The path to a cleaner, safer, saner world will be long


The path to a cleaner, safer, saner world will be long
The path to a cleaner, safer, saner world will be long, hard and full
of twists, turns, blind alleys and roundabouts. But it is still a path we
must travel if society as we know it is to survive.
For us at the Amnistya Childrens Foundation, the first steps along
that path begin right here in Baja California, Mexico. Why we are in
Baja California?
Because NeuroMama's products and services will be marketed first
in Latin America.
Baja California, Mexico is the very beginning of Latin America.
NeuroMama's products are GEO, SEM and eCommerse Advertising
products, DTH - Packages of TV channels, NeuroPhones and
NeuroPads, Celular and Internet Service.
Saving children
from drugs
I hope that you share with NeuroMama's Philosophical Differences, which separate NeuroMama, Ltd. and
other companies.
NeuroMama, Ltd. is a very small player compare to the giants in its $8 Trillion dollar a year
Telecommunication, Internet, Digital Marketing, Entertainment and Media Industries.
Amnistya Children Foundation provides advisory services to NeuroMama, Ltd. Vladislav "Slava-Steven"
Zubkis - Schwartzbard - Chairman and founder of Amnistya Childrens Foundation and NeuroMama's General
Design and Marketing Strategist.
The Amnistya Children's Foundation is dedicated to helping make this world a better, healthier planet… A better
place for our children and grandchildren and their children to grow up in, to thrive in … a world where they can
truly become all that they can be and all that we would hope them to be. To do this, we intend to raise hundreds
of millions of dollars for charitable purposes.
The Amnistya Childrens Foundation is a social outreach service of the Eurasia Resort, Golf, Conference,
Entertainment Complex in Las Vegas and, the world’s only neural-technology powered
Internet search engine and the first search engine designed entirely in and for the 21st Century.
In addition to investing a significant percentage of its parent companies’ annual earnings to support the causes
defined in this document, the Foundation will leverage the full resources of its parent and affiliated companies to
stage international fund-raising events to benefit not only the Foundation’s own charities but to also make
substantial contributions to such other notable charitable endeavors as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
One more very important thing, Amnistya, in addition to its own charitable activities, will enable both existing
charitable organizations and individual compassionate people to more easily engage in fundraising for good
causes. It will provide protection to donors by screening individuals and groups claiming to be legitimate
charities. It'll provide back office functions such as collections, record keeping, filings, providing tax recent
receipts to claim deductions, etc. to nonprofit organizations. That's just a few of the almost 30 services Amnistya
will be providing to the good people, the generous people, of the world.
Leveraging our sister companies, such as and Aces of Acts, in broadcasting, streaming media
distribution and live entertainment Amnistya will also provide communication channels - TV spots, billboards,
radio messages, etc. -- for the major institutional and individual charitable donors serving on the
Foundation’s board to reach out to individual contributors. Also, volunteer activists and fund-raising event
contributors will be eligible for discounts and free admissions at Eurasia’s resorts in Las Vegas and other U.S. and
international cities and free merchandise from Eurasia/ marketing partners. So that’s where the
Amnistya Children’s Foundation is at, firmly on the side of the angels. Just like you are. The question now is
simple, what is the best way for us to go forward today to help upcoming generations get to where they must be
Our Causes:
Our Environment:
In the environmental area, we will be supporting and financing efforts to shut down a
proposed nuclear power plant near Lake Baikal, the deepest and purest lake in the world. This
nuclear plant if not stopped, has the potential to make Chernobyl seem like a backyard
bonfire. We also intend to do our part to bring the reality of global warming and the melting
icecaps to the attention of everyone. Do you know that 80% of the ice cover on Mount
Kilimanjaro in Africa, a glacier that has existed for 11,700 years, has disappeared in the last
hundred years. Even more frightening, the annual loss, which was 1% between 1912 and
1953, has currently escalated to 2.5%. At that rate Mount Kilimanjaro will be totally ice free in
as little as 10 years. Just imagine what kind of havoc that rate of change will have on the
millions of acres beneath that mountain.
In Russia, along with our efforts to shut down the nuclear plant near Lake Baikal, we will also
work to stop the ongoing destruction of the Siberian forests. Forests which currently contain
25% of the world's trees and generate 25% of the planet's oxygen. Understand this, we are
not just going to be talking about these evils, we are going to be very proactive in fighting
them. Particularly in the legal area where we will file lawsuits in the countries affected and in
the international courts. We will sue everyone involved in these ecological disasters. This
includes companies, directors, politicians, whoever is allied with the guilty parties.
Healthy Communities
We are committed to preventing drug dealers from poisoning our children and
grandchildren. We will levy against attorneys and judges who help drug dealers stay out of
prison altogether or get away with very short prison sentences. We will sue politicians
personally and in their official capacity if they refuse to vote to increase prison sentences.
Positive Influences
On the cultural front, Amnistya will support artists, musicians, sculptors, architects... anyone
who devotes their talents to the creation of classical works of music or other art that embody
themes of timeless beauty, cultural tradition and convey a sense of trust and security. We will
also provide worldwide support for the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, which is the fastest
growing Olympic sport for young girls. A sport giving them unique opportunities for artistic
expression. If you're not sure what this spectacular, exquisite sport is all about just go to
YouTube and search for rhythmic gymnastics.
Immigration Reform
In the United States we will take legal and political action to curtail the Gestapo activities
of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. In just the last five years the INS with the
full cooperation of the United States attorney and the federal court system has separated
and displaced between 2,000,000... 2,000,000 families by deporting immigrants who for
one reason or another ran slightly afoul of a legal system they did not yet know and
What we're talking about here is minor offenders, mothers and fathers who did not kill
anyone, rape anyone or molest any children, who don't sell any drugs to children or
adults... Who did nothing to cause the state to throw them out, leaving behind a singleparent child or, or worse a child fated to be raised by other relatives or in foster homes.
We're also talking about thousands and thousands of non-offenders. Families who came
to this country to work, to contribute, invited to come here and work by the American
citizens who employed them and promised to take care of them. Thousands and
thousands of non-offenders, of honest families who did nothing wrong whatsoever,
deported simply because it became a politically expedient thing for unethical politicians
seeking the cheapest possible votes to support throwing them to the wolves.
Thousands and thousands of people deported while the bosses who employed them, who
brought them here, who promised to take care of them and get them green cards, remain
totally unpunished, charged with nothing, subject to not even a punishment as
meaningless as a $50 fine. Again we will sue in their personal and official capacities
congressmen who refused to vote to change these deportation laws.
In addition to Amnistya's own charitable activities, we will enable both existing charitable
organizations and individual compassionate people to more easily engage in fundraising for
good causes. It will provide protection to donors by screening individuals and groups claiming
to be legitimate charities. It'll provide back office functions such as collections, record
keeping, filings, providing tax recent receipts to claim deductions, etc. to nonprofit
organizations. That's just a few of the almost 30 services Amnistya will be providing to the
good people, the generous people, of the world.
Vladislav "Slava-Steven" Zubkis - Schwartzbard - Chairman and founder of Amnistya
Childrens Foundation and NeuroMama's General Design and Marketing Strategist.
Vladislav came to United States in 1976 at the age of 17 and high school diploma from USSR.
He came to US with his parents, grandmother and 5 brothers and sisters.
Vladislav doesn't have formal education, however he has spent many years in New York
University School of Continuing Education completing Certified Program for Systems
Programming, Real Estate Development and Financing. Among his mentors and teachers were
Kenny Green, an adviser to Viacom's Sumner Redstone, Jack Broberg founder of JB's Bob's Big
Boy, Moe Rimson of Moe Rimson and Company on Wall Street, "Front Page Franky" - Frank
Balfour one of the most experienced stock promoters in Canada, and Michael Matson his
teacher in Classic Architectural Ornamentation - Elements of Palace Buildings, who for the
past 30 years has been the sole restoration of Balboa Park in San Diego and an adviser,
consultant or subcontractor to architectural firms and construction companies, which has
built Bellagio, Paris, Monte Carlo, Venetian, Palazzo and New York - New York in Las Vegas.
From 1979 to 1989 he worked as a consultant as a sub-contractor from few consulting firms,
among which is AGS Consulting Services. He provided services to many major corporations
such as: Blue Cross, RCA/NBC, Manufactures Hanover Trust, American Express, Macy's, Swiss
Re, (NECA) National Exchange Couriers Association, and Fuji Film troubleshooting large
mainframe computer based systems. His expertise lies in systems programming, where
knowledge of all levels of assembler - the machine language, supervisor services, data
management and IBM CICS online systems required. Vladislav has worked directly with IBM
level 1, 2, and 3 tech-support teams installing new IBM systems and applying IBM systems
Vladislav has been involved in conversions of application systems to support new MVS, VM,
and MVS XA from DOS operating systems. He has designed many systems for major
companies by working with top management and users of these mostly Fortune 100
companies. Among this systems Vladislav has designed an election and opinion poll systems
for NBC News, Platinum Credit Card System for American Express, and in 1984 when US
Government broke AT&T monopoly Vladislav has designed the Distribution system for NECA
and to prevent disruption of services and payments among and between Long Distance and
Local Exchange Couriers.
Vladislav expertise was in designing and programming of black boxes to save storage and
processing time of operating systems utilizing assembler language to achieve data
compression, decompression, efficiency and optimization of computer resources. In his techsupport and troubleshooting capacity Vladislav's job was to immediately restart crashed
operating systems of major corporations, then by using memory dumps to identify which
computer programs were running at the system, and which program has caused the storage
violations to cause this crashes. In this capacity he has made changes and recommendations
to the computer programmers how to implement solutions to prevent systems from going
down in the future.
From 1989 to present Vladislav been involved in financing, general design and marketing
strategies for private and publicly trading companies.
In the worst article written about Zubkis-Schwartzbard by Bloomberg, reprinted at the end, he
was called “Master of Regulations."
The cause of this article was Vladislav's tooking International Brands, Inc. (IBI) company public
in less than 24 hours, to prevent delisting of the company shares due to the change of SEC law
and compliance with the new law pertaining to fully reporting issuers.
From January 1999 to February 2000 Vladislav was President and CEO of IBI. During this time
IBI stock went from $.10 cents to $24.00 per share. It settled at around $7.00 per share and
Vladislav's 353,000,000 has increased in value from $35,000.00 U.S. D. to $2.4 Billion U.S.D.
Bad publicity such as the Bloomberg article followed by the Judge order has forced Vladislav
to step down, and Dennis Hayse, the inventor of the first PC Modem has assumed the position
of IBI's President and CEO.
The stock market correction "Burst of Internet Bubble" has wiped out Vladislav's and other
shareholders of IBI wealth in 2001.
Steve Zubkis- Schwartzbard Hit It Big -- Now IRS, SEC, Investors Want Theirs
2000-02-18 14:03:03.490 GMT
Vladislav activities on Wall Street for more than 10 years was highly scrutinized by Securities
and Exchange Commission after he has refused to cooperate with SEC to identify stock
brokers, who has failed to pay taxes while working under his guidance. As a result of his noncooperation, persecution has launched an intensive investigation, and has failed to carry on
legitimate investigation. For over than 10 years Vladislav has taken various branches of US
Government to various courts including the Supreme Court of United States and in PRO SE
suing numerous officials personally and in official capacity.
Eventually Vladislav has been indicted, arrested, and satisfied the US government by pleading
guilty to unrelated to his violation crimes and giving control of all of his assets to the
government to satisfy restitution imposed by the judge.
Vladislav has assumed full responsibility for his actions and paid his debt to society by
spending 5 years in US Federal Prison. Vladislav was indicted on 34 counts and if convicted
would have to serve 850 years. However, the Senior Staff Attorney of SEC Enforcement
Division has expressed his opinion to Vladislav's Judge by saying that "Zubkis- Schwartzbard’s
violations were not "evil and malicious."
During the 10 years of investigation SEC has determined that Vladislav has never abused the
privilege of working with investor's funds. Investor’s funds was spent as it was intended and
represented to investors.
Vladislav is not a Citizen of US or any other country. As part of Zubkis – Schwartzbard’s
judgment, after he completed his sentence, he had to be deported. However, because USSR
no longer exists..... There were no country to deport him to. Therefore to comply with his
Judge order he has left US voluntarily and now resides and works in Mexico with his family
and his children who share his home in Rosario Beach and his ex-wife's home in San Diego.
During 25 years he has been involved in companies in US and in companies in the former USSR
countries. His background in computers, construction, finance and capital markets,
entertainment and media, public relations has resulted in long term relationships, which are
evidenced by the members of the Amnistya Children's Foundation Advisory board.
In 1998 Zubkis-Schwartzbard, via the Kremlin-based Fund "ALMAZ" advised acting prime
minister Russian Sergei Kiriyenko's cabinet and the Central Bank of Russia to cease efforts to
prop up the Russian currency and cease the flight of $22.6 billion infusion by International
Monetary Fund and World Bank financial package designed to support reforms and stabilize
the Russian financial markets. Central Bank had been using IMF funds to artificially support
price of the Russian currency, which was shorted by currency speculators. Initial suspension
has led to severe erosion in investor confidence and negative chain reactions.
The termination of supporting price of currency has been instrumental to Russia's bouncing
back from the August 1998 financial crash with surprising speed and growth in domestic
industries benefiting from the devaluation, which caused a steep increase in the prices of
imported goods. Russia's economy had been helped by an infusion of cash generated by
Russian enterprises, which were able to pay off debts in back wages and taxes.
In addition to consumer demand for goods and services produced by the Russian industries
has risen, the Russian government has managed to keep social and political pressures under
control, and this has played a vital role in bringing about the current recovery. Today Russia is
the only totally debt free country in the world.
Zubkis - Schwartzbard has advised and assisted various companies located in the territories of
the former USSR in the capacity of General Design and Marketing strategies, as well as
designing the appropriate capital structure of these companies as well as business models in
order to enter world capital markets by listing its financial instruments on the various stock
exchanges around the world.
Zubkis - Schwartzbard has also served in advisory capacity in the area of finance, capital
reorganizations, debt reductions and restructurings and new business development matters
to high ranking governmental officials such as Prime Minister of Dagestan Mr. Hizri Isaevitch
Shiksaidov, Governors of Kazakhstan state Astana - Mr. Dauren Adelbekov, Russian Governors
Mr. Aleksandr Rudskoy and Mr. Aleksandr Lebed, Ambasador of Afghanistan to Russia,
Mongolia, Iraq and Bulgaria - Mr. Azis Akbari, and Mr. Viacheslav Fetisov the Russian Minister
of Sport.
What and whom we know are matters of insight and experience. How familiar the team
members with industry players and dynamics? We are, not surprisingly, value managers who
have been around the block a few times.
We personally believe that ideas are a dime a dozen: only execution skills count.
Although, we are convinced that all of our ideas are great. However, in case we had made
some mistakes, they'll make a switch for another idea, and shareholders will make money one
way or the other.
The People:
Vladislav has been fortunate to be helped and
thought by people who are experts at what they
NeuroMama's Live Entertainment Marketing
Strategy will bring attention to NeuroMama's
products and services. Vladislav's friend Anatoliy
Mygkoustoupov, one of the world’s biggest
experts, is helping Vladislav in this area.
CEO of NeuroMama Live Entertainment, and
Founder, President and CEO of:
Aces of Acts:
Anatoliy Myagkostupov is the President and CEO of NeuroMANIA Live
Entertainment, Ltd. and Aces of Acts. Anatoliy is one of the founders of Aces of
Anatoliy is a Gold Medal Graduate of Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts, the
only such higher educational establishment in USSR.
Academy trains variety and circus professionals. Over the 50 years of its existence it has
traveled a long way from a studio to an academy, having become in time the leading
specialized higher educational establishment on an international scale, with its graduates
bringing fame to Soviet Union, Ukrainian and world circus by becoming the stars at home and
on foreign stages.
for many years, he also performed in the Moscow Circus.
A lot of people, who are helping Zubkis Schwartzbard now in one way or another,
has been his friends and worked with him
at one time or the other, in one way or the
other for at least 10 years and some going
back 34 years, such as Tim Kazurinsky and
Tony Rosato, with whom Zubkis Schwartzbard met on Saturday Night Live
on 17 floor of 30 Rockefeller Center, where
he was designing election and opinion
systems for NBC News, and the Election
Show was sharing Studio 8H with Saturday
Night Live.
Tim Kazurinsky is Vladislav Friend.
Worked as an advertising executive before joining The Second City He was nominated for a
1979 Joseph Jefferson Award for Principal Actor in a Musical for "Freud Slept Here" at the
Second City Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. He was nominated for a 1980 Joseph Jefferson Award
for Actor in a Principal Role in a Musical for "I Remember DaDa" at the Second City Theatre in
Chicago, Illinois.
Tony Rosato is Vladislav Friend
Was one of only three comedian/writers to appear as regulars on both "Saturday Night Live"
(1975) and "SCTV" (1976) (the other two being Robin Duke and Martin Short).He once owned a
pet monkey named "Mauldin"
John Sterling, producer of THE JAZZ NETWORK TV programs Vladislav friend
with whom Vladislav worked for 33 years.
John has agreed to sell to NeuroMama, Ltd. his library of 65 TV shows and a half a dozen of
feature films for restricted NERO stock, and this Library of Entertainment Assets has been
appraised at $18MM USD and will help NeuroMama, Ltd. to qualify for Nasdaq CM.
Vladislav friend Igor Jijikine, whom Spielberg has called "The best bad guy."
Igor was an adviser to Spielberg on Indiana Jones movie, where Igor has played a leading role
is now one of the biggest Russian movie stars, and will soon bring many Russian production
companies to Baja, where they will make their feature films in Baja Studios, where Titanic was
made, and it's a part NeuroMama PHASE 2 project with Department of Culture of Baja
California and Ministry of Tourism.
Vladimir Kuzmin, is Vladislav friend and a brother of Alexander Kuzmin.
Vladimir will soon bring many Russian music stars to Baja where they will make their music
videos in Baja Studios, where Titanic was made, and it's a part NeuroMama PHASE 2 project
with Department of Culture of Baja California and Ministry of Tourism.
Filip Kirkorov is Vladislav and Igor's friend.
Filip is one of the biggest music stars with 12 million sold albums has already recorded his
video and a song in Spanish in Baja and will be aiding Neuromama in its marketing in former
USSR countries.
His musical style is generic Russian pop music with occasional Western influences and, like
many Russian pop stars of the 90s and later, he frequently records duets with other artists
working in the same field.
Alla Pugacheva is ex-wife of Filip Kirkorov and Vladislav friend.
Alla Pugacheva has been the indisputable leader in record sales in the USSR and in Russia,
having sold over 100 million albums and singles during her career. Pugacheva has been
helping many young singers and actors to become professionals. She is currently the Artistic
Director and a host of her own TV show titled 'Fabrika Zvezd' (Factory of Stars)
Vitaliy Scherbo is Vladislav and Anatoliy friend.
Vitaliy a Belarusian former artistic gymnast and one of the most successful gymnasts of all
time, he is the only male gymnast ever to have won a world title in all 8 events (Individual AllAround in 1993, Team in 1991, Floor in 1994, 1995 and 1996, Horizontal Bar in 1994, Parallel
Bars in 1993 and 1995, Pommel Horse in 1992, Rings in 1992, Vault in 1993 and 1994). He was
the most successful athlete at the 1992 Summer Olympics, winning 6 of 8 events - team, allaround, and 4 of 6 event finals.
Vitaliy has already brought number of Olympic Champions on NeuroMama Advisory Board
and will bring more. This role models will help NeuroMama in the near future in one form or
the other.
Andrew Grant of Grant Leisure is Vladislav friend and was introduced to
Vladislav by his teacher, Michael Matson.
Andrew’s multi-disciplined Grant Leisure team has expertise in providing a wide range of
services across a variety of leisure projects. Their international experience in developing
culturally sensitive, feasible and profitable visitor attractions means that they are able to
provide their clients with cutting edge leisure ideas from around the world. Andrew is
currently working on NeuroMama's Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects in Baja California with
Department of Culture. :
Since 1982, Grant Leisure has been one of the foremost consultants to the leisure industry
around the world. A multidisciplinary firm composed of senior professionals, each preeminent
in their field of expertise, Grant Leisure assists clients through every stage of the development
process from initial concept to successful completion.
Grant Leisure serves a global clientele, a broad spectrum of visitor and themed attractions,
museums, aquariums, zoos, mixed-use leisure and retail developments, and industrial and
brand attractions who today annually attract more than 130 million paid visitors.
Grant Leisure Portfolio includes:
Theme Parks, Resorts and Themed
Disneyland California
Universal Studios
Harrah`s Las Vegas
Borovoye Lake Resort
Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens
Morocco Film City
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Aquaria and Zoos
Baltimore Aquarium
Grupo Parques Reunidos
London Zoo
The Deep in Hull
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
Whipsnade Zoo
Sharm Sand Castle/Red Sea Aquarium
Suzanne Mubarak Family Park
Brand Development and Industrial Tourism
Millenium Wheel
Olympic Spirit
Universal Studios
World Cup
Museums, Galleries
Holocaust Museum of Washington DC
National Maritime Museum
Te Papa - the National Museum of New
The Natural History Museum
The Science Museum
The Tate Modern
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Historic Properties
Spencer House
Blarney Castle
Hampton Court Palace
Houses of Parliament, London
Kensington Palace
Tower of London
Windsor Castle
Leeds Castle
Alnwick Castle
Scone Palace
Welbeck Abbey
Cesar Hank, is Vladislav friend and Director of Culture of Baja California.
NeuroMama now is executing its Live Entertainment Marketing Strategy Carousel Plaza,
Macro Plaza, Galleria Plaza, Zona Rio Plaza, Paceo Chapultepec Plaza, Plaza Pavillion in
Rosarito, Plazaz De Las Tres Cavesas in Ensenada, and Mundo Divertivo plazas.
Cesar is Jazz player with his own band and one of the 19 kids of Jorge Hank the owner of 42
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Blinky Rodriguez is Vladislav friend. Heavily involved with Organization of
United Nations and Marshall Arts ring announcer.
Blinky son was killed during the gang violence. Blinky mission was to stop death and he has
accomplished this by negotiating a piece between LA gangs, and yearly death toll went from
hundreds to less than 5.
Blinky is a ring announcer for another board member and Vladislav friend Dennis Warner
Dennis Warner is Vladislav friend.
WCK MuayThai was founded in 1989, by Dennis Warner and In Sync Productions, World
Championship MuayThai is based in Southern California and is the longest running Muay Thai
event in the United States. Championships are held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Beijing and
other cities and feature top fighters from the U.S., China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Holland,
the U.K., Korea and other countries.
WCK MuayThai continues to play a vital role in promoting such international and world
champions, as Romie Adanza, Malaipet, Yodsanklai Fairtex, Steve McKinnon, Lamsongkram,
John Wayne Parr, Kevin Ross, Jeri Sitzes and Miriam Nakamoto.
MICHAEL E. MUSICK – Chief Operational Officer of Global Media and Internet.
Michael is responsible for the daily operation of the company and is one of the hardest
working and reliable people Vladislav ever met in his life.
Prior to joining Global, Michael spent 20+ years with AT&T Corp.
Michael joined AT&T shortly after the United States Government mandated divesture of the
US monopoly telephone network. He started working in various Call-Center capacity’s and
quickly was promoted into management.
After being promoted into management he was tasked with improving the productivity of the
inside and outside sales force with the use of the then emerging decentralized computer
technology. After creating and deploying many new sales programs that helped to enhance
sales productivity, much attention was given to these enhancements by AT&T’s upper
management. A decision was made shortly afterwards to deploy these enhancements
company-wide along with a newly developed Sales Center IT Manager title.
After helping with this deployment, Michael made the decision to move into outside sales for
AT&T Business Services. Michael spent the next 17-years in a variety of sales roles ending his
career as one of the top Sales Director’s company-wide, winning the award of Leaders Council
5-times. This prestigious award is handed out once per year to the top 2% of all sales and sales
support producers.
Michael and his team worked with such clients as Blizzard Entertainment, Vivendi Games,
Universal Studios, Akamai Technologies, New Century Mortgage, Watson Pharmaceuticals,
GEO Logistics and Leap Wireless (the parent company of Cricket Wireless). Many of these
clients held multi-year million dollar plus contracts which encompassed such services as selfhealing dual-entrance fiber-ring technology, streaming content distribution, multi-location
globally managed virtual private networks, SS7 signaling, multi-terabyte / multi-homing /
multi-location data center services for the number one internet gaming company in the world.
Michael was responsible for maintaining and growing a $250 million yearly revenue stream in
the fast paced and competitive Enterprise Business Markets. Responsible for yearly sales
growth, monthly sales production targets, customer satisfaction, employee hiring, mentoring
and career development. Michael was able to achieve his revenue growth and production
targets each and every year.
Vladislav has met Ilya Reznik, when Moscow Dance Company came to US for a
tour has vanished.
Among 27 dancers in this troupe was 3 rhythmic gymnasts that was coached by Vladislav's
mother in law in Novosibirsk. Parents has called his wife and asked her to find their kids,
whom disappeared during the tour in Los Angeles...... at the time of LA Riots n 1991... Rodney
Ilya was playing the role of Rasputin in this show.
IR Reznik -- Honored Artist of the RSFSR, Commander of the Order of Merit, Member of the
Board Directors of ORT television station, member of the Academy of Social Sciences, member
Public Council for Children's Rights, headed by the wife of the President of LA Putina. In 1998,
the Star Square at the concert hall "" for outstanding contribution to the national culture laid
nominal plate-star Elijah Reznik. The American Astronomical Society, "International Star
Registry "was named after him star in the constellation Orion.
Ilya Rahmielevich not used to hurt and to relax. The vilest of human feelings considers envy as
the most attractive - decency.
The most famous and influential Latin American composer and song writer Roberto Cantoral
for 15 years worked on project that will bring awareness to world problems.
He was known for composing a string of hit Mexican songs, including "El Triste", "Al Final", "La
Barca" and "El Reloj".
Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico estimated that "La Barca" and "El Reloj" have
been recorded over 1,000 times by other artists like Plácido Domingo, Gualberto Castro, José,
Luis Miguel, Joan Báez and Linda Ronstadt.
In 2009, he won the Latin Grammy Trustee Award Iconos, which was released by Marc
Anthony in 2010, featured "El Triste"
After watching the Rasputin show, where all performers were Rhythmic Gymnasts, the
Roberto Cantoral family has asked our organization to design theatrical production reflecting
15 years of work of their father.
As part of this strange transaction, NeuroMama has received rights to sell Telefonica DTH
packages of TV Channels, Internet and cellular service.
NeuroMama will stage the show by the name "NeuroMANIA" - "The Last Warning"
It will premier in Mexico City on February 15 in the cultural center of Roberto Cantoral and
When Roberto Cantoral died almost every President of every Latin American country has
attended this funeral.
When the NeuroMANIA will premiere the 2,000 people, among whom will be Presidents of
Latin American countries, as well as the Presidents of former USSR countries including
President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
Among invited from US are:
Former Mayer of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, and his wife who is a current Mayor of Las
Many other US politicians including Robert Brewer who is running for California District
Attorney. He is married to Irma Gonzales, the Chief Judge of Federal Court of Southern
El Triste by Jose Jose - Composer Roberto Cantoral
Italians for the first time in history has sang in Spanish during Latin Music Award festival in
2013...... They won the first prize
Jose Cantoral singing to his father 2 weeks before his father died.
The lyrics is: His wish he could give half of his life, just so his father could live longer.
Carlos Slim has built the cultural center of Roberto Cantoral in Mexico City at the cost of $400
million USD.
Telefonica has attached their company name to the cultural center of Roberto Cantoral.
Vladislav has recorded bellow Fantazm or Rasputin show in 1991, during riots in Los Angeles,
when this production company got stranded. During the time they were stranded 8 of the
performers were raped.
After this recording were made, this dance company has moved to San Diego to perform in
East County Performing Arts Theater.
The Director of the Theater has given the theater at no cost for their performances.
For a period of 6 month in 1991 and 1992 the show went on for 2 times per week.
The proceeds from the sale of tickets for this shows went to pay for their housing, food, small
salaries and marketing expenses to help to sell the tickets.
Nellie Vladimirovna Kim is a retired Soviet gymnast.
Nellie has who won three gold medals and a silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in
Montreal, and two gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics. She was the first woman in
Olympic history to earn a perfect 10 score on the vault and the first to earn it on the floor
exercise, rivaling Nadia Comăneci, Ludmilla Tourischeva, and other strong competitors of the
1970s. Nellie Kim worked for a long time as a coach, training several national teams, and
judged many major international competitions. As President of the Women's Artistic
Gymnastics Technical Committee, she coordinates the introduction of new rules in women's
gymnastics, as provided by the new Code of Points, developed by the FIG in 2004–2005 and in
effect since 2006.
Evgeniya Golovach, is Vladislav friend and a wife of Leonid Leikin.
Before joining Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity, Evgeniya Golovach performed with Dreamcast
Entertainment, The Moscow State Circus, Kharkov Circus, Donetsk Circus, Lugansk Circus and
Moscow Circus on the Zvetnoy Blv. Evegniya Golovach was part of The Russian National
Gymnastics Team from 1997 to 1999. She trained at the Belgorod School of Gymnastics Sport
with Boris Pilkin and Svetlana Khorkina. Among her many awards are the Gold Medal at the
1999 European World Championship, The Gold Medal at the 1999 Russian World Stars
competition and the Gold Medal in 1998 at the Moscow Junior Olympic Games. In 2000,
Evgeniya was awarded the coveted, "Master of Gymnastics Sport of Russia."
Leonid Leikin is Vladislav friend.
This act was originally created by Leonid Leikin & Valery Keft (Theatre LICEDEI, St. Petersburg).
The show "O" was created and directed by Franco Dragone for Cirque du Soleil in 1998, and
was the second resident show of the company in Las Vegas.
The amazing "stage" of a 1,5 million US-gallon water pool is the main theme of the show ("O"
sounds like the french word "Eau" for water) that is up to now still the best selling show of
Cirque du Soleil.
The clown act "Ahi, ahi, ahi" was performed by Onofrio Colucci between December 2004 and
January 2007, before he moved on to take part of the creation of the first resident show of
CDS in Asia with "ZAIA", premiered in Macao in 2008. (me)
George Wendt is Tim Kazurinsky friend.
George Wendt was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He attended a strict Jesuit prep
school and then dropped out of Notre Dame University after a few uneventful years. He
worked with the Windy City's famed Second City comedy troupe from 1974-1980. He is best
known for playing Norm Peterson on the hit television series, Cheers (1982)
Siegfried Fischbacher is Anatoliy friend.
Siegfried Fischbacher was born on June 13, 1939 in Rosenheim, Germany. He is a producer
and actor, known for Vegas Vacation (1997), Siegfried & Roy: The Magic Box (1999) and
Headline Attacks (2008).
Siegfried is one half of the famous stage magic duo "Siegfried & Roy" together with his partner
Roy Horn, who had presented their successful show on the Las Vegas Strip for over 25 years.
Marcia Lynn Watkins is Vladislav friend and Tim Kazurinsky wife.
Marcia was one of the characters portrayed in A CHORUS LINE are, for the most part, based
upon the lives of Broadway dancers. This show is dedicated to anyone who has every danced
in a chorus or marched in step...anywhere. Marcia was dancing on this show.
Tamara Yerofeeva is Anatoliy friend.
She won the 2001 world championships because of the disqualifications of Alina Kabaeva and
Irina Tchachina.[2] Tamara was number one rhythmic gymnast in Ukraine from 2000–2002.
Vladimir Tsyplakov is Anatoliy friend.
Vladimir Viktorovich Tsyplakov (Belarusian: Уладзiмiр Вiктаравiч Цыплакоў; born April 18,
1969) is a Belarusian professional ice hockey player winger. He was drafted in the third round,
59th overall, by the Los Angeles Kings in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft.Tsyplakov is currently an
assistant coach with the Belarus men's national ice hockey team
Silva Yuzbashyan is Vladislav friend.
RA Honoured Actress Silva Yuzbashyan and member of Armenia Parliament.
Alexander Atanesyan is Igor Jijikine friend.
Aleksandr Atanesyan was born in 1953 as Aleksandr Ashotovich Atanesyan. He is a producer
and director, known for Bastards (2006), Letniy dozhd (2002) and Close Enemy (2010).
Russian director’s guild, Russian producer’s guild
Nika Awards, MTV movie awards - , 1994-best producer, best film 2007, 2007
Ermanno Scalas is Vladislav friend.
Master Sculptor Ermanno Scalas can help you turn your dreams into reality.
Tour the complete website of sculptures, high relief, portraits, drawings, paintings,
artistic pots, and other commissioned work by this Italian Baroque Master. It’s up to the
management, to turn the shareholder's perception into a reality... Not because the people
part of the new venture is the most important, but because without the right team, none of
the other parts really matters.
IGOR JIJIKINE is Vladislav friend.
Igor is the most respected Russian movie star and equally respected in Hollywood. Igor is a
natural organizer, back in the day he was a chairman of the Komsomol Party of Soviet Union.
Igor Jijikine is a Russian actor working in Los Angeles and Moscow. The recent years, Igor has
worked with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and J. J. Abrams and has
appeared in numerous commercial spots for major brands. Igor is also an accomplished
sportsman and stage performer. He was honoured as master of sports in the Soviet Union and
has performed with the Moscow State Circus, Donn Arden’s “Jubilee” and Cirque Du Soleil's
"Mystere" in Baja California.
In Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Igor plays the role of
Dovchenko (taking over the series' tough guy role held by the late Pat Roach), the ruthless
leader of the Soviet Commando team searching for the Crystal Skull. ." Jijikine made his big
screen debut in Blood Work (2002) under the directorship of Clint Eastwood, and then
appeared opposite Quentin Tarantino in two episodes of the TV series "Alias" (2001). He also
appeared in about 40 commercials, and became the face of video game 'Red Alert 2'.
His big break came with his supporting role as Russian Colonel Dovchenko opposite Cate
Blanchett and Harrison Ford in the 4th film of the Indiana Jones Franchise, directed by Steven
Spielberg, who called Jijikine "the best bad guy."
Jijikine appeared in the real-time strategy games, Emperor: Battle for Dune, Red Alert 2 and its
expansion Yuri's Revenge, by Westwood Studios.
But as well as appearing in the games' cut scene sequences, he modeled as a soviet soldier
appearing in the front cover of Red Alert 2.
Igor Jijikine’s filmography. Alias, Blood Work, Robbery Homicide Division, Klepto, Target,
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Driven to Kill, Burn Notice, Shadows in
Paradise, Supreme Champion,The Tourist, Chuck, Safe, The Maul, Risk for Honor.
An actor in Russian movies.
8 First Dates (2012)
The Defender (2012)
Slove. Straight to the Heart (2011)
Jarhead (2011)
Love in the City 2 (2010)
Fog dissipates (2010)
Tourist (2010)
Montana (2008)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
Male Season (2005)
Jacked (2005)
Special forces in Russian 2 (2004)
Russian in the City of Angels (and one soldier in the field) (2002)
A host of the TV Show on Russian TV
In the black-black room ... 1 edition (2012) In the black-black room ... Issue 2 (2012)
In the black-black room ... Issue 3 (2012) In the black-black room ... Issue 4 (2012)
In the black-black room ... 5 edition (2012) In the black-black room ... Issue 6 (2012)
In the black-black room ... Issue 7 (2012) In the black-black room ... 8 edition (2012)
The hero of TV program on Russian television programs.
Star stories. Made in Russia (2012) Domino effect. Diagnosis - greed! (2005)
Participated in the following Russian TV programs.
Minute of Fame. Dreams Come True! Ninth qualifying round (2012)
Minute of Fame. Dreams Come True! Tenth qualifying round (2012)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? With Dmitry Dibrova. Alexander Tsekalo, Jijikine Igor (2012)
Star stories. Made in Russia (2012)
Minute of Fame. Dreams Come True! Eleventh qualifying round (2012)
Minute of Fame. Dreams Come True! The first semi-final (2012)
Minute of Fame. Dreams Come True! The second semi-final (2012)
Minute of Fame. Dreams Come True! The third semi-final (2012)
Wardrobe right through. 1 week. Lena (2012) Wardrobe right through. 1 week. Ian (2012)
Wardrobe right through. 1 week. Allen (2012) Wardrobe right through. 1 week. Olga (2012)
Comedy Club. Issue 345 (2012) Ask the chef. Borscht syndrome (2011)
Comedy Club. 210 release. Benefit Dmitry Sorokin, ZurabMatua, Andrei Averin (2010)
VLADISLAV (VLADIK) MYAGKOSTOUPOV - Vladislav Friend and SVP of Cirque
Style Productions of NeuroMama.
Vladik is the son of Moscow Circus stars and showroom entertainers Anatoli & Irina
Miagkostoupov. Arriving in the United States at the age of six, Vladik studied with his father
and is now considered one of the world’s finest jugglers. Vladik was born on January 27, 1984
in St. Petersburg. His parents began touring internationally with him when he was only eight
months old.
Before he was two years old, he had visited Paris, Monte Carlo, Rome and London. At age
three, Vladik began his acrobatic training. By the time he was six, his avid interest in juggling
encouraged his father to begin training him in that field. He started his career in the United
States at the age of eight, participating in small shows and conventions.
At nine, he was invited to feature in “Passion” in Wendover, Mexico and went on to work
“Magic 2010” at Trump’s Castle in Atlantic City. In 1995, the same year he received a gold
medal at the Juniors International Juggling competition, he opened at the Flamingo Hilton
with the New York City Rockets.
Worked at:
Passion 2 Wendover, Mexico(Silver State Casino) 1993
Magic 2010 Atlantic City, New Jersey(Trump Castle) 1994
The Rockets Baja California, Mexico (Flamingo Hilton) 1995
Circus Circus Baja California, Mexico (Circus Circus) 1996
Follies Berger Atlantic City, New Jersey (Showboat Casino) 1996
Contagious Baja California, Mexico (Bally's Hotel) 1997
Splash Baja California, Mexico (Rivera Hotel) 1997
Viva Baja California Baja California, Mexico (Stratosphere Casino) 1998
YES! International Revue Waikiki, Hawaii (Polynesian Palace) 1999-2000
NGK Theatre Osaka, Japan 2001
SIX-Flags San Antonio 2002
"Lido de Paris” Paris France 2003
Cirque Du Solei "Dralion" 2004-2012
TV Shows:
Bravo Bravisimo Chile 1996 & 1998
SabadoGigante U.S.A.(Telemundo) 1997
Penn & Teller's Sin City U.S.A.(FX Channel) 1998
Cirque Du Soleile TV Show “Escape” 2003
TV Commercials:
JC Penny -National 1995, GM Cars – National 1996
Movie :
“It’s a Miracle “ PAX TV Channel 1997
“Russian in City of Angels” 2003
International Jugglers Association International Jugglers Association
Juniors Category (18 & under) seniors Category (18 & over)
China Wuqiao International Circus Festival
SILVER MEDAL 2001 Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain Paris
JOHN RAY - Vladislav friend and NeuroMama Chief Sales and Marketing
One of the most experienced and respected executives in the Timeshare Industry, John Ray
has extensive expertise vacation ownership industry sales, marketing, training, developing,
sales management and motivational speaking. An expert in new resort development, as well
as maximizing revenue at existing properties, Mr. Ray was senior sales director charged with
creating in house and outside personal contact (OPC), prior to joining Global.
Operations at Sheraton Vistana Resort, Orlando, Florida Overseeing 70+ sales associates.
John’s duties and successes at Sheraton include:
• Managing budget/forecasting tour flow, working with all internal partners, creating podium
dept. Development of a marketing presentations.
• Expanded duties as project director for increasing frontline sales operations, build OPC tour
flow along with great success in increasing Volume per Guest and quest exchangers to their
highest levels ever.
• Created line segmentation for all source-codes to maximize efficiency.
• Took in-house with the owner base to a new level by increasing the average prices by selling
new inventory rather than upgrading this achieving increased profit margins and efficiency
along with managing cost.
Other highlights include:
• Best in class for Starwood. Helped establish branded training for new hires as well as
creating module training for all existing sales associates and manage to enhance a consistent
branded presentation.
• Point person in all facets of manning the business including budgeting and net-business
• Helped create proper sales rotations.
• Managed all food and beverage costs.
• Assisted in designing sales galleries. Took part in all pricing inventory and compensation
plan development.
• Assisted in all management training as well as sales associate training. Participated in
maintaining all sales marketing costs and profit.
2003-2006 project director at the Berkley Group-the Grandview at Las Vegas:
Responsibilities consisted of overseeing 100 frontline (new customer acquisition) associates.
Managed outside person contact operations and mini-vacations program.
Initiated sales force for the Grandview at Las Vegas which is a 5 star facility.
Duties and successes include:
• Building and managing the sales force for this Five-Star facility. Sales produced $100
million sales in 2004, with only 250 sales associates.
• As of July 2006 the sales force grew to upwards of 400 associates including in-house and
the exit department which is a “lost sale” close. Last shot creates success in a sale. He was
instrumental in turning the in-house sales force into the company’s most profitable division.
• Fully versed in NeuroMANIA RCI points as well as traditional weeks and with a full
understanding of deeded weeks as well as leasing, John established an exit program for the
“lost sales” close in Las Vegas generating $20 million sales in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Lake
• Oversaw in-house, OPC, mini-vacations marketing, sales rotations, commissions, bonus
structure, spiffs, overrides, verification of loan officer compensation, and administration
• Used his deep knowledge of premium budget packages and all the steps needed for
success, he developed a killer force of sales associates.
• Sales totaled $100 million 2004 with only 250 sales associates.
• As of July 2006 the sales force grew to upwards of 400 associates including in-house and
the exit department which is a “lost sale” close. Last shot creates success in a sale. He was
instrumental in turning the in-house sales force into the company’s most profitable division.
1982-2007 – The Berkley Group: Fort Lauderdale Florida
• Hired as a sales executive, John was promoted immediately to sales manager due to his
outstanding job productivity.
• Later elevated to Director of Sales and Project Director.
• Served ten years as Sales director for the Hollywood Beach Hotel, Hollywood Beach Tower,
Golden Strand, Enchanted Isle, Driftwood, Silver Sands, Lighthouse Cove, Canada House, Diver
House, and Spanish River properties.
• Established the exit department for the Isle of Bali, Orbit, Parkway and Bryans Spanish
Cove. In Orlando, Florida.
• Established pricing, presentations structuring, and training methods used at all Berkley
Group properties still today.
• Assisted in resort start up, training, sales development, in-house and exit programs at
Massanutten Village and other Berkley Group properties throughout the Northeastern United
States and Florida.
• Promoted to Director of Sales of vacation village at Bonaventure in Weston, Florida.
Personally closed sales in excess of $12 million annually from 1986-1998. Personally
contributed towards total sales volume in 1996-$20 million, 1997-$30 million, 1998-$40
million, 1999-50 million at Bonaventure.
• Director of Sales at the Radisson Palm Beach Resort, a Berkley Group Joint Venture.
• Project Director and start up coordinator of the Cliff at Peace Canyon, Berkley Groups first
resort in Baja California, Mexico. 2001-2003 Hilton Grand Vacation Club: Flamingo Baja
California, Director of Sales.
2002 Accomplishments:
Directly responsible for Hilton’s most profitable year at the HGVC Flamingo property where he
increase net sales volume from 2001-$34 million to $41 million with the same number of
Increased Hilton’s average sales price from $14,500 to $17,000 while hiking VPG from $1,450
to $2,050.
Maintained a record lowest cancellation rate of 11% with the majority of guests being OPC.
Successfully streamlined sales product presentations for optimum success.
2003 Accomplishments:
• Increased sales force 31counselors to 41 sales on the OPC line.
• Increased in-house sales force from 7-12 representatives with a VPG of $3,500, up from
• Increased net sales volume to $43 million from $41 million with the same number of
• Worked diligently to create policies and procedure to create a fun and productive work
• Note: The Flamingo is essentially a large offsite operation incorporating inventory in
Hawaii, Florida and the three locations in Las Vegas. John was one of its top Closing officers
for 26 years.
SHARUNYA GALICKATE - Igor Jijikine friend - Content Development and
Sharunya is a very experienced and respected executive in both the television and feature film
segments of the entertainment Industry. Prior to joining Global, Sharunya was the Senior
Coordinator for Development and Production for Walt Disney Studios’ Motion Picture
Production, the industry’s most successful major television studio with a record of success
unmatched by any other company.
As a Chief Director of Development and Production of Global, Sharunya brings an unparalleled
record of having produced, distributed, financed and marketed of primetime content and 12
years of industry experience.
Prior to Disney, Sharunya was an executive assistant to the general sales manager for
domestic and international theatrical distribution in Metro Goldwyn Mayer “MGM” and an
executive assistant to senior vice president of finance and business operations in MIRAMAX
Sharunya brings us experience, knowledge, deep industry contacts and extremely advanced,
forward thinking in the fields of financing models that will allow us to creatively produce our
programs using creative financing techniques without having to write deficit financing checks.
This will result in NeuroMANIA obtaining significant ownership in each property with little or
no financial risk.
Shurunya brings to NeuroMANIA access to experienced and trusted executives who can – and
have – actually produced successful – and in some cases, blockbuster -- TV properties. She has
an acute understanding of television financing, working relationships with all the broadcast
and cable networks and the biggest international distributors.
Best of all, perhaps, she has unfettered access to, and support from, the three most powerful
television packaging agencies in the world: CAA, ICM and WME.
ELLIOT BORIN has been working with Vladislav for 15 years.
Elliot has 12+ years’ experience in PR, news and advertising copywriting, and editorial
management (editor-in-chief on three leading, internationally circulated monthly magazines).
Extensive experience in Website creation, blogging, and market research in traditional and
electronic media. Proven ability to work effectively within creative-team structure.
He also has an excellent reputation for maintaining budgets and deadlines and is a skilled
analyst of evolving markets, business plans, and in-vitro product lines with an established
talent for visualizing and guiding projects from concept to marketplace.
His advertising, copywriting and PR credits include Panasonic Corporation of North America,
Dentsu America, Creative Net Ventures, Links Manager, Get Web Content,,
Dailey and Associates.
As a journalist, he has written and done editing for Wired News, American Rider magazine,
Front Office magazine, Curtco Freedom Group. Petersen Publishing, eMap USA, Home Theatre
magazine, Knowledge Management magazine, Outside Plant magazine, Utility Products
magazine, Front Office magazine.
As vice-president of advertising and publishing for, San Diego, CA, he
wrote all the company’s advertising and PR materials includingmini-infomercials, developed
domestic and international B2C and B2B initiatives, directed vendor and partner recruitment,
generated investor reports, issued press releases and fielded press inquiries.
JOHN STERLING is Vladislav friend and Chief Audio Content Officer of
John’s 40 plus years of experience in the music business began with him learning to play the
guitar as a Boston teenage.
Within a year he was writing and recording songs with many famous artists including Gene
McDaniel (100 Pounds of Clay) and Del Shannon (Runaway). At age 17 he graduated high
school and, passing on a scholarship offered by Northeastern University, hit the road to work
clubs all over the U.S. and Canada. Eventually he settled in Baja California where he joined
Louis Prima, Gia Maione with Sam Butera and the Witnesses at the Sahara Hotel.
John also worked writing and conducting the orchestras for some of the most successful
production shows on the Baja California strip including HAIR… but a change was coming his
The change happened when John was asked to go the Los Angeles and become part of a band
called Loadstone, which was not only playing and recording with Andy Williams but was
managed by him as well. The band was featured on Andy’s weekly NBC TV show, leading to
the release of the Get Together With Andy Williams album on the Columbia label.
The album featured Loadstone on two tracks. Both arranged by Sterling, they won him his first
Gold Record. While in LA he met several artists including Ray Kennedy (Sail on Sailor). John
appeared on all Ray’s records until he met Eric Burdon.
A real superstar instead of a pretender cokehead like Kennedy, Burdon was looking for
musicians to form a new band after he split from WAR (Spill the Wine). Using many of his own
band members, plus Jimmy Witherspoon, to back Burdon, John produced the classic blues
album "Guilty" for MGM (also released as Black and White Blues).
After the album release, John toured with Eric and Jimmy which eventually led to the “Eric
Burton Stop” album, on which John wrote and produced all the songs. Released on Capitol,
this was the beginning of a string of 23 albums John produced with Burdon.
Highlights include the soundtrack to the film “Comeback” and the music for Spielberg and
Hank’s classic “Joe vs. the Volcano.”
Later, John met Arthur Lee (Love) who was also looking to form a new band and ended up
recording three albums with him. One was a reunion of Arthur and original Love member
Bryan Maclean at The Whisky; the other two were live albums of European tours.
Another phase of John’s career came began when he met Robby Krieger of the Doors and
introduced Krieger to Burdon, which resulted in a personal and working relationship in which
Robby toured alongside Eric with John serving as the Musical Director of both. The fantastic
results of this collaboration can be heard seen on their Ventura Beach DVD.
John has also written the music to 16 films including Vanessa Williams’ debut in “Under the
Gun” for Magnum Pictures. Jazz has always been close to his heart and in 1991 he decided to
produce the TV series "The Jazz Network" which ran for five years and featured the biggest
names in jazz – giants like Chick Corea, John Scofield, McCoy Tyner, Tony Williams, and
Freddie Hubbard -- all performing and giving in-depth interviews.
In addition to being Global’s top audio executive, John continues to write and produce music
for CDs, DVDs and television and soon may be adding “screenwriter” to his production credits
with his new script “Payola.”
And he never stops rocking, just recently playing to a sold out show at the Roxy.
JONATHAN Q. LOEB is Vladislav friend and is a Chairman of Global Media and
One of the most experienced and respected executives in the hospitality industry, Jonathan
brings NeuroMANIA 30 years of experience and a proven record of progressive leadership in
sales, marketing and operations within the hospitality industry.
A dynamic visionary and influential change agent, committed to improving the bottom line,
new market growth and total customer satisfaction, Mr. Loeb previously provided consulting
services in sales, marketing and operations management to businesses entering into the
hospitality field or expanding their sales and services within that industry. His clients, all A List,
included the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, Venetian Resort & Casino, Hilton Hotels
International, Hyatt Hotels, Las Vegas Sands, Inc., Omni Hotels, Grand America Hotel and
Prior to becoming an independent consultant Mr. Loeb held the position of Managing Director
for the W Hotels, where he directed all hotel operations, completely reorganized the sales
and marketing departments and managed training programs.
Mr. Loeb also served as Vice President of sales of the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors
Bureau, where he hired and developed a sales team and support staff. While at the bureau he
achieved the goal of promoting 355,000 per night room bookings and met or exceeded all
other forecasted goals. He effectively acted as a liaison between the convention bureau and
the hotel community in funding and completing the expansion of the Convention Center to
twice its original size.
Prior to that Mr. Loeb held a position of a senior vice president of sales and marketing with
Marriott Hotels and Resorts. Mr. Loeb was personally selected by Bill Marriott to oversee the
firm's entry into the industry's luxury tier and worked with Mr. Marriott for 21 years.
He restructured the hiring and training program for the company's 1200-person sales team,
Consolidated and focused sales disciplines, which contributed to a market increase in
occupancy, definite room nights, and average rate.
He also re-evaluated and prioritized goals of the national and international sales offices
and revitalizing their roles in booking total room nights for existing hotels. He co-developed
the convention hotel network, resort hotel network, and the Marriott Master’s Program,
better focusing the national sales offices' efforts and significantly increased convention and
meeting business.
Mr. Loeb personally managed Marriott's top 20 corporate and association accounts, organized
and directed what is still the company's most productive and successful international sales
conference in history and spearheaded the development of many five star, five diamond
For Marriott Mr. Loeb, was the change-agent in reframing the company's hospitality formula
and marketing new concepts to the public? He developed and trained a staff of 500 to provide
individualized service to upscale clienteles and sales and marketing plans to capture upscale
business not then part of traditional Marriott marketing. Along the way, Mr. Loeb directed the
Marriott Hotel’s growth to four star, four diamond status, creatively upgraded many hotel
facilities and substantially improving its average ratings.
He also took the lead in the chain’s maintaining a strong leadership role in the Chamber Of
Commerce and other civic organizations, which gave the company a high profile, thus
contributing to more room bookings and greater restaurant and banquet business.
Donald Davidson is Vladislav friend and has a lot of contacts in Las Vegas.
Donald has 50 Years in the business as one of the most experienced and respected real estate
executives with expertise in acquisition, development and management. Responsibilities
included Land Acquisition, coordinate planning and zoning applications, community relations,
and finance and organize charity events for company.
For Ribeiro Corp. a Commercial properties Developer Don’s Responsibilities included asset
Manager/Property Manager for 14 properties sold to Clark County Dept. of Aviation. Prior to
that Don was a consultant to MGM Grand and the Las Vegas Monorail project. From 19571995 Don was Vice President of family owned business and was property manager for family
owned properties and by contract with developers, financial institutions, private investors,
and government facilities.
Don has acted in the following capacities:
consultant for sports and entertainment venues and political and non-profit activities.
Las Vegas: Director of Community Bank.
Director of a world famous hospital.
Sponsor of numerous charity events.
Commissioner for the Las Vegas Housing Authority. Former member of Summit County
Planning Commission.
Former Chairman of Parks and Recreation Commission. Created the Professional Tour Caddies
Assn. Long-time Director of Goodwill Industries and All American Soap Box Derby.
SASHA SHAPIRO - Jijikine friend and President/CEO of Pacifica Ventures.
Sasha (aka Aleksandr) Shapiro has over 13 years of experience in the NeuroMANIA film
industry, working in various senior management positions for Warner Bros. Studios.
Previously, Shapiro was Vice President of New Business Development for Warner Bros.
International Cinemas. His responsibilities included strategic planning, NeuroMANIA analysis,
and the financial evaluation and implementation of new business opportunities. He also
organized and managed new market entry activities in markets such as Egypt, China, Vietnam,
Russia and Ukraine to name a few.
Among the new businesses that Shapiro supervised were the implementation of Digital
Cinema initiatives, wireless ticketing, NeuroMANIA procurement and logistics. The latter
business, with an annual turnover of more than US$150 million, brought in savings of more
than US$15 million per annum.
Previously, Shapiro was a regional supervisor at Warner Bros. Pictures International, where he
was responsible for administration, marketing and distribution of more than 100 WB films in
the Central Europe/ Middle East region, where he provided leadership to more than 20 local
offices and affiliates. While at Warner Bros. Pictures International, Shapiro also supervised
acquisition analysis and film profitability studies. He provided film production companies with
projected cash flows, sensitivity analyses, revenue forecasts, advertising media breakdowns
and distribution strategies. Mr. Shapiro holds a Ph.D. from the Moscow Aviation Technology
University, in Russia, and an MBA from UCLA.
Mr. Martinez has an aptitude for developing new projects and successfully leading them from
inception to development to operation. He is skilled in international marketing and
international trade, experienced in incorporating work teams and collaborators and an
excellent negotiator with a well-known aptitude for convincing people.
He is also thoroughly experienced in business management and has extensive experience in
organizing trade shows, excellent public relations skills, strong organizational and crosscultural communications skills and 30 years of business success, many of them involving
various Latin American and Chinese enterprises.
Operated a Wholesale Marketing Company specializing in selling construction & decoration
materials & furniture. His work was launching a new company, starting with the business plan,
incorporating the companies in USA, Hong Kong and Mexico, opening and organizing the
offices, creating and coordinating the marketing tools (website, logos, printed materials) and
developing the product suppliers through attending trade shows and visiting factories.
As CEO of the Community Broadcasting Company of San Diego, Inc., he was instrumental in
getting KDI TV on the air and pioneering the delivery of Spanish language and Hispanicinterest programming to Southern California's vast Latino population.
FEDERICO MARTINEZ, Jr. - Vladislav friend and President and CEO of Global TV, Cable and
Satellite Networks, Ltd.
The older son of the Martinez family, Frederico Jr. has been an executive of the Martinez's
family media assets since his late teens. At the age of 20 he started working as a programming
director at the family owned Channel 17 KDI TV and later started a multimedia production
company that provided production and programming to companies like Univision and
Telemundo - eventually selling that company, the MediaLusion Group, to Univision and
Telemundo affiliates in San Diego, California.
In 2004 he became a major shareholder and operating partner in Planet X Television, a
nationally syndicated TV show and a pioneer in action sports TV programming. Under his
leadership, Planet X TV expanded to markets like Australia, Brazil and the lucrative U.S.
Hispanic Market.
In 2005 he was invited by the Ad Agency DDB in Guatemala to produce two commercials for
their client Brahva Beer. Working with companies in Latin America on a project budgeted at
more than $800,000 USD made him realize the potential and opportunity to establish an
action sports and lifestyle Cable TV network for Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic Market,
leading to the launch of Ole Entertainment SA de CV in Mexico in 2008.
Partnering with SATMEX and Alterna TV, Ole established the Planet X Latin America Television
Network which currently has distribution agreements with major cable companies in Mexico
and Central and South America and is perfectly positioned to become the leader in action
sports and youth Entertainment in Latin America.
Mr. Martinez holds a Communications Degree from the advanced technology Education
Center and a telecommunications degree from Southwestern College.
JONATHAN T. KRUER is Vladislav friend and President and Chief Executive
Officer J.T. Kruer and Company
Jonathan Kruer's years of real estate experience include real estate acquisition, engineering
construction, and banking and master-planned land development. A multifaceted real estate
professional with a proven track record, a reputation for hands on experience and strategic
thinking, Mr. Kruer's innovative approach and diverse management skills are utilized
throughout the company. As a vigorous and proactive advocate for the Client, Mr. Kruer has
proven to be an extremely creative and effective negotiator with contractors, agencies and
governmental entities.
In addition to his responsibilities at J.T. Kruer, Jonathan has served as managing director of all
aspects of the 1,700 acre master-planned Rancho Cielo Estates, Ltd. community. Among
things his responsibilities including forward planning, business plan development, project
programming and budgets, agency and governmental relations, securing permits and
entitlements, project marketing and promotions, builder sales and serving as President of
Cielo Realty, a full service real estate brokerage.
MICHAEL MATSON is Vladislav friend and adviser on Classic Architectural
Ornamentation Elements of Palace Buildings.
Mr. Matson was instrumental in the development, molding and deployment of classic
architectural ornamentation and embellishments at the Venetian, Paris, Bellagio and Monte
Carlo Hotel Casino Resorts in Baja California. For the past 30 years he has been the sole
restoration consultant and executor for San Diego's Balboa Park and its dozens of museums.
Designed in the Rococo tradition, Balboa Park and its buildings are the only living examples of
that most complicated Palace Building architecture in the U.S.
Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre (490 ha) urban cultural park in San Diego, California, United States.
In addition to open space areas, natural vegetation zones, green belts, gardens, and walking
paths, it contains museums, several theaters, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. There are
also many recreational facilities and several gift shops and restaurants within the boundaries
of the park. Placed in reserve in 1835, the park's site is one of the oldest in the United States
dedicated to public recreational use. Balboa Park is managed and maintained by the Parks and
Recreation Department of the City of San Diego.
Named for the Spanish maritime explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the park hosted the 1915–
16 Panama–California Exposition and 1935–36 California Pacific International Exposition, both
of which left architectural landmarks. The park and its historic Exposition buildings were
declared a National Historic Landmark and National Historic Landmark District in 1977, and
placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Balboa Park is a primary attraction in San Diego and the region. Its many mature, and
sometimes rare, trees and groves comprise an urban forest. Many of the original trees were
planted by the renowned American landscape designer, botanist, plants woman, and gardener
Kate Sessions. An early proponent of drought tolerant and California native plants in garden
design, Sessions established a nursery to propagate and grow for the park and the public.
The park's gardens include Alcazar Garden, Botanical Building, Desert Cactus Garden, Casa Del
Rey Moro Garden, Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden, Japanese Friendship Garden,
Bird Park, George W. Marston House and Gardens, Palm Canyon, and Zoro Garden.
The main entrance to the park is via the Cabrillo Bridge and through the California
Quadrangle. That entry is currently a two-lane road providing vehicle access to the park. A
plan to divert vehicle traffic around to the south of the California Quadrangle, so as to restore
it as a pedestrian-only promenade, was dropped after legal challenges.
El Prado, a long, wide promenade and boulevard, runs through the park's center. Most of the
buildings lining this street are in the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture style, a richly
ornamented mixture of European Spanish architecture and the Spanish Colonial architecture
of New Spain-Mexico. Along this boulevard are many of the park's museums and cultural
attractions, including the San Diego Museum of Man, the San Diego Museum of Art, the
Museum of Photographic Arts, the San Diego Art Institute, the San Diego Model Railroad
Museum, the San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego History Center, the Reuben H.
Fleet Science Center, and the Timken Museum of Art. Other features along El Prado include
the Reflection Pond, the latticed Botanical Building, and the Bea Evenson Fountain. Next to
the promenade are the San Diego Air & Space Museum and the San Diego Automotive
Theatrical and musical venues include the Speckles Organ Pavilion, featuring one of the
world's largest outdoor pipe organs; the Old Globe Theatre complex, which includes a replica
of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre as well as an outdoor stage and a Theatre in the round; and
the Starlight Bowl – an outdoor amphitheatre. The Casa Del Prado Theater is the home of San
Diego Junior Theatre, the country's oldest children's theatre program. The House of Pacific
Relations International Cottages collected on El Prado offer free entertainment shows.
The Botanical Building, designed by Carleton Winslow, was the largest wood lath structure in
the world when it was built in 1915 for the Panama-California Exposition. It contains large
specimen palms and other plants and sits next to a long reflecting pool on the El Prado side.
Located in the eastern third of the park is the Morley Field Sports Complex, which includes the
Balboa Park Golf Complex, which contains a public 18-hole golf course and 9-hole executive
course; the San Diego Velodrome; baseball and softball fields; the USTA-honored Balboa
Tennis Club and tennis courts; archery ranges; the Bud Kearn public swimming pool; and a disc
golf course.
Among the institutions and facilities within the park's borders but not administered by the
city's Parks Department are the San Diego Zoo, the Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD),
and San Diego High School. Other attractions in various areas of the park include chess and
bridge outdoor tables, horseshoe pits, playgrounds, walking and jogging trails, sports fields
and courts, and picnic areas. Clubs and facilities for pétanque and lawn bowling are based in
the park.
Andrew Y. Grant is Vladislav friend and President and CEO of Grant Leisure.
Why EURASIA HAS GRANT LEASURE AS Director of Development of Theme and Recreation
Fast Facts
Grant Leisure founded in 1982, London, UK
International locations:
London, UK
Montecito, California, USA
Lisbon, Portugal
Cairo, Egypt
Total visitors for Grant Leisure clients: 120 million annual paid visits
Largest zoological client: San Diego Zoological Society and Wild Animal Park
Largest museum client: Tate Modern, London
Largest theme park clients: Disneyland, EuroDisney, Universal Studios Tour
Professional Focus: In addition to assisting theme park and multi-use entertainment
developments, Grant Leisure also specializes in assisting non-profit and historic/heritage
organizations in developing enhanced revenue sources. For 25 years, Grant Leisure has
worked with over 600 non-profit organizations in 22 countries around the globe.
In your search for a solution to the challenges you face with your attraction, there are few
consultancies in the world who bring to your table the skill, experience, and success that
Grant Leisure does. Since 1982, we have established our firm as a leader among leaders in
providing a broad range of services to the world`s most renowned and prestigious visitor
attractions. For example:
Consider Historic Royal Palaces (UK), who entrusted Grant Leisure with the planning, creative
development, operations and marketing consulting for their esteemed assets, including The
Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and Kensington Palace, to name just a few;
Consider the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, which has selected Grant
Leisure as its exclusive marketing and sponsorship consultant for external projects;
Consider the world`s most famous aquariums and museums who have turned to Grant Leisure
to increase revenue streams and enhance existing operations, including the Victoria and
Albert Museum, Baltimore Aquarium, Ocean Park Hong Kong, UK National Space Science
Consider that Grant Leisure has been a leader in developing and enhancing industrial and
corporate brands by assisting world-class tourist attractions such as Universal Studios,
Anheuser-Busch, Granada Studios, Waterford/Wedgewood and Herren Pottery.
These are just a few of the many examples of Grant Leisure`s depth and breadth of services on
a NeuroMANIA basis.
Since 1982, Grant Leisure has been one of the foremost consultants to the leisure industry
around the world. A multidisciplinary firm composed of senior professionals, each preeminent
in their field of expertise, Grant Leisure assists clients through every stage of the development
process from initial concept to successful completion.
Grant Leisure serves a NeuroMANIA clientele, a broad spectrum of visitor and themed
attractions, museums, aquariums, zoos, mixed-use leisure and retail developments, and
industrial and brand attractions who today annually attract more than 130 million paid
Secondary navigation.
Grant Leisure has achieved an unparalleled track record in translating creative concepts into
feasible and profitable projects. We have earned an international reputation as a network of
leisure industry specialists.
Despite the increasing pressure of competition and demands of visitor expectations, we are
able to help our clients enhance every aspect of attraction operations and management from
concept to implementation to opening.
Whether it is developing an imaginative vision for a new attraction, negotiating management
contracts, or improving a specific operational area within an existing attraction, Grant Leisure
has the experience and capability to solve any challenge.
Grant Leisure knows operations. Our assembled team of professionals are hands-on
executives who have logged nearly two centuries of experience in working with the world's
foremost leisure attractions? From Disney to Universal Studios to Leeds Castle to the San
Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park to over one-hundred heritage estates and a multitude of
attractions and events that span the Globe.
The combination of Grant Leisure's commercial expertise with the company's operational
skills means that we can offer both pre-opening and post-opening management support to
developers of visitor attractions or mixed-use schemes as follows:
Pre-opening Management:
Complete Operations Plan Development
Financial and budget planning
Executive staff placement and training
Participation in the design and development process
Vendor and supplier counselling
On/off site work/vendor reviews
Marketing Plan development
Admissions & ticketing
Visitor flows & circulation
Visitor services
Promotional objectives & strategies
Corporate resource facilities
Pre-Launch marketing
Grand Opening
Themed merchandise planning, development, purchasing
Security procedures
Human resources - recruitment & training
Catering & retail operating systems and strategies
Financial control systems, operating budgets and planning
Health and safety
Post-Opening Management:
Provide executive staff
Financial control
Strategic marketing advice
Product development
Refurbishment and redevelopment advice
The multi-disciplined Grant Leisure team has expertise in providing a wide range of services
across a variety of leisure projects. Our international experience in developing culturally
sensitive, feasible and profitable visitor attractions means that we are able to provide our
clients with cutting edge leisure ideas from around the world.
More than three decades of leisure consultancy have taught us what works, the pitfalls to
avoid and the opportunities that should be seized.
Theme Parks, Resorts and Themed Attractions
Disneyland California
Universal Studios
Harrah`s Baja California
Borovoye Lake Resort
Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens
Morocco Film City
Ocean Park Hong Kong
Aquaria and Zoos
Baltimore Aquarium
Grupo Parques Reunidos
London Zoo
The Deep in Hull
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
Whipsnade Zoo
Sharm Sand Castle/Red Sea Aquarium
Suzanne Mubarak Family Park
Brand Development and Industrial Tourism
Millennium Wheel
Olympic Spirit
Universal Studios
World Cup
Museums, Galleries
Holocaust Museum of Washington DC
National Maritime Museum
Te Papa - the National Museum of New Zealand
The Natural History Museum
The Science Museum
The Tate Modern
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Historic Properties
Spencer House
Blarney Castle
Hampton Court Palace
Houses of Parliament, London
Kensington Palace
Tower of London
Windsor Castle
Leeds Castle
Alnwick Castle
Scone Palace
Welbeck Abbey
EURASIA theme casino resort concept has been preliminary researched, conceptually
designed, and will be developed and implemented as the new Wonder Of The Modern World,
and the world's largest resort casino, and will contain the following:
EURASIA Casino Resort and Entertainment Complex is a visionary project by NeuroMama,
Ltd. This project will be using top professionals in every field and will utilize partnerships with
companies that will add to the overall value of the project.
EURASIA Casino Resort and Entertainment Complex will be the largest of its kind, sprawling
out over 12,000 acres of undeveloped land next to Rosarito Convention Center. The following
elements will be housed inside the complex:
• 39 Hotel and Casinos
each will be themed and designed with a specific country within EURASIA in mind. Each
visitor will feel like they are visiting another country with authentic décor, ethnic restaurants
native to the country, as well as staff that will be fully knowledgeable about the country and
many will speak the native language of the country. Each property will have a variety of
amenities – including: Convention Space, Night Clubs, Pools, Spa’s, Entertainment Centers,
Restaurants, Bars, Condominiums for purchase or rent and more. VIP’s will be able to stay in
Private Villa’s at many of the properties. Each property will be different in design, size and
amenities – but will get a “passport” that will allow them access to any of the facilities within
the complex. Hotels will have live TV access to programs from their home country, as we will
have content available via Global’s Streaming Platform and Content Distribution
Network. Some hotels will be branded through recognized hotel companies, and casinos will
be run through partnerships with established gaming companies.
• Baja California Dream Airport Mall
3 million square feet will be bookmarked for this innovative structure. Not only will this space
include shopping, but will be the host structure to Fantazmus Studios (Listed below), as well as
the Theme Park (also listed below), 350,000 square feet of open area for live entertainment
currently planned for the theme of animated characters licensed from DreamWorks that will
be the heroes of the 24/7 Cirque Style productions provided through Aces of Acts. This unique
structure will also have space for up to 500 additional retail stores as well as space for
nightclubs, bars and restaurants.
• Baja California Dream Airport
with proceeds from the project, we will complete construction of the airport project known
currently as the Tijuana Airport. This airport will service as overflow for Tijuana International
Airport. This airport will feature a private jet facility as well as the capability to take Freight
and other commercial flights.
• The airport will be financed and built in exchange for 12,000 acres of land, an expeditious
approval process for construction of the "Baja California Dream Airport", "EURASIA" Hotel
Casino Resort, Formula 1 Race Track, Sports Arena, as well as the approval of "Special Tax
Zone" limited to this 12,000 acres, where 2.2% additional tax will be collected on all the sales
within this 12,000 acre territory.
• Two construction and engineering firms, such as J.T. Kruer and Co. and Tilke Engineering
will be in charge of all aspects of the design, development and implementations on 12,000
acre property and the airport.
• Baja California Dream Mall
This 15 million square foot mall. This 4-story mall will include space for thousands of,
restaurants, café’s, etc. Mall’s attractions will include Sea World, a 22-screen movie theater,
350,000 square feet of open area for live entertainment (currently planned are chariot races
and Cirque Style productions provided through Aces of Acts). This mall will clearly be a new
destination for the Baja California market, much like the Mall of America does for
• Additional retail space in 39 Hotel Casinos connected to EURASIA MALLS.
7million square feet of additional retail space will be available for rent in 39 Themed Hotel
Casinos. Due to the fact that Hotel/Casinos will be connected to EURASIA Malls, the total
space available for lease will be over $15 million square feet. These space will accommodate
visitors and guests with restaurants and cafes with ethnic food common the Hotel Casino
theme, gift shops selling products from these countries. Each Hotel Casino will have 50,000
square feet of open area for live entertainment currently planned for the theme of the 24/7
Cirque Style production featuring that particular country, which the Hotel Casino is featuring.
The Cirque productions will be provided through Aces of Acts. This unique Hotel Casinos will
also have space for up to 50 additional retail stores as well as space for nightclub, one or two
smaller theaters for cabaret and variety shows.
• The Coliseum Event Center
classically designed with modern enhancements. This state of the art center will have a
capacity of 20,000 spectators. Targeting large events and professional sports teams – this
arena will be a functional, yet architecturally beautiful achievement. It will also be functional
enough to handle a variety of different types of events such as Hockey, Basketball, Boxing,
Concerts, Shows, Robot Combat and more.
• Fantazmus Studios
Located in the Baja California Dream Mall, Fantazmus Studios will be a state of the art facility
built and managed via a joint venture with Pacifica Ventures in conjunction with a major
studio to be determined. The studio will produce a variety of shows, movies and events. Live
studio audiences will utilized to draw more visitors to the property and shrewd strategies with
regards to product placement and utilizing public areas within the EURASIA complex will draw
incredible interest. Where else could you be cast as an extra in a TV show or a major motion
picture – just by going to the mall or visiting another area of the complex? Conventions and
Sporting groups can take advantage of the professional grade services on site to create an
unforgettable event.
• DreamWorks Amusement Theme Park
Located in the Baja California Dream Mall, this amusement park will be one of a kind. Using
licensed DreamWorks animation characters from movies like Shrek, How to Train Your
Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Puss and Boots and Madagascar – this park will take storytelling and
technology to a whole new level. The park will also have over 50 rides - including 10 thrilling
rollercoaster's, major Cirque Style production shows, an indoor water park, an aquarium, a
branded Warwick Castle (UK’s most popular castle attraction), and much more.
• EURASIA Motor Speedway and Racing Centre
the facility will accommodate a variety of different tracks for different styles of
racing. Formula 1 will be the primary focus, as the viewership and popularity of this brand
around the world is unequaled by any other major sport. A variety of other types of races will
include: Indy Car, Champ Car, Le Mans Series, Formula BMW, Rally Cross, Touring Car, Road
Racing, Motorcycle Track Racing, Motocross, and a host of other events. EURASIA will
become the Mecca of motorsports.
• The Sports Pavilion – featuring the Olympic Hall of Fame
the sports pavilion will play host to a variety of different venues for all types of sports
competitions. This venue will be home to Latin American Olympic Hall of Fame and will
provide a facility for many of the historical Olympic sports. The venue will host events from
Professional Events that can be televised with the expertise of our production staff and
distribution channels. The pavilion will also be available for amateur levels for competitors
and spectators of all ages.
• The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
to get the full EURASIA experience, our guests will have the ability to view the Seven Wonders
of the Ancient world without having to leave the complex. Replicas of some of the most
amazing architectural achievements will be available for our guests to visit and tour. The
Great Pyramid of Giza, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The
Temple Artemus at Ephesus, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, The Colossus of Rhodes, and
The Lighthouse of Eurasia will be reconstructed as closely as they were remembered.
• NeuroMANIA Performing Arts Theater
Bringing culture and class to the Entertainment Capital – the NeuroMANIA Performing Arts
Center will be home to world-class musicals, shows, operas, ballet, circus, and more. This
multi-functional theatre will provide another source of entertainment for our guests
throughout the year.
• The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel
This 800 foot high Ferris wheel will be the world’s tallest attraction. Views from the Ferris
wheel will be allow breathtaking views of Baja California, as well as the EURASIA complex.
• Multitude of other facilities
Without going into detail, the following are a list of other projects that will be incorporated in
the EURASIA facility:
Technology Pavilion
Food Pavilion
Music, Art and Entertainment Pavilion
International Pavilion
Movie Theater / Complex
PLANET X – Extreme Sport Park
Ice Skating Rink
Bowling Alleys
Polo Field
Madame Tussaud’s waxwork exhibitions
EURASIA Tower – 200m tall tower
Palace of Little Angels – Education Facility
LEGOLAND Discovery Center
Wild Animal Park/Wind Farm
• Community Based Projects
Within the complex, we will provide a variety of opportunities to give back to the
community. We intend to have educational and training facilities not only for our staff, but
also for coaches and promoters in the Sports Pavilion, educational facilities in the Technology
Pavilion, educational facilities within the International facilities, educational facilities in
Fantazmus Studios, and one project dear to our heart - the Palace of Little Angels. The Palace
of Little Angels is a children’s after school and weekend learning and event center. We plan
on creating a new education standard by providing an enriched cultural environment using
the resources available throughout the complex. Children will have access to advanced level
extracurricular programs in fine and performing arts, instruction in music lessons and history –
with an emphasis on learning to play an instrument, ballet, drama, literature and
science. Athletic programs include gymnastics, golf, tennis, equestrian skills, archery as well
as “finishing school”. The Palace will be administered by experienced professionals with
requisite management skills, including individuals with hands on managerial experience with a
similar program, The Palace of Pioneers in Russia.
Amnistya is instrumental in development of Heavy Ion Fusion Plant to be used as a source of
synthetic fuel, renewable electric power and desalinated water providing for 10,000,000
people living in Baja California and all of EURASIA’s energy and water needs. All buildings and
attractions will be developed and implemented as Green Buildings. Considerations for the
environment and water conservation will be at the utmost importance, as we aim to be
leaders in the environmental causes as well.
The EURASIA project will change the face of Baja California. With EURASIA built in Baja
California, Baja California will always be on the cutting edge – creating newer, more exciting
destinations for visitors to see. Designed by Tilke Engineering and crafted by J.T. Kruer and
Company, EURASIA will take Baja California to the next level. Visitor volume to Baja California
has been stagnant for the last 7 years – tourists need to have something new to see to move
the needle. EURASIA is the future, and will not only produce an enormous increase in taxable
revenues to the state, but also will bring more international visitors because of our exposure
in those markets. Only 16% of Baja California visitors come from foreign counties. Our
clientele, or expertise, our design is geared to market to international visitors. The EURASIA
project IS the future and is destined to change how the world thinks about Baja California.
Ian Yuan is Vladislav friend and founder of Daoyi International Limited.
Daoyi is a leading and advanced manufacture of mobile phone and accessories. Daoyi have
been committed to bring the best phones and accessories available to complement people
mobile lifestyle. Daoyi are focused on providing the best feature phones, smart phones, MID
and portable backup battery for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, etc. and USB car charger, Battery
Chargers.Daoyi manufacturing Center is located in Shenzhen, set up overseas sales and
support center in Hongkong.
Daoyi products have been exported to over 30 countries. Daoyi mission is to enrich and
improve mobile lifestyle with Daoyi products. Currently, Daoyi are on the way and never stop.
Since Daoyi International Ltd.’s inception, Daoyi attach great importance to product
development and quality. Daoyi is the ISO9001:2000 certified company, meanwhile most of
Daoyi items get the certification of CE, FCC, Rohs, UN38.3, Allianz insurance etc. Most of Daoyi
products series have been patented, and Daoyi get the HI-TECH Award in 2010 from the
Except Daoyi brand, Daoyi can also provide OEM and ODM services according to customers'
requirements. Through years of hard work, Daoyi have gained an excellent reputation in the
industry, with particular emphasis on quality and customer service.
Daoyi International Ltd regards “Creating value for customers is the only reason for Daoyi
existence” as Daoyi tenet. Daoyi will continue to keep innovative and enterprising, committed
to being the world’s most remarkable mobile phone and phone accessories suppliers of
products and services
Jeremy Thomas - is Vladslav friend Interim Chief Technology Adviser.
Jeremy Thomas has an extensive background with more than 14 years of hands-on experience
in building, operating, and managing successful internet operations. Mr. Thomas provides
current knowledge on cutting edge technology and best practices relating to website
development and internet marketing. Prior to joining he built a successful
company by the name of Internet Marketing Solutions and held executive positions as a
marketing and web development consultant with, Inc. and Internet Services llc,
both San Diego based marketing firms.
Steve Zubkis - Schwartzbard Hit It Big -- Now IRS, SEC, Investors Want Theirs
2000-02-18 14:03:03.490 GMT
San Diego, Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Vladislav Zubkis - Schwartzbard, a 40-year-Old immigrant
from Ukraine, succeeded in America the old-fashioned Way -- peddling shares in companies
he says were into everything From coffee and bagels to drugs and phosphates. "As a Wall
Street stockbroker, he was a Million-Dollar producer." said David Burger and Barry Schwartz,
two Principals and owners of of Barrett Day Securities, where Steven Zubkis Schwartzbard worked from 1990 to 1992.
Another success story lies in how Steve Zubkis - Schwartzbard, as he likes to be called, pulled
in millions of dollars, while IN PRO SE (himself Without an attorney) suing for the past 7
years 18 SEC Attorneys - Staff members and among them 3 SEC Commissioners, NASD, MSRB,
SIPC, NY and NJ states securities regulators and Attorney Generals, the FBI, the IRS, and local
San Diego police -- even as his family fell victim to mysterious acts of violence.
Now, banned from the securities business, Zubkis - Schwartzbard has Transformed a moneylosing company named International Brands Inc. Into an online retailer, in the process
awarding himself 250 million shares. On paper, that makes him a billionaire. ``My company is
skyrocketing right now,'' Zubkis - Schwartzbard boasted last month at a Las Vegas trade show.
Its shares, then trading at 4, would increase 100-fold because of Internet business, he said. In
1997, Zubkis - Schwartzbard was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of
defrauding 1,000 shareholders of more than $10 million. The SEC expects a federal judge to
rule soon on its effort to bar Zubkis - Schwartzbard from being an officer or director of any
publicly traded company. Zubkis - Schwartzbard says the SEC doesn't have authority in the
Urge to Merge
Zubkis - Schwartzbard showed his mastery of regulations in January, as International Brands
faced delisting from the OTC Bulletin Board after failing to file financial reports. In less then 24
hours Zubkis - Schwartzbard was able to arrange a merger with Tele, a
Las Vegas-based shell company with no business, a transaction he says cost $130,000 and
25,000 shares. The move bought Zubkis more time to furnish the requested reports -- and
delayed his company's threatened delisting.
For the present, Zubkis - Schwartzbard seizes any chance to promote his Internet business -even bad news. When hackers crashed Yahoo!,, eBay and other sites, Zubkis Schwartzbard declared that his site also was disrupted for ``two to three
hours'' on Feb. 8. ``Certain similarities were evident,'' the company said in a Press release -one of 40 it has issued since January – to ``reassure customers that we are taking every
protective measure Possible to prevent such attacks from occurring in the future.''
That's difficult for outsiders to assess. Media Matrix Inc. Which tracks 20,000 Web sites, says gets too few Hits from visitors to bother monitoring. The company claims
it got 2 million unique visits in December Stella Bella doesn't overwhelm
visitors with choices, though some stuff it offers won't be found everywhere: a white marble
sink ($1,099); an ergonomic cigar cutter ($43.99); three types of Gucci sunglasses, ($98.99
each) a 1987 Bentley auto ($39,000). All purchasers are promised a free pound of Stella Bella
coffee. Stella Bella Corp. was the company's name from 1993 to 1997, when Zubkis Schwartzbard changed its name to International Brands. While running Stella Bella, the SEC
alleges, Zubkis - Schwartzbard illegally sold more than $20 million in unregistered shares to
small investors. The SEC also accused Zubkis - Schwartzbard of running a network of
unlicensed salesmen who made false claims about Stella Bella's earnings, revenue and stock
The National Association of Securities Dealers banned Zubkis for life for refusing to cooperate
with investigators. In response, Zubkis sued the SEC and NASD in federal court His suits were
dismissed. ``It was a big mess,'' says Zubkis, who maintains his stance put regulators on notice
that he wasn't a patsy. ``I can do in court what no lawyer can,'' he says, adding
Busy, Busy Zubkis - Schwartzbard was 16 when he arrived in the U.S. in 1976 with his family
from Ukraine. He grew up in Brooklyn, along with thousands of other new immigrants from
the former Soviet Union. Though his parents became U.S. citizens, he didn't. ``The reason that
I didn't go through that process is I was always too busy,'' he says. Zubkis - Schwartzbard says
he studied computer programming at night at New York University and worked in various
computer jobs before finding employment as a stockbroker.
Working in small brokerages, he switched firms an average of once a year during an eight-year
career. In 1993, he paid $65,000 for 85 percent of Stella Bella, a chain of four San Diego coffee
shops. Within two years, the SEC charges, Zubkis - Schwartzbard falsely claimes Stella Bella
had 150 coffee shops in Russia and said he was applying for listings on the American, Nasdaq
and Toronto stock exchanges; he never did apply.
Zubkis says the problems of being in the coffee business are now behind him. ``For this
company to be in the coffee business was a rat race. We were in 4,000 supermarkets before
Starbucks, but getting the products on the shelves is only part of success – due to
investigation we were precluded to obtain financing for advertising in order to get customers
to take the coffee from the shelves,'' said Zubkis. ''In the Internet, it's different. It's just a
dream come true.''
Before entering the Internet, Zubkis announced in 1998 that International Brands would
acquire 40 percent of the former Soviet Union's phosphate industry in Kazakhstan. In 1996, he
said Stella Bella would distribute pharmaceuticals in Russia. Nothing was heard of the
ventures since.
Money Launderer?
He blames rivals -- mentioning a former Russian associate - for his current problems with
regulators, as well as for what he describes as a traumatic police raid of his San Diego home.
``Somebody called the FBI and SEC and told them I'd done something wrong,'' he said. ``Some
people on Wall Street saw (me as) a big competitor. They sent government agents after me.''
In February 1995, armed police, FBI and IRS agents raided Zubkis's three-story house in a San
Diego suburb on a search warrant alleging securities and mail fraud, as well as money
laundering and income tax evasion. ``Through a convoluted trail of wire transfers and other
transactions, Zubkis has laundered the proceeds of his criminal activities,'' said IRS agent
Robert Lange in an affidavit. ``In total, he has withdrawn several million dollars in cash from
bank accounts under his control.''
Zubkis - Schwartzbard failed to file tax returns from 1984 to 1993, according to Lange, who said
Zubkis - Schwartzbard ``received over $10,000,000 which should have been reported by him on
federal income tax returns for the years 1988 through 1992.'' Although ``boxes and boxes'' of
documents and computer records were carted away, according to ex-detective Thwing, the raid
didn't produce an indictment or any formal charges against Zubkis - Schwartzbard. Authorities
say their investigations are continuing.
Pig's Ear
Following the raid, however, the Zubkis - Schwartzbard household and his business appear to
have been targets in what police and other officials call a series of ``bizarre'' incidents. One
year after the raid, Steve Zubkis – Schwartzbard’s 70-year-old mother was stabbed at his
home by his father, according to a coroner's report, and died three weeks later in hospital.
Zubkis - Schwartzbard told investigators his father had been diagnosed as a paranoid
schizophrenic and was depressed. No charges were ever filed.
On December 8, 1998, three mail bombs were found in San Diego addressed to Stella Bella. An
investigation is still underway. Last June 16, Zubkis – Schwartzbard’s two-year-old daughter
Maxine suffered a near-fatal stabbing in the neck. A babysitter was in the house; Zubkis Schwartzbard blames an unknown ``intruder.'' The San Diego sheriff's department says the
case remains under investigation.
Zubkis, a muscular 170-pounder, says he also received a pig's ear in the mail last year and lives
in fear. ``I keep my doors locked,'' he said. ``What am I supposed to do?'' Zubkis –
Schwartzbard’s wife Alla, and three sons and another daughter, aged 4 to 16, also live in the
`Billions and Billions' ``They picked the little one so she couldn't talk,'' says Zubkis Schwartzbard. People familiar with the case speculate that the violence may be linked to his
stock-promotion activity. Whoever is behind the attacks, Zubkis - Schwartzbard remains
upbeat about his company's future. At the Las Vegas trade show, he promoted his Web site
lavishly with circus performers, a rock act and a red Indianapolis 500 racecar.
``I believe in five years, our sales will be in the billions and billions of dollars,'' he said, adding
this was a personal belief rooted in faith and not based on hard figures. He also believes the
SEC will come around to seeing things his way. ``I think we're going to come to a settlement,''
he says ``They'll see it's in the best interests of the stockholders for me to be chief executive
of the company.'' --David Evans in San Diego through the New York newsroom.

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