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discover the past
a special place
Today Braedale Hill is becoming a real haven for
It is difficult to believe this site was until fairly
birds, insects, and animals. Habitats such as the
recent times part of a much industrialised
Auchter Water, maturing woodland and managed
landscape. Once known as Crindledyke Bing it is
grasslands are attracting more wildlife to Newmains.
mainly composed of the waste materials from the
enjoy the present
Coltness Iron Company. It was once surrounded
by mines and heavy industry.
There is now a good network of waymarked paths
covering the hill. There is a short route with blue
arrows and a longer yellow route.The site is well
used by dog walkers and joggers, as well as
people taking a pleasant short cut. The young
woodlands are open and bright and there are
The thin soil, whilst not great for larger trees, does
good opportunities for bird watching and wildlife
allow carpets of wildflowers to thrive without shade
as common spotted orchid and northern marsh
Looking South from Westfield Bing in the early 20thC. Coltness Iron
Works is in the background. Braedale Hill is on the left between
the works and the houses. Some of the buildings on the right exist
orchid have arrived on the hill naturally. Others,
It was regraded and grassed around 1975. In the
Castle to the Campsie Fells, Kilsyth Hills and the
such as cowslip and viper’s bugloss were planted
mid 1990’s the site was planted with trees such as
high point of the Meikle Bin. Look Northeast past
by local people on conservation days.
Ash, Oak and Scots Pine, new paths were also
Shotts and Hartwood Hospital, and East over
These flowers are attracting an increased number
created at this time. Work was done by the Central
Kingshill Woodland and the Blacklaw windfarm.
of insects including a variety of butterflies and
Scotland Forest Trust as part of a grant scheme.
Look South to Tinto Hill. Look Southwest towards
moths, such as common blue and ringlet. A rare
Recently North Lanarkshire Council has worked
Whitelees wind farm.
find for North Lanarkshire is the
with local residents and the community council to
Look Northwest over
caterpillars of the cinnabar
further improve the site for wildlife and people.
Newmains, to Coatbridge,
moth which feed exclusively
New paths have been created and more trees
Glasgow and beyond to
on the plant, yellow ragwort.
planted. However, It has been the commitment of
Ben Lomond and the
local people in attending litter pick and planting
and the competition of dense grasses. Plants such
skylarks can now be heard
singing in the summer skies.
days that has really helped lift the site.
One of the best things about Braedale Hill is the
view from the top. Look North past Murdostoun
Braedale Hill
Braedale Hill
For more information please contact
North Lanarkshire Council, Conservation and Greening Unit
Palacerigg House, Cumbernauld, G67 3HU
t: 01236 780636 e: [email protected]
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We publish a Greenspace Diary every year with
details of activities, events and opportunities for
people to get involved all across North Lanarkshire.
Photographs courtesy of Brendan McGhee, Gerry Lewis, Jackie Gilliland,
RSPB, John Peacock of the Banstead Commons Conservators.

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