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Wyndchimes - The Wyndcroft School
Summer 2015
A publication of The Wyndcroft School
A Message from the
Head of School
Board of Trustees
David B. Allain, President
Jonathan Lange, Vice President
Anna Norton, Treasurer
Erik Paulson, Secretary
Roberta P. Body
Marianne Durnall
Jeffrey E. Gorrin
Keith P. Hallman
Deborah Kachmar
Marianne Lieberman
Lissa Longacre
Carolyn Mlynarczyk
Edward J. Murray
Carmine Schiavone
Alice Sharp '58
Bruce Snyder
Gail L. Wolter
Head of School
Lisa Dunn
Asst. Head of School
Julie Romain
Director of Admission
This has been an amazing year at Wyndcroft. Thanks to the
effort and hard work of parents, teachers, trustees, and alumni,
we opened the school year with beautiful new facilities. Each of
these new or renovated spaces has positively impacted the
daily lives of every Wyndcroft girl and boy. After one short
school year it is hard to imagine our daily routines without
these wonderful areas.
Wyndcroft athletic, music, and the performing arts programs
have flourished within these new spaces. Education of the
whole child is the central tenet of our academic excellence.
When students graduate from Wyndcroft they have learned to
communicate with confidence and poise. I was especially proud
of the eighth graders on graduation day as they thanked their
teachers for their support and dedication as well as expressing
gratitude to their parents for the unconditional love and
support in providing the opportunities of a Wyndcroft
education. Each member of the 2015 graduating class will head
off to the most selective secondary schools ready to lead and
succeed in the classroom, on the stage and athletic fields
because the foundational skills were mastered in their
elementary and middle school years.
The Wyndcroft community has come together in support of
students in so many ways as you will read throughout this
issue. The basic core value of Non Sibi is demonstrated all year
long. Our program has been enriched by the volunteer work of
many. A special thanks to all members of the WPTO for their
tireless efforts supporting and collaborating with faculty to
benefit every Wyndcroft girl and boy. From the Back-to-School
Social and Book Fair to Field Day, we are grateful for your
enthusiasm and passion.
I wish you all a happy, safe, and restorative summer.
Tina Farnsworth
Director of Finance
Susan M. Rutherford
Director of Development
Amanda Arkans
Communications Coordinator
Healthiest School in the Region
The Wyndcroft School has been named the winner of the Pottstown Health & Wellness Foundation’s
School Health Initiative contest. Schools throughout the region collected points for healthy actions and
programs within the school. Competing against nine other schools in the area, Wyndcroft came out on
top! The school has been gifted $3,000 to use towards furthering our overall community health and
wellness initiatives.
Here’s a look at some examples of healthy initiatives that Wyndcroft took during the 2014-2015 school
year to win this honor:
Health and Wellness Committee - The first step towards
winning this award was to create a committee to discuss
and implement healthy changes within the school.
Chaired by Allison Carr, the school nurse and health
teacher, members of the faculty and staff volunteered
to be a part of this new group. Meeting throughout the
year, the committee was able to implement many positive changes.
Wellness Wednesday Lunch Series - In the month of
May, students and staff were treated to free, healthy
lunches. The program encouraged students to try
new menu items and for Wyndcroft to test some recipes. We look forward to using many of these
healthy items on our menu in the 2015-2016 school
Yoga - Throughout the year, students were able to
take yoga as a part of their Physical Education
classes. After-school yoga was also provided for faculty and staff at no charge.
Salad Bar - Beginning at the start of the school year, a
salad bar was made available everyday for students to
choose as their meal or as a side dish. The salad bar
featured fresh vegetables, beans and cheese along with
a variety of dressings to ensure that it was a healthy,
tasty treat for everyone!
CPR Certifications - Wyndcroft has always made sure
that members of the faculty and staff were certified
in CPR. Now, our students are certified as well!
Wyndcroft’s 8th Graders were all taught CPR and
certified as a part of their Health classes.
Walking Wednesdays - During February and March, the
Wyndcroft community was invited to come to school a
little early and take a stroll in the gymnasium
before the start of classes. Students, staff
and parents all took part in getting a healthy
start to the day. Pedometers, purchased with
grant money from Pottstown Health and
Wellness Foundation, were used to track their
In addition to the $3,000 award,
Wyndcroft has received a $10,000 grant
to continue our health and wellness
efforts in the 2015-2016 school year.
Members of the Health and Wellness Committee with the
trophy from Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation.
Pictured from left to right are: Ken Dorris, Lisa Dunn,
Angi Harrison, Lori Kummerer, Kim LaGuardia, Ida Fauth,
Allison Carr, Phillip Ballantine, Nancy Boerner, Erin Holladay, Brooke Musser, Barb Lenzi, Amanda Arkans.
Congratulations to the Class of 2015
It is tradition at the Wyndcroft Commencement to hear from each member of the graduating class as they
reflect on their time at Wyndcroft. To follow that tradition, we thought you might like to read a few quotes
from our graduates as well.
“Six years ago, I joined this very school. I noticed one big difference between my old school and Wyndcroft. My old teachers taught well, but nothing close to the teachers at Wyndcroft. They inspire their students to understand concepts rather than memorize them.” -Benjamin Chen
“Everyone says school sets you up to be successful in life, which I agree to be true because school teaches you many different things so you can find what you love to do…I will be successful in life because I will
find something I love to do and I have that opportunity because of this amazing school my parents sent
me to.” -Karissa Cole
“Wyndcroft gave me the greatest education I could have ever asked for. Our Heads of School always say,
‘we are the luckiest kids in the world’ and that is true. As we go onto our secondary schools we will all
take our memories with us, and when we look back we’ll laugh at all the great times we had, and cry
knowing it’s over.” -Taylor Duffany
“I’ve been part of the Wyndcroft community for eleven years; eleven long, sometimes painful but always
entertaining years. I have had the opportunity to spend these eleven years establishing the basic foundation of a successful life. I’ve had experiences here in which I’ve shined, failed, but most of all, learned.”
-Evan Fudala
“In life we are often judged based on our mistakes. However, it is from thse mistakes that we learn the
most about ourselves. Because we are fearful of making mistakes, sometimes we don’t take the risks
that will help us grow. Although, if there is one thing I learned at Wyndcroft, it is that you must take a
chance and try new things because the only way to truly fail is not to try at all.” -Gabrielle Painter
Year-End Awards
At the end of each year, Wyndcroft holds three awards ceremonies to recognize the achievements of our students during the school year: Non Sibi Awards, Sports Awards and Honors Day. Here is a listing of the events,
the awards that were given and their recipients.
Graduation Awards
Besides the graduation certificates, two special awards are given at
the Graduation ceremony. Both are pictured at right.
Highest Academic Ranking - Euan Forrest
The Wyndcroft Cup - Madeline Kollar
Honors Day
Honors Day recognizes the academic achievements of Wyndcroft’s
Upper School students during the school year. Numerous regional
and national academic awards are also given in the subjects of French,
Latin, Mathematics and Science. Wyndcroft awards in all academic
areas are also handed out. These include:
Jean B. Sawyer Award - Morgan Kachmar
June McKee Award for Excellence in Art - Eileen Shelton
Carlisle Snively Award for Excellence in English Euan Forrest
The Writing Prize - Michael Vanelli
The History Award - Euan Forrest
The Technology Award - Michael Vanelli
The Angeline V. Oberholtzer Drama and Music Award Madeline Kollar
Summa Cum Laude in Lingua Latina - Euan Forrest
Edith G. Ebert Award for Excellence in Mathematics Euan Forrest
Le Prix Francais - Euan Forrest
Award for Excellence in Athletics Euan Forrest and Oliva Tornetta
The Science Award - Euan Forrest
The Daughters of the American Revolution Medal Andrew D’Arcangelo
WPTO Award for Scholastic Growth and Effort Olivia Tornetta
Sports Awards
Awards for each competitive sports team are given out at the Sports Awards including Most Valuable
Player, Most Improved Player and Coaches Awards. In addition to these individual team awards, athletes
in the Eighth Grade who played a three sports per year in 6-8 grades are honored at “The Niners.”
This year’s Niners were (pictured from left to
right): Back row, Zach Sager, Euan Forrest, Evan
Fudala, Andrew D’Arcangelo. Front row, Brooke
Farr, Olivia Tornetta, Paige Dilullo, Taylor
Duffany, Tatumn Eccleston, Karissa Cole, Madeline
Kollar, Lauren Mitchell.
Moving On...
The Wyndcroft Class of 2015 is moving on to high school while the class of 2011 is going to college. Here’s
a list of what campuses you can expect to see our alumni this fall.
Class of 2015
Nitya Ampani - Episcopal Academy
Bennett Booth-Genthe - The Hill School
Calla Booth-Genthe - Agnes Irwin
Benjamin Chen - Wyomissing Area HS
Karissa Cole - Coventry Christian School
Andrew D’Arcangelo - Haverford
Paige DiLullo - Agnes Irwin
Taylor Duffany - The Hill School
Tatumn Eccleston - The Hill School
Brooke Farr - Ocean City HS
Aidan Feldman - The Hill School
Euan Forrest - The Hill School
Evan Fudala - Westtown
Clare Grant - Blair Academy
Madeline Kollar - The Hill School
Trenten Lopata - The Hill School
Lauren Mitchell - The Hill School
Alexandria Munoz - The Hill School
Gabrielle Painter - The Hill School
Zachary Sager - The Hill School
Eileen Shelton - Academy of Notre Dame
Anjali Singh - Peddie School
Maximus Snyder - Phoenixville HS
Oliva Tornetta - The Baldwin School
Michael Vanelli - The Hill School
Natalie Woodruff - The Hill School
Members of the Wyndcroft class of 2011 who recently graduated as part of The Hill School class of 2015.
Left to right: Kelly Palmer, Vikas Patel, Laura Snyder, Courtney Logar, Mary Kate McArdle, Lauren Selwyn, Ava Longacre,
Liam Macartney, Mark Forrest, Preston Tietjen, Sam Norton, and Kaveen Solanki.
Not pictured, Berenger Wegman, Alexandria Shirey.
Class of 2011
Samuel Norton - Loyola University
Miarosa Ciallella - Barnard College
Roshni Padhiar - University of Sciences
Colin Corcoran - Michigan State University
Kelly Palmer - Ithaca College
Natalie Czekai - University of Richmond
Vikas Patel - Temple University
Priyanka Dinakar - Georgetown University
Joseph Patrinostro - University of North Dakota
Madelyn Ferdock - University of Pittsburgh
Lauren Selwyn - University of Richmond
Mark Forrest - Lehigh University
Alexandria Shirey - Boston University
Carly Johnson - Johnson and Wales Miami
Laura Snyder - American University
Victoria LaFleur - Albright College
Kaveen Solanki - Elon College
Courtney Logar - American University
Preston Tietjen - Northeastern University
Ava Longacre - Hofstra University
Julie Uchitel - Duke University
William Macartney - University of Charleston
Berenger Wegman - Harvard University
Mary Kate McArdle - Virginia Tech
Kelly Wright - Ursinus College
Angela McMonagle - Duquesne University
Jessica Miller - University of Richmond
Wyndchimes: Online and in Print
Wyndchimes is now available online at www.wyndcroft.org/wyndchimes. Beginning in the fall of 2015,
Wyndchimes will be available online-only in the Fall and Winter with one printed edition in the Spring. Do
we have your email address so we can email you Wyndchimes? Would you like to continue receiving
printed copies? Please contact Susan Rutherford, Director of Development, so we can update your
contact information and mailing preferences.
Alumni News
Miarosa Ciallella ‘11 and Jessica Miller ’11 were inducted into the Agnes Irwin Cum Laude Society. Mia
also received the Alumnae Association English Prize at the 2015 Commencement.
Colin Corcoran ‘11 received numerous awards at the Perkiomen School 2015 Commencement. They
include: the professor Samuel F. Pascal Foreign Language Award, The Mary Jane Royal Award and the
Town and Country Dr. Charles Q. Hillegass Journalism Award.
Maddie Ferdock ‘11 was named the Female Athlete of the Year at Perkiomen School and the Girls’
Lacrosse MVP. She was featured in a double-page spread of the Perkiomen Magazine in the fall.
Mark Forrest ‘11 graduated as part of the Hill School
Class of 2015. He will attend Lehigh University in the
fall, enrolling in the College of Business and Economics. Mark has a Division I soccer scholarship and hopes
to represent Lehigh in the Patriot League, where he
will no doubt find himself playing against Wyatt
Fabian ‘10 who plays for Lehigh’s archrival, Lafayette.
Carly Johnson ‘11 received the National School Choral
Award and the Barabara Hostage Baker Music Award
at the Perkiomen School 2015 Commencement.
Sam Norton ‘11 received the Wilbur C. Riley Memorial
Award at the Hill School 2015 Commencement. This
award is given to the young man who demonstrates
outstanding leadership and high sportsmanship in
competitive athletics. Sam also received the Frank J.
Groten Jr. Prize for a proficiency in athletics while excelling in Classical Studies.
Musical ensembles from The Hill School made a
visit to Wyndcroft in April. Many Alumni took
part in the performance.
Pictured above are: Teddy Lin ‘13, Rachel Swartz ‘13, Tess
Drauschak ‘12, Berenger Wegman ‘11, Alexandria Shirey
‘11, Geeta Sharma ‘12, Grant Lin ‘12, Monica Sager ‘13.
Not pictured: Luke Allain ’14 and Matt Spencer ‘14.
Two Alumni were recognized at The Hill School Revel
‘43 Writing Contest. Kelly Palmer ‘11 won the first
place Wolff Prize for Ficton writing and Tess Drauschak ‘12 won the first place Marshall Prize for Poetry.
At The Hill School Awards Ceremony, Preston Tietjen
‘11 received the Curtiss Cummings Award for the Best
Student Editorial in the Hill News.
Berenger Wegman ‘11 received the Best General
Record in the Sixth Form award at the Hill School 2015
Commencement. Berenger also received numerous
awards including: The Alan Lieb Prize for Outstanding
Scholarship in History, The Yi-Cha Lee Prize for excellence in Mathematics, and The George Whiteley, Jr.
Prize for excellence in the Sciences.
A number of Wyndcroft Alumni returned to the
school to serve on staff at Summer Camp at
Pictured above are: Ken Dorris, Madeline Kollar ‘15,
Nicole Pupillo ‘10, Sophia Zitkus ‘13, Gabrielle Painter ‘15,
Solomon Dorsey ‘12, Dylan Larkin ‘12, Evan Fudala ‘15 and
Michael Vanelli ‘15.
For more Alumni News, go to page 15.
Alumni Spotlight: The Non Sibi Lifestyle
The motto of The Wyndcroft School is Non Sibi, which from Latin translates as “not for one self.” In everything that we do at Wyndcroft, we instill this quality in our students. Each class takes on a special Non Sibi
project each year and there are numerous all-school events where everyone can take part in giving back. We
are pleased to see that so many of our alumni continue to live “Non Sibi” after they leave our halls. Here are
just three recent examples.
Mindy (Menkowitz) Scheier ’75 has founded a company called Runway of
Dreams. It is the first 501c3 non-profit organization to develop an Adaptive
version of existing apparel. Runway of Dreams aims to be the authority on
incorporating modifications to fashionable and affordable clothing for
children and teens with physical disabilities, changing the landscape of
fashion as being inclusive for everyone. A child or teen with physical
disabilities actually doesn’t regard himself or herself as any different than
other children. Runway of Dreams empowers children to embrace and
celebrate their differences, rather than it be a source of shame, through an
adaptive clothing line. Runway of Dreams collaborates with partners in the fashion industry to develop,
modify and adapt existing lines creative mainstream adaptive versions of clothing. You can learn more at
Tara (Eckenrode) Sokolowski ’02 has started a non-proft organization
called Donors Cure that uses crowdfunding to support medical
research. Donors Cure is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in
2013 in Charleston, South Carolina. The goal is to provide a centralized
platform where donors can support specific, qualified biomedical research projects led by researchers at
US universities and institutions. When potential donors visit the website, they can search through
medical research projects by university, researcher or a particular medical area and donate any amount
to the medical research project of their choice. You can learn more at donorscure.org.
Ava Longacre ‘11 received the Charles A.
Frank III ‘59 Award at the Hill School 2015
Commencement. This award recognizes in
its pure form philanthropy, the love of
mankind. Exemplified best in service to
others, this spirit, cultivated in all students
at The Hill, encourages them to give back to
others and inspires them to do more for
school, community and country. Ava is
pictured at far right next to Sam Norton ‘11.
Are you an Alumni with a story to share?
If so, fill out the Alumni Update form on the website at www.wyndcroft.org/update and let us know!
You could be featured in our next Alumni Spotlight!
Thank You For Your Many Gifts
Thank you to all the individuals who contributed to the school through their financial generosity and volunteerism. Your gifts have made a positive impact to the school and are an example of what makes
Wyndcroft so extraordinary.
24th Annual Extravaganza & Auction,
Denim & Diamonds: May 2, 2015
The annual Extravaganza & Auction brings together
parents, faculty, staff and friends for a special night of
friend-raising and fund-raising. We were pleased to
host this year’s event back at the school in our newly
expanded spaces. Over 190 friends came to celebrate,
socialize, and win some fantastic items, all while supporting the school. Thank you to our silver sponsor,
Dunkin Donuts, (Wyndcroft parents Dipen and Hemali
Patel and Vipul and Asmita Patel), and to the many
businesses and individuals who donated 350 amazing
items for attendees to bid on. Guests were competitive and very generous, with the event generating record sales of $201,000. Over $73,000 was raised specifically for technology upgrades to become a Google
Classroom school, including procurement of Chromebooks, accessories, and classroom apps. We not only
thank the dedicated group of parent volunteers who
served on the planning committee, but extend our sincere appreciation to the auction parent co-chairs, Halina Laporta, Erica Logar and Dana Mullaney, for their
incredible energy, enthusiasm and effort devoted to
this event.
2014-2015 Annual Giving
Donations to this year’s Annual Giving Campaign
surpassed previous records thanks to the loyalty and
generosity of our parents, grandparents, alumni,
alumni parents, faculty and staff, and special friends.
The campaign rose just over $203,000 and was a 17%
increase in donations from the prior year. We are not
only grateful for the 100% participation by Faculty and
Staff and the Board of Trustees, but for the first time
ever, we are excited to report 100% participation from
parents of the class of 2015 (eighth grade) and also the
class of 2019 (fourth grade)! Of the entire school, 79%
of current parents contributed to Annual Giving, which
is a 12% increase from last year. Wyndcroft was
fortunate to have the inspirational leadership of
parent chairs, John and Nicole Gvodas. They led the
enthusiastic team of Class Captains, parent volunteers
who communicate the importance of Annual Giving.
Thank you to the parent chairs, the class captains and
all those that participated in this important annual
fundraising initiative.
Thank you to our Auction Parent Co-Chairs:
Dana Mullaney, Halina Laporta and Erica Logar.
Giving to The Wyndcroft School
The following giving list includes combined giving to this year’s Annual Giving Fund, Endowment Fund, Restricted
Fund and the Dr. Kate Wunner Professional Development Fund through June 30, 2015.
Annual Giving Fund
The future walks in these halls…
Gifts to this fund support current
operational and educational needs of the
school. Thank you to the Board of
Trustees, our Faculty and Staff and the
parents of the classes of 2015 and 2019 for
your 100% participation in this fund.
Endowment Fund
Endowment helps to protect the long-term
goals of the school. It provides income that
ensures we can support our faculty and
maintain our facilities for generations to
Jeffrey and Lissa Longacre
Christopher and Anna Norton^
John Norton^
Restricted Fund
Restricted gifts are directed for specific
uses within the school.
Nicholas Bentley and Amy Lipton
Deborah and Craig Kachmar
Alice M. Sharp ‘58
Dr. Kate Wunner
Professional Development
This fund allows our teachers to learn and
grow along with the students, keeping them
up-to-date on the latest teaching
techniques and theories.
James and Jo Ann Bathurst^
Joseph and Cheryl Donley
Ray and Sally Hubbard
Snively Society
($15,000 and above)
Norman and Katherine DeLan*
John and Nicole Gvodas
Jonathan and Danielle Lange
Carolyn Grant and Marianne
Alice Sharp ‘58
Eliza Marshall Baird ‘60
Jeffrey and Lissa Longacre
Christopher and Anna Norton^
Oscar and Teri Guerrero
Michael and Erica Logar
Erik and Kristin Paulson*
Carmine and Lisa Schiavone*
Benjamin and Marianne Durnall
Bridget and Keith Hallman
Deborah and Craig Kachmar
Mr. Robert Scott Smith ‘70
David and Beth Allain
Nicholas Bentley and Amy Lipton
Howard and Roberta Body
Catherine and Terri Booth-Genthe*
John T. Bourger and Selena
Dr. Joseph G. Brewer^
David and Diane Charlton
Michael and Susan Cicchetti*
The Dau Family Foundation
Clif and Kristen Haugen*
Michael and Halina Laporta*
The Legault Family*
Mahmood and Nuzhet Majid
Stephen and Stephanie Mitchell ‘62
Peter and Carolyn Mlynarczyk*
Edward Murray and Maria Tucker
In honor of Madison Naivar (Gr 6)
and Morgan Naivar (Gr 4)
Dipen and Hemali Patel
Vipul and Asmita Patel
David and Ann Risell
Robert and Emma Singh
Bruce and Linda Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Sparling*
Joseph Stoebenau and Maria
Paul and Betsy Valoret*
Bryan and Kim Walt
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wendell ‘71
Scott and Laurie White*
Michael Wilcheck and Laurie
David and Gail Wolter
William and Kathleen Wunner
Salahaldin Ali and Warqaa Majeed
Deon Allen
Baswa Ampani and Vasundhara
Burma and Rick Bochner ‘61
Paul and Mindy Buckley and Family
Donald and Wendy Calcagni
Edward Conway
Joseph and Cheryl Donley
Jim and Amanda Dougherty
Joseph Duffany*
Alexander and Lynne Georgopoulos
Jerry and Linda Gosnell*
James and Julie Kim
Regis Martin and Rachel Labille
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
Gerald and Dana Mullaney
Matthew and Brooke Musser*
John Norton^
Orr Family Foundation, Stacey Orr
Gallant ‘74 and Scott Orr ‘72
Nancy and Dennis Perna
Michael and Lisa Prinz
L. Holmes Raker ‘60
Donald and Marian Robitzer
Mark and Glenna Rohlfing*
Julie and Michael Romain
Amy and Matthew Rovi
Walter W. Schell
Paul and Rebecca Shelton in honor of
Eileen Shelton’s graduation and Class
of 2015*
Bill and Jodi Sheppard
Cory and Lisa Wasson
Jill and Shane Abell*
Adam Blackman and Dena Cooper
Tom and Lori Cavanaugh
Harry and Jillian Citrino
Charles and Colleen Dempsey
John and Elizabeth Dollhopf
Doug and Lisa Dunn
Tom and Heidi Eccleston
Sid and Cathy Forrest
George and Melissa Griffaton
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Steven LaGuardia
Louie and Maria Medina*
Amanda Mitchell and Neal Fischer
Erik and Staci Mortenson
Cynthia Munoz
Reed and Susan Rafetto
Fabian and Iahearta Robinson*
Brigit Wiswe and Victor Turcios
(Up to $299)
Daniel and Amanda Arkans
William Baas ‘83
Phillip Ballantine
Andrew ‘83 and Jennifer Basile
James and Jo Ann Bathurst^
David and Mary Anne Beasten
Angela and David Bell
Michael Bensch ‘96
David and Raynelle Betancourt
Elisabeth and F. Steven Bissell ‘66
Greg and Lellus Blazic
Diane B. Bodolus
William and Nancy Boerner
William and Barbara Boys
Dan and Heather Brown
Ryan and Becky Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Carles*
Jason and Allison Carr
Kenny Chen and Yi Lu
Mark Ciarelli and Susan Gill*
Anna P. Close ‘94
Brian A. Close ‘92
Robert Cole
Jessica Corbin and Hannah in memory of
Nanny T. and Molly
Emilia and Paul D’Arcangelo
Gabrielle D’Arcangelo ‘13
Tricia Blumenstock-Daub
The DeSantis Family
Mr. and Mrs. John DiLullo
John and Kelly DiLullo
Ken and Amy Dorris
Craig Duncan ‘00
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eccleston III
Daniel Edleman
Donna and Seth Eilberg
James and Susan Eilberg
Lauren Exley
Paul and Tina Farnsworth
The Farr Family
Martin and Ida Fauth
Aidan Feldman ‘15 and the Feldman
David and Ginny Fillman
Fillman Machining, LLC
John and Susan Fudala ‘85
Mr. and Mrs. Robert George
Jeffrey Gorrin and Susan Fetterolf
Wallace Gundy ‘00
Grace Gvodas ‘12
Margaret Hallman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Hanling III
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. David Hassinger
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bennett Hill, Jr.
Victor and Erin Holladay
Lauren Hoyt
Ray and Sally Hubbard^
Douglas and Jennifer Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Jones
Mike and Christina Kealey
Jim and Joan Kelly
John and Jennifer Knighton
Dale and Patricia Kolarz
Douglas and Kimberly Kollar
The Kotoulek Family
Stephen and Jane Kraemer
The Lagor Family
Nora Landon
Jason and Tracy Launders
Fred and Denise Lay
Irene LeGrande Taylor ‘61
William and Dianna Leigh
Barbara S. Lenzi
Doug and Kelley Lopata
John and Brandi Lougee
Jim and Kathi Madanci
Scott and Brandi Marderness
Torin McFarland ‘09
Todd and Donna McFarland
Elizabeth Mitchell
Rev. Daniel and Margaret Moser
Robert H. Moses
Clayton Mowrer and Emily QuarlesMowrer
Geoffrey and Susan Murray
Geoffrey and Courtney Neese
Jeff and Peggy Neese
Jude Neiman
Gerald and Anna Nowotarski
Tom and Lois O’Brien
Brian and Terry O’Neil
Hennie Oriold
Phyllis M. Orr
Jason and Carla Painter*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Parker II^
John and Suzanne Paulson
Philip and Beth Paulus
Jack and Maureen Pemrick
Nicole Pupillo ‘10
Sal and Paula Pupillo
Geoffrey Pyke ‘10
Vimala Krishnamurthy and Balaji
Aaron and Stacey Raudabaugh
Robert K. Rauscher^
George F. Reitnour ‘71
Priscilla M. Revell
Mrs. Marion Rice
John and Susan Rutherford
Adam and Stephanie Sager
Susan and Peter Sagona
Whitney A. Sanders II ‘61
Joshua and Naomi Schmidt
Mehul and Rakhee Shah
Cassidy Sheppard ‘14
John and Andrea Shultz
Sandy and Howard Smoyer
Christopher Snyder and Wendy Olinick
Robert and Jessica Snyder
Scott and Nicole Spatz
James and Kristin Spencer
Cathy Spirko and Stephen Brown
Blair D. Stambaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Steltz
Anthony Tornetta and Camille JollyTornetta
Jason Coady and Stephanie Trauner
Carol and Jeff Tucker^
Herbert and Annette Turner
Mr. Turock
George F. Van Horn III
Sisa Vanelli
Andrew and Eliza Vedock
Frederick and Amanda Vogt
Annemarie Weissing
Dave and Jessica Westrom
Charles and Anita Wilson
William and Stephanie Woodruff ‘86
Bill and Virginia Yinger
Sherry Zawada
Bo Zigner
Henry C. Zigner
John and Linda Zitkus
In Honor^
Gifts have been given to the school in
honor of the following:
John J. Dau
Michael Hubbard ‘03
Alan Norton
Elizabeth C. Parker ‘92
Suzanna Rauscher
Ellen Stanford
Matching Gifts*
Bank of America
Cedarcrest Foundation
Customized Energy Solutions
IMS Health
Morgan Stanley
PJM Interconnection LLC
Reliable Equipment & Service Co., Inc.
SAP America
Tyco International
The Wyndcroft School Mission Statement
The Wyndcroft School is a co-educational elementary day school for children in grades Early Education through
Eight. The mission of the school is to offer a rigorous academic program enabling the child to establish a firm
foundation for a happy and successful future with confidence to succeed in an ever evolving world.
The curriculum is traditional and designed to develop the whole child. It emphasizes fundamental skill instruction,
character development, and the pursuit of excellence in English, history, mathematics, science, foreign languages
and the arts. In a small class setting, the school endeavors to provide a safe, nurturing environment fostering
creativity, a love of learning, personal integrity, determination and respect for others.
100% Class Participation!
Congratulations to the Eighth Grade and Fourth Grade classes on their accomplishment reaching 100%
participation in this year’s annual giving campaign! Wyndcroft thanks Class Captains, Cynthia Munoz and
Dana Mullaney, and all the families of the 2015 and 2019 classes for their participation in the 2014-2015
Annual Giving Campaign.
Class of 2015
The Ampani Family
The Booth-Genthe Family
The Chen Family
The Cole Family
The D’Arcangelo Family
The DiLullo Family
The Duffany Family
The Eccleston Family
The Farr Family
The Feldman Family
The Forrest Family
The Fudala Family
The Lieberman Grant Family
The Kollar Family
The Lopata Family
The Mitchell Family
The Munoz Family
The Painter Family
The Sager Family
The Shelton Family
The Singh Family
The Snyder Family
The Tornetta Family
The Vanelli Family
The Woodruff Family
“It is very important to me to start the tradition that
each family in the graduating class show their support of
the school by participating in annual giving for everything Wyndcroft has done for their child. Wyndcroft’s
mission was evident at the graduation ceremony. When
I saw and heard the confident, poised, young men and
ladies talk about their learning experiences at Wyndcroft, I was very proud—proud of the eighth grade,
proud of my daughter, Alex, and proud of the decision I
made long ago when I chose Wyndcroft. These students
no doubt will have an advantage in the next step of their
academic careers!”
--Cynthia Munoz, Eighth Grade Class Captain
“What an incredible milestone! Without the continuous
support of all parents, amazing things at Wyndcroft
would not be possible. The Fourth Grade parents’ commitment embodies the Wyndcroft spirit of selflessness.
It further highlights our collective passion for why our
children attend Wyndcroft. I am so fortunate to be
among such a group of caring people who enabled this
exciting accomplishment. Thank you for this honor and
thank you to all of the families who donate to annual
giving in order to further the futures and successes of
our children.”
Class of 2019
The Abell Family
The Ali Family
The Allain Family
The Basile Family
The Brown Family
The Conway Family
The Dempsey Family
The Dollhopf Family
The Eilberg Family
The Kollar Family
The Mitchell Family
The Mullaney Family
The Naivar Family
The Patel Family
The Robinson Family
The Rohlfing Family
The Singh Family
The Snyder Family
The Spencer Family
The Trauner-Coady Family
The Valoret Family
The Wasson Family
--Dana Mullaney, Fourth Grade Class Captain
2014-2015 Class Captains and Class Participation
Parent Chairs - John and Nicole Gvodas
Third Grade - 52% - Maria Shields
Early Childhood - 77% - Nicole Gvodas
Fourth Grade - 100% - Dana Mullaney
Pre-Kindergarten - 76% - Bernadette Sparling
Fifth Grade - 77% - Susan Rafetto
Kindergarten - 56% - Linda Gosnell
Sixth Grade - 85% - Diane Charlton
First Grade - 67% - Bridget Hallman
Seventh Grade - 82% - Erica Logar
Second Grade - 83% - Sal Ali
Eighth Grade - 100% - Cynthia Munoz
Congratulations to the Fourth Grade! Each Spring, Wyndcroft’s Fourth Grade participates in D.A.R.E. (Drub Abuse
Resistance Education) through a partnership with the State Police. The program is celebrated at an all-school Chapel where
students receive their completion certificates.
Share Your Memories!
In 2016, the Annual Extravaganza & Auction will celebrate its 25th Anniversary! We want to hear from
you about what you most remember from the Auctions you attended to support Wyndcroft. Did you
enjoy time with friends? Win a special auction item or trip that was especially memorable? Send your
Auction memories to Amanda Arkans, Communications Coordinator at [email protected] We will
be collecting your thoughts to help us create the biggest celebration of the year!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 30, 2016, and plan to attend the 25th Annual Extravaganza &
Auction. The evening is sure to be loaded with extra-special prizes and surprises!
Want to become involved in this anniversary event? For more information, contact Susan Rutherford,
Director of Development at (610) 326-0544 x114.
More Alumni News...
Olivia Zitkus ‘12 made history at The Hill
School. A former Wyndcroft Student Council
member, Zitkus was elected as the President of
the Student Governance Association (SGA) at
The Hill School. This is the first time in the
history of the school a female has been elected
to the position. The Hill School was a boys
school until 1998 when the school became
co-ed. In the 17 years since then, no other
female has been elected President of the
SGA. Olivia is the third Wyndcroft student to
become President in the last four years at Hill,
and succeeds both Berenger Wegman, 2014/15,
and Teddy Poatsy, 2012/13.
Wesley Johnson ‘12 received the Tenth Grade
Music Award from the Perkiomen School at
their Prize Day Awards for underclassmen. At
the same awards ceremony, Alec McFarlin ‘12
received a Gold Academic Key and Vincent Ferdock ‘12 received an Achievement Award on
the National German Exam (Level II).
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