Huaxia - Riverside Hua Xia Chinese School



Huaxia - Riverside Hua Xia Chinese School
Huaxia Chinese School
Riverside Branch of the San Dieao Huaxia Chinese School
Sa+urdav, 1 :00 - 4:00
From 1 :00 - 3:00 p.m.Language Lessons
From 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.Caiyi Lessons (Chinese
culture - singing, dancing,
martial arts, crafts, etc.)
School Mission
To provide an excellent learning environment to everyone of all ethnic background
interested in learning the Chinese language, history, art, and culture;
To promote and enrich cultural activities in the local Chinese community and the
Inland Empire region; and,
To be an active and contributing member of our diversified society.
The Sun Diego Huaxia Chinese School was founded in 1997 as a non-profit, non-religious, non-political educational
organization. The Riverside Campus was established in 2005.
School Faculty
The school has publicly recruited, selected, and hired a
group of qualified bi-lingual teachers in Chinese and
Location: J. W. North High School, 1550 3'd Street,
Riverside, CA 92357
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1400, Loma Linda, CA 92354.
Contact Information: Principal, Tina Tian (909) 21 3-9776
(909)-797-7559 (fax);
[email protected]
Reqular Classes
Pin-Yin and simplified Chinese - all children;
Bilingual -(English is primary language);
Credit classes (7'h grade and up); and,
Short-term Chinese classes for adults.
Celebmtion of Chinese New Year of the O x
Brought to you by the Riverside Campus ofthe
San Diego Huaxia Chinese School
Introducing the China Children's Art Troupe ofFriendship
The North High School Wind Symphony
Outstanding performances from many local artists.
China Children's Art Troupe of Friendship:
1. Dance: Children's Five Blessings %
The little actors perform this wonderful dance of the "Five blessings" of longevity, health, wealth, humanity and
happy ending, to bring New Year's best wishes to everyone in the audience.
(Performers: Xiaodi Wang, Lin Mu, Yixi Zhang, Yuqing Hou, Yiiie Wang, Yuting Zhao, Zengmin Liu, Yixuan Li, Xue Shan, Yunzi Yu,
Zixuan Wang, Yihan Chen)
Mei Zhang, Mistress of Ceremony; Travis Ostlund, Master of Ceremony
Plaque Presentation by: Tina Tian, Principal, Huaxia Chinese School, Riverside, TO: Qian Zhao, Director, Cathay
Future Art Center, Tianiin, China; Jiazhen Wang, Vice Director, Cathay Future Art Center.
Introductions: Honorable Ronald Loveridge, Mayor of Riverside; Andrew Melendrez, Councilman, Ward 2 (North
High School); Matt Orlins, Director of Hospitality Services, University of Redlands; Mr. Dale Kinnear, Principal, John
W. North High School; James Kong, Chaiman, San Diego Board, Huaxia Chinese School; Jennifer Wang,
Chairperson, Riverside Board, Huaxia Chinese School; Adam Kehl, Director North High School Wind Symphony;
Tashi Ma, Artistic Director, Riverside Huaxia Chinese School; Pearl Wardlow, Director, Dance Spectrum Studio.
Child's Vocal Duet: Wishes for a
(Performers: Xiaowei Yang, Meiyi Wang)
New Year
3. ErHu Unison: Csardas (Char-dash) fi$&[email protected]
[email protected]&k#)
Written in 1904, this musical piece called, "Csardas," one of best known violin compositions of the Italian
musician, Vittorio Monti (1 868-1 922), demonstrates a variation in tempo (2/4 to 4/4 time) and ends in a lively
burst of exuberance.
(Performers: Ziyang Luo, Yulin Guo)
Child's Vocal Solos:
%[email protected]
A. A Hymn to My Country
The song's words and melody were composed i n 1949 when the People's Republic of China was founded. It
expresses the Chinese people's love for their motherland.
B. D o Re Mi
A show tune from the 1959 Rogers and Hammerstein musical "The Sound of Music" in which the song is used to teach
the notes of the musical scale to the Von Trapp children.
(Performer: Xiaowei Yang)
5. P i ~ aSolo:
The Pipa is a pear-shaped, stringed, wooden instrument, originating more than 2000 years ago in China.
A. Give me a Branch of Rose:
This is a folk song of the Xiniiang nationality, whose dancing style originated in the Han Dynasty (202 - 208 BC). It is
played here as a Pipa solo and expresses the passionate characteristic of the Xiniiang people's dancing style.
B. Turkish March (Bullfiqhtl ((F%[email protected]~~-fr$% @kt)>
This is a famous piece of world-renowned music describing the scenery of Turkish bullfighting
(Performers: Xuniuiin Gao, Yichen Dong, Ziyang Luo, Yulin Guo, Haoning Zhang)
6. Dance: Spring View of the Snow World R E 4 ([email protected]!?,%%1
A group of children of Zang nationality sing a n d dance in the sunshine of snowy land.
(Performers: Xiaodi Wang, Lin Mu, Yixi Zhang, Yuqing Hou, Yiiie Wang, Yuting Zhao, Zengmin Liu, Yixuan Li, Xue Shan, Yunzi Yu,
Zixuan Wang, Yihan Chen)
7. Erhu & Dance: The Grape is Ripe
(Performers: Ziyang Luo)
8. Flute Solo: @$?$&%
Herdsmen's New S o n q
This music evokes a beautiful scene in which herdsmen ride horses blissfully under blue skies a n d white clouds
o n an enormous plain amongst cattle a n d sheep.
B. Jinqle Bells
Written by James Lord Pierpoint ( 1 822-1 893), this joyful song was first copyrighted in 1 8 5 7 under the title,
"One Horse O p e n Sleigh" a n d is now one of the most popular "Santa Claus" in the world.
(Performer: Xuniuiin Gao)
9. Female Vocal Solo: Beautiful Shanxi
fCF$&pE(Ai%[email protected]))
This is one of the most popular Chinese folk songs in the twentieth century describing the beautiful scenery and
people i n Shanxi Province, China.
(Performer: Ying Shen)
1 0. Erhu Solo: Spring of South River fi48$&@
Composed by Zhu Changyao and M a Yilin for the Erhu (Chinese violin), this piece is based o n folk songs popular in
areas south of the Yangzi River. Its flowing and ioyful melody describes the beauty of the scenery during the spring.
(Performer: James Lu)
11. Pre-Teen Dance Duet: Lets Dance
%A% ~ik%~t'[email protected]~E1
This energetic and lively jazz number, choreographed by Michelle Armendarez, is adapted from Hannah Montana.
(Performers: Audrey and Ashley Yao)
12. Flute Solo: Spring Comes to Xiang River
This is a characteristic flute solo written by Baosheng Ning, which is graceful, full of vigor and charged with emotion. It
describes a beautiful scene with blossoming flowers along the Xiang river.
(Performer: Yifei Shao)
13. Children's Chinese Sonq: Jasmine
/J\@E (%BE))
M o l i Hua ( % 3 E ) which
means 'Jasmine Flowers', is a popular Chinese folk song created during the Qinq Dynasty
(the most recent dynasty, 1644 - 1912).
(Performers: Huaxia Chinese School students - Benney Cai, Joy Cai, Brian Cho, Coco Crippen, Jeff Crippen, Emily Chen,
Stephanie Chen, Vincent Chen, Nathaniel Li, Aislin Liu, Jeffrey Ng, Jimmy Shi, Felicia Tan, Emily Wang, Michelle Wang,
Grace Lily Xu. Directed by Amber Zhao and Huan Che)
14. Chinese Folk Dance: Chinese Red Silk Dance
$ $
The Red Silk dance is a traditional happy Chinese folk dance most often performed during major Chinese
events, such as the New Year's celebration. The symbolism of the dance is that it portrays radiance and joy,
brings g o o d luck, and signifies happiness.
(Performers: Huaxia School Dancers - Tashi Ma (lead dancer), Jia Mei, Jing Li, Hailing Liao, Lisa Mu, Min Yu, Rebecca Dong,
Xuan Liu, Yunzhu Luo, Yu Fang, Lie Hong Chen, Xiuqing Duan, Rosa Zhang. Choreographed by Tashi Ma).
15. John W. North Wind Symphony: Band Performance
RolloTakesa Walk: ( R o l l o ~ ~ ~
Composed by American Composer, David Maslunka (1 943-) known for his concert band and wind ensemble
compositions, wrote this lively piece for winds and percussion, featuring many solo instruments.
6. The Awakening:
A composition in three parts by Joseph Curiale, the first and third movements being played this evening.
Movement 1 : The Compassion, is a serene, emotional, expressive, and deeply introspective work. The
movement features rich sonorities, dripping in the tension and release often experienced during self-exploration.
M o v e m e n t 3: Joy, is a quick and energetic resolution t o "Awakening." It has fast and bright tempos, mixed
meters, and features a syncopated melody, giving the work a ioyous and uplifting feel.
(Performers: Flvte: Mariana Ayala, Sean Houlihan. Piccolo: Samantha Cole, Shuin Park. Horn: Jessica Trumble*. Clarinets:
Nadia Bell-Stowers, Christine Duong, Erica Joann Jackson, Daniel Kari*, Amy Sechang, Melissa Vaca. Bass Clarinet: Melissa
Sanchez*. Trombone: Mike Buscher, John Chen*, Adam Fletcher, Michael Mauacane. Baritone: Jon Breems*, Michelle Arleth
Bruno-Castillo. Bassoon: Jessica Guillen*, Robert Lattimer. Tuba: Krupa Bhakta, Kevin MacDougall*. Alto Saxophone: Talia
Barth*, Kyle Gardner, John Joanino. Tenor Saxophone: John Joanino, Kyle Gardner*. Baritone Saxophone: Stephanie Lehto*.
Timpani: Daniel Allen*. Percussion: Daniel Allen*, Camille Davis, Alice Haros, Ethan Harrelson, Keith Stephens. Trumpet: Victor
Davila, David Lattimer*, Alondra Rodriguez, Jennifer Vasquez, Miles Veasey. String Bass: Antonio A. Guiterrez. Director: Adam
Kehl) (* denotes principal player)
Spectrum Dance Ensemble
%%[email protected]
Step in Time
This number is based o n the M a r y Poppins childrens books written by I? L. Travers i n 1 9 3 4 , a n d a d a p t e d in
1 9 6 4 into a Disney musical staring Julie Andres a n d D i c k Van Dyke. It was performed o n Broadway i n 2 0 0 6 ,
a n d depicts the antics o f Chimney Sweeps o n the roof-tops i n o l d London.
(Performers; Sarai Bates, Angel Cruz, Sera Cruz, Julia Diaz, Mikaila Dominguez, Emily Moore, Brett Ordaz, Kelly Smith,
Alexis Rivera, and Krista Villmas.
Car Wash:
Based o n a film directed by M i c h a e l Schultz i n 1 9 7 6 , " C a r Wash" is a b o u t a close-knit g r o u p o f employees
working at a c a r wash. This dance is lively, whimsical, a n d entertaining.
(Performers: Melanie Bevavidez, Ana Celina Girard, Callan Keesling, Selah Kelley, Hanna Merritt, Meghan Quass, lsabella
Renteria-Manzanella, Mary Scott, Jeremy Vance, and Haley Williams. Choreoctraphed by Stacey Ordaz)
18. Teen Tap Solo (age 1 7): Dim Da Da
(Dim Da Da)
By G e o r g e Kranz f r o m the sound track o f "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, released i n 1 9 8 4 .
(Performer: Brett Ordaz. Choreoaraphed by Marguerite Endsley )
19. Pre-teen Ballet Solo (age 1 1): Winter Fairy (Variation from Cinderella)
[email protected][email protected]&R
(Performer: Sarai Bates. Choreographed by Pearl Wardlow)
)LBB%RBJ ($3Rki#$)
20. Children's Musical Theatrical Dance (ages 7-12): Ease on Down the Road
This delightful piece is from the 1 9 7 5 Broadway musical, "The Wiz," best known as the theme song of the movie
adaptation in 1978. Both were adaptations of original songs from the Wizard of O z (1 9 3 9 ) .
(Performers: Savanna DeLongchamp, Allison McHaney, Alexis Pavese, Samantha Reek, Kendra Sammons, Miguel Scott.
Choreographed by Pearl D. Wardlow)
China Children's Art Troupe of Friendship
21. Dance: Gada Meilin
The d a n c e depicts the passionate scenery o f M o n g o l i a n Children singing a n d d a n c i n g i n the vast grasslands. It
is based o n the story o f a boy, Gada, who grows u p t o become the chieftain (Melin) o f the Darhan tribe, who must
resist the consequences of the Japanese invasion in 1931.
(Performers: Xiaodi Wang, Yixi Zhang, Yuqing Hou, Yiiie Wang, Zengmin Liu, Yixuan Li, Xue Shan, Yunzi Yu, Zixuan Wang)
&T% [email protected]&Tl
22. Latin Dance: Jazmine, Cygnes, and Csardas (Char-dash)
- ' b2
This tribute to Latin Dance is a vigorous, impassioned, and romantic musical number, performed by a 9 year old
actor and actress, who have won Latin dance championships many times in competitions in China.
(Performers: Meiyi Wang, Jiu Zhang)
23. G u z h e n ~Solo: &%@%
The Guzheng is a traditional Chinese musical instrument belonging to the stringed zither family, consisting of 21
strings popularized in the Q i n Dynasty (206 B.C.).
A. Fisherman's Sona at Dusk {$fB#[email protected]%)
B. [Zhan Tai Fena) Fightina the Typhoon
This is probably the most famous Chinese traditional musical piece written for the Guzheng by Master Wang
Chang Yuan. Her lively number evokes a striking image of dockworkers and their valiant and heroic fight
against the ravages of a gigantic typhoon.
(Performer: Haoning Zhang)
Ensemble o f Traditional Instruments:
Boisterous Elation ($$%%)
This is a traditional, national orchestral piece written by Mingyuan LIU ~n 1958. The melody is deeply moving
and the feeling is simple and unadorned.
[email protected]
B. O n the Boulevard
(Performer: Yichen Dong, Ziyang Luo, Yulin Guo, Haoning Zhang, Xuniujin Gao)
25. Musical Cast: Love my China @%
The music expresses the character and life of all the ethnic groups of the Chinese nation.
(Performers: Xiaodi Wang, Lin Mu, Yixi Zhang, Yuqing Hou, Yijie Wang, Yuting Zhao, Zengmin Liu, Yixuan Li, Xue Shan,
Yunzi Yu, Zixuan Wang, Yihan Chen)
The Huaxia Chinese School in Riverside pays special tribute to Mr. Matt Orlins, Director
of Hospitality Services at the Univenity of Redlands, without whose assistance and
guidance, and untiring service ta our Huaxia Chinese School, this production of #A
Touch of China" would not have been possible.
worked from mom and pop operations to Fortune 500
Color Brochure and Event Program: Zhidong Han, Ding Yuan, Hailing Liao, Jinwu Ma, Steve Chiang, Tina Tian
Plannina: Jo-wen Liu.
Promoter IS~onsors,Ads and Ticket Sales): Yan Ye, Fiona Wong, Jennifer Wang, Yongmei Shen, Jinwu Ma, Wendy Yao
Riverside Huaxia Business Manaaer: Yon Ye for dedication and hard work.
Our Host Families: Winni Roo, Yuzhen Huangliu, Fangyu Zheng, Feng 60, Shanshan Liao, Jo-wen Liu, Lijuan Yu, Jing Li, Wendy
Yao, Linda Ing, Jinwu Ma, Ding Yuan, Tina Tian.
PTA Oraanizer: Xuan Liu, Qun Tang, Yuzhu Luo.
Mr. Dale Kinnear, Principal of John W. North High School, for hosting our visiting Chinese Art Troupe students and making his school
available for our use and participation.
Fiona Wona, Special Volunteer: for her dedication, hard work, friendship, and perseverance.
Our Volunteers: Social Hosts, Jing Li, Yunzhu Luo, Xuan Liu, Wendy Yao; Staae Coordinator, Tashi Ma; Stage Hands, Wendy Yao,
Liiuan Yu, Brenda McHaney; Publicity, Dr. Vince and Cute Moses; Liahtina Assistant, Szu-ching Chang; Audio Assistant, Mark Feng;
Ushers, Jessica Lin, Ellie Zhu, Crystal, Tina Liu, Anni Ling, Amy Xu, Jaspery, Qian Liu, Forest Yang; Raffle Coordinators, Jinwu Ma,
Mei Zhang, Qian Liu, Weiping Yang; Video S~ecialist,Patrick McHaney; Photographer, Jian Liu; Make-up S~ecialist.Mei Zhang.
Our Master and Mistress of Ceremonv: Travis Ostlund and Mei Zhang.
Pearl Wardlow: Director, Dance Spectrum Studios, for guidance and direction, and providing volunteers.
Yue Liu: Tianjin Cathay Future Art Center, for continuous assistance, coordination, and planning of "A Touch of China."
Performen Background
The Cathay Future Children's Art Center in Tianjing, China, is a modern, comprehensive facility fostering cultural and artistic
education, physical training, science and technology. Housed in two buildings totaling 35,000 square meters, with a park area
of more than 56,000 sq. meters, Cathy Future contains Centers of Excellence in Sports, Music, Dance, Performance, and
International Conferencing. In 1995, the Cathy Future Children's Art Troupe was founded. In all of China, this is one of the
biggest children's art troupes, with the largest number of actors within the greatest number of art categories. The children from
the Art Troupe have performed in more than 6 0 countries, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Austria, Spain,
Portugal, Japan, and others. They have been well received by these countries as "little angles of peace and friendship." The
teachings of the Art Center stress educational components coupled with emphasis on the performing arts and physical fitness. In
2001 the Art troupe was officially named the "China Children's P A T r w e of Friendship."
the performance of high-quality wind band literature, and is a firm supporter of new music for the wind ensemble
Yifei Shoo, now 1 2 years old,
began playing the keyboard
and the flute at the age of five.
She studied for 7 years under
flutist, Lehui Ni, the current Vice
President of the Yuyao Art
Institute in China. By the age of
11 she had achieved a
Certification as Grade 10 by
the National Musical
Association. In 2005 she won
the Gold Award at the Second
Yuyao Traditional Instrument
Competition. In 2006, she won
first place at the Laniiang Talent
Exhibition Grand Competition.
In 20071 Yifei and four teenage
friends won the Silver Medal as
a Traditional Music Instrument
Teen Group. In July of 2008
Yifei immigrated to the United
States where she plans to
continue her flute playing and
to introduce this Chinese
Musical lnstrul-llent to America.
chelle Armendarez, who has performed in 9-1 1 benefit shows in
t the Looking Glass Studio of Performing Arts.
award. In the United States, she received her Master's degree
Center in New Jersey, the Center for Chinese Students and
l ~ o n c Spectrum
Studio was founded in 1999 under the direction of Pearl Wardlow, strives to develop the versatile dancer
offering an array of dance classes with emphasis on ballet training. Since its inception, Dance Spectrum has produced seven
annual, end-of-year productions and three "Nutcracker" Ballet productions. Dance Spectrum offers a large modern facility,
including two dance studios, a teenage break and homework room, and three waiting areas conveniently located in a single suite.
Students enioy classes while learning the essential concepts and principles crucial to each dance form. A variety of classes are
offered fro students ranging from 2 '/2 (must be potty trained) through adult, in varying levels. Spectrum Dance Ensemble (SDE)
was founded to provide dedicated and talented dance students enhanced training, performance and competitive opportunities.
Members of SDE learn a sense of civic duty through performance for local service clubs, fund-raisers, festivals, convalescent
homes, and at such exciting venues as Disneyland, California Adventure, and the Son Diego Wild Animal Park.
Pearl Wardlow holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance from the University of California at Irvine. She has received numerouz
awards for her dancing skills. She was recognized by a former Governor of California, Mr. George Dukmeiian, as a "California
Art Scholar." She also received an "EXCELLENCE IN CHOREOGRAPHY" award from Assemblyman Paul Cook and the
California Legislature for Yucaipa High School's production of West Side Story. Stacy Ordaz, a teacher and SDE Co-Director,
has danced since she was three and enioys teaching dance to children and adults. She is active in the community having taught
Jance at Crafton Hills College and choreographed for the Miss Beaumont, Cherry Valley Pageant, and the Mountain View Junio
i i g h Choir. Stacy's Hip-Hop choreography for Spectrum Dance Ensemble's "Space Jam" won first place at the Hollywood Vibe
lance Competition in Palm Springs. Reetu Patel, Bollywood Teacher, has recently moved to the United States from lndia and is
?aaerto share her love for dance and music with this lsart of the world. Reetu has appeared on TV in India as an actress.
Dance Spectrum Studio
Ballet - Pointe -Jazz - Tap - Swing - Hip Hop
Musical Theater - Choreography
Children through Adults
Founded in 1999 under the direction of Pearl Wardlow,
Dance Spectrum strives to develop the versatile dancer
offering an array of dance classes
with emphasis on ballet training.
742 Beaumont Ave, Beaumont, CA 92223
A premier Community College in
Public Safety & Health Careers and
College Transfer Preparation
11711 Sand Canyon Road
Yucaipa, CA 92399
(909) 794-2161
Sponsored by CHC Foundation
721 5 E. Gage Ave
City of Commerce, CA 90040
Michael Wu, Owner
562-927-8899 (office)
[email protected]

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