Color your world with Euramax



Color your world with Euramax
Color your world
with Euramax
Euramax is a premium coil coating company with
Colorful recreational vehicles
over 40 years of experience in the recreational
vehicle industry. Our focus on innovation, quality
and custom solutions has led to an industry leading
position in Europe.
With our passion for color we are able to paint multiple ranges
of innovative finishes on aluminum up to 2.630 mm wide.
From uni-colors in multiple qualities, stripe design finishes
and automotive metallics to total design freedom.
Euramax leads the way and allows you to create the most
beautiful and distinctive vehicles.
Euramax offices
Euramax Coated Products
Industrieweg 6 | 6045 JG | Roermond
PO Box 29 | 6040 AA | Roermond
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)475 370 303 | F +31 (0)475 323 923
[email protected]
your world
R e c re a t i o n a l ve h i c l e s
Our innovative exterior finishes offer a smoothly
painted, high quality automotive surface on
sustainable aluminum. This does not only result in
an optimal UV-resistance that prevents yellowing,
but also in a high dirt repellence.
Our finishes are suitable for every possible
recreational vehicle design, whether you go for
custom uni-colors, metallics, stripings, decors or
complete freedom of design.
Contact us for samples or visit for more finishes.
TwinAlu represents a sidewall concept with aluminum on
• Lightweight
both exterior and interior. The equal expansion coefficients
• Sustainable replacement for wood
of the aluminum results in a flat and seamless wall and is a
• Flat and seamless.
EuraDecor HDP
(5001 HDP G90)
E u r a Te x
(90R1160.50 + 90U40596.25)
A l u Ta c
Pure White Mica
Silver Metallic
Gold Bronze Metallic
(10R0724.10 + 10D0725.10 + 10D0726.10)
EuraTex Rough
Pyrite Matt Silver
(80Q0542.30 + 90Q2200.30 + 80G0543.30 + 80G0544.30)
EuraTex Fine
Soft Grey
(90W2250.90 + 00X2356.90)
EuraDecor PVDF cc
Italian Walnut
proven concept in the top-end of the market.
EuraTex Crystal Line XXL
Creme White
EuraDecor HDP
White Ahorn
Interior solutions
Featherlight aluminum
StrongLite is a revolutionary high strength alloy that offers
a lighter and stronger aluminum. Save up to 30% weight
E u r a Ta l l i c
without compromising on strength or make walls stronger
Our aluminum interior solutions are quick, clean
and easy. It consists of (semi-)finished products for
lightweight aluminum interior walls which can replace
wood or alternative constructions.
while maintaining the weight balance.
From a thin gauge pre-primered finish and aluminum
with an adhesive layer to fully coated aluminum. Our
interior solutions allow you to optimize your interior.