Quantum Computer Subspace Software



Quantum Computer Subspace Software
In the macro world we live in and observe with our senses the laws of thermopdynamics seems to rule
and explain actions. But as we developed more and more scientific analysis of the small we found that
there is a different set of rules now known as Quantum Electro Dynamics.
The basic way to know whether a situation needs thermodynamic analysis or QED analysis comes from
Plank’s constant in the next equation. All quantum things are uncertain + fall under probability theory.
When we put the mathematics of the synaptic cleft into the equation we find that the snapse is quantic
in action not thermodynamic. Thus there is quantum uncertainty, entwinement, nonlocality + observer
effects. Computers work in thermodyamic binary terms (0,1 - on or off). The brain works as a quantum
computer and is trinary in action (0,1, Maybe). A computer can be made to work with a trinary logic
software if we meet a few quantic criteria. (uncertainty, entwinement, nonlocality + observer effects)
To make a quantum system we need to add the third Maybe category to the decision process. This can
be done with a truly random choice. Sheldrake wrote that this explains the chinese I Ching or tarot
cards. The I Ching has 64 randoms coins, the tarot 78. But computers do NOT make random numbers.
"It's known that in a computer, random numbers are basically generated from a function
which is fed a 'seed number', which would be something such as the time, or any other
number. The function would then create a series of numbers which would be distributed
over a certain range, enough to give the appearance of being random. In other words,
the numbers generated were statistically spread out so that they would serve our
purpose. In reality, though, they were the result of an equation, and if that same
seed were supplied to the same function again, we'd get the exact same numbers
generated. So that didn't really make it random, did it?"
must watch : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWEOBqhQuQE
We tried a gumbel formula variation, but we finally found a new mathematical increment that would be
able to make a true real random number and make a true quantic event to work the Maybe.
So since it is vital we get a real actual RANDOM number as a true quantic event and computers random
function does NOT do this, it was first key to develop the right process to get a true random number that
would be capable of entwinement with our patient. We used an increment with a Sheldrake Morphic
Resonance Algorithm Alignment with an Einstein-Rosen Bridge Connectivity to solve the problem.
We should point out at this time that the sole purpose of developing this quantic computer software
was for medicine. We developed a biofeedback device to measure and treat the body electric, and then
quantic software was developed to improve data. But with the principle of entwinement being so
entwined it became apparent that a spooky distance process would allow us to measure a patient at a
Radionics had used such principles, and the quantic event in radionics was supplied by a person. A
person would use a dousing stick, wipe board, Ouija board, point probe, or muscle test and the tester
would supply the quantic indeterminacy. But this so-called indeterminacy was influenced by
expectation, greed, and human emotion and the radionics became illegal and not scientifically verifiable.
In other words they failed all double blind testing.
The computer with our original random increment process was successful. And to further protect it from
receiving harmful quantic influence we made a Tibetan prayer wheel computer program to play millions
of times a second with the increment. The Tibetans found that an inanimate object could pray. We now
had a way to get the computer to do the same.
Sheldrake said that the I Ching had 64 random events, and the human has 10 to the 15th synapses, so
what if the we could make a device that would generate 10 to the 15th random events to match the
human brain indeterminacy. Then we could make a consciousness system. So we at first called it the
QXCI (Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface). First developed in 1996 and registered for legal
medical sale. In 1989 we FDA registered the EPFX (Electro-Physiological-Feedback-Xrroid). This was a
biofeedback system that used a test kit to measure elector-physiological reaction (EPR) of a patient to a
substance. (See patents) so Xrroid became a FDA registered name and term.
The word Xrroid was coined to describe a rapid reaction testing of many nutrients and or toxins.
So with a copyrighted mathematical increment for the quantic randomness matching the 10 to the 15th
events and stabilized by a prayer wheel the subspace system was ready to go and over 35,000 systems
have been sold worldwide all legally registered for medical sale.
The Eclosion corp developed the first real quantum software computer in 1996. Watch this to
understand more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWEOBqhQuQE
By tapping into the Quantum Entanglement and Entwinement of the space time fabric of the universe I
developed a Sheldrake Morphic Resonance Algorithm alignment with an Einstein-Rosen Bridge
Connectivity to make a true subspace quantum computer. To stabilize it from negativity and to protect
therapists and patients from Karmic leakage I developed a Tibetan Prayer Wheel Modulation
SuperImposition. 1996 the subspace interactive system was born. A new type of biofeedback and a
revolution in medicine.
Quantum Entwine Subspace Prayer Therapist --- http://qesp4u.weebly.com/
The modern science of Quantum Electro-Dynamics tells us that photons can give energy to electrons.
This is how life works on our planet: the photons of light from the sun make “hot” electrons in
carbohydrates to supply energy. We do not understand this complicated process of electron energy
fully, which proves that manufacturing companies producing synthetic chemicals do NOT have the
ability to make truly compatible compounds for us to consume.
The world has come to know and/ or suspect that synthetic foods are somewhat inharmonious with the
body. Synthetic foods have very little healthful properties, if any at all. Knowledgeable, intelligent
people reject synthetic foods. We are aware of the diseases they contribute to. Many have learned that
synthetic drugs are also not truly compatible with life and that they will usually placate the natural
biology for a while and then cause damage. Since medicine is still a pseudo-science many have chosen
to exercise their present right to not use such synthetic compounds. I have chosen so; I call these
compounds SINthetic. Extremely avarice and arrogant people seek to force their drugs onto all of us.
IMUNE is designed to protect the world from these people.
Quantum theory tells us that there is an entwinement and entanglement of things that allow a subspace
connection of data. This proves the collective consciousness of the Universe. But this power is limited
and has led many to have magical and rather grandiose thinking processes. This has led to unverified
ideas that fill the field of alternative medicine.
Quantum theory has shown that an observer effect and other things have proven the ability of the mind
to influence things. This effect is limited and some have more of it than others. This has led to a
misunderstanding and a host of grandiose thinking like i.e. the movie / book “The Secret”. There is a
small effect of attraction but there is no a law of attraction. There is a Law of Interpretation ....as in that
we all interpret things after they occur.
Misunderstandings in science have led to many unsubstantiated theories and practices. Substantiation
and validation of claims is important for any sales of devices or products. IMUNE is designed to protect
the world from these people.
Energetic and Natural Medicine have made many mistakes as well. The major mistake of so called
muscle testing is one example. This was proven to be fraudulent! It failed all double blind tests showing
that the therapist was controlling the results by changing the pressure consciously or unconsciously.
Also the point probe was a mistake since while it changes in the speed of delivery of information it
allowed the therapist to control the results making it appear that he was reading the patient’s energy.
IMUNE is designed to protect the world from these people.
Magical thinking and a belief in stories instead of evidence has hurt our industry of natural medicine.
Now we can see that we are an extremely complex collection of energy fields all combining to make us what
we are. So why not make a medical device that can measure our energy fields and correct them? Well, there
are such devices that assist us in energetic medicine with a history of peer reviewed medical research for
over four decades. Over 250 studies, articles, and papers written on such devices have been published. Over
85 certified medical textbooks have quoted from these studies and have been used in accredited medical
universities to teach future physicians how to use such technology. In other words the science is sound but it
is about energy not chemistry.
The chemical manufacturing companies hate drugless medicine, and slander, slur, persecute and
prosecute people who apply drugless therapies.
The science is about energy detection such as Voltammetry and Biofeedback/Bio-Resonance. I introduce
the concepts in a series of short introductory videos showing the science behind this revolution in
Biofeedback is
1. The most published and researched Energetic Medical Technology in history
2. Scientifically validated and legally registered
3. Taught in Medical Universities
4. Natural Medicine with a High Tech edge
5. Biofeedback is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and many Major Insurance Companies
(Desire’ Dubounet )
The Person behind this Revolution
The person behind this revolution is one of the most wrongfully persecuted people in the world. Drug
companies, fraudulent competitors, unprofessional journalists and rouge Regulators have attacked this
Great Spirit. Einstein once said “Great Spirits get incredible resistance from Mediocre Minds”. Well God
must have loved mediocre minds, because he made so many of them! And the smaller the mind the
more they love to attack Professor of Medicine Desire’ Dubounet! As you will investigate the videos
and many books of her science you will see a new form of medicine: more rational and more healing
than the current controlled form from the greedy drug companies.
Desire’ and her friends have spent over 35 million dollars to create a medical study program for IMUNE.
An entertaining thorough course filled with information and wisdom of all medicine based subjects in
natural, energetic and mental powers, and in compassion, yogic and spiritual ways of healing and truly
seeing all of modern medicine.
This study program is not for free. But, Professor Desire’ Dubounet does allow you to pay for viewing
and to use the material with Karma in those cases where currency is lacking. This is a beautiful and very
gracious example of philanthropic caring, a graceful gesture for a troubled world. With intellect and
compassion and an enlightened soul Desire’ has created hundreds of hours of training videos on all
aspects of health care.
Quantum ElectroDynamics QED
Quantum electrodynamics (QED) is a relativistic quantum field theory of electrodynamics.
QED was developed by a number of physicists, beginning in the late 1920s.[1] QED
mathematically describes all phenomena involving electrically charged particles interacting by
means of exchange of photons. It has been called "the jewel of physics" for its extremely
accurate predictions of quantities like the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron, and the
Lamb shift of the energy levels of hydrogen.
The word 'quantum' is Latin, meaning "how much" (neut. sing. of quantus "how great").[2] The
word 'electrodynamics' was coined by André-Marie Ampère in 1822.[3] The word 'quantum', as
used in physics, was first used by Max Planck, i.e. "energy elements", in 1900 and reinforced by
Einstein in 1905 with his use of the term light quanta.
Quantum theory began in 1900, when Max Planck assumed that energy is quantized in order to
derive a formula predicting the observed frequency dependence of the energy emitted by a black
body. This dependence is completely at variance with classical physics. In 1905, Einstein
explained the photoelectric effect by postulating that light energy comes in quanta later called
photons. In 1913, Bohr invoked quantization in his proposed explanation of the spectral lines of
the hydrogen atom. In 1924, Louis de Broglie proposed a quantum theory of the wave-like nature
of subatomic particles. The phrase "quantum physics" was first employed in Johnston's Planck's
Universe in Light of Modern Physics. These theories, while they fit the experimental facts to
some extent, were strictly phenomenological: they provided no rigorous justification for the
quantization they employed.
Modern quantum mechanics was born in 1925 with Werner Heisenberg's matrix mechanics and
Erwin Schrödinger's wave mechanics and the Schrödinger equation, which was a non-relativistic
generalization of de Broglie's(1925) relativistic approach. Schrödinger subsequently showed that
these two approaches were equivalent. In 1927, Heisenberg formulated his uncertainty principle,
and the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics began to take shape. Around this time,
Paul Dirac, in work culminating in his 1930 monograph finally joined quantum mechanics and
special relativity, pioneered the use of operator theory, and devised the bra-ket notation widely
used since. In 1932, John von Neumann formulated the rigorous mathematical basis for quantum
mechanics as the theory of linear operators on Hilbert spaces. This and other work from the
founding period remains valid and widely used.
Quantum chemistry began with Walter Heitler and Fritz London's 1927 quantum account of the
covalent bond of the hydrogen molecule. Linus Pauling and others contributed to the subsequent
development of quantum chemistry.
The application of quantum mechanics to fields rather than single particles, resulting in what are
known as quantum field theories, began in 1927. Early contributors included Dirac, Wolfgang
Pauli, Weisskopf, and Jordan. This line of research culminated in the 1940s in the quantum
electrodynamics (QED) of Richard Feynman, Freeman Dyson, Julian Schwinger, and Sin-Itiro
Tomonaga, for which Feynman, Schwinger and Tomonaga received the 1965 Nobel Prize in
Physics. QED, a quantum theory of electrons, positrons, and the electromagnetic field, was the
first satisfactory quantum description of a physical field and of the creation and annihilation of
quantum particles.
QED involves a covariant and gauge invariant prescription for the calculation of observable
quantities. Feynman's mathematical technique, based on his diagrams, initially seemed very
different from the field-theoretic, operator-based approach of Schwinger and Tomonaga, but
Freeman Dyson later showed that the two approaches were equivalent. The renormalization
procedure for eliminating the awkward infinite predictions of quantum field theory was first
implemented in QED. Even though renormalization works very well in practice, Feynman was
never entirely comfortable with its mathematical validity, even referring to renormalization as a
"shell game" and "hocus pocus". (Feynman, 1985: 128)
QED has served as a role model and template for all subsequent quantum field theories. One
such subsequent theory is quantum chromodynamics, which began in the early 1960s and
attained its present form in the 1975 work by H. David Politzer, Sidney Coleman, David Gross
and Frank Wilczek. Building on the pioneering work of Schwinger, Peter Higgs, Goldstone, and
others, Sheldon Glashow, Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam independently showed how the
weak nuclear force + quantum electrodynamics could be merged into a single electroweak force.
Physical interpretation of QED
In classical optics light travels over all allowed paths, and their interference results in Fermat's
principle. Similarly, in QED, light (or any other particle like an electron or a proton) passes over
every possible path allowed by apertures or lenses. The observer (at a particular location) simply
detects the mathematical result of all wave functions added up, as a sum of all line integrals. For
other interpretations, paths are viewed as non physical, mathematical constructs that are
equivalent to other, possibly infinite, sets of mathematical expansions. According to QED, light
can go slower or faster than c, but will travel at velocity c on average[4].
Physically, QED describes charged particles (and their antiparticles) interacting with each other
by the exchange of photons. The magnitude of these interactions can be computed using
perturbation theory; these rather complex formulas have a remarkable pictorial representation as
Feynman diagrams. QED was the theory to which Feynman diagrams were first applied. These
diagrams were invented on the basis of Lagrangian mechanics. Using a Feynman diagram, one
decides every possible path between the start and end points. Each path is assigned a complexvalued probability amplitude, and the actual amplitude we observe is the sum of all amplitudes
over all possible paths. The paths with stationary phase contribute most (due to lack of
destructive interference with some neighboring counter-phase paths) — this results in the
stationary classical path between the two points.
QED doesn't predict what will happen in an experiment, but it can predict the probability of what
will happen in an experiment, which is how it is experimentally verified. Predictions of QED
agree with experiments to an extremely high degree of accuracy: currently about 10−12 (and
limited by experimental errors); for details see precision tests of QED. This makes QED the most
accurate physical theory constructed thus far.
Near the end of his life, Richard P. Feynman gave a series of lectures on QED intended for the
lay public. These lectures were transcribed and published as Feynman (1985), QED: The strange
theory of light and matter, a classic non-mathematical exposition of QED from the point of view
articulated above.
A.D. Córcoles, Easwar Magesan, Srikanth J. Srinivasan, Andrew W. Cross, M. Steffen, Jay M. Gambetta & Jerry M.
Chow. Demonstration of a quantum error detection code using a square lattice of four superconducting qubits. Nature
Communications 6, Article number: 6979 doi:10.1038/ncomms7979 (open access)
IBM Scientists Achieve Critical Steps to Building First Practical Quantum Computer
to become a Subspace therapist and do subspace right
The Random Number
Generators – Fraud ???
By Laima Jonusiene, MD, for Medical Expose’ 10-15-2014
Anyone making any sales claim must validate their claims. This is even more important in
medicine. A simple mistake can mean wasted time, wasted money, and even worse missed
diagnosis. So many charlatans and frauds have cheated doctors that the authorities have had to
stiffen laws and efforts to find such criminals.
If you intend to sell a medical device you
must validate the sales claims you make.
Energetic medicine has become an industry of frauds and charlatans selling things with no
attempt at scientific explanation or verification. Most of these radionics random number
generators only appear to work and on closer inspection we find that most of them are never
really tested and are designed for quick money schemes rather than long term results.
If you have a question and you want an honest appraisal of a system the World Health Products
Ratings Service can help you assay the validity of a company’s claims.
As to the computerized random number generators (Which Prof Desire’ Dubounet invented in the
1960s, and perfected in the early 1990s) here is a video (out of the thousands Desire’ has made) for you
to see how Desire’ made the first working quantum Computer system.
Here is a video of Dr Roger Nelson on the PEAR Project lecturing with Desire’ in 2007.
Here is some links to our research that Desire’ has worked with the PEAR people and she has extended
their work to practical applications. She has made it legal and registered for medical use.
Here is a link to the PEAR research and more on the issue:
Desire’ has made systems that are fully legally registered medical devices in USA, Europe, Mexico, China,
Korea, Japan, Brazil and elsewhere. Desire’ has validated every claim. These devices are such as the
SCIO, QXCI, EPFX, Indigo and now the Eductor.
If there is no patient detected with the electrical harness Desire’s system shifts to a subspace system.
This is an off-use fully legal for doctors to use with a safety tested fully legal and validated technology.
In an interview we did with Desire’ she was quoted to say “There is no such thing as noise, it is only
information we do not presently understand.” This implies a universal connectivity between all things.
The new science of Quantum has accounted for and proved the existence of entwinement.
So if you get a legally registered device that has an entwinement off use it can be legal to use.
Once again thanks to Desire’ Dubounet.

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