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L ME TEN NO. 1—January 2, 1997—January 15, 1997—Issue 221
Give the People Light and they will find their own way.
IF The Wisconsin Light
`Science' Joins 'Time'
In Hailing New AIDS
Drugs as
Breakthrough of 1996
Washington, DC— Research that led to
new AIDS drugs and to a new understanding of how the virus infects cells has been
named the -. Breakthrough of the Year" for
1996 by Science, a leading scientific journal.
Evidence for ancient life on Mars is the
first runner up in the annual selection by the
journal of the top 10 research achievements
of the year.
Other cited breakthroughs include development of a new type of lasts. discovery that
the Earth core spins faster than its surface,
and findings in genetics, cell biology, the
immune s ystem and infectious disease.
Science said that 1996 brought "a series
of stunning breakthroughs both in AIDS
treatment and in basic research on HIV, the
virus that causes the disease."
Drugs called protease inhibitors, which
attack IIIV in a new way, became widely
available in 1996 for the first time. Studies
showed that when combined with earlier
drugs, the protease inhibitors caused the
blood concentrations of HIV virus in some
patients to drop to undetectable levels, a result the journal called "a major victory."
Equally promising, said Science. is the
discovery that three natural proteins, called
chanokines, will suppress HIV infection of
cells. This finding "may one day blossom
into new treatments or even vaccines," said
the journal.
"Although AIDS remains a scourge of
our era ... 1996 marks a turning point in the
frustrating 15-year battle against the disease," Stitace said.
"Startling new answers" about how and
where life began was considered by Science
as the second most important breakthrough
research of 1996.
The journal cited work by a NASA-led
team reported in August that a meteorite
from Mars contained chemical and fossilized evidence that microbes misted on the
red planet millions of years ago. The conclusion still is hotly debated and no consensus supporting the NASA team has been
reached among scientists.
Science also noted that research in
Greenland found evidence that life on Earth
appeared about 3.8 billion years ago. The
journal said additionally that studies of a
microbe that lives in the superheated water
of a volcanic vent on the ocean floor shows
that the organism belongs to a third domain
of life because its genetic structure is unlike
that of bacteria or of plants and animals.
Other breakthroughs selected by Science:
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Superior's Main Club Burns, Two
Men Perish In Early Morning Fire
By Bill Meunier
Superior WI -- An early
E morning fire of undetermined
k origin took Superior's popular
Gay bar , the Main Club, and the
lives of two Gay men in the early
morning hours of Friday, De< cember 27.
The blave was reported shortly
anti 3:00 A.M. The Superior
Fire Department arrived at the
bar, which was located at 1813
N. Third Street within minutes,
but the building was already atgulfed in flames. As firefighters
called for hack up and worked to
keep neighboring buildings from
catching lire the Main Club
burned to the ground.
Cause Undetermined
Fire investigators have not yet
determined the cause of the tire,
but have said that there is no
evidence of arson. It may be
weeks before the cause is
known. Sources told The Wisconsin Light that it appeared as
though the fire started in hack of
the building.
A tragic scene - A City of Superior Firefighter looks through the rubble of the still smoldizing Maui Club hours after an cairly
The building housing The
morning lire completely destroyed the century old building housing Superior's first opaily Gay bar. Two men. 14nrd
Main Club was built in 1890.
40, of Duluth and "Troy Buchard. 32. of Superior. were unable to get out the building and thod in the Han:,
Its wood and brick construction
was nut lire resistant. 'Me building had passed all Building and Fire inspections. The
only violation found by City inspectors was
a missing addiess sign.
A Devastated Community
Janet Reno quietly cracked open the door to
Hempstead, NY— Even now, eight years
The loss has devastated the small tightsuch cases, more than 40 Gay mart and Les- knit Gay community in what is known as
later, Jose Cruz cannot speak calmly about
bians have been granted asylum because of "The Twin Ports Area" of Superior, Wisthe events that drove him from his hometheir somal orientation- or. more accu- consin and Duluth, Minnesota. Those two
land. I lis voice cracks, his shoulders heave
rately, because they are members of the cities have a combined population of
and tears slide down his smooth, delicate
"social class" of Lesbians and Gay men around 120,000 people. Many il' not most
By his account, Cruz was routinely raped,
facing persecution_
area Gays and Lesbians came out of the
More remarkably, at least one man, a het- closet at the Main Club.
beaten and humiliated in El Salvador for
erosexual, has been granted asylum because
being a "culero" a "faggot" despite his
"When there was no place else to go, there
may effort to hide his sexual orientation
he is HIV-positive--a diagnosis that, in was the Main Club," said one patron. "We
other circumstances, could get him barred called it home because that's what it was for
and act straight, even macho.
from the United States.
Finally, threatened with death by paraI've lost my home."
most of
Rime cases, along with the far more pubmilitary thugs, he fled to the United States
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and began life anew.
Please See Asylum Page 18
Now settled in the relative sanctuary of
New York's Long Island suburbs, Cruz had
pinned his hopes on what once would have
been an impossibility: to be granted political
asylum on the basis of his sexual orientation.
In the last week in November, he got his
Since June 1994, when Attorney General
US Quietly Granting Political Asylum to
Some Lesbians and Gay Men
Designing Men
Bringing Supermodel,
Steve Kelso,
to Milwaukee
Milwaukee-1)esigning Men, Milwaukee's Gay and Lesbian retail store, will be
sponsoring a benefit for the Cream City
Foundation. Calendar supennodel Steve
Kelso will be visiting Milwaukee on January II, 1997.
Kelso, who was interviewed by Wisconsin Light. is a former Colt model, now contracted under Eagle Studios. Ile is touring
the country promoting his calendar as a vehicle to help raise money for AIDS and Gay
and Lesbian organizations.
In Milwaukee, he will be raising money
for the Cream City Foundation, whose philanthropic grants materially assist LesBiGay
events and organizations.
"It's a pleasure to see a model as personable and out-going as Steve helping to support the important work of organizations
across the country," said Bob Mazzacone,
owner of Designing Men. "I am excited that
we are able to provide yet another opportunity to raise funds for our community."
Kelso will he appearing Saturday, January
I l at three places in Milwaukee:
• Designing Men, 1200 S. I" Street, from
2:00 to 4:00 p.m.;
• This Is It, 418 E. Wells Street, from
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.;
• M21132 Roux., 1875 N. Humboldt, from
IA a, ing to the Masses - Madonna stars as Emits Peron. one 01 the most vont:rover-mai womut of tlic ..).11111.1).
I I :00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
(ilobes nominations. The VS hiconsin
the new movie "Evil's." The film has won rave reviews and live At each of the three locations, Kelso will
tAght is op-sponsoring a free spoLial screwing on Fucsday. January 7 To obtain tickets call (414) 372-2773.
The screwing will he followed by a Wisconshi light Spotlight Madonna Perry at La Cage. (See related stories be signing his calendars, posters, videos.
on pages ti and 9.)
CD-Rums and cards. These items will be
Steve Kelso
available for sale in all three locations.
In addition, Mazzacone, said, there will he
tents set up to protect ova-flow crowds
from inclement weather.
For five dollars, attendees can also have
their polariod photo taken with Kelso. The
photography is being done by Wauker photography of Milwaukee which is donating
its services for the benefit.
A highlight of the Milwaukee tour will be
the "SI Raffle" featuring a grand prize by
Colt Studios of a complete Steve Kelso collection, all autographed. The winner need
not be present to win.
All Proceeds will benefit the Cream City
For more information, call Designing Men
at (4 I 4) 389-1200.