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Nov. 2015
“The righteous shall
flourish like the palm tree”
Psalm 92:12
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Training Youth
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The Light of Hope
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To Our Readers
For December issue
(news from Oct 16-Nov 15)
Due: November 20, 2015
Hearts, Hands and Voices
The calendar is quickly leading us into the holiday season. It can be
easy to focus only on the festivities and forget the true reasons for
these occasions.
We aren’t surprised that the world has diminished the importance
of thanksgiving to God, but we as God’s children need to stop and
consider His goodness. Many scriptures and hymns speak to giving
God thanks. Zion’s Harp hymn #236 verse 1, gives us wonderful
instruction on how we can bring complete thanks to our Heavenly
Father. “Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices....”
Our heart is deep within us. Could we say, it is who we are? Do
we thank God deep inside? If we do, it will direct our thoughts and
behaviors. When we thank God with our hands, it means our lifestyle
and labors will reflect Him. Our thankfulness will show through
our actions. Psalm 26:7 speaks of thanksgiving with our voices
and reminds us to tell of all His wondrous works. Let’s thank God
completely in the coming days.
To help you focus on the reason for the upcoming Christmas
season, please see page 47 for tips that readers have submitted about
keeping Christ at the center.
In Christian love,
Rick Plattner, along with Tom Stock, counseling elders
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Writings based on God’s Word
Light from the Word
Serving Those Closest to Us
“By love serve one another.” 1
Our church’s fourth mission pillar, to offer
humble deeds of service, is well grounded in
Scripture. In addition to the theme verse above,
we read, “as we have therefore opportunity, let us do
good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the
household of faith.”2 Further, our Lord and Master
Himself said, “I am among you as he that serveth”3. He
demonstrated a life of service to those around Him.
In fact, He who was and is God, did not worry about
making a reputation for Himself, but rather came to
earth as a man and became a servant.4
We serve in the great and marvelous context and
reality of our eternal salvation purchased through
Christ’s shed blood on the Cross. The receipt of this
undeserved gift humbles God’s children and helps us
see our complete lack of worthiness or claim before
God and to rejoice in His forgiveness, mercy, and
grace as the undeserved gifts of love which they truly
are. With that recognition, even the “chiefest” among
us “shall be servant of all.”5 In the light of God’s gift
and in the shadow of the Cross, the Christian realizes
that the greatest, most tireless and selfless acts are
“reasonable service”6 in the Lord’s Vineyard. And at the
conclusion of such service is prompted to conclude,
“we have done that which was our duty to do.”7
When Jesus charged His disciples to proclaim
the gospel message, He gave them a clear vision
to follow: “ye shall be witnesses unto me both in
Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and
unto the uttermost part of the earth.”8 This outwardly
expanding geographical reference can help us frame
the context in which we are called to serve. We might
conclude that service begins at home—wherever
that is and in our present capacity—and expands
outwardly, as far as God may lead.
Beginning at home, those who are married
are called to love and serve each other in mutual
submission.9 Opportunities abound to be of service
to each other in our marriages. A husband who
works to provide for his wife is serving the Lord in
so doing. A wife may keep the home with diligence
and find countless ways to serve in that place. Life’s
circumstances can bring the need to care for one’s
spouse in times of great need such as chronic illness
or disability. Singles, whether in an immediate
family or within their immediate communities, can
likewise offer humble deeds of service that witness of
Christ’s love and grace. While the more obvious and
seemingly significant areas of service are important,
we should not miss the daily opportunities for small
acts of service. Helping with the dishes, taking out
the garbage, running an errand, or other acts of
service are all “cups of cold water”10 which can bring
joy and ease life’s challenges.
As the circle expands, most of us find ourselves
in some form of family relationships. When parents
are raising small children, there is much service
required—the needs seem unending as diapers are
changed, mouths are fed, noses are wiped and much
more. These little ones are unable or unaware of
the need to offer thanks, but God is glorified by all
service which is done “heartily, as to the Lord.”11 The
needs change as the children grow and become more
independent of their parents, but the Lord provides
new and different ways in which service can be given.
Likewise, siblings have opportunities as children and
then later as adults to love and support one another
as life progresses through its inevitable stages.
At some point, the balance begins to tip a bit and
grown children may find themselves in a place to
serve their parents. This really begins in the home as
responsibilities increase and a heart of willing service
is cultivated and nurtured. As parents grow feeble
and infirmed, many have found a blessing through
helping in ways which seem to mirror the care for a
— Please turn to pg. 60
November 2015 SILVER LINING
Monthly Sermon
Sermon by Bro. Darren
Fehr, West Bend, IA
Psalm 95 & St. Luke 7:36-50
Greetings, Loved Ones all. What a blessed portion
we truly do have as we come together in God’s house
around His Word. It’s evident to see, as many of you
came into church as families and sat together, my
thoughts go to what it would be like in heaven if there
are families in heaven. Certainly we know it is one big
family that God invites us all to be a part of, and it’s
His family. We can be known as His children, and we
can be known as those that He has redeemed. This is
just a foretaste, as we oft times refer to as we come to
church, of the greater joys that God has for every one
of us if we are found faithful, and if we are considerate
of His Word and how it applies to our life.
So we’re thankful, and we could start to count
our many blessings. Truly that is, in some ways, the
foundation for which we can become thankful, and
we start to enumerate one by one. This morning
we all woke up, perhaps every one of us here, with
a very good reasonable amount of health. We were
able to come in quietness and safety and gather
around God’s Word. The list would be simply almost
too long to begin if we start to count our blessings
and name them one by one. Yet God gives us this
Spirit in our heart to come and be thankful, so we’re
thankful that He points us to His Word. We’re
thankful as was mentioned that there’s a day set
aside that we can come in the middle of the week,
look into God’s Word, and feel His love and His
direction. We pray the Lord will be with us.
Certainly we think of the Psalms and we
come together and sang “Hallelujah”. We said
many different words in the hymns we sang, but
thanksgiving and singing seem to go hand in
hand. I think the Psalmists of old, whether it be
David or whether it be many of the old men, knew
SILVER LINING November 2015
that when we are truly thankful, there’s a song in
our heart, there’s a song of thanksgiving, there’s a
smile upon our heart and upon our face that says
the Lord is good. He is gracious. He has provided
so much. Yes, the world is quick to point out
everything we don’t have. The world is quick to
point out and say things would be better here and
there, but the very foundation of peace, it seems,
comes when there’s a song on our heart. This
Psalm is entitled “A Song of Thanksgiving.”
As we brothers come on a Sunday or any
midweek service or any time we open the Word,
especially on days that are special days, we hesitate.
Certainly we are most comfortable just opening the
Word. A Scripture came to my mind this morning so
I hope it is one that is a fitting one.
I am not sure why the Lord placed this Scripture
on my heart this morning. I don’t really know, and I
hope it’s one that fits all of us in a way. To be honest,
sometimes I think the Lord speaks to me in these
Scriptures, and I could sit here and talk to myself and
ask myself the same questions that perhaps I’ll ask
you. The Lord wants us in a special place.
Unfortunately at times we get in the way of
that, don’t we? We look to our own, I look to my —
maybe I’ll speak to myself — I look to my own ways,
my own thoughts, my own efforts. I look to my own
accomplishments, I look to my own reality, and I
draw my own conclusions about where my life is. The
lot I am asked to bear, is it good, is it bad, is it fair, is
it right, should I complain, should I murmur, should
I be thankful, should I rejoice? We have a tendency
to do that. I have to ask myself as I thought of this
Scripture, who am I? Who am I?
As we read this Scripture, we can think of that
— the one we would say very, very much so, not only
was thankful, but without question showed with
every part of her how thankful she was. The other,
perhaps, stood at a distance and looked at himself
in a little different way. Perhaps in his heart Simon
said, ‘I am somewhat special today. Jesus has heard
me. I asked Him to come to my house, and He did.
I have a lot to be thankful for. I maybe give gifts to
the poor…’ I don’t know. I start to think about what
went through Simon’s mind as he heard Jesus say,
‘Yes, I’ll come to your house, Simon.’
Many of us have had the opportunity to open our
heart’s door and let the Lord come to us and say, ‘Yes, I
will come to you’, but when He comes to us, I have to
ask myself do I open my door completely and show the
Lord how thankful I am because Simon didn’t. This
woman who perhaps wasn’t even invited came to a point
where she could not but help say to the Lord Almighty,
‘Jesus, I’m so thankful’ — the very core of thanksgiving.
I think we can come back a little bit to this Old
Testament Scripture. It is to know that the Father in
heaven pities us and He’s willing to be merciful to us,
to the repentant heart, to the soul that says I need help
as opposed to the person that says ‘I’m pretty good just
as I am; I think I’m fine; I think I’m in a place that’s
ok.’ We find ourselves sometimes, Loved Ones, in that
place where we think we have it figured out, where we
don’t need to depend upon something much bigger
than us. It would seem to me that our thanksgiving
begins to wane and the attitude that I would have
is not one of ‘thanks for the mercy of God who has
allowed me to be where I am, to have what I have, to
hold what I have, to be amongst those that I love and
esteem and respect.’ To be provided for in such way, if
I would say no, that is because of my own doing, and
I’ve become very unthankful in a certain way.
So we see that the Lord tells us and the Psalmist
writes, “O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us
make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation” (v.1)
because it’s not that we will save ourselves, Loved
Ones. There’s no one here today that will find that
our salvation is of our own hands, of our own doing,
of our own thinking, of our own rationalization, of
our own ability, but it’s only because we are broken
upon the rock of our salvation, Jesus.
There’s a place that we come, and it’s fitting to
think of the woman as she came to the feet of Jesus.
She comes to the only place that she knows, and she’s
broken before Him. It doesn’t even say that she said
anything. Her conversation from her lips was perhaps
nothing but silence, and we read she was weeping
(v.38). But, her actions spoke volumes. Her actions,
what she expressed through her choices, could not
help but speak of the thanksgiving that she had. I
have to ask myself: what do my actions portray?
I was getting dressed this morning, and in
the bathroom in the home, there was a little daily
devotional thing. It mentioned he who thinks that
what he’s accomplished is of his own wisdom has
not even begun to understand what true wisdom
is. At the time and place that we think we have
accomplished, when we think we have come to a
place where we take credit and we are as Simon
perhaps was, we’ve totally missed how God sees us.
God wants us, as this woman, to come wherever we
are, Loved Ones, broken and that our conversation
says Lord be merciful to me. Be merciful to me!
“Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving,
and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms. For the
LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.
In his hand are the deep places of the earth: the strength
of the hills is his also. The sea is his, and he made it: and
his hands formed the dry land.” (v.2-5) I use a word
sometimes in my thoughts — what is the context that
we look at our lives. If we take a very narrow focus and
say today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday, I need to get
all of these things done, and our context is day to day
in a sense that we’re only worried about physical things
of life, Loved Ones, we’ve missed the context of where
we truly are, that God has us in His hand and that we
are instruments in His hand, that we are vessels of His
— Please turn to pg. 62
November 2015 SILVER LINING
As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them
who are of the household of faith. – Galatians 6:10
Training Youth at CVE
Preparation for Adulthood
Maria will turn age 18 in less than a year. Overnight
the government will declare her an adult and release
her to choose whatever lifestyle she desires from that
day forward. She will no longer be legally bound
to reside under the nurture and care that she has
received for the past six years. If the trend holds true,
it will be a vulnerable time for this young lady.
Maria’s situation is not uncommon with any
child but seems more acute in an environment of
family-based, residential child care. It often evokes
the question, “How can we invest into these children
to successfully prepare them for the transition from
childhood into adulthood?”
On the campus of CVE (Magdalena, MX)
additional steps have been taken to address that
very question. Colegio Verdad y Vida (CVV), the
newly accredited private school, has been dedicated
to meet children’s “physical, mental and spiritual
needs” in the context that seeks a safe and thriving
environment for children coming from hard places.
The private school curriculum includes a Vocational
Technology requirement.
The Impact of Vocational Tech Classes
With the transition, vocational classes have opened the
door for a new level of engagement with the Jr. High
students. The typical week includes a 1-hr vo-tech class
and a Friday 2-hr “hands-on” shop exercise. Currently
the 8 week sessions include carpentry, electrical wiring,
auto mechanics and home finances. Each of the
classes are taught by missionaries or people from
the local community.Other classes have included a
meat science class (butchering to packaging) and a
small electronics class.
Practically speaking, these classes require
attention to detail as they learn to balance a
budget, debug electrical circuits or reassemble
the brakes of a vehicle. The students develop
persistence and teachableness as they work
through challenging projects and receive the
instruction from teachers and other classmates.
Several of the children have gained a healthy
sense of confidence through the completion of
relevant real-life projects. One of the students
came to a teacher after learning to change car tires
and exclaimed, “I want to buy a car and flatten the
tires just so I can change them!” with a big smile on
her face. Another student during class dejectedly said,
“When am I going to use this?”, then after debugging
and completing his electrical circuit excitedly
showed several adults what he had done. It is not
an exaggeration to say these small successes have
lifelong consequences. Expressions of affirmation
and acceptance are often best communicated while
changing oil or wiring an electrical circuit.
Skill development and self-acceptance can help
build sufficient strength to say, “No” to unhealthy
influences in the transitional years. Furthermore,
it is the hope that these small but valuable times of
influence will soften their hearts to say, “Yes” to their
need of Jesus as Savior. — Please turn to pg. 61
SILVER LINING November 2015
...The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the
harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. – Matthew 9:37-38
Praise & Worship in Europe
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve
the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with
singing. Psalm 100:1-2
house for lunch. Afternoon service begins at 3:00 p.m.
and is conducted similar to the morning service. Three
hours of singing follow with the day of worship ending
around 7:30 p.m. Everyone rejoices as the Lord’s
It is Sunday morning in Magala, Ukraine and time
day comes to an end, reflecting on the blessings of
to gather for worship. Young and old; single, mothers,
worshipping God throughout the weekend.
fathers, children, widows and widowers, quietly walk
Visiting the churches in Eastern Europe and
into the assembly room, come to the front of the church being a part of their worship services is truly a blessing.
to get their song book and Bible, find a seat and bow
From the reverence noticed as they gather for service
their heads in prayer. The church is quiet with each
to the importance placed on singing to the devotion in
one in attendance meditating on the day of worship to
keeping the entire Lord’s day holy, it is truly inspiring.
come and pleading with their heavenly Father to bless
The contribution of singing to their worship reminds
them throughout the day. Children are quiet in respect
this writer of a minister from Latty, Ohio years ago
to their parents and to the holy
who often made the statement,
place of worship. Throughout the
“If the Israelites had kept on
day of worship, God is glorified.
singing, they would have made
When it’s time to pray, knees
it to the promised land.”
are bowed. When the sermon
Although the people
is preached, words come forth
of Germany are not in need of
inspired by God’s Holy Spirit.
financial help, those living in
When it’s time to sing, voices are
Eastern European countries
blended in beautiful four-part
are not so fortunate. Many of
harmony. As the service comes
their houses of worship have
to an end, each one can truly say,
been financed through your
A period of fellowship after services
in Novi Sad, Serbia.
“God has been in this place.”
contributions to the Mission
A similar feeling is
Committee European Building
noticed as the brethren and friends come together
Fund. In addition, your contributions to the regular
in Breidenbach, Germany, where many in the
Mission Committee Fund (and in the future, to
congregation have moved to Germany from their
HarvestCall) make it possible for us to help supply
native lands of Hungary, Romania, Serbia and other
the brethren in these countries with Bibles and Zion’s
Eastern European countries. The time of worship
Harps printed in their own language. Finally, your
begins each week on Saturday evening with a 1 ½ to
prayers have sustained these brethren through the
2 hour singing, followed by a scripture reading and
difficult days and years of communism and internal
prayer. Worship begins on Sunday morning at 9:00
civil war. These dear brethren thank you for your
a.m. with a service similar to what we experience in
generosity and for the love you have shown them.
America. After the service, many of the young people
Please continue to pray for these congregations and
gather at the front of the church for an hour of singing. know that your future donations to the Mission
Lunch is not normally served at church so everyone
Committee, and starting in 2016 to HarvestCall, will
leaves to go home or to gather together at someone’s
allow this work to continue in the future.
November 2015 SILVER LINING
Parenting and Marriage
Staying Connected with
your Spouse through
Seasons of Parenting
In addition to these challenges of differing parenting
seasons, different backgrounds and families of origin
can be used by Satan to create division in the marital
relationship between spouses. The couple who does
not focus on staying connected while walking through
Prioritizing Your Marriage Honors Christ these different parenting seasons will naturally
As life moves forward, we naturally become focused
drift apart. No matter if you feel your relationship
on what is immediate. This can lead to secondary
is currently on solid ground or struggling for air, it
things becoming our primary focus (Matt. 13:22).
is never a bad time to evaluate your marriage and
Our marriage relationship is to be next only to our
commit to work toward connection and growth.
relationship with Christ. When we focus on our
Below are a few areas to focus on to help
marriage relationship, the Scripture says we honor
strengthen your marriage during all seasons of life: Christ (Eph. 5:31-33).
• Know your spouse (what they appreciate, what
Being a parent can be an all-consuming role which
they don’t appreciate, their dreams, their can affect these priorities. It requires time, energy,
interests, etc.) What will you do or not and focus, and it can often become the primary focus
do this week to act on this knowledge and
in life. Parenting is an important role and one God
show appreciation toward your spouse? Deal instructs us to take very seriously (Deut. 6:4-9). We
with conflict openly and respectfully. Do you are to purposefully engage in the task of parenting
tend to get silent or aggressive when conflict our children. Above all, we are to point our children
arises? How will you work on respectful dialogue?
to Christ and instruct them in truth (Eph. 6:4). This
• Spend time together, alone and with others.
charge alone often feels like a daunting task for which
• Spend time alone with your spouse.
there is not enough time, energy or wisdom. We need
(10 minutes daily, 2 hours monthly, God’s grace and wisdom to keep proper perspective
overnight quarterly)
and to balance our limited resources among the
• Spend time with same sex friends without relationships in our lives. We must find a way to
your spouse. (2 hours a month)
prioritize our marital relationship so it is not neglected
• Engage in non-sexual touch. Hug, kiss, hold or overshadowed by our other responsibilities.
hands, sit next to each other, etc.
• Encourage each other in your walk with
Marriage and Parenting
the Lord by engaging in spiritual disciplines All marriages go through seasons where a couple’s time together. and energy gets pulled in different directions. Going
• Pray and read the Word together.
from being a married couple to being parents is one
• Discuss what you learned from a sermon.
example of where a couple’s world dramatically shifts.
• Do an activity together. Find a hobby, chore, This is often an exciting time until midnight feedings
ministry, exercise, etc. you both enjoy.
and diaper-changing take their toll. Then as the child
• Laugh together. Take time to share the small grows, challenges often shift to tasks like completing
blessings the Lord has given you.
homework, enforcing curfews, and seeing an adult
• Build a strong support system. Invite two child make different choices than we would desire.
couples over for supper in the next two weeks.
SILVER LINING November 2015
• Talk about sexual intimacy. Ask your spouse
time to engage our children in biblical truth through
what they think/feel about your sexual relationship. family worship, teach them about God’s design for
sex, instruct on appropriate technology use, and
Parenting Seasons
other such important topics. This can also lead to
All couples run into challenges during different
marriages which are starved for time.
seasons of parenting. The seasons below highlight
Consider: Spouses, schedule a monthly date
a few common challenges which can hinder our
night for just the two of you. During this time,
relationship with Christ as well as with our spouse.
make a point to focus your conversation on things
Consider the challenges of each season and how to
other than your children. Ensure your schedules are
take purposeful action toward growing relationships
not too busy with other commitments to allow for
with Christ and as a couple.
such regular time together. Also take time together
to develop a purposeful plan for instructing your
Young Children (ages 0-2)
children on topics such as use of technology, God’s
Common Challenges: Shifting from being
design for sex, money management, what it means to
a couple to having someone we must provide
be a good friend, how to serve others, etc. Then carry
constant care for is difficult. Add to this scenario the out the plan together.
frustration of lack of sleep, battles around eating,
husbands who are not as attuned to a child’s needs,
Teens (ages 13-18)
wives healing from pregnancy and birth, husbands
Common Challenges: These are the last few years
not getting as much of their spouse’s attention, and
before our children are considered adults. This season
so on. This is often an exhausting season of marriage of parenting is about preparing teenagers to be ready
where couples can easily start to drift apart.
to enter the adult world. There are often challenges
Consider: Fathers, identify one way to help your
during this season as teens want to be treated as
spouse each evening to show appreciation and allow
adults, but they do not yet have the maturity or
her to take a break. Mothers, purposefully express
experience to be adults. It can also be a challenge
appreciation for your husbands, making sure the
to balance giving them freedom while appropriately
newborn is not the only focus.
limiting activities and peer interaction. Parents can
feel put to one side during a season of life when we
Children (ages 3-12)
know our teens need us. Handling these challenges
Common Challenges: As children get older, they when there are not clear cut answers can leave parents
do not demand as much of our focus but still require feeling like they are fighting with each other as much
attention. During this season, parents should see the
as with their teen.
need for children to gain understanding and wisdom
Consider: Identify a mentor couple who can
while children will be starting to think they do not
provide feedback and encouragement as you raise
need help from Mom and Dad. Life can get very
teenagers. This is helpful as you seek to strike a
busy with school, extracurricular activities, friends,
balance between granting additional freedom while
and so on. It is important to not overly feed this
keeping protective boundaries in place. Take time
busyness but to set appropriate boundaries for our
to pray together and trust the Lord to work in
children. In this busyness, it is often difficult to find
— Please turn to pg. 61
November 2015 SILVER LINING
Congregation Updates
Apostolic Christian Home
for the Handicapped
“I am crucified with Christ:
nevertheless I live; yet not I, but
Christ liveth in me: and the life
which I now live in the flesh I live
by the faith of the Son of God, who
loved me, and gave himself for me.”
Galatians 2:20
Fall has arrived in Central
Illinois and the cool, gentle breezes
and numerous autumn scents have
followed right along. Specifically,
we have been enjoying the scents
and sounds of the harvest being
brought in, campfires crackling,
and pumpkin everything…
pumpkin bread, pumpkin donuts,
pumpkin lattes, you name it.
Sometimes we think of the fall
season as the beginning of nature’s
time of fading away and dying off.
Though it may seem like a dreary
topic, it is really quite beautiful
as it brings to mind the abiding
love of God in the way He grows
each of us in every season of our
lives. In a time of “fall”, we grow
closer to Him and His heart as
we learn to die to ourselves. He so
greatly desires that we die to self
and live a life of overcoming, joy
and peace. Christ was so perfect in
every way. He showed us over and
over what it is to die to self. We as
His children are just not good at
this at all even though it’s so good
for us if we do. It seems so hard
SILVER LINING November 2015
to do some of those things that
ultimately are so good for us and
can also help others along in life.
We see this at the Home, too.
Sometimes the things that can
help our residents overall health
the most are so very hard for them
to do. Things like occupational or
physical therapy or even some of
the medications that they take or
the diet orders they must follow
are incredibly hard for them. Truly
this experience is not specific to our
residents, but to human nature —
to each and every one of us. How
many of us know we should eat
healthier and exercise more, but
just do not do what we know to be
best? Is it because we just don’t want
to die to selfish desires and do the
“harder” things or those things that
just don’t seem to be as much “fun”?
When we do see that our residents
work hard with their OT/PT and
follow their diet and medication
orders, we do find they are healthier
and happier. God desires that we do
the right thing and deny our selfish
desires as He knows how much
better off we are when we do. Just
as our staff tries to encourage our
residents to do what is best for them,
so, too, everything that God does,
He does for our benefit and for our
ultimate good. He allows the “fall”
seasons of our lives because He loves
us. And the growing seasons of our
Christian lives are not bound to the
months on a calendar. We often
can experience each season, spring,
summer, winter and fall, all in the
very same day.
Gateway Woods Apostolic
Christian Children’s Home
Kimmie Brosman – Assistant
As I look back on the last year
and a half, there are many things
for which I am thankful. When
I first thought about coming to
Gateway Woods, I thought to
myself “I’m going to do great work
in these kid’s lives. I’m going to
teach them so much about God
and His love for them.” Don’t get
me wrong, I am sharing the gospel
and teaching them about God’s
love, but instead of teaching them
like I thought I would, God is
teaching me through them! I am
learning more about myself than I
ever could have imagined.
For example, last fall I had a
really rough and overwhelming day. I
was sitting in the office and I started
to cry. One of my female residents
came out of her room, saw me and
asked me what was wrong. I told her
I was fine and she replied “Okay, but
I know something is still wrong and
I will ask God to fix your problem.”
I was taken aback! She had not been
here that long and she cared about
me and wanted to pray for me! The
next day the situation was resolved.
God used her to remind me that He
can use anyone and do everything.
Over the next six months we
developed a really good relationship.
She would often say, “I believe in
God, I just can’t see how (fill in the
blank) could happen.” It was clear
that she was looking to fill the void
and hole in her heart that only God
could satisfy. I took her to family
camp where she started asking
more questions and she decided she
wanted to give her life to Christ!
She has since graduated from
residential care, but I still keep
in contact with her as one of her
mentors. It is awesome to see her
grow even when things are still
rough at home. She is still moving
on and pushing forward, even when
she falls. I am thankful to have had
her in my house and to still continue
our relationship in God and as a
mentor now that she is gone. News:
• Gateway Woods Foster Care
Program has a need for several
new child car seats. We are
in need of a newborn seat,
convertible seat and a toddler
seat. Due to safety concerns,
these seats must be new. If
you are interested in donating
a seat for this need, please
contact Sis. Britni Eisenmann
at 260.627.2159.
• We have been working on
several major upgrades to the
Oak House. This renovation
is nearing completion. This
renovation is meant to improve
visibility for the houseparents
when in various parts of the
house, and create a more open
and welcoming feel for the
residents. We are thankful for
the progress thus far!
• There are three different career
positions available currently at
Gateway Woods, including:
several openings for Alternate
Houseparents, one opening
for a Communications
Coordinator, and one
opening for a Development
Coordinator. For more
information please see the
notices in the back of this
edition or visit the Career
Opportunities page on our
website at www.gatewaywoods.
org/careers. We trust that God
will provide qualified, mature
brothers and sisters who will
serve Him in a ministry that is
‘Turning Lives Around’.
Alabama, Athens
Apostolic Christian
grounds. All family members then
were able to go on a hay rack ride
and pick a pumpkin from the vine!
The children had a wonderful time
and the parents had a quiet ride
home with their tired children.
We are thankful for a safe trip and
all the parental assistance!
The preschool has been
working on our themes for October,
transportation, fall and the color
orange. We also studied the letters
F through I. We are getting ready
for our Fall Party and our Candy
Swap! The classes have been
decorating their classroom with
spooky creatures and fall colored
leaves. They also enjoyed making a
mess while carving pumpkins. The
children cannot stop talking about
what they plan to wear to the party.
Remember we always are
looking for volunteers at the
preschool. You can contact me at
309.231.1755 or [email protected]
gmail.com. More information
about the preschool can be found
at www.acpreschool.org.
Kalla Knobloch
Alabama, Athens
We are falling into thankfulness!
This month, Alabama has finally
started to feel like fall with the
weather and leaves changing.
At the start of the month,
we headed to Tate’s Farm. Our
students enjoyed going to the hay
maze, petting zoo, jump pillow,
corn cribs, and barn yard play
Monica Price
“God is our refuge and strength, a
very present help in trouble.”
Ps. 46:1.
That was the Bible verse we
included on our storm shelter
that we just finished building.
Even though storm shelters are an
important part of the Athens area,
November 2015 SILVER LINING
it is good to be reminded that God
is our ultimate refuge and has
promised to always take care of us.
We want to thank Bro. Randy
and Sis. Evie Mogler (Washington,
IL) for making the long trip
south, to worship with us and to
minister to us. Many of us here are
transplants, so we understand the
effort it take to make the trip and
we truly appreciate all who visit us.
At our Fellowship Area in
Tennessee, we just had our annual
Homecoming. We listened to some
good ol’ gospel singing and had
a wonderful time fellowshipping
with other believers both locally
and from a distance. A special
thanks to all who participated and
those who just came to enjoy.
If you are ever in the area or
passing through, please stop in
and worship with us. We would
love to have you. We have a guest
house that is available if you
wish to stay overnight. Please call
Rebekah Klaus at (815) 674-5411
for accommodations.
Arizona, Phoenix
Marge Lindenbaum
“Are they not all ministering
spirits, sent forth to minister
for them who shall be heirs of
salvation?” Hebrews 1:14
It seems angels are getting more
and more attention and acclaim as
the people of this world continue
to seek after something to worship,
other than Jehovah God. If you
do an internet search for “angels”
there are literally hundreds of
articles, images and other references
to what people perceive or wish
SILVER LINING November 2015
angels represent. They are usually
portrayed as soft, feminine beings
in white or light blue robes, and
with one pair of wings growing
out of their upper back. Many of
the sites and a growing number of
people claim to identify “personal”
angels and communicate with them,
alluding to their having power
independent of God. While angels
are beneficial to believers and many
acts of assistance and service are
recorded, we are never instructed to
worship them. In fact, worshiping
them is forbidden, “See thou do it
not” (Rev. 19:10, 22:9). Angels are
immortal beings created by God
(Ps. 148:5) to serve and worship
Him. They are superior to man
in power and knowledge (2 Sam.
14:17,20; 2 Peter 2:11), but not
omniscient or omnipotent. They
were present when the world was
created (Job 38:4-7). Angels have
been known to appear to people of
God, in human form (Gen 18:2;
Dan 10:18; Zech 2:1). They are
tasked with carrying messages (Gen.
18:9-10; Matt. 2:13; Luke 1:13,30;
2:8-15), caring for and serving God’s
people (Ps. 91:11-12; Heb. 1:14), and
delivering them from danger (Acts
5:19; 12:6-11).
There are three categories
of angels mentioned in the
Bible: Cherubim, Seraphim
and Archangels. Seraphim are
mentioned only once (Is. 6:1-7),
when one of them brought a coal
from the altar to purge the prophet’s
sin. They are six-winged beings, and
surround the throne, praising God.
Cherubim are first mentioned in
Genesis 3:24, when one was placed
to guard the entrance to the Garden
after the fall, with a flaming sword
when turned every way. It appears
Satan belonged to this group of
angels before his fall (Ezek. 28:14).
Their figures are placed on either
side of the Mercy Seat, and in
Solomon’s temple, inside the Most
Holy Place, measuring ten cubits
(4.6 meters or 15 feet) high with a
wingspread of ten cubits (4.6 meters
or 15 feet) (1 Kings 6:23-28; 8:67; 2 Chron. 3:10-13; 5:7-8). These
complex creatures are described
in detail in Ezekiel 10, and there
were many images of these angels
carved and woven into the temple
ornamentation (1 Kings 6:2935; 7:29,36; 2 Chron. 3:7). They
appear to be more serious than the
seraphim, and also surround the
throne and praise God.
We are aware of only two
archangels, both mentioned by
name in connection with several
important events: Gabriel and
Michael. Gabriel was sent with
important messages for God’s
people. Michael is designated the
angel of Israel (Dan 10:13, 21),
and disputed with Satan over the
body of Moses (Jude 9). A message
from an archangel foretold the first
coming of Christ to the earth (Luke
1:26-28). The voice of an archangel
and the sound of the trumpet will
announce the second Coming (21
Thes. 4:16).
In the Old Testament, there
are several instances where
“The Angel of the Lord” is
mentioned (Gen. 16:7; 22:11).
These are references to a visible
manifestation of God, or some
say it is pre-incarnate Christ. The
attributes of this manifestation
can belong only to God (Ex.
23:20-21), and even states He is
God (Gen. 31:11-13).
There are a large number
of angels who revolted against
God, and are now serving Satan,
who was one of the chief angels
until iniquity was found in him
(Ezek. 28:12-16). He took onethird of the angelic host with
him in his rebellion (Rev. 12:49). (This simply means they are
outnumbered. For every demon/
fallen angel, there are two serving
the Lord.) The angels, fallen and
unfallen, must present themselves
before God and are subject to His
rule (Job 1:6-12, 2:1-7).
It is intriguing to think of the
angels observing with interest the
coming of Christ to the earth and
the spread of the Gospel via mortals,
the sending of the Holy Spirit from
Heaven (1 Cor. 4:9, 1 Peter 1:12).
This is especially intriguing when
we consider there is no (known)
plan of salvation for angels. Here
they are, sent to minister to us
humans, knowing how holy and
awe-inspiring our Lord is, and
what a sacrifice He made on our
behalf… and observing how we
respond. What must they think of
us? Are we willing to be fools for
Christ’s sake, like Paul? Can we
praise Him enough? Can we really
grasp what He did for us? Have any
of us engaged in constant praise
of our God, like they do? When
we see face-to-face, we surely will.
Until then, we should be aware of
the presence of angels among us, as
they are real as any person or thing
we can reach out and touch, and
they are numerous, and they are
on a mission to minister to us. This
is another gift from our gracious,
merciful, loving Father!
(Much of the detail regarding
the types of angels was taken from
Nelson’s Bible Dictionary.)
Our congregation got a
delightful taste of the cooler
weather we expect as Fall gets
into full swing. We are looking
forward to more of the same.
We rejoice with young Connor
Knapp and his “new” family.
Bro. Ryan and Sis. Liz Knapp
officially welcomed him with a
celebration that included his new
church family, too, as his adoption
was finalized. May God richly
bless Connor and Bro. Ryan and
Sis. Liz, Cade, Emrie, Ayla and
Lincoln as they each make the
necessary adjustments for this
wonderful work. We are reminded,
with much gratitude, of how we
are all adopted into God’s family.
We still look forward to
celebrating Holy Communion this
month, and to the return of our
“snowbird” family. We appreciate
our visiting minister Bro. Neil
Ramseyer, as he lends himself to the
Holy Spirit’s power in serving us.
Ps. 103:20-22 “Bless the LORD,
ye his angels, that excel in strength,
that do his commandments,
hearkening unto the voice of his
word. Bless ye the LORD, all ye his
hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his
pleasure. Bless the LORD, all his
works in all places of his dominion:
bless the LORD, O my soul.”
Arizona, Tucson
Dean and Jackie Knobloch
Greetings to all! The Sunday
School picnic was held on October
11 at Udall Park. Many thanks
to Bro. Curt and Sis. Caroline
Kaufman for organizing the picnic
for our Sunday School students
and church family.
October is also when we
reconvene for Wednesday evening
services after the summer break. We
welcome any and all visitors who
would like to have warmer weather
for the up and coming winter season.
We continue to lift up all who
are undergoing medical trials. The
Lord is in control and we often
forget that His ways are much
greater and higher than our ways.
California, Altadena/Los
Kali Sauder
New life. Its freshness has
always fascinated us. A clean slate of
endless possibilities; it fills us with
hope. It is a piece of the Creator.
We are made in His image after
all. Imagine the hope that filled
His heart as He formed a fresh new
world from the chaos of darkness
and emptiness. He must have ached
with love for the new life He spoke
into existence. But then death
shoved its way in, so unwelcome.
And yet, maybe in Redemption, the
making new, we see an even greater,
more powerful new life. Maybe it is
more real and concrete to us because
we can see the chaos and emptiness
of the before and therefore rejoice
with the Redeemer as He speaks a
fresh new hope into existence.
November 2015
That bursting forth in
“newness of life” was welcomed
and celebrated in Altadena as three
young men spoke their testimonies
to the church and were baptized,
resurrected to walk in newness
of life (Romans 6:4). David
Buckheister (Bro. Bob and Sis.
Lynette Buckheister), Justin Klotzle
and Seth Klotzle (Bro. Dave and
Sis. Janelle Klotzle) are welcomed
as brothers in Christ, prayed for,
discipled, and so very loved! Elder
Bro. Ted Steffen from Alto, MI
came to share the weekend with us.
Also, this month, the church
gathered to celebrate new life as
Elizabella Arco Iris was born to
Anthony and Tania Partida. There
is nothing that sparks joy quite
like a new baby!
A special tradition, our picnic
with the San Diego church
family, was held a few weeks ago.
The evening of fellowship, food,
reigniting friendships and catching
up with one another is a welcome
connection with our closest
neighbor and a reminder that
redemption is our common bond
in the saving, new-life-giving,
blood of our Redeemer Jesus.
California, San Diego
Janelle Brewer
“And in that day shall ye say,
Praise the Lord, call upon his name,
declare his doings among the people,
make mention that his name is
exalted.” Isaiah 12:4
This past month we were
blessed by Bro. Mike Rieker
(Peoria, IL) as he brought forth
the Word of Life. We are always
SILVER LINING November 2015
thankful when Bro. Mike and Sis.
Carol come visit!
Bro. Doug and Sis. Lillian
Wagenbach welcomed a new
granddaughter this month.
Georgie LaNae Fiechter was born
on October 8 to Bro. Vince and
Sis. Breana (Bluffton, IN). We
wish them God’s blessings and
also look forward to their next
visit to San Diego!
Once again we were able to
gather with the Altadena church for a
picnic. This was held on October 11.
It was quite a warm day as it seems
like summer has held on for a while
here in Southern California. We were
blessed by spending time together.
With Thanksgiving upon us,
our minds are turned to the many
blessings we receive each day from
our Lord.
“Not what we say about our
blessings, but how we use them is the
true measure of our Thanksgiving.”
-W.T. Purkiser
Colorado, Denver
Naomi Wiegand, Tess Leman
Greetings of love from colorful
Colorado! The Great Artist has
brought forth the beautiful colors
of fall and once again we stand in
awe of our awesome Creator!
“The heavens declare the glory of
God; and the firmament sheweth his
handywork.” Psalms 19:1
With such splendor and
magnificence surrounding us, it is
hard not to see God’s hand.
“For the invisible things of him
from the creation of the world are
clearly seen, being understood by
the things that are made, even his
eternal power and Godhead; so that
they are without excuse:” Rom. 1:20
The Sunday school picnic was
hosted in September. It was a joy
to see the children romping around
and playing with smiling faces.
We offer many thanks to our dear
teachers who give of themselves for
the sake of our youth!
Bro. Derrell and Sis. Sue Steffen
(Bay City, MI) spent several weeks
among us. They quickly felt like
home folks and we thoroughly
enjoyed the time they spent with us!
Bro. Jeff and Sis. Sue
Neihouser (Morton, IL) have felt
God’s call to move to Denver as
Bro. Jeff has taken a job nearby.
Although we know they will be
missed in Morton, we are thankful
to add another dear couple to our
small congregation! We extend a
hearty welcome to them both!
Connecticut, Rockville
Lauren Gottier, Sheila Gerber
“Just as I am; Thou wilt receive,
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse,
relieve; Because Thy promise I
believe, O Lamb of God! I come, I
come!” Gospel Hymns #682
On the weekend of
September 19 & 20, we heard
the testimony and witnessed the
baptism of our new brother in
faith, Bro. Robert Bahler (Bro.
Tom & Sis. LaNae). We rejoice
with him and welcome him into
our precious brotherhood.
We are thankful for the labors
of two visiting ministers who were
in our midst this past month.
Elder Bro. Ron Messner (Sis. Pam,
Washington, IL) worshipped with
us on September 27, while Elder
Bro. John Wiegand (Sis. Jane,
Silverton, OR) was used to bring
forth God’s Word on October 11.
We are very thankful to see
God’s work being done in the
hearts and lives of Bro. Sam
Schneider (Bro. Tim & Sis. Dana
Schneider) and Sis. Leah Gerber
(Bro. Ron & Sis. Sheila Gerber) as
their engagement was announced
on October 4. We pray for God’s
guidance as they prepare for their
upcoming wedding on January 3.
Two couples welcomed
daughters into their lives over the
past 3 months. Jon and Jen Boynton
(Ken & Sis. Jan) were blessed with
Jacqueline Jaimee, while Bro. Rob
and Sis. Ann-Marie Widmer (Bro.
Steve & Sis. Joan Hoffman) of
Rittman, OH welcomed Tecca Ann
into their family on October 12. She
joins her big brother Zeke.
Our dear Sis. Elsa Champ is
trying to adjust to her new home
and would welcome visitors or
mail from our congregation. Her
new address is 17 Sugar House
Road, Plymouth, NH 03264.
District of Columbia,
Henrietta Meyer
During the latter part of
September, Bro. Norb and Sis. Mary
Jane Schneider from Peoria, IL were
our caretakers. If you feel led to
support one of our small churches,
being caretakers here would be a
wonderful way to do so. If you are
interested and are free to spend 3-4
weeks in the DC area, please contact
Sis. Doreen Steffen at [email protected]
gmail.com or 302-540-6574.
Our ministers this month were
Bro. Tom Leman (Denver, CO),
Bro. Jeff Waibel (Leo, IN), Elder
Bro. Ben Wiegand (Sis. Michelle,
Philadelphia, PA), Elder Bro. Duane
Farney (Sis. Karen, CroghanNaumburg, NY) and Bro. Mark
Zimmerman (Sis. Cheryl, Eureka,
IL). Other visitors this month
were from Forrest, Eureka and
Princeville, IL; Leo, West Lafayette,
Wolcott, and Francesville, IN.
The weekend Elder Bros. Ben
and Duane were here we gathered
on Saturday evening to remember
our Lord’s death and resurrection
with Communion.
While we are all glad for visitors,
the Katanic family is especially
thankful when families with
children visit. Even though they are
now young teens, the children do a
great job at making all visitors feel
welcome, wishing there were more
kids here on a regular basis.
Spring and fall are great times
to visit DC with cooler weather and
smaller crowds. There are many free
attractions in Washington, DC,
things for all the family. If you are
planning to visit Washington, D.C.
area, please contact Bro. Joe and
Sis. Holly Bohart at [email protected]
com or Sis. Henrietta Meyer at 703904-8301 for assistance and to let
us know how many to expect for
Sunday services.
Florida, Ft. Lauderdale
Renee Mangold
We were blessed to have two
visiting ministers this past month. Sharing God’s Word were Bro.
Tim Drayer (Sis. Gwen, Bluffton
North, IN) and Elder Bro. Ted
Witzig, Sr. (Sis. Cindy, Morton,
IL). We pray the Lord will bless
them for their service.
Our prayers continue for
strength and healing for Sis. Vi
Gerber. Sis. Vi has moved from the
hospital to a nursing/rehab center.
Our prayers for comfort go
out to Sis. Shirley Steiner whose
mother, Sis. Caroline Gudeman,
from Cissna Park has passed away.
Florida, Ft. Myers
Victor Beer
Change of worship hours: The
morning song service will now
start at 10:00 A.M. The pulpit
service will start at 10:15 A.M.
This coming week we will
see some of our church family
attending the Lakewood Retreat
at Brookville, Florida, north of
Tampa. This is a great time of
fellowship when the churches of
Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota and Fort
Myers get together.
Our church is being blessed
with many from the north already
coming south to enjoy the warm
winter of southwest Florida. Even
though this area is pretty far
south, the traffic on US 75, as well
as locally in every town, seems to
be at the limit, day in and day out.
One can hardly believe the
enormous amount of trucks
hauling vegetables and oranges
and grapefruit north out of the
packing houses, and from the
farms and groves.
Our Sunday School teachers
are really using the additional
November 2015
room our new church has
provided. Bro. Dustin Hodel
recently was chosen as our
superintendent of that part of our
church, and his wife Mindy and
the teachers all are doing a faithful
work with the children.
If you are considering a move
to the Naples/Fort Myers area and
would like to talk to somewone
about it, please call Bro. Marvin
Steffen at 239-353-0508. He will
help you gather information on
anything from serving in a small
church to job opportunities and
housing in the area.
Dory originates from Haiti and
has already introduced us to
some excellent Haitian cooking!
Please pray for her and Cholee
as they adjust to life at The New
Beginnings and strive to make the
most of her opportunity here.
As always, thank you for your
continued support of The New
Beginnings. We are a small group
trying to do great things for the
Kingdom and we can feel the
prayers that do all the heavy lifting!
The New Beginnings
Dustin Hodel
Lexi Knapp, Elise Waldbeser
“Have not I commanded thee? Be
strong and of a good courage; be not
afraid, neither be thou dismayed:
for the LORD thy God is with thee
whithersoever thou goest.” Joshua 1:9
This past month at The New
Beginnings we experienced a growth
in our family! First, Zach and Abby
Schumacher joined us; moving
down from Leo, IN. They will be
serving as mentors with us as well as
serving in the Ft. Myers church. To
those of you who have been keeping
up via Facebook and have been
praying for Zach and Abby, thank
you! They both found jobs quickly
and are settling into their new lives
here. Please continue to pray for
them that they can remember the
verse above when homesickness or
stressful situations arise.
We also have the privilege of
welcoming in Miss Dory to our
New Beginnings family. Dory
is an 18 year old mother with a
7 month old daughter, Chloee!
SILVER LINING November 2015
Georgia, Peachtree City/
What a joy it was to have
Bro. Doug Brewer (Sis. Jeanelle,
San Diego, CA) minister to our
congregation! Thank you for visiting
us here and giving your time to
share God’s Word from our pulpit!
Our annual autumn bonfire at
the Brewer home was once again a
wonderful time of fellowship. We
cherish the memories of that day
and the time it has given us as a
church family to enjoy one another
and the beauty of this time of year!
One recent evening, our
hearts were guided in learning
to be burdened for Pastor Saeed
Abedini, his family, and all those
who are being persecuted for
Jesus Christ. We are humbled by
our lack of concern, our lack of
devotion to join them, through
prayer, in their bonds. As Richard
Wurmbrand once said, “I tremble
because of the sufferings of those
persecuted in different lands. I
tremble thinking about the eternal
destiny of their torturers. I tremble
for Western Christians who don’t
help their persecuted brethren….The
West sleeps and must be awakened
to see the plight of captive nations.”
Haiti, Bonne Fin Hospital Lumiere
Rick and Komari Aberle
The hospital and the surrounding
area have been blessed with increased
rain in October. This has allowed us
to begin to rely more on our hydroelectric power generation system.
We are thankful for the showers of
blessings in many ways.
Bro. Robert Beebe and his
wife, Sis. Sue Ann (South Bend,
IN), visited the hospital in
September. Bro. Bob is part of the
Governing Board and served our
flock in ministering the Word.
We were also blessed with the
efforts of a work team from Kansas
that completed a renovation of
the hospital’s Emergency Room
and Clinic. Accompanying this
team were ministers Bro. Roger
Aberle and his wife, Sis. LaVonne
(Sabetha, KS), and Bro. Aaron
Luthi and his wife, Sis. Maria
(Lamont-Gridley, KS). Over 80
brethren and friends joined us here
at Bonne Fin for an afternoon of
worship and fellowship.
As we look forward to the
coming month, we anticipate
several medical teams coming to
serve here at the hospital, Lord
willing. We hope to host a Nursing
Team, an Orthopedic Team, and
a Missionary Support Team in the
coming weeks. Please pray for these
teams as they travel and work here.
We are in election season here
in Haiti. Many times in Haiti’s past,
elections have been times of unrest
and violence. We ask for prayers
for peace and calm as the country
transitions its elected leaders.
We welcome Bro. Kirk Huber
who has joined our missionary team
as a Medical Department Intern. He
plans to serve with us for a period
of 6 months. Francesville, IN is his
home congregation. Bro. Kirk is
settling into his responsibilities and
we are thankful to have him here
with us.
“And I will make them and
the places round about my hill a
blessing; and I will cause the shower
to come down in his season; there
shall be showers of blessing.”
Ezekiel 34:26
Haiti, Les Cayes
Mike & Susie Walder
We are so thankful that God
has planted another family here
this month! Bro. Les and Sis.
Christine Kaeb and daughter,
Lana, relocated from Francesville,
IN. Their other daughter, Sis.
Leah, has been living and working
here for several years assisting
the Construction Department.
Moving to another country is far
more complicated than moving to
another state. We wish them grace
and strength from above as they
make the transition between two
different cultures. We know they
will appreciate your prayers, your
messages of encouragement, and
your future visits!
The work team season has
officially begun. A team came
from Illinois in early October. The
calendar will start to get full with a
lot of coming and going as we get
closer to winter. The Haiti work
team schedules are printed near the
back if you would like to join one.
We enjoy a distant view of
the ocean and an island from our
home. Unless it is hazy, the scene
is very tropical and bright, framed
with mountains and palm trees.
On closer investigation when we
visit the Les Cayes harbor, what we
see is dramatically different! Trash
is piled up and it literally flows
out to sea. The water is very dirty
and full of sludge. There are kids
jumping in here and there, but,
no, thank you! What a complete
difference from the picture of
paradise we see from our porch!
What do people see in their
first glance of us? Do we present
a façade or the real thing? Do
they see Jesus? Jesus was hard on
the Pharisees because they went
around pretending to be one thing
when they were actually another.
They were supposed to teach,
represent, and be keepers of the
truth, but they were full of sin
and pride instead, living double
lives. What does God see when
he looks at your heart? That is the
real issue.
“The LORD seeth not as man
seeth; for man looketh on the
outward appearance, but the LORD
looketh on the heart.” 1 Sam. 16:17
“Search me, O God, and know
my heart: try me, and know my
thoughts: And see if there be any
wicked way in me, and lead me in
the way everlasting.” Ps. 139:23-24
Illinois, Belvidere
Krista Anliker, Shayla Steffen
Greetings from Belvidere!
Michells and Olivia Algarate
were united in marriage on
September 19 in Morris, MN.
May they look to God as they
walk through life together.
Parents of this new couple are
Gerardo and Sandra Algarate from
Hancock, MN and Bro. Chris and
Sis. Shelly Koehl from Belvidere.
We thank Gary and Sis.
Doreen Moser for inviting us to
the Harvest Party. We enjoyed
time together including singing,
fellowship, and food. May they be
blessed for their hospitality.
We were glad to have the
Forrest Bible Class with us on a
Sunday in October. We hope that
the students were able to have a
blessed time together and create
and renew acquaintances.
Illinois, BloomingtonNormal
Megan Kaeb, Sarah Maurer
Fall is here bringing with
it cooler days, changing leaves
and harvest time. This month
at Bloomington church we were
blessed with a “harvest” of the
best kind as three souls made
a decision to repent and follow
Christ. We rejoice with Jason
Wenger (son of Bro. Sam and Sis.
Terri Wenger), Hanna Monagle
(daughter of Bro. Pete and Sis. Lisa
Monagle), and Jessica Cox as they
begin their journey of faith in our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
“There is no greater joy”, as
3 John vs. 4 says, “than to hear
November 2015
that my children walk in truth”,
but close behind is the joy of
a new birth. Bryan and Becca
Kellenberger welcomed Sailor Anne
into their family on September 1.
Her siblings are Addie and Caleb.
Her grandparents are Bro. Jim
and Sis. Ann Kellenberger (from
Bloomington) and Gale and
David Brinkoetter and Bruce
and Teresa Finks.
This month also brought
the passing of our dear Sis. Ruth
Lowery. Sis. Ruth was preceded
in death by her husband, Paul,
and leaves behind 3 daughters,
22 grandchildren, 72 greatgrandchildren and 17 great-great
grandchildren. We are thankful for
her legacy and the gift of her life.
Finally, this month our church
began an all-church Bible study
on the book of Acts. We look
forward to studying the early
church together and growing in our
faith as a body of Christ over the
upcoming months with the hope
that we like those before us “shall
be witnesses unto [Jesus]… unto the
uttermost part of the earth.” Acts 1:8
Illinois, Bradford
Roseann Stahl, Sandi Joos
“Make a joyful noise unto the
Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord
with gladness: come before his
presence with singing.” Ps. 100:1-2
Our Bible Class hosted
Congerville, Elgin, Chicago,
Belvidere, and Forrest Bible
Classes for ACYF Day. Guest
ministers for the day were Bro.
James Fehr (Sis. Brenda, Tremont,
IL), Bro. Mark Schmidgall (Sis.
SILVER LINING November 2015
Sally, Mediapolis, IA), Bro. Dallas
Massner (Sis. Christy, Burlington,
IA), and Bro. Dean Messner (Sis.
Wanda, Winthrop, MN).
We welcome Jared Fehr
to our congregation. Jared
has moved to our area from
Rockville, CT and plans to make
Bradford his home church.
Bro. Kenny and Sis.
Mardell Dietz welcomed a new
granddaughter, Autumn Elise,
to their family circle. Autumn is
the daughter of Bro. Fred and Sis.
Shaena Dietz (Elgin, IL).
Our prayers and sympathy
go to Bro. Greg Johnson (Sis.
Kristin) in the passing of his
father, Louis Johnson.
Illinois, Champaign
Dona Fehr
Greetings from Champaign!
We are enjoying a change in
the weather as summer turns to
fall. What a wonderful time of
year! The leaves are turning, the
air is feeling just a little more
crisp, and the crops are being
harvested. As I see the combines
in the fields, it often reminds me
of Jesus’ words to the disciples,
when he told them “The harvest
truly is plenteous, but the laborers
are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord
of the harvest, that He will send
forth laborers into his harvest.”
(Mat. 9:37-38) May we be willing
laborers in our Lord’s field!
We were blessed to have our
church family expand by three
this month. We welcome Bro.
Kirk and Sis. Jeana Steidinger and
their daughter Emerson.
Visiting ministers this month
included Bro. Virgil Metzger (Sis.
Mary, Chicago) and Bro. James
Fehr (Sis. Brenda, Tremont). We
thank them for their willingness
to serve by sharing God’s Word.
Illinois, Chicago
Greg Rassi
Greetings from Chicago!
Thanks to Elder Bro. Trent
Meiss (Sis. Lucy, Eureka, IL) who
visited and helped Elder Bro. Brad
with serving Holy Communion.
We were blessed.
In September we also listened
to the conference recordings.
We thank God for the inspiring
exhortations and thank the elder
brothers for loving us.
Please remember Sis. Lucille
Koehl in your prayers as she
recently was hospitalized.
Illinois, Cissna Park
Janie Waldbeser, Sandy Rudin
“Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints
of His, sing, sing, sing unto the
Lord, And at the remembrance of
His holiness, O give thanks unto
the Lord.” Gospel Hymns #497
Our church recently invited
the brethren from Remington
and Wolcott, IN to join us for our
monthly Sunday night singing.
How thankful we should be that
our hymns have been preserved
down through the years.
We want to thank Elder
Bro. Ron Messner (Sis. Pam)
from Washington, IL for
recently spending a Sunday
with us and later in the evening
sharing information about our
Apostolic Christian Home for the
Handicapped in Morton, IL. What
a comfort it must be to families to
know that there is such a loving,
caring place to put their loved
ones with special needs once they
cannot care for them anymore.
Sis. Caroline Gudeman will be
greatly missed in our church. God
allowed this dear sister to go to her
eternal rest in her sleep. She would
have turned 100 in December.
Sis. Caroline’s love for the Lord
was evident in how she lived her
life. May God provide comfort
to her children: Bro. Ralph (Sis.
Carolyn) Gudeman of Congerville,
IL, Sis. Shirley (Bro. Dan) Steiner
of Tremont, IL, Earl (Eloise)
Gudeman of Roanoke, VA, Dean
(Carol) Gudeman of Monticello,
IL, Stan (Deb) Gudeman of
Champaign, IL, and Jeanice
(Steve) Ficklin of Onarga, IL. Our
thoughts and prayers are also with
Bill and Judy Drayer as his sister,
Sis. Edna Martin of Princeville,
IL, recently passed away. Sis. Edna
was born and raised in Cissna. Our
sympathy goes out to her family.
Sis. Helen Janssen has recently
moved to Fairview Haven in
Fairbury, IL. We trust that she
can feel at home there. Sis. Lucille
Knapp is currently living at an
assisted living facility in Hoopeston,
IL. We are thankful that Sis. Aldean
Kaufmann is home again after
a brief hospital stay. Sis. Virginia
Ehman is recovering from recent
outpatient surgery. Urban Edelman,
husband of Sis. Judy Edelman, has
shown some improvement since his
serious tractor accident and has been
moved to a rehab center in Chicago,
IL. We ask that God will continue
to strengthen each one.
The Thanksgiving season of the
year is fast approaching. May we
thank the Lord for His goodness
each and every day. May we live
with a thankful heart for the Lord
is good. His love endures forever.
Illinois, Congerville
Erica Steffen
“Faithful is he that calleth you,
who also will do it.” 1 Thess. 5:24
The Lord has continued to call,
and souls continue to answer! How
thankful we are that two more
dear souls have come in repentance
in this past month. Alyssa and
Jessi Kieser (Bro. James and Sis.
Jennifer) have made a beginning in
their walk with the Lord. May our
prayers and encouragement go with
them as they journey on this new
path that leads to Heaven!
What a blessing to be able
to witness the testimonies and
baptism of two young brothers
in faith this month. Bro. Samuel
Steiner (Bro. Dave and Sis. Sandy)
and Bro. Caleb Schrock (Bro.
Kevin and Sis. Rachel) were
baptized on September 20. Elder
Bros. Tom Stock (Sis. Karol,
Cissna Park) and Steve Sauder (Sis.
Mary, Tremont) assisted our Elder
Bro. Rick Plattner that weekend.
We appreciate all their labors.
This month, little Jonan
Steffen (Bro. David and Sis. Erica)
underwent an outpatient surgery.
We are thankful that he has
recovered well after this unexpected
event in his young life. We never
know what each day will bring, but
we do know that we can trust our
loving Lord to provide and love us
through every valley.
Visiting ministers to our
church this month included: Bros.
Warren Schlatter (Sis. Cindy,
Junction), Nathan Walder (Sis.
Denise, Cissna Park), Randy
Mogler (Sis. Evie, Washington),
Arlen Leman (Sis. Denise,
Forrest), Neil Ramseyer (Sis.
Sharon, Bay City), Bill Wettstein
(Sis. Heidi, Eureka) and Ron
Pallito (Sis. Lynell, Akron). May
God be near them always!
Illinois, Elgin
Amy Gasser
We were blessed with many
visitors on Sunday, September 27 for
Invite-a-Guest Day. Special thanks
to our visiting ministers Bro. Earl
Beery (Rittman, OH) and Bro. Fred
Witzig (Washington, IL). On the
evening before, Bro. Fred presented
a slide show at the Fellowship
Center of his recent travels to Greece
and Turkey. We also appreciated
a visit from Bro. Matthew Rassi
(Chicago, IL) on a separate Sunday.
We extend sympathy to
several in our congregation who
have lost loved ones recently. Sis.
Kathy Stefan passed away on
September 20, after a courageous
battle with cancer. Her funeral
was on September 23. Surviving
are her two sisters, Sis. Maria
Bayer of Elgin, IL and Eva
(Helmut) Winterstein of Canada.
Bro. Harlan (Sis. Florence) Meyer
of Sabetha, KS passed away on
September 25. He was the father
November 2015
of Sis. Libby (Bro. Keith) Leman.
Bro. Dave (Gloria) Rinkenberger
lost his sister, Sis. Ruth Lowery
(Bloomington, IL) on September
We are sad to bid farewell to
Drew & Ashley Pelc and their
baby daughter, Audrey, as they
have moved to the Atlanta, GA
area for employment.
“Lo, children are an heritage of
the Lord...” Psalm 127:3.
Bro. Fred and Sis. Shaena
Dietz welcomed little Autumn
Elise on September 22. Her
siblings are Logan, Ashlyn,
Leighton, and Avery. Her
grandparents are Sis. Leann
(the late Bro. Don) Schambach
and Bro. Ken and Sis. Mardell
Dietz (Bradford, IL). A baby
boy, Jakob Daniel, was born
on September 23 to Daniel
and Samantha Steffen. He was
born with a heart condition
and had surgery one week later.
He remains hospitalized, but is
making gradual progress. Kaylee
is his big sister. Grandparents are
Jeff and Cindy Lange and David
and Sis. Linda Steffen. Matt and
Giovanna Herzig welcomed a son,
Theodore Matthew, on September
25. His big sister is Adriana. His
grandparents are Bro. Ron and
Sis. Eleanor Herzig (CroghanNaumburg, NY).
Note of Thanks:
We want to thank all who
remembered us in prayer and
with cards on our 50th wedding
May God bless you. Bro. Ron and
Sis. Nancy Schambach
SILVER LINING November 2015
Illinois, Eureka
Debra Blunier, Linda Rocke
The glorious colors of autumn
are all around us, and as the
seasons come and go we are
reminded of the continual cycles
of life. This is stated so well in
Ecclesiastes 3:l. “To everything
there is a season, and a time to every
purpose under the heaven.”
A new life has been brought into
the world. On October 2, Makenna
Grace Hartter was born to Bro.
Michael and Sis. Melinda. She is
welcomed home by big brother
Orrin. Grandparents are Bro. Ron
and Sis. Janet of Eureka and Bill
and Sue Sanders of Washington.
A time of repentance has come
to four dear souls who have turned
to the Lord. They are Eli Cottrell
(Bro. John and Sis. Gloria), Larae
Schumacher (Bro. Dale and Sis.
Lavonne), Aaron Schmidgall (Bro.
Mike and Sis. Dianne), and Austin
Blunier (Bro. Sam and Sis. Luann).
Baptism is a time of spiritual
rebirth as a soul rises from the
watery grave to a new life in
Christ. Our new brother-in-faith,
Noah Zimmerman (Bro. Matt
and Sis. Sarah) was able to testify
of the change in his life that led to
this joyful day.
We all have seasons in
our lives when we go through
illnesses, surgeries, or bodily
afflictions. Those who have recently
experienced this are Bro. Norman
Rocke and Sis. Nathalia Getz.
May they continue to heal.
We extend our thanks to our
visiting ministers this month and
these include Bro. Arlen Leman
(Sis. Denise, Forrest, IL), Elder
Bro. Duane Rocke (Sis. Bonnie,
Minneapolis, MN), Bro. Darren
Fehr (Sis. Nora, West Bend, IA), and
Bro. Kent Getz (Sis. Betty, Elgin, IA).
Bro. Tim Martin recently
lost his mother, Sis. Edna Martin
of Princeville. We extend our
sympathy to him, Sis. Becky, and
their children at this time of sorrow.
Note of Thanks:
The family of Sis. Sonia
Banwart would like to thank
each one who reached in any
way to help at the sudden death
of our loved one. All of us felt
comforted from our church
family’s support. May the Lord
bless each of you. Bro. Joel, Bro.
Jeff and Sis. Lisa Banwart, Bill
Banwart, Ann Milborn, Joan
Franke and Ellen Anders.
Illinois, Fairbury
Angela Herr, Janelle Stoller
We continue to rejoice as we
witness more souls answering God’s
call. Our prayers are with Wendell
Moser (Sis. Julia and late Bro.
Doug), Marty Fehr (Bro. Randall
and Sis. Janis) and Milan Leman
(Bro. Chad and Sis. Kim) as they
make a beginning in repentance.
We also rejoice with Bro. Wes
Kaeb (Leon and Sis. LeAnn) and
Sis. Brenda Manz (Bro. Ken and
Sis. Gwen, Junction, OH) who are
engaged to be married. May God
bless them as they plan for their
upcoming wedding and marriage.
Bro. Kirk, Sis. Jeana and
little Emerson Steidinger moved
to Mahomet, IL and will be
worshipping with our brethren
in Champaign. We miss their
presence in Fairbury and pray
God will be with them as they
make this transition.
Bro. Chad and Sis. Kim Leman
welcome a daughter, Rayne Alison,
born on October 8. Her older
siblings are Milan, Paul, Maria,
Audrey and Ellie. Her thankful
grandparents are Bro. Dale and Sis.
Sandra Stoller and Bro. Jerry and
Sis. Kathy Leman (Eureka, IL).
It’s always a blessing to worship
and fellowship with our beloved
brethren from near and far. We
appreciate the brothers who lend
themselves in preaching God’s
Word and pray God will bless
each one. Our visiting ministers
were Bros. Tom Bolliger (Tremont,
IL), Matt Steffen (Princeville, IL),
Jason Dotterer (Forrest, IL), David
Eisenmann (Champaign, IL), and
Matt Knapp (Peachtree City, GA).
May God grant healing
according to His will to Sis.
Roberta Meyer who spent time in
the hospital and Dave Steidinger
who underwent surgery.
Sis. Stephanie) who has repented,
found peace with God, and now
desires baptism. May he continue
to feel the grace of our Lord.
Bro. Lucas Nussbaum (Sis.
Raya) has been selected to teach
in Sunday School. Our prayers
are with each one who gives time
and effort in teaching our dear
children in Sunday School.
“To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under
the heaven: A time to be born, and
a time to die; a time to plant, and
a time to pluck up that which is
planted.” Eccl. 3:1-2
Bro. Lucas and Sis. Raya
Nussbaum are thankful parents
to a new baby boy, Henry Cotton.
Welcoming Henry home are older
siblings Alayna, Tucker, and Cy.
Grandparents are Bro. Ray and Sis.
Shelly Steidinger and Bro. Terry and
Sis. Deb Nussbaum of our church.
Sis. Ruth Roth passed away on
October 6. Our prayers are with her
children: L. John (Karen); Bro. Ken
(Sis. Debra), Forrest; Tim (Diane);
two sons-in- law, Takis Paplomatas
and John Payne. She will also be
Illinois, Forrest missed by her 14 grandchildren and
Carissa Knapp, Shannon Brown
13 great-grandchildren.
We are thankful for the
We extend our deepest
visiting ministers this past month
sympathy to Bro. Wayne and
who came to share God’s Word.
Sis. Gloria Drayer in the loss
They were Bros. Doyle Frauhiger
of his sister, Sis. Edna Martin
(Bluffton North, IN), Willis Ehnle (Princeville, IL). We continue to
(Peoria, IL), Ned Bahler (Fairbury, lift them up in prayer.
IL), Zach Anderson (Congerville,
Molly Brown (Bro. Brad and
IL), and Elder Bro. Kent Heimer
Sis. Shannon) has been in the
(Taylor, MO). We have been richly hospital for more heart surgery. We
blessed through their labors.
pray for God’s nearness, strength,
We rejoice with our convert
and healing during this time as she
Levi Kaeb (late Bro. Eldon and late recovers. We are also praying for
Bro. Mark and Sis. Laverne Aberle
as he has begun radiation and
chemo treatments for cancer. We want to apologize for an
error in reporting in last month’s
article. Sis. Sally Schaffer (Bro.
John) had knee replacement
surgery, not hip replacement, as
previously reported.
Illinois, Goodfield
Kayla Wiegand, Melissa Rokey
We are thankful to announce
the engagement of Bro. Will Rokey
to Sis. Jamie Wiegand. Bro. Will is
the son of Bro. Ben and Sis. Shelley
Rokey. Sis. Jamie is the daughter
of Bro. Wayne and Sis. Rosemary
Wiegand. We pray the Lord will
bless their union together.
We were blessed on October
4 to have a full church with our
invite-a-friend. It was such a blessing
to meet and greet those we haven’t
seen for a while and to meet new
brothers and sisters in the Lord. We
truly have a blessed heritage.
Lord willing, we are planning
having baptisms for Tori Taufer
(Bro. Ted and Sis Kenda), Ambria
Herrmann (Bro. Ross and Sis.
Kitty) and Claire Hohulin
(Bro. Ross and Sis. Heather) on
November 14 and 15. We also
plan to have baptism for Emily
Thompson (Martin) on November
28 and 29. Emily is the daughter
of Bro. Greg and Sis. Jenny
Wiegand. We pray that the Lord
will continue to be with them in
their walk with Him.
We rejoice with Carly Hartman
as she has turned her life over to the
Lord in repentance. May she feel
November 2015
God’s nearness and grace. What
a joy we feel as a church family at
times like these. Carly is Bro. Jim
and Sis. Ree Hartman’s daughter.
Bro. Randy Schmidgall’s
(Sis. Cindy) mother, Sis. Helen
Schmidgall (Morton, IL), passed
away October 7. May they feel our
love and prayers.
We rejoice with Bro. Brent and
Sis. Abby Schmidgall as they were
blessed with a baby girl named
Franci Jade on October 3. Franci
was welcomed home by her sisters,
Piper, Sailor, and Aspen. Thankful
grandparents are Bro. Carl and Sis.
Deb Hoerr, Peoria, IL and Bro.
Randy and Sis. Cindy Schmidgall.
Bro. Mike Wirtz (Sis. Lila)
and Bro. Gary Allen (Sis.Connie)
spent some time in the hospital
this past month. May they feel
God nearness and healing and the
prayers of our church family.
We were blessed with many
visiting ministers this month: Bro.
Clark Stoller (Sis. Cindy, Gridley, IL),
Bro. John Bradle (Sis. Jill, Roanoke,
IL), Bro. Ed Fritz(Washington,
IL), Bro. Daron Price (Sis. Monica,
Athens, AL), Bro. Don Manz (Sis.
Connie, Junction, OH), Bro. Rick
Kaisner (Sis. Michelle, Chicago, IL),
Bro. Ryan Hoerr (Sis, Joy, Princeville,
IL), Bro. Brad Gudeman (Sis. Teresa,
Bradford, IL), Bro. Craig Stickling
(Sis. Jackie, Peoria, IL), and Bro. Eric
Givens (Sis. Debbie, Princeville, IL).
We are so thankful for each of them
and their willingness to serve and
spread God’s Word.
Note of Thanks:
We sincerely appreciate
everyone’s prayers as we plan on
SILVER LINING November 2015
getting another chemo treatment
on Monday (10/12). Thank you to
all for the love, support, prayers,
and cards!! We love all of you and
have really experienced the Lord’s
blessings as we take this journey!
Bro. Herman and Sis. Sara Glueck
Illinois, Gridley
Perry Klopfenstein
Retired ministering Bro.
Elmer and Sis. Marjorie Witzig
observed their 70th wedding
anniversary on October 21. God
has blessed them with a joyous
life, and we as a church surely
thank God for their service in the
ministry of God’s Word here in
our Gridley congregation
Noah Harvey Hangartner was
born on September 9 to Bro. Kyle
and Sis. Melissa Hangartner. He has
a sibling, Ethan, 1. Grandparents
are Bro. Mark and Sis. Karen
Hangartner of Washington, and
Ministering Bro. Harvey and Sis.
Judy Kaeb of Gridley. This is a
wonderful blessing from on high,
and may God grant grace to this
couple in training up their children.
Our church remodeling is
progressing toward completion, but
there is still a ways to go on jobending details. The inside portion
is well done and there are many
improvements. Outside, the two
new carports are being finished
up. This current church building
was built in 1970; and now this
remodeling project adds a nice
dimension to our worship and
fellowship. The 1970 building took
place 100 years after the founding
of our congregation in 1870.
Many in our church are
struggling with health issues.
Bro. Bob Hock has health issues.
Sis. Linda Kinder is recovering
from surgery. Bro. John Kilgus is
recovering from surgery as well.
Sis. Ruth Rinkenberger had hip
surgery. Sis. Maria Gonzales was
diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.
Sis. Marilyn Schieler was again
in the hospital for treatments.
Bro. Bob Griener suffers from an
ongoing weakness. We pray for
the sick and those with chronic
ailments. God can heal as He wills.
Paige Metz and Jason Kaeb were
baptized on Sunday, October 25
and are now our sister and brother
in faith. Sis. Page is the daughter
Bro. Daren and Sis. Rita Metz. Bro.
Jason’s parents are Will and Juanita
Kaeb of Arrowsmith. May God be
with them in their new walk of life.
Tim and Kim Metzger,
formerly of the Lester, IA area, are
now living in the Gridley area. We
welcome them and their children.
Illinois, Morton
Annette Tanner, Julie Bahr
Rejoice! Again I say Rejoice! For
two sinners have come in repentance
to serve an awesome God! We
welcomed a new brother and a new
sister into the Household of Faith:
Bro. Seth Braker, son of Bro.
Todd and Sis. Wendy Braker; and
Sis. Marissa Stoller daughter of
Bro. Todd and Sis. Marcy Stoller.
We have been refreshed in
recent weeks with the Gospel.
We want to thank these visiting
ministers: Bro. Matt Koehl
(Sis. Emily, Sarasota), Bro.
Keith Hinrichsen (Sis. Tammy,
Phoenix), Bro. Clark Stoller (Sis.
Cindy, Gridley), Elder Bro. Steve
Ringger (Sis. Myra, Bluffton
North). Our thanks also to Bro.
Ted Witzig, Jr (Sis. Donna)
for giving our Family Worship
Evening Topic “The Armor of
God-The Belt of Truth”. Knowing
what the Bible says about Truth
and hiding God’s Word in our
heart helps us to know when we
are listening to the Voice of Truth.
Congratulations to Bro.
Tim, Sis. Amy Zimmerman and
big brother Max in the joy of
welcoming baby boy Jackson Gene
into their family on October 7.
Thankful grandparents are Bro.
Doug and Sis. Jane Zimmerman
and Bro. Mark and Sis. Esther
Stephens of Morton.
Great joy was brought to
grandparents Bro. Fred and Sis.
Diane Funk as they welcomed
grandbaby Elise Anne who was born
into the home of their daughter Sis.
Heather and Bro. Kyle Plattner,
Princeville. Big sister Lena, along
with paternal grandparents Elder
Bro. Jim and Sis. Marlene Plattner,
Princeville, also welcome her.
Our Morton church has
recently been deeply saddened in
the loss of several more Christian
warriors of our congregation.
Our deep heartfelt sympathy
is shared with our Bro. Harold
Witzig (Sis. Dorothy) in the loss
of his sister, Mary Ellen Winnings
of Massachusetts; and then also
in the loss of his brother Gene
Witzig (Mary Ann) who entered
into his eternal rest.
Sis. Helen Schmidgall was
welcomed home by her Heavenly
Father on October 7. Our love and
prayers go to her husband Bro. Harry
and to her surviving children: Bro.
Steve (Sis. Christine), Bro. Randy
(Sis. Cindy), Sis. Jane (Bro. Jeff)
Kieser, and Sherry (Dave) Jones.
Our Bro. Jack Schmidgall
also entered his Eternal Heavenly
Home on October 14. We send our
deep love and prayers to his dear
wife Sis. Elaine and his children
Kimberly Rossi (Lawrence) and
Kurt Schmidgall (Tammy). He
also leaves behind his mother, Sis.
Helen Schmidgall and a brother,
Bro. Ken Schmidgall.
Our single servant, 100 yearold Brother-in-Faith, Ken Stevig
passed away on October 11. Bro.
Ken is survived by his twin brother,
Bro. Keith (Sis. Alice) Stevig.
Illinois, Peoria
Pam Fritzenmeier
A new convert is reason for
rejoicing and we do rejoice with
Chris and Sis. Marsha Stickling as
their son, Jesse, has made known
his desire to follow Jesus.
Another reason to rejoice is for
an engagement announcement:
Sis. Andrea Leuthold to Bro.
Troy Tonner, Bluffton Country.
Parents are Bro. Steve and Sis. Lois
Leuthold and Bro. Tim and Sis.
Suzie Tonner, Bluffton Country.
Our thanks to Bro. Scot
Wegman (Sis. Dawn, Taylor) for
his visit October 11 and sharing
the Word.
The young group hosted
the all-church cookout at the
Fellowship Hall October 4. It was
a real blessing to all who attended.
We extend our prayers and
sympathy to those families
whose loved ones passed away
recently: Sis. Shari Fehr, whose
sister, Marilyn Hyler, passed on
September 16; Bro. Steven (Sis.
Christine) Schmidgall, whose
mother, Sis. Helen (Bro. Harry)
Schmidgall, Morton, passed
on October 7, after a bout with
Alzheimer’s; and Bro. Joe Martin,
whose mother, Sis. Edna Martin,
Princeville, passed on October 11.
Those dealing with health issues
desiring our prayers include Aleah
Hartter, infant daughter of Bro.
Ben and Sis. Heidi, Sis. Nanette
David, Bro. Harry (Sis. Loretta)
Eisenmann, Mary Funk, Rosalie
(Bruce) Johnson, Sis. Linda Miller,
Mary See, Andrea (Aaron) Staley,
and Sis. Beth (Bro. Greg) Herman.
Please keep our missionary
families in your prayers: Bro.
Jonathan and Sis. Bere Aupperle,
Bro. Zach and Sis. Daniela
Knobloch, and Bro. Jason Grassi
all serving at CVE in Magdalena.
Illinois, Princeville
Gloria White, Renee Herrmann
We rejoiced with Sis. Victoria
Stoller (Bro. Bruce and Sis. Mary)
and Bro. Cody Walburn of Bluffton
(Bro. Jim and Sis. Lora) as they
announced their engagement. We
wish them God’s direction as they
seek His plan for their life together.
Bro. Kyle and Sis. Heather
Plattner are thankful for the safe
arrival of their daughter, Elise Anne,
who arrived on October 8. Also
November 2015
welcoming her are big sister Lena
and grandparents Bro. Jim and Sis.
Marlene Plattner and Bro. Fred and
Sis. Diane Funk (Morton, IL).
We encourage prayers for
Sis. Marlene Plattner as she is
experiencing some health concerns.
We said farewell to our dear
Sis. Edna Martin (Bro. Raydeceased) who passed away after
a short illness. We extend our
sympathy to her children, Bro.
Edwin (Sis. Gladys) of Princeville;
Audrey (Glen) Braker of Speer;
Bro. Timothy (Sis. Rebecca) of
Eureka; Sis. Kathleen, Sis. Sheryl,
and Sis. Cynthia of Princeville;
Linda Drake of Tremont; Bro.
Joseph of Peoria and Bro. James of
Washington, as well as her many
grandchildren. We were reminded
of the value that Sis. Edna placed
on her family and the tremendous
value that we can find as part of
God’s family.
As harvest moves to a close, I
am reminded of Galatians 6:7, “Be
not deceived; God is not mocked:
for whatsoever a man soweth, that
shall he also reap.” In our area,
there is much harvesting of corn
and soybeans because that is what
the farmers planted. It’s made
me ask the question, “What am
I sowing in a spiritual sense? Am
I sowing seeds of kindness, the
Gospel message, encouragement
or unity? Or am I sowing seeds of
criticism, discord, discontent, envy
or bitterness?” We will all have
a harvest someday. Plant seeds
that you want to gather the crops
thereof at your harvest.
SILVER LINING November 2015
Illinois, Roanoke
Barb Schwind, Judy Sauder
Our church was privileged
to host an Invite-a-Friend Day
on September 27. We appreciate
all our visitors who joined us for
a day of worship and a potluck
supper and singing in the evening.
Our visiting ministers for the
day were Bro. Mark Wettstein
(LaCrosse) and Bro. Randy
Mogler (Washington). We thank
them for proclaiming the gospel
to us. Bro. Mark shared that,
“If we’re down on our knees, we
don’t have far to fall”. Bro. Randy
related that, “If you don’t have a
test, you don’t have a testimony,”
and “If you can’t see the hand of
God, trust His heart.”
Rose Nenigar of Roanoke
passed away September 22. She
was the mother of Theresa (Don)
Rients. We extend our love and
deepest sympathy to her dear
family in this time of sorrow.
Our monthly Family Hymn
Sing was held on October 4. A
men’s quartet from Roanoke sang
for us. It was a wonderful evening
of worship in song.
St. Luke 18:16 “…Suffer little
children to come unto me, and
forbid them not: for of such is the
kingdom of God.”
The fall marks the time when
our youth are again involved in
various church activities. We thank
all those who so willingly and
lovingly minister to our youth,
whether in teaching Sunday
School, Bible Class and VBS,
leading our children in singing over
the noon lunch hour, helping with
Scripture Memory, and/or helping
with ACTIVE (junior high boys),
HOPE (junior high girls), and
WOW (high school students). We
appreciate these efforts so much
and pray for God’s continued
blessing upon them.
Bro. Caleb & Sis. Erin Leman
were blessed with a baby boy,
Archer William on October 8.
His big brother and sister are
Graysen and Wren. His thankful
grandparents are Bro. Brad
& Sis. Patty Hodel and Elder
Bro. Mike & Sis. Deb Leman
(Denver). Bro. Bill & Sis. Jeanne
Leman welcomed a new grandson
Leonidas “Leo” Otho who was
born on September 3 to Bro. Luke
& Sis. Natalie Baker (Washington).
Then on October 14, Isaac Joshua
was born to Dustin & Cassie
Schumacher of Washington. Bro.
Glen & Sis. Carol Martin are
thrilled with their new grandson.
We are so thankful for these
precious children’s arrival and pray
for God’s blessing on these dear
families as they raise their children
in the ways of the Lord.
Rev. 22:17 “…And let him that
is athirst come. And whosoever will,
let him take the water of life freely.”
Nick Sizemore has begun his
walk with the Lord. We rejoice
with Nick and are so thankful
that so many prayers have been
answered in Nick’s conversion,
including those of his dear
grandparents, Sis. Betty and the
late Bro. Bill Hodel.
We continue to pray for Ben
Mangold who was injured and
Bro. Dennis (Sis. Rita) Schwind
and Sawyer Kaufman who are
dealing with health issues. May
our Lord continue to provide for
and strengthen these loved ones
and their beloved families. We are
so grateful and rejoice that Bro.
Denny & Sawyer are both doing
well at this time.
Illinois, Tremont
Teresa Rowell, Janice Sauder
Bro. Dean Steffen (Sis. Carol,
Belvidere, IL) spent a Sunday with
us and brought us the Word. We
are thankful for each brother who
is willing to stand before us and
preach in season and out of season.
We have two couples planning
summer 2016 weddings. Brian
Woodrum (Stanford, IL) and Trish
Davis (the late Bro. Bob and the
late Sis. Dorothy Wagenbach) are
engaged. Also, Nichole Wagenbach
(Bro. Jon and Sis. Rebekah) and
Jared Sauder (Brad and Marci,
Tremont, IL) are engaged. We wish
these two couples God’s blessings
as they plan their lives together.
Brooklyn and Brianna Sinn
were joined in Holy matrimony
in October. We wish them God’s
richest blessings as they begin their
lives together. Brooklyn is the son
of Bro. Jeff and Sis. Gail Sinn.
Sis. Kathy Rocke is enjoying a
new granddaughter. Myra Rocke
has joined Bro. Dean and Sis.
Maria’s family. Myra’s big sister
is Rylee. Bro. Tim and Sis. Jenny
Ropp have adopted Natalie Bre-Ann
Ropp. She was born on 1-25-13 and
has been their foster daughter for
the past 2 years. Natalie’s excited
siblings are Asa, Hope, Lena and
Johnathan. Bro. Howard and Sis.
Janice Sauder are her grandparents.
And as the circle of life
continues, we experience the loss
of loved ones. Sis. Shirley (Bro.
Dan) Steiner’s mother, Sis. Caroline
Gudeman (Cissna Park, IL) has
gone on to her eternal reward. We
pray that God will comfort all
those who have lost loved ones.
Bro. Jacob Karpati spent the
summer months worshipping with
us while living with Bro. Dirk and
Sis. Erika Koch’s family. We wish
him God’s blessings and safe travel
as he returns home to Hungary.
Illinois, Washington
Kendra Funk, Patricia Knapp
We rejoice with Bro. Jared
Folkerts (Bro. Gary and Sis.
Linda) and Sis. Megan Steffen
(Bro. Scott and Sis. Marvella) as
their engagement was announced
this month. We pray God’s richest
blessings upon them.
Bro. Noah and Sis. Jessica
Teubel joyfully welcomed their new
son, Sawyer James, on September
20. Thankful grandparents are Bro.
Mark and Sis. Marti Teubel and
Bro. Tim and Sis. Sandy Dietrich
(Congerville). We rejoice with
them and pray that God will grant
them wisdom in raising their
precious baby boy!
We were thankful to have Bro.
Joe Klotzle (Sis. Sue, Altadena)
share the Word this month.
Prayers of comfort to Bro. Jim
Martin in the loss of his mother
and Nathan Braker (Sis. Michelle)
in the loss of his grandmother, Sis.
Edna Martin (Princeville).
We welcome Bro. Marshall
and Sis. Jan Heinold back to our
congregation as they returned from
their home in Ixtlan, MX where
they have faithfully served the Lord
for many years. We pray that God
will bless them as they make this
adjustment. We continue to pray
for the church in Ixtlan.
Note of thanks:
We are overwhelmed by the
love and kindness shown to us
during Linda’s recent illness. We
want to thank all those who lifted
prayers on her behalf and shared
their love by bringing meals and
sending encouraging cards and
gifts. We appreciate everything
so much and praise our Heavenly
Father for His healing! Love in
Christ, Gary & Linda Folkerts
Indiana, Bluffton
Suzie Fiechter, Kim Meyer
A Native American and his
friend were walking downtown
Manhattan during lunch hour. As
you can imagine the noises, the
Native American stopped and said,
“I hear a cricket.” “Nonsense,” said
his friend. But sure enough, the
Native American went across the
street and found the hidden cricket.
The friend said, “That’s
incredible! You must have
superhuman hearing.”
The Native American replied,
“No, I have the same ears as you.
It all depends on what you are
listening for.”
“There’s no way I could hear a
cricket!” said the friend.
“Here let me show you what
I mean,” continued the Native
November 2015
American. He took a few coins
from his pocket and dropped
them on the concrete. Both men
noticed every head within twenty
feet turned to see if the money that
dropped was theirs. “See what I
mean?” asked the Native American.
“It all depends on what’s important
to you.” –unknown
“And he said, Go forth, and stand
upon the mount before the Lord.
And, behold, the Lord passed by,
and a great and strong wind rent
the mountains, and brake in pieces
the rocks before the Lord; but the
Lord was not in the wind: and after
the wind an earthquake; but the
Lord was not in the earthquake:
And after the earthquake a fire; but
the Lord was not in the fire: and
after the fire a still small voice.”
1 Kings 19:11,12
So what’s important to us?
What news or conversations make
our ears perk? Is it things of heaven
or things of this world? Are we
preparing to be a vessel fit for the
master’s use? How does He want
to use us as His hands and feet?
How are we responding to the
happenings that touch His heart?
We had testimonies and
baptisms for six young girls. How
much of an effort do we make to
support these precious weekends?
Do we see if we are busy or what the
weather will look like? Or do we, to
the best of our ability, support our
growing church family?
We joyfully greet our six new
sisters in Christ: Sis. Maddie Isch
(Bro. Doug/Sis. Tonia), Sis. Lydia
Steffen (Bro. Wayne/Sis. Jeanne),
Sis. Whitney Kaehr (Bro. Brent/Sis.
SILVER LINING November 2015
Allison), Sis. Anna Gerber (Bro.
Alan/Sis. Joli), Sis. Deena Reinhard
(Bro. Kent/Sis. Jodi), and Sis.
Abigail Kaehr (Bro. Jon/Sis. Juli).
We rejoice with our five new
converts: Hope Gerber (Bro. Jeff/
Sis. Rhonda), Hannah Brooks
(Bro. Matt/Sis. Bekah), Ellie Isch
(Bro. Doug/Sis. Tonia), Reesa
Grube (Bro. Jay/Sis. Ronda), and
Heidi Sinn (Bro. Dave/Sis. Joleen).
What does the Spirit say to us
when we hear the news of converts?
Are we hearing the prompt to pray,
encourage, or mentor?
And speaking of new births
in Christ, we’ve been blessed with
newborns! Kinley Reinhard was
born to Bro. Krent & Sis. Amber,
Alaya and Blakely Reinhard. Bro.
Roger & Sis. Maureen Reinhard
and Bro. Scott & Sis. Rita DeHoff
are the ever thankful grandparents.
Sis. Jennie Gerber rejoices with the
healthy birth of another grandson,
Memphis, born to her son and
daughter-in-law, Chris & Laura.
Bro. Gene & Sis. Joni Longenberger
are blessed with a grandson, Rowen,
born to their daughter and sonin-law, Abby & Dan Nagel. On
October 7, Ronan Grube was
born to Bro. Jayson & Sis. Sarah
Grube. His grandparents are Bro.
Jeff & Sis. Jodi Towle and Bro. Jay
& Sis. Ronda Grube. Bro. Paul
& Sis. Beth Aschliman welcome
little Bay Adelyn into their family
along with her big brother, Owen.
Grandparents, Bro. Herman &
Sis. Julie Drayer and Bro. Skip &
Sis. Connie Aschliman welcome
her with open arms. Bro. Vince
& Sis. Breana Fiechter rejoice in
the birth of their first girl, Georgie
LaNae. She has a big brother Jake,
and loving grandparents, Elder
Bro. Lynn & Sis. Ronda Fiechter
and Bro. Doug & Sis. Lillian
Wagenbach of San Diego. So with
the birth of a granddaughter, we
were blessed to also have Bro. Doug
share a sermon with us. We always
welcome their visit along with any
other minister passing through.
As we think of those who are
shut in or lying in a hospital bed,
I hope as a minimum, we hear the
need to pray. The same four walls of
a room or even house can get lonely
and discouraging. Are we needed
for a card of encouragement, visit,
phone call, or warm meal? Two
brothers that come to mind right
now are Bro. Doug Dailey (Sis.
Susan) and Bro. Jeremy Valentine.
Some of our widows and
widowers that were able were
invited to our Love One Another
Supper/Singing hosted by the
young group. What a special
night to see the young and old
mix joyfully and singing praises to
God. You only get that when Jesus
is the common denominator.
So before the holidays begin
to ramp up, take extra time this
next month to tune in to what’s
important to your ears. Do
some inventory and preparation.
The Spirit may want us to look
inwardly before we eagerly look
outwardly. But make no mistake,
He wants to use us. If we are fully
willing, we will be fully ready.
“For it is God which worketh in
you both to will and to do of his
good pleasure.” Phil. 2:13
Indiana, Bluffton North
Corinne Stettner, Amy Moser
Rev. 12:10 “And I heard a loud
voice saying in heaven, Now is
come salvation, and strength, and
the kingdom of our God, and the
power of his Christ: for the accuser
of our brethren is cast down, which
accused them before our God day
and night.” (One glorious day that
accuser, bruiser, loser, abuser, user
and confuser will be cast down.)
Every year fall brings the
Bluffton Street Fair to town.
For the past several years,
both churches have provided a
homemade lunch for those who
worked for and traveled with
Poor Jack’s Amusements. Food is
served, connections are made, and
God’s love is shown. This has been
a great outreach opportunity in
the community and a blessing for
all those involved.
We had a couple visitors in
Bluffton this month that were
such an encouragement to us. Bro.
Rick Aberle, the administrator at
Hospital Lumiere in Haiti, gave
a presentation about the work
and changes that have taken
place in the hospital over the
past few years. Also, Bro. Mike
Meece, from Bloomington, gave
a talk on serving the Lord while
in Vietnam as a non-combatant
in the military. He related many
incidents in battle to the spiritual
battles we face today.
Our dear Sis. Sylvia Frauhiger
(Bro. Ivan-dec.) passed away this
month. She was such a joy, and we
will miss her greatly. Our prayers
go out to her children: Arlene
(Rich) Stoller, Rudy (Connie),
Bruce, and Brice (dec.).
Sis. Hannah Rauch and
Bro. Andy Kaehr were wed on a
beautiful autumn day this month.
Our congregation was once again
reminded of God’s love for us
and His perfectly-timed plan for
our lives. We want to thank Bro.
Steve Stieglitz (Sis. Jane) of Leo,
IN for sharing the day with us and
having the morning message.
Our Sunday School held its
annual nomination meeting and
dinner on Sunday, October 11.
Please be prayerful for the Spirit’s
presence as new teachers will soon
be voted on to fill these positions.
May we recognize the great
privilege and responsibility we
have to train up and disciple our
children in the ways of the Lord.
Bro. Daniel Shorb, son of Bro.
Brett and Sis. Cindy Shorb, will
soon be having surgery to remove a
malignant tumor. Let’s remember
him in our prayers as other health
issues might also pose complications
during this procedure. May Bro.
Daniel and his family feel God’s
peace as they face the future.
and Sis. Talitha Fischer (Bro. Paul
& Sis. Leanne) of Leo has been
announced. We rejoice with them
on this happy occasion.
Recently we were blessed to
have visiting ministers Bro. Ken
Wuethrich (Sis. Lyn, Indianapolis)
and Bro. Neal Widmer (Sis. Kris,
West Lafayette).
Several from our congregation
have been hospital patients: Sis. Peg
Gudeman (Bro. Dale); Sis. Barb
Huber (Bro. Gene); Sis. Diane
Clevenger (Jon) and Sis. Glendoris
Huber (Bro. Lester). We pray the
Lord will be very near to each of
them during their recovery.
We extend sincere sympathy
to Bro. Chad & Sis. Pam Huber
at the death of her father, Algird
Gudas of Winamac. Indiana, Indianapolis
Nancy Pfeifer, Sandy Lichtle
“Every good gift and every perfect
gift is from above, and cometh
down from the Father of lights, with
whom is no variableness, neither
shadow of turning.” James 1:17
Two families in our church
were blessed with the precious
gift of a new baby. Bro. Bert and
Indiana, Francesville
Sis. Karen Aeschliman welcomed
Jacki Huber, Mildred Clauss
a new grandson. Howard Albert
“We best glorify Him when His
Aeschliman was born on September
Life is seen through us as a light to 2 to Jason and Lauren Aeschliman
others” -Unknown
(Mason, OH). October 2 was a
Bro. Kirk Huber (son of Bro.
special day for first-time parents
Gene & Sis. Sherri) has gone to
Bro. Lance and Sis. Ashley Schwab
Haiti where he is serving a medical as their daughter, Juliet Jo, was
internship at Hospital Lumiere in
born. Thankful grandparents are
Bonne Fin.
Bro. Jon and Sis. Wendy Schwab
The engagement of Bro. Paul
(Remington, IN) and Mike and
Huber (Bro. Chad & Sis. Pam)
Mary Creigh (Monticello, IN).
November 2015
Sis. Cassidy Tanner
(Francesville, IN), Sis. Keelin Isch
(Francesville, IN) and Sis. Alyssa
Meyer (Bluffton, IN) recently
moved to Indianapolis. Sis. Cassidy
is a college student, Sis. Keelin is
employed as a nurse, and Sis. Alyssa
is working as a commercial interior
designer. It is a joy to worship and
fellowship with them.
We are thankful God is still
calling laborers into His harvest.
Sis. Cassidy Tanner and Sis.
Raquel Sauder, also a student,
gave their testimonies and were
baptized in Francesville, IN and
Leo, IN, respectively.
“I [Paul] have planted, Apollos
watered; but God gave the increase.”
1 Corinthians 3:6
On October 14, three staff
members and a former resident
from Gateway Woods gave a
presentation on its history, how
they came to the campus, and some
of their “planting and watering”
experiences as they provide help
and healing for troubled children
and families by God’s grace.
Bro. Kevin Knapp (Sis. Dixie,
Bloomington, IL) shared the
Living Word this month. We
appreciate his labors of love.
Indiana, Lacrosse
Meagan Frank, Julie Rocke
Bro. Gene and Sis. Evie
Heinold are rejoicing in the arrival
of a new granddaughter, Carly
Marie Manz, who was born to
Bro. Fred and Sis. Kayla (Junction,
OH). Big siblings Lincoln and
Zoey welcome her home, too.
Bro. Glen Heinold and Elder
SILVER LINING November 2015
Bro. Curt Frank both spent time
in the hospital this month. We
are very thankful they have both
recovered and are doing well again.
Our sympathy and prayers
go out to Bro. Elvin and Sis. Jan
Nuest, Bro. Ron Nuest, and Bro.
Mark and Sis. Karen Wettstein
and their family, in the passing of
Sis. Jan’s mother, Sis. Ruth Lowry
(Bloomington, IL).
Streitmatter (Bloomington); Bro.
John Jackson (Bay City); Bro. Jeff
Leman (Bluffton North); Bro.
Matt Steffen (Princeville); Bro.
Craig Martin (Princeville); Bro.
Bill Waibel (Bay City); and Bro.
Matt Knapp (Atlanta).
In addition, no one seemed to
complain about testimonies and
baptisms for five precious converts:
Abby Kaufman, Raquel Sauder,
Brianna Dailey, Michaela Slagel,
Indiana, Leo
and Aviah Wieland.
Kirby Reutter
And we certainly didn’t hear
“And whatsoever ye do in word or Sis. Talitha Fischer complain when
deed, do all in the name of the Lord the following announcement was
Jesus, giving thanks to God and the
made over the Leo pulpit: “Sis.
Father by him.” Colossians 3:17
Talitha Fischer is engaged to Bro.
This month I wondered,
Paul Huber from Francesville.
“What would life be like if I made
Talitha and Paul are both seniors
a point of complaining every single
at Purdue. They are planning a
day? What if I counted my many
January wedding in Leo.”
complaints, and named them one by
Bro. Chet Baumgartner
one?” The experiment came much
(English teacher at Gateway) lost his
more naturally for me than I would beloved father this month. Surely, I
prefer to publically acknowledge.
thought, he would have something
The complaints just kept pouring
to complain about. Instead, this
in! I thought of the issues of this
is what he wrote: “Dear Gateway
church and the blind spots of that
Family: I wanted to thank everyone
church. I thought of the problems
for their prayers and sympathies at
of this country and the even worse,
the passing of my dad. The flowers
problems of those other countries
were lovely (and that’s coming
way over there. I even thought of
from a bachelor), and the many
the endless faults of my poor wife’s
sentiments, whether virtual or
husband! (Bless her heart.)
in person, reminded me of how
But then I noticed something
blessed I am to belong to such a
rather curious. None of the people caring fellowship and family here at
whom I most admired seemed
Gateway. We’ve made it through the
to think constant complaining
peace that passes all understanding,
was a good idea. For example, no
and God has given us that peace
one seemed to complain about
through your prayers. Though
nine visiting ministers: Bro. Tim
painful, this time has just reinforced
Drayer (Bluffton North); Bro.
how critical the Gateway mission
Ed Sauder (Roanoke); Bro. Mark
is. Even when the pain was at his
worst, I knew that my dad loved
me and that I would see him again.
It provides tremendous comfort,
and I pray that our residents will
understand that love better through
us as well.”
Bro. Brace and Sis. Brenda
Wieland have been dealing with
cancer. Of all people, I thought,
they should surely have something
to complain about. Instead, this is
what Bro. Brace wrote: “Brenda’s
pathology report shows that
the cancer had evidenced itself
primarily in the appendix and
some surrounding capillaries that
fed blood to the appendix. All
the material removed from the
abdominal cavity, as well as the
organs removed, appear to be clear
of cancer. This would indicate that
the cancer was a slow-growing,
low-grade type. Obviously, this
was music to our ears; we’re
thankful beyond words. Our hope
is to be back home within a week.
Please continue to pray that her
recovery will go well. Thanks so
much! Love to all.”
After a year-long counselor
shortage, a new counselor was
finally hired at Gateway. Not
one person said: “Why do we
keep getting more recruits from
Bluffton?” Instead, within minutes
of the announcement, these were the
emails that poured in: “I wanted to
let you all know that we have hired
a new counselor in the residential
program! Her name is Sis. Elise
Maller and she is originally from
Bluffton. She has a long history
of working with young people.
Please make her feel welcome!” /
“Elise brings a lot of experience in
working with troubled families and
children, and I am excited about
what she will add to the counseling
team!” / “I love Elise and I’m so glad
she is joining the Gateway team!
Everyone, you will love her. She is
amazing!” / “I totally agree. She will
be an asset to Gateway!” / “I would
like to submit a budget request for
a red carpet extending the entire
Gateway driveway. Welcome Elise!”
(On a strictly personal note, if we
practiced foot washing, I think I
would have been the first to break
out the towel and basin.)
And for all the complaints we
hear about the most affluent nation
in the history of human civilization,
some people continue to selflessly
serve under third-world conditions.
Interestingly, however, I only heard
words of gratitude from these loved
ones: “Dear Leo Church family:
We have been so blessed by so many
of you this summer, from the first
day we arrived to a stocked fridge,
pantry and many gift cards! As we
embark on another two-year term
in Ethiopia, we are returning with
so much love and prayer support
from so many of you. Thank you
for all the ways you bless us and
look after our family during our
time here and in Ethiopia. Love in
Christ – Bro. Jon, Sis. Amy, Jada,
and Adia (Gerst).”
The lesson I learned this
month was fairly simple. When we
all realize our infinite dependence
on a heavenly Savior and—by
extension—our profound need for
His earthly body, there just doesn’t
seem to be too much room left for
complaining. Wouldn’t you agree?
“By him therefore let us offer
the sacrifice of praise to God
continually, that is, the fruit of our
lips giving thanks to his name.”
Hebrews 13:15
Indiana, Milford
Jodi Beer, Minnie Beer
What a wonderful fall we have
had. Beautiful color as the leaves
continue to fall and beautiful
weather to bring in the harvest.
God is good.
As a church family we rejoice
with our converts Sarah Lehman
(Bro. Dean & Sis. Mary) and Aaron
Beer (Bro. Randy & Sis. Deb). We
wish them much grace as they fight
off Satan and move forward.
Our recent surgical patient
was Bro. Bill Troup (Sis. Anne).
We are thankful he is again able to
resume his regular activities.
Visiting ministers were Bro.
Virgil Metzger (Sis. Mary, Chicago)
and our Elder Bro. Bill Schlatter
(Sis. Emily, Junction). We thank
all our brothers for serving us so
faithfully every week. We are asking
God to bless each family. We are
also thankful our Elder Bro. Bill was
physically able to come again and
may he continue to recover.
Indiana, Remington
Jenni Honegger, Marcella Tyler
Elder Bros. Curt Frank (Sis.
Lyla) from LaCrosse, IN; Jim
Plattner (Sis. Marlene) from
Princeville, IL; and Greg Lehman
(Sis. Mary Beth) from Wolcott, IN
were all on hand to assist our Elder
Bro. Dan Kilgus with testimonies
November 2015
and baptisms one weekend. We
thank them for their service and
for the precious time we spent
together. Bro. Todd Graf (Sis.
Lydia) of Akron, OH also shared
the Word with us one Sunday. We
are thankful for his fellowship and
labor with us as well.
We welcome our new sister
and brothers in the faith: Sis.
Sophie Getz (Bro. Jason and Sis.
Sara), and Bros. Grant and Nelson
Knobloch (Bro. Neil and Sis.
June)! They each gave a beautiful
testimony of God’s faithfulness in
their lives. We as a church were
gratified and encouraged to hear
how He is still working in the
hearts of our young people. They
were then baptized through their
faith in Christ. We are thankful
to welcome them as a member of
God’s family. We pray that they
will each continue to keep Him as
their focus as they go on the rest
of their life’s journey.
Sis. Helen Waibel (Bro. Ralph)
once again spent time in the
hospital this month. We pray for
her recovery and healing and for
comfort for her family during this
difficult time.
Indiana, South Bend
Joshua Martinez
“Blessed be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has
blessed us with all spiritual blessings
in heavenly places in Christ.”
Ephesians 1:3
We’re happy to have Bro. Bob
and Sis. Sue Beebe safely home
from a recent mission trip to
Hospital Lumiere in Haiti.
SILVER LINING November 2015
Baby Titus Martin has joined
Thomas and Ramona Langhofer’s
family. Joining the celebration
are siblings Boston and Jacob.
Grandparents are Bro. Marty and
Sis. Lavilla Langhofer and Titi and
Dorina Iacob of Romania.
May the Lord bless Elder
Brother Curt Frank (Sis. Lyla,
LaCrosse, IN) and Bro. Gary
Maibach (Sis. Mary Ann,
Smithville, OH) for sharing
spiritual blessings from the pulpit.
“Now therefore, our God, we
thank thee, and praise thy glorious
name.” 1 Chronicles 29:13
Indiana, Valparaiso
Sherry Meiss
Our thanks go out to the many
visitors we have had this month,
from the familiar-looking faces to
the new and old ones. The Peoria
Choir filled the hearts of all who
attended our Harvest Program
and blessed us deeply. Thanks to
all the men and participants at
the Harvest Program making it a
special time of fellowship.
Your prayers have been fruitful
for Bro. Mike Thomas to get over
phenomena and Bro. Tim Bucher
with his recent hip surgery. Both
have been brought back to health.
Don’t forget to pray for each
other. If you are ever in the area,
please know you are welcome to
come and worship with us. We
are just south of US Hwy 30 on
IN Hwy 49.
Note of Thanks:
A special heartfelt thank you to
all who have been praying for me
with the removal of a mass found
in my pelvis and my husband
with his pain. The outpouring
of love from all of you has truly
overwhelmed us. From the meals
being brought in, cards, gifts, help
around the house, and staying with
me. Also, the constant inquiry as
to how we are doing has shown us
God has a hand in our lives. Your
kindness will not be forgotten.
Sis. Sherry Meiss
Indiana, West Lafayette
Kris Widmer, Libby Wahl
“Autumn teaches us a valuable
lesson. During summer, all the
green trees are beautiful. But
there is no time of the year when
the trees are more beautiful than
when they are different colors.
Diversity adds beauty to our
world”. -D.L. Hicks
Part of our fall beauty was
the birth of Beckett Cameron
Walder born to Bro. Cameron &
Sis. Amanda Walder. Kinley and
Landen are excited for his presence
in their home.
Another bounty of beauty was
the love expressed in engagements
announced four weeks in a row.
This must be a West Lafayette first.
Sis. Janessa Wahl (Bro. Fred & Sis.
Libby) was announced to Bro. Ryan
Warren of Wolcott (Randy & Beth
Warren, Rensselaer, IN). From
our Purdue College youth came
announcements of Sis. Victoria
Stoller of Princeville to Bro. Cody
Walburn of Bluffton; Sis. Talitha
Joy Fisher of Leo to Bro. Paul Huber
of Francesville; and Sis. Andrea
Leuthold of Peoria to Bro. Troy
Tonner of Bluffton. Bro. Troy has
to get in his car to see Sis. Andrea in
Illinois. The rest are saving gas right
here on campus.
Diversity is most welcome
in the exchange of our pulpit
ministry. Thank you Bros.
Troy Leyse, Bluffton and John
Lehman, Wolcott.
And, a most glorious fall
blossom is the peace evident on
the face of Marin Leman (Bro.
Randy & Sis. Mara) as she waits
baptism November 15. We are
most grateful to God for the
harvest in all the fields!
Indiana, Wolcott
Beckie Lehman, Erica Blume
“The Lord is not slack concerning
his promise, as some men count
slackness; but is longsuffering to usward, not willing that any should
perish, but that all should come to
repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9
Our Father in Heaven has
been merciful to our congregation!
It is with joy that we can report
that Leandra and Amber Bahler
(Bro. Mike and Sis. Jody) have
both begun their repentance.
Kurtis Allie (Andy Allie, Wolcott)
has also found grace to walk
with God. We pray that they
will discover the truth of God’s
faithfulness. Our hearts yearn for
more to answer this call!
Sis. Larissa Bahler (Bro. Mike
and Sis. Jody) and Bro. Daniel
Wagenbach (Bro. Micheal and Sis.
Erica) have given public testimony
of their faith in the cleansing
blood of Jesus Christ. They were
baptized on October 4 in front of
many witnesses.
The baptism brought
several visiting ministers to our
congregation. Elder Bros. Dan
Kilgus (Sis. Jenna, Remington) and
Jon Schmidgall (Sis. Julie, OakvilleMediapolis) assisted in the weekend.
Ministers included Bros. Ron Isch
(Sis. Jane, Lamont-Gridley), Justin
Isch (Sis. Liz, Lamont-Gridley), Ned
Bahler (Sis. Anna, Fairbury), Jerry
Wagenbach (Sis. Bonnie, OakvilleMediapolis) and David Hartter (Sis.
Beth, Sabetha). We are thankful
for their presence, whether they
ministered over the pulpit, taught in
Sunday School, or were part of the
praying congregation.
Bro. Brian Waibel (Sis. Wendy,
Champaign) and Bro. Neil
Widmer (Sis. Kris, West Lafayette)
visited Wolcott in mid-September.
We appreciated the spiritual food
they served us and encourage
them to return.
Several in our congregation
dealt with health issues this
month. Sis. Mary Witzig is
recovering at home after a couple
of hospital stays. Sis. Marge
Hofstetter received a partial hip
replacement and has returned
to the nursing home. Nathan
Lehman (Bro. John and Sis.
Tamara) was hospitalized with
pneumonia, but should soon be
released. We are thankful for
God’s nearness and comfort in
each of these situations!
Bro. Larry Blume (Sis. Lynell)
has had a couple of medical
procedures and plans to begin
treatments for cancer in the
coming weeks. He is thankful
to all that offered prayers on his
behalf in the past, and those that
will offer them in the future!
We are thankful that God
has provided Sis. Janessa Wahl
(Bro. Fred and Sis. Libby Wahl,
West Lafayette) to be a helpmeet
for our Bro. Ryan Warren
(Randy and Beth, Renssalaer).
They are, Lord willing, planning
to marry in December. While
there is rejoicing, Bro. Ryan’s
family also grieves the loss of his
grandmother, Leona Ruth Warren.
Through the many events our
congregation has seen this month,
we are encouraged by the truth
that the Spirit and Comforter are
with us at all stages of life. We have
felt the benefit of Romans 12:15,
“Rejoice with them that do rejoice,
and weep with them that weep.”
Iowa, Bloomfield
Teresa Schock
We are thankful Bro. Brad
Funk (Sis. Laura, Garden Grove)
was here to minister to us October
6. He mentioned Aaron, and that
Aaron did not take the blame for
making the calf. He made excuses.
Do we make excuses for things too?
May God be with Bro. Steven
Schock as he has moved to Morris
for a new job.
Sis. Lynn Townsend (Danny)
has a new granddaughter, Taylee
Marie. Her parents are Dustin
and Katie Harris. She also has a
brother, Daxton.
The fall edition of our medical
insurance magazine just arrived,
and on the front cover in big
letters it read, “Get an Attitude
of Gratitude.” On the inside was
November 2015
this quote, “Gratitude unlocks
the fullness of life. It turns what
we have into enough…” They
had a gratitude ritual on how to
give thanks. Here are some of the
things they listed.
1. Practice looking for the good.
2. Get personal (focusing on
people who you are grateful for
has more impact than focusing
on things).
3. Surround yourself with
positive people (attitudes tend to rub
off on others).
4. Focus on giving (you will
find that your mind will focus
on what you have, and what you
can offer, rather than what you
do not have).
and are thankful for all who attended
and shared the day with us.
Bro. Duane Metzger (Sis.
Ruth, West Bend, IA), Elder Bro.
Paul Messner (Sis. Jan, Winthrop,
MN), Bro. Bruce Frank (Sis.
Bonita, Cissna Park, IL) and
Bro. Dale Frank (Sis. Tina,
Oakville-Mediapolis, IA) were our
visiting ministers this month. We
appreciate their service and pray
the Lord will bless them.
Iowa, Lester
Audrey Metzger, Joyce Moser
“Be patient therefore, brethren,
unto the coming of the Lord.
Behold, the husbandman waiteth
for the precious fruit of the earth,
and hath long patience for it, until
Iowa, Elgin
he receive the early and latter rain.
Maria Rocke
Be ye also patient; stablish your
We wish God’s blessings to
hearts; for the coming of the Lord
Ashley Callahan and Kory Turner draweth nigh.” James 5:7-8.
as they were united in marriage on
As our harvest season slowly
September 12. Ashely’s parents are winds down, we realize how
Jeff and Tammy Callahan and Kory’s abundantly the Lord has blessed
are Steve Turner and Susan Turner.
the labors of so many who
September 19 and 20 we hosted till the soil, and we are filled
our annual invite-a-guest. Serving with thankfulness. We also are
us from the pulpit that weekend
reminded of the need to “stablish”
were many visiting ministers:
our hearts. A few definitions of
Bro. Ron Isch (Sis. Jane, Lamontestablish are ‘to settle’ and ‘to
Gridley, KS), Bro. Roger Aberle (Sis. make firm or stable’. By doing
LaVonne, Sabetha, KS), Bro. Merlin this, we will stay firmly grounded
Meyer (Sis. Merilyn, Lester, IA), and and focused on our eternal goal.
Bro. Jeremiah Psinas (Morton, IL).
We sincerely appreciated having
We enjoyed a blessed weekend with Bro. Bill Wettstein (Sis. Heidi,
all who came to be with us!
Eureka, IL) share God’s Word this
past month. May he and his dear
Iowa, Iowa City
family be blessed for traveling out
Diana Butikofer
for the weekend to be with us.
We held our College Student
Our congratulations go out
Welcome Picnic on September 20
to three couples as they became
SILVER LINING November 2015
engaged this past month. Traci
Knoblock (Bro. Roger and Sis.
Janet) was engaged to Jeff Nord.
Deann Popkes (Bro. Greg and
Sis. Lori) was engaged to Jed
Matthiesen. Also, Bro. Jesse TeSlaa
of Silverton, OR (Ronda and Jim
Thielen) was engaged to Sis. Kari
Kuenzi from Silverton, OR. Bro.
Jesse grew up in Lester and now
lives in Silverton. We rejoice with
these couples as they make plans to
become united in marriage.
Two precious babies were
born on September 29. Bro. Ross
and Sis. Abby Mogler welcomed
Kamden Henry into their family
along with big brother Khye.
Grandparents are Bro. Rodney
and Sis. Lois Mogler. Michael and
Ashley Leuthold were blessed with
a baby girl, Alexis Maryalice. Big
sister Elizabeth is happy for a little
sister, along with grandparents
Bro. Bob and Sis. Cindy Leuthold.
Bro. Delbert Knobloch (Sis.
June) was a surgical patient this past
month and is recovering. Bro. John
Gerber is a hospital patient at this
writing. We pray for God’s strength
and healing in the days ahead.
We failed to mention Bro.
Glen and Sis. Joyce Metzger in
extending our sympathy in the
passing of their sister-in-law, Sis.
Lois Metzger (Bro. Boyd, Chicago,
IL). Our prayers are with all who
bear the cross of sorrow.
Iowa, Oakville-Mediapolis
Kelsey Banwart, Tami Lanz
We extend best wishes to
Daniel Hay (Bro. Paul and Sis.
Connie) and Courtney Gerst (Fred
and Susan) as they were united in
marriage on September 19.
On September 20, we were
privileged to have the Bible
Class students and teachers from
Bloomfield, Burlington, and Garden
Grove, IA spend the day with our
Bible Class students. We thank
Bro. Matt Steffen (Sis. Deanna,
Princeville, IL) for sharing the
Word with the congregation in the
morning and talking to the Bible
Class students in the afternoon.
Also sharing the Word this
past month was visiting minister
Bro. Dallas Massner (Sis. Christy,
Burlington, IA).
The engagement of our Bro.
Nathan Frank (Bro. Curt and Sis.
Kathy) to Sis. Lucy Wulf (Bro. Dave
and Sis. Nancy) from Morris, MN
was announced. We are thankful
to hear how the Lord has worked in
their lives and led them together. We
wish them God’s continued blessings.
We were also thankful to
hear the announcement that our
convert Molly Lanz (Bro. Keith
and Sis. Tonya) has found peace
with God and man and is looking
forward to baptism.
Iowa, West Bend
Yvonne Bruellman, Becky Virkler
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105.
Our thanks go out to Bro. Kent
Getz (Sis. Betty, Elgin, IA) and Bro.
Jim Butikofer (Sis. Diana, Iowa
City, IA) for preaching the Word.
We continue to pray for God’s
will on those who have health
issues. Sis. Carole Fehr (Bro.
Larry), Sis. Audrey Messner (Bro.
Bruce) and Sis. Betsy Bruellman
(Bro. Andy) have been in the
hospital this month.
“He healeth the broken in heart,
and bindeth up their wounds.
He telleth the number of the stars;
he calleth them all by their names.
Great is our Lord, and of
great power: his understanding is
infinite.” Psalms 147:3-5
Jeff and Beth Fehr mourn the
loss of their son Anthony’s wife
Jill Fehr. Anthony is the grandson
of Bro. Larry and Sis. Carole
Fehr. May the Lord heal their
broken hearts.
James and Sherry Schmidt
and family also mourn the loss
of Sherry’s brother Bernard
(Bud) Gifford.
Bro. Abram & Sis. Jessica
Frank welcome a precious little
one into their home. Big brother
Keegan is anxious to play with his
new playmate, Brody Alan. Bro.
Mark & Sis. Janet Fehr and Bro.
Scott & Sis. Elaine Frank (Eureka,
IL) are the thankful grandparents.
Once again our community
has been blessed with a bountiful
harvest. May we always be
thankful unto God.
“For the Lord is good; his mercy is
everlasting; and his truth endureth
to all generations.” Psalm 100:5
Japan, Tokyo
Anna Inoue, Marie Inoue
We are enjoying lovely fall days
for the most part, and the newspaper
stated that Mt. Fuji has it first coat
of snow. The change in seasons is
another of God’s gifts for us to enjoy.
October 11 was a national
holiday here, and both churches
enjoyed a Fellowship Meeting in a
mountainous area near the Shioda
church. Our time was spent in
singing and scriptural reading,
visiting, and hiking. One of the
hiking paths was not strenuous,
so all ages could enjoy the time
together. It followed a stream with
water flowing over huge rocks. As
we hiked under the blue skies, a
sister mentioned to me that the
huge rocks were surely put in
place by God as man could never
maneuver them.
Bro. Keith and Sis. Emily
Schambach of Elgin, IL have just
arrived. We look so forward to
fellowship in the Lord with them.
Sis. Emily is a sister to Sis. Anna
Inoue. We hope they can enjoy
their stay here.
Our shut-in loved ones remain
about the same. We remember
them in our thoughts and prayers
daily. May the Lord be near them.
Kansas, Bern
Jill Meyer, Rita Menold
Our prayers are with Bro. Ed
and Sis. Ramona Strahm at the
passing of Sis. Ramona’s father, Bro.
Harlan Meyer of Sabetha. John and
Sis. Margaret Hundley also bid a
sudden farewell to John’s mother,
Mary Francis Hundley, of Sabetha.
Praying that God will fill these
family voids with his perfect peace.
Sis. Waneta Plattner is
recovering from shoulder surgery,
as a result from a fall. We pray
that God would grant His healing
powers as He sees fit.
November 2015
We enjoyed a Sunday evening
together for our annual all church
wiener roast. It is such a blessing
to spend time in fellowship with
our church family!
Kansas, Ft. Scott
Karen Kellenberger
“Oh brother, life’s journey
beginning, With courage and
firmness arise; Look well to the
course thou art choosing, Be
earnest, be watchful, be wise;
Remember, two paths are before
thee, And both thy attention
invite; But one leadeth on to
destruction, The other to joy and
delight. God help you to follow
His banner, And serve Him
wherever you go, And when you
are tempted, my brother, God give
you the grace to say ‘no’.”
Gospel Hymns #312
Fort Scott congregation gives
praise to God for two dear young
men who are giving their hearts
and lives to Him. They are Austin
Bahr (Bro. Larry and Sis. Julie)
and Benjamin “Benji” Banwart
(Bro. Trenton and Sis. Kristi).
As Thanksgiving nears, we
remember to thank God, from
Whom all blessings flow.
Kansas, Kiowa
Millicent Frieden, Janice Bahr
The children of Ministering
Brother Ronald Allenbach honored
him with a public reception on the
evening of October 26 for his 80th
birthday. Many friends and family
members, as well as the church
brotherhood, came to help him
celebrate the happy occasion. We
SILVER LINING November 2015
also thank God for Brother Ron’s
many years in the church body and
on the pulpit as a minister of the
Word. We wish him many more!
Are you letting King BenHadad slip right out of your hands?
SAY WHAT? 1 Kings Chapter 20
gives the account of Ben-Hadad,
King of Syria, waging war against
King Ahab, King of Israel. Although
Ahab’s army was much smaller, the
Prophet of the Lord came to King
Ahab (verse 13), and Ahab was told
that King Ben-Hadad and all of
his army would be delivered into
the hands of the Israelites for utter
destruction (verse 42).
The enemy was indeed
destroyed. However, King BenHadad was taken captive (verse 32).
When Ben-Hadad was brought
before King Ahab, Ben-Hadad
began to bargain for his life; making
deals and covenants to rebuild the
Israeli cities (verse 34), including
setting up the market places and
getting the economy going again.
So King Ahab suckered for this plan
of Ben-Hadad’s instead of “utterly
destroying” the entire Syrian army
as the Lord had appointed (verse
42). King Ahab disobeyed and
listened to Ben-Hadad and his
promises and covenants of restoring
Israel. Ahab become so “busy here
and there “ in his daily activities of
overseeing his country’s rebuilding
that the next thing he knew, BenHadad was gone (verse 40). King
Ahab had let the prize slip right out
of his hands.
So the take-home point is this.
In the hectic world we live … let
us not, like King Ahab, become so
busy, so distracted, so preoccupied
with our activities that take us
here and there (verse 40), that we
begin to ever so gradually let God
slip out of our hands.
Kansas, Lamont-Gridley
Dorene Metzger
Bro. Brandon (Sis. Maria)
Emch & family were in our midst
on September 21. His sermons
were centered on “persecution” of
Lot, Stephen, and Paul, as well as a
possibility for us in the near future.
The following five statements are of
upmost importance to each of us
who may face this challenge. Do
we remember and understand the
following points and can we testify
the following?
1. Do I understand that
“naked came I into this world and
naked I shall leave this world?”
2. Repentance is necessary
to find forgiveness and be able to
live eternally.
3. Can I say like Paul, “I
have fought a good fight; I have
finished course; I have kept the faith:
henceforth is laid up for me a crown
of righteousness.” 1 Tim. 4:7-8
4. Can we forgive like Stephen
in Acts 7:59-60 when he was
stoned? “And they stoned Stephen
calling upon God and saying, Lord
Jesus, receive my spirit. And he
kneeled down and cried with a loud
voice, lay not this sin to their charge.
And when he said this, he fell asleep.”
5. And most importantly,
Each of us could be challenged
in this matter. A song comes
to mind that says, “Turn your
eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His
wonderful face. And the things of
earth will grow strangely dim, in the
light of his glory and grace.”
September 26-27 was our Fall
Invite-a-Guest weekend. Bro. Ed
Fritz of Washington, IL was our
guest minister. We appreciated his
call to faithful service for the Lord.
October 10 our fall Sunday
School Picnic was held at Bro. Ron
& Sis. Jane Isch’s country home and
a wonderful time was had by all.
The October 14 daily devotion
in Prepare to Die & Then Live
(Bertsch Brothers) gives the
following scripture:
“Commit thy works unto the
Lord, and thy thoughts shall be
established” Proverbs 16:3
The writer suggests that the
“thoughts” in this verse could be
decisions that we make and how
easy it is to make decisions without
committing the decision to the Lord
in prayer first. My mind has really
considered this statement and how
I make decisions. I do pray and ask
guidance for the “big” decisions in
life, but I am ashamed how many
“snap” decisions I make without
conscious prayer to the Lord.
Have I carefully considered
what results my good intentions
will bring about? Prayers are
NEVER a waste of time or effort.
Kansas, Sabetha
Crystal Hartter, Dawn Strahm
Once again we have bid an
earthly farewell to a dear soul from
our congregation. Our prayers are
with Bro. Harlan Meyer’s wife, Sis.
Florence, and family. Bro. Harlan
died on September 25. Children are
DeVere Meyer of Kansas City, Sis.
Libby Leman (Bro. Keith, Elgin,
IL), Sis. Ramona (Bro. Edwin,
Bern) and Sis. Christy (Bro. Jerry,
Sabetha). So many times in the past
year we have been reminded of how
important our hope in eternal life is.
“For since the beginning of the
world men have not heard, nor
perceived by the ear, neither hath
the eye seen, Oh God, beside thee,
what he hath prepared for them that
waiteth for him.” Isaiah 64:4
We appreciated Elder Bro.
Duane Rocke (Sis. Bonnie,
Minneapolis, MN) ministering to
us. We have enjoyed many visitors
this past month with traveling
potluck and young group invites.
As Thanksgiving draws near let
us praise Him who purchased our
souls with His redemptive blood.
“It is a good thing to give thanks
unto the Lord, and to sing praises
unto thy name, O most High:”
Psalm 92:1
Kansas, Wichita
Max and Judy Reimschisel
Prov. 18:22 “Whoso findeth a wife
findeth a good thing, and obtaineth
favour of the LORD.”
Isn’t it wonderful when
someone can be married 50 years
and still be so very happy. Bro.
Jeff and Sis. Debbie Frieden have
reached this milestone and we are
very thankful for their example.
How joyous it is to see this happy
couple rejoice together with family
and friends from miles around.
Our annual Sunday school
picnic was held in the beautiful
Flinthills of Kansas. Activities,
fellowship and singing, always
give us very good memories of
times together.
It is always uplifting when the
Lord provides us with a visiting
minister. Bro. Randy and Sis. Karen
Kellenberger shared the Word and a
good time of fellowship.
A new grandbaby arrived
for grandparents Bro. Jerry &
Sis. Pauline Carnahan. Jericho
Lucas Cain Womack was born
on October 13 to Katie and
Josh Womack. The new baby
also shares his big sister Lakin’s
birthday (who is five years old).
Bro. Glenn Funk, after many
years of service of preaching God’s
Word, expressed his desire to retire
from the ministry. We appreciate
his love and compassion for God’s
Word that has brought us many
blessings over the years.
Phil. 3:13,14 “Brethren, I count
not myself to have apprehended:
but this one thing I do, forgetting
those things which are behind, and
reaching forth unto those things
which are before, I press toward the
mark for the prize of the high calling
of God in Christ Jesus.”
Mexico, Ixtlán
Ruth Gerber
“But the mercy of the Lord is from
everlasting to everlasting upon them
that fear him, and his righteousness
unto children’s children.” Ps. 103:17
We’ve had quite a few
grandbabies join our church families
in the last couple months. Bro. José
Roque’s daughter, Anayeli; Sis. Lola
November 2015
Aviña’s daughter, Stefany; and Meli
García’s son, Diego, all had boys.
Sis. Socorro Chavez’s daughter, Ceci,
had a girl. Sis. Guadalupe Cabrera
had three grandchildren born close
together – her daughter, Lupita, and
her son, Antonio, had boys; and her
son, José, had a girl. It’s our prayer
that the faith and example of each of
these believers will have an impact
for eternity in the lives of each of
these little ones.
We’re thankful for the work
that the Sunday School teachers
do with our children as well. The
new rotation brought Sis. Teresa
Cervantes into the younger class to
help Sis. Socorro Chavez. Sis. Gloria
Gonzalez is joining Sis. Elsa Sibaja
with the second class. Bros. Javier
Torres and Alfredo Torres continue
to work with the oldest children.
Michigan, Alto
Renee Steffen, Shelli Oesch
With the fall time of year
upon us, the Alto congregation
has had the opportunity to enjoy
fellowship at outdoor events. An
all-church bonfire was held at
Sis. Peggi Vasbinder’s home and
attended by many. Our annual
Sunday School picnic was held at
Caledonia Park this year. Special
guests were Bro. Matt and Sis.
Janelle Steidinger and their family
who shared pictures and testimony
of their work in Brazil.
Our sincere sympathies are
offered to Sis. Sandy Steffen on
the death of her grandmother Sis.
Ruth Lowery from Bloomington,
IL; Sis. Julie Sanders on the death
of her step-mother, Michelle
SILVER LINING November 2015
Overholt; and Sis. Rachel Banks
on the death of her grandmother
Sis. Violet Baltic from Rittman.
Sis. Abigail Steffen (Bro. Ted and
Sis. Sandy) has recently taken a job
opportunity in California. We wish
her the best in this new endeavor.
We rejoice with Nicole Steffen
(Bro. Ted and Sis. Sandy) as she has
answered God’s call to repentance.
Prayers have been requested for
Bro. Warren and Sis. Kay Rauhe as
they travel to Israel, Jude Plattner
(Bro. Aaron and Sis. Bekah) who is
having surgery this week, and Bro.
Wes Daniels (Sis. Sue) as he has
recently been hospitalized.
We extend a warm welcome to
Haley Knochel from Detroit who
will be joining us in Alto while
she attends college at Grand Valley
State University.
Note of Thanks:
Dear Church Family,
Words cannot express the gratitude
and thanks to each of you for your
prayers, cards, and visits, for your
love and concern for me both in
the hospital and since coming
home. I ask for your continued
prayers for myself, my dear wife
and family. Thanks again. Your
Brother in Christ, Tom Schrenk
Michigan, Bay City
Sarah Knochel
Our thoughts and prayers are
with those who have spent time in
the hospital in the recent weeks.
We want to remember Nancy
Herzberg, Sis. Helen Ramseyer and
Bro. Fred (Sis. Marilyn) Ruegsegger
and trust that God will provide
healing all according to his will.
“Make a joyful noise unto
the Lord, all ye lands.
Serve the Lord with gladness:
come before his presence with
singing. Know ye that the Lord he is
God: it is he that hath made us, and
not we ourselves; we are his people,
and the sheep of his pasture.
Enter into his gates with
thanksgiving, and into his courts
with praise: be thankful unto him,
and bless his name.
For the Lord is good; his mercy is
everlasting; and his truth endureth
to all generations.” Psalm 100
Note of Thanks:
Please accept my sincere
thanks to everyone that showed so
much love and support to Glenn,
my family and me over the past
4 years as Glenn battled cancer.
Your prayers were heard as we felt
God’s presence, strength and love
through each one of you. Thanks
to World Relief for allowing us to
serve, as our support was so great
by meeting such loving brothers
and sisters in Christ through the
years. Love to all,
Sis. Maria Ruegsegger and family
Michigan, Detroit
Manuela Denes
“The heavens declare the glory of
God; and the firmament sheweth his
handiwork.” Psalm 19:1
I was recently fortunate to
get away for a few days to go on a
road trip with a good friend and
sister in Christ. We talked about
doing some hiking and decided
on visiting Algonquin Park in
northern Ontario. What a beautiful
sight we were treated to! The colors
of the trees were reaching their full
glory, especially the sugar maples.
As we hiked along several trails and
breathed in the clean air, we were
truly given a spectacular example of
God’s glory and handiwork! If you
have the opportunity, get out and
enjoy this truly beautiful season.
“Then Peter said unto them,
Repent, and be baptized every one
of you in the name of Jesus Christ
for the remission of sins, and ye
shall receive the gift of the Holy
Ghost.” Acts 2:38
It was a blessed weekend when
we welcomed our new brother,
Tyler Rauhe into the fold. It was
especially heartwarming to see
Tyler surrounded by his loving
family. Parents are Bro. Jason and
Sis. Carrie Rauhe, grandparents
Bro. Cloyce and Sis. Carol Gress
of Detroit and Bro. Warren and
Sis. Kay Rauhe of Alto and all his
younger brothers and sisters. May
God richly bless this young man
as he continues to grow in faith.
We shared a blessed Sunday
a few weeks ago as Elder Bros.
John Jackson (Sis. Peggy, Bay
City, MI), Ted Steffen (Sis. Sandy,
Alto, MI) and Mark Streitmatter
(Bloomington, IL) were with us to
provide exhortations regarding the
selection of an ordained deacon.
Last Wednesday evening, our
Elder Bro. Mark Bahr shared the
results with the church. We are all
so grateful for the support that was
shown to Bro. Lucas Frank in being
a candidate to serve as ordained
deacon. Our prayers are with him
and his dear family, Sis. Crystal (his
wife) and children: Logan, Kaleigh,
Carson, and Addison.
“Feed the flock of God which is
among you, taking the oversight
thereof, not by constraint, but
willingly; not for filthy lucre, but
of a ready mind; Neither as being
lords over God’s heritage, but being
examples to the flock.” 1 Peter 5:2-3
Bro. Brett and Sis. Laura
Plattner were blessed with the birth
of a beautiful little girl, Adeline Kay
on September 18. Welcoming her
home were big sister Colette and
big brother Mitchell. Grandparents
are Bro. Howard and Sis. Kristen
Plattner and Bro. Jim and Sis. Julie
Blough, both of Alto, MI.
Prayers for a return to health
go out to Kim Smith following
a recent surgery. Thoughts and
well wishes also go to her husband
Ray and their children: Amanda,
Brandon, Devin, Kaitlyn, and
Aaryn. A speedy healing also
to Sis. Krista (Bro. Andy and
daughter Ashlyn) as she recovers
from having broken her foot.
Love and sympathy go to Sis.
Tiffany (Bro. Steve) Wieland at the
passing of her beloved grandmother
Sis. Violet (Bro. Mitchel) Baltic of
Rittman, OH. A dear sister in the
faith for a number of years, she
leaves behind so many who have
been blessed by her legacy.
We are grateful to have had a
number of ministers to visit us in
the past several weeks. Thanks and
appreciation to Elder Bros. John
Jackson (Sis. Peggy, Bay City, MI),
Mark Streitmatter (Bloomington,
IL), Ted Steffen (Sis. Sandy, Alto,
MI); and ministers Bro. Howard
Plattner (Sis. Kristen, Alto, MI),
Mark Klaus and Daron Price,
both from Athens, AL.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Brenda Messner, Betty Lindwall
An all-church breakfast was
served to welcome our college
students and their families. It was
held on Sunday, October 11 in
the fellowship room. We welcome
these young people to our fold and
wish them blessings throughout
their college experience.
Our prayers and support go
out to Sis. Diane Stewart’s brother
in-law, Dennis Teske (Sharon), as
he recovers from intensive surgery.
For more detailed information go
to Caring Bridge, Dennis Teske.
Converts Adrian Rocke (Elder
Bro. Duane & Sis. Bonnie) and
Rick Tillbury (Bro. Jim & Sis.
Deb) are at peace with God and
desire baptism. Lord willing, the
testimonies and baptisms will be
held on November 28/29.
Many traveled to Winthrop
for McKenzie Elder’s testimony
and baptism. McKenzie (Bro.
John & Sis. Joleen) is attending
college here in Minneapolis.
Bro. Ben & Sis. Suzy Dill were
blessed with the arrival of their son,
Asher Warren. Grandparents are
Bro. Dewayne & Sis. LaRae Dill
and Elder Bro. Thomas & Sis. Jody
Klotzle (Altadena, CA.) Asher is
named after his great grandfather
Bro. Warren Zehr of Fairbury.
Minnesota, Morris
Amy Ekren, Heidi Pfaffmann
We were blessed to have
visiting ministers with us again
November 2015
this month. They included Elder
Bro. Rod Bajema (Sis. Sue, Lester,
IA) and Bro. Ted Schock (Sis.
Heidi, Belvidere, IL).
We want to welcome Bro.
Steven Schock (Elder Bro. Doug
& Sis. Clara, Bloomfield, IA) to
our congregation as he moved here
for employment.
Michels & Olivia Algarate
were married this past month. We
wish them God’s guidance and
direction each step of the way as
they walk hand in hand together.
Olivia’s parents are Bro. Chris &
Sis. Shelly Koehl, who recently
moved to Belvidere, IL.
We are so thankful for our
converts, Richard & Lila (Goll)
Watson, who are at peace with God
and man and now desire baptism.
“I have happy hours, With Thee I
am blest! Finding in Thee power,
When I am distressed. I was all
unworthy And a wayward child;
Now I have found mercy In Thy
love so mild.” Zion’s Harp, #149,
Our Blessed Portion, vs. 4
A sweet little girl, Ella Lyn,
was born to Craigan & Bobbie
Wulf. She is welcomed home by
big sister Ivy. Bro. Dave & Sis.
Nancy Wulf are her grandparents.
There is much joy in this family
as Sis. Lucy Wulf’s engagement to
Bro. Nathan Frank (Bro. Curt &
Sis. Kathy) from Mediapolis, IA
was announced. We wish them
God’s nearness as they prepare for
their upcoming wedding.
We continue to think of those
that have been hospitalized the
past month. Bro. Chris Moser
(Sis. Marion) and Fede Figueroa
SILVER LINING November 2015
Martinez continue to appreciate
the prayers for healing.
Minnesota, Morris North
Lois Schmidgall, Wanda Gramm
Greetings from Morris North!
“Greater is He that is in you, than
he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4
Visiting and sharing the Word
of the Lord was our Elder Bro.
Earl Ringer (Sis. Dixie, Gridley,
IL), Bro. Harvey Kaeb (Sis. Judy,
Gridley, IL) and Bro. Ted Witzig,
Jr. (Sis. Donna, Morton, IL). We
are so grateful and thank you for
your service.
Bro. Ted Witzig, Jr. shared an
evening with our church family on
the topic of “Developing Loving
Relationships in the Body of
Christ”. With thankful hearts we
were blessed that evening.
We are offering prayers for Sis.
Dorothy Schmidgall who was a
hospital patient. May God grant
her strength as she recovers.
Bro. Adam and Sis. Christy
Zeltwanger and Bro. Russ and Sis.
Beth Koehl hosted their annual rib
feed once again, and an evening of
great fellowship followed.
What is impossible with man
is possible with God.
Minnesota, Winthrop
Lindsay Schmidt, Becky Braulick
“There are friendships that we
cherish, In our daily walk of life.
Friends with whom we meet and
labor, In our earthly toil and
strife, Friends among the aged and
youthful, Friends that live from us
apart. Friends of higher rank and
station, Find a place within my
heart.” Hymns of Zion #91 vs. 1
We’ve enjoyed many visitors
this past month for three different
invite weekends. First, we held our
annual September all-church invite
weekend. Also in September, the
Single Group had an invite weekend.
It is so uplifting to seeing so many of
our young people willing to serve the
Lord. At the beginning of October,
the Sunday School invited the 6th8th graders from Lester, IA. They
enjoyed spending time together
and building friendships. We want
to thank everyone for making the
effort to visit our small church.
Please come again.
“Now it is accomplished! I now
become free;
From sin and transgression
redeemed I shall be;
The prince of this world, he
enslaveth his own,
A Christian through Christ has
liberty won.”
Zion’s Harp #209 vs. 3
Our congregation rejoices with
Sis. McKenzie Elder (Bro. John
and Sis. Joleen) and Bro. Eldwin
Schmidt (Lois) as we witnessed
their baptisms on October 4. We
want to thank visiting Elder Bro.
Wayne Grimm (Sis. Rose, West
Bend, IA) for bringing forth God’s
Word and assisting with their
testimonies and baptisms.
“Why should I be discouraged and
why should the shadows come?
Why should my heart be lonely
and long for heaven and home?
When Jesus is my portion, a
constant Friend is He,
His eye is on the sparrow and I
know He watches me.
I sing because I’m happy; I sing
because I’m free;
His eye is on the sparrow and I
know He watches me.”
-Civilla Martin
Our hospital patient this month
was Peter Messner (Bro. David and
Sis. Bethany). We are thankful for
God’s protection in the scare of an
ATV accident. We were grateful
that he only suffered minor injuries
and after an overnight stay was able
to go home. We continue to pray
for God’s comfort and presence
with those battling cancer and other
health concerns.
Missouri, Lamar
outside cleanup of trees. We were
Venetta Banwart
tremendously blessed by both the
Our hospital patients this
Taylor and Tremont churches
month were Sis. Corrine Marti (Bro. at this event. The saying, many
Dale), Sis. Carolyn Banwart (Bro.
hands make light work, is an
Alfred), Sis. Linda Banwart (Bro.
understatement! Our congregation
Gene). May God continue to grant
dearly thanks each brother and sister
His healing and continued strength. who came to help with this project.
Grandparents Bro. Alfred and It was evident by both these events
Sis. Carolyn Banwart welcomed
that the body of Christ can provide
Kevin Joseph Banwart to their
such strength to one another.
family. He is the son of Jonathan
We welcomed home Bro.
and Beth Banwart. His siblings
Morris Braker after he had been
are Daniel and Jacob.
recuperating for the past three
Our visiting ministers this
months with family in the Lamar
month were Bro. Darren Fehr of
area. We are thankful for the
West Bend, IA (Sis. Nora), Bro.
Lord’s healing hand and pray
Missouri, Kansas City
Jeff Fisher of Ft. Scott, KS (Sis.
Morris’ healing continues to
Julie Webel
Gloria), Bro. Loren Schrenk of
Fall is here and we had our
St. Louis, MO (Sis. Betsy), Bro.
Once again, we are thankful
annual Sunday school picnic with Warren Zahner of Rockville, CT
for the body of Christ. Each part
Fort Scott. It was truly a blessing
(Sis. Bonnie), Bro. Steve Stieglitz,
of the body provides in different
to all who were able to attend.
Leo, IN; Elder Bros. Wayne
ways and many times in more ways
May we be thankful when given
Banwart of Champaign, IL (Sis.
than one. The visiting ministers
the opportunity to fellowship with Charlen), and Doug Schock of
each month bring the blessing
our brethren.
Bloomfield, IA (Sis. Clara). We
and strength from the Word of
Our sympathy and prayers go
send many thanks for the effort
God. This month Bro. Justin and
out to the Devere Meyer family
each put forth to travel and feed us Sis. Marcia Koch (Washington),
in the loss of their father and
from God’s Word and fellowship
Elder Bro. Mark and Sis. Sara
grandfather, Bro. Harlan Meyer, on with our small congregation.
Streitmatter (BloomingtonSeptember 25. May God comfort
We would like to thank all
Normal), Bro. John and Sis. Carol
them during this difficult time.
our visitors that came with the
Steiner (Oakville-Mediapolis),
On October 3 we had an
ministers, what a blessing it was to and Bro. Dan and Sis. Julie Koch
annual wiener roast graciously
have you here.
(Tremont) were a blessing to us.
hosted by Bro. Randy & Sis. Karen
We pray that our small part of the
Kellenberger. Games, singing, and
Missouri, St. Louis
body, who so appreciates the love
fellowship were enjoyed by all.
Kary Mangers
and support of each person who
Our single group hosted an
This past month our church
comes through our doors, can
invite weekend on October 10 &
hosted an invite-a-friend weekend. better fulfill our role in the body
11. Bro. Ed Fritz (Washington, IL) It was a blessing to have our
of Christ because of the role you
was our guest speaker on Saturday
church filled with friendships
play. May each of us serve faithfully
evening and also ministered to us
made because of Him.
where the Lord calls us.
on Sunday. We offer thanks to him
We also had our annual church
and the Lord for a blessed weekend. cleaning which included some
November 2015
Missouri, Taylor
Ohio, Akron
Ohio, Columbus
Marcia Sutter
Carla Miller
Julie Grimm
Bro. Shane & Sis. Julia Sutter
were blessed with their third child,
Sylvia, on September 20.
Brandon Davis & Shelby Sutter
were married at the Fellowship
Center on Saturday, September
19, 2015. They will be living in
Indiana. Brandon’s parents are
Dewain & Laurie Davis. Shelby’s
parents are Bro. Roger & Sis.
Dianne Sutter of Taylor.
David Coleman & Kara
Eberhardt were married in New
Hill, NC on Sunday, September
27, 2015. David is the son of Kay
Coleman of Fredericksburg, VA.
Kara is the daughter of Bro. Fred
& Sis. Kathy Eberhardt of Taylor.
David & Kara’s home will be in
Fayetteville, NC.
Bro. Ryan Hoerr (Princeville)
taught us that “The Joy of the
Lord is my Strength” during
a Bible Study on Wednesday
evening, October 7, 2015.
We were blessed by Elder
Bro. Jeff Grimm’s visit to Taylor
to assist Elder Bro. Kent Heimer
with testimonies and baptisms of
two dear souls. We welcomed Bro.
Richard Hessling and Bro. Jordan
Steidinger into the family of Faith
after their baptisms on Sunday,
October 18, 2015.
Continued intercessory prayers
are needed for those suffering
from physical conditions: Bro.
Roy & Sis. Dona Grimm, Bro.
Gerald Sutter, Bro. Arnie Gerst,
Sis. Marcia Sutter, Merry Ann and
Kim Maynor, Bro. Louis & Sis.
Ruth Hoerr, and many others.
We rejoice with Carmen Graf
(Bro. Todd and Sis. Lydia) and
Trina Miller (Bro. Joe and Sis.
Carla) as they were announced as
having peace with God and are
awaiting baptism.
Bro. Les and Sis. Judi Steidl
welcomed another grandson, Izaiah
Christopher, born September 19
to Erik and Shannon and older
brother, Joshua.
Vera Maria Demrovsky arrived
September 23 to join the family of
Bro. Brian and Sis. Katrina, Nico,
and Zara. Grandparents are Bro.
Andy and Sis. Vera Demrovsky
and Bro. Dan and Sis. Betty Baltic
(Rittman, OH).
Our sympathy and prayers
are extended to Bro. Ryan Gasser
(Sis. Coleen) and Sis. Katrina
Demrovsky (Bro. Brian) in the
passing of their grandmother,
Sis. Violet Baltic (Bro. Mitchel,
Rittman, OH).
Many thoughts and prayers
have been with Bro. Glen and
Sis. Joan, Bro. Samuel (Sis.
Laura, Rockville, CT), Bro.
Steven, and Bro. Benjamin in
the passing of their son and
brother, Bro. Arthur Greenbank.
We appreciated being served
by the following ministers:
Bros. Adam Uhler (Sis. Ann,
Smithville), Bill Brake (Sis.
Miriam, Sardis), and Joe Gerst
(Sis. Connie, Iowa City). May
God reward their labors of love on
our behalf.
Our sympathy and prayers are
extended to Sis. Audrey Schlatter
(Bro. Corbin and their children) in
the passing of her grandmother, Sis.
Violet Baltic (Rittman). Likewise,
to Sis. Michelle Gerst (Bro. Luke)
in the passing of her grandmother,
Sis. Edna Martin (Princeville).
Prayers for recovery are
wished for Sis. Nancy Banks who
experienced several broken bones.
We have missed Sis. Nancy’s
cheerful countenance at church for
several weeks.
SILVER LINING November 2015
Note of Thanks:
The family of Bro. Arthur
Greenbank wishes to thank everyone
for the overwhelming outpouring of
love shown to them through cards,
loving thoughts, visits, gifts, and
most of all prayers during our time of
loss. May God comfort and bless all
who share our loss.
Ohio, Junction
Elizabeth Manz
“All the way my Saviour leads me;
what have I to ask beside? Can I
doubt His tender mercy who thro’
life has been my guide? Heav’nly
peace, divinest comfort, here by
faith in Him to dwell! For I know
whate’re befall me, Jesus doeth all
things well.”
All the Way My Saviour Leads
Me, Hymns of Zion # 21
We are thankful to hear of the
engagement of Sis. Brenda Manz
(Bro. Ken and Sis. Gwen) to Bro.
Wes Kaeb (Leon Kaeb and Sis.
Leann Kaeb) from Fairbury, IL. May
God be with them as they prepare
for their wedding and marriage.
Bro. Fred and Sis. Kayla
Manz were blessed with a baby
girl, Carly Marie, on September
26. Carly is welcomed home by
her siblings, Lincoln and Zoey,
as well as grandparents Bro.
Don and Sis. Connie Manz
and Bro. Gene and Sis. Evie
Heinold (Lacrosse, IN). Sophia
Rose was born on October 9
to Bro. Wendell and Sis. Kari
Spangler. Sophia’s excited siblings
are Hudson and Ella. Her
grandparents are Bro. Les and Sis.
Karen Manz and Bro. Jim and
Sis. Carolyn Spangler. Bro. Roger
and Lisa Manz are thankful
for the safe arrival of another
granddaughter, Aubrey Nichole,
born to Joe and Jessica Manz.
Eleanor Gerber has been blessed
with a great-grandson, Jacob Ezra
Holes. May God direct each of
these families as they teach their
children to love and serve God.
We are saddened to hear of
the passing of Sis. Edna Martin of
Princeville, IL. She is the step-sister
to Sis. Verginia Manz, Bro. Paul
(Sis. Sandra) Manz, Sis. Viola Manz,
and Sis. Helen (Bro. Pete) Hurd. We
pray for them during this time.
Our prayers go out to Bro. Ray
Schlatter (Sis. Corrine) and Sis.
Kathryn Emch as they have spent
time in the hospital this month.
We are thankful for visiting
ministers, Bro. Ned Stoller (Sis.
Heidi, Alto, MI) and Bro. Mark
Rufener (Sis. Julie, Mansfield,
OH) for bringing the Word to us
this month. We pray that God will
bless them for serving us.
Ohio, Latty
Carmen Stoller, Mindy Stoller
Greetings of love! We are
thankful to report that Brianna
Sinn (Bro. Gary and Sis. Paulette)
has turned to the Lord in
repentance. May God bless her
with grace and joy as she walks
with Him!
We were blessed this month to
observe Holy Communion and are
grateful to Elder Bro. Trent Meiss
(Sis. Lucy, Eureka, IL) for serving
us that weekend. May God be
praised for His goodness!
This month we were also
blessed in hearing the testimony
and witnessing the baptism of
our Sis. Gina Sinn (Bro. Todd
and Sis. Janet). We were thankful
to have Elder Bro. Bill Schlatter
(Sis. Emily, Junction, OH) join
us for the evening. Other visiting
ministers this month included
Bro. Warren Schlatter (Sis. Cindy,
Junction, OH), Bro. Don Manz
(Sis. Connie, Junction, OH),
and Bro. Dan Stoller (Sis. Deb,
Remington, IN). Thank you for
serving us!
Several of our converts
have professed peace with God
and man including Natalie
Sinn (Bro. Gary and Sis.
Paulette), Daniel Sinn (Bro.
Tim and Sis. Marlene), Jacob
Klopfenstein (Bro. Jerry and
Sis. Cherry), and Travis and
Ann Stackhouse (Ann is the
daughter of Bro. Leon and Sis.
Deb Klopfenstein). May God
continue to be near unto them
as they each prepare to share
their testimony and for baptism.
We continue to be prayerful for
our hospital patients this month
including Sis. Lillian Schlatter and
Bro. Ray Sinn (Sis. Ann).
In closing, we certainly want
to remember Sis. Denise Plummer
(Bro. Rick) as she mourns the
loss of her father, Robert Meyer.
Sis. Dolores Riggenbach is
also grieving the loss of her
granddaughter, Adriana Gehman.
May each of these dear sisters and
their families feel our love and
prayers during this season of loss.
Ohio, Mansfield
Elizabeth Walter
We are excited to announce
the arrival of Harper Lynn to
the family of Elijah, Becky
and Hunter Foss. Thankful
grandparents are Rick and Sis.
Susan Foss. Each new little one is
a precious gift from God!
It was a blessing to have a
number of visiting ministers this
month. We thank each one of
the brothers and their wives for
serving our church: Bro. Doug
Harmon (Sis. Lana, Toledo,
OH), Bro. Duane Ruetter (Sis.
Kay, Rockville, CT), Bro. Mark
Wettstein (Sis. Karen, Lacrosse,
IN), Bro. Tom Bahler (Sis.
Lanae, Rockville, CT), Bro. Sam
Schlatter (Sis. Linda, Junction,
OH), Bro. Ned Stoller (Sis. Heidi,
Alto, MI) and Bro. Matt Manz
(Sis. Deanna, Toledo, OH). May
the Holy Spirit continue to inspire
those who are willing to preach
the Word.
Our Invite-a-Friend Weekend
was uplifting as many from across
November 2015
the land came to fellowship and
worship with us. God bless each
one who traveled here, and also
those who labored to make the
weekend possible.
We extend our sympathy to
the family of Bro. Pete and Sis.
Karen Baltic, in the passing of
their mother and grandmother,
Sis. Vi Baltic from Rittman, OH.
May each one feel God’s comfort
and peace.
It is with sad hearts that
we bid farewell to our Bro.
Art Stuenzi (Sis. Lore), who
is relocating to the Apostolic
Christian Home, in Rittman, OH.
We will greatly miss his bright
smile and caring personality. May
God provide as he settles into his
new home.
will be missed by many nieces and
nephews, including a special niece,
Sis. Carolyn Marty.
We rejoice with Kody Gasser
as he began his repentance this
month. His parents are Bro. Dan
and Sis. Diane Gasser. We know
the Lord continues to call souls
and our prayer is that all can turn
to Him while there is time!
We are thankful for the safe
arrival of four new babies. Ellie
Ann was born to Bro. Nathan and
Sis. Morgan Gasser. Ellie joins
older sister, Avery. Grandparents
are Bro. Virgil and Sis. Lois
Gasser, David and Shelly Colvin,
and Ron Pertee. Tecca Ann was
born to Bro. Robert and Sis.
AnnMarie Widmer. Tecca joins
older brother, Zeke. Grandparents
are Bro. Daniel and Sis. Virginia
Ohio, Rittman
Widmer and Bro. Steven and
Julie Steiner, Maria Beery
Sis. Joan Hoffman (Rockville).
“Safe in the arms of Jesus, Safe on Brandon and Stacy Kipfer have
His Gentle Breast, There by His
entered the stage of parenthood
love o’er shaded, Sweetly my soul
with the arrival of their first child,
shall rest.” Hymns of Zion #219
Zoey Grace. Grandparents are
After 101 years here on earth,
Bro. Jon and Sis. Suzanne Kipfer
we are thankful that Sis. Violet
and John and Patty Buchwalter.
Baltic (Bro. Mitchel) can be safe
Bro. Daniel and Sis. Betty Baltic
in the arms of Jesus. We want to
became grandparents again when
remember her family in our prayers Vera Maria was born to Bro.
during this time. She will be missed Brian and Sis. Katrina Demrovsky
by her children: Bro. Daniel Baltic
(Akron). Little Vera is welcomed
(Sis. Betty), Bro. Peter Baltic (Sis.
by older sisters, Nico and Zara,
Karen), Sis. Nettie Baltic, and Sis.
and grandparents Bro. Andy and
Mary Gasser (Bro. Fred), a brother- Sis. Vera Demrovsky (Akron).
in-law, Walter Baltic, and many
We have had many
grandchildren, great grandchildren, hospitalized this month and pray
nieces, and nephews.
that they continue to heal. Our
Along with Sis. Violet, we have thoughts are with Sis. Judy Stoller,
confidence that Sis. Irene Gasser
Sis. Joann Widmer (Bro. Robert),
is safe in the arms of Jesus. Irene
Bro. Daniel Baltic (Sis. Betty),
SILVER LINING November 2015
Evan Steiner (Bro. Luke and Sis.
Pam), and Bro. Steve Stoller (Sis.
Mary Lynn).
“The lines are fallen unto me in
pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly
heritage.” Psalms 16:6
We were blessed to have Bro.
Perry Klopfenstein (Gridley)
speak to us about our Heritage
of Faith. We want to thank him
for the time he spent to educate,
encourage, and bless each of us.
Elder Bro. Ken Indermuhle
(Sardis), Elder Bro. Dave Graf
(Akron) and ministering Bros. Fred
Domka (Mansfield), Matt Steffen
(Princeville), Jim Koehl (Morris),
and Randy Gasser (Detroit)
preached to our congregation.
We are thankful that the Truth
continues to be spoken!
Ohio, Sardis
Faith Beard, Joy Indermuhle
“Saying, I will declare thy name
unto my brethren, in the midst of
the church will I sing praise unto
thee. And again, I will put my trust
in him. And again, Behold I and
the children which God hath given
me.” Hebrews 2:12-13
Evan Benjamin was welcomed
into the family of Bro. Garth,
Sis. Hannah, Colby, Katrina, and
Ellie Maibach on September 18.
Grandparents are Bro. Bruce and
Sis. Lois Maibach (Smithville,
OH) and Bro. Walt and Sis.
Lynda Beery (Rittman, OH).
Craig Zollinger (Bro. Gary
and Sis. Terry) and Kayleigh
Putsock (of Powhatan Point, OH)
exchanged wedding vows on
September 26. We wish them all
of God’s joys and blessings, but
mostly His deep presence in their
lives and marriage.
“Fully persuaded, Lord, I believe!
Fully persuaded, Thy Spirit give; I
will obey Thy call; Low at Thy feet
I fall; Now I surrender all, Christ
to receive.” Gospel Hymns, #49
We rejoice with the angels as
Caleb Indermuhle (Bro. Dana
and Sis. Joy) has accepted God’s
grace in repentance and expressed
the desire to love and serve Him
all the days of his life. We also
look forward to the baptism of
Kelly Fisher (Bro. David and Sis.
Val) as she has found peace with
God and man.
With tears and sorrow we said
goodbye to Scott & Laurin Riley,
along with their children Cody and
Ellie, as employment opportunities
moved them up to Michigan. We
will miss worshiping with them,
and the daily fellowship, yet we
are thankful for the time we had
together and the blessings we’ve
gained with their love and presence.
We are rich with opportunities
to travel and commune with loved
ones from other areas. This past
month we were able to gather with
family and friends for a couple of
our annual events: the Invite-AGuest and Fall Gathering. Thank
you for all the efforts made on both
sides - for those who traveled to be
with us and for those who made
the food and activity preparations.
How spiritually uplifting it is for us
to have the blessing of fellowship
with many others!
“Now we beseech you, brethren,
by the coming of our Lord Jesus
Christ, and by our gathering
together unto him, that ye be not
soon shaken in mind, or be troubled,
neither by spirit, nor by word, nor
by letter as from us, as that the day
of Christ is at hand.” 2 Thess. 2:1-2
Through the course of our
events this month, we’ve been
blessed with many visiting
ministers who shared the Word
of God. We wish to extend our
gratefulness to Bro. Gary Maibach
(Sis. Mary Ann, Smithville, OH),
Bro. George Gall (Sis. Tina,
Akron, OH), Bro. Matthew Rassi
(Sis. Bridget, Chicago, IL), Bro.
Robert Beebe (Sis. Sue, South
Bend, IN), and Bro. Adam Uhler
(Sis. Ann, Smithville, OH).
Ohio, Smithville
Kara Stoller, Millie Stoller
We are rejoicing with
the angels in Heaven in the
repentance of two precious souls.
Owen Stoller (Bro. Jeff and Sis.
Millie) and Erika Dotterer (Bro.
Steve and Sis. Amy) have yielded
their hearts to the Lord.
We wish God’s richest
blessings to Bro. Mitch Ault (Bro.
David and Sis. Kathy) and Sis.
April Schar (Bro. Nate and Sis.
Linda, Rittman, OH) in their
marriage on September 20.
Our hospital patients were Sis.
Inez Ramsier (Bro. Bob), Bro. Kevin
Rufener (Sis. Marsha), Jack Wilson
(Carol), and Sis. Diane Jarrett
(Mike). We pray that God’s healing
hand might rest upon them.
Our deepest sympathies go
to Sis. Shari Indermuhle (Bro.
Dennis) in the death of her father,
Carl Beichler and to Bro. Bob and
Sis. Eileen Stoller in the passing
of their grandson, Bro. Arthur
Greenbank (Akron, OH).
It was an unusual month
that we didn’t have any visiting
ministers. May we take this time
to say a special thank you to our
home elder and ministers for
all that they do and give to our
Smithville congregation.
Ohio, Toledo
Deanna Manz, Jenny Manz
We appreciate when others
take time to come visit and serve
us in the ministry. Joining us this
month were Bros. Curt Walter
(Sis. Elizabeth, Mansfield, OH)
and Todd Stoller (Sis. Pam, Latty,
OH). We sincerely thank these
brothers for laboring on our behalf
and trust the Lord will richly bless
them for their efforts.
We were thankful to hear our
dear Mike Whittaker has peace. We
will look forward to his testimony
of faith and baptism in the coming
weeks. What a good reminder it is
that God is still calling and drawing
souls to Him! We wish Mike
much grace and comfort in the
coming days and months. We are
confident God will provide.
Ontario, Kitchener
Johanna Fortenbacher
Greetings from Kitchener.
What a beautiful autumn
we’re having!
“I will praise thee, O Lord my
God, with all my heart: and I will
glorify thy name for evermore.” Psalms 86:12.
November 2015
The ministers (brothers) and
their wives (sisters) that came were:
Gary & Mary Ann Maibach,
Smithville; Wayne & Camille
Hartzler, Rittman; Nathan Steffen,
Alto; and Eric & Jodi Strassheim
from Indianapolis. Thank you for
coming and God bless you.
We are looking forward
to hosting Detroit choir on
November 7.
Note from Bro. Wayne & Sis.
Alison Saddler
Through much testing, the
medical team felt Alison would
be a suitable liver donor match for
her niece, Alice, and set a tentative
surgery date. Three weeks prior to
the date, the team concluded there
was a concern and surgery would
not proceed. We’re thankful for God’s grace
and mercy, and several weeks later,
a liver from a deceased donor was
a suitable match. The surgery went
forward and young Alice is at home
recovering. She is closely monitored
by her medical team. We so
appreciate your continued prayers
as she makes positive progress. We’re blessed by the many
prayers and encouragement offered
by so many loved ones across the
miles. May God’s nearness ever be
present in each of our lives.
Oregon, Portland
Louisa Gallup
On September 19 our church,
and a few brethren from the
Silverton church, gathered for our
annual Communion Service. It
was a blessed evening. We sincerely
thank our Elder Bro. John (Sis.
SILVER LINING November 2015
Jane) Wiegand. Our gratitude also
for retired Elder Bro. Art Metz (Sis.
Betty) who assisted with the service
when health concerns prevented
the expected visiting elder brother
from traveling here.
We have finished listening to
the recordings of the 2015 Elder
Conference and appreciate the
labors of our elder brethren. May
the Lord bless them for their
willingness to serve for the benefit
of all.
Visiting ministers this past
month were Elder Bro. John
Wiegand and Bro. Ron Jones
(Sis. Liz) from Silverton, OR. We
enjoyed having them and their
families visit us, and appreciated
the sermons we received.
Oregon, Silverton
Kelsey Walder, Ann Kuenzi
We are excited to have a new
married couple in Silverton. Bro.
Mark Dietrich (Jim and Joan) and
Sis. Nicole Kuenzi (Bro. Harvey
and Sis. Jennifer) were united in
marriage September 27. We wish
them bountiful blessings, as they
begin this new adventure together.
We are rejoicing that Jake
Johnson (Damon and Alex), as
well as Erinn Sinn (Bro. Tom and
Sis. Edith) have given their hearts
to the Lord in repentance.
Bro. Jesse Te Slaa (Rhonda and
Jim Thielen and Gary and Barb
Te Slaa) and Sis. Kari Kuenzi’s
(Bro. Lynn and Sis. Marilyn)
engagement was announced
September 27. We are happy for
both of them and their families.
Visiting ministers this month
were Bro. Mike (Sis. Lisa) Leman
from Portland, OR and Bro.
Mike (Sis. Amber) Grimm from
Goodfield, IL.
We have completed the
Brotherhood Conference
recordings, and have found them
to be a real blessing. Now if we
could just do all that our elder’s
advised us to do, it would be so
helpful in strengthening ourselves
and our church.
Bro. Lee and Sis. Chelsie Jones
are blessed to experience being
first-time parents. They have a
little girl, Rylee Kathleen, who
was born September 30. Thankful
to have this little one join their
families are grandparents Bro. Jeff
and Sis. Janice Bahr and Bro. Ron
and Sis. Liz Jones.
Elder Bro. Jeff (Sis. Lynne)
Streitmatter from Sarasota, FL
shared Holy Communion with
us and assisted Elder Bro. John
Wiegand (Sis. Jane) on Saturday,
October 3. This is such a blessed
time and brings our hearts
together as a group.
We enjoyed learning about
Lifesong for Orphans on October
10. Bro. Andrew Gerber (Sis.
Natalie) from Gridley, IL and Bro.
Evan and Sis. Emily Schmidgall
from Eureka, IL presented the
program, with an added challenge.
There was no power in the
building, but, with generators,
we were still able to learn of this
wonderful program.
Bro. Brent & Sis. Laura Sinn
have a new son, Caleb Brent, who
was born October 8. Big sister
Alyssa is quite excited to have a
new playmate. Grandparents are
Maximino Jiminez, Angeles
Lozada and Bro. Don and Sis.
Linda Sinn.
Cottrell (Sis. Gloria, Eureka), Bro.
Craig Stickling (Sis. Jacqueline,
Peoria), Bro. James Fehr (Sis.
Brenda, Tremont), Bro. Matt Koehl
(Sis. Emily, Sarasota), Bro. Matt
Knapp (Sis. Dana, Atlanta), Bro.
John Rowell (Sis. Nelda, Tremont).
Laura Isch
We are excited that the
We enjoyed having many
Nashville church has grown 2 feet!
visitors this month! We
Bro. Jeff and Sis. Cynde Stoller
appreciated Elder Bro. Dave and
welcomed their precious baby girl,
Sis. Barb Graf (Akron, OH),
Grace Elizabeth, on October 18.
Elder Bro. Duane and Sis. Karen
Thankful grandparents are Bro.
Farney (Croghan, NY), and Bro.
Joe and Sis. Karen Stoller from
Jerry and Sis. Martha Bauman
Gridley, and Bro. Gary and Sis.
(Rittman, OH) being with us. We Elna Wettstein from Roanoke.
are thankful to these brothers for
Excited siblings are Jeremiah,
sharing the Word. God bless you
Faith, Patience, Matthew, Mercy,
for your service!
Micah and Peter.
Our prayers are with Sis.
We were also blessed to have
Norma Luginbuhl (Bro. Daryl)
a bus from Peoria where many
and Cami Wiegand (Bro. Ben and came for a weekend of fellowship.
Sis. Michelle) as they have both
The theme was: Sending Laborers
had surgery this month. May God
in to the Harvest. “The harvest
grant His healing and care as they
truly is plenteous, but the
recover and may He bless us all
labourers are few.” Matt. 9:38. It
with His peace in the coming days. was strengthening to share and
be encouraged by one another as
Tennessee, Nashville
we seek to obey His call.
Buck & Taunia Henry
If you are traveling to or
The Tennessee hills are coming through the Nashville area, please
alive with the vibrant colors of
plan to worship with us. Often
autumn! What a beautiful time
we gather on Saturday evenings
of year to stop and reflect with
for fellowship, and all are heartily
thankfulness on all of the wonders welcome. Please contact us to
that God has done.
confirm the schedule. Also, we
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the
typically meet on Wednesday
hills, from whence cometh my help.
evenings at 7:15 p.m. for call-in
My help cometh from the Lord,
services and would welcome any
which made heaven and the earth.” midweek visitors. Contacts: Bro.
Psalm 121:1, 2.
Buck Henry 615-920-9584 [email protected]
We are so thankful for the
forhisglorypublishing.com or Bro.
visiting ministers that traveled to
Don Sauder 615-351-7734 don.
serve us this month: Bro. John
[email protected]
The Nashville Guesthouse
is available for free
accommodations to all those
traveling through; please contact
Bro. Buck for reservations.
Texas, Austin
Candy Meiss
Sending our Love and
Greetings from Austin!
Recently I was reminded
of the song “He Will Pilot Me”
that our family sang at a VBS
program in Phoenix. Songs we
sang together will always hold a
special place in my heart and are
often brought to mind. Are you
allowing God to pilot you from
day to day? “Although I cannot see
the way o’er life’s tempestuous sea,
I know that Jesus is my friend and
that He’ ll pilot me. When blinded
eyes can’t see the way, let come what
may on life’s dark sea, my blessed
Lord will pilot me.”
We have been encouraged to
allow God to pilot us as we simply
trust in Him in recent weeks by
God’s Word shared with us by
visiting ministers: Bro. Ron Palitto
(Sis. Lynell, Akron), Bro. Don
Manz (Sis. Connie, Junction) and
Elder Bro. Lynn Stieglitz (Sis.
Leonda, Leo). We are looking
forward to visiting ministers
this next month from Roanoke,
Champaign, and Chicago. Our church continues to be
blessed with many children from
the nearby community. They are
learning so much about the Bible
and our wonderful Savior. We
pray that they will continue to feel
our love as we share with them.
November 2015
We continually pray for godly
order, guidance, and wisdom as we
teach these precious souls about
Jesus and His saving grace. We are
asking for all to pray and consider
a move to Austin to help in this
special endeavor to mentor/teach
the many children that God has
brought into our fellowship. “Dear Lord, whatever the storm
may be, I’ ll simply trust in Thee;
Relying on Thy love so true to
safely pilot me. He’ ll pilot me
from day to day, when blinded
eyes can’t see the way. Let come
what may on life’s dark sea, My
blessed Lord will pilot me.” Let us
remember to allow God to pilot us
and simply trust Him as we listen,
watch and wait.
We are so thankful for our
visitors and encourage everyone
passing through to stop and
worship with us!! Please refer
to our minister’s directory for
directions and contacts.
North, IN). We appreciate
their willingness to serve. The
following churches are scheduled
for services: Tremont, IL (11/22),
Forrest, IL (11/29), Eureka, IL
(12/6) and Akron, OH (12/13).
We welcome anyone coming
to South Texas. If interested in
housing on South Padre Island
or in McAllen while visiting the
McAllen area, please contact us
for further details.
Occasionally there is a schedule
change, so if you plan to be with
us on Sunday, please verify the date
by calling the Plattner’s at 956607-8329 or you may access www.
acmission.org and view the updated
minister rotation schedule.
Sunday services are held at
10:30 and 12:30 at the Holiday
Inn Express, 1921 South 10th St.
Take the 10th Street Exit off I-83
and go 1½ blocks south. Please see
the ministers’ directory for local
contact information.
Texas, McAllen
Texas, Zapata
Kristi Plattner
Mary Plattner
The Word was brought to us
this month by Bro. Virgil Kaeb
(Sis. Suellen, Sarasota, FL), Bro.
Jon Zeller (Sis. Christie, Morton,
IL), Bro. Jeff Bahler (Sis. Heidi,
Wolcott, IN) and Bro. Steve
Frauhiger (Sis. Irene, Bluffton
We welcome to our winter
residents as they begin to return
for the winter season. We certainly
welcome anyone coming to Zapata
to call us and let us know of your
plans. Everyone is most welcome
to visit.
This summer, we traveled
either to Austin or McAllen for
services. Now there will be regular
services each Sunday in Zapata.
Vermont, Clarendon
Nathan and Miriam Reutter
We were blessed with two
visiting minsters this month who
gladly gave of themselves in the
Lord’s service. Bro. Jeff & Sis.
Carol Gerber and Bro. Brent &
Sis. Naomi Walder came to visit
and minister to us. Both couples
are from Rockville, CT. Both
brought others with them. We
were encouraged by the fellowship.
In last month’s Silver Lining
was an article about establishing
churches. The article mentioned
the need to support the brethren
and being willing to relocate to
help bolster the numbers of a
small church. We are one of those
small churches who cannot as of
yet support itself. We need your
bodily presence with us so that we
can. We pray God for open hearts
and minds, for a willingness to
be brought out of your comfort
zone into a beautiful place of
God’s creation that is growing
in godlessness. Are these words
speaking to you? Come visit us.
“Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before
his presence with singing. Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we
ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into
his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is
everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” Psalm 100
SILVER LINING November 2015
Christ in
Contributed by Readers
For several years now, our extended
family has had an on-going
discussion on ways to put the focus
of Christmas from the secular to
the spiritual, especially for the
many children in our families.
At first, we eliminated gift giving
among the adults (the children still
received some gifts). We felt we
were missing a deeper meaning of
“gift giving” by exchanging gifts
with each other - swapping items
with others that could afford to
give the same in return. But, since
gift-giving is an integral part of
Christmas, last year we decided
to go one step further and use
the money we would have spent
on each other to help others. The
project we chose was school kits for
children in Haiti. Bags were sewn
and the children helped assemble
the kits; some of the adults even
put together a slide presentation
about Haiti and the conditions
there and in other poor countries.
It seemed to really hit home,
especially with the children, and
helped the focus of gifts to move
from “getting” to “giving”.
Another tradition we’ve
done for several years now is
acting out the Christmas Story.
Props and costumes are kept
from year to year; everyone is
involved, from the oldest to the
youngest! The script is taken
from St. Luke, chapter 2, with
appropriate Christmas carols
scattered throughout (sung by
the “audience”). The children get
different parts each year (from
the wise men to the animals in
the stable to even the donkey on
which Mary rides!) so they can all
have a chance at being “Mary” or
“Joseph” or the “Star” (who gets to
stand on a chair with a flashlight!)
This has become the highlight of
our Christmas! - Anonymous
The past couple years we, as a family, ‘adopted’ a local family to give to. This
gave our children a chance to shop for someone in need, but knowing who.
Last year we also made up our own gift baskets for a few of our neighbors
or families in the community we thought could use a little extra. We
always try to include a Bible. We hope this will teach our children it
truly is more blessed to give than receive and be mindful there are
many who don’t have all the blessings we so freely enjoy. - Anonymous
Our family has the tradition of
having the grandchildren perform
the story of Christ’s birth every year
at our Christmas celebration. An
older child narrates, and the younger
ones play the parts of each character
from the Inn Keeper to Baby Jesus.
The kids talk about it throughout
the year and get excited about who
plays which part. We always sing
Christmas carols together, too. It
helps us to keep our focus on the
real meaning of Christmas!
Submitted by
Bro. Roger and Sis. Trish Gerber
Goodfield, IL
Since all of our children live in
3 different states, it is always a
blessing for us when our families
come home for Christmas. Our
grandchildren recite their verses
or sing songs from their church
Christmas programs before we
open our gifts. That way, they
know the focus is on Jesus
- Anonymous
November 2015
As a way to keep Christmas focused
on Christ, we use Adorenaments,
a special set of ornaments. Each
one depicts a name of Christ, such
as Prince of Peace, Emmanuel,
Light of the World, Savior, etc. and
includes a short devotional reading.
We get one out each day leading
up to Christmas. It’s become a
family tradition that even our older
children still enjoy.
Bro. Dan and Sis. Denise Weerts
Remington, IN
Christmas is a special time for
our family. One activity we do
that brings our family together
is to read different Bible stories
about Jesus and put a picture up
for decoration according to what
we read. Every Christmas our
family comes together for dinner
to celebrate the birth of Christ and
a loving family. Then we exchange
gifts, symbolizing the gifts the wise
men gave to Jesus. We usually go
to our grandmother’s house to visit
her during Christmas. We also visit
our aunts and uncles. Christmas is
a good way to spend time with our
family and honor Jesus. Our family
celebrates the true meaning of
Christmas: That Jesus was born for
us to later be that perfect sacrifice
and to shed his blood for our sins.
Bro. Hans and Stefan Schrader
Wichita, KS
SILVER LINING November 2015
Music and hymns of praise are a powerful influence in our lives. A few
years ago, the Lord inspired the song, “Gift of All Gifts”, and it has helped
to keep Christ at the center of our Christmas. The true Gift of Christmas
is the “Present of His Presence: Emmanuel has come!” I pray this song
can be an inspiration to many. May God be praised!
Submitted by Sis. Taunia (Bro. Buck) Henry, Nashville, TN
Written by Taunia L. Henry
1. For God so loved the world that He gave us His Son, That He
gave us His own begotten Son.
On that silent, holy night He wrapped Him up with light So the world
would know His truth would light the way.
Gift of all Gifts, God has given unto us
The present of His presence: Emmanuel has come!
All the earth will sing at the joy He brings, but then silence at the cost
For the fullness of this Christmas gift is opened at the cross.
2. On that great appointed day, God gave us His Son
To pay a debt we never could have won.
As the Father turned away, you could hear Him softly say: Come,
receive the gift thats opened on this day.
Gift of all Gifts, God has given unto us
The present of His presence: Emmanuel has come!
All the earth will sing at the joy He brings, but then silence at the cost
For the fullness of this Christmas gift is opened at the cross.
3. Now on every Christmas Day, God looks at His Son; Beholding
His own Begotten Son.
Just waiting for the day His Son will be repaid
When He gathers all the children He has won!
Gift of all Gifts, God has given unto us
The present of His presence: Emmanuel has come!
All the earth will sing at the joy He brings, and thank Him for the cost
Come receive the gift He offers you!
Its open at the cross!
Gift of all Gifts
We have always tried to keep our
Christmas celebrations simple
but meaningful, stressing the real
reason for celebrating. When our
children were at home, we did a
little more decorating than we do
now because we could see how
special it was to them.
As to how we dealt with
commercialism, we didn’t make
a huge deal out of gift-giving.
We didn’t spend a lot on gifts
and bought each child one gift,
plus a small stocking stuffer
gift. I always liked to have
all my shopping done before
Thanksgiving (and still do) before
the stores became crowded. We
would usually take one trip
to the mall during the month
of December just to see the
decorations and maybe pick up a
couple of last-minute items.
Now that our children are
grown, we put up even less
decorations. When we have our
family home for Christmas, we
still try to keep everything simple
doing either soup & sandwiches or
appetizers. We give our children
money and buy each grandchild
a gift. We don’t exchange names
anymore, but we do a fun grab
playing the game of take-away.
Christmas is much easier for
us now than when the children
were young.
The hardest part of Christmas
for me was always having so many
immediate and extended family
get-togethers to attend clustered
together so closely, as well as all
the church and school Christmas
activities. It was hard because
young children couldn’t get naps
and we got out of our routine.
They all are good activities – but
sometimes you have to say no and
pick and choose which activities
and get-togethers you will attend
and which ones you will have to say
no to. One thing our family does
now do is the Salvation Army Kettle
bell ringer. I also don’t pressure my
children and expect them to attend
all the extended Christmases – but
let them determine what will work
best for their family.
For our family we feel it’s
important to try to have the
Christmas spirit year-round by
always focusing on and being
thankful for God’s gift of
salvation in Jesus and trying to be
willing to give and help people,
not just at Christmas.
Submitted by
Bro. Wayne and Sis. Nancy
Zimmerman, Forrest, IL
“And she brought forth her
firstborn son, and wrapped him in
swaddling clothes, and laid him
in a manger; because there was no
room for them in the inn. And there
were in the same country shepherds
abiding in the field, ... And, lo, the
angel of the Lord came upon them,
and the glory of the Lord shone
round about them: and they were
sore afraid. And the angel said unto
them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring
you good tidings of great joy, which
shall be to all people. For unto you is
born this day in the city of David a
Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:7-11
Through the growing up years of our family, we would
drive around and look for nativity scenes. Our oldest son
especially enjoyed the nativity. We would even get out
and walk up to the large nativity that was by the county
court house. We had several small nativity scenes in our
home and we would leave one on the floor that the
children could enjoy. One year we decided to create our own outdoor nativity.
Everyone was involved. After the paint and varnish had dried, we
placed it outside for others to drive by and see. It was fun to see
people driving by slowly and even pull into the lane to see the
nativity. Putting the nativity out became a family tradition
for many years and it was a joy to share the real
reason for Christmas with our neighbors
and community. Bro. Todd and Sis. Teresa Earney
Wolcott, IN
November 2015
The News & Notices section of The Silver Lining provides a way for qualifying non-profit entities to make the brotherhood aware of church-related events,
opportunities, needs, and services that would be of special interest to Apostolic Christian Church of America members and regular attendees. Email us at
[email protected] for a copy of our advertising policy, which specifies who may advertise, sizes, file formats and deadlines.
News & Notices
Bible Studies offered by the Apostolic Christian Church
Jesus the True Vine
[1501] This Bible Study
focuses on John 15:1-8 and
is intended for a general
audience. Price: $4.50
Communication in
Marriage [1502]
This is a Bible Study that
is designed specifically for
use by engaged or married
couples. Price: $4.50
Who Is Jesus [1503]
This Bible Study is for
general use and is designed
to encourage self-study by
each participant as well as
discussion within a group.
Price: $4.50
Salvation Bible Study [1510]
God says that
the II
most important thing of all is
to know Him personally, both now and eternally.
He desires a personal and intimate relationship
with you through His son, Jesus Christ.
This Bible study on Salvation is interactive with the
Word of God. You will be looking up the answers in
His Word to see what He says. His Word, the Bible, is
the authority on Salvation. It is the exclusive source for
information about how a man can be redeemed
from his lost condition and about how he is to
live after his salvation. Price: $4.50
The Second Greatest
Commandment [1504]
This Bible study seeks to
illuminate our understanding
of Bible teachings about
interpersonal relationships.
Price: $4.50
The Hand of God in
the Life of Joseph
[1505] We see the hand of
God in the life of Joseph,
which demonstrates how God’s
goodness is active in the lives of
his people. Price: $4.50
For additional information and ordering visit www.acpublications.org
Apostolic Christian Publications - 651 East Peoria St., Goodfield, IL 61742
Mature Mentors Needed – The New Beginnings of Southwest Florida
Mentoring at The New Beginnings is a way for those who feel called to share God’s unconditional love
with hurting single mothers and their children. The New Beginnings is looking for mentor couples who
are outreach-minded and called by God to come join us in building relationships with these mothers.
We currently are looking for a couple who are in their 50’s or 60’s to serve with us in Florida. We see a
massive benefit to having mentors of all ages support the moms in our program, especially those who can
fill a “Grandma and Grandpa” roll to these women who’ve never had grandparents.
Please prayerfully consider this mission and helping single mothers.
Contact us for more information concerning this opportunity.
The New Beginnings
4810 Marine Dr., Cape Coral FL, 33904
Phone: 239.541.4312 | Email: [email protected]
SILVER LINING November 2015
House Parenting Opportunity at CVE in Mexico
CVE endeavors to provide Life and Hope to emotionally wounded Mexican
children within the context of a Christ-centered family campus environment.
The ministry presently is seeking married couples or
singles who are willing to answer the call and share their
God-given spiritual gifts in the harvest as houseparents.
Houseparents have the
opportunity to live with the
children, share the gospel through
daily nurturing, and endeavor to
help break cycles of abuse or neglect
from which many have come.
As one houseparent was quoted
“To see the miracle that the Lord
has done and is doing in the lives
of hurting children has been one of
the greatest blessings of our lives.
It’s the fulfillment of our purpose
here on earth, to be the hands
and feet of Jesus to those that
desperately need Him.”
The CVE campus is located on
the edge of Magdalena, MX and offers
a secured 50-acre ranch inclusive of
seven homes, a school, a church, and
an active agricultural operation.
Historically, many of the
houseparents have been younger, but more experienced
couples are also encouraged to seek direction to join
the CVE ministry. Experienced parents often bring
stability and a seasoned perspective.
While knowing the Spanish
language would be very valuable, it
is not essential. The most important
is having a desire to learn, both the
language and the culture of the
people we serve. Language training
is provided.
Please pray for CVE, their
ministry to the children, and the
community of Magdalena. Pray
that God will raise up brothers and
sisters to serve.
If you have questions or interest
please contact: Bill Schick at:
[email protected]
or Kirk Plattner at:
[email protected]
Bible Distribution: Sharing His Word in Love
Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people. Psalm 96:3
Together we can provide Bibles for seeking people. This may be someone you attend school with,
someone you work with, or someone God has shown you at a gas station. Bibles and approved Bible
story Books are available. Carrying a New Testament to distribute can help you remember what our
real task is. To order, contact: Apostolic Christian Church Bible Distribution
651 E. Peoria Street, Goodfield, IL 61742
Phone: 309-965-2141 [email protected]
November 2015
Communications Coordinator Needed - Gateway Woods
Gateway Woods is seeking a brother or sister desiring to serve as the Communications Coordinator.
This position is open to full-time applicants and offers the opportunity to use one’s creativity,
organization and communications skills to further the ministry. If you are organized and able to
meet deadlines, have strong communication skills, and are a motivated self-starter, please contact
one of the brothers listed below for more information and a job description.
Development Coordinator Needed - Gateway Woods
Gateway Woods is seeking a brother or sister to tell supporters the story of helping broken children and
reuniting families. The Development Coordinator position is open to full-time or part-time applicants.
This position offers flexibility as applicants may work from Leo, IN or remotely from their Midwest
home. If you have a passion for helping hurting children and families, strong communication and
relationship building skills that can be used to develop financial partners and advocates, please contact
one of the brothers listed below for more information and a job description.
Chad Kaeb
Development Director
PO Box 151, Leo, IN 46765
[email protected]
Lynn Stieglitz
Counseling Elder
15417 Doty Rd., New Haven, IN 46774
Cell: 260.466.6712
[email protected]
Alternate Houseparent Needed - Gateway Woods
Houseparenting at Gateway Woods offers an opportunity for a couple, directed of the Lord, to come to
work in a full-time on going ministry at Gateway Woods. Due to a change in staff, we have a need for an
Alternate Houseparent couple. This position offers competitive wages and generous benefits and a close
relationship with brothers and sisters whose hearts and lives are dedicated to a common mission with an
eternal reward. If you feel the call to explore this possibility, please call one of the brothers listed below.
Clint Plattner
Residential Program Manager
PO Box 125, Leo, IN 46765
[email protected]
Lynn Stieglitz
Counseling Elder
15417 Doty Rd., New Haven, IN 46774
Cell: 260.466.6712
[email protected]
Light from the Word
Now available by downloadable PDF from the Apostolic Christian Publication website: www.acpublications.org
After entering the website, click on the item located at the left hand frame entitled, “Light from the Word
Reprints”. The entire set of editorials are available in a complete download (June 1987 to current).
SILVER LINING November 2015
515 E. Highland Street, Morton, IL 61550 Tel: (309) 263-5536 Fax: (309) 263-6841 www.accounseling.org
ACCFS has launched a new website!
We want to inform you of the launch of our new, responsive design website at www.accounseling.org.
Reformatted and designed to correctly respond to whatever device it is viewed on, our website should now
provide a similar experience whether accessing the site from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
The wealth of information from our old website will continue to be available in addition to much more!
We have added two links to our homepage with the following questions: Are you hurting? Desiring to
grow? These links will take you to a series of questions to help you find the area of the website which will
provide the information you are looking for in your present situation.
We have organized the majority of our website into six general content areas:
• Marriage • Parenting • Spiritual Growth • Sexuality • Relationships • Mental Health
For further quick reference, we have also grouped information into eight areas categorized by role, stage of
life, or specific need:
• Men
• Elders
• Singles
• Technology
• Women
• Ministers
• Mentors
• ACWP Mentors
There will be a “featured resource” posted every week to highlight the variety and extent of content
available for your use.
We invite you to explore the new website and welcome your feedback and suggestions ([email protected]
accounseling.org). It is our desire to use our website to exemplify our mission statement:
Helping the Hurting, Nurturing Hope, Encouraging Growth
Christian Guesthouse and Worship Services in Rochester, MN
Accommodations for Mayo Clinic outpatients and families:
Three bedrooms with private baths, laundry, kitchen and family room area.
Sunday Service:
Mid-week Service:
(held monthly at guesthouse residence)
10:00 AM and 12:30 PM
For information and reservations, contact caretakers:
Bro. Mark and Sis. Sandy Stork
4733 Birdie Lane NW, Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 288-0072
(held on 3rd Wednesday in Rochester area)
For information, contact:
Bro. Jim and Sis. Deb Tilbury
(507) 281-2875
For church services schedule please visit
November 2015
Updated 10/07/15
Mexico Work Teams
Year 2015
Nov 21 - 28
Rod Schmidt
[email protected]
Year 2016
Jan 9 - 16
Bruce Frank
[email protected]
Feb 6 - 13
Troy Lanz
[email protected]
Feb 13 - 20
Jon Baner
[email protected]
Mar 5 - 12
Gabe Meiss
[email protected]
Mar 19 - 26
Dean Sinn
Silverton Bible Class
[email protected]
Mar 19 - 26
Linc Rinkenberger
Bluffton/BN Senior Class
[email protected]
Mar 26 - Apr 2
Greg Moser
Roanoke Jr/Sr Sunday School
[email protected]
Apr 2 - 9
Joe Beer
Leo Bible Class
[email protected]
June 4 - 11
Chad Massner
Taylor Bible Class
[email protected]
Haiti Work Teams ‐ Bonne Fin
Jun 11 - 18
Hospital Lumiere
Hospital Lumiere
Year 2015
Jun 20‐27
Jul 2 - 9
David Zimmerman
Jim Rieker
[email protected]
Peoria Bible Class
[email protected]
Jul 18‐25
David Zimmerman
Benj Knapp
[email protected]
Washington Bible Class
Aug 22‐29
David Zimmerman
Contact Mike Fiechter
[email protected]
[email protected]
Jul 9 - 16
Hospital Lumiere
Scheduling Questions?
Jeff Stoller
Morton Bible Class
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
Hospital Lumiere
Hospital Lumiere
Maintenance / Painting
Oct 3‐10
David Zimmerman
[email protected]
Year 2015
Jun 20‐27
David Zimmerman
Nov 28‐Dec 5
David Zimmerman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Haiti Work Teams ‐ Bonne Fin
Hospital Lumiere
Hospital Lumiere
Jul 18‐25
David Zimmerman
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Aug 8‐15
Hospital Lumiere
Inventory Team
Lydia Bertschi
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Oct 10‐17
General Medical
Hospital Lumiere
Dental Team
Bonne Finn, Haiti Mar 12 ‐ 19
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Nov 7‐14
Eye Specialty
Hospital Lumiere
Nursing Proficiencies
Bonne Finn, Haiti Apr 9 ‐ 16
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Dec 12‐19
Dental Team
Hospital Lumiere
Lydia Bertschi
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lydia Bertschi
Lydia Bertschi
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lydia Bertschi
Lydia Bertschi
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Oct 8 ‐ 15
Hospital Lumiere
Dental Team
Oct 3‐10
David Zimmerman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Nov 12 ‐ 19 Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Nursing Proficiencies
[email protected]
[email protected]
Feb 2-9
Reuben Stork
[email protected]
Feb 9-16
Matt Kinsinger
[email protected]
SILVER LINING November 2015
Inventory Team
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti
8 8
Bonne Finn, Haiti May 7 ‐ 14
May 7 ‐ 14 Lydia Bertschi
Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Hospital Lumiere
Year 2016 309‐253‐0402
Cancer Screening
[email protected]
Cancer Screening
Bonne Finn, Haiti Jan 9 ‐ 16 [email protected]
Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Jun 11 ‐ 18 Lydia Bertschi
Cancer Screening
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
Inventory Team
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Feb 13 ‐ 20 Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Jul 9 ‐ 16
Lydia Bertschi
General Medical
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
General Medical
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Mar 12 ‐ 19 Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Aug 13 ‐ 20 Lydia Bertschi
Eye Specialty
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
Well Child Visits
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Apr 9 ‐ 16 Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Sep 10 ‐ 17 Lydia Bertschi
Dental Team
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
Cancer Screening
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
Nov 28‐Dec 5
David Zimmerman
2 Paul
Maintenance / Painting
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Sept 12‐19 Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Haiti Medical Work Teams
Cancer Screening
Year 2015 [email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Jun 13‐20 Lydia Bertschi
Bonne Finn, Haiti
Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere Nov 7‐14
Hospital Lumiere
Cancer Screening
[email protected]
Nursing Proficiencies
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Jul 11‐18
Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere Dec 12‐19 Lydia Bertschi
Bonne Finn, Haiti
Medical Team
[email protected]
Hospital Lumiere
General Medical
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Aug 8‐15
Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Year 2016 309‐253‐0402
Inventory Team Jan 9 ‐ 16
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti
Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Bonne Finn, Haiti Sept 12‐19 [email protected]
Lydia Bertschi
Inventory Team
Hospital Lumiere
Cancer Screening Feb 13 ‐ 20 Lydia Bertschi
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti
David Zimmerman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Year 2016
[email protected]
Aug 22‐29
Hospital Lumiere
Medical Team
Lydia Bertschi
[email protected]
Bonne Finn, Haiti Dec 10 ‐ 17 Lydia Bertschi
Hospital Lumiere
Inventory Team
[email protected]
Haiti Work Teams ‐ Les Cayes
Year 2015
Nov 13 ‐ 20
Maurice Schaefer
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Nov 13 ‐ 20
Haiti Trade Schools
Vocational School
Andy Getz
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Nov 13 ‐ 21
Art Mueller
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Haiti Support
Nov 18 ‐ 23
Jon Zeller
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Dec 4 ‐ 11
Lane Gerber
[email protected]
Year 2016
Les Cayes
Jan 2‐9
Ron Palitto
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Water Aid
Jan 8 ‐ 15
Maurice Schaefer
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Jan 29‐Feb 5
Richard Kraft
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Feb 12‐19
Larry Kaufmann
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Feb 26 ‐ Mar 4 Rich Bertschi
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Water Aid
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Water Aid
March 4 ‐ 11
Maurice Schaefer
[email protected]
Les Cayes
April 1 ‐ 8
Steve Leuthold
[email protected]
Les Cayes
Haiti Support
Apr 13 ‐ 18
Jon Zeller
[email protected]
Les Cayes
April 19 ‐ 26
Jon Zeller
[email protected]
Year 2016
Jun 10-18
Jamaica Work Teams
Mark Lindberg
[email protected]
Medical Teams
Physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacists,
laboratory techs, radiology techs, ultrasound techs,
occupational and physical therapists, nurses and other
specialists who are willing to assist with general medical and
surgical care are invited to participate on weeklong medical
teams. See the current schedule (including dates for 2016).
Construction Teams
Les Cayes
March 4 ‐ 11
Haiti Trade Schools
Vocational School
Andy Getz
Haiti Volunteers
Are Needed
Electricians, cabinet makers, plumbers and carpenters are
needed to continue the renovations. The work is great. This
is an excellent opportunity to help in the work and become
more familiar with the culture and Hospital Lumiere
campus. See the current schedule.
Church Ministers
The work at Hospital Lumiere is more than material and
the needs are more than physical. The Hospital staff
and the team workers understand the true objective is
that all may come to know and glorify God through a
born again life, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
and living in obedience to the Bible. Apostolic Christian
Church ministers are needed to assist in this role as they
accompany medical and construction teams to Hospital
Lumiere. Team ministers coordinate daily devotions and
provide spiritual support for the team members, hospital
staff, patients and their families.
For more information contact Rich Bertschi at
309-467-2351 or [email protected]
Haiti Awareness Tours
If you’d like to see the ministry of Hospital Lumière and
other Haiti projects in person, but do not have the time
or desire to participate in a week-long work team, please
consider our new Awareness Tours. These are quick trips
that give interested parties the opportunity to meet our
missionary families, learn more about the hospital, see
the completed renovations and work in process, and visit
some of the other World Relief projects in southern Haiti.
These trips are scheduled, as needed, based upon demand,
currently the next trip is scheduled for Mar. 4-9, 2016.
To learn more, contact: Rich Bertschi at
309.467.2351 or [email protected] or Rick Wuethrich
at 219.863.4163 or [email protected]
If you are interested in sponsoring a work team to Jamaica
contact Loren Dettwyler at [email protected]
November 2015
Medical Director Needed at Hospital Lumiere
If you are a licensed physician
with a God-inspired desire
to provide medical care and
leadership in an under-served
part of Haiti, this may be the
opportunity of a lifetime.
The Need
A licensed physician is needed to
replace our Medical Director, Dr.
Lee Klopfenstein, when his term is
completed in 2016.
To fill this full-time position, one
must have a U.S. medical license,
be Board-Certified in some aspect
of medicine or surgery, be a Believer
in Jesus Christ, have experience
a team of excellent Haitian physicians and surgeons, and oversight of
the nursing, laboratory, radiology
and pharmacy departments of this
120-bed full-service hospital and
out-patient facility.
For more information contact:
Robert Beebe
Executive Director
[email protected]
in leadership and management,
be capable of learning the Creole
language, and be willing to reside
with your family on the Hospital
Lumiere campus for up to five
years. The position involves leading
Patient Care Manager Needed at Hospital Lumiere
to learn the Creole language, be a
member of the Apostolic Christian
Church and be willing to relocate
to Haiti for a term of up to 5 years.
ospital Lumiere is seeking
a qualified person to be
assigned as Patient Care Manager
of the hospital in Bonne Fin, Haiti.
This is full-time position.
For more information contact:
Robert Beebe
Executive Director
[email protected]
The duties of Patient Care Manager
include planning, supervising
& training employees and
coordinating & implementing
programs of nursing care for all
hospital patients.
Applicants should hold an RN
SILVER LINING November 2015
degree and have at least 3 years
of nursing experience, some
management capability, be able
Give a Child Hope
Child Sponsorships
To sponsor a child
hose in the child sponsorship program have several things in common. They are very poor, desire to learn
and they have an undying soul.
To sponsor a student fill out this form
and send to the office. A student will
be assigned to you and you will be sent
further information.
The goal of this
program is to
provide an education to help
these children
learn life skills to improve their standard of living, and also to provide
spiritual training to address the true
need...the need for a knowledge of
and a personal relationship with God
through Jesus Christ.
Name _________________________
And all thy children shall be taught of
the Lord; and great shall be the peace
of thy children. IsaIah 54:13
Spouse ________________________
Address _______________________
City ____________St ___ Zip _____
Home Ph ______________________
Cell Ph ________________________
Email _________________________
Please check preference:
Wherever needed
If possible I would prefer:
Boy – Age
Girl – Age
No Preference
Cost: $30.00/month
For details: www.acworldrelief.org
Send to:
ACWR Child Sponsorship
PO Box 36
Morton, IL 61550
Phone: 309-266-6080
Fax: 309-266-5281
E-mail: [email protected]
Surgeon and Medical Physician Needed at Hospital Lumiere
Hospital Lumiere in Bonne
Fin, Haiti, a medical ministry
operated by World Relief, is
seeking the following:
A surgeon is needed immediately to
provide professional and Christian
oversight and management of the
Surgery Department of Hospital
Lumiere, and actively be involved
in surgical cases in their specialty.
The surgeon can be boarded in
general, urologic, orthopedic or
other surgical field.
Medical Physician
A medical physician with family
practice, pediatrics, emergency,
or other medical subspecialty
experience is needed immediately
Both of these positions are fulltime, but can be adapted to
accommodate a physician who is
willing to reside on the campus
part-time or for several weeks at
a time.
Please prayerfully consider whether
God is calling you to serve in Haiti.
to enhance the diagnostic and
treatment capability of our Medical
Department, provide education
and mentoring of our Haitian
medical providers, encourage
patient-focused care and maintain
our mission of quality care with
Christian love.
For more information contact:
Robert Beebe
Executive Director
[email protected]
November 2015
Openings at Cite Lumiere, Les Cayes, Haiti
Mechanic, Construction Department Assistant
The AC World Relief Caribbean Committee is seeking to fill several missionary positions based at the Cite Lumiere compound in Les Cayes, Haiti. The specific job description may vary depending on the applicant’s interests
and skills. Help is specifically needed in the following areas:
Equipment mechanic
An equipment mechanic is needed
in the Construction Department
in Haiti to maintain the vehicles,
generators, and construction equipment at Cite Lumiere and Bonne
Finn, Haiti and order, purchase, and
maintain inventory of parts to support the World Relief programs in
southern Haiti. This position would also involve training and mentoring
a Haitian assistant to provide future mechanical maintenance. The equipment mechanic would reside in the Cite Lumiere compound in Les Cayes
and report to the ACWR Construction Operations Facilitator. The applicant should be experienced in mechanical maintenance.
Construction Dept. Assistant
An assistant is needed in the Construction Department at Cite Lumiere as the work has expanded for the
program and related ministries. This
applicant could be a single brother
or couple. Skills that would be valuable in the ministry include:
• Carpentry
• Mechanical experience
• Basic computer knowledge
• Ability to work with all types of people and personalities
Interested in receiving a
printed sermon?
To order, contact:
Printed Sermons
P.O. Box 154, Forrest, IL 61741
(815) 848-5113 • [email protected]
SILVER LINING November 2015
All applicants must be a member
in good standing of the Apostolic
Christian Church, willing to learn
Creole and relocate to Haiti for a
minimum of 3 years, and have a
heart to serve the Haitian people.
If you feel led to serve or
have questions, contact:
Bro. Jon Zeller
[email protected]
Used Bible, Bible Story Book,
and Song Book Distribution
Used Bibles, Bible Story Books, Hymns of Zion,
Zion’s Harp, Gospel Hymns, and Tabernacle
Hymns are needed. AC Publications is now the
collection center for your donated books.
651 E. Peoria St, Goodfield, IL 61742
Sunday School Teacher Needed in Austin, Texas
The Austin Apostolic Christian Church has identified a need for someone to assist in their children’s
ministry as Sunday School Teacher. As a result of Outreach efforts, the church has been blest to have
many young people come to Sunday worship without their parents. For anyone who has a heart to sow
the seeds of the gospel in young hearts, prayerfully consider answering this call and becoming part of the
Austin church family. If you are interested, send an e-mail to the [email protected] with your name,
contact information and a brief description of why you are interested and feel that God is calling you into
this work. Your response will be directed to the appropriate brothers within the Church Establishment
Committee and the Austin Church leadership.
Desired Qualifications
1) Servant Heart - willingness to serve in children’s ministry and support a smaller Apostolic Christian Church in Austin, Texas.
2) Integrity - demonstrate high spiritual standards and be a committed Christ-follower.
3) Support local church efforts - willingness to understand the current outreach efforts within the
Austin church and work with established brethren.
4) Brother or sister with the support of the local elder.
5) Spanish may be helpful in communicating with parents/grandparents, but all children are fluent in
This request for assistance to our national churches is the result of “pilots” currently being undertaken by
the Church Establishment Committee in two of our smaller Apostolic Christian congregations – Austin,
TX and St. Louis, MO. The Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Mission Committee, is working
to assess the needs of these smaller congregations and assist in providing resources, tools and services
to help them become self-sustaining, thriving churches which exalt Christ through actively living our
4 Pillar Mission Statement. This includes 1) sharing the gospel with the lost, 2) nurturing the believers,
3) contending for the faith and preserving sound doctrine, and 4) meeting the needs of the community
through acts of service.
Teacher Needed – Athens Preschool
There is currently a teaching position available at the Apostolic Christian Preschool in Athens, AL. We are
looking for a preschool teacher who is willing to start as soon as possible. This is a wonderful opportunity
to support one of our smaller congregations.
This is a paid position with medical benefits. Church housing is available. Applicants must be at least 19
years old and be a member of the Apostolic Christian Church. Basic computer skills are necessary.
If you have questions contact Sis. Kalla Knobloch at (309) 231-1755.
You may also e-mail your resume to [email protected]
Thank you for your prayerful consideration!
November 2015
Continued Articles
Serving Those
Closest to Us
— Continued from pg. 3
small child—though difficult, this
can be a wonderful time of serving
those who did so much for us. To
sit at the side of a dying parent—
perhaps providing the smallest act
to ease some physical pain or to
whisper encouraging words of hope
from God’s Word—is to be close to
Heaven and to feel the Savior’s love
in a special and unique way. All of
this is being done in His Name and
for His Glory.
Finally, and still within the
realm of those closest to us, we
have our precious church family
and brotherhood. God has granted
many ways in which we can by
love serve each other. There are
those among us who have lost
their spouses. Some are without
parents or without secure family
situations. We are taught that
visiting these—which might
include a variety of ways to love
and serve them—is “pure religion
and undefiled.”12
In the church, each takes his
turn with life’s joys and hardships.
We are called to “rejoice with them
that do rejoice, and weep with
them that weep.”13 Our church
has a rich history and pattern of
fulfilling this verse as we live in
close fellowship with each other
and can act on our awareness of
these needs. Yet we live in an age
of increasing material wealth and
self-sufficient lifestyles which can
create the perception that needs
are not present or have already
been met. May we resist the
tendency toward independence
which can at once rob us of the
blessing of serving and being
served in the Lord’s name.
We know how easy it can
be to step past a need which is
right at our doorstep—in our
marriages, our families, and our
church—on our way to serving in
what may be perceived as bigger
and more important ways. Let
us remember the Acts 1:8 model
of evangelism and service which
makes it clear that such service
stands on the foundation of first
serving the needs of those closest
to us, being a witness for Christ
where we are at the present time
and trusting Him to guide and
prepare us for the future.
Gal. 5:13
Gal. 6:10
Luke 22:27
Phil. 2:7
Mark 10:44
Rom. 12:1
Luke 17:10
Acts 1:8
Eph. 5:21-33
Matt. 10:42
Col. 3:23
James 1:27
Rom. 12:15
“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.
O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth for ever.
O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy endureth for ever.
To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth for ever.
To him that by wisdom made the heavens: for his mercy endureth for ever.
To him that stretched out the earth above the waters: for his mercy endureth for ever.
To him that made great lights: for his mercy endureth for ever:
The sun to rule by day: for his mercy endureth for ever:
The moon and stars to rule by night: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Ps. 136:1-10
“O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Ps. 136:26
SILVER LINING November 2015
Training Youth
at CVE
— Continued from pg. 6
How you can participate
The opportunities to participate
are many. Sunday School or VBS
collections could be directed for
new equipment such as wood
working tools or automotive tools
such as an auto hoist. For brothers
and sisters able to stay for multiple
weeks, there is opportunity to teach
vocational skills such as a robotics
team. Since these shop experiences
are more “hands on” and
observational, instruction can be
achieved even by those who speak
little spanish. As the Lord provides
creative ideas on how to serve,
please feel free to contact Bro.
Daton Kupferschmid ([email protected]
gmail.com). He will work with
you to employ your skills and
willingness that young souls might
be strengthened through those
difficult years of transition from
childhood to adulthood.
Parenting &
— Continued from pg. 9
your teen’s heart as they fight
for freedom and make mistakes.
Focus on walking through conflict
with your spouse and teen in a
way which honors Christ. Reflect
on the last time you had a heart
to heart discussion with your
teenager and purpose to maintain
this level of dialogue with them.
Adult Children
Common Challenges: It is
difficult to see an adult child
make decisions with which we
do not agree. Yet we no longer
have the ability to “make” them
do what we see as right or wise.
Even when adult children make
wise decisions, it can be difficult
to watch them gain greater
independence and no longer
seem to need our guidance.
This can be a difficult time for
marriages, especially if a couple
has not invested in the relationship
throughout the years. It can be
easy to drift apart or even become
frustrated with each other during
earlier parenting seasons. Now,
as less time and energy is spent
on the children, a void in marital
relationships can be exposed.
Consider: Revaluate hopes,
dreams, and desires together as a
couple. Where do you want to invest
time and energy as a couple and as
individuals? Think about friendships
you would like to establish or
reestablish and how you should go
about strengthening your support
group. Are there opportunities for
ministry which have now opened up
in this new season of life?
Keeping a marriage strong
through different seasons of life
will take purposeful thought and
action. The effort might seem
heavy up front, but the reward of
purposefully working to maintain
a marriage relationship is great.
We glorify God as we strengthen
our marriages. Take time this
week to discuss and develop a plan
to grow closer to your spouse.
ACCFS has a host of resources
available to encourage parents in
their responsibilities. We continue to
conduct Parenting with a Purpose
seminars and other presentations as
requested. In addition, we develop
and refer to other helpful resources
on our website at www.accounseling.
org/parenting. If you have requests or
would like more information, please
contact ACCFS at (309)263-5536.
November 2015
Monthly Sermon, continued
— Continued from pg. 5
choosing. He has allowed and
walked us down different paths,
some seemingly without cross
and others seemingly with great
cross, but together He holds us
in His hand.
He walks us to a place, and
He desires that our context, what
we see, is not from just what we
see day to day but that we step
back and see God desires to use
each and every one of us to bring
glory to Him. He wants to use
us in our setting, in our place
today that we can truly say in
this moment, although there’s
heartache, disappointment, or
struggle that we’re dealing with, we
can still utter, ‘The Lord is good.
He’s gracias. I’m thankful.’ Some
of you do it very well because we
are forced at times to look to those
good things. When our cups seem
less than full, perhaps more than
empty, we know that every time we
turn, we can pick up that cup and
drink, and the Lord will provide.
He does provide, and He will
provide. It is His will that as His
children, He will provide for us.
But, we have choices, Loved Ones,
and we can harden our heart as
the Scripture reminds us here that
there were those who did become
dissatisfied with God’s choice for
them and did come to the place
where they were frustrated and
disappointed and angry. All sorts
SILVER LINING November 2015
of emotional responses drove them
to a place where they said we want
more, and they hardened their
heart against the goodness of God.
God gave them over to that.
We are reminded today too
that we have to be careful where
our heart and our attitude is and
that we do not let that murmuring
or complaining overcome us that
we would become tempted, that we
would tempt God, that we would
allow Satan’s temptations to tear us
down and to destroy us but that we
would “come, let us worship and bow
down: let us kneel before the LORD
our maker. For he is our God; and
we are the people of his pasture, and
the sheep of his hand. To day if ye
will hear his voice...” (v.6-7) Today.
Come, He says. Come to me. Jesus
points this out. He says if we come
to Him, how do we come?
We read here again of this
example of the woman in the
city who was a sinner. “…when
she knew that Jesus sat at meat
in the Pharisee’s house, brought
an alabaster box of ointment”.
(St. Luke 7:37) I take it that in
some ways she was a very poor
individual, probably not very well
respected. I don’t know. We could
assume that she was engaged in
very sinful activities on a regular
basis. We could look to her and
say shame on her! Why was she
choosing to go down that path?
We don’t know the answers to
that. Sometimes even in our
lives we don’t understand why
people do what they do when we
understand that it’s sin. We might
look down upon them at a point
and say they’re not worthy of
Jesus. They’re not worthy to know,
and it’s a dangerous place to go
because we don’t always know the
footsteps that they’ve walked in.
But here we read that she came
to herself as the prodigal son did.
She came to herself, and she said
my life is not worth living this way.
There’s something better that the
Lord offers to every heart here today.
We’re faced with the moment and
test that says I don’t know why I
would ever continue this dreadful
path of a dead end when the Lord
offers so much more.
She comes to Jesus. She brings
everything that she has — an
alabaster box of ointment. We
could think about it as perhaps it
was given to her as a special gift
from a grandmother. It could
have been something she worked
really hard to get. There are a lot of
different perspectives that we could
draw that says she had something,
but she came to Jesus. She poured
it out at the feet of Jesus. Every one
of us here today has something
very special, very valuable. It is our
living, breathing soul — priceless
in the sight of God, worth more
than anything else this earth would
ever have to offer, and there’s a
place that Jesus wants us to bring
it. His invitation is that every heart
would come and pour out our
heart at the feet of Jesus.
That in itself begins the process
of saying, ‘I’m sorry. I repent
because I need help because the life
that I’d chosen to live in this way
is of no value. It’s not taking me
to that eternal place.’ Jesus invites
us to come. She sees this, and she
comes, wipes His feet with her tears
and hairs of her head, kisses His
feet, anoints them with ointment.
I don’t know how long this took
place. We could draw our own
conclusions that it took place in 5
minutes. Did it take 10 minutes?
Was it going on for a half hour? I
don’t really know, but what she did
was a visible evidence of her faith
in Someone that could bring peace
and joy to her heart.
That’s the promise the Lord
offers to every heart today — that
when we come broken before Him,
when we come confessing, when
we come with a need that says
‘Lord help me’, and we’re willing
to give everything we have and
not hold back and not determine
that I’m only going to give just a
portion of this or that, when we
say ‘Lord fill my cup because I’ve
emptied it now’, Jesus says, ‘I will.’
It is His promise, Loved Ones. It
is His desire that when we come
with that heart that says ‘I have
nothing, but I’m thankful for
whatever I could be given and I
can rejoice’, then we begin to feel
the peace of God that passeth all
understanding. It says be careful
for nothing but in everything by
prayer and supplication — with
thanksgiving I think it says — let
our requests be made known unto
God, and then the peace begins to
come (Philippians 4:6).
At times we can step back
as Simon did and spake within
himself and began to question Jesus
is this really God? Is this really the
Christ? Is this really the man that
I think He is because if it were
so, He would not defile Himself
with the sinner. He would not
let somebody who was perhaps a
harlot or some vile sinner and take
this place. Jesus shows to you and
me that His invitation is open to
every heart, and forgiveness is His
to offer. There’s nothing that stands
in the way of a broken and contrite
soul who comes to the Lord saying,
‘Help.’ He is the author of every
good gift. He is the one that desires
to give us peace, to give us hope, to
give us the promise, Loved Ones.
Jesus says to him, “…Simon, I
have somewhat to say unto thee…”
(v.40) This is when I put my name
there — I have somewhat to say
unto thee. So this simple question
— “There was a certain creditor
which had two debtors: the one owed
five hundred pence, and the other
fifty. And when they had nothing to
pay, he frankly forgave them both.
Tell me therefore, which of them will
love him most?” (v.41-42)
A couple thoughts come from
here. At times we’ll measure
ourselves. I know in the Scripture
it talks about the danger of us
comparing ourselves amongst each
other (2 Corinthians 10:12), but
we do it anyway. We don’t want
to, but I think if we’re honest, we
do tend to compare ourselves. We
kind of measure ourselves and say
I might struggle with this, but not
as bad as someone else. The fact is
neither one of us has anything that
we can offer to pay the debt that
we owe. When we think we have
something, we have crossed the
line that says we don’t understand.
Frankly, Jesus says, he forgave
them both. Who, therefore, tell
me, will love him the most? A
simple question, and then Simon
answers — and in some way I
tend to think a little bit sheepishly
— and could not even say the
woman, couldn’t express in his
own heart what Jesus was really
getting at but says, ‘Probably him
who forgave the most.’ And Jesus
says, ‘Right. Seest this woman?’
The humility that we need
sometimes is very evident, and
I can’t imagine what Simon felt
as he stood there. Perhaps there
were a number of his best friends
standing around him, and Jesus
— Please turn to pg. 64
November 2015 SILVER LINING
Monthly Sermon, continued
to cause her to walk in this way,
looked him in the eye and said,
and she can say “yes” to Me.
‘You know, Simon, I love you too,
Loved Ones, that is where the
but your heart’s not where I want it Lord desires us to be, not only
to be. You’ve lifted yourself up just today but each and every day. The
enough that you’re not as thankful world is a dead end. It truly is.
as I want you to be because you
What the world offers is a path that
take credit in your own self. You
certainly is a path that we will all
see yourself as pretty good. Perhaps find ourselves on, but the path the
you’ve walked in a way that others
world offers is truly a dead end. It
might admire. You’re taking credit
will go nowhere. It looks so many
for that. If you knew me and you
times like the things of the world
knew how big your debt was and
on the billboards saying this is up
you knew you had nothing to pay
ahead so many miles, whatever it
me with and your debt was so big,
is figuratively, we understand that
you would be doing exactly what
there’s promise of something more,
she is doing. You’d be upon your
but in reality the world’s a road
knees asking for forgiveness.’
that’s a dead end. Jesus says come,
“…Seest thou this woman?
pick up your cross, and walk with
I entered into thine house, thou
me. Then, and only then, Loved
gavest me no water for my feet: but Ones, does the peace of God truly
she hath washed my feet with tears, begin to rise up within our hearts
and wiped them with the hairs of
and we can say how thankful we
her head. Thou gavest me no kiss:
are for the holy, righteous God
but this woman since the time I
who’s offered to us the gift of
came in hath not ceased to kiss my
salvation and promise of life eternal
feet. My head with oil thou didst
and the help to go through life
not anoint: but this woman hath
when we’re pressed down.
anointed my feet with ointment.”
This woman had her whole
(v.44-46) She’s made some
life left before her, didn’t she? It
mistakes, but her life tells me how wasn’t over at this point in time,
thankful she is that she’s found
so certainly her life was still going
the Savior. She’s thankful that
to be faced with tests and trial.
she’s been able to come to a place Her life certainly was still going
where she can step outside of her
to be faced with difficulties, I’m
past life, and she can say “no” to
sure. Perhaps there were those that
the world. She can say “no” to
she was going to have to go back
sin. She can say “no” to the test
to and make right with. Perhaps
that Satan would put before her
there were those that she was
— Continued from pg. 63
SILVER LINING November 2015
going to have to say she was sorry,
but it begins when we come to
pour out our whole heart and soul,
everything about us, at the feet of
Jesus and say ‘Help me, Lord. I’m
thankful for what now I can find.’
When it speaks of singing, last
Sunday we read in the Scripture
several times the word joy and
rejoice, and we read here come let
us sing unto the Lord and let us
make a joyful noise, make a joyful
noise with psalms, and come into
his presence with Thanksgiving
(Psalm 95:1-2). Satan wants us to
look glum and look dreary and
wants us to feel down. This woman
when she stood up, I couldn’t help
but think, there had to be a huge
smile on her face when the Lord
says to her, “Thy faith hath saved
thee; go in peace.” (v.50)
We remember different
situations in the Scripture. Another
thought comes to my mind of Peter
and John. They met a lame man on
the way, and they told him to rise
up and walk. He went walking and
leaping and praising God. (Acts 3:18) That’s for us today too. Walking
and leaping within our heart,
praising God, thanking Him.
There’s another Scripture comes
to mind. We actually sang it this
last week I think. Remember the
time when there were ten lepers,
and Jesus comes to them? They
cry out to Him just as this woman
did and say, ‘Lord have mercy on
us! Help us!’ And Jesus says, ‘Go.
Go show yourselves to the priest.’
They did, and they were cleansed.
But, it says one came back to Jesus,
and Jesus says to everybody else,
‘Where are the nine? Where are
those that have been cleansed? Are
they not thankful? Can they come
and express that?’
I think Jesus in some ways
knows, Loved Ones, that we’re weak
in that regard, but He also knows
that we’re able to give praise and
thanks to Him. He gives us the help
to live a joyful life. He gives us the
help to be thankful amidst trouble
and test. He gives us the help to put
a smile on our face. He gives us the
grace to do all of that. He wants us
to come, not of the nine — well, as
the nine because sometimes that’s
me; I can be that way — but He
asks where are we today? Can we
come and lift up a joyful noise unto
the Lord, the Rock of our salvation,
the sheep of His pasture?
You know, there’s so much that
we have to be thankful for — that
we can walk and live in a place
where we can feed on the green
pastures of life. He gives us today,
Loved Ones, the nourishment that
we need. He has not forsaken us.
It’s to those who choose to walk
another way, and that can be me, we
choose to feed on the other things
of the world, things that lead to a
dead end, the things that bring us
no peace, things that sometimes we
say I’ll take credit for that, those are
the things that in the end will prove
to be of no value. The Lord gives us
today an opportunity to come in
faith, to come pour out our heart to
Him, to ask ourselves are we truly
thankful for everything He has
provided for us.
I can be thankful in some
ways because the Lord has blessed
me in rich ways. All of us, I
think, God brings to a point in
time to kind of a crossroads in
our life when we can look at our
present situation and say poor me.
I maybe shouldn’t come across
that negative, but sometimes that
is our struggle, isn’t it? We can
be thankful for the support that
we feel around us, but there are
still moments and times in our
life when we will look at our lot
and portion and question, ‘Lord,
does it have to be this way?’ That’s
when context helps me see that
perhaps God has chosen me and
chosen you to walk a particular
path for really one reason — to
somehow bring glory to Him.
God is a God of redemption, a
God of love, a God of pity we sang,
but He wants to use every one of
us as instruments and vessels. He
wants us to come with a broken
heart. He wants us to come as this
woman and pour out everything
we have, show with more than
words, perhaps with a smile on our
face, that we have been redeemed
and we can leap and walk and
live for the Lord regardless of our
present trial and test, and we can
bring glory to Him. What greater
honor, what greater award can we
ever think of, Loved Ones!
We do a lot of things in life for
some sort of compensation, not in
a monetary way but we do a lot of
things just naturally for a reward,
for something good. We will work
and labor for something in return.
We’ll do some things for other
people even though we don’t want
them to get back to us. By helping
each other, sometimes we feel
better. It’s a natural response that
God gives us.
The true peace and blessing
comes when we give our heart
completely to God and we walk
with Him, are given to Him that
He will say to us, ‘Thank you for
being my vessel. Thank you for
being thankful.’ The Lord invites
us to this place, Loved Ones.
He’s loved us. He’s provided for
us in countless ways. I know He
has. We are encouraged so many
times to count our blessings and
name them one by one. Some of
us perhaps have a longer list than
others, but I would venture to say
that every one of us has a really
long list. It begins at the top that
Jesus has come and offered us
salvation and hope and promise,
and to say to us, ‘Go in peace; thy
faith has saved you.’
November 2015 SILVER LINING
Learning from our history
Remembering Our Spiritual Heritage
The first church of our denomination was described in a
newspaper article in 1913. It appeared in the Black River
Democrat at Lowville, New York. It describes the church’s
patterns at Lewis County. At that time, the church in that
area was known as Evangelical Baptist. These following
excerpts are drawn from “Marching To Zion.”
French Settlement in the Early Days
When Elder (Benedict) Weyeneth began to preach
the Evangelical faith, the meetings were held in the
homes of settlers. The message that came to the
little world at the settlement was taken from Peter
who said, “Repent, and be baptized every one of you.
Repentance was not quite so easy as at first supposed.
It must not come from the lips but from the heart.; it
had to be openly manifested before such repentance
was accepted.
The first Elder ordained by the missionary Elder
Weyeneth was Joseph Virkler, one of seven sons who
came with his parents from the province of AlsaceLorraine. Mr. Virkler was an eloquent preacher and
immediately drew a large number of the settlers to
the Evangelical Baptist belief, which while it retained
many of the features of the Ammanites (Amish),
and also the Mennonites, was withal distinctive in
itself. The fundamental principle of the Evangelical
belief rested absolutely on the gospels. There was
and is no creed, nor dogma, no confession of faith
(written), nothing but repentance and adoption of
the rules of the society. (Editor’s note: these “rules”
were patterns that grew out of a desire to apply the
scriptures to everyday living and worship)
The primary rule is the subjection of the flesh
and the elimination of all carnal thought and
desire. Not quite so simple when it comes to it.
Only the strongest system of discipline could effect
this subordination of the flesh, and the highest
conception of morality makes it lasting.
SILVER LINING November 2015
A Brotherhood
First, and foremost, to get a better understanding, it
may be well to mention that the Evangelical Baptist
society was not a church, but a brotherhood only. the
various congregations distributed over the earth in
little clusters had no organization. Each congregation,
like the Ammanites was entirely independent of the
other. They were held together in brotherly fellowship.
The idea of brotherhood reigned supreme in their
hearts; there was no higher or lower brotherhood: there
were none in authority. There was but one Master and
that was Jesus Christ. The only title they tolerate is
that of “learner” or teacher; there is no other between
them and the master.
A brother was selected by the congregation to be
a learner for no other reason than that he might
possess the gift of speech in greater degree than the
other brothers. He was then ordained as a learner,
not to elevate him above his brothers, but to qualify
him before the law to perform the legal functions of
a minister, which was mainly to legalize the marriage
rite between brothers and sisters of the society.
There were no professional learners; each must
work at his own trade or other occupation, the same
as the rest. No preparation of sermon was permitted,
no selection of text. The Bible was opened at random
and from the chapter appearing on such page, the
exhortation was made.
Editor’s note: the author of this newspaper account
was a person not associated with the church. His
perceptions in this article stemmed from the
observations he made as he interviewed the members
and likely attended some worship services.
-by Perry Klopfenstein
Next issue: The last part of this newspaper article.
The Light of Hope
Don’t Live for the Moment
It seems to me, please forgive me if I’m wrong,
that we sometimes make decisions as to what we
do or say, based on the thrill of the moment. For
instance, we may eat something that we know is not
good for us, but it tastes so good that we eat it and
console ourselves by thinking about someone who
ate it all the time and lived to be a hundred years old.
The devil wants us to think that to live for the thrill
of the moment is all right.
The Holy Spirit teaches us “Flee youthful lusts.”
(2 Timothy 2:22) To lust is to seek immediate
satisfaction of desire. It is the opposite of watching
and praying before we act. Nowhere in the Bible are
we taught to act according to how we feel at that
moment. We should live now as we will wish to have
lived when we become ninety years old, and when
we become that age, we should continue to live as we
will wish to have lived when we meet our Lord. Live
for joy and contentment over the long haul.
The Bible teaches church discipline. It is only
needed when self-discipline fails. From now on, let
everyone practice self-discipline so we don’t have
to worry about church discipline. It is not pleasant
for the individual or for the church, or for God and
Jesus. What’s past is past and we are instructed to
think about that which is pure and lovely, so let’s not
dwell on past failures, but overcome evil with good.
(Phil. 4:8, Romans 12:21)
When our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the
true and living God, told us that we should “Lay
up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” (Matthew
6:20) He was teaching us to think about the
future, not the thrill of the moment. Jesus said, “In
the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good
cheer; I have overcome the world.” Make no mistake
about it, the Bible teaches us to deny ourselves and
do what is right, not just to please the church or
God, but for our own good.
To decide what is right can be a big debate,
but to start with, we should present ourselves to
God as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1), so we don’t
get in the way of doing what is right. And we are
further taught to do all things in the name of the
Lord Jesus (Col. 3:17), and that we are created for
God’s pleasure, not our own pleasure. (Rev. 4:11)
The beauty of it all is that the more we live for
God, the happier we are. In deciding what is right,
I recommend that all believers take the path that
brings Christ the most glory, regardless of personal
will or desire in the matter. That is a very small thing
to do, compared with what Christ, the Son of God,
has done for us.
We may have the desire to decorate our bodies,
but the Bible teaches us that our decorating should
be with “The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit,
which is in the sight of God of great price.” (1 Peter
3:4) This is written concerning women, but I should
think it also applies to men. I fear that the tendency
to follow the immodest ways of the world is a
temptation to live for the moment.
Gambling is motivated by the temptation to
try for the thrill of the moment when you, sooner
or later, hopefully, hit the jack pot. It can be an
addiction and it is a waste of money. If we are
followers of Christ, all that we have and we ourselves,
too, belong to Christ. “For ye are bought with a price:
therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit,
which are God’s.” (1 Cor. 6:20) Therefore we should
not be addicted to anything. It robs us of our ability
to practice self-control. Everybody should stay away
from gambling. Don’t live for the moment.
May God grant us the grace to avoid the
temptation to live for the moment.
-by Willis Ehnle
November 2015 SILVER LINING
1523 County Road 400N
Congerville, IL 61729
“Upon the stormy sea of
life, thru many storms and
gales, a sturdy ship does
bear us on as t’ward our
port it sails.
This ship of faith is God’s
own ark, our Captain is
the Lord. It carries to the
land of rest all passengers
on board.”
The Ship of Faith, Hymns of Zion #48