Another important tip: steer clear of
second hand gear, especially helmets,
which could have previous damage that
isn’t visible. Why compromise durability
and more importantly, your safety, for the
sake of saving a bit of cash?
What to l k out
for when choosing
the right GEAR
Helmet Don’t just go for looks;
Every time you go out on your
bike, your life depends on
your ability, technique, kit and
attitude. So it makes sense to
be prepared for anything, and
everything, when you’re out on
the road.
No idea? Or All
the gear?
Whatever type of bike you ride, wearing
everyday clothes when riding puts you
at real risk of serious injury. Coming off,
even at low speeds, will shred through
them and take skin down to the bone.
It’s why clued-up riders wear quality gear,
of leather or good quality textiles such
as CORDURA®, some including abrasion
resistant materials such as Kevlar®. Many
items also incorporate body armour to
help absorb impacts.
always take time to choose the helmet
that fits you correctly as a poor fitting
one won’t offer the best protection in a
crash (and could even come off!). Visit
SHARP at direct.gov.uk/sharp to
compare the safety ratings for helmets
and for tips on selecting the best fitting
helmet for you.
Jacket Different riders will have their
own preferred choice of riding gear.
Leather offers you the best protection
from abrasion and impact, but it can
be impractical. There is now a wide
range of textiles that offer abrasion
protection, from rugged-looking biker
gear to more casual Kevlar® weave
jeans. These often include armour to
provide impact protection. Either way,
riding gear should be a close fit, with
extra padding and protection around the
back, shoulders, elbows and wrists.
Money offr!
great gea
See below
Trousers They should protect
you in exactly the same way as your
jacket. Especially around the knees
and thighs. Plus, they should be flexible
and comfortable.
Body armour Good quality jackets
and trousers, often come with the option
of built-in body armour, or armour can
be bought separately. It provides even
more impact protection, absorbing and
spreading the force of a direct blow.
Boots and gloves should also include
additional protection in vulnerable places.
Look out for the CE label – proof it has
been tested to European Standards and
check whether it applies to the whole
garment or just part of it.
Gloves Never ride without them.
Simple. The first instinct in a crash is
to put your hands down. So make sure
your gloves offer all-round protection
without reducing your ability to operate
the controls. It’s worth noting that
there is a range of summer and winter
gloves available.
Protect yourself
from the conditions
Being cold and wet can be stressful,
tiring and it can also affect your reaction
times, leaving you at risk. Which is why
using waterproof and windproof gear on
miserable days is a good idea. It’ll keep
you at your sharpest when riding. Some
gear includes windproof and waterproof
layers, or you can get separate lightweight
waterproofs that easily fit under the pillion
seat or in a backpack.
Gear can include fluorescent or bright
colours and reflective strips, which
helps drivers see you in daytime
conditions and at night.
Save more than
just money
Boots These should be sturdy and above
ankle height because in a crash,
it’s common for ankles to break and for
feet to be crushed. So boots shielded,
above ankle-height are a wise choice.
Plus, always try new boots on when you’re
on your bike to make sure you
can operate foot controls properly.
While saving money is important, think
if it’s worth getting some nasty injuries.
Check out the back page for some
fantastic offers on good protective gear.
For more tips on choosing good quality
gear visit direct.gov.uk/thinkriders
powerful bike, or returned to biking
after a break.
There’s always room for
When you’ve completed the Enhanced
Rider Scheme, that’s exactly what you’re
doing. The course is designed to show
you how to be a better rider and the
experienced trainers work with you to
develop the riding skills you need to ride
smoothly and with more awareness.
RedUce your risk
and your premiums
The scheme, jointly created by the
Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the
Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA),
is designed to make every ride a good
one and it’s perfect for riders who’ve just
passed their test, upgraded to a more
When you receive
your DSA Certificate
of Competence
you’ll qualify for a
discount from many
leading brokers and
To find your nearest trainer visit
Being passionate about biking is one
thing, but having the skills to improve
your technique, confidence and ability
as a rider is another. That’s where the
Enhanced Rider Scheme can help.
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For more detailed guidance on safety clothing and equipment,
visit the THINK! website www.direct.gov.uk/thinkriders

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