Venice, the Archetype - GreenTown: The Future of Community


Venice, the Archetype - GreenTown: The Future of Community
Venice, the Archetype
City & Water
Aqua Alta in Venice
Climate Change
Waterfront Capricci
Citta Felice
La Citta di Pino
Cities & Rivers
No Life without Water
The Origin of Cities
Cities were almost all located near waterfronts providing
optimal opportunities for food and water, commerce,
transportation and enjoyment.
The beauty of these places is not an accident: It reflects both a
delight and a design intelligence profoundly in harmony with
the ecology of place and a sustainable building culture.
Sitka, Alaska
Sitka, Alaska 1894
Sitka, Alaska 2010
South Bend 1866
Like in many other cities the foundation and Identity of South Bend is linked to the River
South Bend on St. Joseph River
Urban Renewal Hangover
Thirsty for A City on the River?
South Bend, a Postcard View
City on the River
A Promise so Near
Celebrating the River
Celebrate the Waterfront
Great cities all over the world cherish their
rivers, lakes, canals, and all waterfronts as the
most precious and valuable assets for good city
building, great civic spaces and the good life.
The Art of Building Cities
In 1999 a group of Pittsburgh community leaders, business owners,
environmentalists and urban planners saw the need to develop a master plan
for Pittsburgh’s most valuable asset: its rivers and their miles of shorelines.
The opportunity was enormous; the solution called for an organization to be
the “keeper of a dream.”
River Life in Pittsburgh
You’ve probably heard it before. Pittsburgh: a city with a past mired in soot and
smoke. Polluted rivers lined with mills. An urban landscape ravaged by industry,
“hell with the lid off.” Fast-forward to the present, and you’ll find a different
Pittsburgh. A surprising Pittsburgh that looks and feels nothing like what you’ve
heard. A breathtaking city of rivers, bridges and hills, those industrial black clouds
long gone. A city of character and innovation moving forward and reclaiming its
natural assets.
City on the River
See the River, Hear the River, Touch the River,
Smell the River, Sing the River, Dream the River,
Draw the River, Build the River
Look Back at the River
Some Suggestions to repair the
City & River Relationship
Giving a Façade to the River
Creating Focus and Interest
Berlin, Museuminsel
Potsdam, Church at the River
Create Built Edges , Monuments and Landmarks on the Waterfront…
…….Build the Waterfront
Creating Space and Enclosure
Stockholm, New Social Housing
Liverpool, Albert Docks
Inventing Smart River Edges
Quais de Seine, Paris
Quais de Seine, Paris
Tactical Urbanism on the River
City/River Connectivity
Transitions and Levels: Layering the Experience in a
sophisticated and simple manner with terraces, ramps, stairs,
steps, slopes, walls, sidewalks, etc.
Steps to the River
Urban Balconies on the River
Quai de la Seine, Paris
Waterfront Terrace Livorno
Building Public Space
Enhancing the Good Life
Rhein Promenade, Dusseldorf
Quai de la Seine, Paris
Seeing and Being Seen
Alone and with Others
Quai de Seine, Paris
Quai de Seine, Paris
Dancing on the River
Music on the River
South Bend Riverfront Project by Joe Yatco (Prof. Gil Gorski)
Building Mixed Use on the River
South Bend Wharf Site Design by Evan Possley (Prof. Gil Gorski)
Suggestions for South Bend
Complete a full, continuous and varied East and West interconnected River
Build Stairs, Ramps, Terraces, Docks, Balconies on the River
Build Mixed Use Riverfront in a dense urban Manner
Create interconnected Urban Waterfront Piazzas, Squares and Gardens
Create more Pedestrian Bridges in Strategic Downtown Areas
Rebuild the Oliver Power Station on its original River Location
Build River Theatre and Concert Garden in Downtown Relationship
A City on the River
Detail of Urban Masterplan for South Bend by Michael Lykoudis & Students,
School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame