csi global connect-internet remote access



csi global connect-internet remote access
Internet Remote Access Service Appliance Package
The CSI Global Connect IRASA hardware package provides industrial
hardware for a permanent Remote Access Connection for CSI, corporate
technical engineers and other service personnel to access an Ethernet
Industrial network.
Today’s Ethernet based PLC, Drive, Motion Control and HMI products offer
Ethernet connect ability for enhanced communication between PLC/Drive
hardware and also make remote service possible.
The CSI package includes:
77C770-SD2 Industrial computer with solid state hard drive, dual
Ethernet Ports and full complement of USB and other PC ports. The
IPC includes a Windows XP Pro Embedded operating system
Two Ethernet ports allow separate connection to Industrial (PLCDrive-HMI) Ethernet network and Plant Intranet-Remote access connection. USB Wireless option can also be used for internet connection.
Fan less motherboard, Low Power Dual Core Atom processor and
Solid State drive insure long term reliability.
5 Port Ethernet switch and DC power supply are supplied.
“RemotelyAnywhere” Remote access software is supplied for VPN remote access applications and also allows PC’s
connected to industrial Ethernet network to access the IPC and run applications with only Internet Explorer. Run
RSLogix5000(licenced copy on IPC) from any computer connected to industrial Ethernet. Use Windows 7 laptop to run
Windows XP programs.
“Logmein.com” Service can be used where corporate network or wireless has internet access.
Normally minimum licensed software includes Rockwell Automation RSLogix5000 SE, Rockwell Automation Drive Executive, ABB Drive Window, TwinCAT and optional HMI development software.
Merged PDF copies of CSI drawings and other system drawings are
loaded on IPC, providing instant access by remote access service personnel.
6 Hours over up to 12 month period of CSI Global Connect remote access
service is included with each purchase. Additional service hours are
available billed at published rate.
Remote Service Ethernet based Motion Control
Connect and Remote Service Ethernet
Connected PLC Controllers
Connect and Remote Service Ethernet/IP Drives
Remote Internet Access Service Improves Process Uptime
Remote Access Internet connection provides instant access to expert service personnel for Control System Innovators, corporate
engineers and other service organizations to resolve a machine or
process problem. Much production downtime can be avoided with
fast access to process system hardware!
Features include:
Password and username
protected access
High resolution remote
screen view remotely adjustable
High Speed remote file transfer
for downloading updated software and saving modified programs, HMI screens and Drive
1M hr MTBF Solid State hard
drive on IPC allows 24 Hour-7 Day trend monitoring of PLC variables
can be useful in troubleshooting intermittent system problems.
Order IRASA and begin to protect your
Process Line and Machine Productivity
The CSI Internet Remote Access Appliance package connects to all modern Ethernet Industrial Networks. On new machinery purchases be sure to purchase a Global Connect
ready system.
ControlLogix, Powerflex755, RSLogix5000 are trade names or trademarks of
Rockwell Automation
TwinCAT and EtherCAT are trade names of Beckhoff
RemotlyAnywhere, logmein.com tradenames of logmein.com
(Plant and Mail)
Control System Innovators
Fox Bluff Corporate Center
1301 Bowes Road, Suite A
Elgin. IL 60123
Phone: 847-741-0007
Fax: 847-741-7710
Email: [email protected]

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