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When The World Was Young (2012)
On My Way Home (2013)
Heather Humphrey ~ Lead & Background Vocals, Flute, Tin Whistle, Harmonica, Piano, Percussion
Tom McKeown ~ Lead & Background Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Irish Bouzouki, 5 & 6 String Banjo, Mandola, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Bass,
Drums, Percussion
In August of 2006, the Humphrey-McKeown songwriting partnership began between New Yorker, Heather Humphrey, and
Chicago native, Tom McKeown. They started writing, not for any grand idea of fame, but simply to write and leave a legacy
saying "This is who we are." Their desire was to blend their various individual musical influences into something neither had
done before. Heather came from deep roots in musical theater while Tom grew up with progressive music's orchestration
sensibilities. As a true musical partnership, they combined Heather's innate sense of melody with Tom's intricate arrangements to fulfill their quest to do something fresh and original. This is often accomplished with rootsy acoustic instrumentation
in place of the "normal" rock band sounds. What could have been done on a synth or electric guitar may now be played on
an Irish bouzouki, mandolin, mandola or banjo. What was large sounding is now smaller and what was insignificant is the now
the cornerstone of their new sound. They’ve perfected this approach with the release of two CDs; "When The World Was
Young" (2012) and "On My Way Home" (2013).
CONTACT: [email protected]
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After years of writing in the studio for publishers, Tom and
Heather decided to try some of their music live as an acoustic
duo. The response was overwhelming. Encouraged by what
was happening, they set off to assemble a band that could take
the full arrangements they had recorded and recreate them for
audiences. Collectively this group became known simply as the
“HM Band”. Adding to lead vocals and instrumentation of Heather Humphrey and Tom McKeown are:
Drey Bohannan - Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo
Rarely can you find anyone capable of playing the variety of instruments that Drey performs on. Finding someone that can
play them all with taste and finnesse is even rarer. Combining that with Drey’s vocal abilities, Tom and Heather knew they
found gold when adding Drey to the HM Band.
Jim Livas - Drums
Playing since the age of 13, Jim has been the man behind the kit since the early days of horn bands, blues, classic rock and
even hair bands. Tom and Heather had seen Jim perform with one of his bands years before forming HM Band. With his experience in many genres, Jim was the perfect fit for HM Band.
Cliff Zweibruck - Bass Guitar
For handling bass duties, Tom and Heather had to look no further than Tom’s long time friend and band-mate Cliff
Zweibruck. Tom and Cliff had toured the Midwest together in the progressive rock band, Damascus. Having secured the man
known as the “Claw,” they knew they had the solid bass foundation they were seeking.
Todd Baeten - Organ and Piano
Raised in Wisconsin to a musical family, Todd’s been performing for audiences since childhood. He was classically trained
and has an uncanny ability to perform almost any style of music. Todd brings the lush textures that fill out the HM Band original sound.
Drey Bohannan ~
Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals
Jim Livas ~
Cliff Zweibruck ~
Bass Guitar
Todd Baeten ~
Keyboards, Percussion
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Oh, What Kind of Love
Do You Think?
Night With No Light
It’s Murder

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