Why NewNet Voice and Rating Solutions?



Why NewNet Voice and Rating Solutions?
NewNet Communication Technologies
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NewNet Voice and Rating Solutions Portfolio
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Who is NewNet?
NewNet Communication Technologies is a leading provider of
innovative solutions for next generation mobile and fixed line networks,
mobile messaging, as well as secure transaction processing. NewNet
enables global telecom operators, equipment manufacturers,
acquirers, processors and financial institutions to rapidly develop
and deploy cutting edge revenue generating applications that deliver
feature-rich, value added services.
NewNet offers solutions around five major areas: Secure Transaction,
Broadband Networks, Mobile Messaging, Interactive Voice
Response, as well as Mobile Charging and Rating. NewNet Secure
Transactions portfolio includes TraxcomSecure electronic transaction
processing solutions for dial and IP platforms, which deliver services
such as mobile payments, e-banking, and e-commerce; as well as
2G/3G CDMA Packet Data Servicing Node (PDSN)/Home Agent
(HA) platform, which provides economic delivery of premium mobile
data services in CDMA networks. NewNet Broadband Networks
solution offers WiMAX end to end wireless broadband product portfolio
from the former Motorola Solutions. NewNet Mobile Messaging
portfolio includes Lithium SMS Solution, a future proof, innovative and
modular short messaging service platform; Mercury MMS Solution,
the industry’s most complete purpose-built, mobile multimedia content
delivery platform; Cobalt iDEN and CDMA solution, which provides
short messaging solutions for iDEN and CDMA networks; as well as
Distributed 7, a robust SS7 signaling stack for wireless operators/
service providers across 2G, 3G, 4G and all IP networks. NewNet
Interactive Voice Response portfolio includes Nimblevox solution,
which provides a platform for customers to create, host, and deploy
voice and SMS services. NewNet Mobile Charging and Rating
portfolio includes Invigorate Real-Time Charging and Rating platform,
a convergent solution for rating voice, data and content in real-time.
NewNet Highlights
Over a twenty year heritage in Wireless
and Wireline
Telecommunications Solutions for the
foundations for network innovation
Complementary and forward looking
technology and products
Consistent year over year profitable
revenue growth
Product Offerings:
NewNet Secure Transactions
• TraxcomSecure secure transaction
processing infrastructure solution
• 2G/3G PDSN/HA platform
NewNet Broadband Networks
• 4G (WiMAX) wireless and mobile
broadband solution set
NewNet Mobile Messaging
• Lithium full-fledged SMS platform for
GSM networks
• Mercury MMS solution for mobile
multi-media content delivery
• Cobalt messaging solution for iDEN
and CDMA networks
• D7 signaling Platform
NewNet Interactive Voice Response
• Nimblevox Engine to develop IVR
• Nimblevox Build to create, modify
and deploy voice applications
• Nimblevox Blast to support out-dial
NewNet Mobile Charging and Rating
• Real-time, end-to-end charging and
rating solution complete with data
reporting and archiving
Solutions Serving Customers Around the World
NewNet Communication Technologies continues
to be a global leader in providing innovative
solutions for next generation mobile and fixed
line networks, mobile messaging, as well as
secure transaction processing. Supporting more
than 180 customers across nearly 300 locations
in 91 countries. NewNet Communication
Technologies is headquartered in the United
States with sales and support teams located
around the world.
NewNet Solutions Global Presence
NewNet Communication Technologies Nimblevox solutions have been utilized by millions of end users and
NewNet Communication Technologies Invigorate Real-Time Charging and Rating solutions support over 19
million mobile subscribers worldwide, including some of the world’s largest telecom companies. Many of
these deployments across all geographies are countrywide implementation of these solutions.
NewNet Voice and Rating Solutions Portfolio
NewNet Voice and Rating product portfolio includes high performance
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform as well as a state of the art
real time charging and rating solution, enabling organizations worldwide
to improve global communications.
Nimblevox is a cloud-based communications solution that enables the
creation of voice and SMS applications quicker, with less risk, and a
lower total cost of ownership. Nimblevox can be hosted in the cloud or
installed at the customer premise.
Invigorate product is a state of the art real-time convergent charging
and rating solution, engineered to meet the current and future needs
of operators in today’s ever changing and competitive environment.
With a web based central point of control console, Invigorate provides a
unified view of subscriber purchasing behavior. In addition, the modular
solution based on open standards enables flexible and cost-effective
• Cloud-based communication solution
• Advanced IVR features
• Tools enabling the quick development of cutting
edge communication applications
• SIP compatibility / Interoperability with latest
• High performance and easy adoption
• User-friendly service creation environment
• Efficient speech engine
• Flexible deployment options
Real-time rating, charging and discounting
Rate management
Subscriber management
Bill shock prevention
Unique flexibility
Ease of integration
Portable / Scalable
Why NewNet Voice and Rating Solutions?
Why is Nimblevox Right for You?
Ideal for any automated inbound and outbound services, the Nimblevox
Engine allows management and development of applications easily via
a web based administration console. The built-in VoiceXML/CCXML
interpreters allow for ease of portability.
Here are just a few examples of what the Nimblevox Engine can do for
your business:
Route Calls with an Auto Attendant
Nimblevox can route calls to the appropriate party or extension without the
need of a live operator or calling agent. Nimblevox includes DTMF, Voice
Recognition and Automatic Speech Recognition for callers to navigate the
Auto Attendant solution.
Process Orders and Payments
Nimblevox Hosted IVR automates the ordering and payment processing. It
can process orders and payments without live operator intervention simply
using IVR technology and speech recognition.
Customer Surveys
Hosted IVR surveys help you gain customer insight and feedback. With
Nimblevox Hosted IVR, surveys are interactive, and can use voice or SMS
to gather responses.
Voice Information
The Service Creation Tool can instantly create and set up IVR unique
applications. The drag and drop tool eliminates the need for coding,
significantly reduces application development time.
Nimblevox Benefits
High Performance
• Up to 200 CPS, and up to 1200
channel capacity (32 bits)
• Cost Savings as a result of fewer ports
to power the voice application
Easy Adoption
• VoiceXML 2.1 compliant
• Tools to accelerate market adoption
for speech-enabled applications
• Interoperability across platforms, tools
and applications
User-Friendly Service Creation
• Out of the box drag & drop
• Menus, Call Control, and
Conferencing at the touch of a mouse
• Quick deployment into market at the
touch of a mouse button
Efficient Speech Engine
• Built-in Lumenvox award winning
speech engine
• ASR/TTS/CPA/AMD support
• Multiple language support
• Real-time replication and failover
• Highest level of reliability
• Stand-alone, redundant, or N+1
configuration support
Flexible Deployment Options
• Hosted application solution at www.
• Customer premise-based solution
complete with professional services
Nimblevox Product Portfolio
Nimblevox Engine
The Nimblevox Engine enables development of cutting edge
communications applications. It is cloud ready and can be hosted
in NewNet’s cloud or any cloud. A custom IVR application using the
Nimblevox Engine can be deployed very quickly to accelerating time to
The Nimblevox Engine handles media resources such as voice, DTMF
and video. With inherent SIP and VoIP capabilities, the Nimblevox
Engine provides enhanced media handling for large conferencing, audio
streaming, and most importantly provides a development that allows
making changes quickly and reliably.
Nimblevox Build
Nimblevox Build drag and drop Service Creation Environment allows
you intuitive and fast creation, modification, and deployment of voice
applications. In traditional VoiceXML/CCXML application development,
the task of building call flows and applications has fallen on highly skilled
application programmers. Nimblevox Build has been designed to be
operated virtually thus users can easily operate, design, build, modify and
deploy applications without writing a single line of code. With Nimblevox
Build, all code is built into nodes which include commands and actions
necessary for creating a call flow or voice application. Once applications
are created, they can be quickly deployed into production.
Nimblevox Blast
Nimblevox Blast has been designed as an easy to use out-dial campaign
solution using DTMF and ASR. With Nimblevox Blast, any business or
enterprise can quickly set up successful outbound calling campaigns
using the web based interface. No coding or IVR experience is required.
Setting up an outbound dialing campaign is as simple as:
• Uploading your phone numbers in (CSV)
• Uploading your prompt files
• Clicking “run” to start the campaign
• Viewing your campaign results
Nimblevox Product Highlights
Powerful Development Tools
• Drag & drop service creation tool to quickly and easily create
applications for a faster time to market
• Leverages NewNet’s standard APIs and uses the web development
language you love
Proven Technology
• IVR, Switching, MRCP V2, ASR/TTS, CPA, AMD Streaming and
• Utilizes multiple protocols such as SIP, Sigtran, SS7, SMPP, and
H.263 Video, SRF, IMS for complete flexibility
High Performance
• Rated up to 1,200 concurrent calls per platform
• Optimal use of resources and minimized resource cost
IVR Functionality
• Answers Inbound Calls
• Plays prerecorded audio, prompts, and
• Detects DTMF tones (via RFC 2833) in RTP
• Records incoming audio
• Plays back recorded audio
• Places outbound calls
• Generates DTMF (RFC 2833) in RTP
• Bridges audio between call legs
• Transfers calls (blind, bridge, consultation)
• Manages conference calls (setup, add/
delete participants, announce tones, listen
only or active participants, teardown)
SIP Compatibility / Interoperability
Interoperable with the following SIP services:
• Axvoice
• Bandwidth.com
• BroadVox
• Asterisk
• Metaswitch
• Vitelity
• StarView
Interoperable with the following SIP devices:
• SJ Phone
• Cisco/Linksys/Sipura
• Polycom
• Grandstream
Interoperable with the following gateways:
• TelcoBridges Media Gateway
• Dialogics IMG1010
• Quintum Tenor VoIP Gateways
• Successfully tested against SIP Forum
SIPConnect V1.0 specification (PBX)
Nimblevox Professional Services
Nimblevox Professional Services
With a customer-centric approach, availability of wide range of skill sets
and experienced staff make NewNet an ideal partner for any custom
application development project. Our dedicated team of software
engineers and application developers pride ourselves on delivering
solutions that provide the right balance of functionality, flexibility, and cost
of ownership.
It is NewNet’s goal to provide our customers with the resources and tools
needed to build and grow their business. Our professional services include
requirements gathering, selection of optimal technologies, system design,
development, testing, implementation, support and maintenance.
• Custom programming
• Installation and support services
• Evaluation and enhancement of
existing systems or applications
• Quality Assurance and Software
• Database design and management
• Project management
• Training
NewNet’s development team covers a wide variety of skill sets,
including Database Management, Programming (Web, Mobile, Voice
and Information processing), Testing and Test Automation, Training,
Deployment, and Project Management. With strong and long experience
and expertise in telecommunications including but not limited to Linux,
SS7, SIP, Diameter, and many other protocols, NewNet’s professional
services team are equipped to handle any development challenge.
Why NewNet Voice and Rating Solutions?
Why is Invigorate Right for You?
As the convergence of advanced voice and data services gathers
momentum, service providers (SPs) must implement a progressive and
flexible real-time charging and rating system to capture the potential
revenue generated by these services. SPs face increasing demands in
capacity, with mounting pressure to reduce costs and implement facilities
such as service nodes. At the same time, SPs confront more complex
business models and relationships as new types of service providers
evolve, including content providers and mobile virtual network operators
Invigorate solution answers this critical need by bringing a world-class
technology and providing a complete solution which simplifies and
automates the complex tasks surrounding rating and charging in a
collaborative, multi-partner and multi-price service provider environment.
For SPs, Invigorate enables a single point of control and an unified
view of subscriber purchasing behavior, allowing SPs to take immediate
advantage of every selling opportunity. Subscribers can utilize services
more effectively based on pricing, quality of service and usage patterns,
resulting in increased average profit per user, improved loyalty and
reduced churn.
The Invigorate solution is modular and based on open standards for lower
risk and cost-effective implementation. Also, since it can handle even
the most complex multi-price packaging and service bundling demands,
Invigorate helps accelerate the launching of new services and collection
of the revenues they generated, and thus maximizes the return on
investment (ROI).
Invigorate Benefits
Unique Flexibility
• Provides flexibility for service
providers wanting to administer
profitable tariffs and instantly respond
to changing market dynamics
• Enables service providers to
experiment with different service value
concepts by processing an infinitely
configurable rate management system
Geared for Integration
• Maintains strong support for external
system integration in terms of
customer’s current / future business
modules, various signaling gateways,
and value-add partners
Portable / Scalable Solution
• Designed to be operable on multiple
hardware platforms, work with various
operating systems, and adhere to
commercially demanded scalability
and reliability requirements
Invigorate Product Portfolio
Real-Time Rating and Discounting
Whether a transaction is voice or data-based, simultaneous voice and
data usage, prepaid or postpaid, Invigorate is designed to efficiently
perform explicit operator-defined rating instructions and include robust
rating features such as offers, promotions, bundles, and “joined accounts”
at a low Total Cost of Ownership.
Rate Management
Invigorate allows operators to easily create sophisticated charging and
discounting models through a Graphical User Interface. Rate packages
can easily be uploaded and verified in a test environment before being
deployed to a live environment.
Subscriber Management
Invigorate’s Customer Care web portal allows customer service
representatives to view all subscriber account history, as well as modify
subscriber account details, adjust balances, view usage and recharge
history, while the subscriber self-care portal allows subscribers to manage
and update their accounts.
Invigorate enables service providers to quickly package, promote, and
discount cutting edge services based upon customer unique preferences,
while simultaneously encouraging the use of additional revenuegenerating applications.
Bill Shock Prevention
Invigorate’s unique event routing capabilities allow operators to send
personalized notifications to their subscribers in real-time for usage
notifications, as well as diversions, call capping, and real-time account
replenishment to negate bill shock.
Service Control Point
• Operating System
- HP NSK (Invigorate)
- HP-UX (InvigorateX)
• Software
- HP TSCE (NSK only)
- HP OCSAC (HP-UX only)
- HP IUM (HP-UX only)
• Hardware
- HP NonStop Servers
- HP-UX Servers
Data Reporting & Archival System
• Operating System
- Linux
• Software
- Oracle®
• Hardware
- Tailored HP storage
Service Management Point
• Operating System
- Linux
• Software
- Oracle (SMP Database)
- Jakarta Tomcat (SMP Webserver)
• Hardware
- Proliant Servers
Standards Supported
Signaling Supported
CS 1,2
AIN 0.1,0.2
Invigorate Product Highlights
A Complete Charging and Rating Environment
• Real-time, end-to-end charging solution
• Real-time rating, account management and call control capabilities
• Deployable as a single service provider solution with flexibility to support any number of MVNOs
Adjunct Rating Ability
• Allows Operators to protect existing investments while introducing new services
• Provides additional rating, promotions, and enhanced subscriber discounts without replacing an operator’s
existing legacy solution
Data Reporting and Archival System
• Securely stores all CDR’s, SDR’s, EDR’s, Transaction Logs, Subscriber Profiles, Security Profiles, Billing
Profiles, and Service Profiles
Central Point of Control Console
• Web based Graphical User Interface
• Easy access to system Operations, Administration, Maintenance, Provisioning, Customer Care, Rate
Solution Modularity
• Modular solution design allows for unlimited scalability as an operator grows or adds an MVNO
About NewNet Communication Technologies, LLC
Headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL, NewNet is a recognized leader in mobility technologies with a primary focus in
messaging, signaling, wireless broadband, consumer internet, multimedia content delivery, mobile advertising, real-time
rating and charging, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and secure transaction processing. NewNet Communication Technologies is a part of the Skyview Capital LLC, portfolio of companies. Skyview Capital, LLC, is a private investment firm
that specializes in the acquisition and management of companies across multiple sectors of technology, telecommunications, services, and niche manufacturing. For further information, please visit www.newnet.com
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