Provider network: there`s always a provider in sight


Provider network: there`s always a provider in sight
Vision insurance
Provider network:
there’s always a provider in sight
One size does not fit all. That’s why we created a network
that features both private practice and retail providers to
allow you a choice for your eye care. Some people prefer
the personal service of a private practice provider, especially
if they have a long-standing relationship with a family
eye doctor. Others prefer the convenience of retail chain
providers, which often offer evening and weekend hours.
UnitedHealthcare vision offers a diverse network of more
than 34,000 access points, including both private practice
and leading retail chain providers. Our plan allows
you to pick the provider that matches your lifestyle and
eye care needs.
Contracted retail chain providers.1
Allegany Optical
Doctor’s ValuVision
America’s Best
Doctors VisionWorld
Alvernon Optical, Inc
Bard Optical
Brown’s Optical
C&B Optical One
Doctor’s VisionWorks
Downtown Opticians
Dr. Bizer’s VisionWorld
Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care
Cambridge Eye Doctors
Emerging Vision /
Insight Managed Vision
Cole Vision
Enfield Opticians
Co/op Optical Vision
Eye Boutique
Doctors on Sight
Eye Care Plus
Cohen’s Fashion Optical
Empire Vision Center
Columbia Vision Center
Exact Eye Care
Crown Optical
Eye Care Associates
Eye Care One
Finding a provider
is easy.
Simply go to
and use the provider locator
tool for a complete list,
including door-to-door
directions. You can also call
1-800-638-3120 to speak
with a Customer Service
Contracted retail chain providers, continued.
Eye Doctors
Optical Outlet
Herslof Opticians
Eye Express
Horizon Eye Care
Riverfront Optical
United Optical
Rx Optical
Vision Mart
Eye DRx
Hitchcock Munsion
Eye Mart
Hour Eyes
S. H. Laufer Vision
Lens Lab Express
SEE Eyewear
Eye Savers
Eye Surgeons Associates
Eyecare Center, ODPA
EyesFirst Vision Centers
Longe Optical
Lord Eye Care Centers
Eyeglass World
Midwest Eye
EyeMart Express
My Eye Dr.
National Vision
Midwest Vision Centers
Eyemart Optical
National Optometry
First Sight
Vision Services
Nationwide Vision
Fred Meyer Optical
Optical Fashions
For Eyes
Fritz & Hawley
Vision Centers
General Vision Services
H. Rubin Vision Centers
Halpern Eye Associates
Henry Ford OptimEyes
OH Gerry Optical
One Hour Optical
Optiview Vision Center
Optyx, LLC
Ossip Optometry
Primary Vision
Care Center
Professional Opticians
Rosin Eyecare
Vision Clinic of Ankeny
Vision Point
Sam’s Club
Vision Values by
Dr. Tavel
Sharon Optical
Shawnee Optical
Smeelink Optical
Southeast Eye Specialist
Specs for Less
Standard Optical
Stein Optical
SVS Vision
Taft Optical
Texas State Optical
The Eye Centers of the
Quad Cities
Visionmart Express
Vogue Vision Center
Wentzville Eye Center
Whylie Eye Care Center
Wisconsin Vision
Wise Eyes
Younkers Vision Center
The Hour Glass
The Hour Glass
of Albany
Thoma Sutton Optical
Total Vision Care
Please visit our website at or call UnitedHealthcare vision’s provider locator at 1-800-638-3120 for the most up-to-date
list of participating providers. Although UnitedHealthcare vision contracts with each of these retail chain providers, not all locations within each
retail chain participate in UnitedHealthcare vision’s network.
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affiliates. Administrative services provided by Spectera, Inc., United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates. Plans sold in Texas use policy
form VPOL.06 and associated COC form number VCOC.INT.06.TX.
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Your Vision Plan
With this vision plan, you get an eye exam and coverage on glasses
or contacts.
Benefits include:
 Full coverage on a routine eye exam, after applicable copayment
 An allowance toward your frames, or contact lenses, after applicable copayment
 Discounts on lens options
With this plan, you also get:
 Access to national network of private practice and retail chain providers
 Ability to print an online ID card
 Easy access to plan information at
 Access to discounts on laser vision correction
Please see your plan information for allowance and coverage details.
Save up to 60%
For exam and glasses with optional upgrades received at network provider
Service received
No plan
UnitedHealthcare Vision plan
Routine eye exam
Glasses (frames and lenses) copay
Standard progressive lens $219.00
Standard anti-reflective coating
Standard scratch-resistance coating
Annual premium
Total cost
Note: This information is a generalized savings illustration and is not reflective of any specific plan or provider costs. Your plan’s premiums, allowances,
and copayments may vary from the above example.
See reverse side for benefit details.
See clear savings when you use our vision network:
 W hen you visit a retail or private practice provider withinour vision network, you will
receive an allowance that can be applied to the cost of your frames. This allowance
covers in full, after applicable copayment, many of the most popular frames on the
market today.
 Or, if you prefer contact lenses, you receive full coverage, after applicable copayment,
at a network vision provider. We cover the fitting and evaluation fees, contact lenses
(including disposables), and up to two follow-up visits with your eye doctor. If
you choose contacts that are not covered in full, we offer an allowance toward the
purchase price.
Find a network
vision provider.
1. Go to
2. Click on Provider Locator.
3. Select Current Member.
Don’t lose sight of
your vision health.
Did you know that some eye
problems or eye diseases can
be linked to other health care
conditions like diabetes and
high blood pressure?
That’s why it’s important to
visit an eye care professional
at least once a year.
See your plan information for
coverage details.
Have questions?
You can search by provider name,
facility name or location.
UnitedHealthcare Vision® coverage provided by or through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, located in Hartford, Connecticut, or its
affiliates. Administrative services provided by Spectera, Inc., United HealthCare Services, Inc. or their affiliates. Plans sold in Texas use policy
form number VPOL.06 and associated COC form number VCOC.INT.06.TX.
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