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June 2003 PDF
Yo ur Mo n t hl y Co a s t al B u s i ne s s - t o - B us i n es s N e ws Ma g az i ne
VOLUME 13 #6
June 2003
ISSN 1056-7070
a Teaching
See the stories, pages 2 and 6.
Special Bonus: Washington Side Meeting Guide, page 12.
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2 Pacifica Projects
4 Coffee and Log Homes
Issue Focus
11th Annual Pacifica Projects
Creative, Multi-disciplined AND a Community Service!
5 Techno-Notes
6 Fire School Flames Up
Special Feature
12 Washington Meeting Guide
Regular Departments
9 On the Move
10 Business Calendar
12 Real Estate Information
23 Reader Forum
Correction: The telephone number for the
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reported in the magazine last month.
The correct telephone number
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We apologize for the error.
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Page 2
Photo by Lesle Palmeri
Pacifica Profusion: Students at Seaside High School participate in the Pacifica Project
in a range of fields. From the SMART reading program to saving wildlife to teaching
gradeschoolers about the watershed, the projects are as varied as the students themselves.
t a time when
singing the blues,
the Seaside Administrative School
District #10 is keeping up its strong
melody of success. I was honored to
once again be asked to serve as a panelist for evaluation of the Seaside High
School Pacifica Projects just last week.
Seaside High School principal
Don Wickersham said that the program began in the early 1990s as a collaborative effort of teachers and administrators. “We felt the students needed
to become involved in the community,”
he said. “Service learning was just
starting at that time and we saw this as
an opportunity for the students to give
back to the community.”
Participation in the program
is a requirement for graduation from
Seaside High School that has been
coordinated since day-one by social
studies instructor Michael Hawes.
Pacifica P roject students are
required to identify a community service need where they spend at least 50
hours coordinating activities for the
public good and report on it at the end
of the year. They may work alone or in
a small group. The presentations are
then evaluated on a number of levels,
including presentation skills, content,
cooperation, knowledge gained, etc.
The biggest difference I noted
this year was the inclusion of a video
segment to flesh out the presentation
of each project in my evaluation
group. I asked if the students had a
video class to help with editing of the
tapes and was told they did not.
If you know of a community
need that might provide a good project for next years’s program, call the
school. LCB
11th Annual Pacifica Projects
Contact: Michael Hawes or Don
Address: Seaside High School
1901 North Holladay Drive
Seaside, Oregon 97138
Telephone: 503/738-5586
Fax: 503/738-5589
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.seaside.k12.or.us
Hours: 7:30a - 4:30p Monday - Friday
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
The front cover photos, by Jack
and Lesle Palmeri, show the latest in technology use at both the high school and college level. The Fire School at the MERTS
campus of Clatsop Community College
has been years in the making. Bill Antilla
has just fired up the latest in firefighting
technology to help professionals learn
about the art and science of modern firefighting techniques. Read the story on
page 6.
Also shown is the multi-disciplined Pacifica Presentation by Candis
Fulmer and Angela Lucia. The photo on
page 2 shows the costumed watershed play
by Alison Osburn, Stephanie Duncan, Luke
Corry, Kelsey Mousley, & Aaron Webb.
Read more about the program on page 2.
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Elizabeth Serreau
House Rendering
Pen & Ink Drawings
Editor’s Note
Progress plus Places
Technology changes coupled with meeting spaces
By Lesle Palmeri, Walker & Company Marketing Communication
t the risk of sounding trite, we apologize for the delay
in providing information to you that was pro m i s e d
months ago. The problem is there is
always so much to write about each
month, some topics just don’t make it
in. In this case, it worked out much
better, thanks to the nice people at the
Long Beach Washington Peninsula
Visitors Bureau. Since we published
our Meeting Planner’s Guide for
Oregon spaces in January of this year,
they have been working on compilation of a list for their side of the river.
They have even been considerate
enough to include the same information in the same order as our guide making it easier for both you and me.
The diff e rence is that their
information is organized by the type
of building or business in which the
meeting space is located.
Our focus this month is on
technology, so you will find some
recent news items of interest to small
business owners as well as two ways
in which technology is changing the
way we do things. On page two you
will find how the presentations of
high school students are evolving to
include more technology and you will
find on page six a profile of the new
technologically-advanced firefighting
training station in Astoria.
To help us get a jump on next
month, take a minute to answer our
Reader Forum questionnaire on page
23 on concerns regarding terrorism
and its impact on business and personal travel, and the benefit of training and other programs for the development of your workforce. LCB
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Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
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Page 3
Issue Focus
Family Businesses Team Up for Mutual Benefit
Husband’s work benefits wife’s work which benefits husband’s.....
hat better way to
show off your log
home business than
to build one for
another family business and plop it
right at the entrance to the Port of
Astoria’s front door? That is what Jan
and Julie Helligso have done.
Both the Windy Pine Log
Homes and Journey’s End Espresso
had their beginnings in the small north
coast community of Knappa, Oregon.
While the log home business is still
based there, Julie felt that her espresso
business needed a more high-traffic
location to be successful “I had a coffee
shop in Knappa but felt it was not an
ideal location. I already had the equipment and loved the work. Bill Cook
from the Port of Astoria has been more
than helpful in getting us going here . ”
From the ranch
to the port:
Julie Helligso
re-opened her
coffee business
as Journey’s
End Espresso at
the Red Lion
entrance to the
Port of Astoria
on May 6. Her
business is
housed in one of
her husband’s log homes
and she has much more
Photos by Lesle Palmeri
roomy accommodations
than most coffee purveyors. Stop by for a cup of java or to check-out the nifty cabin.
Laura McNeeley, former manager of the Common Grounds coffee
house (LCB July 2001) in Astoria will be
With the experience
that comes from serving
the needs of more than
480,000 business owners,
we can help you:
z simplify your finances;
z build financial independence for retirement;
z protect your family’s
financial security;
z plan for the continuation of
your business; and
z reduce your tax burden.
Call or stop by today
for more info r m at i o n .
George W. House, AAMS
632 A West Marine Drive
Astoria, OR 97103
www.edwardjones.com Member SIPC
Page 4
helping Julie in the business as well as
expanding the services to include
delivery by the end of the month.
Jacqueline Andriesian of the
Palomino Coffee Bar in Warrenton provides fresh-baked goods for Julie and
the espresso business offerings include
multiple flavorings to add to your
mocha, latte, breve, cappuccino,
Americano, Bridgetown as the house
coffee, Chai teas, hot chocolate bottled
waters and juices and more .
Prices range from $1.00 for a
12 ounce house coffee up to $3.75 for a
Big River Brain Freeze. Extra shots of
espresso or flavor are charged at $.35
and kid-sized drinks are $1.00.
Expansion plans include a discussion of a coffee house on port pro perty, and special events in the parking
lot starting this summer. LCB
Journey’s End Espresso
Owner: Julie Helligso
Address: 55 Basin Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103
Telephone: 503/338-9693
Fax: 503/458-7092
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: None
Hours: 6a - 6p Monday - Saturday
7a - 5p Sunday
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
A Sampling of what’s “Out There”
The June issue of Fast Company magazine has a news bit by Ryan
Underwood called “GEAR/HARD
WARE”. “Call it the Mother of All
Laptops: a rugged, hermeticallysealed portable computer that helped
power the world’s first Web-enabled
war. Sure, Itronix’s GoBook II runs
Windows and does all of the normal
things that a run-of-the-mill notebook
computer does. But the wireless-ready
GoBook II can also withstand being
dropped repeatedly, being baked in an
oven at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, being
shaken like a can of paint, and being
drenched with four inches of rain per
hour - all while it’s running. And it’s
been battlefield tested in Iraq, so you
know it works. The GoBook II retails
for $4,500 - and it looks great with your
Hummer and camouflage pants. Visit
Itronix on the Web (www.itronix.com)
100K installation fee
NOTABLE: Links with Extensity
Travel Planner, which lets you book
flights and hotels.
“PayService.com - ExpenseVisor
Fees: $5.50/user/month plus $700 $1,400 installation fee
“NOTABLE: Low price tag is
offset by comparatively weak reportgenerating capabilities.”
See Techno, continued on page 9.
The June issue of Inc. magazine has a
brief look at online expense-reporting
software. “A look at what’s out there
for small biz.
“OneMindConnect- ExpensAble Premier
Fees: $12/user/month (min. $300)
plus $1K - $5K installation fee
NOTABLE: Easily integrates with
Intuit Quickbooks.
“Gelco - Expenselink
Fees: Based on usage. average fee is
$7/expense report; no installation fee.
NOTABLE: Can electronically move
funds from your bank to your
employee’s accounts and credit card
“Concur - Concur Expense
Fees: $5 - $10/user/month plus $4K $20K installation fee
NOTABLE: Offers both hosted and
licensed versions; boasts unusually
robust data-mining capabilities.
“Extensity - Extensity 6
Fees: $5/user/month plus $75K Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 5
Coastal Construction UPDATE
A special section of Lower Columbia BUSINESS
MERTS Fire School makes its Debut
Initial goal of the project was not the first operational phase
c c o rding
Community College’s
d i rector of the
Maritime Science Department, Bill
Antilla, CCC’s Pat Killion, director of
the maritime division, is the reason
the recently-opened Fire Response
and Research Center exists. “Pat was
both a maritime person and the longtime chief of the Knappa Fire
Department. He realized the lack of a
quality training facility in the area.”
The MERTS Campus, which
stands for Marine and Environmental
Training Station, began taking shape
in 1996. By 1999, (See LCB March 1999)
the project called “The Living
Machine” was underway to provide
environmentally-friendly services and
infrastructure for the campus which
would enable the programs located
there to expand. Finally, by January
2002, accessing a congressional appropriation secured with the help of
Congressman David Wu, the fire
school took the first steps toward reality. According to the MERTS website,
“The funding appropriation (was)
facilitated by a grant through the US
Office of Naval Research. The preliminary design and the business plan
w e re funded by the Economic
Development Administration. This
state-of-the-art training facility will
Photo above by Lesle Palmeri. Photo opposite by Jack Palmeri
offer US Coast Guard approved basic,
advanced combined tank and barge
firefighting courses; training and certification in shipboard fire training.”
With a dedication ceremony
held just last month, the 8,000 square
foot, three-story computerized concrete and steel structure includes fire
scenarios that may be utilized for
landlubbers and mariners alike. There
is a silica-carbonate-lined room set up
like a galley of a ship that could also
be a restaurant kitchen. Entrance to
the compartments may be via maritime hatches or doorways and some
areas have movable partitions, just to
keep participants from getting too
comfortable with the layout.
Computer technology to control the blaze has been provided by
Symtron(www.symtron.com) of New
Jersey, self-proclaimed leader in livefire, gas-fueled fire training systems,
and support for the project was forthcoming from the Portland-based
Maritime Fire and Safety Association
(www.mfsa.com) an association of 24
ports and private facilities along the
Lower Columbia and Willamette
Rivers. The association was formed
after a fatal fire aboard a ship highlighted the area’s need for training.
Doris Allen of the MFSA said that her
Kitchen & Bath Design
Dedicated Sales Staff
21 years industry experience
5 Cabinet Lines • Custom Blinds
Hardware & Countertops
Free Estimates • Installer List Available
84808 Frontage Road (Cannon Beach Junction of Highway 101)
503-738-9548 Toll Free 800-226-9548
www.lumbermens-building.com A subsidiary of Lanoga Corporation
Page 6
Quality Muffler &
Radiator Service
1125 N. Holladay • Seaside
738-5342 • 800/889-5342
As always, Quality Work • Quality Parts
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Burn, baby, burn: With the guidance of
Bill Antilla, congressman David Wu
controls the ribbon “burning” ceremony
at the MERTS campus on May 31. This
new high-tech facility will enhance safety
and training capabilities for firefighters
from around the region.
organization is “thrilled with the new
facility and will be pleased to send
their members so close to home,” versus similar facilities currently located
in Texas or Virginia where they have
sent members in the past. Her organization is sending more than 100 firefighters to the facility in early June.
MERTS Fire Response & Research
Contact: Bill Antilla, Dir. MSD
Address: 6550 Liberty Lane
Astoria, Oregon 97103
Telephone: 503/338-7602
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.clatsopcc.edu
Hours: 8a - 5p Monday - Friday
Now Serving Oregon and Washington
Jay Raskin
[email protected]
1287 South Hemlock, Cannon Beach
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
503-325-2180 • 360-642-4031
Visit www.carrier.com
Page 7
Attention Business Owners!
Are you trying to reach consumers
35 years and younger?
They may not read the newspaper,
but they ARE listening to us!
For more information, contact Jim Servino
503-325-2911 ext 105 [email protected]
Page 8
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
On the Move
The lodging establishments in Astoria
have teamed up to tackle such important industry topics as room tax
assessment and development of an
Astoria Conference Center. Organized
May 20, the Astoria Lodging
Association has sprung from the
Astoria Bed and Breakfast Association
which began five years ago. Expanded
out to include owners and managers
of Astoria’s hotels, motels, and bed
and breakfasts, the Astoria Lodging
Association has chosen the following
lodging professionals as leadership:
Ken Bryan (Red Lion, Astoria), chair;
Dave Weber (Holiday Inn Express)
vice-chair; and Erhard Gross (Astor
Haus B&B) secretary. The next meeting of the group is slated for June 17 at
the Red Lion Astoria with a representative of the Port of Astoria to speak
about development plans for the proposed Astoria Conference Center.
Contact Ken (503-325-7373) or Erhard
(503-325-1944) for more details.
Techno, continued from page 5.
The June 2, 2003 issue of U.S. News &
World Report has a “Forward Spin”
called DVD Magic. “How many times
have you been stuck with a bill for failing to return DVDs on time? You’ll love
this: In August, Disney Home Video unit
Buena Vista will offer for “rent” in select
markets DVDs that self-destruct two
days after being opened: consumers can
watch them repeatedly within that window. No word on cost yet. One given:
no more nasty late-return fees.”
Access your account from your computer
Transfer funds - Pay bills
E-mail us with questions and comments
View up-to-the-minute transactions
Wauna Federal Credit Union has
announced the 20 year employment
anniversary of clearings pro c e s s o r
Connie Reed. Reed began her
employment in 1983 as a teller and
worked in that position until her promotion to the clearings department in
1989. Her responsibilities include electronic transfers, check clearings and
research. Congratulations Connie.
Nevin, Works and Associates
announces Terri Opsahl has joined
the staff in the Gearhart office. Prior to
joining NW&A, Opsahl worked in the
human resource field at both Ag-Bag
James/Wauna Mill (Now Georg i a
Pacific). She has lived in the Astoria
area for 34 years and her husband,
Charlie, works at the Wauna Mill. For
details, contact Terri at 503/717-1077.
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 9
The Premier Small Business
Health & Benefits Provider
1157 Marion, #305 • Gearhart
Area Service Club Meetings
Posted meeting days/ times/locations
for area service clubs. Please note that
this information may change without
notification. Please report any changes
by the 20th of the month for next
month’s posting. Thank you.
Astoria/Warrenton, Tuesday, noon,
King’s Buffet (Former Shilo Rest.), Warrenton
Cathlamet, Tues, 7:15am, The Riverview
Clatskanie, Tuesday, 6:15 pm (First & fifth
Tuesdays), Mr. Fultano’s Restaurant.
Second, third & fourth Tuesdays, Hump’s
Ilwaco-Long Beach, Monday, 6 pm,
Potlatch Restaurant, Long Beach
Manza-Whee-Lem, 2nd & 4th Wed., noon,
Edgewood Restaurant, Bayside Gardens
Scappoose, Wednesday, 6:30 pm,
Warren Country Inn
Seaside, Thursday, noon, Pig ‘N Pancake
St. Helens DayBreakers, Tuesday, 7 am,
Warren Country Inn
St. Helens NoonTime, Thursday, noon,
Elks Club
Tillamook, Wednesday, noon, Elks Lodge
Astoria, Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Astoria Elks
Garibaldi, 1st & 3rd Monday, 6:30 pm, Old
Rockaway, 1st & 3rd Tuesday, 11:30 am
Lions Clubhouse
Seaside, Wednesday, noon, Pizza Harbor
Tillamook, Tuesday, noon, Shilo Restaurant
Astoria, Monday, noon, Astoria Red Lion
Columbia County, Wednesday, noon,
Warren Country Inn
Peninsula, Tuesday, 7:30 am, Rebecca Inn,
Ilwaco, Washington
S e a s i d e, Thursday, noon, Oceanview
Tillamook, Tuesday, noon, Fern Restaurant
Warrenton Sunrise, Wednesday, 6:45 am,
Shilo Inn & Suites, Warrenton
Astoria, 2/4 Thursday, 8 pm, 450 11th
Long Beach, 2/4 Wednesday, 8 pm, LB
Seaside, Wednesday, 8 pm, 324 Avenue A
Astoria, 2nd Tuesday, 7pm, Astor Library
Flag Room
Page 10
List your business events
Business Events
7:00 AM Tillamook Chamber TCCA,
Info 842-7525 (Each Thursday)
8:30 AM Seaside Downtown Dev. Assn,
Seaside Pig’N Pancake (Each Thursday)
10:00 AM Cannon Beach HRAP, City Hall
11:00 AM Tillamook County Library Board,
Tillamook Library
6:30 PM Tillamook Co Transportation Board,
TCTD Office
7:00 PM Tillamook County Planning
Commission, Courthouse
8:00 AM Seaside Chamber Coffee, Pig’N
Pancake (Each Friday)
10:00 AM Col-Pac EDD, Scout Cabin Vernonia
Info 503-228-5565
10:00 AM A.A.R.P. Board Mtg. Seaside BCCC
12:00 PM St. Helens Parks Commission
3:00 PM Seaside Advertising Comm.,
Seaside Civic & Convention Center
6:00 PM Ilwaco City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Seaside City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Clatskanie Library Board, Library
7:30 PM Nehalem City Council, City Hall
8:05 AM C. Beach Safety Committee,
Cannon Beach City Hall
9:00 AM Clatsop Co Planning Work Session
9:00 AM Pacific County Commissioners
Meeting,South Bend Courthouse
9:00 AM Pacific County Board of Health
Meeting,South Bend Courthouse
9:30 AM N.P. P. Council, Info 1 800 452 5161
10:00 AM Cannon Beach North Entrance Mtg.,
City Hall (Each Tuesday)
12:00 PM St. Helens Chamber Forum,
Info 397-0685
12:00 PM Wahkiakum Chamber Meeting,
Cathlamet Riverview Restaurant
1:00 PM Clatsop Co Planning, Info 325-8611
2:00 PM Sunset Empire Foundation Board,
Bob Chisholm Community Center
4:00 PM Port of Astoria Work Session,
Port of Astoria Office
6:00 PM Tillamook PUD Board Mtg.
PUD office
6:00 PM Seaside Ambassadors Mtg.
Bigfoot’s Steakhouse
7:00 PM Columbia City Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM Cannon Beach City Council
Worksession, City Hall
7:00 PM St. Helens Planning Commission,
St. Helens City Hall
7:00 PM Tillamook County Fair Board,
Fair Grounds Office
7:30 PM Bay City City Council, City
9:00 AM Tillamook Co. Bd. of Commissioners,
Courthouse (Each Wednesday)
11:00 AM SS Chamber Finance & Exec. Bd.
6:00 PM Clatsop Co Bd Commissioners,
Courthouse Astoria
7:00 PM St. Helens Library Bd. Mtg., Library
7:00 PM Warrenton City Plan. Comm.,
Warrenton City Hall
7:00 PM Port of St. Helens Comm.,
Port Office
7:00 PM Rockaway Beach Council, City Hall
7:30 PM Gearhart Plan. Commission,City Hall
8:00 AM St. Helens Koffee Klatsch,
Info 397-0685
8:00 AM Tillamook Downtown Assoc.
Board of Dir. Muddy Waters
12:00 PM CEDC Transportation Committee,
Port of Astoria Offices
Father’s Day
7:00 PM Vernonia City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Astoria City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Astoria City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Manzanita City Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM Seaside School District #10 Board
Meeting , District Office
7:00 PM Garibaldi City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM C. Beach Watershed Steering Cmte
7:00 PM Tillamook City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Long Beach City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Columbia City Community Library
Meeting, Library
7:30 PM Rainier City Council, Rainier City Hall
9:00 AM Pacific County Budget Worksession
11:30 AM St. Helens Board Meeting, Chamber
4:15 PM Seaside “The Program” Mtg.,
Seaside Chamber
5:15 PM Astoria Historic Landmarks
Commission, City Hall
6:00 PM Port of Astoria Commission,
Port of Astoria Office
6:00 PM Ilwaco City Planning, City Hall
6:00 PM Bay City Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM Wheeler City Council,
Nehalem Bay Health Dist. Office
7:00 PM Pulse Computer Group, Info 738-8438
7:00 PM Cannon Beach ECWC, City Hall
3:30 PM 3 Chamber Meeting, Ocean Lodge
Cannon Beach
5:15 PM Sunset Pks. & Rec. Dist., Sunset Pool
6:45 PM Columbia Arts Guild, St. Helens
Columbia Center Auditorium
7:00 PM Warrenton City Comm., City Hall
7:00 PM St. Helens City Council, City Hall
9:00 AM SS Chamber Board Mtg., Chamber
9:30 AM Cannon Beach Parks & Community
Services, Cannon Beach City Hall
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Call 738-3398 or fax 738-0172
Maddox Dance Studio
Jeanne Maddox Peterson
4:00 PM CEDC Forestry & Wood Prod Comm,
800 Exchange, Astoria
6:30 PM Cannon Beach D. & Review, City Hall
7:00 PM Vernonia Planning, City Hall
7:30 PM Columbia City City Council, City Hall
7:00 AM Astoria Parks & Rec. Bd., City Hall
6:00 PM Ilwaco City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Seaside City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Garibaldi Planning Commission,
Garibaldi City Hall
9:00 AM Pacific County Commissioners
Meeting,South Bend Courthouse
9:00 AM Pacific County Board of Health
Meeting,South Bend Courthousel
12:00 PM Wahkiakum Chamber Meeting,
Cathlamet Riverview Restaurant
3:30 PM Astoria Library Board, Astor Library
6:00 PM Manzanita Merchants Assn., City Hall
6:00 PM CEDC Dinner Meeting, Info 325-7870
7:00 PM Astoria Planning Comm., City Hall
7:00 PM Cannon Beach City Budget, City Hall
7:00 PM Cannon Beach ECAP, City Hall
7:00 PM Rockaway Beach Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM St. Helens Planning Comm., City Hall
7:30 PM Rainier Planning, Rainier City Hall
11:30 AM Port of St. Helens Comm., Port Office
6:00 PM Clatsop Co Bd Commissioners,
Seaside B.C.C.C.
7:00 PM Clatskanie Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM Rockaway Beach Council, City Hall
1:30 PM A.A.R.P. Mtg.,
Seaside Bob Chisholm Community Center
4:30 PM Rainier City Library Board, Library
7:00 PM Cannon Beach Planning Commission,
Cannon Beach City Hall
8:00 AM St. Helens Koffee Klatsch,
Info 397-0685
8:00 AM Tillamook Downtown Assoc. Board
of Dir. Muddy Waters
11:00 AM Cannon Beach Emergency
Preparedness, City Hall
5:00 PM Port of St. Helens Airport Advisory
Board, Port Office
10:00 AM Seaside Community Center,
Commission Mtg., BCCC
11:30 AM St. Helens Chamber Exec. Board
12:00 PM Clatsop Co. P. S. C., Sheriffs Office
4:30 PM Seaside Library Board, Library
7:00 PM Cannon Beach City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Port of St. Helens Marina Advisory
Board, Info 503-397-2888
7:00 PM Seaside Planning Comm., City Hall
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
10:00 AM Clatsop Co. Soil & Water
Conservation Dist., Info 325-4571
6:00 PM Warrenton City Commission,
Warrenton City Hall
7:00 PM Seaside Improvement Commission,
Seaside City Hall
7:00 PM St. Helens City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Gearhart City Council, City Hall
7:30 PM Clatskanie City Council, City Hall
1:30 PM NW Oregon Area Commission
Transportation, Info 503-228-5565
7:00 PM Wheeler City Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM Vernonia Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM Tillamook Planning Comm., City Hall
7:00 PM Long Beach City Planning, City Hall
7:30 PM Columbia City City Council, City Hall
FRIDAY The 4th of July
6:30 PM Clatsop Co Rental Owners
Association, Info 717-9229
7:00 PM Vernonia City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Astoria City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Tillamook City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Long Beach City Council, City Hall
7:30 PM Rainier City Council, Rainier City Hall
9:00 AM Clatsop Co Planning Work Session,
9:00 AM Pacific County Commissioners
Meeting,South Bend Courthouse
9:00 AM Pacific County Board of Health
Meeting,South Bend Courthouse
12:00 PM St. Helens Chamber Forum,
Info 397-0685
12:00 PM Wahkiakum Chamber Meeting,
Cathlamet Riverview Restaurant
1:00 PM Clatsop Co Planning, Info 325-8611
2:00 PM Sunset Empire Foundation Board,
4:00 PM Port of Astoria W/S, Port of Astoria
6:00 PM Tillamook PUD Board Mtg.
PUD office
7:00 PM Columbia City Planning, City Hall
7:00 PM St. Helens Planning Comm., City Hall
7:00 PM Tillamook Co. Fair Bd., Fair Grounds
7:30 PM Bay City City Council, City Hall
6:00 PM Clatsop Co Bd Commi., Courthouse
7:00 PM St. Helens Library Board Mtg.,
7:00 PM Manzanita City Council, City Hall
7:00 PM Port of St. Helens Comm, Port Office
7:00 PM Warrenton City Plan. Com., City Hall
7:00 PM Rockaway Beach Council, City Hall
7:30 PM Gearhart Plan.Commission, City Hall
11:00 AM Tillamook Co.Library Board, Library
6:30 PM Tillamook Co Transportation Board,
TCTD Office
7:00 PM Tillamook Co. Planning Commission
The 52nd Annual:
On Stage...At the Liberty!
1203 Commercial Street, Astoria
I Saturday, June 7 7:00PM
I Sunday, June 8
1:30PM & 5:00PM
Call 861-1971 To d ay
for Info r m ation or
Re s e r vat i o n s !
Adults $7.00
Seniors & Students $5.00
Children up to age 6 FREE
Visit our studio:
389 S. Main
503-738-5983 503-861-1971
From Minutes to Months.
Check E-mail, too!
Your office away from home
•PC, MAC & Laptop workstations
•Private, professional cubicles & workspaces
•Internet Access and Fax Capabilities
•Peripheral Support & General Office Supplies
3603 Highway 101 North • North Coast Plaza
Gearhart, Oregon
Page 11
Issue Focus
Meeting Rooms by Building-type in SW Washington
Handy list gives brief sketch of occupancy /amenities for meeting space
e received (and still
are today!) so many
and requests for our
2nd Annual Meeting Planner’s Guide
that we published in January, 2003 that
we promised to add information on
meeting facilities on the Washington side
of the Columbia River. We apologize that
it has taken us so long to get around to it.
We would still not be presenting this to
you without the diligent efforts and gracious data sharing of the staff and volunteers at the Long Beach, Washington
Peninsula Visitors Bureau. (www.funbeach.com) We have “borrowed” their
information and just done a little editing
for space. Plus, we added the meeting
places information for Shorebank Pacific
Company in Ilwaco which came in after
n Marketing
Public Relations
n Advertising
vice or food for your meeting range
from a coffee maker to full catering inhouse. Some places will not charge for
the meeting space if you are a guest of
the lodging property, others do charge
for the space and any amenities, such as
A/V equipment, coffee service or catering, and may or may not deduct the cost
of the space from your overall rental
fees. Be sure to ask before you commit.
The Long Beach information
parallels our January guide pretty closely with the exception of contact names
and some other information. In addition, it is organized by the type of facility in which the meeting space is located,
rather than by city.
As always, please let us know
if there is any other way we can make
this guide more effective and efficient
for you. Please let any property managers or contacts know where you got
the idea to call them in the first place. I
assure you, your support of area businesses will be appreciated. LCB
the previous information was published.
As with any listing, the minute
it is printed, it is out of date. Please use
this information as a guideline in selecting your venue, but know that people
change, contact information and fees
change, and certainly technology is in a
constant flux.
Be sure to check with the meeting place contact person to ensure they
do not have any restrictions or requirements that have not been listed here. For
example, most of the properties require
some type of written agreement before
letting you use the space and some
require substantial advance notice. Most
of the government-related meeting
spaces have provisions that if the commissioners or board members need the
space, then you may be pre-empted.
Most locations are deemed to be
handicap accessible unless otherwise
noted and most have some form of audio
visual equipment available.
Facilities for snacks, coffee serReal Estate Information
Average available interest rates for zero point,
Alan Young from Windermere/ Cronin & Caplan Realty Group, fixed rate residential loans on 5/28/2003.
15 year
30 year
Inc. of Gearhart and Harry Staples of Essential Mortgage of Astoria present
this real estate trend information for Clatsop County, Oregon. These figures
are for information purposes only, and cannot be guaranteed. For more
information, contact Alan at 503/738-8522.
Sales Activity Range
Sales By Category
Business Opportunity
Manufactured in Park
Combined Sales
# Sales
Percent Change
Current Listings
Page 12
# Sales
change of
Average $
Average $
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 13
Page 14
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 15
Page 16
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 17
Page 18
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 19
Page 20
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Page 21
Page 22
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
Reader Forum
Pamper Your Clients.
Send them to us.
Tax $ at work? Travel Plans Change?
Good responses last month - keep it up!
ast month’s Reader
F o rum questionn a i re brought in
responses than most months. For
example, the vote was 67% opposed
to the proposed statewide room tax as
the bill is currently written (yippee!).
On SARS, however, the vote was
100% unconcerned because none of
our respondents intend to do any
traveling themselves! As far as patronage of the new Lewis and Clark
Excursion Train, respondents were
again split, with 83% not planning to
ride the train themselves, yet that
same percentage of respondents plan
to encourage others to do so.
The question on benefits versus costs of cooperative advertising
A p p roximately one third of the
respondents each answered yes, no, or
maybe, respectively! By the way, our
dinner winner* is Emily Wi l l a rd .
Congratulations, Emily.
Let me know your thoughts
on workforce development and hospitality issues in preparation for next
month’s focus, and you, too, may win
a dinner for two. LCB
* Compliments of Pacific Tittle Company. Not to
exceed $40 in value. Does not include gratuity or alcohol. Not redeemable for cash. No cash value for
unused portion. May not be combined with any other
offer. Valid six months from issue.
Pacific Title
3470 Highway 101 North, Suite 101
Gearhart, Oregon
(503)738-0925 • 338-6061
Fax (503)738-5318 • 338-6067
2. Has the crackdown on terrorism worldwide had an impact on
your business? _____ Yes _____ No ____ Somewhat
In what way? ___________________________________________
3. Has the crackdown on terrorism worldwide impacted your
desire to travel for business? _____ Yes _____ No ____ Somewhat
In what way? ___________________________________________
To travel for pleasure? _____ Yes _____ No ____ Somewhat
In what way? ___________________________________________
Lower Columbia BUSINESS June 2003
n Surveying n Planning
n Civil Engineering
Serving the North Oregon Coast since 1975
with offices in Gearhart and Manzanita
Website: www.hlbinc.com
(503) 738-3425
(503) 368-5394
Call us for
Drain Vision
VHS tape of drain lines
Pipe Locator Service
Jetter Service
Astoria Plumbing
& Tile Inc.
1. Do you access government programs for development and
training of your workforce, go with customized training programs, or forego training for your workers altogether?
_____ Government programs such as off e red through the
employment department
_____ Custom programs developed by private consultants or
from within our own organization
_____ Our workforce is trained enough: we forego that expense
4. Contact Information:
[email protected]
1256-1270 DUANE
(503) 325-2076
(800) 40-PLUMB
Promoting our members, while
enhancing our community.
Your business advocate since 1936.
For Chamber Membership
Information, call 738-6391.
Please return this form before
the 25th of the month to:
Walker & Company
Marketing Communication
•P. O. Box 1088
Seaside, OR 97138
•Fax 503/738-0172
•e-mail [email protected]
a relaxing family getaway
The Doll House
Vacation Rental
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