Saguaro Skies
Saguaro Astronomy
Club, Phoenix, AZ
Volume 39, Issue 12
December 2015
The President’s Corner
As 2015 draws to a close and I write
my 12th President’s Corner, I want to say it
has been a humbling honor to serve as the
president of an organization that had it’s
start nearly 40 years ago. In 1977, I was in
high school and involved in the hobby of
astronomy with just an RV-6 Dynascope and
a subscription to Sky and Telescope magazine.
Meanwhile, some folks in Phoenix were busy
starting a club devoted to all things
astronomical. What they would achieve over
the next 38 years is quite remarkable. Just
take a look at the archived information on
the SAC webpage in the Downloads section
to see the depth of information available. You
can also glean some wonderful history by
reading the past meeting minutes archived
in the newsletters.
Looking forward, I’d challenge members
of the club to ask themselves what they can
do to become more involved in SAC: Write a
short article for the newsletter (editor Rick
will be forever grateful), make a member
presentation at a club meeting on any kind
of astronomy related topic, review a piece of
equipment, bring a friend, start working on
(or finish) a SAC award list, tell us what
you’ve been looking at in the sky whether it’s
a “Best of the NGC” object or your own
ramblings about the heavens, volunteer to
help with the club’s annual Messier
Marathon, and the list goes on. Oh, and let’s
ALL give some thought as to what we want
to do in 2017 for an anniversary celebration.
Inside this issue:
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In closing, I’d like to thank the executive
club officers for their service, the wonderful
guest speakers who took the time to share
their works with us and you, the members,
for continuing to make SAC what it is – a
great place to enjoy the stars.
A final thank you to Matt for letting us
use his home to host our annual potluck
year-end party* (fill in your own holiday
season here, including Festivus). Don’t forget
this year we are planning to hold an AstroWhite Elephant gift exchange (to participate
knickknacks, thingamabobs, or gee-haws
you no longer use). Please bring your
favorite nosh to share and celebrate SAC
2015 and toast a hopefully cloud free SAC
* Details in this newsletter.
Editor Notes/Events
& Spaceflight Trivia
(Rick Rotramel)
Best of the NGC:
NGC 869/884, The Double
Cluster in Perseus
(SAC Imagers & Observers)
(Compiled by: Rick Rotramel)
Call for Images, Notes 5
& Sketches
(Rick Rotramel)
(Four ads)
Bits & Pisces
mail to:[email protected]
SAC Meeting Minutes
(Paul Dickson/Tom Polakis)
25 & 10 Years Ago in SAC
(Rick Rotramel)
And They Build Telescopes
(Rick Rotramel)
SAC Holiday Party
Saturday Dec, 19th, 7-11 PM
(@ Matt Luttinen's Home)
Photo: Michael Poppre
Follow SAC on Facebook
SAC Imaging:
Venus Occultation by the Moon
(Kevin Kozel & Tom Polakis)
SAC Imaging:
Comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina)
Quick Calendar
Saturday, December 19: SAC Holiday Party Potluck, at Matt Luttinen's home.
Click here for details inside this issue.
Tuesday, January 19: SAC ATM/Imaging Meeting, 6:30 PM; @ Paul Lind's Shop
Friday, January 22: SAC General Meeting, 7:30 PM; Speaker: TBA, Topic: TBA
(Tom Polakis)
SAC Officers/Chairs
(Meeting Location & Occultation Info)
SAC Membership Form 15
Header image © JD Maddy
Scorpius setting in the southwest over the
hills near Kartchner Caverns in southern
© Saguaro Astronomy Club, 2015
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Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Editor Notes
Schedule of Events 2015
Hi Folks,
This issue completes three years of producing
Saguaro Skies, the SAC newsletter, by yours truly. It
has been a pleasure and I really enjoy doing it.
If you have a story to tell, want to tell about
your observation project or wish to publish an
editorial opinion, please email it to me and I would
be happy to include it in a future issue. Don't be
shy. There is always room for stuff to be included.
I hope to see you at the SAC Holiday Potluck
Party on Saturday, December 19th at Matt Luttinen's
home. This is the last meeting of SAC for the year,
and it is about the only social event on the
calendar to just enjoy the past year of SAC with
fellow members of this great club.
Best Of the NGC features this month, NGC
869/884, The Double Cluster in Perseus.
SUCH-A-DEAL has sold one item, four remain.
Bits & Pisces has the run down on the
November 20th SAC meeting. Also, see SAC History
from the past, and finally what happened at the
SAC ATM/Astroimging meeting with the And They
Build Telescopes column.
SAC Imaging covers two items this month, first
the occultation of Venus by the Moon, and a
morning comet.
Rick Rotramel, Editor
SAC Holiday Party
Saturday, December 19th
@ Matt Luttinen's home
* Details in this issue.
SAC Announcements
Elected 2016 SAC Officers
President: Michael Poppre
Vice President: Tom Polakis
Secretary: Kevin Kozel
Treasurer: Jack Jones
Properties Director: Steve Dodder
Spaceflight Trivia
Can you name the mission involved in this
picture below? (See answer on page 5)
SAC Family Dues lowered to $36.00
The family dues was lowered to $36.00 at the
SAC Board meeting on September 25,2015.
Michael Poppre
SAC President
Now is the time to send in 2016
Membership Dues
Use the membership form at the end of this
newsletter and mail to the address listed.
Or, bring in it in to the next SAC meeting.
Thank you
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Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Best Of The NGC:
NGC 869 & 884, The Double Cluster in Perseus
By SAC Imagers, Observers & Sketchers, Compiled by Rick Rotramel
Image by Howard Anderson; Takahashi TOA-130 at f7.68, SBIG
ST4000XCM, Single-Shot Color, Color corrected in eXcalibrator, 4 - 10
min. shots; Dec. 2, 2015, AZcendant observatory, Rancho Hidalgo, NM
David Douglass
Perseus Map
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Page 4
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Best Of The NGC:
NGC 869 & 884, The Double Cluster in Perseus
By SAC Imagers, Observers & Sketchers, Compiled by Rick Rotramel
SAC Observer: Steve Coe
SAC Observer: Kevin Kozel
Naked eye; An elongated bright spot in the Milky
Way. This means it is very well detached from the glow
of the unresolved stars of the Milky Way. Using 8X42
binoculars resolves 22 stars in both clusters and the
orange star between the two clusters is just seen. A
terrific view of an old favorite. NGC 884 is the more
prominent of the two clusters.
8” f5.64 Dobsonian Reflector; A very rich star
field with mostly blue-white stars and a few scattered
red stars, a few of them being somewhat bright
compared to the mostly dim background stars. There is
a small curving circlet of stars near the center of NGC
869 and they surround a brighter blue-white star. I
began my sketch at 7:20pm and finished at 7:50pm.
RA 88 binoculars; Antennas site, S=6 T=8, 20X,
eastern cluster (884) shows 41 stars resolved, it is
large, bright, compressed and very well detached. The
western cluster (869) shows 37 stars resolved, large,
bright, much compressed and very well detached from
the Milky Way background. Several dark lanes surround
the clusters and there is a light orange star in between
the two clusters. A "Wow" view.
6" f6 Maksutov-Newtonian; Flatiron, S+T=5,
22mm. Both clusters are very bright, very, very large,
rich and compressed. NGC 869 has 66 stars resolved
and 884 has 51 stars involved in the cluster. The
8.8mm eyepiece provides a beautiful dark background
and allows the orange members to stand out
10" f5 Flatiron; S+T=6, 35mm Panoptic--nice
view, both clusters fit into the field easily, the orange
stars are easy, both in the clusters and the one
between them. There are several beautiful chains of
stars that are well displayed with this scope and
eyepiece. NGC 869 displayed 41 stars and 884
resolved 48 members. Moving up to the 14mm allows
me to count 66 stars in 884, many are faint and very
faint on a mediocre night. There is a distinct
"horseshoe" arc of 8 stars near the middle of NGC 884.
40' x 40'
Kevin Kozel, 8” f6.5, 40x
SAC Observer: Michael Poppre
Skywatcher 150 Newtonian; 30x, both clusters
nicely fit in the 1.8 deg field. NGC 869 is more compact
with many faint stars visible in the middle with two
bright stars of equal magnitude near the edge. NGC
884 appeared much more “open” with several bright
stars on the edge forming a pattern not unlike the four
“base” stars of Cepheus. Under my urban conditions, I
could count about 40 to 50 stars in each cluster.
SAC Observer: Rick Rotramel
16" f4.4 Newtonian; Large, Bright, very Rich,
with several brighter stars in each cluster, colorful. A
pair of clusters in the same wide field. Spectacular!
Double Cluster w/Comet Hartley 2 (103P/Hartley) 10/8/10 Image: Steve Coe
40' x 40'
Rick Rotramel, 16” f4.4, 70x
Page 5
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Call for Images, Notes & Sketches
By Rick Rotramel
For January, the Best of the NGC
will feature NGC 2024, The Flame or Tank
Track emission nebula in Orion.
For submitting images, send your jpg
file as an attachment in an email to the
editor. Same for sketches. Observation
notes are sent in the email text area or
as an attached file.
Email to: [email protected]
For February, NGC 2359, Thor’s
Helmet Nebula in Canis Major. Also
known as The Duck Nebula.
For March, NGC 2440, planetary
nebula in Puppis.
Spaceflight Trivia Answer
Mission type
Operator NASA (USA),
Mission duration
Spacecraft properties
Jupiter orbiter
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (Germany)
14 years in space, 8 years in Jovian orbit
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm,
General Electric & Hughes Aircraft Company
Launch mass
2,380 kilograms (5,250 lb), Probe: 339 kilograms (747 lb)
Orbiter: 570 watts
Start of mission
Launch date October 18, 1989
Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-34 / IUS
Launch site Kennedy Space Center LC-39B
Entered service
December 8, 1995
End of mission
Deorbited (Purposely sent into Jupiter)
Decay date September 21, 2003, 18:57:00 UTC
Flyby of Venus (gravity assist)
Closest approach
February 10, 1990
Flyby of Earth (gravity assist)
Closest approach
December 8, 1990
Flyby of (951) Gaspra (incidental)
Closest approach
October 29, 1991
Flyby of Earth (gravity assist)
Closest approach
December 8, 1992
Flyby of (243) Ida (incidental)
Closest approach
August 28, 1993
Jupiter atmospheric probe
Atmospheric entry
December 7, 1995
Operated for 57 minutes, Impact site: 6.5°N, 4.4°W
Jupiter orbiter
Orbital insertion
December 7, 1995
Page 6
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Meade 10” LX200 GPS w/UHTC Telescope
LX200 GPS with UHTC (Enhanced Optical Coatings)
Meade 26mm Super Plossl eyepiece, Finder Scope and tripod mount.
8 Meade Eyepieces in aluminum brief case:
2x Barlow Lens
Moon Filter
Lumicon Deep Sky Filter
Wired and Wireless Handsets
Cosmic One SCT Cooler (12-volt plug. Cools inside of SCT Tube to
ambient temperature).
Soft Cover for Telescope
Note: The electric micro-focuser is not functioning presently. Needs
Original Shipping Box
MEADE ETX-90EC 90mm Maksutov Telescope
Includes the following:
#07426 8 x 21mm Erect Image Viewfinder
#07427/#825 8 x 25mm Right Angle Viewfinder
Deluxe Tripod
Meade Ultra Wide Angle 6.7mm multi-coated
Meade Super Plossl 26mm LP multi-coated
Meade 2X telenegative multi-coated
Meade remote controller
#880 Table Tripod for Polar Alignment of the
ETX-90EC Astro Telescope
Carrying Case
Allen wrenches
Selling on behalf of a friend, Asking $350.00
For all.
Contact Rick Tejera: 623-203-4121
Email: [email protected]
FOR SALE $1,700
Contact Tim Tucker: 480-215-4453
Email: [email protected]
FYI: I live in Maricopa
Celestron 102mm Nexstar, OTA Only
OTA, 102mm f6.5; 660mm focal length
There is a cosmetic crack in the dew shield but the optics are fine. I
do not have a star diagonal for this.
Asking SAC price is: $50.
Contact Michael at: mail to:[email protected]
1350 S Greenfield Rd #2105
Mesa, AZ 85206
Phone: (480) 779-9262
Ads placed here are free to SAC members. SAC is not responsible for
the quality of the advertised items.
If you wish to place an ad here to sell your telescope or astronomy
related items, contact Rick Rotramel at: [email protected]
Page 7
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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For Sale - Celestron 6.3 Reducer/Corrector
* Model 94175 – BNIB (Brand New In Box)
* List = $144.95
* Average Retail = $130
* Price = $75
* Product page:
* Bob Christ email: [email protected]
For Sale – Celestron CG-5 Equatorial Mount: Make Offer
Non-GPS, but motorized. Needs a good home, I need to
reduce my "stuff" as I am nearing retirement. Any fair offer
accepted. I am near Central and Bethany Home road.
Scott McDonald, Phone: 602-466-8521
Email: [email protected]
Ads placed here are free to SAC members. SAC is not
responsible for the quality of the advertised items.
Welcome to Starizona! In addition to a complete selection
of astronomical products, we offer free online resources
such as our award-winning Guide to CCD Imaging and
more. We also manufacture unique products such as the
HyperStar imaging system. Our staff consists of
experienced observers and astrophotographers who love
to share their knowledge. Please feel free to contact us
for advice or answers to any of your questions.
Hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10AM-5PM Fri, Sat 10AM-10PM
Closed Sun. Free Viewing Fri and Sat nights!
5757 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 103 · Tucson, Arizona 85704 ·
If you wish to place an ad here to sell your telescope or
astronomy related items, contact Rick Rotramel at:
[email protected]
The HyperStar-equipped ISERV telescope is now
installed on the ISS!
The HyperStar-equipped Celestron 9.25" telescope (and
its backup) that is now installed on the ISS. The scope
also features a Starizona MicroTouch Autofocuser. With
the Starizona gang: Steve, Scott, Dean, and Donna.
(Steve has since had to move to NY because he was
dressing too much like Scott.)
Call Us: (520) 292-5010
[email protected]
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Bits & Pisces
Minutes of the November 20, 2015 SAC General Meeting
By SAC Secretary Paul Dickson & Secretary Elect, Kevin Kozel
The meeting was opened at 19:32 by Michael Poppre. Kevin Kozel
is handling the 50/50 raffle. He asked for new members or visitors to
announce themselves and there were none. Two new members did
come in after his call for new members.
The SAC Holiday party is December 19 at Matt Luttinen's home. Party
starts between 18:30 and 19:30. His address is: 7034 West St. John
Road, Glendale AZ. 623-261-2631. A White Elephant (astro) gift
exchange will take place for those who would like to participate.
The President also mentioned that Phoenix Magazine gave SAC a plug
in the latest issue. Red Book Magazine mentioned that the North Rim
Star Party will be a place to go for summer vacation next year in early
Jennifer Polakis has astronomy calendars ($10) and RASC Observing
Handbook ($25).
2016 (SAC Officer) Nominations (were presented):
President: Michael Poppre
Vice President: Tom Polakis
Secretary: Kevin Kozel
Treasurer: Jack Jones
Properties Director: Steve Dodder
Show and Tell:
Paul Lind reported on the ATM/Astro-Imaging meeting on Tuesday, Nov
17. Paul said that six people were at the ATM meeting. Paul showed
images from the meeting and Rick Rotramel completed his telescope
tripod (mount). Lynn Blackburn’s pile of parts (given to Rick) were
assembled into an equatorial mount and an Orion 4.7” refractor was
mounted on it and saw first light that very night. Paul also showed his
light box for (taking) CCD flat fields. This box fits on (the front) his
telescope when he takes his dark frames for photo processing.
Tom Polakis showed images of supernova in NGC 3583 which was
discovered on November 8th, 2015, with light curves over several
nights. The supernova is a type 1a. Tom also showed us his (sequence
of) photos of an asteroid (2015 VY105) just 21,000 some-odd miles
from earth. Very Nice Tom!
Steve Coe proposed the Double Cluster in Perseus for the Dec
newsletter object. January - Tank Tracks nebula, February - Duck or
Thor's Helmet. Steve was at the Antennas site during the Taurid
meteor shower. He had a drawing of M52 in Cassiopeia. He's planning
to attempt drawing (astro objects) in white on black paper. He showed
us photos of his ‘new’ Celestron C9.25. SC scope. He likes the scope
really well along with his Celestron CGEM Mount.
The nominated members were accepted by the club membership as
our 2016 Officers. ... each of the nominees were elected to their
respective positions by voice vote.
Break started at 20:18.
Jack Jones gave treasurer's report. 2016 dues are due. $32 for
individual, $36 for family.
The speaker for the November meeting was Robert K.
Bucheim from the Orange County Astronomers. His topic was
"Some Things You Can Do with the Night." It had a series of
projects to replicate historical astronomical discoveries. (Also
he pointed out that) there are numerous things that can be
done with a DSLR camera from your own back yard, like
measuring diurnal parallax.
Steve Dodder gave a report on 2016 Grand Canyon Star Party: North
Rim. ... (he) indicated that one more self-lodger is needed for the 2016
Star Party. The selections for the campsites will begin on January 1 st,
2016 and will run through January 31st, 2016. The Grand Canyon North
Rim Star Party will be held from June 4th through June 11th, 2016.
Steve Dodder hosted a public star party at the Maricopa Public Library
on Saturday November 14th, 2015 with a number of the local folks
The President stated that Eric Steinberg will be representing SAC at
public school science events. This will help fulfill the public outreach
requirements of the SAC Bylaws.
Meeting resumed at 20:35.
The 50/50 raffle was won by Jennifer Polakis and the game,
Night Sky Monopoly, was won my Paul Lind. He traded the
game for money with Jennifer because she wanted the game.
Paul donated $20 to the SAC treasury.
Meeting ended at 21:33.
The November 20th
SAC Meeting Speaker
The November 20, 2015 speaker was: Bob
Buchheim from the Orange County
Topic: “His presentation is, 'Some things that
you can do with the Night' – how students and
amateur astronomers can replicate some of the
most important astronomical discoveries. ”
Bob Buchheim
Photo: Tom Polakis
Tom Polakis, Vice President
Page 9
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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Where we
going today
Mr. Peabody?
© Peabody and Sherman, 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' Pictures
The WABAC Machine!
10 Years Ago in SAC
December 2015
Saguaro Skies
Page 10
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And They Build Telescopes
By Rick Rotramel
The monthly SAC ATM (Amateur Telescope
Making) / Astroimaging meeting of November 17,
2015 was attended by Paul Lind, Al, Chet, Dwight,
Lynn and me.
Motor Focus Motor Coupling
Lynn Blackburn brought in a shaft that would
work for the job. All it needed was a thread cut
onto the end of it, so that it would install onto the
mount. Paul took some measurements and
determined the thread, 3/8”-16, and cut the
thread onto the shaft on his lathe.
Al Stiewing brought in a motor for his motor
focus to remove a stubborn brass coupling from
the motor. After some thought, the coupling was
“delicately” removed from the motor and a new
coupling was installed.
The completed telescope mount with an
Orion 120mm (4.7”) f8.3 Achromatic Refractor
New coupling installed on the focuser.
(The old coupling at bottom.)
After installing the counterweight onto the
new counterweight shaft, it was time to mount
my Orion refractor. The counterweight was set to
balance the scope with a 9mm Nagler installed
into the focuser. Then, the scope was carried out
to Paul's front yard for “first light.” We looked at
the Moon and Capella. It tracked great, too.
Blackburn Equatorial Mount With
Tripod, Completed
The mount given to me by Lynn Blackburn,
who built the mount, is finally completed. I had
removed the alt-azimuth mount, that he also had
built, from the tripod it was mounted on and
installed the equatorial mount onto it. The last
step was to install a counterweight shaft.
The completed mount with telescope in the front yard.
The counterweight installed onto the mount.
That’s all for this month, see you next time.
Remember, if you have a “need” for your
telescope, bring it over to Paul Lind’s shop at the
next SAC ATM/Astroimaging meeting on the
Tuesday evening before the SAC general meeting
and join in on all the fun. Paul will post the date
on the SAC-Forum list. Hope to see you there. It’s
a fun time for all.
Saguaro Skies
December 2015
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SAC Event:
SAC Holiday Party
Saturday December 19, 2015
@ The home of Matt Luttinen
7034 W. St. John Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308
(About 1/2 mile NW of 67th Ave & Bell Rd.)
Phone: 623-261-1631
7:00 PM
Potluck: Bring something to share to eat and/or your beverage(s).
(SAC provides plates, utensils, cups, ice and soft drinks)
Bring an astro knickknack or thingy for a gift exchange. This can be a
wrapped astro related item such as a piece of equipment, no longer used item,
book, star chart, etc.
(If you want to participate with the gift exchange.)
Double Cluster Image: Mike Wiles
December 2015
Saguaro Skies
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SAC Imaging:
Venus Occultation by the Moon, December 7, 2015
Venus Occultation
Kevin Kozel
8” telescope at 46x, imaged afocal with a Sony digital camera @ ~ 9:20:55am, MST
Venus Occultation Ingress Time-lapse: December 7, 2015
Tom Polakis, To view, click here:
December 2015
Saguaro Skies
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SAC Imaging:
Comet C/2013 US10 (Catalina)
C/2013 US10 (Catalina) - Dec. 3, 2015
Tom Polakis
C/2013 US10 (Catalina) - Dec. 5, 2015
Tom Polakis
December 2015
Saguaro Skies
Page 14
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2015 SAC Officers and Contacts
Occultation Info
Board Members
Michael Poppre (mail to:[email protected])
Vice-President Tom Polakis (mail to:[email protected])
Jack Jones (mail to:[email protected])
Paul Dickson (mail to:[email protected])
Kevin Kozel (mail to:[email protected])
Wayne Thomas has
asteroid occultation info
for the greater Phoenix
Non-board Positions
Novice Leader Steve Dodder (mail to:[email protected])
Rick Rotramel (mail to:[email protected])
Peter Argenziano (mail to:[email protected])
Public Events
Jack Jones (mail to:[email protected])
ATM Group
Paul Lind (mail to:[email protected])
Al Stiewing (mail to:[email protected])
Deep Sky
AJ Crayon (mail to:[email protected])
Gene Lucas has Lunar
Total and Graze
Occultation info:
Mail to:[email protected]
[email protected]
Mail Address
SAC, P.O. Box 11491, Glendale AZ 85318-1491
Meeting Location: Grand Canyon University is
located at 3300 W. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ We meet
in Fleming Hall, Room 105, 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Saguaro Astronomy Club
Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC), Phoenix,
Arizona, was formed in 1977 to promote
fellowship and the exchange of scientific
information among its members-amateur
astronomers. SAC meets monthly for both
general meetings and star parties, and
regularly conducts and supports public
programs on astronomy. Membership is
open to anyone with these interests.
Saguaro Skies is posted as a pdf file
monthly on the SAC website,
for browsing or downloading for SAC
members and friends of SAC. A email
announcement of the monthly newsletter
release is included with membership.
Parking: Turn into the campus from Camelback Road at
33rd Ave. and drive straight and stop at the guard
station. Tell the guard you are attending the astronomy
club meeting. Then, turn left past the guard and park.
Direct all membership inquiries to the
SAC Treasurer by using the membership
form found in this newsletter. For editorial
and SUCH-A-DEAL advertising inquiries,
contact the Saguaro Skies Editor.
Contacting This Issue’s Authors
Saguaro Skies Staff
If you wish to write to an author in this month’s issue, complaining
that they don’t know what they are talking about or that they utterly
dazzled you with their wordsmith skills, contact them by sending
your message to the editor of Saguaro Skies, Rick Rotramel, at:
[email protected]
I will then forward your questions, comments or carping to the
author who may (or may not) reply.
Editor: Rick Rotramel
Photographers: Tom Polakis, Rick Rotramel and
Susan Trask
2013-2015 Contributors: Bob Christ, Mike Collins, AJ
Crayon, Paul Dickson, Steve Dodder, Richard
Harshaw, Kevin Kozel, Tom & Jennifer Polakis,
Michael Poppre, Jimmy Ray, Rick Rotramel, SAC
Imagers & Observers, Darrell Spencer & Rick Tejera.
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Date:__/__/____ For the year of: 20_ _
Saguaro Skies
December 2015

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