Welcome to Sommarscen 2013! From June 14
through August 10, the city of Malmö stages a
wide range of events at expected and unexpected
locations. Always in the open air and always free of
charge. With 150 events at 35 sites over the course of
59 days, you are certain to find something you like,
whether you’re in the mood for entertainment, fun,
or culture.
PS! This year our scheduling is more varied. Make sure
you check out the programme, download our app, or
go to www.sommarscen.se so you won’t miss a thing.
AT 10 AM & 2 PM
Spend quality time together: Thrills,
spills and chills for all ages.
Idol with Musikteatern
Jag är här nu!
A celebrated trio from Gothenburg has come to see us at
Sommarscen. Their show is about heroes, idols and being your
own best fan. How it’s important to be inspired, rather than
impressed. Heartfelt musical theatre for both young and old.
For the 7-13 age group.
Saturday June 15
2 pm | Kungsparken (behind Casino Cosmopol)
Badet with Expressteatern
Three quirky bathers. One sun lounger. One beach. Live silent
comedy inspired by Esther Williams about the dreams and
expectations people have about summer. Family show.
Tuesday June 18
10 am|
2 pm |
Wednesday June 19 10 am|
2 pm |
Thursday June 20 10 am|
2 pm |
Grevens Park (behind the playground)
Tyelseparken (behind Tygelsjö preschool)
Pildammsparken (by the boules pitch)
Mellanhedsparken (by the playground)
Vänskapsparken (by Rosengårdsskolan)
Nu är vi Gorillor låssas vi
with Dockteatern Tittut
Two fuzzy gorillas — one big, one small — at play in the jungle.
Who knows, maybe we’ll see a crocodile! A puppet show about
sibling love. A thrilling comedy based on Barbro Lindgren’s
book of the same name. For children 2-6.
Tuesday June 25
10 am |
2 pm |
Wednesday June 26 10 am|
2 pm |
Thursday June 27 10 am|
2 pm |
Friday June 28
10 am |
2 pm |
Saturday June 29 2 pm |
Elinelunds sommarstad (by the playground)
Rörsjöparken (by the wading pool)
Kroksbäcksparken (by the puckleball pitch)
Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
Risebergaparken (by the playground)
Augustenborgsparken (by the playground)
Beijers park (by the playground)
Kungsparken (behind Casino Cosmopol)
Allsånger från Glömskan
WITH Teater Konkarong
Miss Jill and Mr Blank have left the town of Glömskan (“Forgetfulness”) behind. Now they’re here at Sommarscen to share
their unforgettable sing-a-long songs with us. When their
memory fails them, they can always fall back on charades and
riddles. An interactive sing-a-long show. From age 4 and up.
Tuesday July 2
Wednesday July 3
Thursday July 4
Friday July 5
Saturday July 6 10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
2 pm |
Lindängens amphitheatre
Grevens park (behind the playground)
Mellanhedsparken (by the playground)
Blekeparkens amphitheatre (Oxie)
Nydala amphitheatre
Hammars park (by the playground)
Videdalsparken (by the playground)
Beijers park (by the playground)
Kungsparken (behind Casino Cosmopol)
Marhaba Hej! – A musical story
about friendship
After Nadin moves into his neighbourhood, nothing turns out
quite the way Gabbe expected it to. The story of an unfolding
friendship is told against a backdrop of music from the Middle
East and Sweden. Family show.
Tuesday July 9
Wednesday July 10
Thursday July 11
Friday July 12
Saturday July 13 10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
2 pm |
Lindängens amphitheatre
Augustenborgsparken (by the playground)
Grönalund (Hyllie kyrkoväg)
Nydala amphitheatre
Rörsjöparken (by the wading pool)
Kroksbäcksparken (by the puckleball pitch)
Vänskapsparken (by Rosengårdsskolan)
Kungsparken (behind Casino Cosmopol)
The live-looping sound wizards known as Lur have charmed
audiences at festivals, clubs, and theatres alike. Using electronic
artefacts, home-made instruments, toys and junkyard scrap,
Lur takes us on a musical journey where the city is both the
stage and an instrument. Family show.
Tuesday July 16
Wednesday July 17
Thursday July 18
Friday July 19
Saturday July 20 6
10 am |
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am |
2 pm |
2 pm |
Kroksbäcksparken (by the puckleball pitch)
Grevens park (behind the playground)
Pildammsparken (by the boules pitch)
Rörsjöparken (by the wading pool)
Risebergaparken (by the playground)
Videdalsparken (by the playground)
Kungsparken (behind Casino Cosmopol)
Böjligheter möjligheter
WITH Embla dans & teater
Dancers balance and bounce among billowing blocks. Worlds
are created and transformed. Where one sees an animal, another sees a tunnel to crawl through. For children 3-7.
Tuesday July 23
Wednesday July 24
Thursday July 25
Friday July 26
Saturday July 27 10 am |
2 pm |
10 am |
2 pm |
10 am |
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
2 pm |
Elinelunds sommarstad (by the playground)
Augustenborgsparken (by the playground)
Mellanhedsparken (by the playground)
Pildammsparken (by the boules pitch)
Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
Beijers park (by the playground)
Kroksbäcksparken (by the puckleball pitch)
Hammars park (by the playground)
Kungsparken (behind Casino Cosmopol)
Fröknarna Klack & Trumhinnorna
The children’s music duo Fröknarna Klack teams up with the
percussionists of Trumhinnorna in a catchy concert at Pildammsteatern. Bubbly tunes and nutty rhymes served up with
an irresistible beat by musicians that play on everything in
sight! Family show.
Saturday July 27
2 pm | Pildammsteatern
Mera Max with Teater Sagohuset
Welcome to the magic world of Max, where teddies fly and cars
race along the walls. A warm and busy place. Inspired by the
popular Max series by Barbro Lindgren. For children 1-3.
Tuesday July 30
Wednesday July 31
Thursday August 1
Friday August 2
Saturday August 3 10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
10 am|
2 pm |
2 pm |
Elinelunds sommarstad (by the playground)
Tyelseparken (behind Tygelsjö preschool)
Pildammsparken (by the boules pitch)
Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
Risebergaparken (by the playground)
Videdalsparken (by the playground)
Beijers park (by the playground)
Kungsparken (behing Casino Cosmopol)
Cirkus Imago Live
The popular SVT series Cirkus Imago comes to Sommarscen!
Anna and Dag are on the lookout for new circus routines. The
audience gives them a hand. Acrobatics, laughter and magic
for the whole family. Welcome to Cirkus Imago, live for the very
first time! Family show.
Tuesday August 6
Note 2 pm & 7 pm | Lindängens amphitheatre
Wednesday Aug. 7 Note 2 pm & 7 pm
Thursday August 8 Note 2 pm & 7 pm
Friday August 9 Note 2 pm & 7 pm
Saturday August 10 Note 2 pm
| Bulltofta recreation area
(by Bulltofta Motionscenter)
| Blekeparken amphitheatre
| Vänskapsparken
(by Rosengårdsskolan)
| Kungsparken
(behind Casino Cosmopol)
Photo: Love Lannér
Nu är vi Gorillor låssas vi with Dockteatern Tittut
| June 25–29 | Various places (see page 5)
Pack a picnic basket and greet twilight
with a challenging, thought provoking or simply nice experience.
Markandeya Collective + Ana Tijoux
The evening at Pildammsteatern kicks off with double concert:
Kultiration was one of the most acclaimed acts on the Swedish
reggae scene. Now, front man Marcus Berg has a new music
project that features roots, beats, and pop. Ana Tijoux is one of
the biggest names in Latin American hip hop. Born in exile in
France, she returned to Chile in 1990. Her big break came with
the release of her second solo album which centred on autobiographical themes of exile and identity issues. In association
with Selam.
Friday June 14 10
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Water on Mars with Wes Peden, Tony
Pezzo and Patrik Elmnert
A fresh new circus show showcasing six hands and thousands
of catches. The trio presents dynamic airborne images and
intricate gear-like manipulation. Juggling and acrobatics like
nothing you’ve ever seen before!
Saturday June 15 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Anna-Mia Barwe
Anna-Mia Barwe has 25 years as a jazz vocalist under her belt.
Jazz po skånska, her recording of jazz standards in Swedish —
or more specifically, in the dialect of Scania — has achieved
cult status. A widely anticipated new album was released last
year. Ms Barwe is backed by our province’s top jazz musicians.
Sunday June 16
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Roses & Beans
with Shake It Collaborations
An everyday musical with rosy cheeks, flirtatious bodies and
the occasional love song all done to a steady marching beat
by Tove Sahlin and Dag Andersson. This performing duo goes
crashing into the kitchen sink as they explore the couple as an
institution and a template for happiness. Is it possible to go on
reproducing twosomes and still cause a revolution? Part of the
Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Sunday June 16
7 pm | Magistratsparken
Svensktoppen Nästa
Local finals in the nationwide competition arranged by SR,
Sweden’s public service radio. The finalists, selected by votes
phoned in to P4 Malmöhus, will perform live. Along with a
jury, the audience will determine which act gets a shot at the
Swedish charts and possibly perform at the 2014 ESC. Our host
is Ola Selmén. Guest appearance by Lucia Pinéra. In association
with P4 Malmöhus - Sveriges Radio.
Wednesday June 19
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Din Gata 100,6 Live
Din Gata is broadcasting live from Pildammsteatern! And
they’ve brought along a few promising acts from Malmö:
Rising star Americol; Bahia, the dub queen; the magic voice of
Nova Delai; and the hip hop/reggae act Lide Najs. Our host is
Din Gata’s Farah Erichsén, Juan Havana and Helen Findley.
Thursday June 20
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Eilen Jewell
Country folk musician Eilen Jewell leaves no concert-goer
unmoved. Like a cross between Lucinda Williams and Norah
Jones, Jewell has staked out a position where she is appreciated by both critics and audiences alike. And now she’s back in
Malmö at last!
Sunday June 23
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Photo: Kim Svensson
Daniel Lemma | June 25 | Pildammsteatern
(see page 14)
Mabel & Billie’s Amazing, Adventurous and Adorable Circus Show
with Cikaros and TinCanCompany
A tea party way up in the air. Gracious balancing acts on one
arm. Obscure dance numbers. Comic confusion with double ropes and thrilling tricks on Chinese poles. A striking and ruthless
tribute to strong women of all shapes and sizes.
Sunday June 23 7 pm | Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
Daniel Lemma
The hit song If I used to love you from the film Jalla! Jalla! made
Lemma an instant sensation. On his latest album, Lemma
revisits his major source of inspiration, the American music
tradition and the world of folk, country and blues.
Tuesday June 25 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Oh boy! – sing-a-long
WITH Miriam Aïda
Acclaimed singer Miriam Aïda hosts a heartfelt sing-a-long.
Backed by Mats Andersson’s band, we’ll be treated to American
soul, Swedish favourites, reggae from Scania, and a few hits
from the 80s. This evening’s special guests are Marianne Mörck,
Lena Frisk and Nadin Al khalidi.
Wednesday June 26
And July 3 and 31.
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Frühstück im Grünen by Saralunden
A tall ladder. A tree. A woman. An operetta in German with
an erotic slant, inspired by Picasso’s Luncheon on the Grass.
Saralunden (Sara Lundén) is an artist, musician and songwriter.
A 16-minute-long performance piece. Part of the Malmö Nordic
2013 art manifestation.
Thursday June 27
7 and 9 pm | Kungsparken (by the Ernst Billgren sculpture)
Run 040 Battle
Run 040 Battle is back for the fourth year in a row! Don’t miss
Malmö’s best moves when Scandinavian dance talents battle
for the All Style Crew title. Manning the turntables is DJ Rob
Love and KCL. Our host is none other than Behrang Miri. In
association with RGRA.
Friday June 28 7-10 pm | Pildammsteatern
Variety show with Gunhild Carling
& Carling Big Band
Gunhild Carling has been praised by former president Bill
Clinton, but she is mainly known for her swinging jazz shows.
Tonight she will be gracing Sommarscen with the one-and-only Carling Big Band to treat us to lots of music, dance, juggling
and a few surprises!
Saturday June 29 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Geomungo Factory
Geomungo is an ancient Korean string instrument made of
bamboo, with thick strings that create a deep and rich sound.
South Korea’s Geomungo Factory was founded by classical
musicians who aim to present music in the Korean tradition
with their own unique and innovative twist.
Sunday June 30 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Emilia Amper
One of Sweden’s most exciting new folk music talents, Emilia
Amper was the winner of the 2010 Nyckelharpa World Championships. She moves creatively and freely between various
genres and her latest release, Trollfågeln, was nominated both
for a Grammis and Manifestpriset.
Tuesday July 2
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Oh boy! – sing-a-long
WITH Miriam Aïda
(see page 14)
Tonight’s guests: Jacques Werup, Bodil Tangotanten Bendixon,
and General Knas.
Wednesday July 3 And July 31.
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
This year’s literary bicycle tour takes us to places that in some
way demonstrate shifts in time – eras, new lifecycles, or the
changing seasons. Join us and listen to authors read passages
on the theme Transitions. Don’t forget your bike! In association
with Språka.
Thursday July 4
7-9 pm | Departs from St Pauli kyrka
(Kungsgatan 32)
Afternoon club with Bixiga 70
Stop by on your way back from the beach or after work. Go
ahead and mingle or dance up a storm, the Brazilian beat of
Bixiga 70 is guaranteed to get you going. Experience a hot
new instrumental melange of Guinean malinké and Brazilian candomblé spiced with afrobeat, samba, and cumbia. DJ
Simón de La Onda gets the party started with a set of modern
and traditional Afro-Latin tunes. Welcome to the Sommarscen
Afternoon Club!
Friday July 5 Note 4-6 pm | Ljudkullen i Scaniaparken
Malmö Open
Adam Evald + Sandy Mouche + Vånna Inget
For the first time, Sommarscen’s tribute to the colourful local
music scene will use Pildammsteatern as a venue for this brew
of pop, punk and love! Adam Evald, also lead singer of Forest
& Crispian, paints candid vocal portraits of breakups and loss.
Low-key pop with the occasional French twist is the signature
of lead singer Helena Josefsson and the band Sandy Mouche.
Vånna Inget delivers punk tempered with pop, producing
vibrantly melancholic melodies.
Friday July 5 7-10 pm | Pildammsteatern
Pildammarna i mitt hjärta
As usual, this particular sing-a-long event — back for the third
year in a row — showcases spectacular women and musicians.
The eminent Josefin Johansson and her band The Mona Lisa
guide the audience through a bouquet of Swedish indie favourites, along with a few pop pearls and hard rock anthems. Most
anything goes, as long as you dare sing along! Guest appearances by local and national greats.
Saturday July 6
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
And July 17 and 24.
Note These dates are Wednesdays.
Photo: Sanna Dolck
Din Gata 100,6 Live | June 20 | Pildammsteatern
(see page 12)
Dengue Fever
Chhom Nihol sings Cambodian sixties-inspired Khmerpop
melded with Los Angeles-style rock. Dengue Fever recently
released their fourth album. They perform live in Khmer and
Sunday 7 July 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Roberto Fonseca
The Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca has a brilliant future in store on the international jazz scene. Here he is in Malmö, taking
the audience on a musical journey to new dimensions, from
Havana via Paris to Marocco and Algeria.
Tuesday July 9
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
New Tide Orquesta
One of Sweden’s most exciting live acts; previously known as
New Tango Orquesta. Buenos Aires tango merges with modern
minimalism, classical Baroque influences and free improvisation. Intense, intimate, and dynamite!
Wednesday July 10
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Swing it again, Alice
with Karin Turesson and Agnes Berg
Agnes Berg and Karin Turesson treat us to tunes made famous
by Alice Babs along with episodes from the singer’s eventful
life, ranging from the jazz trio Swe-Danes and her collaboration
with Duke Ellington to her movie career.
Thursday July 11
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Youssra El Hawary
Multitalented Youssra El Hawary from Cairo is a filmmaker, an
actress, a singer, an accordionist and a songwriter. The video El
Soor (The Wall), about the Arab Spring, brought her to international attention. This is one of her first performances outside of
Friday July 12
7 pm | Hedmanska gården
Fatma Zidan
Fatma Zidan is a well-known Egyptian singer currently residing
in Copenhagen. A former singer with the Cairo opera, Ms Zidan
has spent recent years touring. An evening of dreamy Arab folk
and pop music on the theme of love and relationships.
Friday July 12 9 pm | Hedmanska gården
My Old China by Maline Casta
With a background as a stage designer, Maline Casta has been
creating performance art since 2007. Her visual and poetic expression could be called “poetry via images”, where seemingly
everyday occurrences shift and take on a new significance. My
Old China is a tea party with a twist. The piece has a total duration of three hours and you are free to come and go as you like.
Part of the Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Sunday July 14
Note 2-5 pm | Slottsparken (by the big pool between Lördagsplan and the Komendantbron bridge)
Gaining international fame in recent years, Lindigo is a band
from Reunion, an island republic off the East African coast.
Local music traditions are fused with traditional and innovative
percussion. An explosive stage show bursting with movement,
blues, and a trance-inducing beat. This is their first appearance
in Sweden.
Sunday July 14
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Mokoomba, from Victoria Falls in northern Zimbabwe, has
quickly become an important ambassador for the vibrant
South African music scene. Inspired by the mighty Zambezi
River, these young musicians generate a unique Afro-fusion
sound spiced with funk, rap, and reggae.
Tuesday July 16 22
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Valby Vokalgruppe
(see page 39)
The surprising Danish choir that uses their voices as instrument
and their instruments as voices. Minimalist and trance-inducing music inspired by Steve Reich, Meredith Monk, Laurie
Anderson and African choral music. After the concert, there will
be a screening of video art from the Moderna Museet collection. In association with CPH:Dox and Moderna Museet. Part of
the Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Tuesday July 16 9 pm | Moderna Museets courtyard
Pildammarna i mitt hjärta
(see page 18)
Wednesday 17 July And July 24.
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Mari Kvien Brunvoll
The word has spread like wildfire about the charismatic singer
from Norway who likes to sit cross-legged on stage. Mari Kvien
Brunvoll serves up a magic mix of jazz, improvisation, electronica, pop and Americana using live sampling, loops, small percussion, zither and electronics. In association with Jazz i Malmö.
Wednesday July 17
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Photo: Jonas Jörneberg
Efverman på slak lina | July 18 | Hedmanska gården
(see page 25)
Efverman på slak lina – en rolig
kväll om kvinnohat with Anna-Lena
Actress Anna-Lena Efverman in a dizzying balancing act
surrounded by blood-thirsty housewives, oppressed soccer
husbands, and bitter actresses. No safety net shields us from
the abyss: The alleged difference between the sexes!
Thursday July 18
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Lelo Nika Septet
Malmö-based Lelo Nika, with roots in Serbia, is one of the
world’s foremost accordionists. Moving fluidly between genres
such as art music, jazz and folk. His latest project, Lelo Nika
Septet, teams him with the TAJJ String Quartet to forge new
musical dimensions together. In association with Musik i Syd.
Friday July 19 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Juju & Jordash
Juju & Jordash are hailed as one of the most interesting contemporary electronic live acts. Brought together by the jazz
scene of Haifa, the duo presently calls Amsterdam their home.
Their music is a unique hybrid of techno, krautrock and jazz. In
association with Geography Records.
Friday July 19
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Jesper Rönndahl + Moa Svan
+ Petrina Karlsson + Nathalie Cécile
Malmö’s hyped stand-up club comes to Pildammsteatern with
a generous helping of social satire and comedy. Let Jesper
Rönndahl’s quirky jokes hit you right between the eyes. Enjoy
tough-talking audience favourite Petrina Karlsson, Moa Svan’s
sharply sardonic wit, and the subtle sarcasm of the promising
Nathalie Cécile. Fritte Fritzson and Marcus Johansson will be
your hosts and guides.
Saturday July 20
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Las Migas
Four friends, four visions and one passion: flamenco. The
modern Spanish flamenco music of the quartet Las Migas is
brimming with energy, joy and feeling. Also appearing is the
flamenco dancer Sara Barrero.
Sunday July 21 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
The Bombay Royale
Magical vintage Bollywood with a spectacular blend of Tarantino-esque surfer pop, disco, theatrics and irresistible dance
moves. A colourful show that sweeps audiences off their feet.
Tuesday July 23
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Kira Kira (see page 41)
Iceland’s Kira Kira — aka Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir — produces music that is always in transition. She experiments to explore the frontiers between music and visuals, gliding smoothing
between various art forms. A screening of her film Grandma
Lo-Fi – The Basement Tapes of Sigridur Nielsdottir will take place
after the concert. In association with CPH:Dox and Moderna
Museet. Part of the Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Tuesday July 23 9 pm | Moderna Museet courtyard
Pildammarna i mitt hjärta (see page 18)
Wednesday July 24 7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Sofie Livebrant
Sofie Livebrant serves up her own fine material with a dash of
poetry, anecdotes, whims and traditional dancing games. Her
latest projects are based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson and
Lars Forsell.
Wednesday July 24 9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Vår festliga riksdag WITH Kalle Lind
AND Kristoffer Jonzon
Did you think our government consisted of 349 blockheads,
buffoons and bores? You’re wrong! This show uses words,
images, and music to tell Sweden’s political story, giving us the
lowdown on the seemingly dull as well as the darlings among
our Riksdag representatives.
Thursday July 25
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs
An exhilarating blend of sounds sampled from the Bulgarian
countryside, electronic beats, visuals and pulsating energy
spirits us away to the Bulgarian capital Sofia for the evening.
First-time appearance in Sweden.
Friday July 26 9 pm | Hedmanska gården
John The Houseband
John The Houseband, which includes choreographer and dancer Alma Söderberg, creates musical art projects as a tribute to
the world we live in. Dance and music are fused into concerts
that push the envelope. The John Quixote Tour started out as a
review of the current European recession. After a year on the
road, it’s now time for Malmö.
Sunday July 28
7 pm | Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
Zār is a community healing ritual of drumming and dancing
from the Middle East, practised for and by women. To the hypnotic beat of drums and maracas, the music grows, accelerates,
and explodes in a cathartic climax. Today, only a few people are
authorized to perform Zār.
Tuesday July 30
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Photo: Daniel Israelsson
My old China by Maline Casta | July 14 | Slottsparken
(see page 22)
Photo: Einar Kling Odencants
Water on Mars with Wes Peden, Tony Pezzo
and Patrik Elmnert | June 15 | Pildammsteatern (see page 11)
(see page 42)
The experimental duo Senyawa comes from Java. Played on
home-made bamboo string instruments with guitar pickups,
their music is a reflection on the traditional musical legacy
of Indonesia flavoured with a mix of East and West. After the
concert, the film Calling the New Gods by Vincent Moon will be
screened. In association with CPH:Dox and Moderna Museet. Part
of the Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Tuesday July 30
9 pm | Moderna Museet courtyard
Oh boy! – sing-a-long
WITH Miriam Aïda
(see page14)
Tonights’s guests: Behrang Miri, Den sjungande trappuppgången and Joe Spinaci.
Wednesday July 31
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Klubb Krinolin
Classic chamber music at Hedmanska gården. Tonight’s theme,
Violer till mor, features charming tunes from yesteryear. A time
when strings were unashamed to be honeyed and vocals were
velvety and heavy on sentiment.
Wednesday July 31
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Harry Arnold Tribute
Back in the 40s, Harry Arnold’s big band filled the dance pavilion Amiralen in Malmö. It’s time for his annual tribute with
Amiralens Storband. Tonight’s guests include the 2013 Harry
Arnold scholarship winner, the pianist Mattias Nilsson and this
year’s young Stand-by Scholarship winner Kathrine Windfeld.
Thursday August 1
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Skippin’ through the graveyard
Armed with dark comedy, spiritual harmonies and ecstatic
line dance, four unlikely missionaries take the audience on a
heavenly journey in search of the meaning of life. A bluegrass
musical conceived and performed by Dag Andersson, Lars
Bethke, Anders Larsson and Sandra Medina.
Thursday August 1
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye
Darkness and misery. Passion and joy. The Malmö-based artist
Louisa Lyne sings in Yiddish, infusing new life into a rich musical and poetic legacy. An unforgettable journey through old
and new, melancholy and light.
Friday August 2
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Hur lågt kan man sjunka?
WITH Banditteatern
After last year’s acclaimed production Battle Royal, the improvising stage wizards of Banditteatern are back. We can be sure
they will dig up the dirt on controversial current events. Armed
with a killer sense of humour and a secret guest, they turn all
our preconceived notions upside down and inside out. They
will go overboard, the only question is how far?
Sunday August 4 7 pm | Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
(see page 44)
Internationally acclaimed experimental pop rockers Efterklang
from Copenhagen are known for always reinventing themselves. We’re thrilled to have them back here at Sommarscen
for a special evening that includes live music and a film. The
documentary The Ghost of Piramida will be screened at 10 pm.
In association with CPH:Dox.
Sunday August 4 9 pm | Pildammsteatern
Sam Lee
Mercury Prize-nominee Sam Lee is a multitalented artist and
musician based in London. His innovative arrangements and
musical ease help bring traditional English folk music into new
settings and musical contexts.
Tuesday August 6
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Rokia Traoré
Rokia Traoré from Mali is one of Africa’s musical icons. She moves graciously between genres such as blues, afro, rock and the
singer-songwriter tradition. Her lyrics are personal and political
observations of life, immigration, and contemporary existence.
Wednesday August 7
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
April Verch
April Verch is a fiddler and step dancer from Canada. She and
her bluegrass musicians on guitar, upright bass and banjo tour
the world. An act packed with charm, humour and unlimited
energy. First-time appearance in Sweden.
Wednesday August 7 9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Rörelsen under Cover
What is a Swedish stereotype today? What are flowers in your
hair? Rörelsen takes you along on dance safari through the
sculptural concrete jungle of Hyllie. Choreographer co-operative Rörelsen celebrates its tenth anniversary with a dazzling
manifesto for a culturally diverse Sweden. Concept: Khamlane
Halsackda. Dancers: Khamlane Halsackda, Rumiko Otsuka,
Maria Naidu, Torbjörn Stenberg, Sonny Linbäck and Majula
Thursday August 8
Note 2 pm and 7 pm | Departs from
Hyllie station square
Sommardans WITH Skånes
Sixteen dancers from Skånes Dansteater perform highlights
from this year’s repertoire, a taste of the various expressions
modern dance has to offer. From intimate solos and duets to
vibrant ensembles and explosive rhythmic expressions. A few
surprises are in store as well! In association with Skånes Dansteater.
Thursday August 8
Friday August 9
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Mina vackra ögon with Blaue Frau
A lonely man looking for a purpose, a place, a love. Two women
armed with fragile hearts and sharp dialogue. A loud-mouthed
stage production based on the work of cartoonist and poet
Nina Hemmingsson.
Thursday August 8
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
RebekkaMaria & The Hymnboy
Two of Denmark’s most exciting musicians. Hymns From
Nineveh front man Jonas H. Petersen once again adopts his
alter ego, The Hymnboy, for this musical encounter with singer
RebekkaMaria. Against a backdrop of acoustic instruments, the
duo creates first-class folk pop.
Friday August 9
7 pm | Hedmanska gården
Huntress Bow
Heavy, beautiful and edgy music that showcases two distinctive voices. Huntress Bow consists of Mariam Wallentin and
Lindha Kallerdahl, singers and musicians that explore the
frontier between fantasy and reality. Mariam is one half of
Wildbirds & Peacedrums, while Lindha has a background with
bands such as Sonic Youth. This duo will awaken your senses
and take you on a journey of mutual discovery. In association
with Jazz i Malmö.
Friday August 9
9 pm | Hedmanska gården
Symphonic Finale
with Malmö Symphony Orchestra Grand finale at the amphitheatre with a string of symphonic
pearls, cool classics, and a dash of tango and video game music. A luscious tasting menu of the Malmö Symphony Orchestra
repertoire. Tonight’s conductor is Ingar Bergby. In association
with Malmö Symphony Orchestra.
Saturday August 10
7 pm | Pildammsteatern
Houssam Zamzam & Al Charq (see page 44)
The Århus-based band Al Charq blends traditional Arab music
with modern Middle Eastern folk music. Their repertoire
consists of their own material, Arab classics and contemporary
pop music. Tonight they’re here to warm up the audience for
the screening of When Monaliza smiled at 10 pm. In association
with Malmö Arab Film Festival.
Saturday August 10
9 pm | Sibbarp (by the skateboard park)
Photo: Sara Yahia
Youssra El Hawary | July 12 | Hedmanska gården
(see page 21)
AT 10 PM
Taking in a movie under a shimmering
Swedish summer night sky is an experience you just can’t miss.
Rapunzel is a feisty teenager with long, magical golden hair.
Accompanied by the bandit Flynn Rider, she throws herself
into a hair-raisingly tangled adventure in search of her roots. A
Disney feature for the entire family.
Directed by: Nathan Greno och Byron Howard, USA 2010, 100
min. Dubbed into Swedish. In association with EIM – Engagerad i
Malmö, Tjejer i Förening and Folkets Bio Malmö.
Friday July 12 38
10 pm |Vänskapsparken (by Rosengårdsskolan)
Eat Sleep Die
Gabriela Pichler’s brilliant movie debut. When gutsy Raša loses
her job, she decides to bypass the bureaucratic jungle and find
her own solutions. To her, life has to be more than just “eat,
sleep, die”. Award-winning drama.
Directed by: Gabriela Pichler, Sverige 2012, 104 min. In association with Folkets Bio Malmö.
Saturday July 13
10 pm | Lindängens amphitheatre
Video art from the Moderna Museet
collections (see page 23)
Moderna Museet Malmö presents selections from their extensive collection of experimental film and video art. A club for
experimental film, formed in 1955 by Pontus Hultén, was the
foundation for this collection. Sommarscen will be showing
choice selections in a whole new context. Valby Vokalgruppe
performs at 9 pm. In association with CPH:Dox and Moderna
Museet. Part of the Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Tuesday July 16
10 pm | Moderna Museet courtyard
From Up on Poppy Hill
It’s 1963, the year before the Tokyo summer Olympics. Each
morning, 16-year-old Umi raises a set of signal flags. This ritual
fascinates Kazama, a boy who goes to the same school as Umi.
A love story unfolds, but certain secrets will have a decisive
impact on their future. Anime by Studio Ghibli.
Directed by: Goro Miyazaki, Japan 2011, 91 min. Japanese dialogue, Swedish subtitles. In association with Folkets Bio Malmö.
Friday July 19
10 pm | Sevedsplan
A heart-warming tale of two orphaned Kurdish brothers in Iraq
who want to go to America and find Superman. The boys hope
he can help them topple Saddam Hussein and bring their dead
parents back to life again. In 2011, filmmaker Karzan Kader
won a Student Academy Award with a short film version of this
Directed by: Karzan Kader, Sweden 2012, 97 min. Kurdish dialogue, Swedish subtitles. Recommended for 11 years and up. In
association with Folkets Bio Malmö.
Saturday July 20 40
10 pm | Kullarna i Kroksbäcksparken
Grandma Lo-Fi: The basement tapes
of Sigrídur Níelsdóttir
(see page 27)
Equipped with a cassette recorder, Sigrídur Níelsdóttir began recording songs in her 70s, laying down melodies with a
keyboard. Banging pot lids and barking dogs created a singular
soundscape around her often gentle and catchy tunes. Making
use of her own imagery and inimitable music style, Kristín Björk
Kristjánsdóttir creates a playful tribute to Sigrídur’s exuberant
creativity. Kira Kira will play live at 9 pm.
Directed by: Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir
and Orri Jónsson, Iceland/Denmark 2011, 62 min. Dialogue in
Icelandic/Danish, English subtitles. In association with CPH:Dox
and Moderna Museet. Part of the Malmö Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Tuesday July 23
10 pm | Moderna Museet courtyard
Bitch Hug
When Kristin misses her flight to New York, she hides out in
the countryside with her new-found friend Andrea. In a grand
virtual adventure, Kristin provides friends and readers of her
column with first-hand reports from the Big Apple. Or are they?
A beautifully crafted drama about a seminal summer and two
young girls in search of their identity.
Directed by: Andreas Öhman, Sweden 2012, 101 min. In association with Folkets Bio Malmö.
Friday July 26 10 pm | Lindängens amphitheatre
Wadjda dreams of owning a green bicycle so that she can race
with a neighbourhood boy, Abdulla. The problem is that where
she lives, girls are not allowed to ride bikes. While her family is
focused on other matters, Wadjda tries to raise the money for a
bike all by herself. This is the first Saudi Arabian feature-length
film directed by a woman.
Directed by: Haifaa Al Mansour, Saudi Arabia 2012, 98 min.
Arabic dialogue, Swedish subtitles. In association with Folkets
Bio Malmö.
Saturday July 27
10 pm | Törnrosens amphitheatre
Calling The New Gods
– Senyawa live in Java
(see page 31)
Mathieu Saura, more widely known as Vincent Moon, is a
celebrated filmmaker from Paris, internationally acclaimed for
his music-related art films and music videos for artists such
as Tom Jones, Michael Stipe and R.E.M. Rejecting commercial
filmmaking, he now dedicates his time and talent to non-profit
collaborations with local creators around the world. Tonight’s
film, Calling The New Gods, is a musical portrait of the band
Senyawa, from Indonesia. Senyawa will perform live at 9 pm.
Directed by: Vincent Moon, Indonesia, 2012, 26 min. In association with CPH:Dox and Moderna Museet. Part of the Malmö
Nordic 2013 art manifestation.
Tuesday July 30
10 pm | Moderna Museet courtyard
Displaced Perssons
Nordisk Panorama, a festival for short films and documentaries,
is giving Sommarscen a sneak peak at one of their films. Per
Persson left Sweden 40 years ago. He drove eastward in his
Land Rover, ending up in Pakistan, where he fell in love, had
two daughters and settled down. Per decides to take his wife
and family to Sweden, and one cold morning they find themselves in a caravan outside Hässleholm. Nothing turns out they
way they expected.
Directed by: Åsa Blanck and Johan Palmgren, Sweden 2013,
85 min. Swedish dialogue. In association with Nordisk Panorama
and Folkets Bio Malmö. A short featured at Nordisk Panorama
2012 will be screened first.
Friday August 2
10 pm | Enskifteshagen (Annelund)
Searching for Sugarman
Winner of multiple awards, including an Oscar for Best
Documentary in 2012. This is the story of Sixto Rodriguez, a
charismatic musician who seemed destined to become one
of the greats of his generation. Instead, he went underground
and was said to have committed suicide after a failed concert.
Two fans decided to find the truth about Rodriguez. Their
search revealed a story that was even more extraordinary than
the myths in circulation.
Directed by: Malik Bendjelloul, Sweden/Great Britain 2012,
85 min. English dialogue, Swedish subtitles. In association with
Folkets Bio Malmö and Nordisk Panorama.
Saturday August 3 10 pm |Sevedsplan
Efterklang: The Ghost of Piramida
(see page 33)
Piramida was built when there was still faith in the Soviet project. People from all over the Soviet Union came to this mining
town on the island of Spitsbergen in search of a better life. Now
only a ghost town remains. The Danish experimental pop band
Efterklang went to Piramida to collect sounds for their latest album. A fine portrayal of a melancholy chapter in history along
that also provides insight into the creative process of a band.
Efterklang will play live at 9 pm.
Directed by: Andreas Koefoed, Denmark 2012, 58 min. Danish
dialogue, English subtitles. In association with CPH:Dox.
Sunday August 4
10 pm |Pildammsteatern
When Monaliza smiled
(see page 36)
Grumpy Monaliza works in a government office, where she
meets Hamdi, an Egyptian tea boy. Together, they dream of a
life straight out of the romantic movies of yesteryear. Unfortunately, their fantasy is challenged by people who meddle
and question their happiness. A romantic comedy about the
love between Monaliza from Jordan and Hamdi from Egypt in
modern-day Amman. Houssan Zamzam plays Arab classics at
9 pm.
Directed by: Fadi Haddad, Jordan 2012, 95 minutes. Dialogue
in Arabic, English subtitles. In association with Malmö Arab Film
Festival and Folkets Bio Malmö.
Saturday August 10 10 pm | Sibbarp (by the skateboard park)
Photo: Folkets Bio
Wadja | July 27 | Törnrosens amphitheatre
(see page 42)
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