Spring 2016



Spring 2016
Spring 2016
Welcome Back from Spring Break!
Congratulations to the
Cherokee Bend JUNA Team!
Cherokee Bend students participated in the Junior United Nations Assembly (JUNA) of Alabama,
a student-run model United Nations Assembly for Alabama students in grades six through eight.
The two-day event, held at Birmingham-Southern College, included a parade of nations, an opening
assembly, committee meetings, and General Assembly meetings in which resolutions were presented,
discussed, and voted upon. The Cherokee Bend JUNA team was recognized as one of the top four
teams out of 48 delegations for their display board (honorable mention) and for Best Country
(honorable mention). Students also won a top honor of Best Resolution.
Cherokee Bend team members, representing Uganda, included Ellen Anderson, Wilder Hines,
Claire Lauterbach, Kate Lauterbach, Evan Shiflet, Amelia Tynes, and Matthew Zitella. These students
researched their nation, identified a problem, and wrote a resolution that proposed a solution to the
issue. The Cherokee Bend team first presented in committee, where the resolution passed, and then
presented in General Assembly, where it passed a final time. Way to go JUNA team!
Making the Bend Even Better
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Dear Cherokee Bend Family,
I hope that you had a safe and happy Spring break. Upon our return to school on April 4th, we are on the homestretch with
39 days of school remaining in the 2015-2016 school year. We will soon send yet another fabulous group of 6th graders on to the Junior High…Class of 2022.
It’s also that time of year when we start thinking about student
placement for next year. If you desire to write a letter, please know, we do not take specific teacher requests.
However, input regarding your child’s learning style, social needs, or any other concerns that might affect
his or her classroom performance may be submitted. Please remember that a separate letter for each child,
if applicable, will be required. If you wrote a letter last year and you have the same concern this year, a new
letter for the upcoming school year will be necessary. Any input should be submitted either by email or letter
to Betsy Bell and/or Laura Witcher. The deadline for submitting a letter(s) is April 15, 2016.
Our faculty and staff want to thank each and every one of you for making us all feel so special during Teacher
Appreciation Week. We are all amazed by your hospitality and generosity. Thank you PTO!!!
We also want to thank you for being the best parents in the world and giving us the opportunity to work with
your precious children on a daily basis. We enjoy every day we have with your children and are in awe of
their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and explore their world. The level of teaching and learning that takes
place in our school is absolutely incredible. We remind ourselves each day of the following: Our purpose is
to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students.
Ringing the bell with gratefulness,
The 5th Anniversary “The Bend’s Got Talent” a Success
On Friday, March 11th, the curtain opened on the 5th anniversary of “The Bend’s Got Talent.” CBS families
and friends were treated to a variety of acts performed by many of the talented students from our school. Thank
you to Ruth Ellen Yeager and her team for all of the hard work that went into making the show a success. And
congratulations to the winners in these categories:
K-3rd Grade
Most Creative: The Queen’s Evening with
Emily Dean and Ashby Russell
Best Visual Impact: Balloon Fantastico with
Annabelle McCullough
3rd Place: You Are My Sunshine with Anne Carter Hutchison
2nd Place: Bach and Beethoven Meet
Jebbie Lee Lewis with Jeb Blair
1st Place: I Can’t Sleep with Maezie Gee
People’s Choice K-3: Chief Cheer Chicks with Mary Drew Beard,
Gigi Byars, Adeline Little, Graham Prater, Mary Tanner Richards,
Anna Rucker, and Evie Yeilding
Making the Bend Even Better
Most Creative: 7x13=28 Remix with Callie Davis
and Amelia Tynes
Best Visual Impact: Thunder with John Webb
3rd Place: Sweet Revenge with Sam Edmunds,
William Robinett, and Palin Wilkinson
2nd Place: No Treble with
Katherine Bibb Branyon
1st Place: Dance of the Wind with
Claire Lauterbach
People's Choice 4-6: A Twist on the Twist with
Reid Ramsbacher
Spring 2016
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Snapshots from “The Bend’s Got Talent”
Making the Bend Even Better
Spring 2016
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CBS Winter Race
The annual CBS Dinner & Auction was held in February at Old Car Heaven.
Attendees enjoyed a night of fun with a live auction, a silent auction, and plenty of delicious
food. Emcees for the evening’s events were the members of Jox FM’s Roundtable Radio Show:
Lance Taylor, Ryan Brown, and Jim Dunaway. Thank you to Chairs Anne Cowin and
Caroline Woods, along with their amazing committee members, for planning
such a great event to benefit our school!
CBS Students Get To Swap Roles
One of the most fun auction items each year is the chance to assist certain teachers and staff members for a day.
Some of the opportunities include PE Teacher for a Day, Spanish Teacher for a Day, and Assistant Principal for a Day.
Here’s a glimpse of some of the students who have already participated this year.
Making the Bend Even Better
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