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Are you ready?
In Theatres On September 27th!
The waiting is over. The most anticipated motor racing
feature film in decades premieres in Canadian theatres
beginning this upcoming Friday, September 27th!
Early reviews from those who should know are claiming
this is the best racing film ever made. For those of you
who have watched “Grand Prix” and “Le Mans” until
your VHS tape or DVD is worn out this will be a must
see film.
For those of you who remember, who followed this
incredible and dramatic season or perhaps were even
fortunate enough to attend an actual round of the 1976
World Championship you will want to judge for yourself
how well Ron Howard has captured the true essence of
the racing and the amazing story itself.
And for those who were too young or not following the
sport back then, you will want to see what you missed
because, as was said at the time, the 1976 season was
like a movie script… and now here it is!
Mini Grid has compiled and highlighted a few items that
will have you suitably prepared and pumped to go enjoy
this very special movie night out...
Hunt Vs. Lauda - The Epic 1976 Formula 1 Season:
Nearly 40 years later, 1976 is still remembered as one
of the most dramatic seasons in the history of Formula
One. It pitted the sport’s two greatest teams, Ferrari
and McLaren, in a pitched battle waged around the
world—as well as in newspaper headlines and the
courts. At the center of it all were two drivers who
couldn’t have been less alike: Hunt and Lauda.
Hunt’s intensity on the track and freewheeling lifestyle
away from it made him an instant favorite with fans,
especially on his home turf in England. In contrast,
Lauda’s analytical approach and his detached attitude
toward the sport itself was an unlikely match for the
intensely political Ferrari team.
In Hunt vs. Lauda, long-time racing journalist Paul
Fearnley delivers a riveting account of the 1976 season
and the two rivals who made it so memorable.
Illustrated with hundreds of rare photographs taken at
the track and behind the scenes, this is the ultimate,
real-life account of one of motor racing’s greatest years.
For readers who have just discovered the Hunt-Lauda
story from the movie Rush, the book will reveal new
facts and details of the real-life story that inspired the
film. Hardcover, 9 x 11, 160 pages, $48.00.
The Official James Hunt Clothing Collection by Nicolas Hunziker
The Hunt Family commemorated the late World Champion by commissioning two original Hunziker
paintings. The original acrylic on canvas creations, titled "1976" and "M23" also served as the design
inspiration behind the official James Hunt Racing Collection now available in Canada at Mini Grid!
James Hunt ‘1976’ Tee Shirt - $40.00
James Hunt ‘M23’ Tee Shirt - $40.00
James Hunt Helmet Hat - $34.00
James Hunt Helmet T-Shirt - $40.00
Did you know…? The 2013 Monaco Grand Prix marked the 40th anniversary of 1976 Formula One World
Champion James Hunt's grand prix debut. To honor this occasion, Lotus F1 Team driver Kimi Raikkonen
wore a tribute to Hunt on his helmet (incorporating the Nicolas Hunziker artwork) when he piloted his
Lotus Renault E21 through the streets of Monte Carlo.
"I have always respected James Hunt," said Raikkonen, the 2007 World Champion. "Last year I had my
helmet designed to look just like his - all black, with red, blue, and yellow stripes. This year, with the
"Rush" film coming out, I wanted to do something special to represent one of my favourite eras in F1, so I
had a picture from his championship season painted on top of the helmet."
The ‘Real’ Footage… 1976 Grand Prix Season on DVD
Formula One 1976 DVD - $25.00
Now you can judge for yourself. This is
the ‘real’ footage. No, not nearly as
vibrant and stunning as “Rush” will
recreate, but this is how it really was.
Many forget that while the Hunt vs.
Lauda / McLaren vs. Ferrari battle
were the centerpiece, back in 1976,
unlike today, there were up to a dozen
drivers and cars on the grid that could
win on any given day. Scheckter and
Depailler in the 6-wheeled Tyrrells;
March with Peterson and Brambilla;
Watson/Penske, Andretti/Lotus,
Laffite/Ligier, Reutemann/Brabham…
The 1976 season, however, will be
best remembered for Niki Lauda's
horrific accident at the Nurburgring
that nearly ended his life and saw him
rushed to hospital with major burns,
only to make his incredible comeback
a mere 6 weeks later at Monza.
Brunswick Films were pioneers in the
embryonic days of Formula One
production, when sponsors controlled
the demand for footage, and before
the era of global TV coverage began.
They have skillfully combined film
from their famous archive - including
some previously unseen material - to
create a review that captures the
essence of a very special year.
The 1976 F1 season is summarized in
this 52 minute DVD using archive
footage. The review is a wonderful
piece of Grand Prix nostalgia and a
great way to prepare for your “Rush”
experience; or review it after and be
your own film critic!
James Hunt GP Heroes DVD - $25.00
Niki Lauda GP Heroes DVD - $25.00
Charming, handsome, irreverent,
tenacious and an outstanding talent,
James Hunt had everything it took to
become one of England’s most
famous sportsmen and a household
name around the globe. However, it
was his dogged determination and
epic battles with Niki Lauda which
made him a Grand Prix Hero.
It’s absolutely amazing how much Niki
Lauda is overlooked in the immense
build up to this new film. All the
media attention seems to be focused
on Hunt, but Lauda’s story is in fact
far more incredible, if not quite as
flamboyant as Hunt’s. Here is your
chance to see the ‘other’ half of this
famous duet.
Glorious archive footage shows us the
great racer in action, while rare
interviews remind us of the cheeky
quips and trademark broad grin.
There’s dramatic racing film from his
debut at the 1973 Monaco Grand Prix
right through to the Formula One
World Championship-decided
Japanese Grand Prix in 1976, with
narration throughout from Sir Stirling
Niki Lauda’s heroic return from lifethreatening injury made him a
sporting superstar, but for racing fans
he was already established as the
greatest driver of his era.
Despite a reputation which earned
him the nickname ‘Hunt the Shunt’,
Lord Hesketh signed up the young Brit
for an assault on Formula One. We
are treated to footage from that first
year, and then to 1975 where Hunt
scored his first (and Hesketh’s only)
Grand Prix win in Holland – after an
epic battle with… Niki Lauda of
Some say Hunt won his World
Championship by default, due to
Lauda’s crash, but the spectacular and
determined racing in this DVD shows
he was a worthy winner.
60 minutes.
Archive race action, rarely-seen
testing footage and period interviews
with Lauda including film of his very
first Grand Prix outing in his native
Austria in 1971. Although results with
March and BRM were disappointing,
Lauda did enough to attract the
attention of Ferrari for 1974.
There’s race footage from the
dramatic 1976 season, including the
fiery Nurburging crash which it was
feared at the time would claim the
champion’s life. However, we see his
brave return at Monza, as well as the
Japanese Grand Prix where Lauda, still
battling with his injuries, lost the
championship by one point.
Post 1976 features him capturing his
second World Championship in 1977,
before leaving for Brabham; as well as
his comeback with McLaren in 1982.
60 minutes.
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