Selfridges, Claire Higgins, Maintaining customer


Selfridges, Claire Higgins, Maintaining customer
Customers use multiple channels before purchasing
Purchases in store are now most likely to have been researched
online as our shopping behavior has permanently changed
Our strategic aims: the 4xCs
Connecting in store & online experiences
1-2-1 experiences still count
Empowering our staff to serve a connected customer
Social media is transforming clientelling
Nominated for a variety of mobile advertising awards & the IPA Media
Owner ‘Campaign of the Year’
Drove over £100k of ticket sales to our Beauty Project events in-store
241 pieces of PR vs. a target of 80, with a tracked circulation of 123m
Achieved over 1m views of across our Beauty Project films by director,
Kathryn Ferguson
45,653 mentions of #beautyproject
Over 4.5k photos were tagged to #beautyproject
Over 2k people took a photo in the Google+ booth and appeared in our
world famous windows
Our social following on Google+ increased by over 30k, had over 1.8m
views and gained noticeable PR coverage in Marketing and Campaign Live
Google have recorded a 34% lift in searches for
beauty and Selfridges
A growth more aggressive then any other competitor
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