4-H iThrive Crossword Puzzle C r o s s w o r d P u z z l e K y 65


4-H iThrive Crossword Puzzle C r o s s w o r d P u z z l e K y 65
Review key ideas learned in the
4-H iThrive Leadership Project
4-H iThrive
Crossword Puzzle
(page 44 in iThrive)
20 minutes
Crossword Puzzle (iThrive, page
44), pencils or pens
Facilitator Tips:
Allow discussion and
collaboration to complete the
1. Instruct members to complete the crossword puzzle
to the best of their ability.
2. Suggest that they can flip back through iThrive to
remind themselves of ideas and words.
3. When all members have completed the crossword
puzzle, review their answers and reinforce the
concepts by asking for personal examples. Here are
some ideas:
• How did you apply that concept to your work as
a Junior or Teen Leader this year?
• How do you think you might apply that idea in
the future?
• What are some questions you have about how
this applies to you?
C r o s s w o r d
3. caring
5. confidence
6. contribution
7. strategies
9. character
10. persistence
P u z z l e
1. effort
2. shift
3. connections
4. learning
7. spark
8. goal
California 4-H Youth Development Program