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Love It All Around
Sexy 5.1 speaker packages
that are sure to sell
Bristol Fashion!
Uncover the latest trends
in AV at Sound & Vision
Top Stand’s latest addition is a head turner
:mXajh^kZY^hig^Wjidg[dgEda`6jY^d^ci][email protected]>gZaVcY#
IZa/%&(*.',%'-%™lll#^ck^h^[email protected]#Xdb
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at CEDIA Expo
In little over a decade CEDIA Expo has established itself as the leading European trade event
for the residential custom installation industry.
15% bigger
Following its successful debut at ExCeL London, CEDIA Expo will once again be returning to
the heart of London’s Docklands in 2007. In response to visitor growth and rising demand from
exhibitors, the Expo will be 15% bigger than last year!
More products, more suppliers, extensive education
CEDIA Expo showcases the latest products and system solutions from the leading innovators and
brands in home technology. And its comprehensive education programme is renowned for training
excellence, helping to set the industry standards for quality and professionalism across Europe.
That's why CEDIA Expo is THE must attend event for electronic systems' professionals.
If you are involved in the planning, design, specification or installation of home electronic systems,
then make sure you mark your diary for the only dedicated event in Europe, CEDIA Expo 2007
(25–28 June, ExCeL London).
Training 25–28 June Exhibition 26–28 June ExCeL London
CEDIA is an international trade
association, which represents
the residential custom
installation industry
and has a global membership
of over 4,000 companies.
CEDIA UK Ltd, Unit 2 Phoenix Park, St Neots Cambs PE19 8EP
Tel +44 (0)1480 213744 Fax +44 (0)1480 213469
Email [email protected] Web www.cedia-expo.com
Meridian G Series system with DSP7000 and
DSP5500 speakers. Inset: G95 DVD system.
When only the best
is good enough.
Winners of countless awards for sound quality, design
and technical innovation, Meridian home entertainment
systems have offered the best in sound and vision for
almost 30 years.
Whether your client needs a powerful, all-in-one
system like the new G95 DVD Surround Receiver
System shown here – simply add your choice of speakers
(just be sure they can handle a full 100W per channel!)
– or a complete Meridian Digital Theatre home cinema
with our latest in/on-walls and C Series installation
components, you can be assured that Meridian
will deliver the very best in audio and video quality,
performance – and above all, customer enjoyment.
Contact Meridian today for more details of our
exciting new installation systems and components.
meridian_svi-g95.indd 1
Meridian Audio Limited
Latham Road, Huntingdon,
Cambridgeshire PE29 6YE
United Kingdom
T: +44 1480 445678 F: +44 1480 445686
[email protected]
8/2/07 11:18:48
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It's a busy time of the year for our industry, with an abundance of shows
Bristol bound SAM FULLER
looks forward to the 20th
Sound & Vision show...
Find out about the latest
technologies, acquisitions and
key appointments here
Our expanded news section
reveals what's hot property in
AV this month
Quality audio fan HAMISH
McNAIR-WILSON takes a look
at one of our favourite
concern's latest components
The choice of surround sound
system can make or break a
home cinema project, as
TOBY WATSON explains...
This month, in an Installation
Focus special, SAM FULLER
heads to the home counties
to see how AV industry
professionals live...
Our journeyman editor,
reports back from the biggest
Integration Systems Europe
show yet
Feast your eyes on the latest
CI products courtesy of our
expansive section
to attend, shelves to restock and strategies for success, expansion and
global domination to devise. But don't worry, we're here to help, with the
news of every key product you need to know about brought straight to
your desks. Issue 40, for example, includes an expansive rundown of the
finest speaker solutions available today and plenty of hints and handy
information to help your business succeed in what can sometimes prove
a cutthroat business.
The New Year's rush has been reflected in our workload here at SVI
too. One minute I found myself running around the ISE Show in
Amsterdam, desperate to meet, greet and be educated by each and every
exhibitor. The next I ran straight into a deadline, which hit me in the face
from seemingly nowhere with the impact Mike Tyson might muster had
you vociferously suggested his dear mother was loose in the morality
department. Still, having wiped the blood from my face and readjusted
my nose there was plenty for the SVI team and I to get our teeth stuck
into (and no, that isn't a reference to Evander Holyfield's ear).
Creek Audio's latest releases proved of particular interest and, as a
result, we've dedicated two pages to the firm's freshest, great value,
audio offerings. With the Bristol Show only days away, we've bought this
sharply into focus too with a preview and an extra page of product news
unveiling a number of key products you should look out for down at the
Marriott, if you make the trip. However, if your workload back in store or
on site proves too great, fear not. We'll be reporting back in full next
month. Never mind who embarrassed themselves in the bar or took the
concept of corporate hospitality a little to far. We'll bombard you with
news of every key product on show. And in the meantime, if you need a
break, feel free to take a virtual tour around Amsterdam courtesy of SVI
and its ISE review. Until next time...
Hamish McNair-Wilson, Editor
[email protected]
Keep in touch with peers and
colleagues courtesy of our
business directory
Looking to move onwards and
upwards? Make our
Recruitment page your first
port of call
If your looking for selfimprovement, find it courtesy
of these key training dates...
Plot the movements of the
well travelled SVI team, with
our event planner
Yello PG advert
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Visit us at the Bristol Show
[email protected] or 0141 5761772
Bristol Qx
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In order to pull in the punters, a host
of special 20th anniversary discounts
and offers have been made,
helping to ensure exhibitors
benefit from a sizeable footfall.
With manufacturers and
designers on hand to field your questions and
concerns and even take orders, your trip is sure to prove
worthwhile. Meanwhile, if it’s independent advice you’re looking for, head
straight for the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision stand. With 170 brands on
display, a friendly atmosphere assured and everything from Hi-Fi speakers
to custom installation kit on display, there really is something for everyone...
There will be plenty to see on the Icon Distribution stand, for example. This
big contender of the distribution world will have an array of products on
display including the latest chic speakers packages from audio legend
Tannoy, and some mighty impacting home cinema projectors from
projectiondesign too. And with wares from such luminaries of the electronic
world such as Marantz, Cairn and automation specialist Opus also to hand,
their stand should prove thoroughly inviting.
Stocking the right accessories is a surefire route to upping your
margins and specialist AV furniture is a great place to start. With this in
mind, be sure to stop off at Yello’s stand. Here the finest crafted unit from
high-grade German manufacturer Spectral will be on show. Boasting a chic,
elegant finish and some interesting colour options, it is one definitely worthy
of consideration. And if its cables and other such solutions you seek, make
sure you catch up with Ixos too.
The Great
It’s the one time of the year when you can bid your
colleagues to go west, without fearing being
labelled an ardent Pet Shop Boys fan. SAM FULLER
looks forward to this year’s Bristol Show...
Home entertainment shows come and go. While some limp round again,
year on year, struggling to fill the space available and incapable of satisfying
their exhibitors with the paltry turnout they inspire, there is one Hi-Fi and AV
orientated show that consistently fills its corridors, serving up a feast of the
finest technologies to an eager public every February. It is of course the
event widely known as the Bristol Show, Sound & Vision.
As the first, major, UK-based showcase on our calender it gives every
industry member without the expenses budget or the mentality to contend
with the 140,000 bustling people that frequent CES the opportunity to catch
up with a menagerie of product launches. What was once a Hi-Fi dominated
event has evolved with an industry in flux, broadening its horizons and
embracing the advancing home cinema sector. And this year, despite
celebrating 20 years of life, it remains as up-to-date and relevant as any
Sound & Vision will be based, once more, at Bristol’s Marriott City
Centre Hotel, a short stroll away from the Temple Meads station. The doors
open at 10am on Friday the 23rd and will remain so until 5pm and over the
course of the weekend. Although there is no dedicated trade day, don’t be
surprised to see colleagues and peers from across your working world
flocking down to the event on the 23rd, keen to catch up with all the latest
releases and experience many a stunning demonstration.
going solo
This year the organisers have pulled out all the stops to ensure their 20th
birthday proves one worth celebrating. And they’ve got reasons a plenty to
be hopeful. A number of exclusive launches have already been promised,
including the the Arcam Solo Movie 5.1, which should build on the
reputation of the multiple award-winning Solo, and look out too for Naim’s
highly anticipated SUPERNAIT.
sounding off
Pioneering AV outfit Meridian always causes quite a stir at these shows
courtesy of its high-end home entertainment kit. The latest additions to its
stunning G Series will no doubt assume pride of place, with the recently
released G95 surround DVD receiver system definitely worth a look. With a
range of top quality speakers also sure to be on show, this stand is always a
key stop off point.
Yamaha’s stand always proves a hit at the Bristol show, with an array of
offerings on display to pull in the punters. Don’t be surprised to see the
latest incarnations of the firm’s YSP digital sound projectors leaving the
populace enthralled once more. And Invision UK are also likely to invoke a
similar response as they show off the latest incarnations of Logitech’s
Harmony remote - something that will bring convenience, order and
functionality to any entertainment system.
For speakers of all shapes and sizes, Canton are a firm that you should
catch up with. Having scoured their stand at the recent ISE show in
Amsterdam, I can assure you there are plenty of options worth a listen. Look
out in particular for the innovative CD 3500, a wireless, multi-room, multizone musical solution offering exceptional playback.
Elsewhere, County Durham-based quality speaker manufacturer Neat
Acoustics will be unveiling its Momentum series for the first time, Onkyo’s
award-winning range of UK tuned, compact audio systems will be on display
and PURE Digital will show how they’re pushing back the boundaries in DAB
once more. Be sure to check out their handy new Move.
If you’re interested in flat-screen TVs be sure to visit both Sharp and
Fujitsu to learn more about the respective merits of some of the finest LCDTVs and plasmas respectively. And once you’ve decided on the pick of the
crop go in search of a multi-channel speaker package to suit. PMC, B&W,
KEF and Linn will be amongst those offering highly specced, stylish options
sure to catch your eye.
In essence, you’ll find
everything you need to revitalise
your shelves and help you with
restocking for the year ahead in
order to stay ahead of the
game and keep up with your
customers’ changing demands.
Join us in Bristol for one of the
finest AV shindigs there is. And
happy 20th birthday, dear show...
For further information contact: www.bristolshow.co.uk
Industry News
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Eye On The Industry
If you have news of any industry appointments or dismissals, achievements or crises, acquisitions or
additions, and you’d like to see them in print, email the details to [email protected]
Acoustic Energy has launched a dedicated AE version of its hi-fidelity stereo Bluetooth
loudspeakers, allowing traditional retailers to capitalise on the boom in mobile music
devices and accessories. With universal compatibility and no dedicated cables to stock,
the AE Bluetooth speakers are arguably the most innovative mobile phone accessory
available and are sure to cause a real stir should you stock them on your shelves.
Acoustic Energy's original stereo Bluetooth loudspeakers were designed and built for leading
European mobile phone operator Orange and proved a runaway success in the build up to Christmas.
These were, however, exclusively available through Orange stores, but now traditional high street retailers
can grab a slice of this growing personal mobile music market courtesy of the new line, which features up-rated
drivers, enhanced sound and a stylish black finish.
Commented AE General Manager, Neil Truckell: “With products like the AE stereo Bluetooth loudspeakers and
AE Wi-Fi Internet radio keeping Acoustic Energy at the cutting edge of audio technology, we are ensuring traditional high
street retailers can take a slice of the burgeoning mobile phone and broadband accessories market. The AE stereo
Bluetooth speakers have wide ranging appeal to customers new and old and are set to become the next must-have
accessory for MP3 phones and Bluetooth PDAs.”
FFor further information contact: +44 (0) 128 565 4432 www.acoustic-energy.co.uk
Make the most of the growing mobile
music market courtesy of Acoustic
Energy’s innovative Bluetooth speakers
Third time
lucky? The Bluray enabled PS3
is finally here.
Well, nearly...
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
has finally confirmed a launch date for its
long awaited PLAYSTATION3. It will be
available in the PAL territories of Europe,
Africa, the Middle East and Australasia on
March 23rd, retailing for £425 here in the
UK. This 60GB model will be joined by a
20GB model, which is set for release later
in the year. An expected one million PS3
units will be made available during the
initial launch period. With over 30 game
titles also lined up for launching and a
Blu-ray player included too it will be
interesting to see how this unusually
expensive, fully HD compatible console
will fare.
For further information contact:
Apple is to do its bit for charity with the
launch of its RED Special Edition iPod
nano. RED was created by U2 lead singer
Bono and Bobby Shriver to engage
business in the fight against AIDS in
Africa by getting the world’s most iconic
companies to make uniquely branded
products. A portion of the profits from
these products goes directly to the Global
Fund to fund programs for women and
children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.
The new iPod nano comes in a striking
red aluminum enclosure and features 24
hours of battery life.
“We’re ecstatic that Apple is giving
their customers the choice to buy a red
iPod nano and help women and children
affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa,” the U2
frontman commented. “It's wonderful to
see this incredible level of commitment
from companies that are willing to lend
their creativity in the fight against AIDS
in Africa, the greatest health crisis in
600 years.”
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS,
Tuberculosis and Malaria was established
in 2002, with the support of the world’s
leaders and UN Secretary General Kofi
Annan, to dramatically increase resources
to fight three of the world’s most
devastating diseases, and to direct those
resources to areas of greatest need by
supporting locally-driven strategies. To
date, the Global Fund has committed $5.2
billion (US) to more than 363 programs in
131 countries.
The new model is a 4GB player and
boasts the firm's second generation
styling. Recently it received a major
promotional push to coincide with St.
Valentine's Day.
For more information contact:
Industry News
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They've done it again! Sharp has, once
more, proved itself the most pioneering
LCD-TV manufacturer around. It's not
only plasma that can be used to make
huge, full HD flat-screen TVs as the
firm's vast new, recently unveiled 108inch solution has proved. Measuring 2.73
metres diagonally, Sharp used this
model to highlight what they'll be able to
achieve with the technology in the future.
As the firm that invented the LCD-TV and
the first to exclusively focus on LCD worldwide, it's no surprise to see the corporation setting
benchmarks once again as it strives to gain advantage in its rivalry with plasma technology.
The 108-inch TV's high-resolution Full-Spec LCD-Panel, measuring 2.386 millimetres by 1.344
millimetres, is manufactured at the Sharp Kameyama II eighth-generation dream factory. This factory
alone is capable of manufacturing glass substrates in sufficient volumes and quality for full-HD
televisions of this size. This makes Sharp the world's only company able to produce LCD-TVs in all sizes,
capturing a significant position in the booming market of flat-screen TVs.
"LCD-TVs continue to gain increasing popularity, with demand growing worldwide. By the end of
2006, and for the first time, more LCD-TVs than conventional picture tube sets were being sold. This
year, Sharp is expecting worldwide demand for LCD-TVs of 64 million units, 23 million of these in
Europe," explained Hans Kleis, CEO of Sharp Electronics Europe. "The television market of the future
will predominantly opt for large formats, dominated by LCD-TVs. Even at present, more LCD-TVs with
diagonal screen measurements of over 37-inches are being sold than comparable plasma units. Thus,
we have been placing an emphasis on the development of large-format units for a long time. With our
factory Kameyama II, we have succeeded in the past year in bringing to the market a new product pallet
of large-format and first-class Sharp AQUOS Full-HD LCD TVs, and have also prevailed decisively over
plasma technology in this segment. Our success proves our long-time LCD-TV strategy right: large
diagonals, the best panel quality, a highly technical configuration, and the special environmental
compatibility of the device."
For further information contact: +44 (0) 208 734 2000 www.sharp.co.uk
The World Cinema Award celebrates the best in foreign
language film making and 2007's event offered a great
branding opportunity for its sponsor, home electronics
giant Pioneer. Hosted by Jonathan Ross, the ceremony
was broadcast live on BBC FOUR. The Death of Mr
Lazarescu ran out victorious, having been chosen from a
shortlist of six by a panel of judges comprising Guardian
film critic and author Peter Bradshaw, actor and Oscar
winning director Peter Capaldi, and film writer Leslie
Felperin. The ceremony offered Pioneer's sales
representatives a great chance to let their hair down, as
they partied the night away alongside Mr. Ross and a
host of key figures from the movie world.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 175 378 9789
The Pioneer team
share the stage with
Jonathan Ross
Industry News
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The impact of Texas Instruments' world renowned DLP
technology continues to grow. Where better to get a glimpse
of its future than at the biggest home electronics show in the
world, CES? Here HDTVs, founded upon these unqiue chips,
from leading manufacturers including Samsung, Mitsubishi,
NuVision, Panasonic, RCA, Toshiba, were unveiled for the
first time.
This gave the TI team the chance to announce two key
developments. Firstly, we learned that many of its OEM
partners will be offering slender DLP HDTVs, only 10-inches deep and of a lightweight build. Secondly, we
were informed that LED-based DLP HDTVs will also be coming to market in the not-too-distant future.
Slim DLP products will, we're told, be able to provide the biggest picture in the smallest space by
minimising the space-wasting bezel required in other display solutions. As the thinnest freestanding displays
at their screen size and only half the weight of plasma TVs, these HD Ready options can be placed almost
anywhere within the home, and shouldn't requiring expensive heavy duty wall brackets. Samsung began
shipping Slim DLP products in 2006 and additional manufactures are expected to introduce models in 2007.
DLP products from Texas Instruments also demonstrated the first HDTV with a hang-on-the wall, slim
design featuring solid-state LED illumination and full-HD 1080p resolution. This DLP HDTV demonstrated
the flexibility and performance of DLP technology, using advanced components to create an incredible highdefinition image on the screen.
This first of a kind product concept is enabled by a new. 65-inch 1080p DLP chip-set that is optimised
to drive solid-state LED arrays to drastically increase contrast performance beyond 100,000 to 1. Fresh
products from Samsung based on this new chipset were also on display and will be released this year.
If it was innovation you were looking for, there was no beating the DLP products booth at the Las Vegas
showcase. Keep your eye out for the latest incarnations of these stunning technologies. They are sure to
truly shake up the flat-screen TV marketplace...
For further information contact: www.dlp.com
August International, the UK importer and distributor of cutting-edge and high-tech
electronics from China, has appointed the services of RSPR to promote the company
and its brands throughout the UK trade and consumer media. Following a very
successful trading year in 2006, August International is planning a significant
increase of its product portfolio and retailer base throughout 2007. August own
brand products are already doing well through specialist on-line retailers such as
www.iwantoneofthose.com and www.digitaldaffodil.com.
The company is now planning a greater presence in the high street by forging partnerships with key
independent retailers and installers. RSPR’s Richard Stevenson has been enlisted to ensure key
products are extensively exposed through news and reviews coverage, in order to support the initiative
and best drive customers into partnering retailer’s stores.
Richard Stevenson also joins August’s management committee as Senior PR Officer, leveraging his
knowledge of the UK market to best grow the brand at trade and consumer level. August’s product
portfolio includes small screen Freeview enabled LCD-TVs, portable DVD-players, digital photo frames
and USB Freeview receivers. The company specialises in supplying unique electronic goods at classleading price points while retaining excellent retail margins.
Along with its own-brand goods August International has sole distribution rights in the UK to
brands such as Xoro, the top Chinese brand in the German market.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 870 850 3525 www.augustint.com
Armour Home Electronics is to continue its
remarkable growth with the opening of offices in Hong
Kong. The facility, which opened last month, overlooks
Hong Kong's Happy Valley race course. It includes
administrative offices, meeting rooms and a fully fitted
showroom for the distributor and manufacturer's
expansive portfolio.
Darrell Huggins, previously a member of AHE's Business Development Team,
will lead the charge as General Manager, Armour Asia.
"We've been contemplating this move for some time,” Hughes explained, “and
currently business conditions are very favourable. Armour trades extensively in the Asia-Pacific
region, both as a purchaser of raw materials and manufactured goods and as a seller of finished
branded products. We've now achieved a level of business that comfortably justifies establishing this
local facility."
Glenn McClelland, Armour Home Electronics' Managing Director, added: "This is another step on
our path of planned expansion in international markets. We are now actively involved in 27 countries
and are seeing sales growing at 20% per annum."
With this investment the group will be looking to open up many new avenues within the region.
For further information contact: www.armourhe.co.uk
The show floor
is always
buzzing at CES!
Some of you may have visited January's CES show
in Las Vegas, but many of you probably didn't.
However, over 140,000 people did make the trip.
With 1.8 million net square feet of exhibition space
filled by 2,700 exhibitors, the 2007 International
CES reinforced its status as the world's largest
consumer technology tradeshow and was the
biggest event in its history.
"The 2007 International CES succeeded beyond
our expectations," said Gary Shapiro, President and
CEO of CEA. "It had buzz and optimism and
attracted the world leaders of the content,
technology and services, communications and
automobile industries."
The CES show floor buzzed with more than
20,000 exciting product launches and major
partnership announcements, spanning across
industries and connecting consumers with more
features, services and control of the content
incorporated into electronic devices. A new
convergence of CE devices emerged on the show
floor, combining existing product categories with
new digital content and services to create unique,
multi-functional products.
With high-definition television (HDTV) currently
taking the industry by storm, a surge of display
technologies debuted on the show floor, with
record-breaking sizes and even greater resolution.
Other technologies making their presence felt on
the show floor included the hottest products in
digital imaging, robotics, in-vehicle entertainment,
content-shifting devices and gaming. Additionally,
the latest advancements in high-performance audio
and home theater were on display at CES' newest
venue for 2007, the Sands Expo and Convention
Center/The Venetian.
In addition to the world's largest display of
consumer electronics, the 2007 International CES
also featured a distinguished line up of industry
speakers. Featured CES keynoters included
Microsoft's Bill Gates, Motorola's Ed Zander,
Disney's Robert Iger, Dell's Michael Dell and CBS'
Leslie Moonves. The CES Industry Insider Series,
with a new home at the Las Vegas Hilton Theater,
featured industry heavy-weights including Nokia's
Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo and Cisco's John Chambers,
as well as leading executives from major
broadband, cable, satellite and telecommunications
companies, and FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.
The International CES independently audits
attendance and a final attendance number should be
available by April. In the meantime look out for a
spate of ingenious releases in the wake of the event.
For further information contact: www.cesweb.org
Industry News
4:09 pm
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BenQ remains committed to building its branded business in the European
marketplace, that is beyond doubt. It recent years the firm has been
making a major push in the AV sector and its presence and branding should
be helped by a sponsorship deal its bosses recently signed off. Yes, dear
football fans, BenQ Corp will be the official sponsor of next year's big event,
the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament. BenQ joins nine other Global Sponsors
that will have their logo banners flying high at the event, hosted in Austria
and Switzerland. The sponsorship is part of BenQ's strategic branding
strategy, designed to support its rapid business growth in Europe.
BenQ’s sponsorship of the UEFA EURO 2004 has been one of the
strongest brand building strategies for the company, so to sign up once
again was the natural decision. In 2004 this played a pivotal role in
bolstering sales of BenQ products, strengthening relationships with
business partners as well as elevating BenQ’s brand awareness in Europe.
“The sponsorship supports BenQ’s commitment to Europe and
ongoing efforts to make BenQ a household name in the region,” said Mr.
K.Y. Lee, Chairman of BenQ Corp. “The UEFA European Football
Championship is one of the most prestigious and recognisable sporting
brands in the world. It has a heritage and legacy with football fans of all
ages for the quality of the football and the enjoyment the tournament
brings to fans around the world. This reflects BenQ’s mission to enhance
customer enjoyment through quality consumer-oriented solutions
designed especially for the networked digital lifestyle.”
The UEFA European Football Championship has
grown into the world’s third major
sports event with a recordbreaking 7.9 billion TV viewers
during the final tournament in
EURO 2008 event kicks off on
June 7th, 2008.
For further information contact: +44 (0)
144 230 1000 www.benq.co.uk
Respected audio guru, Russ Andrews has long advocated leaving Hi-Fi and
home cinema systems switched on at all times to improve the musicality
of their performance. Now Russ has discovered an easy way to offset the
carbon dioxide generated as a result and is recommending it to music
lovers as a way of reducing the environmental impact of their passion.
Turning a Hi-Fi system on and off puts enormous stresses on its
internal components, reducing their life expectancy and resulting in a poorer performance.
On average it takes around 24 hours for a system to settle down and perform to its best
after being switched on. Leaving it on improves the clarity of the system, increases its life
expectancy, lengthening the time before the product needs to be recycled. The cost in extra
electricity usage is small, although there will inevitably be an increase in the carbon output.
Russ has made calculating the resulting carbon emissions and understanding how to
offset it easy by recommending an organisation dedicated to such a role. Climate Care,
brought to Russ’s attention by a customer, use the donations made to fund projects around
the world that avoid, reduce or absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. For
example, they provided 9,800 low energy light bulbs to schools in Kazakhstan, reducing
emissions by 980 tonnes. Replacing a LPG stove in an Indian school with a biomass cooker
saved 39 tonnes per year and reforestation projects in Uganda help to absorb the extra CO2
which our sizeable footprints produce.
With a CO2 calculator on Climate Care’s website (www.climate-care.org) available to
help you and your customers to work out the amount of CO2 produced, now with a simple
credit card transaction, you can offset your emissions. One typical Hi-Fi system examined,
with a power consumption of 41.86W, which results in an annual consumption of 368kWh,
would produce 0.16 tonnes of CO2 per year, easily offset at a cost of only £1.19.
Commenting on the launch of this initiative Russ Andrews' Managing Director,
explained: “I am a firm believer in the need to leave Hi-Fi systems switched on to maximise
their performance benefits, but this inevitably has a detrimental impact on the environment
in terms of electricity use. Every one of us has a responsibility to the environment and now,
through the work of organisations like Climate Care, it is possible for us to still fully enjoy
our music and movies whilst doing our bit to offset the impact that the electricity
consumption has. And this can be achieved for less than 5p per week. I would urge music
lovers everywhere to consider taking this important step to help our planet.”
For further information contact: www.russandrews.com/environment
Industry News
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Page 5
Comet, one of the largest electrical retailers in the
UK, has again been honoured for its achievements. It
has claimed the Monsterous International Retailer of
the Year Award and the inaugural Global Gold Award
for the overall performance of its Monster Cable
Power and M4 selling approach versus all other
retailers globally at the Monster Retailer Awards held
during the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
At the event each year, Monster Cable hosts what has become the biggest
social event of the show. 4,000-plus CE professionals from around the globe
pack the house in anticipation of seeing who will be honoured at the awards.
And with a world-class concert following the ceremony, it's not only the winners
who get to enjoy themselves.
The Monster Retailer Awards and Concert were held in the Venetian
Ballroom at the Venetian Hotel and Casino on Tuesday, January 9th. The stars of
the concert were music giants George Benson and Al Jarreau. The two teamed
up for a very special concert following a recent tour and the recent release of
their album Givin’ It Up, a joint release by Monster Music and Concord, currently
nominated for a highly impressive three Grammy Awards.
Comet’s achievement was no mean feat, in a hard fought category featuring
Monster partners and distributors in territories across the world. However,
Comet's all-round shopping experience, range of services including home
delivery, full installation of products such as televisions and computers, take
back facilities for large products and comprehensive after sales service proved
sufficient to claim the prize.
Speaking of the Monster affiliation a Comet spokesperson said: “Our
relationship and partnership with Monster has never been stronger. The hard
work and commitment from the European Monster team has delivered
outstanding results and has greatly contributed to our success this year.”
In addition to this award, Comet’s Nick Marsh also had cause to celebrate,
having claimed the the Monster Buyer of the Year Award for his outstanding
professionalism in product selection and purchasing. Congratulations Nick!
For further information contact: +44 (0) 192 343 1634 www.monstercable.com
It's true. The information technology giants are looking to
expand their influence in the modern home, usurping the roles of conventional
home entertainment companies' wares through ingenuity and innovation.
Apple is, naturally, a leading force and recently premiered its Apple TV, an easy
to use wirelessly route to playing any iTunes content on a widescreen TV,
including movies, TV shows, music, photos and podcasts. Using Apple TV's
intuitive interface, anyone can quickly browse and view their entire collection of
digital media from across the room using the simple and attractive Apple
Remote. Apple TV easily connects to almost all modern widescreen
televisions, starts shipping in February and will be available for only £199.
"Apple TV is like a DVD player for the 21st century-you connect it to your
entertainment system just like a DVD-player, but it plays digital content you
get from the Internet rather than DVDs you get from a physical store,"
commented Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Apple TV plays the same iTunes content
that users enjoy on their computers and iPods, so now they can even watch
part of a movie in their living room, and watch the rest later on their iPod."
Apple TV has a 40GB hard drive to store up to 50 hours of video, 9,000
songs, 25,000 photos or a combination of each and is capable of delivering
high-definition 720p output. Apple TV is easy to connect to a broad range of
widescreen TVs and home theatre systems and comes as standard with HDMI,
component video, analogue and optical audio ports. Furthermore, the
seamless integration of Apple TV and iTunes lets users choose from four
million songs, 5,000 music videos, 100,000 podcasts and 20,000 audiobooks.
Users can enjoy their favourite music on a home entertainment system and
view slideshows of their photo albums on a widescreen TV. If you're looking to
offer your clients the most effective ways of enhancing the usability of their
entertainment systems, Apple is a manufacture, that has to be considered.
For further information contact: www.apple.com
If you take an interest in the home electronics market in Russia and beyond you
might want to contemplate attending the HDI Show 2007. The work of
exhibition company MIDEXPO, this features a dealer’s conference which
attracts more than 300 participants from Russia and CIS. It aims to provide the
latest and most relevant information concerning market development trends in
Russia, cutting-edge technologies, methods of profitability increase, new
aspects of legislation and much, much more. Themes discussed include new
technologies, audio equipment and the high-end Hi-Fi sector.
Meanwhile, more than 600 companies use the 45,000 square metres
exhibition space to show their products, which are normally viewed by around
120,000 visitors. For those concerned with home theatre, Hi-Fi, HDTV, the
digital home, multimedia entertainment systems, specialist furniture and
more, the IRIS Congress Hotel will be the place to be. If you're interested in
becoming a part of this blossoming market, get in touch with the organisers.
The growing trend of convergence between mobile devices is all set to continue with
the launch of Apple's eagerly anticipated iPhone later in the year. Not content with
dominating the MP3-player, the IT giant is moving into the phone sphere. This
device promises users full mobile phone functionality, a widescreen iPod
with touch controls and a breakthrough Internet
communications device with desktop-class email, web
browsing, searching and maps-into one small and lightweight
handheld device. iPhone will introduce an entirely new user
interface based on a large multi-touch display and
pioneering new software, letting users control iPhone with
just their fingers
"iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that
is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone,"
said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "We are all born with the
ultimate pointing device-our fingers-and iPhone uses
them to create the most revolutionary user interface
since the mouse."
For further information contact: www.apple.com/iphone
Industry News
4:10 pm
Page 6
Everyone enjoys success but very occasionally, success can also come as a
surprise. This was the case at last weekend's Northern Sound & Vision Show
2007. Its organisers, Chesterfield Communications, had once again increased the
privileged ticket campaign to nearly 150,000 in an effort to maintain the sort of
growth witnessed in recent years. But could they beat the 10% upturn they'd
enjoyed of late? Well, attendance on the Saturday topped 1,500 people, which
meant that once the trade visitors, VIPs and those paying on the day had rolled in,
the show saw an increase of nearly 50% on 2006's volume – a remarkable feat for
all those involved.
Although Sunday’s attendance dropped back to more predictable levels,
overall attendance for the show was close to 3,000. As always, the organisers are
at pains to point out that they only release accurate attendance figures. “My
business has tirelessly championed the whole case and ethos for Regional
shows,” the event's main man Roy Bird remarked. “Collective footfall at my shows
now vastly exceeds any so called ‘National show’ with well over 75% of visitors
coming from within a 50 mile radius of the venue. We once again proved that if
companies want to maximise markets they have to take their products to the
customer. People are simply not prepared to travel long distances anymore.”
Visitors were offered an impressively complete experience. Anyone with a
Loyalty Card was offered a unique show pack, including a free programme and a
number of magazines, ensuring each visit proved exceptional value for money.
Moreover, a new carpark adjacent to the venue, offering an all day rate of just £5,
proved popular and made accessing the event all the more straightforward. The
queues to get in stretched back almost a quarter of a mile at one point, and once
inside the AV buffs were treated to some fantastic demonstrations of cutting edge
products, including SIM2's very latest home cinema projectors.
Dates for 2008's event have already been set (26th –27th January) and plans
are afoot to increase the space for neutral demonstrations, offer live comparisons
and provide sponsored space for industry associations and organisations. We
eagerly await further news of the Chesterfield team's plans.
In the meantime, the organisers would like to offer their thanks to Hi-Fi
World, all the exhibitors and the public for making the Northern Sound & Vision
Show 2007 a real success. Keep up the good work chaps.
For further information contact: www.chestergroup.org
PURE's very own Marshall
Stack - another example of
the firm's unique approach
What's New
4:02 pm
Page 1
What’s New?
PURE Digital is expanding its range of products available exclusively to independent dealers and
selected department stores. From the end of March, the stunning piano black version of Legato II
will be added to a list which already includes the EVOKE-1XT Prestige Edition, the EVOKE-1XT
Tri-Band and the radio which is getting all the publicity and praise at the moment – the EVOKE1XT Marshall Edition (which really does turn the volume up to 11!). If you missed our last issue,
then you missed our introduction to the Marshall stack any aging rock star can buy with dignity in
tact. This stunning revision of a popular model features all the iconic Marshall brand trimmings
and has been released in conjunction with digital station Planet Rock. Appeal to the rockers that
frequent your store with this £100 option. It will be on show at Bristol's Sound & Vision.
Look out too for another updated option set to give your DAB selection some enhanced pulling
power. Available as a full system or as a console-only, to allow for high-margin speaker sales,
the piano black Legato II is available now, selling at £379 for the full system.
For further information contact: 01923 277488 www.pure.com
Acoustic Energy has upped the ante in the accessories market by delivering a dedicated AE version of
its hi-fidelity stereo Bluetooth loudspeakers, which have been in the news a lot of late. Yes, dear
retailers, you can now get yourselves a slice of the action, by capitalising on the growing mobile music
device. The speakers were originally developed in conjunction with Orange and available exclusively
through Orange stores. However, the latest version of the speakers offers universal compatibility,
making these wireless speakers the ideal accessory for anyone who stores music on their phone.
With up-rated drivers, enhanced sound and a stylish black finish all further boons, there is no doubt
that this fantastic solution with prove popular. Packed with a potent 20W amplifier, the system has
both the power and simplicity to succeed. It hits the market at £99 and should sell like hot cakes.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 128 565 4432
What's New
4:03 pm
Page 2
Meridian Audio is to release a new surround DVD-receiver
system, the G95. As the most powerful and versatile
member of the company's award-winning G Series family
introduced to date, it is a true performer which includes a
full 5.1 DVD-Audio/Video Surround Receiver with both
stereo and surround modes, a robust slot-loading DVD
drive and five gutsy built-in 100W digital power amplifiers.
It will handle audio CDs, MP3 CDs, Video CDs, DVD-Video,
and DVD-Audio discs with aplomb and offers on-board
decoding of Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG and all the other
usual suspects.
The G95 includes comprehensive preamplifier
functionality, digital signal processing and a high-quality
FM/AM tuner or DAB/FM tuner is also included. It will be on
display at the Bristol Show and is sure to cause a stir. It
should be in full production by mid-March 2007, with prices
starting at £4,150.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 148 044 5678
Keep your eyes peel at the Bristol Show. One of Britain's best known home electronics
manufacturers, Arcam, is promising an exciting launch. Having made the headlines
and claimed a number of awards for its Solo system, come Sound & Vision the firm
will be unleashing what it is billing as the world's finest one-box Home Cinema
system. Named the Solo Movie 5.1, this is the natural evolution of a highly successful
line. A one-box system, it borrows technologies from Arcam's high-end AV and DVD
components. As a result, the firm are claiming they've created a world first: the
advanced feature set of an esoteric home cinema system plus world class sound and
picture quality in a stylish, neat and easy to use package. Judge for yourself in Bristol.
With an 1080 video scaler included, HDMI switching and universal disc playback and
much more to offer, the Solo Movie 5.1 is a snip at £2,000.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 122 320 3200 www.arcam.co.uk
Head to this month's Sound & Vision show, Bristol,
and in room 202 you'll find PMC launching the EB1,
an impressive new three-way, ATL (Advanced
Transmission Line) floorstanding loudspeaker.
Developed from one of the world’s leading studio
reference monitors, the EB1 is an evolution of the TB2
and brings an exceptional grade of technology to the
domestic home entertainment sector.
More slender than its predecessor, it boasts a
homemaker friendly form, yet is free of any
compromises when it comes to performance. This has
been achieved courtesy of a newly developed ATL
which ensures listeners of ultra low distortion with
greater bass extension and control. Indeed, PMC’s
unique 10-inch piston driver coupled with the new
extended line allows the EB1 to achieve a bass
response down to an astounding19Hz. Couple this
with its razor sharp imaging, superb high power
handling and great performance in the mid–range
and you have an exceptional speaker on your hands.
Be sure to check it out in action at the Marriott. The
EB1 will sell for around £5,950.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 870 444
1044 www.pmc-speakers.com
What's New
4:03 pm
Page 3
NAD is to release a universal DVD-player, the T585. This new solution is compatible with DVD-Audio and SACD Discs, the multi-channel audio formats
popular with those who value the highest quality of tunes. Both DVD-Audio and SACD decoding takes place on board with comprehensive bass
management available for decoded signals. DVD-Audio uses high-resolution 24 bit PCM signals and MLP lossless compression to ensure the highest
levels of audio performance.
SACD (super audio compact disc) is a different approach to high-definition audio using the DSD (direct stream digital) technique to obtain a very
realistic sonic presentation. Many universal players convert the DSD format into the standard PCM format common to all CDs. However, this defeats
the sonic advantage of DSD. The T 585 has two separate signal paths for the DVD-Audio and SACD signals, which maintains the highest possible levels
of sound quality for each format.
With support for MP3, HDCD, Windows Media Audio and all the most popular forms of CDs and DVDs guaranteed this is quite a player and one
which will reward buyers with a highly dynamic AV set-up. With high-grade components included through out and advanced connectivity encompassed
too, this should surely prove a popular option.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 127 950 1111 www.armourhe.co.uk
With the Playstation3 finally due to hit the shops
next month, accessories giant Monster is to
launch a new state-of-the-art line-up of cables to
suit. These include HDMI, Component Video,
Fibre Optic Digital Audio and Stereo Audio Cables
Monster, is a leading force in the high-end
cables, accessories and power conditioning
markets and is proud to announce its new
GameLink line of advanced, high-performance
options have been designed exclusively for use
with the PS3.
“The PS3 is a state-of-the-art entertainment
platform,” said Noel Lee, The Head Monster at
Monster Cable. “But experiencing its exceptional
audio and video capabilities means it’s crucial to
properly connect it with high-performance cables
– something that’s not found inside the box.”
Lee added, “The PS3’s HD games and
1080p-capable Blu-ray Disc movies can be
amazing. But not when you hook it up with
inferior or general-use cables. That’s why we
crafted GameLink specifically for the PS3 - so it
could be enjoyed the way it was truly meant to
be experienced.”
Monster GameLink cables are backed by a
lifetime warranty and incorporate Monster Cable
technologies designed specifically to maximize
the audio and video performance of the PS3.
GameLink cables are also uniquely designed to
compliment the sleek, clean profile of the
console. Prices start at £24.99.
For further information contact: +44 (0 192 343
1634 www.monstercable.com
What's New
4:03 pm
Page 4
JBL is expanding its Cinema Sound loudspeaker lineup with the introduction of its CS680 and CS460, two compact 5.1-channel home theatre loudspeaker systems that
combine an all-new, distinctively elegant design with exceptional sound quality and installation flexibility.
The JBL Cinema Sound CS680 and CS460 both include four wall-mountable satellite speakers and a wall-mountable centre channel speaker. The CS680 also
features an eight-inch, 125W subwoofer, with the CS460 packaged with a six-inch version.
These are joined on the launchpad by the CS68 and CS46, 2.1-channel versions of the more expansive multi-channel options. All the systems are designed for
integration, both when it comes to modern aesthetics and sound. Typically stylish and striking in performance, they're flexible too and come with wall mounts
and cables included. These fine options are available now, through Harman.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 170 727 3000 www.harman.com
Harman/Kardon has introduced three new home cinema speaker and music
speaker systems. The HKTS 11 BQ and HKTS 7 BQ are 5.1, home theatre
speaker solutions, and they're joined on the launchpad by the HKTS 2 BQ, a
2.1. speaker system. All of the packages come dressed in Harman's
distinctive and chic black lacquer finish.
The two 5.1-channel loudspeaker systems include four two-way,
magnetically shielded satellite speakers, a two-way shielded center channel
speaker and a subwoofer. Although compact in design, the HKTS 11 BQ and
HKTS 7 BQ systems deliver enrapturing and powerful multi-channel
performance. Their satellites employ dual high-output, premium-quality
three-inch woofers (single in HKTS 7) and a half-inch titanium-laminatedome tweeter. The centre channel speaker features the same dual threeinch woofers and a three-quarter-inch-dome tweeter
which proves effective in reproducing articulate
dialogue, music and effects. This has been precisely
voice-matched with the satellites to create an
immersing, well integrated set-up. The HKTS 11 BQ and
HKTS 7 BQ’s each offer a bass module with a 10-inch
woofer include a 200W and 100W amplifier respectively.
The result? Superb low-frequency performance, which
adds great impact to movie soundtracks. The systems
retail at £600 and £450
a piece, while the thoroughly affordable HKTS 2 BQ will
sell for £350.
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 170 727 3000 www.harman.com
What's New
4:03 pm
Page 5
Don't miss the Path stand on your journey around the Marriott later this month. For
Sound & Vision will be the scene of the launch of IXOS XEN, a new range of highperformance cables in the £50 to £150 class. The headline cables are, naturally,
HDMI, but as many people still have legacy systems, a high-end SCART,
component cable and many more options will be included. Look out also for
Digital Audio, Optical Digital Audio and Stereo Audio interconnects from this
highly regarded manufacturer...
For further information contact: +44 (0) 184 421 9000 www.ixoscable.com
The CX-3 is a new miniature high-end Hi-Fi system from a name synonymous with quality,
Denon. While the manufacturer has been winning wide acclaim for its AV products of late, we
should not forget its influence and reputation in the quality audio sector.
This typically smart line up features a pure stereo amplifier, a CD and SACD stereo
player, with some meticulously designed speakers completing the package. Top notch looks,
sounds and craftsmanship are
immediately evident in the CX-3,
which was handbuilt by Denon's
finest boffins in Japan. Beneath
its cast-alloy construction the
system offers an array of
components sure to excite the
audiophile, it allows users the
option of iPod integration and hits
the market at £2,700.
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 175 368 8499
TEAC has added a DVD/DAB
Receiver to its award-winning
Reference series of high-quality AV
separates. Named the DR-H300DAB,
this is aesthetically matched to the
other components available and
comes in a choice of silver or black.
Its on board, upscaling DVD-player
features an HDMI output capable of
upscaling conventional disks to to
the 1,920x1,080i or 1280x720p HD
formats, delivering crystal-clear
pictures as a result. It also plays
back different formats of CD, in
addition to MP3 files via its USB port.
With a high-quality DAB digital radio
and an FM RDS tuner, each offering
a number of presets, also included
this is a fine addition to an
exceptional series. One full function
remote is sufficient to harness
control of the entire system, which
also boasts a digital clock with a
sleep timer. The DR-H300DAB is
available now and hits the market at
an eminently reasonable £330.
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 845 130 2511
Elite AV advert
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Page 1
Creek (new)
4:07 pm
Page 1
Turn up
the creek
Despite more than two decades spent delivering on its
promises, the Creek Audio brand continues to excel. HAMISH
McNAIR-WILSON takes a look at what 2007 has in store for
the pioneering firm...
Creek Audio is a British manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence. Its products have been creating the right impression on audio buffs across the
world for more than two decades now. Throughout this period the company has been driven by a straightforward desire: to produce components of the utmost
quality at an affordable price point. As a result, the firm’s business has been focused on evolving the products it knows best, rather than diversifying and expanding
for the sake of it. Consequently, it has built up one of the most respected portfolios of equipment around, inspiring a rare sense of loyalty amongst its customers en
route. But what is the Creek team up to right now? Revitalising and advancing its offerings, of course. Read on for some insight into its latest charges...
The entry level EVOLUTION CD-player and amplifier,
selling in the UK at just £495 apiece, have created a
real stir since their launch in the not too distant past.
Having been developed using 3D solid modelling
software and high-grade PCB development tools, they
come dressed in a distinguished look that borrows
some of its styling from the high-end Destiny range.
Behind its highly attractive, opulent looking, machined
12mm solid aluminium front panels, this range houses
technology of a quality rarely found at this price point.
Each option boasts casework slightly larger than
previous entry level options, in order to provide users
with both extra power and improved facilities. Delve
behind the folded steel shell, coated with a textured
paint finish, and you’ll find the components worthy of
an award-winning range that’s proved itself a hit the
world over.
Having successfully broadened interest in the Creek
brand and enhanced its reputation for providing
exceptional entry level electronics, it is no surprise to
see the EVOLUTION range being expanded this month.
Enter an FM/AM tuner, the ideal accompaniment to the
CD-player and amplifier for those who wish to add
high-quality radio reception to their system.
One of the biggest achievements of Mike Creek and his team has been in reinventing and revitalising
the Epos range of speakers. This ongoing mission will bear its latest fruit this year, with the M series
expanded to embrace two fresh options.
The first is the long awaited M subwoofer, a model that employs the same 10-inch driver as the
award-winning ELS subwoofer. This down-firing speaker sits on four purpose built legs elevating it
50mm above the floor. Its plinth fixes to the ends of the feet with long bolts and covers the entire
bottom of the speaker. This helps to prevent accidental damage to the exposed driver and also
provides a stable platform from which the M can deliver its impacting lower frequencies.
The optional 6mm carpet spikes supplied with the
subwoofer will provide the necessary mechanical decoupling to ensure the bass produced remains as colour
free as possible. And the meticulous manufacturers will
even offer buyers metal discs to prevent any damage to
wooden flooring.
Should users not wish to use the plinth, shorter
fixing bolts are included allowing them to mount their
subwoofer flat to the floor, using only the four legs.
Moreover, four self adhesive pads are supplied which
stick to the ends of the legs or the bottom corners of the
plinth to prevent vibration or rattling if a surface isn’t
completely flat.
This highly flexible option will hit the market at £650
and will add impact and depth to any set-up, regardless
of its working environment.
Creek (new)
4:07 pm
Page 2
A high-quality audio brand demands a flagship series worthy of the name and in
the DESTINY series Creek Audio has exactly that. This uncompromising selection
exudes quality from the outside in and will be expanded throughout 2007,
allowing you to offer your sound junkies that little bit more. The first addition to
DESTINY, available now, is a power amplifier. This impacting new product allows
an input through the RCA and/or XLR sockets on its rear panel and will add extra
functionality and oomph to any set-up.
The RCA inputs connect the source to the input of the DESTINY Stereo
Power Amplifier in passive mode, requiring no additional circuitry. However the
XLR inputs are there to allow a balanced source to be connected to the power
amplifier. This is achieved internally via a balanced to unbalanced converter,
which is itself an active circuit. If required, the XLR input can be used as a
second un-balanced input if the connection is made to one or other sides of the
XLR input... and there is an input select button on the rear panel too. An LED will
light up above the socket, indicating which is selected to avoid confusion. This
amplifier has both A & B speaker terminals, offers switching from its front panel
and boasts the Creek link switching facility on the rear panel to boot.
This will be joined in the DESTINY series by a plug-in phono board. Well
known for its expertise in phono board production, the Creek team believe this to
be the best they have ever designed. It will be available in either moving magnet
or moving coil versions, and is sure to live up to its billing.
Fresh to the Epos M series is a 2 1/2 way, floorstanding speaker. Named the
M16 -and presumably not after the famous American rifle - it can,
nevertheless, launch a comparably accurate assault on the ears. With an M
tweeter at its heart, it also boasts a purpose designed 130mm mid/bass and
the 130mm bass unit used in the Epos ELS 303. Coming in an elegant,
slender, real wood cabinet, this option comes packaged with its own support
plinth. It is a snip at £800 and lends greater
flexibility to a range already
bolstered by the addition of a
bombastic new subwoofer.
With two standmountable models (M5 and
M12.2), three floorstanders
(M15.2, M16 and M22), the
M8 centre channel and a
subwoofer now available,
buyers can build themselves
an immersing 5.1 surround
system in a variety of
configurations to suit any
need. Each speaker is
available in Epos’ traditional
yet chic light cherry, dark
cherry and black finishes,
while high-quality, custom
made speaker stands are
available should they be
required. Help your
customers to build a
premium home
cinema set-up, with the
Epos M selection...
The last 12 months have been particularly busy ones for Creek’s back room
boffins, with their catalogue the subject of several significant, improved
additions. With the popular CD50mk2 CD-player, 5350SE integrated
amplifier and T50 tuner all recently re-badged as Creek Classics, it should
be no surprise to see a high-quality power amplifier join the fray.
The Classic A53 power amplifier has been designed to be used in
conjunction with the Classic 5350SE integrated amplifier when bi-amping is
required or with a separate pre-amplifier such as the Creek OBH 22 in a
conventional stereo configuration. It utilises the same, impressive power
amplifier section as the Classic 5350SE and the connection from either this
integrated amplifier or a pre-amplifier is via two RCA (Phono) sockets on
the rear panel, marked left and right. The power amplifier has two sets of
loudspeaker connections which can be used to either run two pairs of
loudspeakers or, alternatively, to bi-wire a single pair. Help your customers
to up the ante with a component well worthy of the classic name.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 144 226 0146
Speakers Qx
3:50 pm
Page 1
It’s Behind You
Help film fans everywhere to feel a part of their movie and
keep their interiors spic and span, by stocking the right
surround sound speakers packages. SAM FULLER
introduces the pick of the crop...
Sonic accuracy and sleek aesthetics were not always the happy bedfellows they are
today. Fortunately, however, it’s now perfectly possible to give soundtracks and multichannel music a truly enrapturing quality without destroying a well kempt lounge, invoking
a massive row with your spouse and ending up in the doghouse, incapable of benefiting
from the AV system recently invested in. When searching for their speaker package, the
modern buyer is looking for the ultimate synergy of looks and performance; a sonorous,
high-clarity package that’s finished with finesse. And, as anyone with their finger on the
pulse of home electronics will know, they’ve never had it so good. Join us on the journey
through the surround sound speaker market, with a look at some of the options sure to
have listeners looking round in confusion and fear, concerned that King Kong is about to
launch and grapple them from behind. Only you can decide which options you should
stock, but one thing is for certain - you won’t be short of choices...
JBL CS680 / CS460
Last year JBL added two new options to its Cinema Sound loudspeaker lineup. The
CS680 and CS460 are both compact 5.1-channel home
theater loudspeaker systems that offer elegant
styling, top aural attributes and installation
flexibility. Each features four wall-mountable
satellite speakers, a wall-mountable center
channel speaker and a subwoofer. The former
packages offers an eight-inch, 125W option for the
optimum bass, whilst the CS460
features a six-inch version. The
stylish silver and black finished
systems are available now.
Contact: +44 (0) 170 727 8100
Monitor Audio is offering a new version of its Radius 90AV system,
designed to offer improved front sound stage performance. By
replacing the Radius 180 with the wider Radius 225 loudspeaker in
the critical centre channel position and the R360 subwoofer with the
RSW-12 design from the Silver RS range, the system offers more
controlled bass, improved integration and will create a major impact,
used in conjunction with a flat-screen TV. Named the R90AV-12, the
system is available in black lacquer, video silver and walnut finishes,
with prices starting from £1,350.
Contact: +44 (0) 126 874 0580 www.monitoraudio.co.uk
The Arena HighLine 300 is the more
compact of Scotland-based manufacturer
Tannoy’s new speaker systems. Each of its
speakers boasts a multiple driver array
engineered to provide a greater soundscape with
which to immerse its listeners. With the same
driver complement in each of the speakers, this
creates a fine synergy of sound, which is
impressive in its clarity. The ideal compliment to a
smaller flat-screen TV, the 300 models benefit
from a smooth and voguish finish and are available
in matt silver or black to suit.
Contact: +44 (0) 123 642 0199 www.tannoy.com
Speakers Qx
3:54 pm
Page 2
KEF’s new fivetwo series includes an ingenious
incarnation of the firm’s renowned Uni-Q technology,
affording users five-channels of audio from just the two
speakers. These space-saving speakers help movie fans
to avoid clutter and are highly attractive too, coming
dressed in a smart high-gloss black or matt silver finish.
Each features vertical flat-panels behind its main speaker
drivers acting as rear effects speakers, while the front
facing Uni-Q drivers create perfect left, centre, and right
speakers required in any home cinema application. There
are two sizes available, the Model 7s costing £600 per
pair, with the Model 11s weighing in at around £1,100.
Contact: +44 (0) 162 267 2261 www.kef.com
B&W’s CM Series has been bolstered with the introduction of the CM7 floorstanding monitor and
the CM Centre, a dedicated centre channel monitor. Both share the detail and accuracy for which
their siblings have become renowned, while their driver and crossover technology is borrowed
from the acclaimed 800 Series. Together these classically styled, traditionally constructed
speakers form a mightily impacting surround sound set-up. They are available in wenge, rosenut
or maple finishes. The floorstanders hit the market at £999 a pair, with the CM priced at £399.
Contact: +44 (0) 190 322 1800 www.bwspeakers.com
Canton’s CD-200 Series builds upon all the abilities of its predecessor, the CD 100
Series, bringing renowned Germanic craftsmanship, build quality and performance to
the elegant end of the speaker spectrum. The slender dimensions of the aluminium
satellites and centre speaker are ideally matched to flat-screen TVs and there are plenty
of options available, depending on how plosive the user wants their sounds. The range
comprises the two and a half-way CD 250 and 220 speakers and the AS 80 active
subwoofer, which come together to form one of the most graceful surround sound
packages about, one that’s now available in an up-to-the-minute gloss black finish.
Contact: +44 (0) 239 250 1888 www.canton.de
The HKTS 11 BQ and HKTS 7 BQ are
incredibly stylish 5.1. home theatre
speaker solutions, from
harman/kardon. Featuring what’s
rapidly becoming the firm’s
trademark black lacquer finish, they
truly look the part and excel in
performance too. Each package
includes four two-way, magnetically
shielded satellite speakers, a twoway shielded center channel
speaker and a subwoofer. Compact
yet powerful, these multi-channel
systems feature satellites with dual
high-output, premium-quality threeinch woofers and 1/2-inch titaniumlaminate-dome tweeters. They hit
the market at £600 and £450 apiece.
Contact: +44 (0) 170 727 8100
Speakers Qx
3:52 pm
Page 3
One name that is synonymous with speaker systems is
Tannoy, so having won a number of awards with its original
Arena package, it’s no surprise to discover that the
company has a new solution for you to consider. The Arena
HighLine 500 has been specifically designed to work with a
flat-screen TV and offers three exquisitely designed
speakers, a choice of two colour coordinated subwoofers
and a collection of accessories, allowing users to get the
most from the set-up. The speakers include a version of
Tannoy’s renowned proprietary Dual Concentric(tm) drive
unit, complemented by a bass drive unit of the same size.
As a result, excellent on and off axis performance comes as
Contact: +44 (0) 123 642 0199 www.tannoy.com
Acoustic Energy’s Aego Theatre-System loudspeaker package combines a stylish look
with typically impressive performance. Below its stylish exterior the UK design team
have equipped the five matched satellites with AE’s unique damped fibre bass drivers
and 25mm textile dome tweeters with thermally bonded voice coils in a sealed
cabinet design. The result is a smooth crossover and a rich and well balanced sound,
which is bolstered by the 200W subwoofer, which features two long-throw 200mm
drivers. The acoustically excellent package comes in either black or white, with
prices starting at £799.99.
Contact: +44 (0) 128 565 4432 www.acoustic-energy.co.uk
That Polk audio’s SB303 and SB404 are highly impressive pieces of kit is beyond doubt.
However, can they constitute surround sound packages? Well, given each SurroundBar
provides a five speaker effect from its solitary shell, the answer has to be yes. Founded
upon Polk’s unique SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) technology, the sleek, lengthy
speaker comes accompanied by either a PSW303 or
PSW404 subwoofer. Designed for the
minimum of aesthetic intrusion,
each SurroundBar contains seven
mid-range drivers and three dome
tweeters within its 43-inch wide
extruded aluminium enclosure
housing. The visual match of a flatscreen TV, prices start at £11,000.
Contact: +44 (0) 135 927 0280
PMC DB5.1+
This aurally impacting PMC surround set-up has been built
from four DB1+ satellites, an X DB1M-C+ centre channel
speaker and the TLE1 active subwoofer. Hand built and
acoustically matched, this will create a multi-channel
soundscape sure to impress an audiophile. Founded upon
PMC’s award-winning ATL technology, the system proves
incredibly immersing and offers exceptional clarity. Ideal for
use with both movies and music, it is available for £3,290
and comes in a choice of classically styled cherry, oak or
maple finishes.
+44 (0) 870 444 1044 www.pmc-speakers.com
Speakers Qx
3:52 pm
Page 4
The TSS-4000, drawn from Infinity’s Total SolutionsTM line,
boasts a chic, contemporary appearance befitting of the
LCD and plasma displays it’s been designed to operate
alongside. This flexible option employs Infinity’s Metal
Matrix Diaphragm drivers and Room Adaptive Bass
Optimization System, helping it to perform very
adeptly indeed. The system comprises its SAT-4000
three-way satellites, the three-way CENTER-4000 and the
SUB-4000, a powered 12-inch subwoofer with a built-in
400W amplifier.
Contact: +44 (0) 170 727 8100 www.harman.com
KEF KHT5005.2
The KHT5005.2 5.1 is the latest addition to KEF’s highly regarded,
contemporary KHT range. An advanced evolution of the original
KHT5005 system first launched in 2003, it boasts several key upgrades.
Improved drivers, sleek black grilles, an innovative, advanced HTB2
subwoofer and the voguish, high-gloss black finish set this apart from
its predecessor and should ensure the package proves a hit. For a clear
mid-range, superior high-frequency sounds and rich impacting bass,
buyers can’t go wrong. This highly attractive option hits the market at
£1,249.99 and is a more complete offering than ever.
Contact: +44 (0) 162 267 2261 www.kef.com
French speaker manufacturer Waterfall is responsible for some of the
most iconic speakers you’ll find and its Elora can be used to create a
highly attractive surround sound system. Unique in looks and dynamic
in performance, it handles more lower frequencies than the average
satellite and features a body milled from a solid block of aluminium,
sandwiched between two thick layers of glass. Despite its slender
dimensions (it’s only 7cm deep), each speaker will handle up to 200W.
They come complete with wall brackets or an optional shelf mount and
grill and sell for £549.99 a pop. A dedicated centre channel version is
available to complete a 5.1 system.
Contact: +44 (0) 162 351 7000 www.transparentdl.co.uk
The ELS3 5.1 package from the stable of British audio pioneers Epos may not
offer the most futuristic looks in this rundown, but it does, arguably, offer the
finest performance, pound for pound. Exceptionally controlled low frequencies
come courtesy of the ELS subwoofer, while a smoothly relayed, impacting
midrange and distinct higher frequencies come guaranteed thanks to the work of
the four satellites and strong, dedicated centre speaker. These superbly
integrated speakers are available in light cherry, dark cherry and black ash
alternatives and hit the market at a great value £956.
Contact: +44 (0) 144 226 0146 www.epos-acoustics.com
3:41 pm
Page 1
CEDIA's well travelled Matt Nimmons manages to take
time out of his busy schedule to tell of all the latest news
and events happening at our assocation...
CEDIA is hosting a
special Trade
Suppliers’ Council
meeting on Thursday
1st March at Novotel
ExCeL London. This
will be an opportunity
for CEDIA trade
supplier members to
discuss a number of
topics including CEDIA Expo, CPD course accreditation, the CEDIA Awards,
mandatory certification, international activities, marketing and PR,
manufacturer product training and CEU accreditation.
Open to all CEDIA Trade Supplier members, the event will also highlight
the social and networking opportunities in the Canary Wharf area. If you
would like to attend please contact Suzanne Collin at [email protected] or
tel. +44 (0) 1480 213 744.01
In other Expo news, two influential industry trade associations, BIDA
(British Interior Design Association) and RIBA (Royal Institute of British
Architects) are both lending their credibility and marketing support to CEDIA
Expo 2007 (25-28 June 2007, ExCeL London). Support from these key
associations will ensure wider exposure for the event and help secure a
growth in interior designers and architects visiting the show.
“As an organisation dedicated to advancing architecture through
professional excellence, it is vital that we keep our members up to speed with
new electronics systems for the home, and the potential of this technology for
integration and concealment within the fabric of residential properties.”
explains Minesh Patel, CPD Marketing at RIBA. “That’s why we’re supporting
CEDIA Expo, a unique education and product showcase event where
attendance carries CPD points for architects.”
“We are delighted to be supporting CEDIA Expo. BIDA and CEDIA
members share a common purpose – we create beautiful home interiors to
meet the lifestyle aspirations of our clients. As a result, our members often
work closely with CEDIA members to integrate home electronics technology
seamlessly into designs” says Dean Keyworth, Chair of BIDA. “CEDIA Expo is
a great opportunity for our members to find out about the latest
developments in this area. It provides the chance to see at close hand
technologies, such as, LCD, plasma and projector screens, multi-room
audio systems, automated furniture mechanisms and lighting control
solutions, and understand how their inclusion into a scheme can be stylish
as well as efficient.”
Over 80% of floor space is already reserved at CEDIA Expo 2007, the only
dedicated trade event for Europe’s fast-growing home technology, automation
and integration sector. To find out more about the event visit www.cediaexpo.com and to book space at the event contact the event’s Sales Manager
Ian Morrish: tel: +44 (0) 1372 454 366 or email [email protected]
CEDIA has appointed Sigma Research & Marketing to conduct a
research project amongst its Electronic Systems Professional
members. The purpose of this new initiative is to obtain valuable and
practical information about the UK residential custom installation
market. This study is aimed at building knowledge about the industry
for the benefit of all CEDIA members and it is therefore vital you
support this project by participating in the survey. For more
information on this project, contact the CEDIA office.
As an Association partner to the event, CEDIA
enjoyed a busy and productive three days in
Amsterdam at the Integrated Systems
The CEDIA stand proved popular
throughout the show with many visitors from
across Europe keen to find out about the
benefits of membership. CEDIA also played a
key role in the ISE Education Programme,
presenting no fewer than eight, well-attended
courses at the event, including an
Introduction to Residential Multiroom Audio,
Introduction to Home Theatre Design and an
Introduction to the Residential Custom
Installation Business.
Our thanks go to all the course
presenters and all those who helped deal
with membership enquiries on the stand. Your
assistance and support was greatly
3:41 pm
Page 2
CEDIA has announced that renowned industry expert Todd
Adams is coming over from the States to present two five-day
courses at the CEDIA training facility in St Neots.
Todd, the author of the book Residential Integrator’s
Project Management, will be presenting courses in project
management and custom install design. The Project
Management School, taking place 19th-23rd February 2007, is
aimed at both new and experienced project managers and looks
at planning and managing projects, developing a solid
foundation in project management, preparing cost estimates
and templates to gather project information. Other skills
include developing a project scope statement template,
preparing initial and finalised project schedules and planning
for and managing project risks.
The Designer School and Certification Exam, taking place
26th February–2nd March 2007, is aimed at technical
individuals with some industry experience, or recent
technology graduates who wish to become CEDIA Designer
Level One certified. The course covers the complete
examination curriculum, as well as applying the theory to realworld situations, with delegates sitting the designer level one
examination on the final afternoon.
The Project Management School costs £1350 plus VAT
whilst the Designer School and Certification Exam costs £
£1450 plus VAT. Costs include all course materials, breakfast,
lunch and daytime refreshments and four nights’ hotel
accommodation. If you would like to book a place on the
courses, visit the education section of www.cedia.co.uk.
For further contact: +44 (0) 1480 213744 or [email protected]
The judging panel for the CEDIA Awards 2007 will be
chaired by CEDIA Chairman, Simon Williams, and
feature representatives from the worlds of interior
design and architecture as well as leading
technology commentators.
The panel comprises: Dean Keyworth, Chairman of the British Interior Design
Association (BIDA); Garry Mason, Editor-in-Chief, idFX; Eleanor Young, Editor of the
RIBA Journal and respected technology journalists Chris Price, Dave Murphy and
Dan Goldstein.
“The fact that professionals of this calibre are willing to be associated with
CEDIA demonstrates the value of the awards,” explains Simon Williams. “This is the
chance for installers to put forward their work and have their home automation
solutions assessed by a uniquely influential group.”
The judging panel will complete their initial assessment of the applications in
May and a shortlist will be announced. The final recipients of the CEDIA Awards 2007
will be revealed at the Chairman’s Reception on 26th June at CEDIA Expo 2007,
which takes place at ExCeL London on 25th – 28th June 2007. With a 31st March
entry deadline, submissions are already being received for installations in the
following categories:
Best home cinema installation project under £20K (35,000 Euros)
Best home cinema installation from £20K-£100K (35,000-150,000 Euros)
Best integrated home under £100K (150,000 Euros)
Best integrated home over £100,000 (over 150,000 Euros)
Best multi-dwelling installation
Best international project
Best special project
Best trade supplier
Best stand at Expo 2007
The CEDIA Awards is open only to CEDIA member companies. For more
information on judging criteria, timescales and an entry form, visit www.cedia.co.uk.
We have a number of important training dates coming up and would like to
remind everyone that spaces are still available on the following courses:
- Todd Adams Designer Workshop, CEDIA training facility, 26th February
to 2nd March
- Installer School and Level 1 Examination, CEDIA training facility 12th to
16th March
- Introduction to Residential Custom Installation by Steve Moore, CEDIA
training facility, 2nd to 3rd May
Inst 1Qx
4:14 pm
Page 1
Herts Is Where
The Home Is
Out in the sticks, in the home counties, one AV industry figure
is reaping the benefits of a fully fledged refurbishment. SAM
FULLER finds out how those in the know live...
In a quiet town in rural Hertfordshire stands an unassuming detached
house that is a little different to the norm. Owned by a prominent industry
member, it is unsurprising to learn that this house was given a little bit
extra during its recent refurbishment.
The front of the house looks little different to those close by, except that it
is monitored by discreet CCTV cameras that can be accessed both internally
and via the net should this be required, for the owner’s peace of mind.
As visitors enter the house via its hall, they will become aware of the
first noteworthy advancement as the standard light switches have been
replaced by a programmable system manufactured by Rako. Its control pad
also commands the G Rail electric curtain tracks, which allow users to
shut or open the curtains upon request. This operation is done
automatically at dusk if required, can also be controlled via the internet
or text and its built-in security system will replay both the lighting control
and the curtain movements of the past two weeks should the house be
left unattended.
Moving into the main lounge, visitors will be struck by what appears at
first inspection to be a sizeable canvas above the limestone fireplace... In
fact this is a motorised picture frame by the innovative Vutec, which was
custom ordered to replicate some local artwork purchased by the owners
specifically for the job. What better way to hide the very latest Fujitsu 50inch HD plasma hidden discreetly behind it?
The TV system is fed both by a Sky HD box and a media centre, which also
gives users access to the Internet via the wireless mouse and keyboard.
The accompanying high-quality audio system is built entirely from Jamo
products, including a Jamo AVR793 receiver and five Jamo in-wall
speakers, which are carefully hidden behind design led acoustic panels.
The sub bass is also supplied courtesy of Jamo via two 100W RMS
Monoblock amplifiers and two 10-inch subwoofers. AV cabling is almost
exclusively from the Profigold catalogue and the rear speakers, subwoofers
and main electronics are all housed in beautiful wood, matching the real
oak furniture hand built by Pinetum from Wiltshire and then acoustically
trimmed to keep everything hidden from view.
enter the matrix
The relaxed atmosphere of the main lounge is matched by the very
comfortable leather sofas, handmade by Granfort and purchased via the
Lucas World of Furniture in Aylesbury, a store that supplied the majority of
the furniture and beds for refurbishment. As one of the few furniture stores
in the UK with a dedicated area for Home AV within its showroom, which
makes integrated design much easier, it proved the ideal choice.
The dining room is often a hub of life and here we found a small pair of
Jamo bookshelf speakers controlled by a Matrix stealth system responsible
for entertaining its eaters. The Matrix system is a new multiroom audio
option (available now via AMX) which has the added advantage of being
controlled by both key pads set into the wall and remote controls which can
be read via an IR repeater built into its in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. This
is not necessarily that unusual nowadays, but what is unusual is that the
Matrix system can utilise speaker wire to do this thanks to its clever design
and engineering, as well as the more conventional Cat5 or Cat 6 cables.
The main Matrix system is based in a control box located under the stairs
in a cupboard, along with a number of other complimentary controllers.
the right choices
iPod integration - a mandatory
requirement of the modern smart home...
Moving into the kitchen, guests will be instantly impressed by the beautiful
centre island, carefully designed and installed along with some stunning
appliances and, of course, the super hardwearing Zodiaq by DuPont, a
material that’s like a man made granite! To keep aspirant Jamie Oliver’s
entertained the kitchen has another flat-panel mounted on a Vogels bracket
(one of eight in the house), while both a Jamo I-200 I-pod system and the
Inst 1Qx
3:48 pm
Page 2
Making a splash: the
owners are even privy to
in bath entertainment.
Matrix Audio system - which feeds two Jamo in-ceiling speakers - provide
further aural options. Another Matrix control pad also controls four Jamo
Rock garden speakers hidden into the landscaped exterior - discreet and
durable solutions that are sure to come into their own in the summer
Upstairs the design led AV continues with both teenage children kept
enthralled and off the streets by a whole host of goodies. These include the
Jamo I-300 iPod/computer audio system, an I-pod alarm clock from I-tec
and their NextBase portable TVs which feature a built-in DVD-player, games
and Freeview, although the house has a separate Sky plus box for all the
upstairs TVs.
In the master bedroom the knowledgeable owner has chosen wisely
once again, plumping for a Pioneer HD plasma when it comes to vision, with
audio provided by the latest Jamo S260, 2.1 AV system and a specially
adapted X-box which allows the main media centre to be controlled upstairs
as well.
Even the bathrooms have not escaped the AV treatment as the master
boasts a 17-inch Aqua Vision TV, supported by Jamo speakers hidden
unobtrusively in the ceiling. Meanwhile, working behind the scenes and
supplied courtesy of In Touch Technologies, we discovered Global’s RF
distribution, sharing sky and aerial signals, while ACA-Apex’s custom modules
and outlets have been employed to match sockets and light switches.
That the house was designed to offer a high level of functionality is
beyond doubt. And, through carefully selecting the most appropriate tools for
the job and some truly stunning furnishings, our colleague has certainly
achieved their goal. With the minimum of intrusions, this family are privy to
entertainment systems and intelligent lighting that truly delivers. Is it time for
you too to consider the products deployed herein?
For further information on Jamo, Profigold, DVD Voyager and Vogels products,
contact: www.bbg-av.com
For further trade information on Jamo Custom Install, Rako and G rail products
contact: www.intouchtech.co.uk
For more information on Vutec & Aquavision products contact: www.vutec.co.uk
For more information on Fujitsu Plasma TV’s contact: www.fujitsu-general.co.uk
For information on a full range of quality furniture and beds contact:
At the touch of a button the
previously discreet screen
springs into life
ISE (lewis)
4:43 pm
Page 1
There were some truly
striking stands at ISE 2007
To Holland And Back
Weary and flaking, yet educated and inspired, our
editor returned from Integrated Systems Europe
2007 in one piece. HAMISH McNAIR-WILSON
reports back from one of the fastest growing
events around...
Lo, the wanderers return, exhausted from days spent pounding the
carpets at Amsterdam’s RAI and nights whiled away strolling around the
city’s cobbled streets trying to find appropriate bars without catching the
eyes of Europe’s keenest sex working community. And what a triumph
ISE 2007 proved, ranking amongst the most professionally presented
exhibitions I’ve ever attended. Arriving on Monday afternoon, before the
event had kicked off, we entered the arena to set up shop. Only hours
before its grand opening, the halls were full of AV and integration
professionals hard at work, hooking up their wares, desperate to make
their stands spring to life to stand out from the crowd. Come 10 o’clock the
next morning the expansive area of the refreshingly modern, conveniently
located venue was looking swish, spruced up and entirely befitting of the
feast of technologies found within it.
Of course, having seen the show grow and improve each year, this
time around expectations were high. We, ourselves, gave it quite a billing in
our last issue and booked a decent sized stand to boot. From here we
witnessed first hand a significant rise in the footfall and disposed of 1,000
extra copies of SVI comfortably, whilst signing off subscriptions to visitors
from as far afield as California and Jordan. But what of the official stats?
Well, the organisers informed us, over the three days a massive 16,269
people came through the doors. Here they were able to work their way
around the stands of 363 exhibitors from 28 countries. With over 40
conference and educational sessions also included in the programme,
there was plenty to do and see. It was, our fellow exhibitors reported, the
busiest show yet. The venue may well have proved a key factor as it allowed
for the expansion required, whilst in terms of amenities there was a
noticeable improvement on the crumbling, archaic, ruins we graced in
Brussels last time around. With this in mind, the ISE team have confirmed
they will be snapping up the RAI once again, for January 29th-31st 2008.
But don’t just take our word for it. CHIEF’s Steve Durkee shared our
enthusiasm: “ISE 2007 show has really grown substantially; it seems to
grow every year by at least one exhibition hall and has become a true
international event. We have been extremely busy and the whole team is
excited about the level of business generated.” And the visitors we spoke to
enjoyed their experience equally. First timer James MacDonald from MAC
Audio, claimed to be “visibly impressed by the scale of the event”.
In an exhibition of this scale life for a journalist can prove rather hectic.
With a multitude of companies to see, stands to explore and products to
pore over, there truly is no rest for the wicked. However, even with time
against you there are always those that stand out from the crowd. At any
event you can guarantee that the Crestron stand will do this, for example,
not least because of its immense scale. Standing there, vast in its expanse,
ISE (lewis)
4:43 pm
Page 2
Pioneering British concern Meridian was located a short stroll from our
own stand and had a lot on display of interest to the AV professional. This, of
course, included its latest in-wall, in-ceiling and on-wall speaker solutions,
which bring all the powers of the firm’s high-regarded DSP technology to
the CI market for the first time. With the renowned and ever expanding G
Series also up and running, here was a demonstration sure to impress
everyone with an ear for high-quality kit.
stand proved
quite a draw,
with the
pride of
shining like a beacon of advanced technology at the entrance to the show, it
simply had to be the first port of call. It was racked with the latest
technologies for both commercial and residential custom installers, and I
was fortunate enough to get a full rundown from some of the company’s top
brass. One product that stood out was the affordable multi-room audio
system that is the Adanto. This solution, first unveiled at last year’s show,
has been faring well for Crestron, successfully opening up new markets for
the team. With a developer in Ireland recently ordering 50 for inclusion in its
projects and iPod integration assured, this should help the firm to continue
its massive growth in the residential sector in 2007. I was also treated to a
full demonstration of the TPMC-8X Wi-Fi touch-panel, a swish, compact
model, that will control virtually anything your customer requires, whilst
offering its users the functionality of a decent PC into the bargain. This
should definitely prove popular with your customers, should you choose to
offer it.
Equally buzzing with business was the well positioned Imerge stand.
This came as little surprise as this leading force of the server world was
ready to unleash its new MS5000 MediaServer, a five source audio and video
server offering up to three TB of storage space. With the space for 800
hours of movies, an enormous music collection and HD abilities, this should
prove a major hit and certainly seemed to be the centre of attention.
Likewise the Genelec stand, which was home to some serious innovation at
the show. Here the Scandinavian firm released three new loudspeaker
systems ideal for the high-end home theatre and custom installation
market. The most noteworthy two, the AIW25 Active In-Wall and the AIC25
Active In-Ceiling, offer uncompromising acoustic performance from the
most subtle of shells. Each features a perfectly matched, separate RAM2
remote amplifier module, which, when used with a single 4U high RAM
Rack Adaptor, can accommodate up to eight RAM amplifiers. If you didn’t
manage to hear them in action... make sure that you do!
Not be outdone, one of our top guns KEF had a host of systems to offer
at the show. While some of the newest products on display were aimed at
the commercial market, KEF also gave visitors a
chance to familiarise themselves with its
full Ci range, including the motorised
Ci200.3QT. And, with the awardwinning KHT packages and the
ingenius Five-Two Series, which
offers a striking immersing
soundscape from only two speakers,
also on show there was a product
to excite any residential installer.
While Speakercraft virtually
invented the architectural speaker
market and today offer one of the
finest and most expansive ranges
around, these days you’ll find the
firm diversifying with aplomb.
It’s MODE (Music On Demand
Experience) system has been in
ISE (lewis)
4:43 pm
Page 3
The footfall at ISE rose once again, making
it an event of global significance
the news a great deal recently and its no surprise. It’s stunning faceplates,
with their sexy blue back lighting, give a front to a multi-room system
offering the utmost in convenience, expandable your needs, with one of the
smoothest routes to iPod integration around. Anyone who passed by the
stand on the Thursday afternoon would have found me scrolling through
the content of a docked iPod and pumping out David Bowie classics
through the impressive speakers above.
Elsewhere Russound was proving its credentials in speaker production with
a range of products that will, no doubt, be available in the UK through the
Multi Room Company. However, it was on distributor BMB’s stand where I
probably spent the most time testing my ears. It was Amina’s in-wall, highquality NXT speakers that caught my eye in particular here. Or rather
didn’t. These incredible options can be fitted within a wall where they are
entirely hidden from view, yet offer incredible dispersion characteristics.
With kit from Xantech, NuVo and Niles also on show, expect to hear a lot
from this pan-European distributor in the year to come.
The RAI offer
exhibitors and
visitors much
improved facilities
Last year’s ISE show was rather mount crazy. In fact there were nearly as
many mounting solution manufacturers present as there were projector
screen suppliers - and that’s an awful lot as anyone who attended the
show will tell you. In fact such was the volume of screens this year that
some characters, who will remain unnamed, were seen to yawn at the
sight of them after a while. However, this year though there were still
mounts a plenty, there were some genuinely interesting options on
display. Our own Troy Innovations, for example, had a new range of highquality LCD and plasma mounts on show, feature rich and straightforward
for the installer to work with.
Sanus Systems certainly had an eye catching stand at its disposal and
the firm’s top man had flown in all the way from America to lend his
support to the team working it. With over 300 products at its disposal,
here we were introduced to the pick of the crop. These are already proving
popular across the UK, thanks to each product’s ability to optimise the
performance of the kit it’s working with, look the part and, of course,
distributor Alphason Designs’ hardworking sales force.
Future Automation know a thing or two about mounts too and this
firm is a true innovator of this sector, offering a host of electronic
solutions designed to integrate with a broader AV system, allowing kit to
be kept discreetly tucked away until it’s called upon for duty. These
aesthetically stunning solutions were up, running and operable and there
are options available for both flat-screen TVs and projectors.
Making life easier for installers is what drives software manufacturer
Stardraw. The firm drew in the journalists present at ISE for a press
conference, announcing its plans for the year ahead. Following a
rebranding exercise for many of its products and a strategic repositioning,
it should make a real impact this year with the release of Stardraw
Control and Control lite 2007.
Over at the Living Control stand, the British company had a full team out,
manning a significant area. This company produce a fine multi-room
system that’s highly respected amongst installers. However it was the
new ColourPad, a luxurious full-colour version of the powerful VideoPad
touch-screen used to control their kit, that really caught the eye at ISE.
ISE (lewis)
4:43 pm
Page 4
This high-resolution TFT display is a pleasure to use, can harness control
of any music collection, HD satellite source, TV signals, radio
broadcasts, DVD-players and more, always looking the part.
Another UK company making the right impression
at the show was Ikon AVS. With a brand new
installation amplifier and a range of fresh interface
solutions on display, there was plenty of cause for
installers to stop off here. The former, the DPM-40,
will fit into any UK back box, providing 20W of power
from its discreet location.
Smart-E’s purple components always stand at
when on display and for good reason. In addition to their
unusual colouring, they offer installers a host of advantages that
are rarely found. With high-definition entertainment beginning to hit the
big time, this British firm’s matrix switches will help you to make the most
of it in your projects. ISE was used to launch the SNX-16x32 and the SNX64x64, each of which allows a stunning HD signal to be transported to a
wealth of additional zones.
The freshly expanded Hotlamps team was making its presence felt at
a prominent position near the show’s entrance. As the largest trade-only
projector lamp distributor in Europe, this firm offers a massive stock
holding, a next-day service to any dealer across the continent, all at highly
competitive prices. The award-winning firm is part of the renowned
Maverick Distribution group and successfully stimulated a great deal of
interest at the show thanks to its superlative product range.
Relatively new distribution company Transparent, set up by
experienced industry figure Ty Jackson, certainly appeared to be making
the right impression at the show. Indeed such was the response to the
clever DEC box and stunning, modish Waterfall speakers that he seemed to
be fully engaged every time we dropped by. The DEC box is a system well
worthy of such attention as it provides users with the ultimate control of
their media content at the highest possible quality. Meanwhile, the chic
French speakers will add a touch of elegance and finesse to any project.
If we were handing out awards for interesting and original stands then
lighting solutions manufacturer Helvar would certainly be in with a shout.
Although this firm didn’t have the largest space at its disposal, it had made
great use of it, effectively highlighting the simplicity of its system at the
user end in a couple of real life scenarios. The exceptional presentation
was matched by some superlative products that have been proving popular
with installers across the UK and beyond. Sales Manager Gary Brown was
on hand to explain all, with the new lighting router in the Imagine system
of key focus.
One fresh face I wasn’t too familiar with that created a great
impression was Adapt HomeControl. At this stand we were introduced to a
sophisticated, yet affordable system capable of controlling a wide range of
electronic devices, including environmental and AV systems. Ideal for
projects of any size, compatible with the standard IP protocol, simple to
use and elegant too, this is a fine solution you should be hearing more of in
the future.
While the US branch of CEDIA may have been all important in the
creation of the ISE show, their UK-based counterparts are always to be
seen working hard on the show floor. Here the full contingent was in
effect, with Wendy Griffiths and the team joined by representatives from as
far afield as Australia. In addition to taking a role in some demonstrations
and educational seminars, the association was also on something of a
recruitment drive itself, eagerly snapping up new members as installers
from across the continent sought to learn more of its advantages and sign
up to the revolution. They were also, of course, here do some preparatory
work for their own show which returns to London’s ExCel this June. And,
from what we could see, this promises to be an expanded and impressive
event. SVI certainly has some rather special plans in the pipeline for the
big one.
Of course, there is a lot more to these kind of events than the
exhibition itself and as ever the social element proved something of a treat
too. True to form, Crestron was responsible for the major party. Taking
place on the Tuesday night of the show, the automation pioneer
transported an incredible 1,500 people to a remote location, which it had
transformed into a hub of fun. It was free drinks all round, the Gypsy Kings
sto Sm
sta d ou rt-e’
nd t on s k
onc th it
e m eir
had been flown in especially to get
the party rocking and there was even a
belly dancer for those who were looking for a
more exotic form of entertainment. With plenty of
food available too, this gave those with their business heads on the
opportunity to network with one another and those in a more relaxed frame
of mind the chance to embarrass themselves on the dancefloor. Naturally, I
looked on with interest, dignity intact, engaging over the course of the night
with a number of interesting people including Crestron’s very own, recently
appointed pilot.
Not to be upstaged, KEF also got in on the act, putting on their own
slice of hospitality, which took the form of a cruise. This took myself and
some fellow members of the media from the RAI, along the waterways of
Amsterdam and into the city centre. With the firm’s top brass on board and
some great food to accompany the trip, it offered us an appreciable
opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition centre
and engage with one another in a refreshingly relaxed environment.
With my free time also accounted for, ISE proved something of an
exhausting event. However, it also proved a fulfilling one at which I was
able to learn a great deal about a host of manufacturers and garner an
understanding of where our industry will be heading in the coming year.
And, with the largest presence of any residential CI themed publication
there, things appear to be looking good for the SVI team too. Yes, even royal
palaces in the middle east will soon to be privy to our insight in the future,
if the subscriptions forms filled in on our stand are to be believed.
What did the organisers, who have put in such an effort over the last
year to ensure the event went smoothly, make of proceedings? They were,
we’ve been informed, delighted. And things are looking great for next year
too. “ISE 2007 has been an outstanding success,” its Managing Director
Mike Blackman began... “and the huge rise in visitor numbers has
prompted an overwhelming response from exhibitors to rebook their booths
for next year. Because of this, we have already secured an extra hall at the
RAI, ensuring that ISE 2008 is set to be even bigger than this year’s event.”
“Improving on this years show to deliver ISE 2008 is going to be a real
challenge. However, we are riding high on the success of this show,”
Blackman continued. “We thrive on such a challenge and with the
dedicated support of CEDIA, InfoComm International, NSCA and our
exhibitors, we will build on this show to deliver to the industry, an
outstanding event in 2008.”
We wish the team the very best of luck in filling the extra hall. We’ve
no doubt they will. SVI will certainly be returning to the event which just
carries on getting better. Arguably the most professional trade show I’ve
ever attended? Undoubtedly... and yes, you can quote me on that.
For further information contact: www.iseurope.org
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
3:38 pm
Page 1
Some of the Da-Lite kit comm-Tec
distribute in action...
A new, UK-based digital home qualification has been launched at the
London Learning Technologies show. IT trade association CompTIA (Computing
Technology Industry Association) has launched its first course, which has been
designed to standardise skills across the home networking industry.
Digital Home Technology Integrator + (DHTI+) solves the problem of finding skilled
technicians to support networked technologies in the home by offering a way to
validate the skills of potential employees. The certification also provides a way for
technicians to demonstrate their capabilities against a set of industry-approved skills.
“The biggest challenge for us as a growing business is how we know the people
we hire are up to the job,” said Toby Treacher, managing director, dt3 – a firm offering
home networking support. “Not only does DHTI+ give us a way to validate their skills, it
allows us to train those who do not meet DHTI+ competency using an industryapproved standard.”
The qualification covers a variety of technologies and the infrastructure which
allows them to compliment each other. This includes home security systems, VoIP
technology, wireless networking, intelligent kitchen appliances, heating and ventilation
systems and home entertainment centres. DHTI+ is also designed to help anyone
working in homes to expand the number of technologies they install and service.
Increasing sales of digital home equipment mean technicians are required to install,
set-up and maintain more devices in the modern connected home then ever before. The
workforce needs to grow to accommodate increasing demand from consumers but
employers are concerned about hiring people who cannot demonstrate the sufficient
experience or range of skills required to handle multiple technologies and the
infrastructure which support them.
“Digital home networking will never develop as an industry without qualified
technicians to deliver service and support” said Matthew Poyiadgi, European regional
director, CompTIA. “This qualification will help create an army of skilled specialists,
increase the credibility of skills for home networking and improve the legitimacy of the
digital home industry overall.”
DHTI+ will be taught in training centres throughout the UK from March including
the Technology Innovation Centre in Birmingham and Bedford College.
For further information contact: www.comptia.org or [email protected]
Comm-Tec has long represented a range of significant
brands in the UK. Among these are Da-Lite projection
screens, Audipack projector lifts and mounts, Intelix baluns
and room combining systems and Kodak projectors. In
addition, the Company also distributes Comm-Tec branded
products sourced from their parent company in Germany
with the range including the ProTune Video/RF unit.
These brands and product ranges represent the core of
the company’s business and the vast majority of sales. They
are sold by a wide cross-section of trade-only customers
including audio-visual, home cinema and home theatre
dealers. Recently, the company has decided to re-focus on
the product sectors and ranges they know best. As a
result, Comm-Tec will no longer distribute the RTI
control systems.
Commented Steve Purchase, Managing Director of
Comm-Tec UK: “There is so much happening on our main
product ranges, where we have significant expertise and
experience to assist dealers, we have chosen to restructure
and return to our roots. These products represent our core
competence and strength.”
Among the new products recently and soon to be
launched, are a significant number of innovations from DaLite. These include: HDTV size screens, the Insta-Theater
models with a matt-white surface and heavy-duty versions
of the Fast-Fold deluxe screens. In addition, the
comprehensive range of Audipack projector lifts is joined by
two new models. The ML and XL 350 models are
lightweight ceiling units, ideal for today’s smaller
projectors, weighing up to 10kg.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 190 827 0970
Keene Electronics, a specialist in AV accessories, has
expanded its range of installer friendly AV wall plates with
an HDMI version. Available in white or brushed steel it has a
rear PCB mounted HDMI socket to allow for quick and easy
solderless connections using off the shelf standard cables.
This compact solution will fit into a standard UK single gang
pattress and will work with any conventional HDMI cables.
Available now, prices start for this latest wall outlet plate
start at a very reasonable £39.99. In the era of HD we're
sure installers everywhere will soon be snapping them up.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 870 990 9000
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 2
The Armour team holding the fort at the
recent Integrated Systems Europe show
ISE 2007 proved to be a great success for Armour with over 30
distributor partners attending their stand from 25 markets
throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. ISE also
provided Armour Home Electronics (AHE) the opportunity to launch
its new Modular Advanced touch key pad. Also on display at the firm's
stylishly decked out stand were a number of other recently launched
products including the luxurious Splash Bathroom TV, Systemline inceiling speakers and Cinemax racking.
Exhibiting for the second consecutive year at ISE, AHE Managing
Director Glenn McClelland commented: “ISE provided AHE sales and
product managers the ideal forum to meet distributor partners,
suppliers and introduce the expanding Armour portfolio to a
European and worldwide audience.”
“The significant increase in size of this year’s show,” he
continued, “demonstrates the accelerated growth and increasing
importance of the European custom install and home automation
market. What is particularly pleasing is that three of the companies
we met for the first time at last year’s show, have since become AHE
Modular distributors partners.”
For further information contact: +44 (0) 127 950 1111
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 3
AWE, the exclusive distributor for Cineversum in the UK, has introduced the new Cineversum BlackWing Two - a beautifully designed, top quality D-ILA
projector - to its extensive range of CI market solutions. Unveiled by Cineversum at the recent ISE Show in Amsterdam, the Blackwing Two is a full HD,
medium sized projector that features three D-ILA 0.7 chips with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. The result is an extremely smooth and stable picture with superb
colour resolution and black reproduction. The innovative, reflective liquid crystal panel provides the highest HDTV resolution available and achieves a contrast
with a native ratio of 20,000:1.
"The BlackWing Two unites fantastic quality performance with state-of-the-art European design (by Le Porcher) to create the ideal projector for mid to
high-end home cinema projects," commented Stuart Tickle, MD of AWE. "The projector reproduces rich, deep blacks, offers a choice of five different colour
presets and the colour response actually exceeds the HDTV standards. We’re confident our CI customers will love it, just as much as we do!"
The BlackWing Two’s 2 x zoom has been designed to operate from almost anywhere in a room, making projector siting easier. The versatile, large
horizontal and vertical optical shift, together with the new frontal cooling system are two more reasons this projector is extremely CI friendly. All processing is
internal, although the BlackWing Two Pro available from March, provides an external 10-bit high-definition video processor, giving access to advanced video
source management and professional-grade adjustments such as VRS video processing, film grade de-interlacing methods and dedicated game modes.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 137 272 9777 www.awe-europe.com
Known for their cutting edge solutions and purple coloured products, audio
and video distribution and switching equipment company Smart-e Limited,
experienced record interest in their products at ISE 2007. Smart-e’s
managing director Jon Lane commented: “The hot topic of the show was HD
compatibility. Everyone we spoke with wanted equipment that is proven to
be HD compatible. As a result, we received a tremendous amount of interest
in our two new HD compatible multipoint-to-multipoint matrix switches,
whilst the availability of enclosed and unenclosed versions of our newest HD
compatible extender, the SCX-TX600, attracted much attention from the
Digital Signage market”.
Smart-e’s new extender the SLX-111 was also a great hit at the show.
Known as “the Swiss Army Knife of extenders” because it combines the ease
of plug and play with discrete industry standard connectors, the extender’s
multiple features, HD compatibility and flexibility resulted in a flurry of orders
for the company.
Smart-e’s Accredited Installer one-day training programmes were also
popular at the show, and Smart-e has announced new dates for March 2007
for the three programmes. Held close to the company’s Dorking
headquarters, the dates are: 26th March - Foundation Course, for those with
little or no experience of installing complex AV solutions over CAT 5 cabling;
27th March - Intermediate Course, for those with some installation
experience, and 28th March - Advanced Course for professionals seeking to
extend their installation knowledge and practical experience. With this in
mind 2007 should prove highly successful for the firm.
For more further information contact: +44 (0) 148 328 3365
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 4
The new CEDIA
board in all its glory,
with the two who
didn’t make the
photo call inset...
Dear readers, a ghost in the machine – or rather some ghosts from
CEDIA's past – accidentally made it into our last issue. Featured on our
CEDIA pages was a photo labelled CEDIA's new board, picturing last
year's top brass. So to avoid further confusions and cases of mistaken
identity here are the folk charged with running the association in 2007.
They are:
Simon Williams, (Olive): Chairman
Steve Martin (Martin Kleiser): Vice Chairman and Education Chair
Jane Scotland (Beyond the Invisible): Marketing Chair
Paul Helliar (D&T Electronics): ESP Expo Chair
Stuart Tickle (AWE Europe): Treasurer and Trade Supplier
Expo Chair
(currently, with one year left to serve)
Robin van Meeuwen (Crestron): Trade Supplier Council Chair
(currently, with one year left to serve)
David Graham (Grahams Hi-fi): Membership Chair
Robert Hallam (InControl): Membership Representative
Raphael Oberholzer (Smart Home S.A.): Membership Representative
*David Hyman (Discrete Architectural Electronics) will continue to
serve as an active member of the Board for a further two years as
Immediate Past Chairman.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 148 021 3744 www.cedia.co.uk
Sonos is a relatively fresh face on the advanced home entertainment scene
that just carries on growing. In 2006 the firm's sales shot up by 150%, year
on year, and its now sold over 100,000 units of its handy multi-room audio
Sonos has also been advancing its system, releasing two pieces of
software allowing its device to speak directly to a music service, bypassing
the need of a computer. With the price of two zone music system also
dropping and the awards flooding in, expect to hear a lot more from Sonos in
the year to come. The innovator is promising to delivering more addictive,
award-winning content to its system. At CES, for example, Sonos illustrated
how its users will now be able to enjoy the Zune Marketplace, Napster,
Yahoo!, URGE and more throughout the home courtesy of a software
upgrade supporting Windows Vista and Media Player 11.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 115 944 5027
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 5
The luxurious Oceana development, whose
residents will benefit from the Opus 500 system
Install Middle East, the cutting edge AV installation and integration
technology sector of the PALME Middle East show, has received a
major boost with the confirmation of several major new exhibitors.
Show organisers IIR Entertainment & Installation Technology Group
say that the addition of companies such as Bose, Crestron and Opus
Technologies to the exhibition roster will have implications not
only for the residential CI sector, but also in the commercial
world in general.
These are joined by Visionaire, who supply advanced audiovisual and communication solutions to major commercial projects,
and architectural lighting giants, Lumasense. Lumasense represents
the leading North American manufacturers of LED products for
architectural and entertainment applications. They will be exhibiting,
high-intensity, ultra-efficient Color Blast wall washers, as well as
unique and versatile video screens products from Color Kinetics, Inc.
Lumasense will also be demonstrating other video and A/V products
from iLight Technologies and Permlight Products, Inc., as well as
showing products from Lightspace Corporation, who manufacture
interactive LED surfaces for a variety of commercial and
entertainment applications.
Said Lumasense’s Mike Kanaan: “PALME Middle East has
matured into an important show. We look forward to using it as a
showcase to expose our premium lighting products to both the
architectural and entertainment sectors, and to becoming involved
in the lighting seminars.”
Opus Technologies arrive at the Dubai International Exhibition
Centre having recently supplied Oceana – The Palm Jumeirah with
the latest smart audio and video home technology. Their award-
winning Opus 500 multi-room entertainment system will be included in
each of the 644 luxury apartments and will provide the ultimate in
contemporary living, providing stunning high-performance Hi-Fi
throughout the home at the touch of a button. Comprising seven stylish
residential buildings, the development will be located on the Palm
Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE, and is being developed by Seven Tides Ltd., and
marketed by Asteco Property Management. In line with the innovative
nature of The Palm, Oceana will boast a luxurious standard of living for
its clientele, a factor enhanced by the inclusion of sophisticated home
automation systems such as the Opus 500.
Bose are another company happy to be exhibiting, since the event
coincides with the regional launch of 18 variants of products aimed at the
commercial audio installation market. These products include new and
unique foldback speakers, entry level surface mount speakers, high SPL
flush mount / ceiling speakers as well as new control systems and
amplifiers. John Dodson, general manager of Bose Middle East and
Africa for the past 13 years, commented, “Bose is now able to
supply a turnkey solution for any audio installation; and where
better to shout about it than PALME, the region’s biggest and best audiovisual exhibition."
IIR Group Exhibition Director, Darren Brechin, was clearly delighted
to see these major names sign up: “The commitment by these
heavyweight companies not only strengthens the sectors in which they
are predominant, but further underlines the value they perceive in
reaching new markets by their participation at PALME,” he commented.
PALME 2007 will take place at the Dubai International Exhibition
Centre from May 20-22.
For further information contact: www.palme.com/install
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 6
Leading AV brackets manufacturer Sanus enjoyed its best ever
attendance at the ISE exhibition held in Amsterdam recently. The
company – which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year – launched
several new models which received an excellent response from visitors
to their stand at the three day exhibition, which was attended by visitors
from across the world.
Commented Sanus European Sales & Marketing Director Katinka
de Vos: “Installers and integrators alike were very excited about the new
wall mount solutions from Sanus because their design is more suitable
for usage in homes than a lot of other products.”
“They particularly liked the large choice in wall mounts above 40in,
their solid construction and the fact that they are very easy and quick to
install and adjust. And lets face it, time means money to them so a
Sanus product means they can save time and make money all together!
At the same time the consumer has a product which looks good and is
easy to use. As they say everyone’s a winner.”
Sanus products are distributed in the UK by Alphason Designs Ltd.
For further information contact: +31 (0) 40 2668 619 or +44 (0) 194 288
5600 www.alphasondesigns.com
Offering 20W of
power per channel,
the Ikon DPM-40 is
an impressively
efficient and
compact amplifier
solution that will
slot into a standard dual UK back box. Ideal for residential custom install
projects, the classroom, the boardroom and other applications where an
installed and discrete amplifier is required, it will perform with aplomb.
This Ikon Dado amplifier is a two gang stainless steel or white plate
boasting some impressive on board technology and inputs for stereo audio
on 3.5mm jack or rear screw terminals. It can be used as 2 x 20W stereo
into eight Ohms or a single 40W mono into four Ohms. A class D design,
the DPM-40 comes complete with a slimline power supply and is available
through Ikon's distributor SSP
For further information contact: +44 (0) 129 925 0991 www.ikonavs.com
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 7
Following a year of unprecedented growth, Crestron UK marks the first
anniversary of the opening of its Northern office with the announcement that it
is to further expand its presence in the region. The creation of a new,
integrated office and training facility in Doncaster comes as a result of
Crestron’s considerable success with key dealers and integrators in the
area who work in education, corporate AV and high-end residential
custom installation.
“Since opening in the North a year ago we have seen business go from
strength to strength. In that time we have doubled our workforce and
established a growing list of customers in Ireland, the North of England, and
Scotland and this latest move shows our commitment to support them,”
commented Robin van Meeuwen MD of Crestron UK. “Our customers in these
regions are recognising the great value that working with Crestron can bring
to their businesses: the best products; excellent training, and good, local
customer support. Basically, it vividly demonstrates that we provide the whole
Crestron package - whatever the geographical location.”
Located on the £80m Robin Hood Airport Business Park in Doncaster,
close to major motorway routes, and accessible via air travel from London,
Scotland and Ireland, the Crestron Northern office offers the full range of
training courses, from system design to programming and installation.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 208 439 7272 www.crestron.com
Take the sound
outside, courtesy of
a tough new
SpeakerCraft range
Suffolk based distribution company Invision
UK Ltd has appointed Smashing Publicity
to look after its PR and marketing services.
Invision is one of the UK's leading tradeonly distributors specialising in home
technology products and solutions, serving
the fast-growing high-end consumer
electronics and home automation markets.
Peter Alloway, Invision UK’s Sales Manager
said “Our trade customers are on the front lines of the digital
convergence trend, selling and installing everything from home
entertainment systems to lighting, security, communication and
computer networks. We’ve built the business by providing industryleading expertise and technical support to our trade customers and by
ensuring that we meet the needs of our supplier partners. Having full
marketing back-up from Smashing Publicity will ensure the correct
brand messages are targeted, clear and simple to understand.”
Invision MD, Steve Beahan stated: “Our goal in 2007 is to strengthen
and expand our market-leading position, with a continued emphasis on
offering exceptional service to both our customers and industry partners
alike. Part of this new drive will focus on PR and marketing services. Neil
brings with him a wealth of industry experience and media contacts
which will be key in taking us to the next level.”
Neil Farrow commented “I have known Steve for several years now
and we have the same core aims and objectives.” He continued “Working
with major technology brands such as NetStreams, ReQuest, Polk Audio
and Logitech will be a pleasure and I hope to bring some fresh marketing
ideas to the table.”.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 135 929 0280
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 8
Following hard on the heels of the release of new versions of their
design and documentation products, software provider Stardraw.com
previewed 2007 versions of their award-winning control software at ISE
in Amsterdam. The preview saw an addition to the Stardraw Control
family as well as the introduction of a new commercial model.
In March 2007, two new products will be launched, replacing the
current Stardraw Control application; Stardraw Control Lite 2007
generates standalone executables and is tailored for smaller controlled
installations like independent single room systems, or a multi-room
system controlled from a single UI. Its premium-level sibling, Stardraw
Control 2007, adds client/server deployment, the ability to write custom
bi-directional device drivers, and powerful calendar and scheduling
capabilities. Stardraw Control 2007 has been developed to cater for any
level of system control, regardless of scale or complexity.
"Stardraw Control Lite 2007 is a powerful control solution for
contractors designing systems that can be run from a single UI and it
has an attractive entry-level price point to match," explained Stardraw's
marketing director Rob Robinson. "The full version, on the other hand,
offers client/server functionality meaning that all communication
between devices and the UI is handled - and managed - by the server
application, making it possible to have multiple UIs controlling the
same devices from a number of different locations. Additionally
Stardraw Control 2007 allows users to create their own bi-directional
drivers. Although one of our principal design criteria was that no
programming skills should be necessary to implement a Stardraw
Control solution, nevertheless complex systems can sometimes require
complex drivers, and these need to be written in C#, either by the
integrator himself if he has the necessary programming skills, or by
one of our Certified Programmers. Stardraw Control 2007 is the clear
choice for integrators wishing to design and implement large or
complex systems requiring multiple UIs without the onerous price
tag or programming requirements of other control solutions
currently available."
Both Stardraw Control 2007 and Stardraw Control Lite 2007 will be
offered through a traditional commercial model offering single user and
discounted additional user pricing, and will be dongle-protected.
For further information contact: www.stardraw.com
ISE saw the launch of several revolutionary new products from Chief
Manufacturing, renowned worldwide for innovation in mounting
solutions for flat panel displays and projectors. Chief chose this panEuropean AV and Electronic Systems Integration showcase, held at the
Amsterdam RAI, to give distributors and installers a first glimpse of new
solutions destined to “expand installers horizons”.
The very first viewing of these products took place just a few weeks
ago at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
Perhaps most enthusiasm centred on the new Cinematic Automated
Mounts, which allow displays to pivot or move vertically, for stowing
away in cabinets and other such uses. Chief also launched some in-wall
accessories designed to hold Chief’s swing-arm mounts, allowing them
to disappear, meaning that rather than boasting a low-profile they have
no profile at all.
New carts, stands and decorative frames allowing a flat-panel TV to
fit comfortably in any décor were also be on show. Keep your eye out for
thesefine new options...
For further information contact: www.chiefmfg.com
Instal. Nation p.32 - p.37
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Page 9
Things have been looking good for lighting firm Helvar of late. Not only did
the firm create a mighty fine impression at the recent ISE show, but they've
followed this with an exciting announcement. Yes, the recently launched
cruise liner, Freedom of the Seas, features the firm's IMAGINE lighting
control system. The ship is the largest cruise and passenger ship in
existence, and from a construction point of view is the most innovative and
advanced vessel in the world.
The brief for lighting designers Project International from owner Royal
Caribbean was to create an exciting place to be in the evening, with lighting
as a major element in achieving the desired atmosphere. In addition, there
was the need for the ship’s architectural lighting to be dual use and provide
a link between the normal house lighting and the show lighting. To control
the thousands of luminaires and lighting circuits in this vast system, lighting
designer, Richard Dixon of Project International, chose the IMAGINE system
from Helvar.
Helvar lighting control is installed in many areas on board the ship
including the Royal Promenade, the focal point and main public area of the
boat. Four decks high, the Promenade runs to almost two thirds of the
length of the ship. Home to the main retail area on board, as well as the
spacious meeting point for guests, the Promenade also plays host to many
special choreographed parades that use lighting as an integral display
element for mood and effect. Singers, dancers and even crew are part of the
entertainment and the IMAGINE system provides control of the spectacular
accompanying light show.
Deck areas are also part of the lighting scheme. The FlowRider is the
first ever ship-board surf park and provides first-class entertainment for
participant and spectator alike. In the evening the FlowRider is vibrantly lit
with floodlights that allows activities to be filmed and beamed around the
Helvar’s lighting systems - offering the
user a myriad of abilities at home,
abroad and across the seven seas...
ship. Lighting control for the ride is linked with the architectural scheme on
the main deck via the IMAGINE system.
The complete lighting control system (including exterior lighting) is IP
enabled via an Ethernet network. This allows the whole system to be
controlled from a single location on board. Each of the public areas can also
be controlled locally by the crew to allow individual setting of lighting control
scenes for each area. The private passenger suites also benefit from lighting
control, in this case, the DIGIDIM system from Helvar. Each suite system is
standalone, unconnected to the overall system.
The large system is programmed with over 500 different lighting scenes
that can be recalled at different times of the day or night. For example, the
dining room has individual scenes programmed for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
supper, as well as for special occasions such as ‘midnight parade’.
The Helvar equipment on board includes seventeen Helvar 900 Lighting
Routers. Part of the IMAGINE family of products, it is capable of supporting up
to 40 input devices over a distance of 300m, whilst handling up to 252 channels
of dimming, switching or ballast control over a distance of 1km. For
maintenance and customising of the system, fifty lighting programming points
have been integrated into the system at strategically suitable locations.
Freedom of the Seas passes through many time zones on its voyages. To allow
the lighting control system to keep pace with the changes in zone, the system
central computer automatically keeps the routers at the right time zone
independent of where the boat is sailing.
Freedom of the Seas was built at the Aker Finnyards drydock in Turku,
Finland which is also building her sister ship, Liberty of the Seas (scheduled
for delivery in 2007). A third ship, the Independence of the Seas is (scheduled
for delivery) in 2008. And the former serves to highlight incredibly effectively all
that you can achieve will Helvar equipment.
For further information contact: +44 (0) 132 222 2211
9:46 am
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The New
Launched in Amsterdam at the ISE Show, DECbox Initial is a fully specified DVD, CD,
TV, Video and Photo Server offering many of the best features from our Master Series
range but with an estimated selling price below £1,000.
No system offers more in terms of versatility, expandability
and performance.
Being manufactured in the UK allows for bespoke solutions to be considered and even
lossless DVD and CD digitisation can be incorporated, pre or post installation.
We already know that demand for this product is going to be BIG, so contact us at
your earliest for further product and price information.
Created for serious Film and Music lovers
Created for serious Film and Music lovers
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Smart-E (UK)
Ranmore Manor
Ranmore Common
Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6SX
Tel : +44 (0)1483 283365
Fax : +44 (0)1483 281511
www: www.smart-e.co.uk
6 High Street,
Suffolk, IP7 5AP
T: +44 (0) 147 382 8385
[email protected]
T: +44 (0) 190 381 4321
Sonus Systems Ltd
T: +44 (0) 115 944 5027
T: +44 (0) 870 350 1349
Spendor Audio Systems Ltd.
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Standesign UK
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Stands Unique
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Holborn Gate
330 High
Holburn, London
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Stilexo Industrial
UK Ltd Penalita Industrial Estate
Ystrad Mynach, Mid Glam, CF82
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[email protected]
Stoneaudio UK Ltd
T: +44 (0) 120 220 1735
Supra Cables
See Wavelength Distribution
T: +44 (0) 172 786 5488
SYN Factory U-vola Suspended
T: +39 (0432) 972 362
See Transparent Distribution
T&T Communications
T: 08706 093686
Tannoy Ltd
Rosehall Ind Est,
N. Lanarkshire, ML5 4TF
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F: +44 (0) 123 642 8230
[email protected]
Target Audio Distribution Ltd
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True Colours Distribution ltd
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Projection House,
19 Townley Way,
Earls Barton, Northants,
T: +44 (0) 160 481 1661
F: +44 (0) 160 481 1715
[email protected]
Contact book
TDI Tremiver Ltd
T: +44 (0) 125 639 7770
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T: +44 (0) 118 949 7656
T: +44 (0) 845 130 2511
Tech Link
Unit 8, Bat & Ball
Enterprise Centre, Bat & Ball
Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14
5LJ T: +44 (0) 173 277 9400
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[email protected]
Technical & General
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Tektronix Ltd
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Tivoli Audio
59 Tailor's Court
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Townshend Audio
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Transparent Distribution Ltd
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Trichord Research Ltd
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Tivoli Audio
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Top Stands Ltd
Top Stands Ltd
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The Diamond Stylus
Company Limited
"Diamond Connection"
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Troy innovations
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Tube Technology
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Turbosound Earphones - as above
UAS Enterprises
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Usher Audio Technology
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Vieta UK
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Green Park
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Virtual Reality Audio Systems Ltd
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Visonary AV Solutions Ltd
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Visual Displays
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Vivadi Plc
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Vivanco UK Ltd.
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Vivante Productions Ltd.
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See BBG Distribution
Wavelength Distribution
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Wharfedale International Ltd
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See Transparent Distribution
Xarin Multimedia Solutions
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Xixin Ltd
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Yello GB Ltd
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Avenue, Whiteinch,
Glasgow, G14 0QP
T: +44 (0) 141 576 1772
F: +44 (0) 141 950 2737
(UK) Ltd
200 Rickmansworth Road,
Watford, Herts, WD18 7GQ
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Wilmslow Audio Lt
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Wilson Benesch
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Zebra Distribution
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Training diary
4:05 pm
Page 1
Time For Training
As systems and product ranges blossom and change, keeping in touch
is tough. However, stay ahead of the game and on the ball courtesy of
our industry’s plethora of training opportunities...
12/10/07 (Scotland), 13-15/11/07, 11-13/12/07
Courses are held at Opus' London Bridge office...
Introduction and Installation of Opus and Octopus
Systems: 14/03/07
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 845 090 2266
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 208 439 7272 www.crestron.co.uk
Accredited Installer Programme: Various
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 148 328 3365 www.smart-e.co.uk
Unless otherwise stated, these courses are held at
CEDIA's dedicated facilities at its St Neots HQ...
Project Management Workshop with Todd Adams,
CEDIA: 19–23/02/07
Designer Workshop with Todd Adams, CEDIA:
Training for CPD presenters, CEDIA: 06/03/07
Installer School & Level 1 Examination, CEDIA:
Training for CPD presenters, CEDIA: 17/04/07
CEDIA Technical Foundation, CEDIA: 23 – 24/04/07
Intro to Residential CI Business, CEDIA: 02-03/05/07
CEDIA UK Expo, ExCeL London: 25-28/06/07
CEDIA Australasia Expo, Gold Coast, Brisbane:
Architectural lighting manufacturer Rako hosts
two course a month at its offices in Chatham.
These training days cater for installers of all
22/03/07, 12/04/07, 26/04/07, 10/05/07, 24/05/07, 12/07/07,
24/07/07, 09/08/07, 23/08/07, 11/10/07, 25/10/07, 08/11/07,
For further information contact:
+44 (0) 870 043 3905
These courses are held close to the company's
Dorking headquarters, and they cater for installers
with a range of abilities...
Accredited Installer Programme
Foundation Course: 26/03/07
Intermediate Course: 27/03/07
Advanced Course: 28/03/07
For further information contact:
+33 (0) 148 328 3365 www.smart-e.co.uk
CEDIA is pushing back the boundaries with its
education programme, following recent seminar
sessions in South Africa led by CEDIA education
manager, Peter Aylett.
Peter visited South Africa in December where
he delivered the training and exam for Installer level
one to 40 people at CEDIA member HFX Systems’
offices near Johannesburg. The CEDIA Professional
Certification programme delivers a range of
benefits to individuals, consumers and
manufacturers, by establishing clear, objective
standards for the required skills and knowledge of
electronics system designers and installers.
Through CEDIA Certification, designers and
installers will be recognised as the most qualified
contractors to perform design and installation of
home electronic systems.
A further 18 people sat the CEDIA Certified
Instructor (CCI) training. The intensive one-day
course identified the requirements and role of a CCI
and focused delegates on the key learning and
presentation techniques needed to deliver effective
courses in theory and through a series of practical
activities and demonstrations. A CCI is a presenter
with the ability to deliver CEDIA training courses to a
prescribed standard. All CCI’s will be actively
involved in the CEDIA education programme,
devising and presenting courses in collaboration
with other CCI’s and the CEDIA education team.
“This was our first foray into training in South
Africa and we are delighted with its popularity” says
Peter Aylett, education manager at CEDIA.
“Congratulations to the 75% of delegates who
passed the Installer level one exam and all those
who attended the CCI training.”
The event would not have been possible without
the help and support of two CEDIA members in
South Africa - Darren Salkow from Electronic
Architects and Eugene Oosthuizen at HFX Systems.
For further information on CEDIA Professional
Certification contact Peter Aylett, CEDIA’s
Education Manager: +44 (0) 148 021 3744
[email protected] www.cedia.co.uk
CEDIA has been
spreading its
message over in
South Africa of late
CEDIA US Expo, Denver: 05–09/09/07
For further information visit the events section of
Automation pioneer Crestron hosts regular
training courses at both its local offices...
Commerical Design: 06/03/07, 01/05/07, 03/07/07,
04/09/07, 04/09/07, 06/11/07
Lighting: 07-08/03/07, 02-02/05/07, 04-05/07/07, 0708/11/07
Residential Design: 03/04/07, 05/06/07, 07/08/07,
02/10/07, 04/12/07
Intermediate:17-19/04/07 , 22-24/05/07, 17-19/07/07, 2123/08/07, 16-18/10/07
Essentials: 24-26/04/07, 15-17/05/07, 24-26/07/07, 1820/09/07, 23-25/10/07, 27-29/11/07
Accreditation: 29-31/05/07
Crestron North:
Product: 12/03/07, 13/04/07, 11/05/07, 12/06/07
(Scotland), 09/07/07, 13/08/07, 10/09/07, 12/11/07 10/12/07
Essentials: 13-15/03/07, 08-10/05/07, 13-15/06/07
(Scotland), 10-12/07/07, 14-16/08/07, 11-13/09/07, 10-
If you have any training news you'd like to feature in SVI, forward the information
to [email protected] and we'll do the rest...
Page 1
Be here now! Will you be at Sound & Vision
this month?
Which shows will you make it to in 2007?
Dutch master: ISE returns to
Amsterdam's RAI in 2008!
Please send all correspondence to: SVI, 21-23 Phoenix Court, Hawkins Road, CO2 8JY
Events 2007 It’s Show Time!
Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show
Marriot City Centre Hotel, Bristol
Ideal Home Show
Smart Home Show
Hi-Fidelity Show
Earl's Court, London
NEC, Birmingham
Park Inn, Heathrow Airport
Integrated Systems China
CEDIA Electronics Lifestyles Expo
The Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating Show
Install Middle East
Beijing, China
Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Las Vegas www.cedia.org
SECC, Glasgow
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
MAY 07
High End
Install @ PALME
Lilienthalallee 40, Munich
International Exhibition Centre, Dubai
Grand Designs Live
Anaheim, CA
ExCel, London
ExCel, London
Messegelände, Berlin
Home Entertainment Show
Interbuild 2007
Renaissance Hotel, Manchester
NEC, Birmingham
Integrated Systems Europe
RAI, Amsterdam
Sitting On The Dock – An in depth look at iPod integration worthy of the smart age
Best Of The West – We pore over the highlights from Bristol's Sound & Vision
Planting the CEDIA – The latest news from CI's most prominent association
FEB 07
Love It All
Sexy 5.1 spea Around
ker pack
that are sure ages
to sell
Uncover the Fashion!
latest trend
in AV at Soun
d & Vision
Top Stand’s
latest add TO TECHNO
ition is a hea
d turn GY
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ISE advert
2:51 pm
Page 1
29. - 31. January, 2008
Amsterdam RAI, NL
2008 marks the 5th edition of Integrated Systems Europe and we continue
to grow from strength to strength. Sourcing the right AV and Electronic
integration technologies can help you take your business to new heights.
At ISE, we will continue to break new grounds to help you achieve this goal.
This is the only show where market leaders and innovative companies
attend. You will meet companies ranging from the emerging to the
enormous. In 2008 we are back in Amsterdam and ready to do business.
Mark your diaries now. Make sure you attend or exhibit at Europe’s No 1
show for the professional Audio Visual and Electronic Systems Integration
industry. www.iseurope.org
Integrated Systems Europe is a joint venture partnership of:
Europe’s No.1 Show for professional
AV and Electronic System Integration
Icon advert
11:08 am
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Award winning brands
worth a closer look
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Outrageously good picture quality
ability to give you music all round
with HD and DVD content;
your home, this is a fine solution
090 2 ALL
to many an enthusiast’s dream.
7 M
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0 8 4 5 6 0 3 1 375 | w w w.icond ist rib u ti o n . n e t
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