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Section 4 - Seattle Gay News
Seattle Gay News
Issue 26, Volume 37, June 26, 2009
section 4 Pride Special
Francis Ford Coppola
courtesy Arkansas times
SGN's Scott Rice interviews
Francis Ford Coppola
by Scott Rice
SGN Contributing Writer
I’m not a guy that gets star-struck. I’ve
met a few famous people along the way,
and most of the time I find they’re just a
person. Maybe an incredibly talented or
wealthy person, but underneath all the
celebrity, they’re still just a person. This
is my midwestern center peeking out
from behind my fractured urbane Seattle
So I was a bit chagrined to find myself
getting antsy as I waited to meet with
Francis Ford Coppola and the Robin to
his Batman, Alden Ehrenreich, who plays
Bennie in Coppola’s new film Tetro.
My trepidation was understandable
if you consider that I’d been up late rewatching Youth Without Youth and getting my first taste of The Rainmaker
(grrrrrr Grisham). The lack of sleep was
compounded by dealing with my day
job(s), finishing a review of another film,
and preparing for the big meet with the
legend himself. To top things off, the in-
terviews were running late so I spent a
bit more than an hour milling around the
Central Library, drinking iced tea, and
urinating every 15 minutes.
All of my angst was pointless, because
once in the ridiculously large room filled
with a small round table, three chairs,
and little else, I began to chat with Francis and Alden and all of my unease began
to melt away.
Francis is an unassuming nice guy with
a demeanor much less poetic than his
films. Alden is an angel-faced college
student (perhaps the luckiest one on the
planet) who slipped back and forth between fidgety boredom and stabs at eloquent discourse.
They are funny together, this odd couple. They obviously enjoy each other’s
company and I think they both actually
like doing interviews. Whatever the case,
these charming men at opposite ends
of nearly every spectrum you could put
forth melted away my anxiety with grace
and charm.
Scott Rice: How’s it going?
Francis Ford Coppola: Hey, Scott.
How are you?
Rice: Excellent. You guys seem fresh.
Alden Ehrenreich: We seem fresh?
Rice: Yeah, you do.
Coppola: That’s because when people
ask you questions you don’t expect or
that you didn’t have to answer before,
you suddenly wake up.
Rice: You know that throws down the
gauntlet for me.
Coppola: Follow your heart. I’m sure
if you ask something you’re really interested in, it will be fine.
Rice: First question: when did you become a European filmmaker?
Coppola: You know, my generation
had two traditions to stimulate them. One
was, of course, the wonderful American
films that we all got taken to the movies
to see. But also this incredible new European tradition that was, for me, coming out in the newer scene in the late
‘50s or middle ‘50s. You know art films;
Bergman, Fellini, and Kurosawa, the
New Wave, and Rossellini, who sort of
spawned that group with Fellini and Antonioni….
Rice: I never hear you mention Ozu.
Coppola: I love Ozu. In fact, this film
is shot as if Ozu had shot it because the
camera never moves. I love Ozu.
Rice: Yeah, I thought of that in the early scenes in the apartment.
Coppola: There was a double influence
since I was a theater major and I wanted
to be a playwright. Of course, there began to be this idea that I could write my
own stories and then just go and make it.
The question was, who would let me do
Rice: Even though you bring in a lot of
European aesthetics, you’re still distinctly American in your storytelling – until
the last two films.
Coppola: I think partly because that
was the so-called auteur movement
where people wrote and directed. In the
Hollywood or American film tradition,
the idea of the writer/director had not
see coppola page 10
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[email protected]
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
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June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
EYE-CANDY: 25 hottest guys in music
2) Lenny Kravitz
Rock and roll god Lenny
Kravitz has the chiseled body
of an athlete and the looks of a
supermodel, and behind a guitar – even in the nude – he’s one
of the most skilled musicians in
the business. Kravitz has always
shown off his edgy side, proved
nicely by a wrap-around tattoo
on his right pec and shoulders –
is anyone thirsty?
Lenny Kravitz
Sam Sparro
Country crooner Billy Currington is
smokin’ hot, a cross between a fireman calendar pinup and a buff rock climber. Posing
for the cover of Playgirl magazine and ripping off his wife-beater for a concert promo
flyer, he’s built in all the right places and
dreamy everywhere else.
hitchhike records
3) Sam Sparro
Openly Gay dance artist Sam Sparro is
(some in shirtless display), plus factoring in
artistic skill and star potential, here is my known for saucy club hits, like “Pocket”
list of the 25 very hottest men on the music and the Grammy-nominated “Black and
Gold,” but he’s also recognized for his arGay music followers have enjoyed crush- scene right now (in order).
ray of message-bearing T-shirts, such as the
es on their favorite pop and rock stars, from
one reading “Worst President Ever.” Here’s
1) Jared Followill
Buddy Holly, David Bowie and Shaun
hoping we see more, lots more, of this strik(Kings of Leon)
Cassidy to current heartthrobs Justin TimRock-star hair and green eyes are what ing and talented Aussie.
berlake, Adam Levine and Brandon Flowers. Anyone can put together a list of the you first notice about Kings of Leon bassist4) Guy Berryman
sexiest guys, but after consulting with sev- keyboardist Jared Followill, son of a once(Coldplay)
eral friends and examining a series of photos Pentecostal pastor. But look further down
Chris Martin might be the
frontman of mega-successful
rock band Coldplay, but it’s
bassist Guy Berryman who
wins the beauty contest with his
boyish looks, tempting brown
eyes, and a smile that if seen in
person – during a live concert
– will simply make you fall to
your knees and (you finish the
by Albert Rodriguez
SGN A&E Writer
and you’ll see that his skinny
jeans barely leave breathing
room, and we’re not complaining. In 2009 already, KOL has
won their first Grammy Award,
headlined major festivals
throughout Europe and North
America, and has sold out many
of the same arenas Coldplay
has on their latest tour. Unbelievably sexy, this 22-year-old
is tops in the hottie department.
5) Jake Shimabukuro
Hawaiian-born Jake Shimabukuro plays a mean ukelele, fusing pop, rock, jazz and island
folk into a unique dazzling
sound. Asian-American musicians are regularly overlooked
by their blue-eyed, blondlocked counterparts, but this
tall, slim, attractive 20-something can no longer be ignored.
6) Billy Currington
Kings of Leon (Jared Folowill, far right)
Jake Shimabukuro
7) Mark Ronson
British wiz Mark Ronson won last year’s
Grammy for Producer of the Year, helming
Amy Winehouse’s bi-continental smash
Back to Black. His choice of stylish attire,
shiny suits and V-neck sweaters has made
him a true fashionista. With or without designer threads, though, Ronson is undeniably gorgeous.
8) Asher Roth
Rap newbie Asher Roth is stirring lots
of buzz for his quirky-yet-creative blend
of hip-hop, though also for his preppy college kid looks that have men and women of
all colors checking him out. Whether he’s
rapping about booze, late night parties, or
wearing two condoms instead of one, this
frat boy-like Pennsylvanian has everyone
9) Gaspard Auge (Justice)
Underneath Gaspard Auge’s bushy hair
and scruffy face is a classic Frenchman that
could pose on the cover of any men’s style
magazine, believe it or not. Yes, he appears
to be more of a metalhead than an electronic
DJ, but some of us are perfectly fine staring
at him before the shave.
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
18) T.I.
Rapper/badass T.I. spent time in the slammer recently, though it didn’t damage his
credentials as a worthy hip-hop artist or a
sexy up-and-comer. Forget Kanye, we’d
much rather steal long glances at this smooth
ATL native.
red ink
10) Flo Rida
If you haven’t noticed, rap newcomer Flo
Rida’s chest can double as a buffet table –
this muscular dude has us sweating in a lot
of interesting places. If you love your men
with meat and hard pecs, here’s your guy.
11) Calvin Harris
19) Jared Leto
Vertical dessert arrives in the form of
(30 Seconds to Mars)
dance wonder Calvin Harris, a Scottish
TV/film actor-turned-rock heartthrob Jarexport on the brink of an American breakthrough. Talk about an English treat, we’ll ed Leto has dated every female celebrity out
have a double scoop of him – with a cherry there, and we’re jealous of each and every
one of them. A definite hottie with credible
on top, please.
singing chops, he’s drool material and then
12) Dierks Bentley
Country hunk Dierks Bentley wins the
20) Chris Cain
award for hottest daddy, after becoming
(We Are Scientists)
a father in the past year to baby girl EvHere’s a memo: Keith Murray is no lonelyn. With guy-next-door looks and traditional western favorites, like “What Was I ger the hottest scientist in the world, the
Thinkin’,” this Arizona native really gets title now goes to fellow WAS member Chris
Cain who represents the nerdy, eyeglass
our motor running.
community in a sexy way. We love seeing
him in cut suits, yes we do.
13) Gabe Saporta
(Cobra Starship)
21) Britt Daniel (Spoon)
Gabe Saporta was born in Uruguay, but
Redheaded vocalist Britt Daniel, of the
moved with his parents to the United States
at an early age. His party-boy attitude, dark critically-praised Spoon, towers over his
and handsome image, plus a multitude of bandmates at 6 foot 1. And with those light
photos appearing shirtless (and in his un- green eyes, pouty lips and semi-raspy voice,
he’s the unlikeliest sex symbol on the indie
dies) have earned him a Gay following.
rock circuit.
22) Ian Watkins
No one wears a head of gelwhipped hair like Ian Watkins
of punkish quintet lostprophets, but its his lower attributes
tucked into very slim denims that gets our imagination
streaming directly to the gutters.
23) Rob Thomas
Whether you dig his music
or not, it’d be difficult to turn
down Rob Thomas for anything – um, anything. We heart
this guy even more for his pro
stance on Gay marriage, and
we promise to keep fantasizing over him as a return favor.
24) Michael Buble
Jazz sensation Michael
Buble is the iPod generation’s
answer to Frank Sinatra. His
suave pipes and polished image have earned him a big
following on both sides of the
Canadian border, and he’s often allowed fans to pinch his
bottom cheeks.
Mark Ronson
25) Alex Turner
(Arctic Monkeys)
When Arctic Monkeys splashed onto the
scene in 2006, frontman Alex Turner looked
like a pimply teenager with a part-time fast
food job. Now he’s a handsome devil, evidenced on the “Standing Next to Me” video
from his side project, Last Shadow Puppets.
Billy Currington
14) Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
I doubt you’ll find a Gay guy who’d kick
Adam Levine out of bed, and while Maroon
5’s songs are starting to sound stale, we
can’t help but keep this native Californian
in our most intimate thoughts. Sexy as hell,
we’re still thinking about you Adam!
15) Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean has gradually climbed the
honky tonk ladder of success with charttopping albums and number-one singles,
yet it’s those linebacker shoulders, authentic Southern drawl, and what he packs into
a tight pair of Wranglers that has us saying
16) Llandel Veguilla Malave
Salazar (Wisin y Yandel)
Gay men from Mexico to Brazil are salivating over this shorter half of Grammywinning reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel.
Sometimes dressed in hip-hop gear, other
times in a snappy two-piece suit, and always
with tinted shades, this Puerto Rican is one
hot tamale.
17) Adam Lambert
American Idol bridesmaid Adam Lambert has an interesting goth-like image, but
he can pretty much do anything with that
striking face and giant frame. His star will
skyrocket in the coming months, so we’re
giving him some room to rise up the ranks.
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June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Pet Shop Boys a tempest of talent
by Andrew Hamlin
SGN Contributing Writer
or Tinea cruris – hopefully, at least (I still
don’t know it that well) – but like a crystal,
let’s say. I found it some of the weakest tea
Pet Shop Boys
in 2009 the first time out. Then it underYes
whelmed me the second time except for that
This record grew on me. Not like moss last song, “Legacy,” with its repeated litany
of “you’ll get over it.” I liked the way Neil
Tennant pronounced “glass-ee-ehrs” and
besides, “you’ll get over it” is what my nicer
friends said about my ongoing tragicomedycum-romantic life (last lick before the commercial break: “You’re too ugly to date.”).
The not-so-nicer friends, of course, just
said, “Oh, get over it.”
Further listenings, though, impressed me
with the Pet Shop power to absorb everything into their own world, and through such
complete absorption, show us the spanning
majesty of our own lives. Sort of like LEGO-
LAND (your choice of Denmark, England,
Germany, or California): looking at Mount
Rushmore, or a Norwegian fishing village,
all built out of little plastic blocks, leads you
to rethink and hopefully revere the originals.
The Boys’ LEGO emotions come filtered
through Neil Tennant’s pinched sighing and
sounds neatly cut ‘n’ pasted from a sonic
paper doll palette.
Exotic plastic
guitar filigree follows Neil’s every
line on “Vulnerable.” Synthetic
sax lines lead the
charge through
– though because
this is the Pet Shop
Boys, “pandemonium” consists of
Neil’s quiet awe
at his object of desire’s … just plain
being there, really,
once you sort it all
that’s enough.
The Pet Shop
boys will not explode outward;
you must venture
down their tube.
The onboard work
computer on which
I’m playing the disc seems convinced by its
playlist, that this is a collection of the Pet
Shop Boys’ greatest hits or at least biggest
sellers: “Legacy” is “really” “Why Don’t
We Live Together?”, “All Over The World”
comes home to become “West End Girls,”
on and on. And I admit how it’s sometimes
difficult to tell Pet Shop Boys albums apart.
confused-human size and might easily blow
over and break bones. Then ever so gradually the urgency rises and a tempest sets in.
One notices, flipping through the lyric sheet,
how old they’ve grown. Maybe they worry
they won’t have a second chance on the impressionable. Maybe they’re right. The answer is plosiving in the wind.
Tickets on
sale now!
a new musical from
the creators of Hairspray
July 23 –
august 16
The best thing to do now is just pretend
you’ve never heard anything except this.
And “Legacy” still marks a LEGOmajestic end to the tour. I imagine Neil Tennant
and Chris Lowe’s heads very large, the size
of apartment buildings, whispering these
crucial words of encouragement. Whispering, because their target audience is only
2009-2010 Co-Season Sponsors:
Production Sponsors:
Seattle on Pike Street
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
Washington Women in Trades
Call For
The Washington Women in Trades awards program recognizes, celebrates
and validates the successes and challenges of working women,
as well as students, instructors, advocates, and workplace leaders.
• Do you know someone who does outstanding
work to advance women in non-traditional careers?
• Do you have an exemplary employee or a commendable co-worker?
• Do you know an apprentice or student who shows promise and commitment?
Saturday, November 7
Awards will be presented at the
3rd Annual
Celebrate 30 Years!
Enjoy great food, great company
AND the music of Northwest Treasure
• For more info • To Nominate • To Purchase Dinner Tickets •
Visit us online
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Join us Sunday, June 28th
from 11:00am – 2:00pm on the
Terrace Garden Patio to watch the
Gay Pride Parade!
Our Happy Hour menu will be extended for this
special event — enjoy $5 drinks and appetizers
during the parade. We will also be barbecuing
burgers and hot dogs out on the patio!
Daily Drinks and Appetizer Specials · 4:30 – 6:30pm
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
Seattle Baroque Orchestra, a Seattle treasure
by John Lenti
Special to the SGN
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seattle baroque orchestra
It's a common refrain to lament the state
of classical music. Audiences are shrinking, donations are harder than ever to come
by, deficits are ballooning, and symphony
orchestras are doing Jumbotron shows of
music from Nintendo games. Add to this
a classical musical culture that ossified
in the '50s which emphasizes a pathologically slavish approach to playing things
exactly as they appear on the page, and
from the administrative side, a risk-averse,
restrictive approach to concert programming that ensures that major donors and
what's believed to be a fickle audience
aren't scared off by obscure, challenging
music. Between the Nintendo concerts and
the remainder of the season, which will often resemble any other season at any other
symphony in any other town, it's not hard
to see why these dinosaurs are suffering.
One shouldn't assert that the modern arsenal of ear-splitting, cranked-up orchestral
instruments and the sprawling, sumptuous
orchestra, whose autocratic conductor encourages toadyism, discourages individual
creativity and forces musicians to relinquish their interpretive volition, are necessarily all bad things. There is glorious music
for big, honking orchestras without which
life on earth would be a mistake; somebody
has to drive that rather unwieldy bus; and
provided God has laid a finger on the brow
of your big, honking orchestra's particular
autocrat, you're okay. The real rub, though,
is that whether you've got a hack or an inspired genius at the helm, the modern symphony orchestra sounds like a buttered elephant doing pirouettes in a straitjacket when
it performs music written before 1750. There is, however, a right way to play the
stuff. In 1994, violinist Ingrid Matthews and
harpsichordist Byron Schenkman founded
the Seattle Baroque Orchestra, which for
15 seasons has ensured that a world of great
music that would otherwise have been unknown, or else known only in some bowdlerized, anachronistic form to Seattle audiences has received many truly exquisite
readings by some of the world's finest performers of baroque music. Performing on
historical instruments or newly constructed
ones that replicate baroque standards, with
the inclusion of harpsichords, lutes, and
other less-familiar instruments, an ensemble with a svelte profile of seven to 15 play-
ers, the SBO has secured a treasured place sic. What comes as a surprise to many is that ship of the incandescent violinist Matthews,
in the local scene and garnered national at- despite the vaguely scholarly M.O. of such their historically informed method of pertention for its energetic approach to this mu- a group and the consistent musical leader- formance provides for an essentially democratic and improvisatory
approach to ensemble
After quite a few seasons at Nordstrom Recital Hall, SBO is moving to Town Hall for its
2009/2010 season, and
with the eagerly anticipated returns of Ingrid
Matthews after a yearlong sabbatical, and of
Byron Schenkman after
a three-year hiatus, Seattle's foremost ensemble
for early music is poised
to present five concerts
in downtown's best classical music venue. The
first, October 24, will be
largely devoted to two
great composers with
significant anniversaries
in 2009: Henry Purcell
turns 350 this year, and
it was 250 years ago that
Handel transcended this
mortal coil. November
28 will feature wildly
improvisatory Venetian
music of the early 1600s.
January 2, 2010 will be
a concert of Vivaldi, an
SBO speciality, including virtuoso concertos
played by Matthews
and other members of
the orchestra. Ingrid and
Byron present a duo recital, their first in three
years, February 27, in an
event co-sponsored by
the Early Music Guild;
and the final concert,
April 10, an all-Bach
show, will include the
sixth Brandenburg concerto. See the website at
Violinist Ingrid Mathews, musical director of the Seattle Baroque Orchestra
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
american zoetrope
Alden Ehrenreich (l) and Vincent Gallo in Tetro
continued from cover
ever happened. There were a few writer/
directors but they were really screenwriters
like Richard Brooks or Joseph Mankiewicz.
The idea of writing about some theme that
caused you to write something personal
was associated with the Europeans and the
so-called auteur theory that Andrew Sarris
identified. I was influenced by all of it because I was in the theater. I was trained in
the theater so I was very interested in all the
American playwrights, but also by these European auteurs. So I’d have to say with my
first film, The Rain People, it was more European because I wrote and directed it. And
then The Conversation, which was the second script I wrote but I didn’t get to make it
because nobody would give me any money
and it wasn’t until I had gotten a job and
made The Godfather that I was able to make
The Conversation. My theory is that Tetro
might have been the film after that [The
Conversation] had I not gotten so successful
with The Godfather.
Rice: Do the notes from Tetro go back that
Coppola: Yeah, it went to that same time,
8:00PM DOORS · 21 & OVER
5213 BALLARD AVE NW · 8:00PM DOORS · 21 & OVER
Seattle Gay News
CHARGE BY PHONE 1-800-745-3000
CHARGE BY PHONE 1-800-745-3000
but there was like half a page, it just said
“Tetro” and all it had was a guy staring at a
light bulb with moths and there was a sailor
coming down the street in Detroit looking
for his brother, and the brother worked at
a burlesque house operating a follow-spot.
But it was literally not even a page.
Rice: I’m still interested in what I believe
is a renaissance in your career. I love these
last two films, and I want to understand what
happened. Were you, like our friend in Youth
Without Youth, struck by lightning?
Coppola: What happened, I think, is that
I became rich for the first time in my life.
Rice: [Laughs.] That helps.
Coppola: I got a lot of money after The
Godfather, I mean it wasn’t a lot by Seattle standards, but I’d never had any money
until then and suddenly I had some money.
[Laughs.] And I immediately used that
money to continue my dreams and then I
lost it. I would say what unites those films
[The Godfather and The Godfather II] is
that I was trying to do something that would
make a lot of money so then I could make
personal films.
Rice: Gotcha.
Coppola: Even Apocalypse Now, really
my motive was to make a big war film, the
first one on Vietnam that would be like A
Bridge Too Far or Guns of Navarone and it
sort of became a more personal film by accident and calamity. Then I was in hock, so
all my motivation in my first career was to
make money. I mean not only to make money, because I wanted to make beautiful films
if I could, but from age 40 to 50 I was paying
off a $30 million Chase Manhattan loan, so I
had to pay $3 million a year or I would lose
my home, which happened to be this winery in Napa. So, I think now what’s different
about my career is that I don’t care about my
career. I don’t care if I never make a film as
successful as The Godfather. I don’t care if I
make a lot of money. In fact, I’m calculating
these movies by how much I’m willing to
lose each time.
Rice: Good for you, because they’re beautiful, especially Tetro. I think it is the best
thing you’ve done since Apocalypse Now. I
wanted to stay in the theater after the press
screening and have them play it again with
the sound off. [Ehrenreich laughs.] I would
have been happy to sit there and just look at
it. And the only other director that I feel that
way about is Tarkovsky.
Coppola: Thanks a lot. I think it’s beautifully made. With a lot of my films, the reaction was always very wobbly. Journalists
have said to me, “Are you competing with
yourself? Do you want to get back to the
successes of The Godfather and Apocalypse
Now?” And I say, “Hey, those movies were
not all successes.” If I have become important, I have failed my way up the ladder.
Rice: [Laughs] That’s hilarious.
Coppola: This film [Tetro] is the only film
that I can remember that I went to the big
screenings, like at Cannes, and there were
lines around the block and people seemed
genuinely enthusiastic.
Rice: Other than The Godfather films,
none of my favorites were successful at the
box office.
Coppola: If you took The Conversation,
Rumble Fish, two other of the better ones,
and put them all together, they couldn’t buy
5213 BALLARD AVE NW · 8:00PM DOORS · 21 & OVER
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
that. [He gestures to a candy dish.]
Rice: As an aside, for the period of time
from Peggy Sue Got Married to The Rainmaker, what’s your favorite film?
Coppola: I like Rumble Fish, but I don’t
Rice: That was before Peggy Sue.
Coppola: I guess I like – as an extravagant, mad, illogical, piece – I like my version of Dracula.
Rice: Good answer. [Laughs.]
Coppola: Because it was really weird.
Rice: It was.
Coppola: And then how it was made was
weird because that entire movie was made
in a sound stage. Everything was fake; it
was shot live. It was not optical effects; it
was all in-camera effects the way Méliès
made movies.
Rice: I can see that thinking back. So
Alden, you realize the camera absolutely
adores you, right?
Ehrenreich: [Laughs and looks around,
Rice: It’s okay to say yes.
Coppola: That’s a good question, because
some people are just photogenic and he is
photogenic. And some people are not. It’s as
simple as that.
Ehrenreich: I don’t know. I see myself
in a mirror and I see myself on film and it’s
always a weird thing. But I know that when
I’m filming stuff, there’s a really interesting
chemistry between a person and a camera.
When a camera is on you, especially in very
intimate scenes like we have in the film,
you really feel there’s so much spiritual lore
about the camera and stealing your soul.
Rice: Yeah.
Ehrenreich: The experience of watching
yourself on film, it’s sort of like I’m watching a movie and then I walk into it and it’s
just sort of there. I am in this movie and it’s
so strange to me because I’ve never been in
a film before.
Rice: When you look at the film, are you
happy with it?
Ehrenreich: Yeah, yeah.
Rice: You should be.
Ehrenreich: It’s impossible for me to be
objective about my performance, or about
the film at all. There are so many things you
know that you shouldn’t if you just want to
see the story. But I know that it’s the film we
were very heartfully trying to make, and I
know that it’s beautiful imagery.
Rice: You were subtle and charming. I
was very impressed with the acting you did.
So, huge first film, right?
Ehrenreich: Yeah, absolutely.
Rice: So, you’re going to high school,
you like hanging out with your friends making movies, and all the sudden you’re cast in
a Coppola movie.
Ehrenreich: Yeah. [Laughs.] The fact that
it’s Francis and the fact that it’s these themes
and this story and it’s the iconography of so
many films that I grew up loving and that
we’re working in that tradition. When I was
little and I’d see some film where someone –
you know, Montgomery Cliff in From Here
to Eternity – and it’s black and white and
it’s beautiful and these beautiful moments
and god, I wished I could be in a film like
that. Pretty much, nowadays, you can’t. So
to be able to be in one like that, but one that
is asking questions that haven’t been asked
before, is a dream come true.
Rice: How long did it take you to realize
you were going to be working with these
Ehrenreich: How long did it take to sink
Rice: Yeah.
Ehrenreich: It still hasn’t. I’m still completely enamored and it’s still completely
surreal for me that this is what I get to do.
Rice: [To Mr. Coppola] Tell me about
meeting the cinematographer, how do you
say his name?
Coppola: ME-high MAL-a-MAR-ay
[Mihai Malaimare, Jr., who also worked
with Mr. Coppola on Youth Without Youth].
When I began this second career, my idea
was to go to a place where the exchange rate
favors you, that has a cultural tradition, a lot
of theaters so you’ll have actors and stuff,
and that plane tickets, hotel rooms, gasoline,
food – the per diem are the big items – so
basically don’t bring anyone with you. So
when I first went to Romania, I went without anybody except all the equipment.
Rice: Your own camera, right?
Coppola: Everything, because it’s a system. You know, I brained it out. It’s all in
one truck.
Rice: I love the idea of you with your selfcontained studio driving around Romania.
Coppola: That’s the way it was. At one
point I started to shoot some tests of actors.
I would hire a different cinematographer to
do each set of tests. And there were five who
could do it, I thought. But one was only 29,
the youngest one. He just had something –
a wonderful personality. At any rate, I went
with the youngest one and had a very good
experience with him, so when I went to Argentina, I brought him with me. We were
there, a little group of four, and we all took
Spanish lessons together. That was how that
Rice: One more question: So you’ve got
these relationships between these three men
and you have the cruel father figure, the benevolent…
Coppola: Well, there are the two boys and
the woman, Maribel Verdú [Miranda], she’s
the heart holding them together because she
believes that Tetro will be…
Rice: Redeemed by Bennie.
Coppola: [She believes] that this boy is
going to help Tetro find himself. And then
there’s the father who’s never seen, but he’s
Rice: They’re telling me my time is up.
Anything I should know about the film that
I haven’t asked?
Coppola: For me, what it has and what I
wanted … it’s heartfelt and handmade.
Rice: It shows.
Live your dreams!
June BlueSpruce, MPH
Shamanic Dreamer and Healer
Certified Intrinsic Coach®®
I can help you:
• Navigate life changes
• Follow your dreams
• Find healing for illness & trauma
• Walk your heart’s true path
Skilled at bridging Western and
alternative approaches.
Wallingford/Columbia City 206.579.1203
Visit us online
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Ella overcomes clumsy
editing to shine
by Andrew Hamlin
SGN Contributing Writer
Come down
and see me
for your
best deal!
Yeah Baby!
3715 East Valley Rd.
Renton, WA 98057
425-988-2100 800-474-HOGS
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
One of several theoretically live albums
produced for Ella “under the personal supervision of Norman Granz,” which, not taking
anything away from Norman Granz, means
the applause washes in and out suspiciously
regularly, like the tides, and sometimes, unlike the tides, flips into the monaural until
the Grand(z) Overseeing System drains the
water out of its figurative other ear. Songs
start right in stomping on the tails of their
predecessors, which could mean the band’s
tight as well as hot “tonight,” and could also
imply some hurry-up offense editing in the
back room.
None of which
makes any difference. Ella stretches
and sweetens syllables and vowels
to suit her. An almost nine-minute
“Take The ‘A’
Train” ranges from
her running for her
life in front of the
rhythm section to
blowing a whistle
(subway trains may
not have ‘em, but
Ella does) as the
rolling stock chuffs
its way into – well,
Mott Avenue in Far
Rockaway, for all
it matters! Songs
of love and longing go by but Ella
always made up her
own tongues as she
leaned into a song,
and the finale, “Air
Mail Special,” shows off that vocabulary.
I think the only English on that tune is the
rumination on whether she bit her tongue
and still stayed in key. The rest is something
only God can understand, but everybody
can feel. (And I don’t even believe in God.)
Leap over something you thought you needed to get to this one.
Celebrating 36 Years!
Visit us online
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Utopia_SGNAd2Hires.pdf 1 6/19/2009 1:10:15 PM
S U L L I VA N ’ S
10 -11
16 -18
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
2 0 6 - 3 4 1G-.O
6-2 92 -AR
$28 | General Public: $32
all performances | Seniors:
College age & under: $12
16 | Thursday, July 23
Discounted family nights:
Celebrating 36 Years!
Symphony's birthday bash for Benaroya Hall
Seattle Symphony is throwing a birthday
bash in honor of Benaroya Hall’s first 10
years in Seattle – and you’re invited! Join
the Orchestra for the UBS Masterworks
Season finale on June 27 at 7 p.m., with a
concert featuring Music Director Gerard
Schwarz leading Beethoven’s First Symphony and Holst’s The Planets.
Then, join an audience-wide Galactic
Gathering in the Samuel and Althea Stroum
Grand Lobby, including birthday cupcakes,
DJ and dancing, and a no-host bar (free with
concert ticket – R.S.V.P. required), or join
the Stardust Soirée for a special reception
on the Davis/Grinstein Promenade with
champagne, hors d’oeuvres, birthday cupcakes and a no-host bar ($95 in addition to
concert ticket).
R.S.V.P. to (206) 215-4851 or [email protected] is required for either postconcert event.
This season, Seattle Symphony celebrates
the 10th anniversary of Seattle’s crown
jewel, Benaroya Hall. This state-of-theart facility opened on September 12, 1998,
and has since successfully operated as one
of the premier venues for live symphonic
music in the world, as well as a catalyst for
downtown economic development, community building, education and culture in Seattle. The 2008-2009 season is dedicated to
Becky and Jack Benaroya, who have been
named honorary chairs of the entire season for their extraordinary contribution to
the creation of Benaroya Hall. At the June
27 celebration, numerous individuals who
were instrumental in the creation of the Hall
will be honored.
Benaroya Hall melds outstanding acoustics and cutting-edge engineering in a single
structure – one that “captures the very essence of our region’s cultural soul,” according to former Seattle Mayor Norman
B. Rice. Before Benaroya Hall was built,
Seattle suffered from “cultural gridlock.”
The city, known for its varied performing
arts ensembles, lacked venues to support
them all. It was one of only six cities in the
United States to have a major symphony,
opera company and ballet, and the only
city in which all three organizations shared
the same facility. The Seattle Center Opera
House was booked solid 360 days each year,
virtually eliminating scheduling flexibility.
But in March of 1993, Jack Benaroya laid
the groundwork for the Hall that bears his
name. Having recently read an article by Seattle Times then-classical music critic Melinda Bargreen in which Bargreen argued
for a new concert hall, Benaroya met with
Seattle Symphony Maestro Gerard Schwarz
to discuss his plans. Benaroya said that he
was considering a major gift to the City, and
he asked what it would take to pursue the
construction of a new concert hall. Maestro
Schwarz didn’t hesitate: “It’s the perfect
way to get this thing going,” he said, “and
$15 million is the right number.”
Schwarz’s direct answer to Benaroya’s
question inspired Benaroya to act decisively. He conferred with his family and within
a few days, Benaroya, alongside his wife
Becky, made a $15 million commitment
through the Benaroya Foundation. Benaroya personally committed an additional
$800,000 to help the Symphony deal with
immediate operational deficits.
Following this generous gift, the Symphony undertook an ambitious capital campaign
that raised $159 million in private funds for
construction, endowment and financing.
LMN Architects, along with acoustical consultant Cyril M. Harris and project managers from The Boeing Company, signed on
to create the two-auditorium concert venue
designed specifically for symphonic music.
Five years later, Benaroya Hall opened its
doors, and has since been a major component of Seattle’s downtown revitalization.
Occupying an entire city block at the very
core of the city, the development celebrates
the vital role of performance events while
maintaining the continuity of commercial life along one avenue and providing
a much-needed public space, in the form
of a terraced garden, along another. Along
with Seattle Symphony, which performs
22 weeks of subscription concerts
in Benaroya Hall each year – not
to mention myriad other series and
special events – many others have
graced these stages, among them
speakers, cultural luminaries, comedians, poets, politicians and authors. Together, these performers
and speakers, these experts in their
fields, foster culture in the Puget
Sound region, all in this glorious
venue, Benaroya Hall.
To join the party on June 27,
call (206) 215-4747, or visit Seattle
Symphony online at or in person at the
Benaroya Hall Ticket Office, corner
of Third Avenue and Union Street
in downtown Seattle.
Visit us online
Courtesy of Seattle Symphony
Benaroya Hall
I am honored to join the LGBT community, family,
friends and neighbors in celebration of Pride.
On the County Council and in the Legislature I have
fought for the civil rights and equal protection of all
Washingtonians. As King County Executive,
I will continue to stand for opportunity for all.
Proudly Endorsed By:
State Senator
Joe McDermott, 34th LD
State Senator
Ed Murray, 43rd LD
Chris Porter, State
Committeeman, 34th District
Barb Hansen-Wilson
Clayton Lewis
Dawn Leverett
David Ginsberg
Deborah Brandt
Dr. Desiray Bailey
JJ McKay
Rabbi Michael Latz
Reis Pearson
Rev Diane Darling
Rob Holland
Tina Podlodowski
Paid for by Friends of Dow Constantine • P.O. Box 16285
Seattle, WA 98116-0285
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
RuPaul’s Drag Race finalists
to perform at Julia's Pride
by Boy Mike
Special to the SGN
who ‘Shannel’ really is. I don’t feel that the
RuPaul show truly showed us as entertainers. I am so privileged to have been one of
the chosen nine to make the true art form of
file photo
“The Block Party will feature RuPaul’s Drag
Race fan favorites Shannel and Ongina.”
Additional performers include cast memGay Pride in Seattle has offered pretty bers of Le Faux, offering dead ringer celebmuch the same fare year after year. The rity look-alike performances of your favorPride Parade, the rally, the great food
ite MTV divas such
as Lady GaGa, Kylie
Minogue, Britney
Spears, Cher, Tina
Turner, Dolly Parton
and the queen of pop,
Madonna. In addition, there will be a
rare performance by
the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
Sean Paul tells me,
“During the Block
Party, I’m having a
Le Faux talent search
contest and the winner will receive a
one-year contract
with Le Faux.” Contestants may apply at
Broadway Boutique
or Trendy Wendy.
“What I’m really
excited about is
Shannel co-hosting
Le Faux with me on
Tickets for the Friday and Saturday’s
Le Faux are available
at or in
person at Panache on
Broadway. Ongina is
RuPaul Drag Race fan favorite Shannel
especially excited to
play Seattle. “I grew
booths, you know the rest. This Pride, it’s up in Edmonds and I went to school there.
time for something fresh and exciting to add There are a lot of memories in the city, and
to this year’s festivities.
by playing the Block Party, I want to add another. Performing in Seattle is a huge deal
for me a since this will be sort of a homecoming. A few of my friends that I keep in
touch with are excited to see me perform,
as well. None of them has ever seen me on
stage. It’s very exciting and nerve-wracking
to have my friends and family watch me
Shannel tells me, “My life has changed
drastically not only as an entertainer but
also as a person. I have had the opportunity
to travel the United States and showcase
file photo
RuPaul Drag Race fan favorite Ogina
Julia’s on Broadway and Le Faux will
present its first annual block party on Saturday, June 27 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on
Broadway and Thomas St. The much-anticipated Block Party is free, however donations may be made for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. There will be a beer garden
and fabulous entertainment throughout the
day, including live DJs and dancing.
Sean Paul, the star of Le Faux, tells me,
“we will feature our regular Le Faux performance at Julia’s on Friday, June 26th to kick
off pride weekend at 10 p.m.” He then adds,
Visit us online
Accademia dei Racemi
Alexander Valley Vyds.
Artezin Wines
Robert Biale Vineyards
Bonterra Vineyards
Cakebread Cellars
Cline Cellars
Columbia Crest
Four Vines Winery
Homefire of Sonoma
J.Rickards Winery & Vyds.
Mantra Wines
Mauritson Family Winery
Michael-David Winery
Neese Vineyards
Opolo Vineyards
Peachy Canyon Winery
Pedroncelli Winery
Pezzi King Vineyards
Prouix Wines
Renwood Winery
Ridge Vineyards
Sebastiani Vineyards
Seghesio Family Vyds.
Carol Shelton Wines
Sobon Estate
Starry Night Winery
Steele Wines
Storrs Winery & Vyds.
Trentadue Winery
We Are Family!
All of Seattle PFLAG’s services are FREE
and are provided by volunteers.
These are some of the ways we can help:
Come to a support meeting where parents, families, friends and
LGBT persons can share their experiences with others in order to
learn how to support one another with love and pride.
Our Speakers Bureau is available to come to your school,
church, social organization, business, or other group to
provide information and education
Information tables are available for your event.
Call our HelpLine at (206) 325–7724
Come to the Pride Parade and get your
pink “I’m Loved by PFLAG” stickers!
Our booth at Pride Fest will be on the
roof of the Fisher Pavilion — stop by
and get a free hug and say, “Hello!”
Parents, Families and Friends of
Lesbians and Gays, Bisexual and
Transgender persons promotes the
health and well-being of gay, lesbian,
bisexual, transgender, and intersex
persons, their families, and friends through:
Support to cope
with an adverse society
Education to enlighten
an ill-informed public
Seattle PFLAG HelpLine
(206) 325–7724
Advocacy to end
discrimination and secure
equal civil rights
Learn more about PFLAG online
PFLAG is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is not affiliated with any religious
or political institution. Washington State Charitable Organization (RCW 19.09) No. 3600
S u n d ay, J U Ly 2 6 • S E AT T L E
ZIN & BBQ in the Park
The Gardens at South Seattle Community College’s Arboretum, 6000 16th Ave. SW, Seattle
Taste award-winning Zinfandels from over 40 premier wineries Sample incredible BBQ provided by culinary students
As of 6/09. Subject to change
Judge a cookoff competition
among ten future chefs from
the South Seattle Community
College Culinary Arts Dept.
drag a household name”.
Shannel adds, “I’m super-excited to be in
Seattle for Pride, not only to see Sean Paul
again, but it’s always exciting to perform
for people who haven’t seen me. When you
get so accustomed to working for the same
crowds every week here in Vegas, they tend
to become spoiled, whereas in other cities
they appreciate more of what I do. Seattle
is a beautiful city, and I just hope to leave a
lasting impression and come back year after
year to entertain. Watch out, Seattle, here I
A Non-Profit Organization
Age restrictions apply.
or call 530-274-4900
A L S O I N P O RT L A N D • W E D N E S d ay, J U Ly 2 9
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
1101 4th Avenue
Corner of 4th & Spring
Seattle, WA 98101
Join us with Pride-this Sunday, June 28th for Brunch, 8am to 2:30pm!
With every order we proudly support the Seattle Pride with a 10% donation!
Order our “American Breakfast”
along with a trip to our Bloody Mary bar for $25.00
and $5.00 will be donated.
American Breakfast* includes: Two Eggs Any Style, Homefries and Toast, with Applewood Smoked
Bacon, Sage Sausage, Andouille Sausage or Country Ham, Fresh Squeezed Juice, Coffee or Tea
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
ArtsWest announces 2009-10 season
For 2009-2010, ArtsWest has created a
stimulating, conversation-inducing sixplay season featuring four Seattle premieres
– including another world premiere through
their partnership with the National New
Play Network – and the return of the smash
holiday hit Plaid Tidings.
“If there is an underlying principle that
links all six of these plays, it is that within
each, people progress to a newer level of
life, never to suffer the old level again,” said
ArtsWest Executive Director Alan Harrison.
“They transform, they journey, they have
fun, they find themselves, they lose themselves, they take a chance,
and take a ride.”
“It’s a more lighthearted
season overall than our
last,” added ArtsWest Theater and Education Director Christopher Zinovitch.
“But it’s comedy with a lot of compassion, a
lot of heart. I think most of us could use that
in our lives right now.”
ArtsWest starts the season with Dead
Man’s Cell Phone, a wildly imaginative new
work from the playwright behind The Clean
House and Eurydice. When Jean answers
the cell phone of the corpse at the next table,
she unwittingly embarks on a quirky odyssey that takes her from grief to the black
market to the afterlife. With unfailing empathy, she sets the dead man’s bizarre life to
rights and on the way resurrects her own.
Lady Vanity loves Sir Lustforth, who
loves Hermione Goode, who loves Captain
Dick Dashwood, who loves, well, just about
everyone (male and female) before the intermission. A deliciously naughty Restoration romp meets modern sex farce, Measure
for Pleasure chases rakes, romantics, and
transvestite prostitutes through mistaken
identities, duels, and double-dealings galore on their way to learning that, whatever
else it may be, love is rarely pure and never
simple. Recommended for ages 17 and older – adult situations.
“Delightfully bawdy comedy
with a sentimental streak!”
– Associated Press
ing world, until the night a beautiful thief
breaks into his apartment. Suddenly all
of the love songs make sense. His blissful
transformation baffles his sister Joan, who
York City in search of love. By turns wry,
sly, and very funny, dozens of Lloyd Webber’s best songs take us through Emma’s
romantic misadventures as they lead her
from Manhattan to
Hollywood and back
again, returning older
and wiser.
“One of the best new plays of
the year. Richly comic and deeply
touching. Outstanding. A smashing,
compassionate new play.”
– Daily Telegraph (London)
finds her own marriage transfigured even as
she tries to unravel the story behind Molly,
Beane’s mysterious new love. Funny, enchanting and tender, Love Song is the latest
offbeat romantic comedy from a hot young
playwright whose work
The Plaids are back, and ArtsWest has has been produced from
’em! The cast of last year’s smash holiday New York to London’s
hit returns, singing swingin’, jingle-bell- West End.
ringin’ favorites. Frankie, Sparky, Jinx, and
Smudge are transported from the ethereal
cosmos to croon heavenly harmonic rendiIn Sunlight, it’s the
tions of musical hits from the ’50s and ’60s. middle of the night on
Suddenly, as ordered by a heavenly phone a campus in turmoil
call from Rosemary Clooney, they stage a and at the center of the
nostalgic holiday extravaganza for world- storm, a college president poised for retireweary mortals. Plaid Tidings: The Forever ment is combating one last scandal. Back
Plaid Christmas Show is an ideal seasonal at his residence, the political battle turns
show with all the trimmings, and one the fiercely personal, pitting his family against
his legacy. Sharr White is a storyteller with
whole family can enjoy!
uncommon insight into his characters and
Oddball Beane is a his searing new play spotlights an influenmodern-day hermit, tial American family struggling to make
avoiding everyone right out of many wrongs.
Tell Me on a Sunday, Andrew Lloyd Webbut his career-focused
sister and her cynical ber’s one-woman tour de force in song, tells
husband. His life is the story of fierce young designer Emma, an
a shrinking, darken- ordinary English girl who journeys to New
About ArtsWest:
ArtsWest produces artistic events so fiercely
compelling that they
require conversation,
improve the imagination, and promote cultural vibrancy as
a core value for the communities of West
Seattle. Utilizing a 149-seat, 3/4 thrust
theater and visual art gallery, ArtsWest has
presented over 400 different performing arts
“This may be the smallest show
Lloyd Webber’s ever written, but the
score … contains several of his very
best songs.” – Mark Shenton, BBC
“Ruhl’s zany probe of the razor-thin
line between life and death delivers a
fresh and humorous look at the times
we live in.” – Variety
productions and gallery exhibitions to over
200,000 visitors since 1999. For information, contact, box office
(206) 938-0339.
Courtesy of ArtsWest
A Short Trip To A Real
Northwest Adventure!
Wilderness Hiking
Beach Combing
Cozy Cabins, Inns
and RV Sites
On the 112
Scenic Byway or
Visit us online
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
Visit us online
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Seattle Men’s and Women’s
Chorus season preview
by Kevin Carson
Special to the SGN
the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This will
be a performance and experience not to be
What better time than now to subscribe
to SMC and SWC? In these trying times,
mark weeks
celebrate their greatest collaboration West
Side Story as well as the songs they worked
on together for Candide. It will also focus on
Time flies when you’re having fun. Thirty a few of their individual works, as both were
years young, Seattle Men’s Chorus (SMC) huge talents in their own right. Bernstein as
is having as much fun as ever, and so will
you when you join them and Seattle Women’s Chorus (SWC) for the 2009-2010 season. This new season has holiday concerts
that will fill you with merriment, a spring
concert that will heat you up, and a joint
concert in June that will have you bursting
with pride. For these Choruses, the fun has
just begun.
The holidays just aren’t the holidays
without going to one of the Choruses’ festive concerts. For 30 years, SMC has been
warming cockles with superbly sung traditional carols spiced up with something new
and zany that makes you wonder what those
boys will think of next. This year is no exception, with Santa Baby. Santa’s bag will
be full of unique numbers such as a tribute
to that holiday staple: the TV special. Yet
this tribute passes over Frosty and Rudolph
for little-known but no less special specials
that, believe it or not, really did cross the
airwaves. And they have a surprise up their
sleeve for all you “slum dogs” out there. Of
course, the wacky will be balanced with the
sublime as the Chorus’ more traditional fare
will be accompanied by Benaroya’s organ,
a combination that creates a sound as heavenly as the season.
Speaking of heavenly, the angelic voices
of SWC will once again be Making Spirits
Bright in their holiday concert. Joyful numbers will combine with inspirational carols
to create an experience the whole family
will love. Your inner child will be delighted
with the treats SWC is cooking up.
attending these concerts is a great way for
you to support the Choruses you love while
getting to experience music that sooths your
soul, inspires your mind, and fills your heart
with joy. As we are reminded in Candide,
“life is happiness indeed.”
Subscriptions are available online at www. or by calling the box office
at 206-388-1400 Monday through Friday,
noon-7:00 p.m. Please note: summer box
office hours, noon-5:00 p.m., June 29-September 7, 2009.
Seattle Women's Chorus
mark weeks
Seattle Men's Chorus
Spring will sizzle as the Men’s Chorus
embraces Latino music in Ole, Ole, Ole!
From high-energy dance numbers to romantic serenades, music from Mexico, Spain,
and South America will be given its due
in a hot concert that honors such names as
Ricky, Selena, Desi, Santana, and Iglesias.
If the rhythm doesn’t get you, the passion
June finds the Women’s Chorus joining
SMC to culminate the 30th anniversary season with an extravaganza aptly titled Glitter and Be Gay. This tribute to the talents of
Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim,
two great American stage composers, will
a musician celebrated for his conducting as
well as his Broadway scores, and Sondheim
as the undisputed Master of Broadway.
It is only fitting that such a tribute to these
two individual talents, and the amazing
work they did together, be performed by
both Choruses. Seattle Men’s Chorus and
Seattle Women’s Chorus are the top in their
fields, as the numbers they perform individually will showcase. However, when they
perform together, as they will be in this concert, they are transcendent. Just the visual
of them together is awe-inspiring – not to
mention the sound they produce is unparalleled – combined they are larger in size than
Visit us online
Dance the night away and experience Benaroya Hall’s Grand
Lobby in a whole new way with the sounds of local hit band
Presented by
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Shakespeare in the Parks starts July 9
courtesy of seattle shakespeare company
Seattle Shakespeare Company announces
its Wooden O free, outdoor summer plays
– The Taming of the Shrew and Richard
III – which will run July 9 through August
2. Both plays will perform in park venues
throughout King County. All performances
are free and open to the public. Donations
are heartily encouraged.
“After having played the part of Kate
twice, The Taming of the Shrew holds a special place in my heart,” said George Mount,
director of outdoor and touring performances. “It’s big, broad, funny, and goofy, but
then the real gender issues sneak up on you.
Richard III is such a glorious examination
of political evil and its ramifications; it’ll
Shakespeare in the Park
be a thrill to bring its epic sweep to the outWith a sharp tongue and a volcanic temdoor stage.” Last summer, more than 10,000 per, the headstrong Kate bows down to
patrons from across the region enjoyed the no man. But then a fortune-hunting suitor
Wooden O performances.
named Petruchio swaggers into town with
a mischievous plan to reach her guarded
2009 Outdoor Season
heart. Through bickering and brawling their
comic courtship is a no-holds-barred battle
The Taming of the Shrew
of the sexes that results in a love and underDirected by Aimee Bruneau
standing that neither one imagined.
Festival, and Shoreline-LFP Arts Council.
Seattle Shakespeare Company’s Wooden
O productions are made possible with support from 4Culture, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, ArtsFund, Greater Everett
Community Foundation, The Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Office of Arts
& Cultural Affairs, Mercer Island Community Fund, The Norcliffe Foundation and the
Washington State Arts Commission.
courtesy of seattle shakespeare company
Shakespeare in the Park
Richard III
Directed by Stephanie Shine
Imagine a man so vile in his thoughts and
actions that everything withers around him.
Then imagine that man as your ruler. While
the women of the court valiantly struggle to
depose him, the toxic Richard III reduces
his once prosperous country to ashes. Just
as utter collapse seems inevitable; a bright,
young leader named Richmond challenges
the old order of misrule by bringing hope to
the land.
In spring of 2008, Wooden O merged with
Seattle Shakespeare Company to become
the premiere Shakespeare theatre in the
state of Washington. The company’s growing success stems from a deep belief in the
power and vibrancy of Shakespeare’s words
and ideas along with a commitment to artistic excellence on the stage. The results have
been provocative performances that both
challenge and delight audiences while fostering an appreciation for the greatest playwright the world has ever known.
For complete schedule information visSeattle Shakespeare Company’s 2009
Wooden O outdoor season is presented with it and select
support of the City of Bonney Lake, City Wooden O from the menu at the top of
of Federal Way, City of Lake Forest Park the homepage.
Parks Commission, City of Lynnwood, City
Courtesy of Seattle Shakespeare Company
of Mercer Island/Mercer Island Arts Council, City of Sammamish, City of SeaTac,
Edmond Arts Commission, Issaquah Arts
Commission, Redmond Arts in the Parks,
Seattle Center, Seattle Outdoor Theatre
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
Marc Sherman on musical
theater and Gay culture
by John Longenbaugh
Special to the SGN
Traditionally, musical theater and Gay
culture go together like sequins on a drag
queen. So it’s no surprise that the worldpremiere musical now in rehearsals at the
5th Avenue Theatre, Catch Me If You Can,
features some prominent Gay artists. But
the men who wrote the book, music and lyrics for this show are more than prominent,
they’re Gay cultural heroes. The musical’s
book, based on both the DreamWorks film
and the autobiography of Frank Abagnale
Jr., is written by the multiple-Tony-award
winning playwright Terrence McNally,
whose 40-year career includes a half-dozen of the most important plays about Gay
identity in American theater, including Lips
Together, Teeth Apart, Corpus Christi and
Love! Valour! Compassion! Marc Shaiman,
the composer and co-lyricist (with his partner Scott Wittman) of Catch Me, created a
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
media storm of his very own last November with Proposition Eight: The Musical,
an internet sensation which racked up more
than a million hits in a series of weeks, and
included cameos from the likes of Margaret
Cho, Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black as
a Jesus who at one point tempts his fundamentalist followers with a shrimp cocktail –
according to Leviticus, he points out, shellfish is as verboten as homosexuality.
When I ask Shaiman about the impetus behind Proposition Eight, which was written,
performed, and produced in a matter of days,
he says it was less about the cause of Gay
marriage, and more about his own discomfort with what it revealed about the Proposition’s proponents. “I’ve been very lucky in
my own life, and have had to deal with very
little prejudice. But I was disturbed by how
some people had what perhaps I wouldn’t
say is hate, but such deep discomfort about
me. Not because of who I am, but because
of how God made me.” His hilarious minimusical led to a series of attacks from such
right-wing pundits as Bill O’Reilly. “Those
reactions confirmed me in having made it,
and underlined just how far we have to go,”
he reflects. “How many centuries will it take
for people to stop telling themselves that we
choose to be Gay? That’s mind-boggling to
anyone who’s actually Gay.”
Shaiman’s only regret is that he didn’t get
started on his project before the vote. “I have
some guilt about that,” he admits.
While Shaiman claims Proposition Eight
was his first unabashed agitprop (though
he’s never shied away from social/political
commentary, as fans of both his Hairspray
and South Park: The Musical can attest to),
McNally’s been an unapologetic defender
of Gay rights throughout his career, including the early bathhouse romp The Ritz, the
thoughtful critique of homophobia in Lips
Together, Teeth Apart, and Love! Valour!
Compassion!, where eight Gay men on an
idyllic retreat away from the straight world
confront their gender and identity. His own
reaction to Proposition 8 is that of a seasoned campaigner with decades of experience as an outspoken advocate. “Full civil
rights for Gays is the next important goal,
and Gay marriage is the quickest way to
get to it,” he explains. “It’s a civil contract,
and that means it’s about owning property
together and being treated just the same as
anyone else in terms of the law and taxes.
Romance, they can’t legislate. My partner
and I considered ourselves united long before we got married in Vermont. But what
we want are the simple advantages of filing
a joint tax return. And I want my partner to
be taken care of in terms of property if I go
Catch Me If You Can, based on the
DreamWorks film, is pretty much free of
such weighty issues of gender, except for
what Shaiman calls “that Dean Martin sexist gold-digger style of the ’60s with hot
stewardesses.” He and Wittman had gone to
a drama bookstore to find a script a friend
had suggested, and came across a coffee table book based on the film. “Scott pointed at
it, and said ‘I want to write a musical about
that.’” Shaiman agreed, and several years
later, here they are in Seattle, deep in rehearsals on a show about a teenage conman
prodigy who turns a talent for writing bad
checks into the adventure of a lifetime.
Both Shaiman and McNally seem frankly
relieved to be working on a piece about another time than our current era of political
uncertainty, though both are surprisingly optimistic about the future for Gay marriage,
and for Gays in America. “It’s like racism,”
says McNally. “There will be homophobia
for a long time to come.” But he believes in
the capacity of art to change people. “I can’t
change things for millions of people at once
with the stroke of a pen like Obama can, but
I can change attitudes, one audience member at a time.”
“What I like to tell people, is please don’t
hate me because of how God made me,”
says Shaiman. Then he adds, mischievously,
“but get to know me, and you’ll probably
get your wish and hate me.”
Celebrating 36 Years!
Annie Lennox dark and beautiful
by Andrew Hamlin
SGN Contributing Writer
the song again and see if you can figure it
out. But I’ve tried 20 times, and can’t make
up my own mind. I’m not immortal.
The rest of it? Solid! Her detractors always mutter about her icy lyrics, but fail to
not there, and the lyrics tell us where she’s She might shiver eternally over destruction figure how she juxtaposes ice with flame.
at the hands, at the mouth, of someone who “Little Bird” marks the sound of one hot
And in the end, does she win? We don’t wandered off to find fresher flesh in Bang- little heart breaking the frost. “No More ‘I
Love Yous’” was nutso in the first place (the
original band was called The Lover Speaks;
the video, largely underwater) and with Annie imitating child voices two-thirds through
her version, you wonder how long they’d all
stayed up in the studio. Soul-inspired, Brittempered majesty in most every note, and if
none of it approaches the elegant desperation of “Love Song For A Vampire,” well,
you can’t blame the singer for shyness after
accidentally biting herself.
Still, one wonders, listening for the 21st
time, what she might wait for, long past the
stroke of 12….
Annie Lennox
The Annie Lennox
Start with “Love Song For A
Vampire,” Annie’s end-credit
song from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and yes, the one worthy aspect
of that 1992 cinematic groaner.
(Why, Count Dracula himself,
in a rare personal appearance at
the University Book Store, shook
his immortal head, sighing in
his immortal accent, “that one
was really bad!” Years later, as
I bemoaned the loss of my autographed Count Dracula headshot,
my soon-to-be-ex-best-friend
had the nerve to tell me how that
mighty Magyar “wasn’t real”!)
To hell, or at least Transylvania, with the movie. Hear Annie’s
measured marching cadence under her contralto, the inevitability
and indeed the helplessness of the
heart powerless to resist another
beat, pushing itself onto a plate
under the knife and fork of the
fangs. Simple words, although
that heart’s ineluctable palpation
becomes the “song of songs,” a
blasphemy to bemuse a bloodsucker but one which underscores the headlong, heartstrong
devotion of mortal to monster.
(Throughout the underwatched
video, she stares sideways or past
the camera in some blind and/or
autistic defocusing as she brandishes fingernails long and shaped
enough to get mistaken for 10 transpar- know. “Come into these arms again” is a kok, Bermuda, Bassins, Brompton, or Balent pen caps, but that works – the eyes, not command. It is not a sign of a command fol- lard. The pendulum never descends. Her
the pen caps – because she’s beyond, she’s lowed. “Again” implies once, but twice? broken heart stays in four chambers. Play
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June 26, 2009
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June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
Powerhouse cast for Catch Me If You Can
by Miryam Gordon
SGN A&E Writer
Catch Me If You Can
5th Avenue Theatre
July 23 through August 16
The 5th Avenue Theatre let their donors
and others get a taste of what’s cooking up
for the summer. They are in development of
another new musical that is slated for Broadway in the near future. Catch Me If You Can
is based on the story of Frank Abagnale, a
conman who finally changed his ways and
has become an expert in protective software
for the kinds of places he conned, like banks
and airlines. His true story was made into
a movie starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo
DiCaprio. Now, the creators of Hairspray,
another Broadway musical that had its incubation here in Seattle, are bringing us their
new musical so we can see it and give feedback and help them get it ready for Broadway.
Composer Marc Shaiman and lyricist
Scott Wittman, creators of Hairspray, were
introduced by 5th Avenue moderator David
Armstrong. They talked about how they got
the idea to change the movie into a musical
and what it takes to translate that onto stage.
They recruited Terrence McNally, legendary writer of both musical and non-musical
plays such as Kiss of the Spider Woman,
Love! Valor! Compassion! and The Full
Monty, to write the book (script).
Director Jack O’Brien, known for years
as the artistic director at The Old Globe
Theatre in San Diego, has taken on this job,
along with choreographer Jerry Mitchell
(Hairspray, Legally Blonde: The Musical,
and mentor on the television show Step It will just have to see Aaron Tveit as Frank!
Tveit does more than hold his own with
Up and Dance) and music director John
McDaniel (The Rosie O’Donnell Show, and these two Broadway veterans of note; he is
multiple self-starring CDs). And in case you clearly capable of stealing the show! A new-
thought that Bob Mackie, legendary (there’s
that word again!) fashion and costume designer, was a myth, he’s doing the costumes
for this show, too!
All these men, and three of the stars of
the musical were on hand for the spotlight
event. Tom Wopat, still associated in people’s minds with Dukes of Hazzard on television, but known for years on Broadway,
now, is taking on the part of Frank’s dad.
Norbert Leo Butz, Tony Award-winner for
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and star of multiple Broadway hits, is playing the FBI agent
who tracks Frank around the world. And you
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comer to Broadway, he’s already hopped
around from Wicked to Next to Normal to
Catch Me If You Can. Next to Normal is
the Tony-winning new musical about mental illness that was created, partly, by Brian
Yorkey, long associated with The Village
Theatre in Issaquah. So, Tveit will be in two
Seattle-generated works on Broadway, in
short order. Wopat and Butz sang a couple
of wonderful pieces, and Tveit – no costumes, no set, nothing but a piano (and Marc
Shaiman) – sang one of the second act songs
and blew the audience away. Charisma plus,
he’s clearly going to be a very big Broadway
star for a very long time. Probably to be seen
at a movie theater near you, sometime soon,
you betcha.
Previews are July 23 to August 5 and the
official show opens August 6. Get your calendars out and break out the piggy banks.
You’re going to want to see this show! For
more information, go to www.5thavenue.
org or call 206-625-1900.
Neighborhood French Bistro
Serving Cocktails & Wine
Simmering in Seattle for 30 years
(206) 324-2626
1807 42nd Ave East 1 block south of Madison
June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Fun picks for Pride weekend
S. and S. Lander in SODO) for their Hedwig
and The Angry Inch dance to benefit the Human Rights Campaign. I don’t know for sure
if this is a rave, but since that’s what Club
Motor usually does, I’ll venture that it might
be, so wear your best “candy” and best rave
wear, and show up prepared to party the
night away on June 28, after the other Pride
activities and the big parade. Should be yet
another place to make some good memories
and have fun celebrating your Pride as well
at 801 23rd Ave. S., Ste. G-1) for their iPod ticket for fabulous prizes these women have
Pre-Pride and Rent party. This way you can collected (bound to be exciting, trust me, I
not only listen to tunes from yours and oth- went to their barbecue and cupcake party
ers’ favorites on the playlists people bring, last year and had the best time ever!). For
So by now you’re all excited about the but also help this worthy organization pay more information, go to www.cara-seattle.
fact that it’s Pride week, the high holy day their rent and continue doing the important org, or call 206-322-4856.
for the Queer community – or at least the
most important date on the Queer social
calendar – and if you don’t already have a
ton of obligations on your Palm Pilot, moon
calendar, or your home calendar, here are
a few extra things that’ll keep you buzzing
with joy the whole weekend long.
For those who, like me at my first couple
of Pride rally and parades, are newly sober and clean, and who might be looking
for something to do that compliments their
new commitment to a different life, SHIFT:
A Peer Recovery Network offers these fun
things to do: You can join lots of other clean
and sober folks on Friday, June 26, 6-10 pm
at Multifaith Works, 115 16th Ave. at E. Fir
St. for a free Pride barbecue. You can eat
like a kid again, enjoying both meat and
veggie treats, including hot dogs, burgers
and skewers, and bring your favorite side
dish. Certain to be a place where you’ll not
only feel welcome, but that you can share a
bit about your progress and get the support
you might be needing right now.
Then, if you’re worried about calories after that (because who doesn’t want to look
hot and fit in the parade), you dance your
booty off at the SHIFT “Liberate Dance
Party” on Saturday, June 27 (at the Velocity Dance Studio, located in the remodeled
Oddfellows building on 10th and Pine).
For more information on SHIFT and their
activities for Pride and their other services
Scene from the movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch
during the year, contact: [email protected],
or call 206-388-1712.
Then, if you’re just looking to party with work they’re doing in people-of-color comFinally, if you’re not danced out at either as keeping yet another worthy organization
people of color and some truly fun and ac- munities around Seattle, particularly spot- the Hot Flash dance for over-40 Lesbians on their feet to keep doing the very necestivist women and men, do join folks who’ll lighting Queer people of color. Cover’s only (check SGN listings) or the SHIFT Liberate sary work being done in the face of so much
be showing up at the CARA offices (Com- 10 smackers and includes your first glass of Dance, then you might want to go and sup- right-wing backlash to GLBT victories in
munity Against Rape and Abuse, located wine, yummy hors d’oeuvres, and one raffle port a worthy cause at Club Motor (1st Ave. states like Iowa and DC.
by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid
SGN A&E Writer
killer films - new line cinema
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
presents at
2033 6th Avenue / 206.441.9729
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Blues/Soul/Funk Singer
Touring in Support
of her New Release
Never Going Back
Steve Tyrell
July 9-11
Swinging Vocalist
July 14-18
The Dave
Brubeck Quartet
September 10-13
Bela Fleck and
Toumani Diabate
4 p August 10-11
Give the gift of music
Jazz alley gift cards now available!
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June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Save $30
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July 15
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June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
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June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
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June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Best CDs & singles of first half of 2009
by Albert Rodriguez
SGN A&E Writer
Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. On Middle Cyclone, the alt country queen cooks up
another set of twangy delights, including
The first half of 2009 saw potentially out- the very cool “People Got a Lotta Nerve.”
standing albums disappoint artistically (U2,
Eminem, Black Eyed Peas), yet they still
3) People Are Crazy managed to pull in big numbers at the regBilly Currington (single)
ister. Music lovers wanting more than guilty
You have to love a song with the lyrics
pleasures were challenged to finding excep- “God is great, beer is good, and people
tional material – an actual search for them, are crazy” in the chorus, especially when
like an afternoon spent inside a physical crooned by country artist Billy Currington.
record store (remember those?), proved a The tall and hunky veteran, who once posed
great way to find them. I might also suggest shirtless for the cover of Playgirl magazine,
writing down the following album and song delivers a career-high performance on this
titles, then purchasing them at your con- breezy, mellow ditty.
venience. From the hundreds of CDs that
came out in the past six months, I’m quite
4) Poker Face - Lady GaGa (single)
confident these 10 recordings – in alphabetiIf you didn’t get the memo, America has
cal order – represent the cream of the crop. crowned a new pop diva named Lady GaGa
and she proves her worth on the second re-
1) It’s Frightening White Rabbits (album)
There was no doubt in my mind that
Brooklyn-based sextet White Rabbits could
topple their standout debut Fort Nightly, yet
nothing prepared me for the brilliance of It’s
Frightening. This is an eclectic band needing to be discovered now, because they’re
only going to get bigger and a hell of a lot
better – “Percussion Gun” validates their
fine musical chops.
6) 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong Simian Mobile Disco (single)
British duo Simian Mobile Disco may
have been booted from their US label, but
they respond triumphantly with a whopper
of a leadoff single from their forthcoming
sophomore project Temporary Pleasure.
This six-minute number begs to be heard
live, and I can’t recommend it any higher.
9) Veckatamist - Grizzly Bear (album)
Indie pop quartet Grizzly Bear have
been in the biz for several years, and after
minor success they’ve at last struck gold
with the complicatedly excellent Veckatamist. “While You Wait for the Others” is so
unique and imaginative, you simply can’t
deny them a comparison to the genius of
7) Turn My Swagga On Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (single)
Hip-hop sensation Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em
(yes, that’s his name) answers last year’s
smash “Crank That” with this twice-asgood single, a firm contender for Best Rap
Song when the Grammy nominations are
announced in December. The vocals are a
bit lazy, but the keyboard background is too
10) Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Phoenix (album)
The French have made a significant dent
on the electronica scene (Daft Punk, Justice), but they look to conquer the rock
world as well with Parisian ensemble Phoenix. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is the album we always knew they were capable of
making, and the initial single “1901” has
enough bounce to crossover to a dance hit.
leased track from her mega debut The Fame.
An enormous Gay icon with just one album
under her glittery belt, this native New
Yorker is the Madonna of the Blackberry
5) Primary Colours The Horrors (album)
UK upstarts The Horrors garnered attention with 2007’s Strange House, though
few critics expected to be blown away by
the punkish quintet’s follow-up. Lost fans
2) Middle Cyclone - Neko Case (album) of The Smiths and The Cure should defiIndie cowgirl and Northwest-bred Neko nitely welcome Primary Colours with open
Case continues to watch her star rise, af- shrines, and one listen to “Sea Within a Sea”
ter consistently stellar work that includes is enough to reel you in.
SGN’s top album choice two years back,
8) 21 Guns - Green Day (single)
The anticipation of Green Day’s followup to 2004’s fiery American Idiot, the wellreceived 21st Century Breakdown, was
through the roof. But it’s this stunning ballad, the second radio track from the muchbuzzed album that deserves prime recognition.
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
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June 26, 2009
Seattle Gay News
Seattle Gay News
June 26, 2009
Celebrating 36 Years!
Organic Juices.
15th & Madison
on Capitol Hill