Annual Report 2013 to 2014 - MemorialCare Health System



Annual Report 2013 to 2014 - MemorialCare Health System
2013 – 2014 Annual Report
Inspiring Philanthropy
Changing Lives
Welcome to the 2013 – 2014 Annual Report
Celebrating 50 Years of Philanthropy
1964 - 2014
2013 – 2014 ANNUAL REPORT
A Revolution in Cardiac Care
The MHVI Hybrid Imaging/Interventional/Surgical Suite is now complete
and providing enormous benefits for patients. Just ask Harriet Milam.
16 Making the 3-step Process Work
The first step is diagnosis, the second – treatment. The third step is crucial
– staying in treatment. This is the key to living with HIV. With the help of a
Philanthropic Friend, it is easier now for patients to stay in treatment at the
Bickerstaff Pediatric Family Center.
10 Medicine for the Soul
Ava Valdez loves her therapist, art therapist that is. Carrie Cottone provides
Ava with a fun, creative oasis during her many visits to the hospital for
treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
18 The Best Day Ever
Can you imagine never having tasted ice cream? That was true for Owen
Huang, 8, until he was treated, along with his sister, Cara, for allergies at the
Food Allergy Center of MCWHLB. Now Owen samples a different flavor
every chance he gets.
12 Becoming an Adult – A Time for Transition
Amazing strides have been made in the treatment of many childhood
diseases and conditions. So what happens when these children grow
into adulthood?
22 Lives Lived Well
14 So Much More Than a Job
Two new educational programs fulfill a need for trained health care
support staff, while providing jobs to those previously unemployed.
Dan and Barbara Kolat met Susan Melvin, DO, when Dr. Melvin was buying
her home. First they became friends, then Dr. Melvin became their physician.
They taught each other so much.
Message from the MMCF President
Message from the LBM/MCWHLB/CHLB CEO
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About the Cover
A valve replacement procedure in the new Hybrid Imaging/Interventional/Surgical Suite at the
MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute requires teamwork. Facing the camera is Michael J. Gault, MD,
medical director of Cardiology at SMMC; with their backs to the camera are, from left, Daniel
Bethencourt, MD, medical director of LBM Cardiac Surgery; Majed Chane, MD, cardiologist,
OCMMC; Rex Winters, MD, medical director of LBM Interventional Cardiology; and Jerry Jordan,
radiology technician.
Annual Report 2013-2014 1
Message from the President
Dear Friends,
When our team discussed possible themes for this
Annual Report, we first decided on “Changing Lives,”
because it describes what happens daily on this
medical campus. Then, one member of the development
team noted that while this is true, it is important
to note that the transformed lives provide inspiration
for others to give.
Community members want to support the caregivers and their patients on
this campus by giving to medical education, research, patient programs and
capital investment. That eureka moment impacted our final decision as we
put both concepts together to create “Inspiring Philanthropy, Changing Lives”
as our theme – it truly does paint the bigger picture.
This past year marked the completion of 50 years in the history of our Foundation.
And it was a busy year.
We’ve previously written about the Hybrid Imaging/Interventional/Surgical
Suite being built in the MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute. Now that it
has opened, this high tech space is in high demand. Read about Harriet Milam
who went from having a narrowed aortic valve, which limited her activities,
to making plans to take horseback riding lessons – now that’s life changing.
We’ve shared many stories over the years about medical and nursing education,
but wait until you read the story beginning on page 14 about the successful
allied health training being done on this campus. With two successful programs,
we are fulfilling a patient care need and providing jobs for Long Beach residents
who had previously been without work. Talk about inspiring.
2 Annual Report 2013-2014
Last year we shared the story of the Gallegos family, whose challenges with
their son Matthew’s food allergies inspired them to fund the creation of the
pediatric Food Allergy Center. The story on page 18 follows the life-changing
care provided by that new center to the Huang children, who, like many other
families, have found transformational help overcoming food allergies.
Volunteer Joseph Cristina was inspired to give when he saw how families
from across the region struggled to get to their appointment at the Bickerstaff
Pediatric Family Center because of a lack of transportation. Through a grant from
the Joseph A. Cristina HIV/AIDS Children’s Fund, patients are able to keep their
appointments with donated bus tokens, Metrolink fare, gas cards and taxi fare.
We hope that the story of Dan and Barbara Kolat will inspire you to consider
naming the Memorial Medical Center Foundation in your Will or Trust.
Enjoy this report of our efforts to support excellent health care for everyone
in our community. Feel free to contact me for any assistance in creating your
legacy – because your philanthropy does make a difference at Long Beach
Memorial, Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach and Community
Hospital Long Beach.
I wish you a joyous holiday season.
James F. Normandin
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
2014 – 2015 MMCF Board of Directors
From left, seated: Mari Hooper; Gary Cooper; Peter Ridder; James Normandin; Diana Hendel, PharmD;
Gil Dodson and Sandy Wells. Middle row: Susan Laputz, CPA; Lisa Chapman, CFP; Joe Zucchero;
Christine Walker; Kathy Lingle; Louise Ukleja and Ron Piazza. Back row: Kevin Peterson;
William Webster, MD; Jon Masterson; James Emslie; Gary Van Arnam and David Erickson.
Annual Report 2013-2014 3
2014 – 2015
Long Beach Memorial
Board of Directors and
Miller Children’s & Women’s
Hospital Long Beach
Governing Board
4 Annual Report 2013-2014
Barry Arbuckle, PhD
David Carver
Nancy Myers
Stephen Hryniewicki, MD
Board Chair
Vice Chair
Gail Carruthers
Leslie Edrich, MD
Clifford Hancock, MD
Russell Hill
Laurence W. Jackson
Board Member
Board Member
Board Chair
Board Member
Joseph Maga, Jr., CPA
Lorna McFarland, MD
Suzanne Nosworthy
Beverly O’Neill
William Webster, MD
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Board Member
Message from the CEO
To Our Friends and Neighbors,
This year at Long Beach Memorial, Community Hospital Long Beach and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach,
we have been inspired – inspired by our patients, their families, our staff and our community. We have all come together to
move our hospitals forward in the changing face of health care and have celebrated many milestones.
July marked the one-year
anniversary of the opening
of the Todd Cancer Pavilion.
Community Hospital
Long Beach celebrated
its third year as a member
of the MemorialCare
family and is celebrating
its 90th year of providing
acute care services for
East Long Beach. And the
Memorial Medical Center
Foundation is celebrating
50 years of philanthropic
support to our hospitals.
I am often asked what
I believe are the most important secrets of success
for organizations such as ours. Below is what we
believe and keep “Top of Mind” to continuously
build on the legacy of this great health care system.
Fulfilling our mission. Our mission is to improve the
health and well-being of people in the communities
we serve. As a not-for-profit health care system,
this is quintessential to our existence. We are proud
to be here to care for everyone in our community,
regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation,
languages spoken, and, importantly, sometimes the
ability to pay.
Ensuring our patients have the highest quality
outcomes possible. We strive to raise the bar higher
and higher on quality, always critically evaluating
how we can improve outcomes.
Delivering safe care. It’s not an exaggeration to say that
patients and their families often put their lives in our
hands and are relying on us to ALWAYS provide care
in the safest manner and in the safest environment.
Embracing the responsibility of ensuring the best
possible experience. This speaks to the privilege
of serving and caring for people who come to us,
frequently in vulnerable, frightened, and also in
hopeful, states or circumstances. And through it all,
we are here with them, to not only provide high
quality care, but also to attend to the emotional,
spiritual, human needs of people, well beyond
technical or clinical medical care. Optimizing the health and well-being of our
workforce. It’s not uncommon for those in caregiving
professions to be better at caring for others than at
caring for themselves. That’s why it’s essential that
we create and implement a wide range of programs
and holistic services for our employees.
and fellows. And through our partnerships with
Cal State Long Beach, UC Irvine, Long Beach City
College and many other institutions, we have
become known in the greater Long Beach area
as the top health care educator.
Improving the health of people in our community.
We’ve been known for more than 100 years now
as the region’s top provider of care when patients
are sick or injured. And over the past few years, we’ve
intentionally expanded our focus to also become
great at prevention and wellness.
Evolving our razor-sharp focus on stewardship.
While we’re a not-for-profit organization, that does not
mean that we don’t have to focus on optimizing our
net income. Every dollar we earn through operations,
every dollar saved through efficiencies and every
dollar donated to us by grateful philanthropists is
reinvested back into our organization. Our shareholders,
in essence, are the people who live in the communities
we serve – and the dividends we pay ensure that
our mission of improving the health and well-being
of the people who live in our community is sustained
for generations to come.
Diana Hendel, PharmD
Further expanding our legacy of education.
We have a legacy of providing a superb educational
environment for hundreds of students, residents
Long Beach Memorial
Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach
Community Hospital Long Beach
Annual Report 2013-2014 5
6 Annual Report 2013-2014
A Revolution
in Cardiac Care
by Greg Hardesty
Harriet Milam plans to take horseback riding lessons soon.
Such a plan would not be likely if the 78-year-old woman had not been one
of the first Long Beach Memorial (LBM) patients to undergo an innovative
valve replacement procedure in the new Hybrid Imaging/Interventional/
Surgical Suite at the MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute (MHVI).
Harriet is working her way back into tip-top shape. In addition to hopping into the saddle, she hopes
to volunteer for the Red Cross, thanks to Rex Winters, MD, medical director of Interventional Cardiology,
Daniel Bethencourt, MD, medical director of Cardiac Surgery, and an entire MHVI team.
“Harriet was one of the early beneficiaries of all the resources that came out of the Hybrid Suite as well
as the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) program at Long Beach Memorial, ” Dr. Winters said.
Added Dr. Bethencourt, medical director of MHVI cardiac and thoracic surgery: “She was able to undergo
surgery in a minimally invasive manner that, in the past, would have required open heart surgery and
additional risk.”
Harriet’s story began about three years ago. Although she had had asthma all her life, Harriet felt
something different one morning after spending a sleepless night tossing and turning. Her breathing
was especially labored. She could barely get up the stairs in her home.
She was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism – a blockage in a primary artery in her lungs.
In December 2011, a physician in San Bernardino treated the clot with a blood thinner. After Harriet
had her knees replaced in 2012, her physician detected a heart murmur. That’s when Harriet was
referred to Dr. Winters and Dr. Bethencourt and other members of the MHVI team.
Top left: Dr. Rex Winters (second from left) discusses the use of the SAPIEN 2 aortic valve
delivery device with Dr. Bethencourt (center) and the rest of the team.
Middle: Close-up of a valve before it is deployed.
Bottom: X-ray of the new valve within the stent, being opened by the expanded ballon.
Far left: Just a few weeks after Harriet Milam underwent a percutaneous aortic valve
replacement procedure, she was pedaling her way into shape.
Annual Report 2013-2014 7
“This procedure is one of our true revolutions
in cardiac care,”
Gregory Thomas, MD, MPH, medical director of MHVI.
Rex Winters, MD, left, directs the position of the x-ray C-arm to check the placement
of guide wires while Daniel Bethencourt, MD, (with headlamp), makes an incision to
insert the SAPIEN 2 aortic valve delivery system.
8 Annual Report 2013-2014
Dr. Winters performed tests in 2013 and determined that
Harriet’s aortic valve had narrowed. He believed that Harriet
would be an ideal candidate for a TAVR in the Hybrid Suite.
Patients who qualify for this minimally invasive procedure
have been ruled out for traditional open-heart surgery or
are considered at high risk for such surgery.
“This procedure is one of our true revolutions in cardiac care,”
said Gregory Thomas, MD, MPH, medical director of MHVI.
for cardio conditioning. “I’ve felt no pain – nothing,” Harriet
said. “I had a very good experience with Dr. Winters and the
entire TAVR team. They were just wonderful. I can’t tell you
how good Dr. Winters and his colleagues were at explaining
everything, including all the tests that were done on me.”
Harriet said she’s well on her way to feeling better. Good enough,
she added, to saddle up very soon.
Dr. Winters and Dr. Bethencourt started performing TAVR
procedures in 2012, two years before the MHVI Hybrid Suite
formally opened in May 2014. Doctors on the MHVI team
predict that this new way of replacing heart valves, which
currently accounts for about 15 percent of aortic valve
procedures, will account for about 80 percent of all such
procedures within a decade. Over time, when the technology
is perfected, doctors expect this procedure to move toward
becoming the standard way of replacing aortic valves.
The minimally invasive procedures performed in the Hybrid
Suite result in less pain and chance of infection for patients,
as well as shorter hospital stays. Traditional surgery for aortic
valve replacement involves about four hours of open-heart
surgery and a hospital stay of about a week.
In Harriet’s case, she underwent the two-hour procedure
on June 18, 2014, and was discharged home five days later.
During the procedure, Dr. Winters and colleagues used
a small delivery device called the SAPIEN 2, the latest
technology from Edwards Lifesciences. It was placed in a
small artery in the groin area and delivered a thin, flexible
valve mounted on a stainless steel stent and expanded
by a balloon. Harriet’s new valve then got to work, rapidly
expanding and contracting in a wavelike motion.
In early August, Harriet started undergoing cardiac rehab at
LBM. Three times a week for one hour each session, she uses
resistance weights to strengthen her legs and the treadmill
It takes a large team to perform the TAVR procedure.
Tess Raborar, RN, oversees Harriet Milam’s cardiac rehabilitation progress.
Annual Report 2013-2014 9
10 Annual Report 2013-2014
Medicine for the Soul
by Tom Berg
A bubbly little girl – that’s what she was before the night sweats started.
By age 5, Ava Valdez was a ballerina, a Girl Scout and everyone’s friend in
kindergarten. So Mom knew something was wrong when Ava complained of
fatigue at age 6, and when she awoke crying with a fever that lasted days.
The Diagnosis
“It might be a virus, ” they all hoped. But it was more
than that. Ava had acute lymphoblastic leukemia,
a childhood cancer of the blood and bone marrow.
“You don’t think it’s ever going to happen to your
child, ” said Andreae Valdez of Redondo Beach.
“But it did. Our hearts were breaking.”
In October 2013, Andreae took Ava to Miller
Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach for her
first round of chemotherapy. That’s when they
discovered a program unlike any other – one with
medicine for the soul. “I’m so grateful, ” Andreae
said. “It changed my daughter’s life.”
More Than Just Playtime
Ava joined an art therapy program led by art
therapist Carrie Cottone, who works with children
in the playroom, the infusion center, the lobby
and at their bedsides. She’s part of a unique team
of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers
and child life specialists who treat children with
modern medicine – and a human touch. “Cancer
takes away a lot of choices for our patients, ”
Carrie said. “Art gives them back some control. ”
Creating art helps patients feel better emotionally,
psychologically and, at times, physically. It can also
distract them from pain and/or nausea, reduce
stress and lower anxiety.
Ava’s mom saw its value whenever Ava and Carrie
painted together, especially in Ava’s room after
stressful chemotherapy treatments. “If Ava was on
the vital signs monitor, ” Andreae said, “I’d see her
blood pressure drop when Carrie came in!”
Carrie is involved in hundreds of art therapy sessions
with pediatric hematology/oncology patients
each year. She provides everything from crayons
to sculpting clay to iPads, which teenagers seem
to prefer. It’s more than simple arts and crafts. “It
provides a creative outlet for the patient, ” she said.
“And it also gives the treatment team another way to
look into the patient.” It’s like an x-ray of their feelings.
At times, artwork shows that a child feels isolated
or lonely or scared. “They don’t always have the
words to express those emotions, ” Carrie said.
In those cases, Carrie shares the artwork with the
psychosocial team. They can address it with the
child’s parents to alleviate the child’s concerns.
“No matter what, creating art creates a distraction,
and it’s a nonverbal way for the patients to express
themselves, ” Carrie said.
Sometimes, it’s the highlight of their hospital stay,
which explains why Ava made a curious detour on
her way home recently. It came after 10 months
of highs and lows fighting leukemia. The low point came
early on when, due to a genetic flaw, Ava was diagnosed
as very high risk. That meant more prodding by doctors,
more poking with needles and more chemotherapy
infusions that made her feel sick. Throughout, she looked
forward to one thing: art therapy with Carrie. “It was her
safe haven, ” Andreae said. “There was no medicine. No
doctors. It was her way to de-stress.” The high point came
in February – on Valentine’s Day – when test results showed
no signs of leukemic cells in Ava’s bone marrow. “There was
nothing, ” Andreae said. “It was actually zero. I was so excited,
I was crying. It was the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.”
Ava is now in remission yet still receives maintenance
treatments. After one recent treatment, she stopped in
the hall. She didn’t want to go home yet. “I like art, ” she
told her mom. “And I like Carrie because she’s nice and
makes me feel happy and awesome.” With that, they
returned to the playroom – to paint with Carrie.
“It was the messiest, gooiest finger painting you’ve ever
seen,” said Andreae, who saved the paintings as keepsakes.
“She had such a good time, ” It is a reminder of how
powerful art therapy can be when a child is going
through life-altering treatment.
It’s support from Philanthropic Friends that keeps it running.
Traditional insurance doesn’t cover the cost of art therapy,
so the hospital relies on the kindness of donors. “I’m forever
grateful to the Bauer Foundation, the Sunair Children’s
Foundation and CBeyondCancer for grants that allow us to
support the art therapy program, ” said James Normandin,
president of Memorial Medical Center Foundation. “Their
generosity is critical to the overall treatment of our patients.”
Andreae puts it this way: Before leukemia, little Ava was
bubbly. And now she is again.
Annual Report 2013-2014 11
Becoming an Adult -
A Time for Transition
by Kimberly Yap
Jasmin Serrano’s symptoms began when she was 11
years old. She became weak, started vomiting and just
felt sick. Her pediatrician said it was probably the flu, but
her mother, Cleotilde Serrano, didn’t agree. Cleotilde’s
maternal instincts told her it was something more.
Designed to help teens and young adults, ages 14 – 21, with special health care
needs, the purpose is to help patients learn how to take care of themselves
independently and smoothly transition from pediatric care to adult-centered
care, usually at age 21. “Transition is about going from having your parents take
care of you, to taking care of yourself, ” said Erika Jewell, LCSW, Transition of Care
Program coordinator.
Learning the Truth
Approximately 350 patients at the Endocrine & Diabetes California Children’s
Services (CCS) Center are in that age bracket, and about 60 patients at the Sickle
Cell CCS are now benefiting from this new integrated transition program.
By the time Jasmin arrived at the Emergency Department (ED) at Miller
Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach, her blood sugar was dangerously
high. She was immediately admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit,
where Jasmin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
“I had all the symptoms, ” said the now 18-year-old Jasmin. “But it was really hard
to know I would have this for the rest of my life.”
When Luis Rojas was 7 years old, his parents noticed he was getting extremely
thin and sometimes was too tired to walk. Especially in the mornings when it
was time to get up for school, he would say, “I’m too tired to go.”
“We basically had no idea what it was, ” said his father, Catarino Rojas. “But we knew
something was definitely wrong.” Luis’ mother, Belen Rojas, asked his pediatrician
to run some tests. He diagnosed Luis with type 1 diabetes. “We felt very sad at first,”
said Catarino. “However, as Luis has gotten older, it has become easier to accept.”
Transitioning to Adult Care
Initially created with funding through the Memorial Medical Center Foundation,
and continued by a three-year grant from the UniHealth Foundation, the Transition of Care Program is supported through philanthropy, since this type
of program is not covered by insurance reimbursement.
12 Annual Report 2013-2014
Most cases of sickle cell disease (SCD) are diagnosed at birth. The majority of young
adults with SCD are cared for by the same pediatric provider their whole lives.
In many cases historically, young adult patients turn to the ED for emergency care
instead of managing their health by working with an adult care specialist. This
sometimes results in misdiagnosis of any health challenges or mismanagement
of their disease, leading to a general lack of trust in the health care system.
Emerging treatments and medications can help the quality of life for adults
with SCD. However, it is extremely important that all aspects of their care are
coordinated when they transfer to adult care. This is when the transition program
can be extremely beneficial. “There is a different set of resources and questions
that come with SCD, ” said Erika. “It can be overwhelming.”
The transition staff work with the multidisciplinary team comprised of nurses,
physicians, social workers, dietitians, physical therapists, and a certified diabetes
educator for the diabetic patients, or a pulmonologist, dentist and a psychologist
for the SCD patients, to provide complete care. The team meets with each patient
individually during his or her appointment when they discuss important topics
such as: being more independent with daily health activities that parents have
Left: “My reminder to take care of myself is my son,” said Jasmin, of 6-month-old Mason, while meeting with Erika Jewel, LCSW, Transition of Care Program coordinator.
Below: An important part of transitional care is the team meeting, or The Huddle. After each professional meets with and evaluates the same patient, they gather
together to review their findings and discuss the next steps to obtain optimal care for their patient. From left: Mary Patterson, MD, endocrinologist; Karen Kennedy, RN,
CDE, clinical diabetes educator; Lauren Partain, MSW, MPH, transition navigator; and Aimee Burdick, PT, physical therapist.
been doing, knowing how to refill medications,
learning their medical history, what to do in an
emergency, how to contact insurance companies
with questions, finding a new primary care
physician who can see them as adults, and receiving
referrals to specialists. The information gathered is
then shared with other team members during their
staff conference, commonly called “The Huddle.”
“It’s helping me personally, ” said the now 18-yearold Luis. “Going into the adult world I will know
what to do to be more independent.”
Growing the Program to Meet the Needs
The program began by assisting young adults with
type 1 diabetes and SCD. In January 2014, the
program expanded to include additional staff and
added patients with type 2 diabetes. Planned for the
next two years, in alignment with the population
focused “lean” improvements the hospital has been
implementing since 2009, more diseases, including
pediatric hematology/oncology and cystic fibrosis,
will be added to the Transition of Care Program.
“Working in adult care, I saw firsthand the aftermath
of not having a transition program, ” said Erika. “We
are looking forward to how this change will impact
patients and their transition.”
Annual Report 2013-2014 13
So Much More Than a Job
by Kimberly Yap
“I’m finally on the path that I have been striving for,” said Cynthia James.
“It’s more than a dream come true. It’s a prayer answered.”
Beyond a Dream
Cynthia had been unemployed off and on, and working
temporary jobs, for the last seven years. “That time of struggling
disciplined me to never give up, and to keep pushing and
fighting for my life,” said Cynthia.
A client with Pacific Gateway, a workforce development agency,
Cynthia told her employment specialist Annette Barbosa
she would really love a job in the medical field. She felt it
was her calling: her “dream job.” Annette spoke to her about
the Patient Care Assistant (PCA) Program available through
Long Beach Memorial (LBM) and Miller Children’s & Women’s
Hospital Long Beach (MCWHLB). The program offered an
opportunity to train for a career in the medical field and be
guaranteed a job if she graduated successfully. It was exactly
what Cynthia had been hoping for. “It [LBM] is the one hospital
I really wanted to work for, ” said Cynthia. “I have been a patient
at LBM and so has my family. I love this hospital.”
After passing the required screenings with Alice Pitts, program
specialist, and interviewing with Susan Crockett, RN, director,
LBM Clinical Workforce Development, Cynthia began her
training in the PCA Program, which will enable her to work at
the bedside, helping nurses care for patients. “I am beyond
excited to be working at LBM and to be working with people,”
said Cynthia. “Being a PCA has finally put me on my true path.”
Top to bottom:
Students in the Patient Care Assistant Program learn CPR.
As a Care Associate working in the pediatric Food Allergy Center,
Elisa Hobson is responsible for taking Owen Huang’s vital signs.
14 Annual Report 2013-2014
Funded through an H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant Program,
from the U.S. Department of Labor and the Memorial Medical
Center Foundation, the hospitals have been working in
partnership with Pacific Gateway to identify unemployed
Long Beach residents with the desire and talent to work in the
health care industry. In-house training is provided to prepare
these individuals for either of two unique careers as PCAs
or Care Associates (CAs).
Patient Care Associates
The seven-week course consists of classroom instruction,
education in a patient simulation lab and clinical rotations
on various hospital units. “As students, they are welcomed
by our nursing staff, ” said Susan. The PCA students are then
paired with a mentor, who, along with the clinical staff, assists
them on the nursing units. They are assigned patients and
provide care in all areas of the hospital. The students gain
experience while learning to give the highest level of confident
and kind care, with a major focus on customer service.
Once the PCAs successfully graduate from the program, they
participate in a ceremony and receive a completion certificate.
The event is well attended by hospital staff, including the
training staff, nurses and human resources.
“This program has been really successful, ” said Susan. “These
graduates are some of the most caring and proud staff our
hospital has employed.” The PCAs are assigned to the central
staffing unit and given the opportunity to work in the areas on
campus with the greatest need – the Emergency Department,
medical/surgical units and MCWHLB, to name a few.
Care Associates
While PCAs work in most areas within the hospital, CAs work
exclusively in the MCWHLB Outpatient Specialty Centers. The
environment is much like a physician’s office, where patients
are seen by pediatric specialists for a wide variety of acute,
chronic or long-term conditions.
Reviewing the steps involved for proper CPR are PCA students,
from left, Sindia Martinez, Cynthia James, Alexandria Bigelow
and their instructor, Debbie Currington, RN.
The CAs are responsible for scheduling patient
appointments, verifying insurance coverage, showing
patients to their exam rooms, and getting them
ready to be seen by the doctors. They can also check
the patient’s weight and take their vital signs.
Elisa Hobson graduated from the CA Program more
than a year ago. She works in the MCWHLB Food
Allergy Center (story on page 18), as well as in the
Pulmonary, Allergy, Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis Center.
She has always loved children and helping people, so
when she learned about the CA Program from Pacific
Gateway, she was very interested. “I love working with
the patients, ” said Elisa. “It’s rewarding, working with
the children and helping them overcome so much.”
Path. Career. Assignment for Life.
In the five years since these programs began, the
program has graduated 167 PCAs and 23 CAs.
All the graduates had been unemployed and were
former clients of Pacific Gateway. Now they are
trained, working in health care and employed by
LBM and MCWHLB. Many have started taking
college courses to become nurses.
“These programs make a difference in the lives of the
graduates, their families, and most of all in the care
of our patients, ” said Susan. “Each of us who works
with these students is humbled by the experience.
They are so proud to be part of the Memorial team.”
“For me, PCA stands for path – career – assignment
for life, ” said Cynthia. “I couldn’t be happier.”
Annual Report 2013-2014 15
Joseph Cristina, right, through his own foundation, provides taxi
vouchers and bus fare for patients needing assistance getting to
their appointments. Here he, and Rebecca Fiene, help Efren Jimenez
and baby Jane out of the cab.
16 Annual Report 2013-2014
Making the 3-step Process Work
by Tom Berg
It was news that stunned the medical world:
An infant born with HIV and treated just four hours
after birth now appeared to be – almost miraculously –
virus-free. And it happened at the Bickerstaff Pediatric
Family Center (BPFC) in Long Beach.
“I’ve been living with HIV since 1985, ” he said. “Knowing how difficult it is living
with HIV as an adult, I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for children.
So, with the support of Mattel and many others, I began to give back to
help make a difference in their lives.”
A year later, the baby girl was still healthy, said BPFC Medical Director Audra
Deveikis, MD. “Using very sophisticated lab tests, we could not find evidence
of the virus, ” she said. “It’s extremely exciting.”
Now, through the Joseph A. Cristina HIV/AIDS Children’s Fund, funded by
Mattel, he’s keeping patients in the BPFC program. “Think of HIV care as a
three-step process,” said Dr. Michalik. “First is diagnosis. Second is starting
treatment. Third is staying in treatment. Patients who stay in treatment have
much better control of their HIV, ” he said. “Joe’s grant is crucial to making
that happen.”
This is just one example of the life-changing work that takes place at the
Bickerstaff Center, which cares for those with HIV/AIDS, chronic infections
and other immunological disorders. “Our patients get treatment equal to
any major university center in the U.S.,” added Dr. Deveikis.
The Not So Secret Formula
And there’s a reason: teamwork. That team includes doctors, nurses, therapists,
dietitians, social workers, case managers, child life specialists and staff.
“We can’t do it without a dedicated team, ” said David Michalik, DO.
That team extends even beyond the walls of the Center to those who keep
it running through generous donations – such as the Bickerstaff Family
Foundation. “They’ve been transformative in making the center a success,”
said James F. Normandin, president, Memorial Medical Center Foundation.
Now another Philanthropic Friend has stepped up. Former Mattel executive
Joe Cristina brings toys to the Center and volunteers his time each week.
As a volunteer, he saw another need: Many families have a difficult time
getting to the clinic for treatment. So he offered to supply them with bus
tokens, Metrolink fare, gas cards, and even cab fare to keep appointments.
Over the last 20 years, his Children Affected by AIDS Foundation has raised
more than $40 million.
Replicating the Results
And the Bickerstaff Center is crucial to preventing and treating HIV/AIDS.
At this year’s HIV/AIDS conference in Boston, officials described the nearly
miraculous treatment that took place at BPFC one year ago. Dr. Deveikis
and colleague Dr. Jagmohan Batra knew they had to act fast to help the
infant born with HIV – and they did, with stunning results.
A worldwide clinical trial is now underway to test their early intervention
methods. If successful, it will likely change the way doctors treat the quarter
million HIV-positive babies born each year. “If by doing aggressive therapy, we
can prevent babies from getting infected, that is tremendous,” Dr. Deveikis
said. “If we can eliminate the virus in babies of mothers who were not treated
during pregnancy, that’s fantastic.”
Annual Report 2013-2014 17
The Best Day Ever
by Kimberly Yap
Imagine what it’s like to be a kid and never having tasted ice
cream — or pizza — or frosting on a cake.
For many kids, such as 8-year-old Owen Huang and his 6-year-old
sister, Cara, it’s a reality. One in 13 children has at least one type
of food allergy, and it’s becoming more common.
A Severe Reaction
When Owen was 10 months old, he had his first allergic reaction to egg yolk. His pediatrician
tested him and advised his mother, Catherine, to avoid many different foods, including
egg, milk and peanuts.
Top left: Melissa Heinze, RN, hooks up Cara and Owen Huang
to various sensors before their next food challenges begin.
Bottom left: Cara and Owen receive from Inderpal Randhawa,
MD, director of the Food Allergy Center, the premeasured
dosages of the foods for which they are in treatment.
18 Annual Report 2013-2014
“We were not aware Cara had any allergies until just before her third birthday, ” said Catherine.
A parent in her preschool class brought in cookies. Cara took one bite and spit it out,
but that was enough exposure to nuts to cause an anaphylactic reaction. Her face swelled,
her nose began running, her eyes were watering and she began to drool. When Catherine
arrived, Cara was nearly unconscious. She injected her with Owen’s EpiPen to stop the
allergic reaction on the way to the Emergency Department. “It was the worst day of my
life,” she said.
“My fear level was really high after that, ” said Catherine. “What if something happened,
and I wasn’t there?”
Taking Action
In 2013, based on their experience with their son Matthew,
John and Palma Gallegos made a philanthropic gift establishing
the first specialized pediatric Food Allergy Center in Southern
California. “We are delighted the Food Allergy Center is helping
so many children and families,” said Palma. “Nothing is more
frustrating and heartbreaking than seeing your child suffer
and not knowing what to do to help them.”
Owen and Cara were among the first patients. For the last
year, they have been participating in a food treatment and
desensitization program with Dr. Inderpal Randhawa,
medical director.
First, the siblings underwent a complex and comprehensive
analysis of their immune systems and how they reacted to foods.
Based upon the analysis, they were given a calculated amount
of food, or dose, and monitored very closely for a reaction.
“We are looking for anything and everything, ” said Dr. Randhawa.
“We start with their baseline, from when they first come in
and then throughout the entire challenge. That’s really the
smartest way to do it in my book, ” he said. From there the
dose slowly increases. Once the patient tolerates 10 to 15
grams of a food, they could safely add it into their diet.
Owen and Cara have graduated to eating a maintenance
dosage of almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts,
and for Owen, the addition of milk. They are also eating
increased doses of pistachio and have more challenges
planned. “We have done up to 500 challenges and up to
1,000 dosing regimens with no real use of epinephrine,
no hospitalizations and no major reactions at home,”
said Dr. Randhawa.
Catherine said the first time the Huang family went out for
ice cream was the best day ever. Owen got pretty excited
when he saw all the flavors. After some serious deliberation,
Owen ordered mint chocolate chip. And since then, he has
yet to choose the same flavor twice.
“I doubt whether the world holds for anyone a more
soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with
ice cream.” Heywood Broun
Annual Report 2013-2014 19
Online – Where the Giving is Easy
by Carol A. Beckerman
Daniel Cousineau has a family connection to the Jonathan
Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC), so he is familiar
with the Memorial Medical Center Foundation (MMCF)
and fundraising in general. In preparation for his recent
marriage, Daniel and his then fiancé decided to “register”
with the Foundation. In lieu of a gift, they encouraged all
their guests to make a donation online to a cause they
strongly believe in. They consider their strategy to have
been a success.
Unusual? Not as much as you may think. Online giving is
on the rise. From Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative
projects, to the recent online ALS ice bucket challenge,
online giving is growing fast.
online capabilities to send updates and messages and like the fact I can target
the messages to go to whom I want. I can also send out gentle reminders to those
who might have forgotten. My friends thank me for the chance to participate.”
Tessa Cavenah is also a development associate at MMCF. “When a gift comes in
online, I make sure the donor receives a receipt, and I also verify that the online
transaction is linked to the profile we have for the donor. We want to make sure
that the receipt is accurate for tax purposes.” Tessa added, “If any errors are made
during the transaction, it can easily be sorted out. One time, a donor intended
to give $25.00, but instead gave $250.00. We quickly issued a refund. We are
always available to help with the online donation process.”
“Personally, I give online and love it, ” Tessa said. It is easy and fast. I’ve given
a memorial gift online and the acknowledgment went to the family. I would
definitely do it again.”
Kari Cho, an MMCF development associate, feels that
online giving is a critical component of MMCF events.
“Each one has an online fundraising component. When someone registers
(Team Spirit, iWalk, etc.) a fundraising page is automatically set up – whether
they use it or not. We provide assistance by helping them set a goal and giving
them ideas on how to fundraise, even how to write a fundraising note. ” Kari is
enthusiastic about this form of fundraising. “The Tour of Long Beach (a bicycling
event) has grown by 25 – 30 percent each year. ” She also noted aspects to online
giving that most people don’t think about, “It’s the green way to fundraise.”
Chris Cameron, along with daughter Hannah (a former JJCCC patient, now 23
and studying to be a nurse), husband Bill, and Hannah’s older sister, Jessica, have
all been involved in the Champions Run for Life (Torch Run), since shortly after
Hannah was diagnosed with cancer in 1998. Chris has noticed the increase in
the number of supporters who prefer online giving to writing a check. “I use the
Scan the above QR code with your smart phone to give online.
20 Annual Report 2013-2014
Tessa Cavenah oversees online donations as they come in.
The Results of Inspired Giving
Gift Sources
The Memorial Medical Center Foundation provided more than $12 million in funding during the last fiscal year.
Clinical research, capital investment, patient programs and education were able to continue existing projects or begin new ones
because of your generosity and understanding of the importance of community support for “that extra measure of care.”
Real Estate
Support a Walker
Vote for a Dancer
Credit Cards
Memorial Medical
Center Foundation
An abbreviated look at your donor dollars at work
Medical Education
Graduate Medical Education $250,000
Includes resident recruitment efforts, faculty education, resident training, iPads,
medical conference attendance and more.
S troke awareness campaign $10,000
Conference on retroviruses $2,291
24th Katherine White Lecture/Symposium $20,000
Patient Programs
Transition of Care Program $250,000
First year of support from a three-year grant from UniHealth, assists teenagers with chronic diseases
transitioning to adult care.
F ood Allergy Program $327,326
Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center $1,190,000
Genetic counseling at Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Center $22,500
Clinical Research
Study biological effects of signal transduction inhibitors alone and in combination $31,961
Applying new targeted therapies to a wide variety of cancer types using tissue cultures to measure
effectiveness in disease types.
S tudy of the biological effects of hyperbaric oxygen exposure and signal transduction inhibitors $32,000
Ante- and Peripartum factors in pregnancy associated with adverse outcomes $4,021
Capital Investment
Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm $74,665
For placement in an outpatient clinic this x-ray machine provides high definition, low-dose fluoroscopy and delivers optimal images.
Glider rocking chairs $10,272
iPads and playroom supplies $23,000
Telemetry monitoring system $54,920
Annual Report 2013-2014 21
Dan Kolat
Lives Lived Well
“They reminded me that life passes you by,
and to enjoy it as much as possible.”
by Greg Hardesty
Dr. Susan Melvin
She cruised on her bicycle alongside the seemingly
endless fields of brilliantly colored tulips, daffodils and
hyacinths that fill the fabled Keukenhof gardens in
Holland. She was filled with awe and wonder.
Jim Normandin, president of the Memorial Medical Center Foundation, said the
Kolats’ gift is one of the largest single donations ever to the Family Medicine
Residency Program. “Their gift to this already incredible program is an investment
that will pay dividends to the community for years to come, ” Jim said. “And how
we received it really is all about relationships.”
On that spring day in 2008, Susan Melvin, DO, was also filled with gratitude for
two patients she had met by chance nearly a decade earlier, when Dr. Melvin was,
of all things, house hunting
in Long Beach. The story of Dr.
Melvin’s friendship with Barbara
and Dan Kolat is not only about
a special relationship that inspired
Dr. Melvin to start seeing the
world after years of devoting
most of her time to her family
practice, but also about a bond
that will benefit Long Beach
Memorial (LBM) for years to come.
Dr. Melvin, currently LBM chief medical officer, met the Kolats when she returned to
Long Beach in 1999, after spending a couple of years in Reno to launch a senior
health clinic there.
Inspired by the excellent care they
received from Dr. Melvin, who
was their family physician from
2000 until Dan passed away in
2007 and Barbara died in 2013,
Barbara Kolat
the Kolats left the hospital an
unrestricted gift of $1 million.
Half of that gift – part of the Barbara Kolat Living Trust – was recently approved by
the Memorial Medical Center Foundation Board to fund an endowment for the
Family Medicine Residency Program. The other $500,000 was restricted to the
Todd Cancer Institute.
22 Annual Report 2013-2014
Back at the hospital where she started her career in 1987 – this time, to serve as
director of its Family Medicine Program – Dr. Melvin met the Kolats after falling
in love with a house in Bixby Knolls. Barbara was at an open house with Cheri
Hoffman, who, at the time, was married to Barbara’s nephew, Peter Hoffman,
when Dr. Melvin swung by.
A purchase was soon made, and a lifelong friendship began.
Soon after Dr. Melvin purchased the 1950s home, Barbara and Dan, avid world
travelers, became her patients. That surprised Cheri. “Getting them to see a doctor
was like pulling teeth, ” Cheri recalled. “But they loved [Dr. Melvin] to death. They
had a real rapport with her.”
Said Dr. Melvin: “We had a real level of trust with each other. And they were
the most unassuming people – very gentle souls, very kind.” The Kolats would
regularly bring Dr. Melvin gifts from their travels, urging her to see the world.
Dr. Melvin recalled one day when Dan offered to pay for her to go on a European
vacation. Honored, but believing his offer was too generous, Dr. Melvin instead
suggested that he direct his generosity to Long Beach Memorial. She also
promised him that someday she would go to Holland to see the tulips.
Family physician Susan Melvin, DO, was encouraged by her patients, Dan and Barbara Kolat,
to work less and enjoy life more – and to see the tulips in Holland.
The subject never came up between the two again.
A year after Dan died, Dr. Melvin took a bicycle tour through Holland
that included her ride through the Keukenhof gardens – a trip, she
said, that was inspired by Dan and Barbara. Dr. Melvin told Barbara
about her long overdue overseas excursion, and Barbara was pleased.
Dr. Melvin didn’t learn about the Kolats’ $1 million gift (the couple
had accumulated a sizeable portfolio of residential properties) until
after the inseparable couple had passed away. She was surprised by
the Kolats’ generosity. It isn’t common, she said, for such gifts to go to
primary care; usually they go to benefit a specialized area of medicine.
It was Cheri, trustee of the Barbara Kolat Living Trust, who decided
to split the gift evenly between the Family Medicine Residency
Program and the Todd Cancer Institute. Dan had been diagnosed
with leukemia and colon cancer before he died of a heart attack at
76. Barbara passed away six years later at age 86. Cheri, a longtime
LBM patient, discussed details of the $1 million gift with Jim Normandin
when recovering from hip replacement surgery.
These days, Dr. Melvin travels whenever she gets the chance —
Venice, Switzerland, Africa – inspired by the Kolats. Up next is a trip
to England with her niece – a college graduation gift.
And whenever Dr. Melvin happens upon a tulip, she thinks of Barbara
and Dan. “They reminded me that life passes you by, ” Dr. Melvin said,
“and to enjoy it as much as possible.”
Annual Report 2013-2014 23
Family Foundations Provide Recognition
by Donna Reckseen
Rudolph J. and Daphne Munzer Family Foundation
In 1993, the Munzer Family Foundation established a named Chair for Graduate
Medical Education in the Memorial Medical Center Foundation. Along with
this gift they also created an annual award to recognize exemplary teaching
and research by deserving physicians at Long Beach Memorial and Miller
Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach (LBM/MCHWLB). Just this year an
updated recognition plaque was installed in the Center for Health Education
listing all recipients’ names.
Gary P. Moreau, MD, medical director of the LBM Emergency Department
since 2003, received The 2013 Munzer Family Award. Dr. Moreau graduated
from the University of Iowa, completed his internship and residency in
emergency medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) and is a
board-certified Fellow of the American College of Medicine. He is also an
assistant professor in pediatric emergency medicine at UCI School of Medicine
and emergency medicine at USC. Dr. Moreau has been an American Board
of Emergency Medicine examiner since 1987. It is no wonder that the blue ribbon
committee of his peers chose him for this prestigious award.
From the left: Edward J. Quilligan, MD, executive director of Medical Education, Memorial Health
Services; Munzer Lifetime Achievement Award winner Philip J. Di Saia, MD; 2013 Munzer Family
Award winner Gary P. Moreau, MD; and Daniel Munzer pose at the Munzer home during a reception
to honor all current and previous winners.
24 Annual Report 2013-2014
A Munzer Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Philip J. Di Saia, MD,
medical director of the Todd Cancer Institute. Dr. Di Saia completed surgical
and ob/gyn residencies at Yale University and then spent two years as
Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. He is a Diplomate, American Board of
Ob/Gyn and the Subspecialty Board of Gyn Oncology. At the UCI School of
Medicine, he is Professor Emeritus, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology;
Professor, Radiology; and holds the Dorothy Marsh Chair in Reproductive
Biology. His curriculum vitae speaks to his authorship of 72 books and book
chapters, 297 peer-reviewed articles, and active membership in 28 professional
societies. He has given more than 100 conference lectures and has received
40 special awards and honors. No doubt a lifetime of accomplishments
deserves a Lifetime Award.
The Murphy Family Foundation
Robert Murphy established a Donor Advised Fund in the Memorial Medical
Center Foundation to provide a convenient way for his family to make
meaningful philanthropic gifts and grants to their areas of interest in
perpetuity. At Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach, they have
provided funding for many programs such as Sensory Integration and Care
Packages; Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) “graduates” High Risk Follow-up;
Children’s Adaptive Camp at Big Bear; “Simply Thick” and “Table Tots” Feeding/
Eating Problems and Therapeutic Listening.
Also, to recognize and support the valuable service volunteers at both LBM
and MCWHLB, they created the Murphy Distinguished Service Volunteer
Award in 1999 to be given annually to two service volunteers who exemplify
“compassion, commitment and care.”
These special volunteers are nominated by caregivers, staff and patients
and selected by a blue ribbon committee of peers. The following volunteers
received the 2013 – 2014 awards:
Teri Staniford has been serving patients and staff every Wednesday for
seven years as a Service Room Volunteer, which means she does everything.
When not delivering meal trays or escorting discharged patients, Teri
provides education on the Service Recovery program and conducts
“customer service secret shopper calls” for patients. Teri is so committed
that when she doesn’t have time to make calls on Wednesdays, she calls
from home during evenings and weekends. Her passion for patients,
upbeat attitude and sense of humor inspire all who know her.
Vicki Edwards contributes to the NICU “Cuddler Program” in so many ways.
The staff appreciates her calming presence every Wednesday afternoon.
As their Primary Cuddler, Vicki takes the most complex patient cases, making
a profound difference for infants and their families. One little patient was
born early and the adopted family lived out of state. The adoptive mom was
unable to be present at the early date, and was so grateful that Vicki could come
in throughout the week to be with this baby. Vicki improves lives with her
generous heart and is a blessing to babies, their families and the NICU staff.
From the left: Susie Morris, president, MFF; Vicki Edwards 2014 Award winner; Robert Murphy, founder, MFF;
Teri Staniford 2014 Award winner.
Annual Report 2013-2014 25
Partnerships in Excellence
by Donna Reckseen
Established by MMCF in 2002, Partnerships in Excellence (PIE) is a unique philanthropic program offering large
and small local businesses a way to participate in keeping high quality health care in the Long Beach community.
Each year Partners help purchase needed medical equipment for a specific area of Long Beach Memorial/Miller
Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach (LBM/MCHWLB).
During the 2013 – 14 fiscal year, they focused their philanthropy in support of the MemorialCare Heart &
Vascular Institute. These involved businesses contributed $160,000 for the purchase of the CentriMag blood
pump, a mechanical circulatory support device that can be used for left or right ventricular support. With a
simple and intuitive manner of operation, it can be ready for use in seven to 10 minutes to stabilize patients
in need of cardiopulmonary support. Its compact design makes it easy to move from the OR to bedside,
or, if necessary, during transport via ambulance or helicopter. It can be used to support the heart/lungs
for months if needed.
To join this philanthropic group, please contact April Barnes: [email protected] or 562.933.1655.
Partnerships in Excellence
Applaud them. Support them. Join them.
Distinguished Partners
Leadership Partners
Senior Partners
Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller
John M. Phillips, LLC
P2S Engineering, Inc.
Shiowhwa Hung
Corridor Recycling, Inc.
Farmers & Merchants Bank
The Maize Group
Progressive Management Systems
Tangram Interiors
Walter’s Wholesale Electric Co.
Windes Accountancy Corporation
Executive Partners
Bancap Investment Group
Brascia Builders, Inc.
Terry Cairy and Harris & Ruth Painting
City Plumbing, Inc.
GB Remanufacturing, Inc.
Signal Hill Petroleum
TABC, Inc.
26 Annual Report 2013-2014
Associate Partners
Phillip L. Bosl
Christian Family Foundation
Creative Productions
D.G.C. Insurance & Financial Services
EDCO Disposal
Fast Signs
Friedmans Appliance Center
Gran Construction
MHP Structural Engineers
Service Mailers, Inc.
Coldwell Banker Commercial
Blair Westmac
Dann Froehlich Design
DPR Construction
Environ Architecture, Inc.
Mr. Rooter Plumbing
Nicolai Family Partners
Ethel Severson
Visiting Angels
Wertz & Co.
The Employee iGive Program
by Donna Reckseen
The employees in all departments at Long Beach Memorial, Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach and at
Long Beach Community Hospital have the opportunity to “give back” to the patients they serve through this program.
Staff can give to their own area and/or any other area of interest. During the
past fiscal year employees gave $307,567 to help purchase such items as baby
cribs, labor and delivery beds, wheelchairs, microscopes, IV poles, rocking chairs,
crash carts and respiratory therapy beds. In addition, they provided support for
clinical research and nursing education, as well as funding patient programs on
both campuses.
These philanthropic gifts show the community that employees have pride
in their workplace, care about the patients they serve, and are personally
committed to giving back.
because it’s
a great feeling
knowing I am
giving back and
Employees Speak Up!
David Stiles 22 years Biomedical Engineering and Equipment Services
“I donate to pay forward much needed help and caring.”
Sarbelia Wynia, RN 8 years Outpatient Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic
“I donate because I love the good feeling I get when I help others.”
Angie Gonzalez Alvarez 5 years Hearing Coordination Center
“I choose to donate because I know what it’s like to need help.”
Usa Hassenberg, PharmD 35 years Pharmacy
“I donate to help people and the community.”
Nick Arce 7 years Customer and Interpreter Services
“I donate because I love my LBM and MCWHLB family. Giving is a simple act
that has a huge impact.”
Elizabeth Bailey, RN 6 years General Pediatrics
“Donating makes my heart feel good.”
Kelly Russell
Lead Radiology
so my family
and friends
can have
a healthier
Heather Ulangca
Clinical Operations
Annual Report 2013-2014 27
Volunteer Organizations You Can Join
by Donna Reckseen
In fiscal year 2013 – 2014, the members of these organizations raised $757,990 in support of patients at Long Beach
Memorial and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach (MCWHLB).
Team Spirit
This dedicated group sponsored their 14th Annual Breast &
Ovarian Cancer Walk, which, for the first time, included both
a 5K and 10K walk and run. The proceeds from this event
provide support for the Women Guiding Women program,
a peer mentoring group for newly diagnosed gynecologic
and breast cancer patients. For further information visit
Young Professionals Association (YPA)
Each year, the members of this community group support
the purchase of needed equipment for MCWHLB. From left:
Jason Negro, Jessie Christenson, Scott Jones (YPA founder),
Dyvia Joshi, MD, display the toys sold by “Kohl’s Cares for Kids,”
another program that supports MCWHLB. To join or support
YPA, call 562.933.1676.
Team Spirit
28 Annual Report 2013-2014
Steel Magnolias 501(c)(3) “We Help Children’s Health Bloom”
For 14 years these volunteers have held many unique events, such as
home tours and gala dinners, which have raised more than $3 million for
the Geraldine Stramski, MD, Children’s Developmental Center. The Center
provides families with comprehensive care for their children with special
needs. For further information visit
Memorial Women’s Hospital League (MWHL)
Celebrating their 25th Silver Anniversary, these “sterling” volunteers raised
funds to purchase more than 3,200 “Books for Babies” and delivered them
to new mothers. They also staff a monthly Stork Club for expectant mothers.
Seen in the photo are five of the original MWHL founders, from left:
Patty McCarthy, Nancy Freeman, Kathy Cleveland, Blanche Cannady
and Mary Alice Braly. For further information please call 562.933.4483.
Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach Auxiliary 501(c)(3)
“Have a Heart and Help a Child”
Hundreds of volunteers have worked diligently during the 68 years that
this group has pursued their mission and raised approximately $13 million
for pediatric patients and their families. The current Board, front row, from
the left: Lucille Basye, Shirley DeMent, Gloria Villalobos and Lisa Maloney.
Back row: Margie Penny, Jeannette Gilles, Leslie Schlauch, newly installed
President Jane Nielsen, Roxie Hause, Diane Pickard, Glenda Wycoff, Mary
Linn Coleman and Carol England. To join this very active group or to
provide support, call 714.848.2987.
Women’s League
Steel Magnolias
Annual Report 2013-2014 29
Philanthropic Friends
by Donna Reckseen
With thanks and appreciation, Memorial Medical Center Foundation is pleased to recognize and honor the following
individuals and organizations who support high quality health care at Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital
Long Beach (MCWHLB). Just this year, they raised $1,214,500 for equipment, clinical research, health care education
and patient care programs. To support or participate, call 562.933.4483.
Wally Joyner and Friends Golf Classic
at Pelican Hill Golf Club, Newport Beach
Held each November, this tournament brings together
Major League Baseball legend Wally Joyner and his many
sporting friends. Wally (front, center) and team are ready
to golf in support of children’s health care.
Champions Club Spring Classic
at Virginia Country Club, Long Beach
This golf tournament is held each Spring and supports a
different program at MCWHLB. Seen below, playing for
the title sponsor F&M Bank, is, from the left: Dan Walker,
Tim Jackert, Kevin Tiber and Jack Mitchell, MD.
Wally Joyner and Friends Golf Classic
Champions Club Spring Classic
30 Annual Report 2013-2014
Bike Fest Tour of Long Beach
The Bike Fest Tour of Long Beach
The 2014 title sponsor team, Wells Fargo, was joined by nearly 3,000 participants involved in giving back through this growing community event
that includes options for a 100-mile, 62-mile or 31-mile race.
Annual Report 2013-2014 31
Philanthropic Friends
by Donna Reckseen
Long Beach Lifesaver Team
Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s & Women’s
Hospital Long Beach employees participated in the 2013
Long Beach International City Bank Marathon as part of the
Long Beach Lifesaver team, raising funds to support the
hospitals through the Memorial Medical Center Foundation. First aid stations throughout the course were staffed by
hospital teams to take care of runners in need.
photo ©Thomas McConville 2014
Champions Run for Life
Celebrating its 29th year, the Torch Run benefits the
Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center (JJCCC). Pediatric
patient champion, Yanzi, ran 1/8 of a mile to pass the torch
to the next child in the event.
Long Beach Lifesaver Team
Champions Run for Life
32 Annual Report 2013-2014
iWalk . . . for Kids
Young participants say “Good Morning” to Millie, the MCWHLB mascot,
before beginning their walk at the Queen Mary Events Park. The event
takes place each Fall and brings together patients and their families
along with their doctors and nurses – all walking to support pediatric
health care programs, services and research initiatives.
Cooking for Kids
In 2010, JJCCC patient Jack Witherspoon began this fun event. Local
celebrities use their favorite recipes, cooking in partnership with young
patients. The teams raise monies while competing for votes to win the
title of “Ultimate Chef.” All the fun and food are in support of JJCCC.
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., the Grand Prix Foundation
and “Racing for Kids”
Since 1992, these groups have generously given annually through
events held during the Long Beach Grand Prix. Their efforts provide
support for a Child Life specialist in the Pediatric Emergency Department.
photo ©Lesley Ann Miller 2014
Racing for Kids
iWalk ...for Kids
Cooking for Kids
Annual Report 2013-2014 33
Foundation, Corporate
and Government Gifts and Grants
by Carol A. Beckerman
The Memorial Medical Center Foundation receives grants to support care at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital
Long Beach (MCWHLB). More than $2,726,530 was received from the organizations listed below during 2013 – 14. On behalf of the patients and
professionals who serve them on this medical campus, a heartfelt Thank You to the founders, boards and staff who made these grants possible.
The Bandai Foundation
Beckstrand Cancer Foundation
The Boeing Company
The California Endowment
City of Long Beach
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Edwards Lifesciences
Employee Community Fund
of Boeing California
First 5 LA
Freeman E. Fairfield Foundation
Harbor Community Benefit Foundation
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Kohl’s – Keeping Kids Safe Program
L.A. Care Health Plan
Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation
Murphy Family Foundation
34 Annual Report 2013-2014
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris
Port of Long Beach
Southern California Edison Foundation
Sunair Children’s Foundation
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
UniHealth Foundation
Valero Energy Foundation
Joan M. Wismer Foundation
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
Joan M. Wismer (second from left) supports, through her foundation, genetic testing
for the cystic fibrosis program.
UniHealth Foundation
Behind each of the grants noted here is a wonderful story of caring. One example is the
generous $750,000 grant received from UniHealth Foundation for MCWHLB.
Funded by this grant is the Transition of Care Program (see page 12). According to the American
Academy of Pediatrics, more than half of the teenage population with special needs has little
support for a smooth transition from pediatric health care to adult care. Over the next three years,
this grant program will rectify the problem for nearly 1,000 young adults in the Long Beach area.
More than one decade ago, the professionals at Miller Children’s implemented a similar program
for those with cystic fibrosis, since, thanks to science and medicine, patients with such chronic
diseases are living longer. In 2013, the program expanded to include patients with type 1 diabetes
and sickle cell disease. With this new funding, the program will expand to include young patients
with type 2 diabetes, pediatric cancer and a wider population of cystic fibrosis patients. Being on
a medical campus, which includes both pediatric and adult care, facilitates this kind of transition.
Transition Navigator Lauren Partain, MSW, MPH, reviews adult care information
with teenage patient Luis Royas.
The Murphy Family Foundation.
UniHealth Foundation is a private grantmaking organization established in 1998 as the result of
the conversion of a nonprofit vertically integrated health care system to a private foundation.
Kohl’s staff members present a check to Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach staff: Suzie Reinsvold, CEO (blue shirt);
Danny Luna, injury prevention coordinator (purple shirt); and Rita Gosert, manager, ChildLife Program (white shirt).
Annual Report 2013-2014 35
Everlasting Gifts
The Memorial Medical Center Foundation (MMCF) is fortunate to
have 137 endowments and donor advised funds established by
generous Philanthropic Friends and the MMCF Board of Directors.
These funds have a combined value of more than $86 million with
the income supporting clinical research, health care education,
vital construction projects, patient care programs and cutting-edge
medical equipment at Long Beach Memorial, Community Hospital
Long Beach and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach.
Your personal endowment with MMCF guarantees your everlasting
legacy of giving. Provide support for your area of interest with
gifts of cash, securities or other assets. Learn how you can make
a difference for generations to come by contacting Jim Normandin at
562.933.1667, [email protected] or visit our website
at for more information.
and Donor Advised Funds
Lillian B. Cole
Ellen Antaya
Helen M. Couch
JoAnne Arthur
James G. Craig, Sr.
Robert and Nancy Barry
Carolyn Cunningham
Irene E. Baughey
Cystic Fibrosis Research
Robert and Emiline Beamon
Nick Dallas/R. Frankfeld, MD
Christian and Naomi Bement
Robert A. DeFields
Bickerstaff Family Foundation
Richard H. De Golia, MD
Nelda Bird
Leigh and Rachel Dunn
Ray and Isidore Bloomfield
Myrvin Ellestad, MD
Eleanor Brawdy
Joseph G. Eskin
Breast Center
Clelia Fairbairn
Robert Brite
Family Medicine
Harry and Frances Buffum
Venner M. Farley, EdD, RN,
Wilma E. Burley
Lawrence and Frances Copeland
and Dolores Perretta
Marguerite and John Burns
Julian Feldman
Donald A. Buschenfield
Jerry Finklestein, MD
Mildred G. Carlton
Naomi E. Fisher
Donald C. and Hazel B. Carner
Carl and Caroline Freeman
Helen Cartana and T.M. Mills
Roger K. Freeman, MD
Mary E. Cereghino
Eva and Duan George
Child Life
Mary Grammar
Children’s Auxiliary
Dona R. Grindle
Children’s Cancer Committee
Hal and Florence Grubbs
Gordon D. Clark
Harry and Myrtle Hachmeister
Henry Clock Family
Halcomb/Agnew Family
Clare Hamman
Robert and Yvette Tihange
36 Annual Report 2013-2014
Joseph Hasner
George Marx
Francis and Doris Reider
Ray Vreeland
Eldon and Molly Hickman
John Messenger, MD
Carol Richards
Charles and Laura Walker
Doris S. Hines
Miller Children’s Hospital
Mary Robinson
Cornette Fisk Wallace
Millard J. and Doris E. Hines
Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller
Sol Rodney
Vivian Warriner and
Larry & Helen Hoag Foundation
Phyllis L. and Everett H. Miller, Jr.
Edna C. Salmans
Florence Melchior
Thomas J. Horn
Herbert and Dorothy Milligan
Samuel Sargeant
Robert J. Watts Family
Hubert Houssels
John Mitchell, MD
Rudolph C. Schweitzer
Martha R. Weber
Clinton Hutchinson
Linda Moore
Senior Services
Weingart Foundation
Mafalda Digregorio Janswick
Rudolph and Daphne Munzer
Patricia R. Simmons
Katherine White, MD
Gary Smith
William and Sylvia Whitmire
Murphy Family Foundation
Lillian Z. Smith
Raymond and Alice Whitmore
Betty Jones
James and Dorothy Nagle
Anne Snow
Rita J. Wiese
Sarah Kanofsky
Neonatal Medical
George Sobey
Dorothy S. and Leon Wiltse, MD
Associates, Inc.
Jack F. Stanton
Janet K. Wilson
Norman and Carlene Jaques
Milton and Sara J. Kaplan
NICU Program
Steel Magnolias
Jack W. Witherspoon
Grace Karoly
Eileen C. Stolcis
Margaret Womack
John E. Kashiwabara, MD
Svend C. “Ole” Olsen
Thomas and Dorothy
Women’s/Children’s Nursing
Lillian Kawasaki
Harold Parks
Daniel and Barbara Kolat
Daniel and Diana Parr
F. Calvert and Rod Strong
Eudora Bell Wyatt
Charles and Frieda Kuhn
Pediatric Hematology/
Robert and Helen Summy
Gail Zotovich, RN
Lowell R. Lamb
Carl and Yoshie Woodman
Wilmier M. Talbert, Jr., MD
Alan LaVallee
S. Gainer Pillsbury, MD
Howard and Ethel Thorpe
Doris L. Leser
Jim and Lois Pott Family
Robert and Yvette Tihange
Dena Levinstein
Phillip Pryne
Malcolm Todd, MD
Virginia Madsen
Bennie C. Reagan
Jacqueline L. Trepp
Victor Maron, MD
Donna M. Reckseen
Mary B. and Gilbert C.
Robert L. Martin
James A. Reep
Edith Martinez
Elizabeth Rees
Van Camp, Sr.
Gary and Marlene Vatcher
Annual Report 2013-2014 37
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Financial Statements
As audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets
Revenues, gains and other support
Special events revenues
Investment income
Realized and unrealized gains on investments
Other income
Net assets released from restrictions/re-designations
Change in value of split-interest agreements
Total revenues, gains and other support
$ 2,052,000
$ 2,933,000
(9,277,000 )
(1,871,000 )
$ 6,599,000
$ 4,074,000
$ 4,400,000
$ 9,059,000
(1,852,000 )
$ 31,933,000
General and administrative
Program support for medical center
Total expenses
Increase in net assets
$ 4,499,000
$ 4,431,000
$ 6,599,000
$ 4,400,000
$ 4,499,000
$ 15,430,000
Net assets
Beginning of year
End of year
Year ended June 30, 2014
Board and staff fiduciary responsibility is enhanced by the following:
BlackRock - global allocation
Capital World - global equity
Dodge & Cox - global equity
Epoch - global equity
GMO - global allocation
PIMCO - fixed income and global allocation
Pointer Offshore - alternative strategies
38 Annual Report 2013-2014
Redmont Resolute - alternative strategies
Silver Creek - alternative strategies
UBS Trumbull - private real estate
Walter Scott - global equity
Wellington DIH - tactical real return
Highland Associates
Finance Committee establishes
financial policies; approves and
forwards to the Board all grant and
financial requests and provides
budget and investment oversight.
Investment Committee is a standing
sub-committee of Finance to make
investment policy; engage, monitor
and dismiss, as needed, investment
managers and consultants. Makes
recommendations to Finance
Finance Committee
Investment Committee
Peter Ridder, Chair
R. Whitney Latimer, Chair
William Durkee
James Emslie
David Erickson
John Fielder
Roger Freeman, MD
Charles Fullerton
R. Whitney Latimer
Gary Van Arnam
Christine Walker
Gil Dodson
William Durkee
James Emslie
John Fielder
Charles Fullerton
Kathy Lingle
Tom Shadden
Gary Van Arnam
John Wang
Joe Zucchero
Balance Sheet
Year ended June 30, 2014
Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents
Current portion of pledges receivable, net
Other assets
Total current assets
$ 4,222,000
$ 8,772,000
Split-interest agreement assets
Pledges receivable, net
Restricted investments
Other assets, restricted
Total assets
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Stewardship Report
Thanks again to the many Philanthropic Friends who help physicians,
nurses, health care professionals and support staff provide “that extra
measure of care” for patients at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s
& Women’s Hospital Long Beach.
Liabilities and net assets
Current liabilities
Accounts payable
Due to affiliates
Notes payable
Current portion of split-interest agreement liabilities
Total current liabilities
$ 4,455,000
Split-interest agreement liabilities
Total liabilities
$ 21,864,000
Net assets
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted
Total net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
Allocation of Total Assets
Distribution of Gifts and Income
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 $15.1 million
As of June 30, 2014 $183 million
n Building and equipment
$7.3 million
n Gifts restricted by Philanthropic Friends
$80 million
n Clinical research, health care education and patient
care initiatives at LBM/MCWHLB
$4.7 million
n Endowments for our Centers of Excellence
$44 million
n Unrestricted funds (where need is greatest)
$38 million
n Gift development and trust administration
(includes the management of charitable trusts,
endowments and restricted funds)
$2.1 million
n Charitable trusts and gift annuities from
Philanthropic Friends with future designations
for our Centers of Excellence
$21 million
n Income to Philanthropic Friends and/or their heirs
(charitable gift annuities)
$1.0 million
Annual Sources of Income
Total Assets
Income Growth
Philanthropic Gifts
Support Groups
Investment Income
Contributions Back to Community
Education, Research and Patient Programs
Capital and Equipment
Annual Report 2013-2014 39
Long Beach Memorial, Community Hospital Long Beach and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach
Financial Statements
As audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Statement of Income
Year ended June 30, 2014
Year ended June 30, 2014
Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents
Patient accounts receivable (less allowance for uncollectible
accounts of $56,519,000 in 2014)
Due from affiliates
Other receivables
Other current assets
Other current assets limited as to use
Total current assets
Unrestricted operating revenues and other support
Net patient service revenues (net of contractual allowances
and discounts)
Less: Provision for doubtful accounts
Net patient service revenues
Capitation premium revenues
Other operating revenues
Net assets released from restrictions
Total unrestricted operating revenues and other support
Operating expenses
Salaries, wages and benefits
Medical and other supplies
Purchased services and other
Capitation claims expense
Depreciation and amortization
Total operating expenses
Excess of operating revenues over operating expenses
$ 12,630,000
Property and equipment, net
Restricted investments and other assets
Split-interest agreement investments and other assets
Other assets
Total assets
$ 74,683,000
Liabilities and net assets
Current liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities
Estimated third-party payor settlements, net
Notes payable
Current portion of split-interest agreement liabilities
Other accrued liabilities
Total current liabilities
Long-term portion of split-interest agreement liabilities
Other long-term liabilities
Total liabilities
Net assets
Temporarily restricted
Permanently restricted
Total net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
40 Annual Report 2013-2014
Nonoperating revenues and expenses
Investment income
Interest expense
(Loss) Gain on sale of assets
Excess of revenues over expenses
Net assets released from restrictions for the acquisition
of property and equipment
Increase in unrestricted net assets
$ 21,544,000
Community Benefit Report
Long Beach Memorial/Community Hospital Long Beach/
Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach Give Back
As not-for-profit health care facilities, Long Beach Memorial, Community
Hospital Long Beach and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach
are proud to serve the greater Long Beach community. Each campus
provides “community benefits,” as well as medical services for all ages. These benefits are a planned, well-organized, well-managed and
well-measured way to meet identified community health needs.
In fiscal year 2013 – 2014, LBM/CHLB/MCWHLB provided unreimbursed
(uncompensated) services and programs with a value of $144,335,000. This includes complimentary health education programs for the public,
community-based clinical services, health care support services and
community building efforts, and was delivered through more than 170
programs throughout the community. These efforts touched 110,882 lives.
Total Community Benefit
July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
Charity care 1
Unpaid costs of Medi-Cal 2
Unpaid costs of Medicare 2
Education and research 4
Other for the broader community 5
Other for the economically disadvantaged 3
Total quantifiable community benefit
1. Charity care – Includes traditional charity care write-off to eligible patients at
reduced or no cost based upon the individual patient’s financial situation.
2. Unpaid costs of public programs include the difference between costs to provide
a service and the rate at which the hospital is reimbursed. Costs are determined
as part of the VHA community benefit package and are based on the hospitals’
overall cost to charge ratio.
3. Includes other payors for which the hospital receives little or no reimbursement.
4. Costs related to the Medical Education programs and Medical Research that the
hospital sponsors.
5. Includes many non billed programs such as community education, screening,
support groups, clinics and other self-help groups.
Linda Basile, RN, CDE, is conducting glucose
screenings at Little Brown Church Long Beach
for a senior community event.
Danny Luna, injury prevention coordinator for Miller
Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach is conducting
bike helmet safety education with the Kohl’s Keeping Kids
Safe Program at a community health fair.
Annual Report 2013-2014 41
Honor Roll
Gifts of $10,000 and above from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014
Philanthropic Friends listed in the following Honor Roll
gave gifts to help provide “that extra measure of care”
at Long Beach Memorial (LBM) or Miller Children’s &
Women’s Hospital Long Beach (MCWHLB) to support
patient programs, education, clinical research, medical
equipment or capital expansion. Some gifts are given in
memory of a special person. Gifts may be given in cash,
securities, real estate or through a Will or Trust.
Thank You
To ensure tax deductibility, checks should be made payable to
Memorial Medical Center Foundation, the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt
organization under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (federal
ID 95-6105984) authorized to receive philanthropic gifts and
grants for all entities of LBM or MCWHLB. A notation may
state “unrestricted” or any “specific restriction” to an institute,
hospital, center, department, program or item at either
hospital. For information, call 562.933.4483 or give online
42 Annual Report 2013-2014
Active Network, Inc.
Barbara Alpert
Astro Aluminum Treating Company, Inc.
Jill Atterbury
Baker Family Foundation
Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation
Beckstrand Cancer Foundation
Bickerstaff Family Foundation
Borzi Family Foundation
Kent C. Browning
The California Endowment
Craig M. Carter
CBeyond Cancer
City of Long Beach
CMS National Services, LLC
Coast Longshore Division
Continental Development Corporation
Ira and Janet Cree
Joseph Cristina
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Clifton F. Eakin and Cornelia BartonEakin, MD
Econo Air
Edwards Lifesciences
David and Su Erickson
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Farmers & Merchants Trust Company
Bequest of Julian Feldman
Alice L. Flaig
Bequest of Stuart M. Fletcher
Alan L. and Cheryl S. Fox
Free Conferencing Corp.
Carl and Caroline Freeman
William and Elisabetta Graff
George W. Harben
Harbor Community Benefit
Hoag Foundation
Steve and Joanna Hoekstra
Hubert Houssels Trust
Hing and Doris Hung
Hydroform USA, Inc.
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Carlene M. Jaques
Jaques Family
Jerry Lessel Family Limited Partnership
John M. Phillips, LLC
Bequest of John E. Kashiwabara, MD
Timothy and Jeannine Kennedy
Seth A. Kogan, MD, Family Foundation
Kohl’s Corporate Offices
Bequest of Barbara Kolat
Cherese Mari Laulhere Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Leo
The Levinstein Family Trust
Grace Lofgren
Los Angeles County
Lyon Apartment Companies
Manna From God, Inc.
Margie and Jon Masterson
McKesson Corporation
Bequest of H. Jack Meany
Metro Ports
Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller
Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach
Bettye Mitchell
Molina Healthcare, Inc.
Harry C. Moloshco
Murphy Family Foundation
Richard Neri and Kurt Schulzman
The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris
P2S Engineering, Inc.
Robert and Karole Pando
Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc.
Dolores Perretta
Joe and Karen Perricone
Harry Pickard and Diane SpiegelPickard
Port of Long Beach
Naomi Rainey
Ralphs/Food 4 Less
Red Mountain Group, Inc.
Peter and Cathy Ridder
Barbara Ross Charitable Trust
Alice and Mitchell Rouse
Bequest of George Sobey
Steel Magnolias of Stramski Center
Stericycle, Inc.
Sunair Children’s Foundation
Nick and Jasna Susnjar
Tichenor Support Foundation
Bequest of Robert and Yvette Tihange
Total Environmental Management
Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.
Treasure Island Telcom Trust
UniHealth Foundation
Laura E. Walker
Jacqueline Wang
Patricia Lee Wang Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Bequest of Sylvia J. Whitmire
Helen I. Wilcox
Susan Wise, Esq.
Joan M. Wismer Foundation
Carl E. Wynn Foundation
Terry and Laura Wynne
Joe and Karen Zucchero
“Giving is the highest level of living.”
John C. Maxwell
Annual Report 2013-2014 43
Honor Roll of Philanthropic Friends
For those gifts of $250 to $9,999
July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
200 Nieto LLC
A Running Experience Club
James Abe
Joe and Carol Ables
Dr. and Mrs. Rafaat A. Abraham
Cheryl and Richard Adams, MD
Eric and Caren Adler
Louise W. Adlof
Adult and Child Neurology
Advertising Consultants, Inc.
Advisory Board Company
AEG Sports
Eric L. Affeldt
Raymond and Kimberley Agee
Noel Aguirre
Airtronix, Inc.
Judith and Charles Albert
Thomas and Joan Alderson
Alejos Agency, LLC
Suzette and Nayyer Ali
All Access Equipment Rentals
C.E. and Patricia Allen
Debra M. Allen
Kristi Allen
Peter and Patricia Allen
Rachelle C. Allwardt
Ben Alvarado
American Business Bank
44 Annual Report 2013-2014
Anaheim Community Foundation
Alan and Vicki Anderson
Eileen R. Anderson
Robert H. Anderson
Mark and Kathleen Andrews
Angels Baseball Foundation
Animas Corporation
Anonymous Donors
Kaleem Ansari
APM Terminals
John and Helen Apostle Foundation
Marvin Appel, MD
Betty Appleton
Caroline B. Apt
Alan and Margie Armstrong
Atun, LLC
Lee-Ann Austin
Robert and Debbie Autrey
Ryan and Karen Autrey
Auxilio, Inc.
AV Dimensions
Chris and Jennifer Babbitt
Tracy Baca
Ben Baeza
Mitch and Jan Baird
Doug and Jeannie Baker
Rudy Baldoni
George and Coleen Ball
Tim Ballard
Bancap Investment Group
The Bandai Foundation
Andrea B. Barnow
Stuart and Linda Baron
Barr Family
Bob and Joanne Bartlett
Deborah E. Baumel
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Monte B. Beard
Becton Dickinson and Company
Kimberly BeDell, MD
George L. Bell
Richard and Maxine Bell
Alex and Linda Bellehumeur
James and Mary Kate Belliveau
Douglas and Robbie Bennett
Betty Bennish
Liz Bergold
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Berman
Dr. Daniel Bethencourt and
Kathleen Hughes-Bethencourt
Kusum and Umesh C. Bhargava
Deborah and Glen Bickerstaff
Big Bear Cycling Association
Big Brown Van Design
Carol Bittmann
Pat Bittmann
Theresa Bixby
Donald and Judith Black
Richard Blade
Becky Blair
Mrs. Ruth C. Blair
Marnie Blakey, MD
Lauri Blanchard
Garrett Bland
Alan Bloch and Nancy Berman
BNSF Foundation
BNSF Railway
Robert B. Bolling
Greg Bombard
Bond Services of California Insurance
Agency & Brokerage
David Bonfili
Mark and Theresa Boone
Bequest of Dorothy M. Booth
Bordo, Inc.
Susie Bosch
Bequest of Carl Boschan
Phil and Charlene Bosl
Barbara Boswell
Richard and Catharine Boufford
Jeffrey and Vicki Boynes
Vivian Brachmann
Paul and Tammie L. Brailsford
Bob and Mary Alice Braly
Wade and Amy Brandenberger
Brascia Builders, Inc.
Phil and Geri Brewster
George and Judith Brink
Robert Bristow, MD
Broadway by the Sea
Paul and Patricia Brown
Sue P. Brown
Dennis Bryan
Steven and Johnna Bryant
Richard and Bree Bryson
Madson Buchbinder
Slavka Bulleova, MD
Jim and Masy Bunnell
Doug Bystry
Daniel and Marta Cabrera
Terry and Bonnie Cairy
Cal Piping Industrial
Elizabeth A. Calhoun
California Arborist Complete Tree
Care, Inc.
California Burial Chapel
California State University Long Beach
California United Terminals
James R. Callahan
David J. Camel
Christine Cameron and Bill Butler
Timothy and Jennifer Cameron
Marion Cannon
Stephen D. Cantlay
Cathy Capaldi
Pamela S. Capistrano
Frieda R. Caplan
Howard Caplen, MD
Michael Carabini
Jack M. Carbajal
Susie Cardenas
Krista Cardinale
Renee Carnival
Brenda Carpenter
Drs. Brian and Donna Carrico
Carson Medical Group
Paul Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Carter
Caruana & Associates
Austin Carver
David and Rita Carver
Mrs. Deborah Castro
Marian Cavallaro
Robert Cavenah
CDIMD-Physician Champions
Dave and Mary Lea Chamberlain
George and Janet Chamberlain
Russell Chang, DDS, MS
Frank and Lisa Chapman
Howard and Kathryn Chapman
Charisma Brands, LLC
Tempe Chen, MD
Aubrey L. Chevalier
Children’s Hospitals National
Dr. Andrew E. Choy and
Dr. Constance Y. Yamaguchi
Daryl and Laurie Chrispen
Marc Christensen
Christian Family Foundation
City National Bank
City Plumbing, Inc.
Douglas A. Claman
The Martin A. Clancy and
Clarisse Clancy Foundation
Clara Health Care, Inc.
William and Evelyn Clark
Clearinghouse CDFI
Cleo Enterprises, LLC
Donna M. Clervi
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Clougherty
Don Cochran
Patricia Cockriel
Dick and Robin Colliver
Betty A. Colquhoun
Columbia Emergency Medical Group
Commerce Evening Lions Club
Committee of 300
Bevin Conley
Judge and Mrs. Chris R. Conway
Cooper and Brain, Inc.
Gary and Judith Cooper
Coover Pharmacy
James Cordova
Corridor Recycling, Inc.
Vince Corsaro
Kathleen M. Costello-Pitts
CPC Productions
Craig Family Trust
Craig Realty Group Citadel, LLC
Gordon Crane
Michele Rae Crane Memorial
Foundation, Inc.
Creative Productions
Alex and Barbara Cross
Ken Cruse
CSULB Research Foundation
Joe and Mary Cuseo
Ken Cushine
Custom Glass
Frank Cutrone
Cystic Fibrosis Services, Inc.
D & G Maintenance
Shahrouz Dabirpanah
Steve Damore, MD
Camille M. Daniels
Jamie Danis
Jeffrey and Linda Danis
Dann Froehlich Design
Richard and Sandy Darling
Howard and Elaine Davis
Lisa J. Davis
DDR Urban LP
Gina Marie Decker
Celestine E. DeCuir
Bruce Del Mar
Dellecker Family
Gary and Dawna DeLong
Delta Wye Electric, Inc.
The Corwin D. Denney Foundation
Eknath Deo, MD
David and J. Francine Depew
Peter Desforges
C. George and Gloria Deukmejian
Michael deVoogdt
Diane Dewalsche
Ginny Diaz
John and Elissa DiCarlo
Mark and Janice Dickson
Decatur and Linda Dilday
Mr. and Mrs. N. Jack Dilday
Linda DiMario
Mitch and Janet Dion
Scott Dionne and Roberta Dow
Dixon Golf, Inc.
John and Shelly Djergian
Dodson Family
Jarrod Dogan
Dave Dollinger
Brian and Karen Donaldson
Donn C. Gilmore & Associates, Inc.
Thomas Doran
Rick and Laurie Dortch
Walton and Barbara Dougher
Craig R. Dougherty
Minnie L. Douglas
John F. Doyle Family
DPR Construction
Milton Drachenberg, MD
Dan and Jennifer Drake
Stan Dreckman
Mike and Lynne Driscoll
Driver SPG
Annual Report 2013-2014 45
Ralph Druckman, MD
Dawn Duncan
Edward and Teri Duncan
Damon Dunn
Pamela Duran
Alida Durej
William and Nancy Durkee
Eagle, Globerman & Kodama
James and Sheri Eaton
Jim and Deborah Eaton
Don and Wendy Ebright
Ed Grush General Contractor, Inc.
EDCO Disposal
Edge Systems Corp.
Tracy Egoscue
Nancy and John Eilers
Bob Elen
Eli Lilly and Company
Adrian Ely
The Ely Co., Inc.
Emergency Services Restoration, Inc.
Anne Emigh
Employee Community Fund
of Boeing California
Alan Emslie
Bill and Gail Engvall
Environ Architecture, Inc.
Epic Systems Corporation
Patricia Espley-Jones
Everson Spice Company
Kim Everson
Thomas and Judy Everson
Tina Everson
Expeditors, Los Angeles
Freeman E. Fairfield Foundation
Kevin Falsken
Richard and Cynthia Farber
46 Annual Report 2013-2014
Stuart Farber
Daniel Farney
Lisa Fasnacht-Hill, PhD
Jack and Grace Feld
Aisling Ferguson
Philip E. Fess Family Foundation
John Fielder and Donita VanHorik
Scott Filler and Bett Eng
David Fink
Michael and Eileen Fiore
First American Trust Company
James F. Fisher
James and Diana Fisk
Judith A. Fix, RN
David Flattum
Paul Fleming
Wade and Marjorie Fleming
Howard Fletcher
Eliseo and Victoria Floresca
Walter and Linda Florie
Joyce M. Fogarty
Foggia Italian Market & Deli
Fombe Ndiforchu, MD, Inc.
Food For Kids
Foremen’s Union Local No. 94
Jeff Forney
Dennis Forster
Jeff and Laura Forster
John Fosmire
James Foster
Fragile X Association
of Southern California
John Francis
Dr. and Mrs. John Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. Roger K. Freeman
Mark and Jennifer Freiborg
Frieda’s Inc.
David and Ellen Friedman
Robert Friedman
Friedmans Appliance Center
Robert and Martha Fronke
Frontier Technologies
Charles and Jean Fullerton
Victoria Fullerton
Fulwider Patton, LLP
John and Chris Funk
John Funke Sr.
John Funke
Fylpaa-Rittman Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gable
Herbert R. Gaebel
Anthony Gagliardi
John and Palma Gallegos
Kym A. Ganzer
John and Carolyn Gatzke
GB Remanufacturing, Inc.
Greg and Nancy Geiser
Gregory Gelfan
Robert Geminder
Genentech, Inc.
Michael and Gloria Gesselman
Dennis Ghan
James and Ann Gianopulos
Anita Gibbins
Debbie Gibbs
Scott Gibbs
L. M. Giles
Tomilee T. Gill
Jack and Maureen Gillespie
John Ginger
Girl Scout Troop 60
Steven Glass
Dennis and Pamela Glavis
Lowell and Hazel Glover
Alan Gold
Goldenwest Moving
Mitchell B. Goldstein
Raymond Gonzales
Victor and Lisa Gonzales
Jaelene Goodman
Thomas Goodwin
Randy Gordon
Dean and Alissa Gould
Peggy Gould
Nancy and Wayne Gouvion
Grace Mercy & Hope Foundation, Inc.
Bequest of Mary Grammar
Gran Construction
Grand Prix Foundation of Long Beach
Gerald and Jacquelyn Grandt
Marjorie Grate
Gray Family Foundation
Great Western Collection Bureau
Allison Green
Billie Greer
Greg D. Pyle Insurance Agency
Mark and Virginia Grgas
Robert and Marta Griffin
Ricky and Mary Griggs
Drs. Charles and Paula Groncy
Drs. Jerry and Gwen Gross
Ewel and June Grossberg
James and Michele Grubbs
Chandra Gruber
Harry Verni and Stephanie Guastella
Guess?, Inc.
Maureen Gugerty
Linda and Stephen Gunn
Barton and Sandra Gurewitz
Rene Gurrola
Francisco and Adela Guzman
Myrtle H. Hachmeister
Robert and Nancy Hadley
William and Cynthia Hagelstein
Dean and Kelli Hallett
Rebekah Halpern
Colbert and Heidi Hamels
Gail Hamilton
Nancy L. Hamilton
Yosemite Hamilton
Rose Hamm
J.T. Hammer
Hampton Research
David and Stacie Hancock
John and Elizabeth Hancock
John W. Hancock Family Foundation
James and Jorene Hankla
Harbor Diesel & Equipment, Inc.
James and Jean Harder
Deborah C. Harding
CJ Harmatz
Harris & Ruth Painting Contracting, Inc.
Geoff Harris
Joyce C. Harris
Asif Harsolia, MD
Hartley Medical Center Pharmacy
Joseph and Penelope Hartley
William and Debora Hass
Sandra J. Hatfield
Dr. Brandy and Steve Hattendorf
Darice Hawkins
Ruth E. Hayes
Celeste Haynes
Eleanor J. Haynes
HCC American Contractors Indemnity
Health Information Partners, Inc.
Heartful Children’s Foundation
Robert Heenan
Kristin Shelley Heffer
Al Hensling
Gavin and Whitney Herbert
John T. Herbert
Leif M. Hertzog, MD
Cynthia Ann Herzog, MD
George and Kimberly Heuser
George J. Heuser
Kent and Janice Heyl
Highland Associates, Inc.
Judith A. Hill
Leland and Susan Hill
Russell and Avalon Hill
George and Dot Hillegass
Hillside Medical Plaza, LLC
Mary Hanson Hirsch
James and Laura Hirschmann
Krystal Hoang-Nguyen
Steven Hockett
The Roxanna Todd Hodges
John and Lesley Hohmann
Patti and Vic Holanda
Glen and Gloria Holden
Greg and Leslie Hollingsworth
Karen Holm
Home Helpers
Douglas and Helen Homet
Catherine Honeycutt
The Gary L. Hoop Foundation
Bradford and Marjorie Hooper
Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, PC
Mari Hooper
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Hoshiko
Mr. Houghton & Ms. Qian
Michael Houlemard
James and Cindy Howe
HPI Architecture
Dr. and Mrs. Eric R. Hubbard
Terrence Hughes
Louella S. Hundt
Andrea Hutter
Hybrid Promotions LLC
ILWU Credit Union
ILWU Local 13
Industrial Chemical Solutions
Dr. and Mrs. John Ingram
Insulet Corporation
International City Racing, Inc.
International Realty & Investments
International Transportation Service, Inc.
Ronald Iovino
Steve Ireland
Jorge Isidoro
John G. Issa, MD
Chester and Barbara Jablonski
Laurence and Barbara Jackson
James Jameson
Catherine Jasper
Drs. Ramin and Jill Javahery
Michael and Diane Jensen
Jet Electric, Inc.
Johannessen Trading Company
Ann Johnson
Jeff and Danica Johnson
Kirk and Kathy Johnson
Michael and Thais Johnson
David and Krista Johnston
Michael Jonas
Carole A. Jones
Lori Jones
Trent and Erica Jones
Cathleen Jordan
Barbara S. Jordon
Juanita’s Foods, LLC
Rick and Kathy Kaplan
Kevin Kasha
Fumito Kawamata
Glenn Kawasaki
Nancy Kawasaki
Kevin and Sandra Kayse
Keesal, Young & Logan
Eric and Staci Keller
Kelty Co.
Paul Kennard
John and Kathy Kennedy
Randy Kennedy
Timothy M. Kennedy
Marie and Len Kennett
Omar Khan
Kidz b Kidz
Thomas Kiley
Harold King
Joyce R. King, MD
Lisa King
Rick and Kathy King
Sharon Kirkwood
Kiwanis Club of Rolling Hills Estates
Todd E. Klawin
Arthur S. Klimeck
William and Mary Klingensmith
Lyla J. Knudson
Hilda Koch
Jeffrey Koerner and Anne Lee
Dan and Cathy Kopy
William and Sandra Kay Korth
Kimberly Kosick
Margaret Kott
Terry and Joyce Krauss
James and Ann Kresl
James Kruger
L.A. Care Health Plan
Eric and Sue LaBounty
Robin and Guy LaFerrara
Annual Report 2013-2014 47
Jeffrey Lai and Connie Sheng
Marshall Laitsch
Lakewood Dental Arts Dentistry
and Orthodontics
Tuan Lam, MD
Chuck and Margarita Lande
Richard and Linda Landes
Tracy Lane Foundation
David Lang
C. Robert Langslet
Mark Larwood
Laser Care Specialists, Inc.
Linda and Gene Lassers
Mark and Leigh Latimer
Michele S. Roeder Latimer
R. Whitney Latimer, II
Robert and NancyAnn Latimer
Clinton and Melissa Lau
The LBL Group
Jay W. Lee, MD
Legends Car Club
Leland Family
Dr. and Mrs. Craig H. Leonard
Russell and Charlotte Lesser
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Joan and Todd Leutheuser
Jean Levy
Jennifer Lewandowski
Bob and Karen Lewis
Richard and Sandra Lewis
Roy Leyvas
LFG Insurance Services, Inc.
LG-Mep Family Foundation
Loraine Lieppman
Lifescan, Inc.
Lily’s Gift Foundation
Chuck and Jill Lineberger
Jim and Katherine Lingle
48 Annual Report 2013-2014
Eileen Litchfield
Gary and Lynn Little
Meg Littlefield
Roger Lockwood
Martin Lomeli, Jr.
Long Beach Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau
Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
Long Beach Chapter Sigma Sigma
Long Beach Container Terminal, Inc.
Long Beach Management Association
Long Beach Memorial staff office
Long Beach Memorial Pathology Group
Long Beach Unified School District
Gary E. Looney
Barry and Diane Lowell
Bonnie B. Lowenthal
Robert L. Ludlam
Denise Lund
Charles and Loretta Luskin
Jeffrey Luther, MD
Lucinda Maberry
Pamela MacDonald
Helen Macfie
Jannie Mackay, PhD
Dan Mackechnie
Peter J. Mackler
Macondo Ice Company, Inc.
Julie Madonia
Magic Castle
Patrick and Barbara Mahoney
The Maize Group
Jerry and Jan Maize
Kevin Malloy
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Malouf
Allison Maney
Carolyn G. Maney
Michael Mangione
Marcia Manker
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Manos
Mar Ventures, Inc.
Cheryl Lynn Marcz
Joel Marfield
Marine Terminals Corporation
Market Cold Storage
Daniel Marks
Holly Markwood
Mr. and Mrs. Ron L. Marshall
Kevin Marumoto
Mary’s House
Mason West, Inc.
Dale Mason
Marianne Mata
Barbara A. Mathis
Matson Foundation
Henry and Paulette Matson
Dennis and Sheila Matteau
Marc and Kristen Matthews
Maxson & Associates
Perry B. Maxson, Jr.
Michael Mayor
Richard and Patricia McAuley
Karen McBride
John McCauley
Dennis and Loree McConkey
Jerry McCormick
Evan McCoy
Lucy McCoy
Del and Linda McCuen
McDonald Family Foundation
Amanda McDorman-Johnson
Charles G. McGaughey
Paul McGill
Kevin and Ana Maria McGuan
Richard McKeen
Michael S. McKeever
Peter and Liz McKinley
David L. Mead
MedAssets Supply Chain Systems
Medline Industries, Inc.
Olga Megdal
Joseph and Laura Mejia
Allen and Judith Mellow
Memorial Cardiology Medical Group, Inc.
Memorial Podiatry Group, Inc.
Memorial Women’s Hospital League
David Mercado
Ida M. Merline
John and Betsy Metcalfe
Paul Metzner
MHP Structural Engineers
Gerald Miller
Irving A. Miller
Joseph and Diane Miller
Keith and Sally Miller
Sally Miller
Millwright & Machine Erectors
Local Union #1607
William J. Mingram
Kenneth Mingus
Jonathan and Candace Minter
Mira Costa High School
Heroes for Hope Club
Louis Mirabile
Carol Mitchell
DeWanda Mitchell
Glen and Janet Mitchell
Lance and Keira Mitchell
ModernHealth Specialty, LLC
Jean Mohr
Jamie Mok
Josephine Molina and Heather Rudy
Monrovia Police Officers Association
Jerome Montgomery
Lourdes C. Montuya
Moon Tide Media
Paula A. Moon
Irene Moore
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC
Angela C. Morris
Chris and Kathryn Morris
Heather Morris
James Morris
Kevin Moutes and
Claudia Hernandez
Karen Muccino
Jamie and Carrie Mulligan
Celia Munoz
Daphne D. Munzer
Murcor, Inc.
Judith A. Murphy
Robert H. Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Muth
MWH Company
Nancy Myers
Jane Nadeau
Nina and Steve Nagel
Michael P. Nageotte, MD, and
Monica Leff, MD
Carol and John Nalbandian
Naples Rib Company
National Charity League Southcoast
National Physicians Alliance
Natter Family Foundation
Leo Neeleman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nelson
Richard Neri and Kurt Schulzman
Frank and Marjory Newell
Tammy Newland-Shishido
Bichlien Nguyen, MD, and
Than Nguyen
Bond L. Nichols
Randy and Anne Nicholson
Susan Nicholson
Nicolai Family Partners
Kelli Nielsen
Allan and Rivka Night
Crista Nodland
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Noesen
Stephanie and Peter Nolan
Jack R. Norberg
Kiersten Nordahl
James and Peggy Normandin
Troy Norrell
David and Suzanne Nosworthy
Occidental Petroleum
Kim O’Connell
Ohmega Solenoid Co., Inc.
Raymond and Patricia Olsen
Sophal Olson
Beverly O’Neill
Onset Financial
Doug and Freda Otto
Gregory and Valerie Owen
Rose Ozan
Pacific Atlantic Partners
Pacific Crane Maintenance Company, LP
Pacific International Meats, LLC
Daniel and Diane Padelford
Padre Associates, Inc.
Nancy Page
Ruth M. Paley
Karen Palmer
Pan and Hsu Pediatrics
Panache Images, Inc.
Arash R. Panah, DDS, PC
Charles and Barbara Parsons
June Paschen
Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals
Nirav Patel, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Ramesh Patel
Pathology, Inc.
Bruce and Jenny Patterson
Vicky Paul
Elizabeth Pearson
Carol A. Pedersen
Curtis and Rosi Pedersen
Pediatric & Adolescent HematologyOncology Med. Group
Pediatric Critical Care Group
of America, Inc.
James and Marjorie Penny
Case and Aimee Pereira
Carmen Perez
Loren Perez
Performance Team Freight Systems
Glenn Peterson
Pfizer, Inc.
Braden and Susan Phillips
Daryl and Sandy Phillips
Kathryn L. Phinney
Ronald and Nancy Piazza
Frank Picarelli
Pike Restaurant, Inc.
Dr. Gainer and Lynne Pillsbury
Daffney Pinkney
Allan Pollard
Sheila Poncher and Family
Pookie & Peanut, Inc.
Thomas and Janet Poole
Laura L. Pope
Cindy Gonzalez Portillo
Postureworks Physical Therapy
Doyle and Suzanne Powell
Harry and Diane Powell
Amy Powers
Cheryl and Charles Prescott
Terri Prichard
Michael Prime
Progressive Management Systems
Proscape Commerical Landscape
Psyonix, Inc.
Darin Puhl
Purple Yoga
Ajmel Puthawala, MD
Rebecca Qualls
Phil and Teresa Quigley
Jon and Nan Rager
Mohammad Raghib
Lisa Ramelow
Dawn Ramos
Nora Ramos
Louis and Jeannette Rampino
Arnie Rappaport, MD
Mo Rastegar
J.S. Read
Bequest of Bennie C. Reagan
Terry Reagan
Redding Family Trust
Christopher Reed
James Reed
Kathryn A. Reed
Daniel E. Reeder
Bruce and Suzanne Reegler
Meredith G. Reel
Reep Family Foundation, Inc.
Juan Rego
Norma Reidman
Rebecca Reindl
Annual Report 2013-2014 49
Mark and Suzie Reinsvold
Dennis Repp
Reproductive Partners Medical Group
Rescue Rooter
Thomas Reyes
Beverly B. Reynolds
RF10 Inspection, Inc.
Roy and Terry Richards
Richmond Plastering , Inc.
Wen Pei Ridenour
James T. Ries and Savita Ries, MD
Norman and Carol Riggs
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Riker
Rio Hondo-Vernon Rotary Club
Clara Rios
Tamara Ritchey-Powers
Steve and Sandi Riter
Juan Riviera
Stephen Roberts
Diane Robles
Liliana Rocha
Rochlin, Baran & Balbona, Inc.
Daniel Roddy
Thomas B. Rogers and Sally J.
Jill Rosenberg
Steven Ross
Rossmoor Pastries
Andy Roundtree and Janet Irwin
Richard and Sheila Rozman
RTH Foundation
Ron and LaJuana Rudy
Ruiz Design
Glenn and Laura Russell
Jim and Jean Ryals
Kathleen Ryan
Ronald P. Ryan
50 Annual Report 2013-2014
Tom and Rosemary Ryan
Jerome D. Rybarczyk
James and Cheryl Rygg
SA Recycling
Mary Pat Sabol
Touch Sadoeung
Daniel and Pamela Salzman
Greg L. Sambrano
Debbie Sampson
Linda Sanchez
David Sands
JoAnne and Chad C. Sanger
San Pedro Senior High School
Edwin and Anabel Santos
SAS Safety Corporation
Mark and Stacy Sato
Dean and Janet Saunders
Nicole Scalas
Gilbert Schauer
Larry and Carole Scherzer
James and Sheila Schlee
Darlene Schnoor
Doris Scholar
Vern and Trish Schooley
Schooner or Later
Warren Schulten
Dorothy Schurr
Carolyn Schutz
Jane L. Schwantes
The Byron F. Schweigert Foundation
David and Donna Schwien
Stephen and Jennifer Scott
Seal Beach Lions Club
Deanna and Albert N. Sears, IV
Mary Sedillo
Shaun Setty, MD
Ethel Severson
John and Patricia Shadden
Thomas Shadden
Lance and Shannon Shafer
Anna-Marie Shaheen
Tim P. Shaheen
Bruce Sharp
Karen Sherman
Merit Shoucri
William and Nancy Shumate
Sam Siam
Angela Sie, MD
Signal Hill Petroleum
Signal Hill Police Officers’ Association
Bill and Rhonda Simmons
Sindoni Consulting & Management
Sister City Association
Rick and Ginette Skelton
James & Glenys Slavik Family
Clifford and Carol Slosson
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Clyde Smith, MD
Jeannine L. Smith
Randall and Cindy Smith
Gerrit Smouse
Judith Smura
John and Rae Anne Snidecor
Drs. Teddi Softley and Clarence Wilson
Diana Solis
Stanley and Judith Soloman
Michael Solt and Mabel Wu
Barbara and Marc Sonne, MD
Soroptimist International of
Lakewood/Long Beach
South County Pediatric Critical Care
Medical Group
Southern California IBEW-NECA
Julie Souverielle
Howard and Celia Spitzer
St. Pancratius School
Larry and Candice Stacy
Christopher and Kathy Stahl
Stanfield Residential Group
Thomas Stansbury, DDS
Alida Steinhauser
Richard and Tammy Steinke
James Stephenson
Laurie Stern
Barbara Stevens
Steve’s Oilfield Service, Inc.
Sharon Stienstra
Gary Stiles
Carl and Jean Stone
Store-N-Save, LLC
Michael B. Strauss, MD
John and Gena Strong
Morton and Susan Stuhlbarg
Jeannie Sudduth
Jerome Summerlin
Superior Communication Products
Frank Suryan
Sweis, Inc.
David Swift, MD
A.M. Nisar Syed, MD
TABC, Inc.
Henry and Julia Taboada
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.
Tangram Interiors
Anne Tanner
Robert and Kristine Tarnofsky
TDBU - Long Beach Employee
Telacu Industries, Inc.
The Temple Family Charitable
Amanda Termuhlen, MD
That’s Right! Safety First
Nick Theios
John and Judith Theisens
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Thomas
Kevin and Elaine Tiber
Ann Tilford
Tiller Constructors, Inc.
Timeless Language Center, Inc.
Susan Tittle
TKO Painting
Doug and Nancy Todd
William H. Todd, MD
Top of the Mountain Childrens
Disease Foundation, Inc.
Toyota Motor Sales - LA Region
Track In Motion, Inc.
D. Michael Trainotti, Esq.
Vivian Tran
Trench Shoring Company
Trevino Family
Trinity Investments GP
Hannes Tulving, Jr.
Turner Construction Co.
Bill and Mary Jane Turner
John Turpin
Mark and Leslie Turpin
Wayne and Joan Twedell
Twentieth Century Fox
Grant Uba, MD
Louise Ukleja
Michael Ukleja, PhD
Douglas K. Ulmer, MD
Universal Care Inc.
James Upchurch
Valero Energy Foundation
Gary Van Arnam
Robert and Lois VanBuskirk
Van Dyke Family Foundation
Steven VanNort
Frank R. Varella
Fernando Vargas
Alfredo Velasco
Jose Velasquez
Velo Allegro Cycling Club
Irene Venegas
David and Silvana Viducic
Paul and Barbara Villa
Visiting Angels
Joyce Volsch
Rosemarie Von Flue
Melissa and Mark VonLeffern
Vopak North America & Subsidiaries
Nilesh Vora, MD
Lee and Joyce Wagner
Daniel K. Walker
John and Kelli Walker
Kenneth G. Walker
W. Henry and Erin Walker
John L. Walter
Mike and Arline Walter
Walter’s Wholesale Electric Co.
John and Patricia Wang
William H. Warden, III, MD
Paula Warren
Sandy Wasky
Lynda Watanabe
Water Energy Innovations, Inc.
Matt and Jane Waxman
Larry and Anne Wayne
Christopher and Jeanne Webb
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Webster
Scott and Linda Mar Weidman
Michael and Carol Weinell
Karen Weinstein
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathon M. Weisz
Kevin Welch
John Wells
Sandra and John Wells
Jay and Donna Wendl
Linda M. Wenglikowski
Western Medical, Inc.
Western Overseas Corporation
Harold and Barbara Wilde
Mike and Sandra Wilkinson
Debbie Williams
Karen Williams
Mrs. Margaret Williams
Brad and Kimberly Willingham
Leo and Elena Wills
Alissa and Robert Wilson
Freeman & Gladys Wilson Family
Foundation, Inc.
James Wilson
Michele Dobson Wilson
Tim and Carol Wilson
Windes Accountancy Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Rex J. Winters
Mariusz Wirga, MD
Drs. Andrew and Martha Wittenberg
Kurt and Diane Wood
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Worden
World Power Martial Art, Inc.
World Wide Technology Foundation
Glenda and Stan Wycoff
Donald and Carl Ann Wylie
Abram and Kimberly Yap
Edward Yawitz
YMCA of Greater Long Beach
Shams Yoonessi
Young Ladies’ Institute
Mark and Antoinette Young
Yusen Terminals, Inc.
Elizabeth Zaillain
Michelle Zamora
Aria and Emma Zarrat
Martha F. Zepeda, RN, MSN
Jenny Ziegler
J. Paul Zimmerman
John Zimmermann
Driessen Zodiac
Greg Zucchero
Ted and Sue Zwerdling
In Memory and
in Honor of Gifts
Gifts of $100 or more
July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
In Memory of
Jesse Aguilar
Richard Almassy
Leo Altshuler
Richard A. Aschieris
Iain Bell
Ronald H. Benson
Barbara J. Blake
Mary Rose Bodnar
Duane Boozier
Alison Leslie Bosl
Kathryn Browning
Doug Carpenter
Geraldine Chevreaux
John R. Cockriel
Henrietta Daniels
Mimi Driscoll
Paul Duerr
Cora Dunham
David Duran
Kirk Engel
Annual Report 2013-2014 51
Venner M. Farley, RN, EdD
Meghan Flynn
Joan Forrest
Kyler Allen Gardner
Maryann Gemmell
Jonathan Gilderman
Katie Gillespie
Gerald H. Gould
Patrick Green
Raymond F. Guertin
Harry C. Hachmeister
Kelly Hales
James Patrick Harbuck
Lula Hatfield
Allison L. Hayes
Yolanda Haynes
Robert F. Hazelzet
Ida Hermann
Mary Ellen Hess
Doreen Hitchcock
Kris Horner
Fedele Phillip Infelise
Cynthia Johnson
Matthew P. Johnson
Geneva Jones
Mary Jonokuchi
Jack Katon
Lillian Kawasaki
Rev. Paul and Evelyn Kawasch
Ace Kayoda
Peter Knudson
Don Kott
Anita Laham
Betty Jo Long
Deborah Looney
Ethel Mackay
Michelle Marie Mandich
Dorothea “Dottie” Markarian
52 Annual Report 2013-2014
Ryan Matthews
Gwynneth McGee
Lena McGilbery
Marc McKonic
Genevieve Meikle
Michael E. Melendy
Lee Metzenbaum
Wendy Moloshco
Cyrus Montgomery
Susan Montgomery
Mohamed E. Moustafa, PhD
Sawyer Allen Neary
Ezilda Noronha
Bernadette Obergfell
Carol Och
Amy E. Ota
Harvey Palmer
Michael Parker
Dorothea Passios
Nick Pearson
Paul H. Pierson
Roger Puerta
Marilyn Pyle
Francisco “Frank” Quimbao
Gode Ramchandani
Donald Paul Redoglia
Fran Redwine
Brenda Relph
James W. Reynolds, MD
Ruthie Righter
Richard Roeder
Robert Romero
Barbara Ross
Dante Rossello
L. Jane Rutherford
Kacie Rutledge
Norma M. Schmitz
Ruth Schreckengast
Byron Schweigert
Kayleigh Scott
Betty Shaw
Kingsley “Bo Bae” Shipp
Dominique Simmons
Nicholas Sinclitico
Kathy Slosson-Fox
James Stephenson
Lisa Stephenson
Artie Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stuart
Patsy Swick
Richard E. Tarlton
Linda Taylor-Ferguson
William H. Todd
Fredrick Urfer
H. Milton Van Dyke, MD
Tyler Verkaik
Norbert Vogelbacher
John D. Walker, Jr.
Clifford Wasky
Leslie M. Watada
Karen Weiss
Katherine E. White, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Wiater
Joel J. Widelitz, MD
Diana Wilcox
Glenn E. Wilcox
Lily Williams
Shirley Wilson
Andrew Youssef
In Honor of
Sue Acebo
Reily Acevedo
Rick Adams, MD
Teri Adams
Glenn Agoncillo
Christina Aguirre-Kolb
Joan Alderson
Tony Alvarado
Julian Alvarez
Savitri Aphipunyo
Mark C. Asbill, MD
Jorge Avilar
Linda Baltad
Iliana Baltazar
Patricia Barberie
Tracy Barden
David Barreto
Abril Y. Bartels
Barbara Beach
Steven Becker, MD
Harry Beggs
Michael Berman, MD
Emma Bernal-Miralles
Daniel Bethencourt, MD
Carol Bittman
Amanda Blanton
Maxwell V. Bonfili
Al Boone
Theresa Boone
Marti Boots
Curtis Bowman
Gloria Boza
Barbara Brady
Allison Brammer
Heidi Brantley
Megan Bray
Shari Brooks
Anaya Brown
Julie Brown
Diana Bryant, MD
Dan Bumgarner
Mario Burciaga
Elizabeth Burns
Merilyn Burnside
Hannah Butler
Betty Calhoun
Marco Camarena
Karen Caplan
Primy Carballlo
Amber Cardenas
Diane Carson
Arturo Castro, Jr.
Cecilia Castro
Lisa Castro
Mary Lea Chamberlain
Archna Chaudhary
Julian Chavez
Regina Chen
Tempe Chen, MD
Tiffany Chiu
Donald K. Chung, MD
Marie Clarke
Ann Collins
Robert Comer, MD
Kathleen Conley
Brad Connors
Lisa Conrad
Rae Lynne Cook
Olivia Corzine
Sophia Corzine
Wendy Corzine
Daniel Cousineau and
Michelle O’Meara
Meg Crabtree
Anthony Cuseo
Tony Cuseo
Carter Daley
Kris Damon
Nancy Danell
Jamie Danis
Joyce Davis
Heather Dean
Gina Marie Decker
Jena DeForest
Jacob De La Cruz
Madeline De La Cruz
Ignacia Martin del Campo
Eknath Deo, MD
Abby Dettelbach
Lori Diaz
Hana DiDonna
Lisa Dissman
Kathleen Dixon
Julia Ducar
Richard S. Eaton
Terri Eggers
Erwin Eisenberger
Janice Eisenberger
Myrvin H. Ellestad, MD
Lorraine Ely
Colette Encalada
Cooper Evans
Lori Evans
Cathy Fagen
Mathew Falk
Farrah Farhang
Charles Feder
Gary Feldman, MD
Darci Fersch
Catherine Fields
Jerry Z. Finklestein, MD
Melissa Focardi
Sonja Fonseca
Savanna Elizabeth Frances
Marilyn W. Frapwell
Kim Friedrichs
Lark Fujikami
Tammy Fullerton
Cynthia Funke
Jessie Funke
John Funke
Sally Gamble
Kym Ganzer
Nikkie Garcia
Stevie Belle Garcia
Susie Garrison
Sharon Gates
Lynn Gesner
Anita Gibbons
Tomilee T. Gill
Jeannette Gillies
Jacque Gilmore
Robin Gimenez
Lisa Gomez
Brian Gonzalez
Jana Goodwin
Doug Gorgen
Sharon Gottfried
Cindy Gotz
Ari David Gould
Jacquelyn E. Grandt
Alison Greiving
Barbara Greiving
Katlin Greiving
Thomas Greiving
Marjorie Guajardo
Stephanie Guastella
Mery Guerra
Rocco Guerra
Susie Guerrero
Maria Gugerty
Shari Gulian
Alexis Guzman
Gloria Guzman
Jose Guzman
Amanda Hankla
Karen Harmon
Amelia Hemsley
Diana Hendel and Sandy Garza
Kelly Hentges
Julia Hernandez
Brett Himmel
Jill Hogenson
Dick Holloway
Lun W. Hom, MD, FACS
Patricia Hopkins
Stephen Hryniewicki, MD
Libby Huff
Natalie Huniu
Michael Hunziker
Natalie Ikhlassi
John Ingram, MD
Intensive Care Unit Staff
Olivia Iriarte
Candice Jacobs
Katherine James
Carlene Jaques
Lisa Marie Jenkin
Maria Jimenez
Carolyn Johnson
Gina Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Jacquelyn L. Jones
Seth Jones
Patricia Jorgensen
Jorge Kamburis
Peter Kaneshige, MD
Eliza Karabian
Karen Kasper
Donna J. Kastner
Nancy Kawasaki
Judith Keller
Steve Kelner
Kayla Kelsch
Cheryl Keys
Annual Report 2013-2014 53
Pam Kidd
Judy Kilpatrick
Christopher J. King
Jody King
Kylee King
Eric Kiser
Seth A. Kogan, MD
Jason Koh, DO
Cathy Kopy
Debra Kreun
Shirley Kroll
Kimberly Krpan
Donna Kruck
Krish Kumar
Alex Kutas, MD
Cassandra Lagasca
Mary Lamme
Laurel Land
Michael Lauermann, MD
Marisela Ledesma
Brandy Lee
Claudia Z. Lee
Sara Lehman
Julio Lemus
James D. Leo, MD
Jennifer Lewandowski
Ted Lewandowski
Johanna Lewin
Glenn F. Libby, MD
James Licht, MD
Andre Kiem Liem, MD
Janelle Linares
Diane Lindeman
Robert D. Liou, MD
Dan Lipton
Karen Little
Norman Logan, MD
Ericka Long
54 Annual Report 2013-2014
Sonya Long
Cathy Lopez
Franklin Lowe, MD
Susan Lowenbraun
Darlene Ly
William J. Lyons, MD
Ted Maag
Pamela MacDonald
Christian Maghame
Jeanette Maloney
Ron and Margaret Malouf
Holly Markwood
Kim Marshall
Kristi Marshall
Patricia Martinez
Sabrina Matteau
Shelly Maudlin
Louise B. McCormick
Joseph McCoy
Gregory McDaniel
Brian McDougall
Barbie McEvoy
Brandi McEvoy
Max McGill
Lori Medigovich
Joseph Mejia
Jamie Melton
Drs. Sue Melvin and Lydia Vaias
Susan Melvin, DO
MemorialCare Joint Replacement Team
Memorial Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation Department
Julie A. Meraz
David Mercado
Teri Meredith
Dr. John and Lynn Messenger
Miller Grandchildren
Jane Miller
Tina Miller
Becky Mitchell
Ross L. Mitchell
Kazu Miyahara
Ryder Harvey Montgomery
Kathy Moon
Elaine Morris
Tina Morrison
Caleb Moss
Gillian Moxham
Karen Muccino
Jill Muir
Jeanne Murphy
Beatriz Myers
Sandra R. Myricks
Robert A. Nagourney, MD
Raghu Nandan, MD
Thai-Van Nguyen, MD
Pat Ninke
A.M. Nisar Syed, MD
Elizabeth Noel
Kiersten Nordahl
Jim Normandin
Nurses at the Infusion Center
Kim O’Connell
Patti O’Halloran
James A. Olson
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Orme
Ciarra Orpilla
Alexis Ortiz
Michael F. Ozaki, MD
Rev. Karyn S. Packard
Haven Parker
Bryanna Pascual
Joselina Pascual
Rossmoor Pastries
Zac and Stephanie Paul
Amy Pearson
Elizabeth Pearson
Janet Pearson
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Peds Hem/Onc Care Line
Heather Penna
Bela Perez
Charity Perez
Sylvia Perez
Lucy Perricone
Kimberly S. Petersen
Colleen Phillips
Danny Phu, MD
Nancy J. Piazza
Vijay Pillai
Daffney Pinkney
Elaine Pisu
Pamela Plakos
Thomas R. Poole
Kendyl Price
Donna M. Prochnow
Christina Giles Proto
Lorena Pulido
Naomi Rainey
Inderpal S. Randhawa, MD
Chris Reed
Rehabilitation Dept.
Rhonda Remland
Serenity Revolinski
Heather Rhinehart
Karrie Ridenour
Jeffrey Riker, MD
Cynthia Rivas
H. Roger Rizi, MD
Mason Roberts
Jill Robinson
Miguel Rodriguez
Michele S. Roeder
Lowell W. Rogers, MD
Sally Romero
Ronaldo V. Roque, MD
Debby Rosa
Robert Rosa
Robin Rosin
Amanda P. Rowe
Sue Rutherford
Barbara Ryan
Juliana Sagale
Breanna Nicole Sampson
Jamie Sanchez
Rechelle Sanchez
Susana Sanchez
Carol L. Sandoval
Loni Sandoval
Ernest Santos
Mailia Sato
Victoria Sawtelle
Gail Schwandner
Aidan Sears
Andrea Sears
Wally Senff
Michele Shields
Yvonne Shloss
Nancy Shumate
Lisa Sielen
Mark Sielen
Madilynn Simbol-Dandan
Matthew Sloan, MD
Cindy Smith
Michele Smith
Randal M. Snyder
Erin Sommerville
Marc W. Sonne, MD
Naroeun Sonntag
Kelly Sowle
Azra Spahic
Charly Spence
Bailey Spillane
Frederick Stafford, MD
Richele Steele
Alida Steinhauser
James Stephenson
Rachel St. John
Fred Stoughton
Michael B. Strauss, MD
Natalie Strauss
Louis and Nancy Stremick
Arcelie Sulit
Nika Susnjar
Teresa Suzuki
Donna Tautges
Jovie Tavares
Linda Taylor
Estala Tejidor
Amanda Termuhlen, MD
Naoko Teufel
Desiree Thomas
Barbara Tinker
Fred Tinker
Serge Tobias, MD
Christine Tolhurst
Matthew Toman
Jennifer A. Tran
Grant W. Uba, MD
Louise Ukleja
Rose Uribe
Roxana Valencia
Cassandra Vandenberg
Stacie Vandenberge
Raiden VanderHorck
Paul VanderRoest
Virginia VanderRoest
Susan VanGrove
Rebekah Vitale-Bennett
Cheryl C. VonDerHellen
Nilesh Vora
The Vossler Family
Sarah Wagner
Winfried Waider, MD
Wendy Wald
Meagan Vogel Warncke
Venkat Warren, MD
Becca Waxman
Nina West
Richard Wexler, MD
Stella Wheeler
Debbie Whitaker
Annette White
Jackie Wiggins
Richard Wigod, MD
Kathleen Wilaby
Krista Wilder
Debbie Williams
Jim Willingham
Andrea Wilson
Diane Wing
Mariusz Wirga, MD
Marta Wirga, MD
Andrew Wittenberg, MD
Woody Woodbury
Ray Woolhether
Theresa Woolhether
Howard L. Worcester, MD
Renee Wulf
Don and Carl Ann Wylie
Ayron Yasumura
Leila Yoonessi
Carla Yutuc
Michelle Zamora
John Zimmermann
Annual Report 2013-2014 55
Memorial Seaside Legacy Circle
This special group honors Philanthropic Friends who express their philanthropy by funding life income gifts (charitable
trusts, gift annuities, pooled income funds) and/or make bequests through their Will or Trust. All gifts are greatly appreciated
and benefit the patients and families at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach.
To join the Memorial Seaside Legacy Circle contact MMCF President James Normandin at 562.933.1667
or [email protected] For more information visit
Benny Ahluwalia
Robert Anderson
Helen Apostle
Jill Atterbury
John Avery
Henrietta Babcock
Elizabeth Baker
Terry and Dianne Barkis
William and Susan Bealer
Janielle Beamon
Wilhelm and Elizabeth Beer
Alex and Linda
Clyde and Patricia
Bernard and Lois Beskind
Joan Beyers
Lawrence and Theresa
Marjeanne Blinn
Patricia Blomgren
Frances Borden and
Stuart Rozner
Warren Bossert
Margaret Brainard
Terry and Sharon Bridges
Merilyn Brisson
Charles Brockman
Anne Brown
56 Annual Report 2013-2014
Lorraine Brown
Patricia and Paul Brown
Darrel Brownell
Marty and Seon Burbank
Henry and Ruth Burwash
Karen Butler
Woodrow and Linda Carter
Elizabeth A. Cash
Leonard and Christine
Denise Clayton-Leonard
Bradley and Christine Comp
Kathleen Coulter
Patricia and James Craig
Beverly Culbertson
Caroline Darby
Celestine DeCuir
Robert DeFields
David Dexter
Douglas Donnell
Steven Eppstein
Jack Fennie
Muriel Flood
Joyce Fogarty
Alan and Cheryl Fox
Carl and Caroline Freeman
Mary Jo and Theodore
Dolores Gale
Michael and Eva George
Stephen George
Linda Gill
Sandra Gill
Gayle Godwin
James and Rita Grauer
James and Gail Gray
Myrtle Hachmeister
Joan Haden-Colmar
Lois Hamman
George Harben
Joyce Harris
Mavis Haydon
John and Sue Anne Healy
Violet Heideman
Charles and Aida Hillway
Dorothy Holeton
John Hooten
Maggie Hutchison
Timothy and Shirlee Jackert
Shirley Jefferson
Michael and Thais Johnson
Ernest and Bobbie Jones
Paul and Florence Kagan
Anita and Davinder Kapur
Stephen ko Katsouleas
George and Shirley Kaub
Raymond and Eleanor Kelso
Demitroula Kennedy
Katayoon Khakpour
Harold King
Wilma Kinsman
Michael and Mary Ann
Roslyn Kramer
Eva Kuwata
Marie LaFortune
Irwin Leventen
Marilyn Levich
Mark Levinstein
Leonard and Tommye Lovett
Judith Maizlish
Donald and Marilyn
Betty and Warren Martell
Bee Martin
Maurice Martin
Kazuko Matsumoto
Linda Maxwell
David and Magdalene
Janet McKenzie
John H. and Florence Mead
Steven Meltzer
Phyllis Miller
Oralia Moc
John Morales
Lorie and Ronald Moran
Carlene Murphy
Judith Murphy
Robert Murphy
Drs. Thomas and
Wylda Nelson
Donald Nicholson
William and Mary Lou Nicolai
Kenneth and Mary Nolan
Bobbie O’Neal
Harry and Bonnie Orme
Patti Ossen
Ann Palmer
Daniel and Diana Parr
Richard and Barbara
Dolores Perretta
William and Joanne Pinner
Shirley Pryne and
Phillip Lademan
Norman Rasmussen
Donna Reckseen
Juanita Reep
Cecil Rhodes
Dorothy Richardson
Margaret and Howard
William and Gloria Roberts
Carl and Jeannine
Dorothy Schurr
Dexter Shaler
Jack Silver
Irene Smeaton
Helen Smith
Norbert and Joyce
Le Noi Steckley
David Strawbridge
Betti Jo Streeter
Susan and Larry
Donald and Karen
Kenneth and Wilma Tranter
Peter and Betty Valli
Ed Van Eenenaam
Ute Waterman
Robert and Hillary Watts
Dr. William and Judy
Mary Welch
Betty Wexler
Mutsuko Williams
Elaine Winston
June Wolff
Dorothy and Dallas Yost
Biagio and Nancy Zaby
Willard Zahn
2013 - 2014 ANNUAL REPORT
This Annual Report is published to provide information about the not-for-profit Long Beach
Memorial, Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach and the Memorial Medical Center
Foundation for philanthropic friends, community volunteers, patients, medical staff, employees
and visitors. It highlights programs and patients who have benefited from philanthropic gifts,
grants and bequests given through the Memorial Medical Center Foundation, a 501(c)(3)
charitable organization, federal I.D. 95-6105984. Long Beach Memorial is a 460-bed general
acute care medical center and rehabilitation facility and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital
Long Beach is a 308-bed acute care hospital with pediatric and maternal services. Both are teaching
and research facilities, committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective patient care and are
members of the MemorialCare® Healthcare System and accredited by The Joint Commission.
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Board of Directors (2014 – 2015)
Peter Ridder
Alex Bellehumeur
Philanthropic Chair
Christine Walker
1st Vice Chair
Finance Chair
William Webster, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Gary Van Arnam
2nd Vice Chair
Investment Chair
Sandy Wells
Grants Application Chair
Deborah Massaglia
Kathy Lingle
Nominating Chair
Diana Hendel, PharmD
James F. Normandin
President, MMCF
Ben Alvarado
Lisa Chapman
Gary Cooper
N. Jack Dilday
Gil Dodson
James Emslie
David Erickson
John Fielder
Mari Hooper
R. Whitney Latimer
Susan Laputz
Jeffery Luther, MD
Jon Masterson
John Messenger, MD
Kevin Peterson
Ron Piazza
Louise Ukleja
John Wang
Joe Zucchero
Memorial Health Services
Memorial Medical Center Foundation
Barry Arbuckle, PhD
President and CEO
James F. Normandin
Long Beach Memorial
Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital
Long Beach
Community Hospital Long Beach
Lynne Bolen, MBA, MSHCA
Vice President, Finance
Chief Financial Officer
Long Beach Memorial Board of Directors
and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital
Long Beach Governing Board (2014 – 2015)
Tobi Ferguson
Vice President Development
Dave Carver
Diana Hendel, PharmD
Annual Report Publication Team
James Normandin
Med Art
Carol A. Beckerman
Linda M. Davis
Copy Editor
Richele Steele
VP Marketing/Physician Relations
Dann Froehlich Design
Graphic Design
April Barnes, MBA
Brett Beck
Tessa Cavenah
Kari Cho
Toni M. Day
Leigh Taylor Ellis
Jocelyn Neely
Maureen Nicart
Thomas R. Poole, CFRE
Iris Quiroz
Berdine Ramos, MBA
Jana Richards
Michele S. Roeder, MBA
Gloria Villalobos
Debra Williams
Nancy Myers
Vice Chair
Stephen Hryniewicki, MD
Barry Arbuckle President/CEO, MHS
Gail Carruthers, MD
Leslie Edrich, MD
Clifford Hancock, MD
Russell Hill
Laurence W. Jackson
Joseph Maga, Jr., CPA
Lorna McFarland, MD
Suzanne Nosworthy
Beverly O’Neill
William Webster, MD
Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach
Advisory Board
William Mingram, Chair
Todd Cancer Institute Advisory Board
Doug Todd, Chair
MemorialCare Heart & Vascular Institute Advisory Board
Sandy Wells, Chair
Queen Beach Printers, Inc.
Michael Cunningham
Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center Advisory Board
Scott Windus
Tim Rue
Community Hospital Long Beach Advisory Board
Christine Cameron, Chair
Kevin Peterson, Chair
For information, call the Foundation at 562.933.4483.
Copyright 2014 Memorial Medical Center Foundation. All rights reserved.
The material in this issue may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission of the
publisher. “Write a check your heart can cash” and “that extra measure of care” are registered
trademarks of the Memorial Medical Center Foundation.
Please write us at our address if you wish to have your name removed from the list to receive future fundraising
requests supporting Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach.

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