EuroSport - Composite



EuroSport - Composite
EUROSPORT - The Ultimate Fun-Jet !!!
Ultimate ‘Delta’ 3-D fun-jet for
12 - 16 kg turbines
Length: 2250 mm (89”)
Wingspan: 1680 mm (66”)
Weight: 12 - 15kg (26 - 32 Lbs) dry
RC-Equipment: 5 High Power Servos
Turbines: 120 - 160N (26 - 36 Lbs)
Landing Gear: Intairco Heavy-Duty
Jolly Roger #349000
Fantasy Red/Yellow #347000
l The legendary Composite-ARF ‘EuroSport’ is one of the most
versatile sport jets ever, and is extensively prefabricated.
l Includes a removable Vertical Fin for easy transport & storage,
fibreglass canopy frame, strong canard linkage system with preinstalled pivot tubes, factory-installed heavy-duty landing gear
mounts, milled plywood R/C gear installation plates ... and much,
much more !
l 100% complete kit. Amazing level of pre-fabrication at the
factory to reduce assembly time. Includes revised high-quality
hardware pack and Thrust tube. Elevons elastic hinged and cut
free. Wheel openings, Engine mounts, Servo hatches, removable
fin spar & fixing bolt, wing tube alignment, etc - all finished....
l Best value for money available. Huge delta wing, for low wingloading, and large canards give stunning flight performance,
fully 3-D and High-Alpha capable. Simple assembly at the airfield,
with great access through large under-fuselage hatch.
l Options include: Heavy-Duty Intairco Landing Gear set, Carbon
Bypass duct and full Inlet Liner set, and dual Kevlar Fuel Tanks.
Scale Grey #346000
l Incredibly durable full-composite structure, painted in the molds
in gorgeous color schemes for your convenience - to get you in
the air faster !
l Full spare parts service & technical support available worldwide.
more info at:
- ‘Trainer’ -orThe
‘3-D Ultimate
Hovering’ ...Fun-Jet
it’s up to !!!
you !
The removable Vertical Fin makes
transport and storage much easier.
Servo is installed in Fin. Spar tubes
and securing T-nut installed and
aligned at the factory for you. Just
one bolt to tighten at the airfield....
Strong and simple factory-finished
engine mounts makes assembly or
maintenance easy - especially
through very large under-fuselage
hatch. Optional carbon turbine
bypass and Inlet liner, shown here,
reduces the chance of FOD damage
to turbine by debris entering
fuselage through nose-gear opening.
Optional Kevlar Fuel Cell set includes
2 tanks (total capacity 3.8 litres),
milled wood mounting bulkheads,
aluminum caps, kerosene stoppers
and associated hardware.
Heavy Duty Landing gear set,
manufactured by Intairco, is
extremely robust and perfectly
suited to grass strips & small airfields,
with all spare parts available.
Includes brakes, damped oleos,
tubing, hardened axles, quickconnectors, air tank & fill-valve.
Optional full-flow fibreglass inlet
duct liners & carbon engine bypass,
both revised for better fit and
performance, improve safety and
reduce the chance of FOD damage if
flying from grass or unpaved strips.
The Eurosport includes cnc milled
plates for mounting the R/C gear, fuel
pump, Hopper tank, canard servo,
ECU & RX, retract valves etc. Also
included is a vacuum-formed plastic
cockpit tub.
Options available:
H.D. Landing Gear Set (Intairco) #340550 Kevlar Fuel Tank Set #340108 Bypass/Intake Duct Liner Set #340104
Jet-tronics 2-way Retract Valve #961100 Jet-tronics 1-way Brake Valve #961150
Europe Reps:
Jean-Pierre Zardini (B) +32 653 34466
Wolfgang Kluehr (D) +49 170 9676477
Florian Wigger (D) +49 171 8275734
Christian Sonnleitner (D) +49 177 4367477
Guenther Hoelzlwimmer (D) +49 91471586
Marc Froehn (D) +49 6151 9179156
Manfred Greve (D) +49 172 4185196
Sebastiano Silvestri (I) +39 340 3030650
See website
more info at:
Bruno Cavuto (I) +39 333 7110358
Michael Binder (A) +43 680 2035874
Geir Flesche (Scandinavia) +47 924 55780
Jose Rios (Spain) +34 609 019507
Dave Wilshere (UK) +44 1923 465712
Mark Schroeder (UK) +44 7712 668696
Marc Hauss (F) +33 3 88939080
Silvio Butscher (CH / F) +41 32 8591212
Martin Sannwald (CH) +41 71 9666251
for worldwide Rep list, and email
Meinrad Kammerlander (CH)+41 714112130
Franz Walti (CH) +41 62 7943154
USA Reps:
Ray Labonte (USA) 207 329 7713
Jason Shulman (USA) 407 322 0513
Larry Tudor (USA) 717 235 2997
Andy Kane (USA) 301 785 3022
Bob Shapiro (USA) 941 232 8188

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