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Vintage Info-Blatt 3engl.indd
The CAZAL Vintage
Glasses Collection 2008
Sunglasses by CAZAL have been among the
most coveted cult accessories for decades
now. This is true in the US and Asia, in particular, but in Europe, too, they have been acquiring cult status in more recent times. The
hallmark of CAZAL has always been large, urbane glasses which have earned high repute
with their exceptional, extravagant design and
lavish individual details. Recently, CAZAL has
been replicating a small number of selected
glasses in a retro-look. But at the same time,
CAZAL has also been creating new retro-eyewear, inspired by a diverse range of style-elements from the past. In 2008, CAZAL will be
presenting three original retro-models as well
as three mixed retro-style models which have
already got what it takes to become classics.
CAZAL 8001
The original retro-models include the 607 series, inspired by the style elements of days-gone-by. Launched back in 2007 as a limited edition, they were soon
completely sold out. 2008 will see the addition of two
more original retro-models to complement the 607 series: the 902s from the 1982-1990 era and the 951
from the period 1984-1990.
Of the mixed-style retro-models being launched in 2008,
the 881 is sure to cause a furore. It is an acetate interpretation of the CAZAL 901 Targa sunglasses (lens shape
and nose-piece decoration), and the 946 (temple design).
Another new model is the 8001 – a contemporary interpretation of the 607 style – and the 9001 – a symbiosis of
the 955 and the 946. Take a look, and fall under the spell
of a legendary era.
CAZAL 8001
CAZAL 9001
CAZAL 607 Sun