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here - Baltimore Pride
The GLCCB (Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual,
Community Center
of Baltimore and
Central Maryland)
produces Baltimore
Pride, publishes
Gay Life, and
provides numerous
other services to
Baltimore’s LGBTQ
1000 Cathedral St.
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 777-8145
Read it. Live it.
Love it.
Dear Potential Business Partners,
The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB)’s vision is
that sexual and gender minorities realize their collective power, play an
active role in Maryland, and work closely together to ensure that all parts
of the community are thriving.
Our mission is to be a catalyst for uniting and empowering LGBTQ
individuals in Baltimore and Maryland, and to advocate for a better quality
of life for the entire community.
Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a Corporate Partner
of the GLCCB. Your investment will support the dynamic programming and
attendance-filled events that the GLCCB conducts each and every year.
Through your partnership, your
company will enjoy marketing to
over 5,000 individuals on our
mailing list, 8,000 email subscribers,
thousands of
LGBTQ Marylanders who read Gay
Life magazine (Baltimore’s largest
LGBTQ publication).
With our different e vents a nd
activities your company will have
extensive opportunities to spread
knowledge of your institution and the
benefits that you offer the community
as a whole.
In 2012, the LGBTQ community is
estimated to have had a buying power
of $830 billion. Buying power is defined as the total personal income of
residents that is available, after taxes, for spending on virtually everything
they buy, including goods and services (also called disposable
income). The market share of that for Baltimore and Maryland is roughly
$1.5 billion. Baltimore Pride alone generates $1.024 million for area
businesses and organizations.
Our events and programs offer you some of the most cost-effective faceto-face and web-based marketing opportunities.
By becoming a corporate partner of the GLCCB, you will garner wide
access to individuals who may buy your products, services and/or
information. As you look through this partnership packet, you will have
the chance to review the different programs that the GLCCB currently
conducts in addition to the many events that we have. Further, you will
have a synopsis of our readership of our publication, Gay Life, as well as
its readership, their demographics, and their potential buying power.
There are a variety of partnership options for your company to consider
to capitalize on your investment. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
partnerships for all GLCCB activities are tax deductible. We look forward
to hearing from you and working with you in the near future.
The Board of Directors
Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore
Board of
Bill RedmondPalmer
Chris Adkins
Vice President
Daniel Moore
David Hale
Shelly Higgins
Joel Tinsley-Hall
Executive Director
Paul Liller
Baltimore Pride
Dan McEvily
Editor of Gay Life
1000 Cathedral St.
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 777-8145 phone
(410) 777-8135 fax
History of the GLCCB
In 1977 — less than ten years after the Stonewall riots
in New York — the Center was founded. At the time,
Baltimore was by no means a stranger to GLBT activism.
At first the GLCCB survived only t hrough the
hard work and self-sacrifice of committed
volunteers who provided the Center’s meeting
space, operated a switchboard, and distributed a
newsletter out of homes and basements. The
newly established GLCCB Health Clinic — later to
become Chase Brexton Health Services — shared
space with MCC. In 1980 however, the GLCCB
finally found a home at 241 West Chase Street.
Through the next several years, the
GLCCB struggled against bigotry,
adversity, and the horrors of
AIDS to grow and adapt to meet
the ever-changing needs of its
community. The GLCCB newsletter
evolved into the Baltimore Gay
Paper (BGP) — now known as Gay Life —
and moved from a volunteer’s basement into the Chase
Street building. The annual Pride celebration involved
much of the downtown area through the years, from
Charles Plaza, to the 200 block of Chase Street, to Park
Avenue, the Wyman Park Dell, to the current locations
of Charles and Eager Streets, and Druid Hill Park.
In 1985 “Lesbian” was added to the organization’s
name to create the most commonly know acronym
for the Center: GLCCB. In the next decade the Center
continued to change with its surroundings — offering
new programs and services — while remaining a beacon
and refuge for the community at large.
In 2002 — in an effort to remain inclusive — the Center
incorporated the entire community it serves into its
name to become the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland
(GLBTCCBCM) while retaining the familiar (and more
manageable) nickname of “the Center.”
Things have changed markedly from the days when
the Center operated out of basements, or fought for
its right to hold the Pride Celebration, or watched gay
rights bill after gay rights bill get voted down by the
Baltimore City Council.
With ever-increasing acceptance, things
may appear to be less challenging
now, but there is still much work
to be done. There will always
be challenges, both personal
and societal. Through individual
fundraisers, and grants, the Center
has been able to expand its services to
include more support groups, increased educational
opportunities, and more community outreach services.
The new millennium is an exciting and important
time in the Center’s evolution. The Center hopes for
more paid staff, new facilities, drop-in centers, and a
whole host of fresh and innovative ways to serve the
community. Plans are already in place to revitalize
the switchboard, to expand youth programming and
coming-out groups, and to strengthen partnerships
with organizations like Equality Maryland so that we
may speak with one voice in Annapolis about the
concerns of our community. 
GLCCB is proud to offer a wide range of free and
low-cost programs, events, and services to the community.
WoMeN’S proGraMS Women of Color, SILhouette
YoutH & YouNG aDuLt proGraMS Rainbow Youth Alliance, Mixed Company
HeaLtH & WeLLNeSS proGraMS Beginners’ Yoga, HIV & Syphilis Testing
traNSGeNDer proGraMS Akanni, Baltimore Trans-Masculine Alliance, Tran*quility
reCoverY proGraMS Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
CoMMuNItY proGraMS Book Club, LGBT Archive Project
40 YEARS OF BaLtIMore prIDe
The origins of Baltimore Pride date back to 1975. In
the decades since, Baltimore Pride has grown to become Maryland’s largest LGBTQ visibility event, providing an opportunity for the greater Maryland community
center of LGBTQ life in Baltimore. The Festival takes
place in a lakeside setting in beautiful Druid Hill Park,
which provides a pleasant and casual environment for
the festivities of the day.
to experience and learn more about the LGBTQ
community through a weekend of won-derful
events and exhibitions.
Attended annually by an es-timated 25,000 people,
Baltimore Pride is recognized not only as the premier
LGBTQ event in Maryland, but also one of the largest
festivals in Baltimore City.
The Baltimore Pride celebration is a program of the
Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore, a
community-based nonprofit organization founded
in 1977, whose mission is to provide support, education, outreach and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, queer (LGBTQ) individuals and their allies,
through programs, services and resources.
The Parade and Block Party are held in Mount Vernon, one of the most historic areas of the city and a
Photos by Anthony Moll and Jay W.
What Pride Means to You!
On average, 19,000 individuals
attend our Block Party and 5,400
attend our Pride Festival.
The average amount spent at
each event per person is $42,
which equates to $1.024 million
in revenue generated for the
community and businesses by
Baltimore Pride.
As a business owner, we know
that you benefit from Baltimore
Pride. It is not only a fundraiser
for the GLCCB but it is also a
marketing tool and revenue
generator to the establishments
in and around Baltimore.
Pride has become a staple for
Baltimore’s LGBTQ community
and in the interest of keeping
the event as a fundraiser for the
GLCCB, a tool for the businesses
and community we must partner
We ask for your sponsorship
and commitment in keeping
PRIDE one of the best festivals
in Baltimore! 
Gay Life readers are smart
and savvy. They choose Gay
Life because they want a
publication that speaks to
them in an engaging and
intelligent way.
• 75% of Gay Life readers
have graduated
from college
• 42% have received
post-graduate studies
• 30% readers have a
household income of
more than $60,000
Statistics from 2010 Gay Life
internet readership survey
Gay Life
Gay Life, our monthly magazine, is the most effective way to reach the
LGBTQ market in Maryland. Since 1979, readers have turned to the pages
of Gay Life for their local news, insightful commentary, extensive calendar
listings, restaurant reviews, and more.
Read it. Live it.
Love it.
Gay Life is distributed extensively throughout the Baltimore metropolitan
area and Washington, D.C. in addition to being viewable online at Advertising dollars directly benefit The GLCCB.
Online Advertising
Advertising on is one of the most effective ways
to enhance your print campaign. Gay Life makes it easy and affordable
to reach an even larger audience of readers. Leaderboard (728x90) and
box (200x200) ads are available.
Baltimore LGBT Visitors Guide
The team behind Gay Life, in cooperation with
Visit Baltimore, publish the annual Baltimore LGBT
Visitors Guide. The directory of accommodations,
attractions, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping
options is released each April and available yearround throughout the city and mailed to future
Baltimore visitors. 
readers who would
support a GL advertiser
Size of Market and Buying Power
• 6.8% of Americans over the age of 18 (roughly 15 to 16 million people)
publicly self identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
• The buying power of this segment for 2012 was $790 billion.
Source: Packaged Facts/Witeck-Combs Communications 2012
Advertising and Brand Loyalty
• 88% of lesbian and gay adults and 70% of heterosexuals are likely to
consider a brand that is known to provide equal workplace benefits
for all of their employees, including lesbians and gays.
• Lesbians and gays also are more likely to ask for a specific brand
when ordering alcoholic beverages (60%, compared to 42% of
Source: Witeck-Combs Communications/Harris Interactive, February 2007
Purchasing Behavior
• Nearly half (48%) of lesbian and gay adults report they like to
keep up with the latest styles and trends (compared to only 38% of
heterosexual adults).
Source: Witeck-Combs Communications/Harris Interactive, July 2008
• About two-thirds (66%) of all LGBTQ adults reported that they would
be very or somewhat likely to remain loyal to a brand they believed to
be very friendly and supportive to the lesbian, gay and transgender
community — even when less friendly companies may offer lower
prices or be more convenient.
Source: Witeck-Combs Communications/Harris Interactive, September 2007
Power in
Sponsorship Amount
Category Exclusivity
Full Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page
1/8 Page
10 ft. x 20 ft.
10 ft. x 10 ft.
Acknowledgement in E-mail Blasts
Tickets to Twilight on the Terrace
VIP Tickets to Meet Pride Entertainers
Baltimore Pride T-shirts
Sponsor Naming Rights to a Stage at Pride
Logo Included on Baltimore Pride Banners
Logo Included on Baltimore Pride Print Ads
Logo Included on Baltimore Pride T-shirts
Ad in Gay Life Magazine's Pride Guide
(The Official Guide to Baltimore Pride)
Use of Baltimore Pride Logo
Vendor Booth at Baltimore Pride
Logo and Link on
Baltimore Pride Parade Entry
Acknowledgement from Stage
Acknowledgement in Press Releases
50% off registration 25% off registration
Web Ad on
9 Months
6 Months
Free Ad in Baltimore LGBT Visitors
Guide (if secured by Jan. 30, 2015)
Full Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page
Free Ad in Gay Life Magazine
(With Opportunity to Increase Size)
Full Page
(6 issues)
1/2 Page
(6 issues)
1/4 Page
(6 issues)
1/8 Page
(3 issues)
Discounted Advertising in Gay Life Magazine
(After Initial Free Issues)
(6 issues)
(6 issues)
(6 issues)
(3 issues)
Feature Article in Gay Life Magazine
Acknowledgement and Marketing
on Facebook and Twitter
Company Messaging on Social Media
Listing in GLCCB Newsletter
Recognition in GLCCB Advertising
Sponsorships may be customizable to meet the needs of your
organization and/or business. Contact Paul Liller at (410) 777-8145 or
[email protected] to discuss customized opportunities.
Business/Organization Name
Contact Person
Street Address
City, State, ZIP
Description of Business/Organization (as you would like it to appear)
Sponsorship Level
In-Kind Product (if applicable)
Certain sponsor benefits (such as those involving Baltimore Pride and Gay Life) have strict deadlines.
Contact The GLCCB for further details if applicable to your partner level.
Please make out all sponsorship checks to GLCCB, write your partner level in the memo line,
and mail with completed form to GLCCB, 1000 Cathedral St., 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201.
If paying by credit card, fax this completed form to (410) 777-8135 or mail to the address above.
Credit Card Number
Name on Card
Expiration Date
V Code
Billing Address (if different from above)
Authorized Signature

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