Sunday, November 10, 2013 - Temple Of Deliverance HCG


Sunday, November 10, 2013 - Temple Of Deliverance HCG
Temple of Deliverance HCG
Subject to change
Church Announcements
Sunday, November 10, 2013
Praise the Lord
• HONORING… Lord & Savior Jesus
Prayer Requests
Let us remember the sick and the shut in:
Pastor L. Beanum
Marian Taylor
Justine Morris
Bennie Morris
Keisha Robinson
Lottie Bullock
Norman Parker
Oneal Johnson
Helen Collier
Pauline Adams
Paulette Hudson
McPhatter Family
Shawn Jackson
Robert & Myrtle
Today’s Agenda
Monthly Newsletters are available
Please pick up copies in the Foyer
or the Secretary’s Office
Submit your articles if writing for the
next issue.
Thank You-
Today’s Agenda
4pm Louisa Health Care
Weekly Event---------------------------------
Nov. 13th- (Wed.)
Prayer Service & Bible Class
7:30 pm
-------------------Nov. 14th – (Thurs.)
Coffeewood Prison Ministry
6:00 pm
Weekly Event
Friday, Nov. 15th
Noon Day Prayer
Brother’s Club Meeting
8:00 pm
Weekly Event
Speakers for the Retreat:
Sister Pamela Dunston - Mother Deborah Campbell
Mother Sharon Dudley – Sister Marilyn Silver
Upcoming Event
4th Sunday, November 24th
“Harvest Rally”
Each Member is asked to donate $125.00
Please contact: Sis. Ruth White to advise her of
your commitment.
Upcoming EventWed. Nov. 27th
Pre-Thanksgiving Service
Nov. 30th - (Sat.) Baby Shower-Bryson Sims
Parents: Bryant & April Sims
4-6pm @ Mimi’s Restaurant on Rt. 1
Upcoming Event
Saturday, December 7th
Evangel Cathedral-Upper Marlboro, MD
Children 4 – 12 $84
Teens 13 -Adults $89
(prices subject to change with total# sign ups)
Signups needed by November 8
Contact: Sis. Sandy Woolfolk
Save the Date
Friday, July 11, 2014
Sight & Sound
• Children 3-12 - $52.68
• Teens 13-18 -$76.89
• Adults 19 and up -$97.29
Contact: Sis. Sandra Woolfolk
Missionary Dept.
1.) Thanksgiving Boxes
2.)Christmas Bags
Please make your
donations & mark your
envelopes-Missionary Dept.
Temple of Deliverance HCG
Announcements are posted on
the Bulletin Board and you
may visit the website at:
Thank You and God Bless!!
Today’s Sermon Notes
•Speaker: Elder Lynn Beanum
•Text: Job 2:10
Luke 8:24-25
•Title: In Storm Of Testing With

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