Maps of Chios - Magical Tour To Water World



Maps of Chios - Magical Tour To Water World
Chios is the fifth largest island in Greece and the surface reaches 904 square
kilometers. Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea a few kilometers away from
the coast of Asia Minor and belongs to the group of islands that are formed in
the eastern Aegean and which includes outside of Chios, Lesvos, Limnos,
Samos , Ikaria and Agios Efstratios . The capital is the city of Chios, also known
as Chora. There is also the main port of the island.
The Regional Unit of Chios consists of the islands of Chios, Psara and
Antipsara, Inousses
Kallimasia is a town of Chios, built 13 kilometers south of the capital.
It was one of the most important towns of the island during the Middle Ages, but
was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1881.
It is built on
a plain with olive trees. Area attractions are the ruins of medieval towers and
preserved and impressive churches.
From Kallimasia came two Ecumenical Patriarch Joachim II and Joachim D and
discus champion and medalist Nick Sulla.
View of Kallimasia
Places around Kallimasia
Ayios Yiannis beach
Ayios Aimilianos beach
Field full of tulips .We call them “lalades”
Monastery of Panayia Plakidiotissa
Kallimasia belongs to one of the mastic villages, villages in southern
Chios, where the mastic tree grows.We are very proud of this as this is
the only product in the world!!!!!!!!!
The tree
The tear of mastic
Crude gum
Treated mastic
Reports on existence of school in the Kalljmasja' begin from 1840.
The School functioned with payed schoolteacher from the residents
and was named "common school"
In the book of History of school it is reported that year 1854 was founded the
first Community school and functioned in the church of Saint Stefanoy in the
square of enetikoy tower.
This chronology of rather is not foundation because by sightseers it is reported
that is met school in the Kallimasia and year 1842 .
In 1879 are built Joakimeion Parthenagogeion to price of his honor, from
Kalljmasia's of Oecumenical Patriarch Joakeim of B (Grainy)
The earthquakes 1881 change in ruins the School and the students for two years
1881 -1883 learn letters in the holily abbey Plakidiotissas.
In 1883 it began to function Joakeimeio Parthenagogeio according to the
regulation the 22/6/1879 that was drawn up with care of then Metropolite
Derkon Joakeim . Under the Girls in 1879 founded a school for boys which was
launched in the year 1900.
Gymnastics demonstrations at the end of school year.
Activities of the students
First day at school
Planting trees
Traditional dances
Parade on the 28th October
National Day of 11th November
Celebrating student revolt in 1973 against the dictatorship
Making the mascot
Collecting water
Attractions of Chios
Medieval villages
Seaside villages
Emporios - Mavra Volia
Ayia Markella
Monastery of Nea Moni
A mosaic image of the monastery

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