HAMAMATSU Photonics K. K.


HAMAMATSU Photonics K. K.
HAMAMATSU Photonics K. K.
 Founed 1953
 Based in Hamamatsu City, Japan
 3600 Employees worldwide
 Product- and researchcenter in Japan
 32 buildings / 177‘975 sqare metre
 Leading supplier of optoelectronic
components and systems
HAMAMATSU Photonics 2
The History of Hamamatsu
1948 Tokai Electronics Lab Established (Original Company of Hamamatsu).
1953 Hamamatsu TV Co. Ltd. Established began production of phototubes.
1956 Began Research project into Photomultiplier Tubes.
1961 Began production of the Vidicon Tube.
1969 Hamamatsu Corporation USA established.
1973 First factory in Toyooka is completed.
1978 Began sales of MCP’s, GaAsP and pin silicon diode.
1979 PMT production in New Jersey begins.
1982 20 inch PMT developed.
1983 Changed name to Hamamatsu Photonics
HAMAMATSU Photonics 3
The History of Hamamatsu
1987 New Silicon wafer and assembly factory built.
1990 Production of PMT’s begins in China.
1992 Pet center opens at the Central Research Lab.
1996 InGaAs facility completed.
1997 New solid state & automated assembly facility completed.
1998 Expansion of Lamp fabrication facility. Back thinned CCD introduced.
2001 Toyooka 9th Bldg. Completed.
2002 Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to Prof. Koshiba on Kamiokande Experiment.
2003 50th anniversary since the company foundation.
2004 Held Photon Fair 2004 at Tokyo International Forum.
2005 “The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries” started.
2008 CERN recognizes Hamamatsu Photonics for its contribution to the development
of detectors for the Large Hadron Collider
HAMAMATSU Photonics 4
HAMAMATSU Global Network
HAMAMATSU Photonics 5
Electron Tube Division
Solid State Division
Systems Division
Laser Group
Central Research Laboratory
HAMAMATSU Photonics 6
Electron Tube Division
Developing and manufacturing advanced optical sensors,
light sources and a whole range of related products designed for
diverse applications in medicine, chemical analysis, measurement,
industrial testing, academic research and a host of other fields
976 people - Toyooka Factory & Tenno Glass Factory
HAMAMATSU Photonics 7
ETD – Fundamental technology & Know-how
Glass Fabrication
Vacuum Tube Technology
Material processing
HAMAMATSU Photonics 8
ETD – Fundamental technology & Know-how
Mechanics & Assembly
Optics Design and Fabrication
HAMAMATSU Photonics 9
ETD – Fundamental technology & know-how
Low Noise Analog Electronics
Scintillating Materials
Low to High voltage power supplies
HAMAMATSU Photonics 10
ETD – Optical Sensors
Photomultiplier Tubes
70% PMT share of the world market
Side-on PMT
Major work involves developing
iniaturized yet high-sensitivity sensor
HAMAMATSU Photonics 11
ETD - Optical Sensors
DNA analyzer
AA spectrophotometer
ICP emission
HAMAMATSU Photonics 12
ETD - Optical Sensors
Flat panel PMT
Near infrared PMT
Metal package PMT
(For biological function measurement)
(For high energy physics
HAMAMATSU Photonics 13
ETD – Optical Sensors
Super Kamiokande
Here, a total of 11,200 of 20-inch dia.
PMTs are used to catch neutrinos and
monitor proton decay.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 14
ETD – Optical Sensors
Whole-body pet
The No.1 choice in academic research
fields including high energy physics.
Striving to develop new sensors by
merging the features of semiconductors
and electron tubes.
Makes the world’s most sensitive and
responsive optical sensors in the near
infrared range.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 15
ETD – Optical Sensors
Ultra Bialkali photocathode PMTs
Super Bialkali photocathode PMTs
HAMAMATSU Photonics 16
ETD – Other Optical Sensors and Image Sensors
Uvtron (Flame and UV sonsors)
Quick Detection of Flame from a Distance !
Application Examples
Flame detectors for gas/oil lighters and matches
Combustion monitors for burners
Detection of discharge (corona discharge of high
voltage transmission lines, etc.)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 17
ETD – Other Optical Sensors and Image Sensors
Electron multipliers
(For mass spectroscopy)
(For mass spectroscopy,semiconductor testing)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 18
ETD - Application
Application-Specific Products Using Optical Sensors
and Image Sensors
Weak light detection unit
(For low-light-level measurement)
Fluorescence intensity measurement of
one grain of polished rice (with husk and
outer brown matter removed)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 19
ETD - Application
Application-Specific Products Using Optical Sensors
and Image Sensors
Pinhole tester
UV power meter
(For pinhole detection)
(For UV intensity level control)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 20
ETD - Application
Application-Specific Products Using Optical Sensors
and Image Sensors
ICCD camera
with high-speed electronic shutter
(For fast-moving object observation)
High-speed gated image
intensifier unit
(For fast-moving object observation)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 21
Graded glass seals,
glass-to-metal seals
Multiple pin
optical products
Molded glass products
HAMAMATSU Photonics 22
ETD – Light Sources
Xenon lamps
(For medical test, spectrophotometry and semiconductor)
Mercury-xenon lamps
(For semiconductor test, fluorescence microscopes)
High stability due to unique electrode structure is the biggest feature.
Wide lineup to meet expanding needs in the medical, semiconductor,
LCD, computer and factory automation.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 23
ETD – Light Sources
Deuterium lamps
(For spectrophotometry, environmental analysis)
Xenon flash lamps
(For medical and in-vitro test, FA, high-speed strobes)
Hollow cathode lamps
(For atomic absorption analysis)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 24
ETD - Application
Application-specific Products Using Light Sources
Spot light source
(For UV curing adhesive)
Application Example UV Curing
CD / DVD pick-up devices
Sealing of LCD panel
CCD packing
Electric parts attachment
HAMAMATSU Photonics 25
ETD – Application
Application-specific Products Using Light Sources
UV-LED Spot light source
UV-LED module
HAMAMATSU Photonics 26
ETD – Application
Application-specific Products Using Light Sources
UV to visible fiber light source
(For environmental measurement, drug testing)
Application Example
Environmental measurement
HPLC (High-performance liquid
Biological measurement
Semiconductor inspection
HAMAMATSU Photonics 27
X-Ray Related Products
BGS joint
IC bumps (50 µm)
Microfocus X-ray source
(For non-destrucitve X-ray inspection)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 28
X-Ray Related Products
Scintillator Plates
ACS (Amorphous-carbon plate with CsI scintillator)
High resolution, Large Format
ALS (Aluminum plate with CsI scintillator)
: High light output, Large Format
FOS (Fiber Optics Plate with CsI scintillator)
: X-ray shield, low energy X-ray detection
HAMAMATSU Photonics 29
X-Ray Related Products
HAMAMATSU Photonics 30
ETD – Electrostatic Remover
(For removal of staticcharge)
Application Example
Packing of powdered product
High speed moving objects
(film, printed matter, etc.)
IC / LCD / PDP process line
Large size glass plate product
PCB mounting, chip mounter
Plastic component molding process
HAMAMATSU Photonics 31
ETD – Stealth Dicing Technology
Comparison of process quality on wafer surface
In Stealth Dicing, a
laser beam at a
wavelength capable of
internal point in that
selectively forms a
layer (stress layer) in a
localized point near the
light focus area so that
the material is cut from
the "inside".
Blade Dicing
Stealth Dicing
HAMAMATSU Photonics 32
Solid State Division
Searching out new semiconductor
properties to define next-generation
801 people - Ichino Factory & Mitsue Factory
HAMAMATSU Photonics 33
SSD – Fundamental technology & Know-how
High Density
High Accuracy
Packaging Technology
III-V Compounds
Crystal and
Process Technology
Molded parts
HAMAMATSU Photonics 34
SSD – Fundamental technology & Know-how
Silicon Design
And Process
3D Silicon
HAMAMATSU Photonics 35
SSD – Fundamental technology & Know-how
Direct Scintillation
Deposition Capability
Optical Component
Design Manufacturing
and Integration
Analog & Digital
High Speed / Low noise
HAMAMATSU Photonics 36
SSD – Silicon Photodiodes
Surveying instrument
Surveying instruments
use Si photodiodes to
measure distances and
Si photodiodes
X-ray CT scanner
Si photodiodes are widely
used in the detection
section of X-ray CT
Si photodiode arrays
Surface-mount Si photodiodes
HAMAMATSU Photonics 37
SSD - Silicon Photodiodes
Types and applications
Environmental measurement, banking
machines, medical equipment,
semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Si photodiodes for general
photometry and camera applications
Camera exposure meters, copiers,
Si PIN photodiodes
Optical fiber communications, optical power
monitors, high-energy physics research
Si photodiode arrays
Multichannel spectrophotometry, laser beam
alignment, 3D shape measurement
Si photodiode with amp;
cooled Si photodiodes
Low-light-level measurement, optical disc pickup,
spatial light transmission
Si APD (avalanche photodiode)
Spatial light transmission, distance sensors, optical
fiber communications, low-level photometry
Baggage inspection, non-destructive inspection
Si photodiodes for precision photometry
and spectrophotometry
X-ray detectors
HAMAMATSU Photonics 38
SSD – Photo IC
Photo IC is an optical sensor consisting
of a photosensitive element and a signal
processing circuit integrated onto a
single chip or single package
Photo IC diodes
Automated passenger gates
Light modulation photo IC and infrared
LED are used to detect passengers
entering or leaving train station ticket
For laser beam
sync detection
Light modulation
photo IC
HAMAMATSU Photonics 39
SSD – Photo IC
Types and applications
Light modulation photo IC
Paper detection in OA machines, optical
switches, automated passenger gates
Photo IC for laser beam sync
Print start timing detection for
laser printers
Photo IC for optical links
Optical fiber communications
Photo IC for optical switches
Optical switches
Photo IC for encoder
Photo IC diode
Energy-saving sensors for televisions,
LCD panel light control, light level detection
HAMAMATSU Photonics 40
SSD – PSD (Position Sensitive Detector)
PSD is an optoelectronic position sensor utilizing photodiode surface resistance.
Unlike discrete element detectors such as CCD, PSD provides continuous
position data (X or Y coordinate data) and features high position resolution and
fast response.
One-dimensional PSD
One-dimensional PSD
Two-dimensional PSD
HAMAMATSU Photonics 41
SSD – PSD (Position Sensitive Detector)
Excellent position resolution
Position/angle measurement
Wide spectral response range
High-speed response
Simultaneous detection of light intensity
and position (gravity center of light spot)
Lens reflection/refraction
Laser displacement meters
High reliability
Distance sensors
Optical switches
Camera auto focus
HAMAMATSU Photonics 42
SSD – Infrared Detectors
Detection of substances on asteroid surfaces
InGaAs linear image sensor we developed for near infrared spectrophotometry
is mounted in the HAYABUSA (falcon)” - Japan’s asteroid explorer.
Infrared detectors
Asteroid explorer “HAYABUSA (falcon)”
[by courtesy of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)]
HAMAMATSU Photonics 43
SSD – Infrared Detectors
Features and applications
InGaAs PIN photodiodes
InGaAs linear image sensors
PbS, PbSe photoconductive detectors 
Optical fiber communications, optical power meters, laser
diode monitors, gas analyzers, NIR (near infrared)
Optical communications, Radiation thermometers,
Radiation thermometers, flame detectors, water content
meters, gas analyzers,
film thickness gauges
InSb photoconductive/photovoltaic
Radiation thermometers, gas analyzers,
spectrophotometers, remote sensing
InAs photovoltaic detectors
Spectrophotometers, laser monitors
MCT (HgCdTe) photoconductive
detectors /photovoltaic detectors
Two-color detectors
Photon drag detectors
Radiation thermometers, water content meters, gas
analyzers, spectrophotometers, film thickness gauges,
FTIR, remote sensing
Flame monitors, Fire detectors, Spectrophotometers,
Laser monitors
CO2 laser detection
HAMAMATSU Photonics 44
SSD – Image Sensors
X-ray image of cellular phone (side view)
X-ray image of a cellular phone taken from
the side with a flat panel sensor.
Flat panel sensor
NMOS linear
image sensors
CCD area
image sensors
InGaAs linear
image sensors
HAMAMATSU Photonics 45
SSD – Image Sensors
Image sensor types and applications
InGaAs linear image sensors 
DWDM wavelength monitors, optical spectrum
analyzers, NIR multichannel spectrometers,
radiation thermometers
Low-light-level detection, fluorescence
spectrophotometry, Raman spectroscopy, DNA
NMOS linear image sensors 
Multichannel spectrophotometry, image readout
CMOS linear image sensors 
Multichannel spectrophotometry, industrial
measurement and testing
CCD area image sensors
Flat panel sensors
Non-destructive inspection, digital X-ray imaging
HAMAMATSU Photonics 46
LEDs (light emitting diodes) are opto-semiconductors that convert electric
energy into optical energy. Compared to laser diodes, LEDs offer advantages
such as lower cost and longer service life.
Metal package type
Resin-potted package type
Plastic package type
HAMAMATSU Photonics 47
Major applications
Optical switch
Optical encoder
Light source for detection
Optical communications
HAMAMATSU Photonics 48
SSD – Related Products for Opto-semicondutors
Related Products for Opto-semiconductors
ITS (Intelligent Transport System)
Distance sensors used in ITS detect the
approach, passage and height of cars
in real time.
APD module
Distance sensor
Multichannel detector heads
Photosensor amplifiers
HAMAMATSU Photonics 49
SSD – Related Products for Opto-semicondutors
Features and applications
Photosensor amplifiers
Current-to-voltage conversion amplifiers for
amplifying weak photocurrent with low noise
PSD signal processing
Circuit boards ideal for evaluating PSD
APD modules
High-speed, high-sensitivity photodetectors
using APD (avalanche photodiode)
Distance sensors
Used in ITS (Intelligent Transport System) for
detecting the approach, passage and height
of cars in real time.
Multichannel detector
Contains driver/amplifier circuits for various
types of image sensors.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 50
SSD – Mini-spectrometers
Polychromators integrated with optical elements, an image sensor and a driver circuit
Optical component layout (TM series)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 51
SSD – Mini-spectrometers
Major applications
Spectral evaluation of light sources
Taste analyzers
Water content measurement
Film thickness measurement
Analysis of sunlight and illumination
HAMAMATSU Photonics 52
SSD – Optical Communication Devices
Optical fiber
Product name
Trunk line, broadcasting equipment
Photodiodes, photodiodes with amp, laser diodes
FA, OA, home network, vehicle-mount Photodiodes, photo IC, LED
Spatial light transmission
Photodiodes, infrared LED, light transmitter/receiver
modules (for automobile VICS)
DWDM (Dense wavelength division multiplexing)
InGaAs linear image sensors
High-speed optical networks make LAN
environments much more convenient.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 53
SSD – Optical Communication Devices
Pigtail type
Receptacle type
Metal package type
Red LED and photo IC
for optical links
HAMAMATSU Photonics 54
Systems Division
Imaging technologies created after years of meticulous
effort are put to work in semiconductor, biotechnology,
medical care and a host of other fields.
413 people - Jako Factory
HAMAMATSU Photonics 55
SD – Biotech Field 1
Gene Expression
Hamamatsu offers various systems for observation and analysis of
gene expression. These systems use a high sensitivity camera to
capture faint light emissions at very low light levels.
Imaging of light emitted from rice plant
infected by bacteria
HAMAMATSU Photonics 56
SD – Biotech Field 1
Protein Function
Hamamatsu provides sophisticated systems to support analysis of the
intracellular interaction of various proteins and observation of behavior
mechanisms on the molecular level.
Measurement utilizing the FRET
between molecules
HAMAMATSU Photonics 57
SD – Biotech Field 1
Information Transmission
Systems and equipment for observation and analysis of information
transmitted on cells and tissues under a microscope.
Intracellular Ca2+ concentration imaging
HAMAMATSU Photonics 58
SD – Biotech Field 2
Imaging-based Plate Reader for HTS and Assay Development
FDSS6000 (Function Drug Screening System)
These systems offer automated high speed and high throughput screening
by a combination of multi-dispenser and microplate auto-conveyor devices.
A high-sensitivity 2-dimensional sensor with 384 wells for batch
measurements and a high-output multi-wavelength excitation unit ensure
quick and highly precise assays.
High-level information screening analysis
HAMAMATSU Photonics 59
SD – Biotech Field 2
FDSS/RayCatcher (Luminescence Plate Reader)
It is a luminescence plate reader that is compatible with 96, 384 and 1536
well plate. A high sensitive detection of extreme weak luminescence in the
wavelength range of 350nm-720nm is possible based on newly developed
2 dimensional luminescence sensor.
Luminescent Cell Viability Assay
HAMAMATSU Photonics 60
SD – Medical Field
Oxygen Monitors
These systems continuously and non-invasively measure oxygen in the
brain and tissues by irradiating the body or organism with an extremely
small and safe amount of light.
Measurement principles
Measurement data loaded into a PC
HAMAMATSU Photonics 61
SD – Medical Field
Pathology Slide Observation
NanoZoomer Digital Pathology is a system for scanning tissue glass
slides and converting to high resolution digital slides.
NanoZoomer Digital Pathology
HAMAMATSU Photonics 62
SD – Semiconductor Field
Failure Detection and Analysis
These systems locate, visualize and analyze failures inside
semiconductor devices by detecting weak light emissions, heat
emissions or electrical changes caused from the failures.
Failure analysis by detecting light emission
HAMAMATSU Photonics 63
SD – Semiconductor Field
Thickness Measurement
These instruments optically measure wafer thickness with no
contact with the wafer surface. Wafer thickness can be
monitored even during wet etching.
Measurement of wafer thickness distribution
HAMAMATSU Photonics 64
SD – Semiconductor Field
Internal Observation
Chip internal observation
Void observation of SOI wafer
HAMAMATSU Photonics 65
SD – Semiconductor Field
Plasma Monitor
This device monitors the plasma emissions created during
semiconductor manufacturing processes such as etching,
sputtering and CVD.
Multiband Plasma Process Monitor
HAMAMATSU Photonics 66
SD - FPD Measurement Field
Quantum Yields Measurement for Organic LED Materials
The absolute luminescence quantum yield is measured precisely by
employing a mult-channel detector, excitation light source, and
integrating sphere.
Quantum Yields Measurement Syatem
Quantum efficiency measurement examples
HAMAMATSU Photonics 67
SD - FPD Measurement Field
Brightness Light Distribution Characteristics Measurement
This system measures emission
brightness and emission angle
characteristics when a current or
voltage is applied to organic LED
materials sample.
Organic LED Defect Repair
This is a system to detect defective pixels of organic LED panels (emission of
failure location) and repair using laser technique.
SD – Spectrophotometry Field
Multi-channel Detection
This system is a multi-channel detector integrating a polychromator
and a high-sensitivity optical detector into a compact design.
Chromaticity coordinate display
Photonic Multichannel Analyzer PMA-12
3D display
HAMAMATSU Photonics 69
SD – Spectrophotometry Field
Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement
This system measures fluorescence occurring at high speeds and low
light levels by simultaneously detecting multiple wavelengths with high
sensitivity, using the time-resolved photon counting method.
Picosecond Fluorescence Lifetime
Measurement System
Fluorescence lifetime analysis image
HAMAMATSU Photonics 70
SD – Optical Communication Fields
Laser Beam Measurement
These systems make overall
measurements of instantaneous spatial
characteristics of light beams such as
lasers. The system can be integrated with
the LEPAS series Laser Beam Profiler,
optical systems and cameras.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 71
SD – Optical Communication Fields
Ultra-short Pulse Measurement
Sampling Optical Oscilloscope
Optical Fiber Chromatic Dispersion Measurement
HAMAMATSU Photonics 72
SD – FA (Factory Automation) Fields
X-Ray Non-Destructive Inspection
Hamamatsu provides various cameras specially designed for internal
inspection using X-rays and observation of X-ray diffraction images.
X-Ray Line Scan Camera
Foreign matter in can
HAMAMATSU Photonics 73
SD – FA (Factory Automation) Fields
General Image Measurement
TDI camera is useful for a wide range of imaging applications
requiring high speed operation with high sensitivity.
TDI Camera
HAMAMATSU Photonics 74
Laser Group
Creating new markets for
semiconductor lasers
125 people - Miyakoda Factory
HAMAMATSU Photonics 75
LG - Overview
Established in 2000 / 110 members
Annual turnover 10M Euro (10% for overseas)
High Power Laser Diode Module
Single Chip Laser Diode & Module
HAMAMATSU Photonics 76
Various applications of Laser Diodes
High Power Laser
Diode Module
Academic Research
HAMAMATSU Photonics 77
Various applications of Laser Diodes
Single Chip Laser
Diode & Module
HAMAMATSU Photonics 78
Central Research Laboratory
Using light to seek out new “knowledge”
267 people - Hamakita Research Park
HAMAMATSU Photonics 79
Research - Medical Diagnosis
PET (Positron Emission Tomography)
The only equipment in the world capable of imaging metabolic
activity in a living body
Whole-body PET scanner
Hamamatsu Photonics researches and
develops whole-body and head PET
PET helps study brain and heart
functions as well as find and pinpoint
diseases such as cancer.
FDG images of brain tumor
(tomographic brain images taken with PET)
HAMAMATSU Photonics 80
Research - Medical Diagnosis
Optical CT
Research in the practical application of the optical CT
Research is being conducted that will
put our optical CT to practical use in
compiling information from inside
living organisms, using light that is
non-harmful to the organism.
Visualization of three high-absorption areas
existing inside a solid phantom with a
diameter of 8 cm
HAMAMATSU Photonics 81
Research - Optical Information Processing
Intelligent vision system
“ 1 KHz ” Image-processing system
An intelligent vision system is an ultra-high
speed visual information processing system
that integrates photodetector, image
processing and actuator control functions.By
combining this system with an optical
information system using a spatial light
modulator (SLM), we aim to achieve
information processing both with a high degree
of parallelism and at ultra-high speeds.
Vision Camera
HAMAMATSU Photonics 82
Research - Agriculture
Laser plant factory experiments
Succeeded in cultivating rice plants by using high-power semiconductor lasers
as light sources.
Laser plant factories are expected to
 Improve food crop yield per unit area.
 Alleviate food shortages by super-forced
Semiconductor lasers used for experiments
Optical environment research on plant growth such as rice
HAMAMATSU Photonics 83
Research - Energy
Working to make laser nuclear fusion a realty
In a joint effort with the Institute of Laser Engineering at Osaka University,
we have developed high-power laser diodes as a pumping light source
for solid-state lasers.
Successful laser nuclear fusion will create clean energy by irradiating incredibly powerful solidstate laser beams onto a fuel pallet filled with deuterium contained in seawater.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 84
Research - Energy
Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
Concept drawing of laser nuclear power plant “Koyo”
Glass laser (amplifier section)
Fusion chamber
HAMAMATSU Photonics 85
Research - Energy
Exterior of 110kW laser diode (LD) arrays
One LD array (called a “bar”) has a width of 10 mm. 25 LD bars are
stacked vertically (10 mm in height) and 40 stacks of LD bars are lined
up horizontally (approx. 420 mm in width). The whole unit consists of a
total of 1000 (25 x 40) LD bars.
HAMAMATSU Photonics 86
Sabine Schütz 87