the car battery died. (No seriously, my brother
tried to steal my car. That’s how I got into anime. Just ask me. I’ll tell you.).
Most famous for her role as Lina Inverse (which she reprised for Slayers
Evolution), and Amy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog. She began her career as the
high elf Deedlit in Record of Lodoss War and since then she has gone on to
record dozens of anime, series, audiobooks, video games, and films as well
as eventually moving behind the microphone as a Producer, Director and
Adapter. Her work has appeared in Film festivals as well as on television, and
she can currently be heard as Oshawott in Pokemon Black and White, Anna in
Berserk, Cabiria/ Miki in Angel’s Friends, as well as a bunch of upcoming video
games she will hopefully be able to talk about soon (fingers crossed).
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is a voice over actress, writer, singer and director.
As an actress, she portrayed “Major Motoko Kusanagi” in Ghost In The Shell
Innocence, Solid State Society and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
for which she won the American Anime Award for Best Actress. She will also
be voicing the “Female Crusader” in the Diablo III Expansion. You can also
hear her as “Abagail Brand” in The Avengers, “Sei” in Alpha Protocol and
“Nora” in Final Fantasy XIII. Some of her other popular roles are “Cornelia”
in Code Geas, “Kurenai” from Naruto, “Julia” from Cowboy Bebop, “Helba”
and “Bordeau” from .hack, “Jagura” from Wolf’s Rain and “Caroline” from
Vampire Hunter D.
As a director, Mary Elizabeth has been directing Naruto for almost 8 years for
which she received the 2008 SPJA award for best director. She is currently
directing Penn Zero Part Time Hero for Disney XD, Tenkai Knights for Cartoon
Network and Digimon Fusion for Nickelodeon. She also directed Norman
Reedus in Iron Man: Rise of the Technovores for Marvel as well as Blade and
X-Men. She directed the original series Boing and Wild Animal Babies. Mary
Elizabeth co directed Marvel’s Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men and Blade for G4.
She has directed the 4 Naruto Movies as well as Stitch!, Cowboy Bebop the
series, Cowbovy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Wolf’s Rain, Digimon
seasons 3 and 4, the movie Appleseed and was a co-writer for the American
adaptation of Metropolis. She also directed the original animated series
Gormiti Lords of Nature for Cartoon Network.
Mary Elizabeth has had the great honor of singing the music of Akira
Yamaoka for the movies Julia X and Silent Hill as well as the games: Shadows
of the Damned, Silent Hill 3, 4, 5, Origins, Downpour, Silent Hill: Shattered
Memories which she co-directed as well as Book of Memories and the rerelease of Silent Hill 2/3 which she directed.
For the gaming world she directed Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Perlman
as well as the rest of the original cast in the Afro Samurai game. She also
directed the entire cast of iCarly for their interactive game. Mary Elizabeth
has directed the voice work for Soul Calibur Legends, Resident Evil: Umbrella
Chronicles, Devil May Cry 3, 3.5 and 4, Spyhunter, the Naruto Clash of Ninja
and Ultimate Ninja series, as well being second director for Kung Fu Panda.
Voice Over Guests Cont.
Music Guests
Lauren Landa
Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Lauren first began acting at the age of 11 in the stage
Kieran Strange
production of Annie, and continued with shows including; Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella,
Kieran Strange is a quirky, dynamic young artist blending pop sensibilities, edgy guitars, and
Bye Bye Birdie, Comic Potential. As well as being Assistant Director for stage productions such
as: Stephen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along, Batboy the Musical, as well as the Greek comedy,
Within that world behind the Mic: she is most known for roles such as the ninja beauty, Kasumi
in “Dead or Alive 5, The sexy Litchi Faye Ling in the popular fighting games “BlazBlue: Calamity
Trigger” as well as the sequels “BlazBlue: Continuum Shift”, and “Continuum Shift Extend”,
“Chrono Phantasma“, The badass Kyoko Sakura in “Madoka Magica”, The enthusiastic Yan Leixia
in “Soul Calibur V”, the deadly Little Queen in “Tales of Graces”, The valley girl racer in pink,
Boiboi in “REDLINE”, The adorable zombie Squigly in “Skullgirls“, Kind hearted Leia in “Tales of
Xillia“, the innocent Chubo Sonken in “Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians and most recently, The quiet
and even more badass Annie Leonhardt in the hit Anime series “Attack on Titan“!
She has had several roles in anime and video games such as: Leeza, (Blazing Souls Accelate), Arf
and Chrono Harlaown (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/ A’s), Kirche Van Zerbst, (Familiar Of Zero)
Aegil, Cotton, Sasha (Rondo of Swords), Lila (Summon Night Twin Age), Rina (Luminous Arc 2),
Yoko (Sakichi Satô’s Tokyo Zombie) Sy-Fy channel’s anime addition (Monster) and more!
synthesized electronic sounds into her own personal brand of British nerd-rock. She left her
parents, family, and small fishing village in southern England at the tender age of seventeen in
order to follow her heart and chase her dreams of making music, all the while singing about girl
crushes, zombies, and video games.
Bullied viciously at school for her social awkwardness and geeky hobbies, Kieran found the
strength to channel her eccentric personality into her music and art. She fully embraces who she
is and has been a pillar of strength for many of her fans to do the same, promoting self-worth and
self-confidence, and encouraging them to follow their dreams just as she has done.
As she stands firmly as a voice for the different and discarded, very open about her support
of autism and mental health awareness, Kieran’s die-hard fans have coined themselves the
#Strangers and have already made their mark on the world by voting Miss Strange a final ballot
nominee in the Shorty Awards (Twitter and social media) three years running. Nerds, geeks,
gamers, costuming addicts, fantasy fans and many more have counted themselves a member of
the #Strangers’ ranks, and their numbers span right across the globe.
When she isn’t rocking the stage, solo or with her band, Kieran can usually be found up to her
elbows in fabric and latex weaponry, enjoying her hobbies of crafting and costuming. She’s a self-
Chris Ayres
proclaimed ‘crazy cat mum’, and laughs at her own addiction to Dungeons & Dragons and other
Christopher Ayres has been working professionally in theatre, television and film since the age
roleplaying games. She has recently been delving into another childhood dream and is working on
of 6. His work has been seen Regionally, Nationally and on Broadway. He currently works as a
voice actor for Sentai Film Works and FUNIMATION Entertainment. Chris has also worked as an
developing her first online retro-style video game. She also enjoys Youtubing and cosplaying with
fellow musician Sarah Adams via their geek-centric lifestyle blog, Hitbox.
A.D.R. Director for ADV FILMS, and Amusement Park Media, and is currently directing for Sentai
Film Works. As an A.D.R. Director his credits include: EF~A TALE OF MEMORIES, EF~ A TALE OF
MAGIKANO, MERMAID MELODY PITCHI PITCHI PITCH and he served as co-director with Matt
Greenfield on THE WALL FLOWER. He has also served as ADR writer on many of those shows as
well as the soon to be released DREAM EATER MERRY.
Some of the roles as a voice actor Chris is best known for are Kei Kourono in Gantz, Frieza in
Dragon Ball Z Kai, Arthur in Tears to Tiara, Suitengu in Speed Grapher, The Covenant Commander
in Halo: Legends, Von Kampfer in Trinity Blood, Hayashimizu in Full Metal Panic? Fummofu, Prince
Soma in Black Butler, Yaminami in Peacmaker, Takada Shingin in Sengoku Basara, DJ Plugman in
Air Gear and Sid in Devil May Cry. His voice can also be heard in Elfin Lied, Golgo 13, Claymore,
Godanner, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Diamond Daydreams and Fairy Tale to name a few.
He can also be heard as the villain Wagram in the Square Enix video game The Last Remnant.
Chris also works as a professional fight director and has enjoyed bringing his workshop ‘Mock
Combat for Cosplay’ to many conventions. You can learn more about Chris by visiting his website
Powerglove is an instrumental heavy metal band from Arlington, Massachusetts that performs
remixes of video game, cartoon, and movie theme music. They currently have three releases, the
EP entitled “Total Pwnage,” the full-length “Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man” and their most
recent US album “Saturday Morning Apocalypse”.
Powerglove released a Japan-only album entitled “TV Game Metal”, featuring remixed and
re-recorded versions of their older songs through Marquee/Avalon Records in 2012. They will
be recording their next full-length album, which will return to their video game cover roots to
be released in 2013. Powerglove is predominately influenced by European and Japanese power
metal bands, but uses many elements from death metal, black metal and thrash.
Though the band is instrumental they have recently collaborated with Sonata Arctica vocalist
Tony Kakko on two songs. The band’s name comes from the name of a Nintendo product which
was worn as a glove to control video games.
Music Guests Cont.
David “Docjazz4” Ramos
Akira Yamaoka
Mr. Yamaoka joined Konami on September 21, 1993, after previously being
a freelance music composer. He is most well known for his work for the
Silent Hill series of video games for which he composed the music and sound
effects in most Silent Hill series. His use of non-traditional instruments,
atonal minimalism, and sudden changes in volume and tempo were
highly influential in the development of the original game and lead to him
becoming the main producer on the series with Silent Hill 3. Despite his
enhanced role in Silent Hill 3, as well as Silent Hill 4: The Room, he continued
to compose the musical score and design the audio for the series. Akira
Yamaoka continues developing the remaining Origins, Homecoming and
Shattered Memories games.
Yamaoka’s sound commonly contains strong melancholy undertones and
generally identifies with the dark ambient, industrial, trip-hop and rock
genres. Since Silent Hill 3, he also started working in collaboration with Mary
Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa for vocal compositions.
David was introduced to the Ocarina through the 1998 N64 classic, “The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. Since receiving his first Ocarina back in
2000, David has gained a large online following with over 40,000,000 video
views on Youtube.
With a collection of over 100 ocarinas from the last 150 years, David enjoys
educating the public on the history and development of the ocarina, as well
as teaching his ocarina students how to make the most of their flutes and
music education.
In 2009, David initiated the first major US Ocarina Gathering, held in Seattle,
WA. It was hosted by Sandi and Richard Schmidt of Clayzeness Whistleworks
and sponsored by Songbird Ocarinas and SMule Inc. He also attended
the 2011 Ocarina Festival in Budrio, Italy and hopes to bring a similar
international festival to the United States in the next 5 years.
His first full-length studio album, “Leave Luck to Heaven” is now available on
iTunes and Loudr.fm, with a physical CD available at docjazz4.com
Much of his work from previous titles has been compiled for the 2006 Silent
Hill movie adaptation, directed by Christophe Gans.
His music from Silent Hill 2 was performed live in 2005 at the third
Symphonic Game Music Concert in Leipzig, Germany. Yamaoka also
performed music from Silent Hill at the world-premiere of Play! A Video
Game Symphony on , 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, and accompanied the
orchestra with an electric seven-string guitar. He also composed songs for
KONAMI’s Bemani series, which has also featured tracks from Silent Hill.
His first original album, iFUTURELIST, was released in January 2006. He also
wrote the theme of 101%, the main show of the French TV channel Nolife.
His later works expanded outside the gaming world, such as the TV Drama
“Meitantei-no-Okite”, Silent Hill live action film and other Hollywood films.
A big thanks to Saboten-Con for making this possible.
The Silent Hill Band
Akira Yamaoka, the composer of the first seven Silent Hill video games,
Shadows Of The Damned, Lollipop Chainsaw, will be performing in The Silent
Hill Band.
The remaining line-up of the band features vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn,
a longtime regular on Silent Hill soundtracks. Drums are to be performed by
Israel Ulloa.
Special Guests
Fashion and Art Guests
Angelic Pretty USA + Harajuku Hearts
Martin Billany
Founded in 1979, Angelic Pretty has been a constant presence for years
with fifteen stores total Japan, and San Francisco. As a brand known for
it’s characteristic “Pop & Cute” style reminiscent of the princess in every
girl, Angelic Pretty’s collections and designs have quickly become a favorite
among enthusiasts even outside of Japan.
Martin Billany, better known by his screen name LittleKuriboh (or
Card Games FTW), is the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, a parody
of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, and was the first to make an abridged series. Martin
is considered the godfather of the abridged age. He has thus far produced
no less than 60 episodes, a spinoff, a prequel, a christmas special and two
movies, creating a cultural phenomenon in the anime world. In addition to
playing nearly every character in his own series, he has made cameos in the
Death Note, Naruto, Sonic X, Trinity Blood, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist
and Sailor Moon abridged series.
HamletMachine is a webcomic artist from NYC who likes robots and
Shakespeare. Their comic, Starfighter, is a sci-fi adult webcomic about
a Navigator, Abel, who becomes romantically involved with his new,
intimidating Fighter, Cain, during their mission to confront the alien threat
facing their world. The webcomic contains graphic sexual visuals, sci-fi
themes, and a distinct, striking art style that has made it globally popular.
Team Four Star
Team Four Star is a fan-based parody group, conceived in 2008 by Scott
Frerichs, Nick Landis,Curtis Arnott, and Lawrence Simpson. It’s main
production, DragonBall Z Abridged, started humbly. Over five years, several
conventions, and nearly a million subscribers on Youtube, they have found
themselves humbled and excited at what the future holds. With no signs of
stopping and aspirations high, they’re all excited for the future and hope to
continue to grow, produce, and explore a medium that has brought them,
and many of the followers, joy.
Amelie Belcher
Mr. CreepyPasta
Amelie “Ami-Chan” Belcher was born in Baton-Bloody-Boring-Rouge
Louisiana where the combination of chemical plant fumes and river water
did major damage to her fragile little mind at an early age. By all accounts,
she started drawing at the age of five (when she figured out that the pencil
goes on the paper and not up your nose) and didn’t stop drawing until she
ran out of paper…twenty years later. She is the artist behind the manga
“Loud Snow” and the web comics “the real life adventures of Ami-chan” and
more recently ”Bounty Haunters”. She now travels the country selling her
award winning art, doing one of a kind commissions for con goers, giving the
best panels on earth, and being paid tribute to by her army of fans known as
the “Ami Army”.
MrCreepyPasta is the well known figure from Youtube who spends each
week telling internet micro-fiction stories known as creepy pasta. With
nearly 500,000 subscribers and 500 individual stories of spine tingling horror,
he’s rocketed to his status with incredible speed.
Joining him for the darkest and scariest of panels during this San Japan are
CreepyPastaJr and MissShadowLovely known for their videos of SCP files and
involvement in the creepy pasta community
Featured Guests
Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer
Florida Whammy Entertainment
From Otakon to Anime Expo, Karl “Uncle Yo” Custer teleports conventions,
performing his unique brand of geek-specific stand-up comedy. Panel
leader, Cosplay Masquerade MC, playwright, puppeteer and podcaster,
Yo goes where he is needed to celebrate fandoms, welcome newcomers,
and promote equality. You can hear him voice every dog and trainer in the
Android game “Top Dog: Lucky’s Charm.” He is the self-published author of
“The Anime Convention Survival Guide” as a single on Amazon as well as
the roast of the 1996 Doctor Who movie starring the 8th Doctor on iTunes.
His latest puppet-based fantasy comedy series, “Dungeon Crawlers,” is
premiering this year on Youtube.
Formed in 2008 under the name “The Game Show Gurus”, Florida Whammy
Entertainment is a not-for-profit professional organization that designs,
creates, operates, and performs various interactive entertainment events for
Every Monday his podcast, “We are the Geek” tackles current issues within
fandoms, reviews shows and features up-and-coming fan-lebrities as Yo. His
two latest albums, Ecto-Kitt-Lorean and Matching Hair Clips are ready for
download at Amazon and iTunes.
His web work can be viewed with cameo on several Nostalgia Critic reviews,
including starring in the 5th Anniversary short for Thatguywiththeglasses.
com, DragonBored. Yo was also featured on SchnozMan and Hole Punch as
florist sociopath and super-villain, Jeff Regean.
Sleeping Samurai
Sleeping Samurai, founded in 2007, brings Interactive Entertainment to
conventions across the country. Event attendees participate in foam weapon
battles, tournaments, instructional panels, training sessions and more.
We sell handmade foam weapons created by our staff – made to simulate
historically accurate, Asian-inspired weapons. Custom & Fantasy weapon
orders available!
Fred “Trunks” Wood
Fred “Trunks” Wood is an artist, game developer, and web personality. In
2004 he co-founded the Webcomic “The Wild Adventures of Trunks & Soto”,
following it up in 2010 with “Sure to be Ban’D”. Now he’s joined by two of
his best friends (Levi Southerlan and Michael DeVillar) “every” week for the
podcast, The Bancast, which has done 3 live shows here at San Japan, and
doing their fourth this year. Fred also recently released his first commercially
successful game “Love” on the PC gaming service Steam. He’s also the
creator of the most ridiculous invention of all time, the Mini Flipping Table.
Specializing in Game Shows, their highly experienced team of programmers,
artists, animators, writers, hosts, announcers, production assistants,
researchers and producers have created and developed shows and
programming for a number of regionally and nationally known fan
conventions and events focusing and specializing in a variety of genres in
popular culture, Japanese culture, Otaku culture, and other various cultures
and fandoms.
Florida Whammy Entertainment has been producing panels and shows
across Florida and the southern and eastern US for the past 7 years! With
that much experience, there hardly isn’t a thing that FWE hasn’t done or is
certainly planning to do in the near future!
FWE is led by a supervisory Board of Directors which consists of currently 5
people who are in charge of 3 divisions within the team. FWE is also backed
by a support team of over 20 individuals who lend their time and talent to
helping FWE achieve its mission statement of bringing quality game shows to
conventions across the country.
Florida Whammy Entertainment strives to provide an entertainment
experience that will leave participants and audience members with a lasting
impression on both FWE and the host convention/venue/show that they are
at, and is proud to have been a part of this community for a long time, and
hopes to be hosting game shows and other interactive entertainment for a
long time to come!!
These are the DJs performing at our Electronic Dance on Friday and Saturday
night at San Japan 7 (12a-4a, Lone Star Ballroom, 2nd Floor, Grand Hyatt):
• DJ Simstim - soundcloud.com/djsimstim
• DJ Void - facebook.com/jasonvoid
• Espre - espremusic.com
• Apex Predicate - soundcloud.com/apex-predicate
• Arc Angel / AJ Osborne - area512ent.com | VJ +10hp
Special Thanks
Dave “Proz” Henkin
Main Convention Chairman
Jackie Naehrig
Artist Alley Coordinator
Jason “Jay” Perez
Events Director / Co-Chairman
Emma Glover
Cosplay Coordinator
Lauren “Shewolf” Heacker
HR Director
S. David Ramirez
Community Relations Director
Matt “Comter” Zeisler
regIT, LLC
Registration Contact
Adrian “Bear” Padilla
Amir Small
Dealer Room Liaison
Ken Wallen
Guest Relations Director
“Tall” Chris Johnson
Artshow Coordinator
Levi Hampton
Night Events Director
Meghan Olivarez
Hotel Info Desk Coordinator
Alyssa Kirk
Formal Masquerade
Event Coordinator
Sarah “Sai” Kimmey
Convention Center
Info Desk Coordinator
Sethos Johns
Joe Sparks
Event Coordinator
Katy Tunks
Operations Director
Daniel L Bottoms
Video Room Coordinator
David “FishHouse” Arjona
Electronic Gaming Coordinator
Cesar Trujillo
Lead Tech Coordinator
Ricardo Lepe
Gaming Director
Melody Fischer
Crafts/ Kids Room Coordinator
Chris “Kuri” Chapman
Karaoke Manager
Vince Guzman
Table Top Group
Bryan Perez
Sean Fleck
Facilities Coordinators
Craige Howlett
Convention Adviser
Kristen “Kat” Nesbitt
Art Director
Communications Manager
Michael Hicks
Support Director
Joshua “Rambo” Thomas
Move In/Out Coordinator
Randy Gray
DJ Coordinator
Samantha O’Leary &
Tori Johnson
Maid Cafe Managers
Derrick Smith
Main Events Coordinator
Thomas “Eddo” Fort
Merch Manager
Program Book Designers:
Veronna Corral, Alexis Vega, and David Reveles.
Please contact them at [email protected] for
design commission inquiries!
Special Thanks To The Following People/Groups For Their Support:
A Jinnie McManus, Michael Loredo, Chris Solis, Tara McKinney, Ryan Kim, Our Lady Of The
Lake University, Dragon’s Lair, Nine-Tails, Justin Surface, Stuart Hamblin, Tod Kennedy, Angela
Camarillo, San Antonio River Authority, Brianne Coleman, Alysia Roden, Ric & Ric Otaku Cafe,
Apple De La Fuente, Brandon Alexander, Teresa Mairon, Akira Negi, Corrine Howlett, Ikkicon,
AnimeFest, Omnicon, Otakon, A-Kon, Anime Matsuri, Anime Boston, Mizuumi-con, Alamo
City Comic Con, Christopher Pagonis, Peter C. Jiang, Jinzilla, Darrell Hoberer, Wonderlands of
America Mall, Area 512 Entertainment, Jennifer Shea, Eric Graybeard, Greg Simone, Ushicon,
Patrick Delahanty & Animecons.com, San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio CVB, UTSA
Culture Center, freepik.com for the program book icons, and many more.
Special Thanks To Our Sponsors: Funimation, Crunchyroll, Stone Bridge Press, Antarctic Press,
Heroes & Fantasies and Ultra Arcade.
Rudy Alba
Personal Assistant
Alyssa “Aly” Cox
Panelist Coordinator
Zackary Maples
Late Night Gaming Coordinator
Tressa Kirk
Convention Runner Manager
Samantha Guzman
Morale Coordinator
Mark Adams
Con Suite Coordinator
Mike Rios Martinez
Tech Dispacher Coordinator
Brianne “Bri” Coleman
Marketing Consultant
Miguel “Moose” Rodriguez
Hotel Operations Coordinator
to the hundreds of staff and
general volunteers taking the time to help
MAKE San Japan 7 possible.

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