Pool of Radiance^Codewheel


Pool of Radiance^Codewheel
Codewheel how to:
For the best success with remaking the codewheel use a cardboard and glue the printet
paper to the cardboard. The gray cardboard that you usually find behind a block of paper
works wonders.
The paper is in A4 size, if you make in other sizes, then the measurements are as follows:
Outer/bottom wheel is 14cm in diameter.
Inner/top wheel is 12cm in diameter.
Print out page 1 and cut it. You can use a pair of scissors to cut along the outer wheel of
both wheels.
In the small wheel, cut out the small squares next to the numbers.
Cut a small hole in the center of both wheels, put the smaller wheel on top of the larger
one, and use "something" to bind them together in the middle. I found that in the early
90'ies there was a letter lock, that kept packages closed, but since the postoffice needed to
inspect contents, it should be easy opened. I don't know if you can still get these, but they
work perfectly.
The original codewheel can be seen on the last page. If you want to create your own wheel
due to you're not satisfied with the one I've created, you can use the second image to get
the codes. The scans are from 2 different wheels; my original, and a photocopy I used back
in the day.
Yet another quality product from
Tomse @ CiA
Commodore is Awesome / http://awesome.commodore.me
Legal: As I have no idea if your country still has copyright protections on a product that is
more than 20 years of age, I suggest you only use this if you own the original game. If not,
and you decide to redistribute it, make sure I get credits, it did take me quite some work to
do after all. Enjoy.