Annual Report - Sphinx Organization



Annual Report - Sphinx Organization
Transforming lives
t h r o u gh the pow er of
diversity in the arts
Since 1997
Yo-Yo Ma, Special Artistic Advisor
Aaron P. Dworkin
Global Headquarters
W Catalyst Quartet & Soloists
s Classical Connections
u Sphinx Virtuosi Tour
v Sphinx Virtuosi at Carnegie Hall
n Sphinx Performance Academy
F Sphinx Global Scholars
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YEAR IN REVIEW 2015-2016
Dear Friends,
Sphinx’s mission—transforming lives through the power of diversity
in the arts—is an important responsibility. Music and the arts have
the capacity to transcend the barriers of culture, race and beliefs. As
the fabric of our nation changes, we find ourselves seeking the vessels
through which to respond to the changes and embrace one another.
Through the arts, we are richer for recognizing and celebrating our
diversity and, thus, empowering creativity.
As an organization whose ethos resides at the critical intersection of
social justice and the arts, Sphinx seeks to celebrate and reflect the
powerful mosaic of the human experience. Through engaging our
communities, we become relevant to one another: we listen to, understand, reach out and
inspire one another. Most importantly, we empower the next generation of community
citizens whose lives, no matter their ultimate path, are transformed through the arts.
The relevance of the arts today and the very survival of classical music depend on all of us—
academic institutions, orchestras, presenters, musicians, teaching artists and supporters.
To truly transform lives, we must all work together to move forward with a more enriched
perspective, celebrating the reciprocity between our community and our beloved art form.
As you learn more about our programs and impact, I hope you will feel moved to join us in
this life-changing, deeply gratifying work.
With warm gratitude,
Afa S. Dworkin
Esteemed members of the 2016 Sphinx Competition jury
panel with the junior division laureates and President &
Artistic Director, Afa S. Dworkin. From L to R: Clive Gillinson,
Jessie Montgomery, Nicholas Arredondo (3rd place), Charles
Hamlen, Maria Sanderson (1st place), Aaron P. Dworkin,
Ifetayo Ali (2nd place), Kirsten Docter, Alexandra Soumm,
Timothy Eddy, Afa S. Dworkin. Photo: Glenn Triest
Photo: Glenn Triest
President & Artistic Director
Founded by Aaron P. Dworkin, the Sphinx Organization is the national arts and youth development organization
dedicated to transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts. Today, Sphinx reaches over 85,000
students through its programs and over 2 million in live and broadcast audiences. Following are the organizing
principles under which we carry out our programs:
1) Education & Access
Overture: A yearlong youth development program providing free violins and lessons
to elementary school students in underserved communities
Sphinx Performance Academy: an intensive summer chamber music and solo
performance program serving aspiring musicians of color who demonstrate
aptitude toward classical music but lack resources and access
Classical Connections: an in-school beginning-level interactive music curriculum
focused on the string instrument family and contributions by composers of color
2) Artist Development
Sphinx Competition: the national competition for young Black and Latino classical
string players with the goals of encouraging, developing and recognizing classical
music talent in Black and Latino communities
Music Assistance Fund: a comprehensive set of scholarship programs designed to
empower the careers of Sphinx’s alumni at various stages of development
3) Performing Artists
Sphinx Virtuosi: a dynamic conductor-less ensemble of soloists that, through their
annual national tour, showcases diverse repertoire at Carnegie Hall, Chicago’s Harris
Theater, Miami’s New World Symphony Center and beyond.
Sphinx Symphony Orchestra: the professional all Black and Latino orchestra which
performs with and mentors the participants of the Sphinx Competition
Soloist Program: a performance series through which the Laureates of the Sphinx
Competition solo with orchestras nationwide
Global Scholars: an international initiative through which Sphinx alumni teach, learn
and perform abroad
Catalyst Quartet: an ensemble with the mission of connecting and inspiring
audiences through great music in a culturally inclusive and resonant way, innovating
and changing the live concert experience
Harlem Quartet: an ensemble founded by the Sphinx Organization, with the mission
of advancing diversity in classical music while engaging new audiences with varied
Over $2 million in
scholarship awards
300 orchestral
appearances reaching
over 250,000
$1,200,000 in artist grants
$300,000 in instruments
Over 2 million in broadcast
audiences reached this
4) Arts Leadership
85,000 students reached
in nearly 200 schools
SphinxCon: the international convening on the issues of diversity in the arts that
brings together leaders from all disciplines in the field to share ideas, challenges,
successes, and lessons learned in pursuit of increased diversity in all aspects of the
performing arts sector
Over 100 artistic partners
Sphinx Medals of Excellence: a program honoring outstanding musicians of color
who, early in their careers, demonstrate leadership and extraordinary achievements
I like to play violin for people. I’ve
played my song for my mom, dad, and
aunt. They like it! I like having a song
to play.”
- Maria, Overture Student
Launched in fall 2006, the Overture program
is a grassroots initiative that delivers access to
classical music education to Detroit and Flint’s
most underserved communities by providing free
instruction and violins to elementary age youth.
Photo: Amy Kuhl
Overture students receive free beginning
violin classes through one-hour group lessons
held twice a week during the school year. In
addition, students receive free violins, music, and
instrument accessories. To encourage deeper
growth and musical development, free private
lessons are offered to all Overture students, and
students who commit to continued violin study
are also encouraged to keep their instrument at
the end of the year.
Classical Connections
Classical Connections helps teachers implement music education
in schools nationwide. This program is centered around its
accompanying Curriculum Guide and educational interactive
website, The website contains interactive
games and videos from the Sphinx Classical Connections CD as
well as from the New York Philharmonic’s Kidzone website. These
tools were designed to enable teachers to integrate classical
music education into their classroom setting.
Sphinx Performance Academy
The Sphinx Performance Academy is an intensive chamber music and
solo performance program for aspiring Black and Latino string players,
ages 12-17, who demonstrate aptitude, but lack resources and access to
quality music education. The program provides 64 students a rigorous
schedule of private lessons and coachings, as well as daily monitored
practice sessions, master classes, and performances. The Catalyst
Quartet and other Sphinx Competition alumni serve as faculty for this
full scholarship, residential summer program—students attend at no
cost. The program is hosted by Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL and
Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio.
So far, being at SPA has restored my confidence in myself as a
musician, and gives me the tools to take myself to a much higher
level of musicianship.”
- Jacob, SPA Student
Photo: Glenn Triest
Sphinx Competition
The annual Sphinx Competition for young Black and Latino
string players identifies, rewards, and develops talented young
musicians of color, and provides them with educational and
professional development opportunities. Participants are afforded
mentorship opportunities with the acclaimed musicians who serve
as Competition jurors. The Competition also brings together the
professional all-Black and Latino Sphinx Symphony Orchestra to
perform during two major concerts that reach live audiences of
more than 3,000 and broadcast audiences of more than 2 million
each year. Held in Detroit, the Sphinx Competition awards over
$100,000 in prizes, as well as scholarships and solo performance
It’s unbelievable how big the [Sphinx] community
can really feel that not just in the personal relationships, but
also on stage.”
- Thomas Mesa
1st place senior division Laureate
2016 Sphinx Competition
Sphinx Music Assistance Fund
The Sphinx Music Assistance Fund is a comprehensive
program area, encompassing a series of key scholarship
programs aimed at providing alumni of Sphinx’s applicable
programs with access to educational, career and professional
development opportunities.
MPower Artist Grants
The MPower Artist Grants were launched to empower
alumni of the Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Symphony, Sphinx
Virtuosi, Sphinx Performance Academy and Sphinx Medals of
Excellence (years 2012 and 2013 only) to achieve their career
objectives in classical music through granting competitive
scholarships. Grants will range based upon the scope, need
and nature of each competitive application. Grants may
begin at $1,000 with an average award amount of $25,000.
Instrument Fund
One of the major obstacles in a young aspiring musician’s
career is access to a quality instrument. In response to
this need, the Sphinx Organization established the Sphinx
Instrument Fund in 2000. We connect Sphinx alumni in need
of a quality instrument with world renowned luthiers and
violin shops including Shar Fine Instruments, David Kerr
Violins, and Douglas C. Cox. Fine instruments offered through
this program are valued at over $130,000.
The Bronek Cison Viola so generously
provided to me through the Sphinx Instrument
fund and William Harris Lee has allowed me
to grow and blossom into the artist that I am
- Kaila Potts, violist
Sphinx Laureate
College-Bound Program
All Sphinx Competition semi-finalists receive
undergraduate and graduate scholarships through
this program. Among our current partners are Juilliard
School, New England Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory,
University of Michigan, and others, together providing
more than $600,000 in scholarship support.
Summer Education Program
Sphinx Competition semi-finalists and alumni continue
their educational development long after their
Competition experience. Each summer, Sphinx
participants receive full scholarships to renowned summer
music programs around the country, including Aspen
Music Festival and School, Heifetz International Music
Institute, Perlman Music Program and others.
Sphinx Virtuosi
Photo: Kevin Kennedy
The Sphinx Virtuosi, led by the Catalyst
Quartet, is one of the nation’s most
dynamic professional chamber orchestras.
Comprised of 18 of the nation’s top Black
and Latino classical soloists, these alumni
of the internationally renowned Sphinx
Competition come together each fall
as cultural ambassadors to reach new
audiences. This unique ensemble earned
rave reviews from The New York Times
during its highly acclaimed debut at Carnegie
Hall in December 2004. Allan Kozinn
described their performance as “first-rate
in every way” and “the ensemble produced
a more beautiful, precise and carefully shaped sound than some fully
professional orchestras that come through Carnegie Hall in the course
of the year.” The Sphinx Virtuosi Tour offers a diverse program featuring
well-known repertoire in addition to works by African-American and
Latino composers, including works by Mozart, Piazzolla, Michael Abels,
Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, and others.
All the hallmarks of a first-rate
string ensemble were in place: its
tone was warm and varied, it moved
with unity and fluidity, and its textures
were appealingly transparent.”
- Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
Sphinx Virtuosi at Carnegie Hall
The Sphinx Symphony is the unique all
Black and Latino orchestra comprised of top
professionals from around the country. This
ensemble includes past and current members
of the New York Philharmonic, Cleveland
Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Met
Opera Orchestra, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore,
Milwaukee, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Puerto
Rico Symphonies, as well as faculty members
of leading music institutions, including
Peabody and New England Conservatories,
Harlem School of the Arts, Rutgers University
and the University of Michigan School of
Music, Theatre & Dance. This ensemble fulfills
a unique multi-purpose role: its members
serve as mentors to our young musicians both
on stage and through providing master classes
and lectures, in addition to promoting works
by Black and Latino composers during the
Sphinx Competition Finals Concert.
Photo: Glenn Triest
Sphinx Symphony Orchestra
The Sphinx Virtuosi at Carnegie Hall features the Sphinx Virtuosi,
our premiere conductor-less ensemble made up of top Laureates
and alumni of the Sphinx Competition, in addition to the Catalyst
Quartet and other talented Sphinx artists. These acclaimed concerts
have earned rave reviews in The New York Times and brought sell-out
audiences to their feet. This evening of artistic excellence includes an
exclusive Gala reception immediately following the performance.
Performing in the Sphinx Symphony Orchestra is a
joy and a treat. To be a part of an orchestra made up of
my own peers from across the country is an honor. I can’t
think of a better way to help support the laureates in the
finals, than by performing alongside them.”
- Steve Sanchez
Adjunct Faculty - Bass Clarinet, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Soloist Program
A critical aspect of the Sphinx mission is maintaining a nurturing
educational environment for talented young musicians. Sphinx
continually works with Sphinx Competition Laureates through the
Soloist Program by providing solo performance opportunities with
nearly 30 orchestra partners, including the New York Philharmonic,
Cleveland Orchestra, Atlanta and Detroit symphonies, among
others. Laureates receive coachings from renowned icons in the
field such as Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Ida Kavafian, David Finckel
and, in the past, Isaac Stern.
My career, both
in performing and
teaching, is where it
is now because of my
connection with the
Sphinx Organization.”
- Danielle Belen,
Associate Professor, University of
Michigan/Faculty, Colburn School
Global Scholars
Photo: David Fung
Photo: Paul Wiancko
Sphinx Global Scholars takes our vision of diversity in classical music around the world. Although underserved
groups look different worldwide, Sphinx brings 16 years of experience in engaging those typically excluded from
classical music and works to share these best practices with our international partners. Through performances
and community engagement activities, Sphinx alumni have served as champions for the Sphinx mission in
Venezuela, Turkey, Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.
Catalyst Quartet
Connecting and inspiring audiences through the power of
the string quartet,we present great music in a culturally
inclusive and resonant way,innovating and changing the
live concert experience. We are the Catalyst.
Hailed by The New York Times at their Carnegie Hall
debut as “invariably energetic and finely burnished…
playing with earthy vigor” the Catalyst Quartet are
prize winners of the Gianni Bergamo Classical Music
Award 2012 (Switzerland). The Catalyst Quartet leads
the Sphinx Virtuosi on tour, and serves as the principal
faculty at the Sphinx Performance Academy. The Catalyst
Quartet is managed in partnership with California Artist
Harlem Quartet
Harlem Quartet advances diversity in classical music
while engaging new audiences with varied repertoire
that includes works by minority composers. Their mission
to share their passion with a wider audience has taken
them around the world; from a 2009 performance at The
White House for President Obama and First Lady, Michelle
Obama, to a highly successful tour of South Africa in
2012, and numerous venues in between. The musically
versatile ensemble has performed with such distinguished
performers as Itzhak Perlman, Ida Kavafian, Carter Brey,
Fred Sherry, Misha Dicter, Jeremy Denk, and Paquito
D’Rivera. Their most recent recording, Hot House, with jazz
master Chick Corea and percussionist Gary Burton was a
2013 multi-Grammy Award winner.
We are diverse simply
by nature. But we have to
constantly use the word
diversity, and I’m not against
using it but we have to
constantly use it to remind
people of the obvious. And we
have to remind people of the
obvious because we have blind
spots. And we have blind spots
in this culture about who we
are, where we come from and
where we’re going.”
- Farai Chideya
Professor of Journalism,
New York University
SphinxCon is a national conference that focuses on
bringing leaders together to share ideas, challenges,
successes, and lessons learned in pursuit of
increased diversity in all aspects of the arts sector.
In February 2013, Sphinx launched the inaugural
SphinxCon in Detroit, MI, the first convening on
diversity in the performing arts featuring over 30
speakers from across the globe.
SphinxCon has brought together industry leaders
such as Jane Chu (Chairman: National Endowment
for the Arts), Delroy Lindo (actor/director), Farai
Chideya (novelist, multimedia journalist, radio host),
Robert L. Lynch (President and CEO: Americans
for the Arts), Jawole Willa Jo Zollar (dancer/
choreographer), Adrian Anantawan (violinist), Nigel
Lythgoe (producer/director), Rip Rapson (President
and CEO: Kresge Foundation), and Simon Shaheen
(violinist/composer). They, along with over 100
other speakers, have come to Detroit to join in the
conversation at SphinxCon!
Sphinx Medals of Excellence
Photo: Brian Surguine
The annual Sphinx Medals of Excellence honor
extraordinary Black and Latino leaders in classical
music who demonstrate artistic excellence,
outstanding work ethic, a spirit of determination, and
leadership. In 2016, Sphinx honors three musicians
whose accomplishments distinguish them among
musicians of color: Julia Bullock, Gabriel Cabezas, and
Lara Downes.
Aaron Dworkin interviews Delroy Lindo, recipient of the
Arthur L. Johnson Award, during SphinxCon 2016
The recipients are honored at a black-tie dinner
hosted by Justice Sonia Sotomayor in Washington
D.C., in addition to a luncheon hosted by the
Kennedy Center and Aspen Institute. Since 2014, the
awards also carry a $50,000 career grant to further
these promising careers.
2016 Honorees
Julia Bullock
Gabriel Cabezas
Lara Downes
n National Governors Association
Distinguished Service Award
n BET & GM History Makers in the Making Award
n Michigan Governor’s Award for
Arts and Culture
n New Detroit’s “Closing the Gap” Award
n Alfred P. Sloan Award
n Japan Art Association’s 2012 Grant for Young Artists
n Sphinx documentaries won two Emmys
and a Telly
Sphinx Founder:
n President Obama’s first appointee to the National Council on the Arts
n Detroit Symphony Lifetime Achievement Award
n Michiganian of the Year
n MacArthur Fellow
In the Media
President & Artistic DirectorAfa Sadykhly Dworkin
Chief Programming Officer
Andre Dowell
Director of Education
Xavier Verna
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Director of Institutional Partnerships
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Lindsay Vanfleteren
Senior Director of Leadership GiftsTeresa Clark
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Erin Zuchniewicz
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Ashley Nelson
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Erin Zuchniewicz
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Paul Laraia
Karlos Rodriguez
Guest Faculty:
Sami Merdinian
Mariana Green-Hill
Resident Faculty:
Matthew Leslie
Jannina Norpoth
Jennifer Arnold
Mary Ann Ramos
Overture students perform at the final recital.
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Yo-Yo Ma
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The following represents the statement of financial position
of the Sphinx Organization (a non-profit organization) as of
December 31, 2015, as audited and recorded by Plante & Moran,
PLLC, Certified Public Accountants.
Foundation, Corporate, Individual, Other
Total $ 4,137,648
In-Kind Contributions
Earned Income
Total $ 3,832,839
Audience Development &
Program Recruitment/Publicity
Education & Outreach
Statements of Financial Position
Total Liabilities: Total Net Assets: Total Liabilities and Net assets: $ 55,022
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Albany Symphony
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National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts
University Musical Society, University of Michigan
Walnut Hill School
Young Concert Artists
Summer Education Sponsors
Cleveland Institute of Music
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Longy School of Music
Manhattan School of Music
New England Conservatory
Oberlin College - Conservatory of Music
Temple University, Boyer College of Music and Dance
Texas Christian University School of Music
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Douglas Cox Violins
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The Bauder Commissioning Fund
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Community Foundation for
Southeast Michigan
Founders Circle $10,000+
The Sander & Norma K. Buchman Fund
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John D. Evans Foundation
Phillip Wm. Fisher, in honor of Aaron Dworkin
Anthony & Adela Glover
Anne Akiko Meyers
Linda & Stuart Nelson
James B. & Ann V. Nicholson
Walter P. Pettipas Trust
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Rick & Susan Snyder
Thompson Family Trust, in honor of Dr. Bill Carson,
Chairman of Sphinx Board
$1,000 - $9,999
Gloria Akers
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Dores McCrary McCree
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Dworkin Foundation
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Jean E. Fairfax
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Concertmaster, Los Angeles Philharmonic, 1936-1978
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granddaughter, Sarah Lind Goetzke
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We would like to thank all of our supporters for their
investment in transforming lives through the power
of diversity in the arts
Majorie Pearsall, M.D.
Cecelia Ponce de Leon
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The Renaissance Chapter of the Links
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Lorenzo DiCarlo & Tom Stegeman
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Chris Genteel & Dara Moses
Feder Gordon Family Fund
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Ralph Ellison, trumpeter
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Lillian & Don Bauder
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The Bauder Fellow Program
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Stephanie & Dennis Cohen Charitable Fund
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Keith & Renata Ward Family Fund at The Miami Foundation
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Thank you to Supporters of the
Sphinx Virtuosi at Carnegie Hall
The Sphinx Virtuosi Concert was made possible
by the generous support of
The Sander and Norma K. Buchman Fund
William H. Carson, MD
Thompson Family Trust,
in honor of Dr. William Carson,
Chairman of the Sphinx Board
of Directors
Xerox Foundation
Deidre & William Bounds
Amy Burkholder
Dr. Anne L. Taylor
The Linda and Isaac Stern
Charitable Foundation Award,
in memory of Isaac Stern
Jeanne Atkinson, Global Marketing Strategies LLC
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in memory of Evelyn Schildroth Bianchi
Jeanette F. Brummell
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Dworkin Foundation
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Marianne Lockwood & David Bury
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Gilbert S. Omenn & Martha Darling
Cynthia Sargent
Jennifer Poteat & Mike Staebler
Sally S. & Larry DiCarlo
Paul & Kathy Weaver
The JPB Foundation
The Cheswatyr Foundation
Turrell Fund
Enoch Foundation
Cuentos Errantes: Four New Folk Songs
commissioned by the Sphinx Organization with generous support from
Linda and Stuart Nelson, The Maxine and Stuart Frankel Foundation
and the University Musical Society. Additional support provided by
The Victor Herbert Foundation and The Cheswatyr Foundation.
“As a 16 year old kid,
Sphinx meant to me that I wasn’t
alone. I will never forget meeting for the
first time young musicians of color who were as
passionate about classical music as I was. My experience
at the Sphinx Competition encouraged me to work that much
harder at the art form that I had fallen in love with and dedicated
my life to...Now, as a professional
musician, I can look on the Sphinx
Organization and see the
profound impact that it is
having in the world.”
Joseph Conyers
“I like playing the
violin because it is fun and I get
to play and learn on an instrument
that I actually like.”
Sphinx Overture
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Whose life will you
transform today?
Sphinx Competition, Sphinx
Symphony Orchestra and
2015 MPower Artist
Grant Recipient
Savannah, GA
Current Affiliation:
Philadelphia Orchestra,
Philadelphia, PA
promotes just
what I’m looking for. It
sets the ground for building new
relationships, fosters growth and looks
forward to change. Our art is in
good hands.”
Francisco Vila
Sphinx Competition and Sphinx Virtuosi
“Sphinx has been one of the best gifts of my
Hometown: Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Current Affiliation: Soloist
musical life. It has not only given me hope for the
and cellist of Macondo
future of music for younger generations, but it has inspired
Chamber Players
and re-affirmed my own life’s work, and continues to validate
my choice to be a part of this great profession.”
Rosalyn Story
Sphinx Symphony Orchestra and
2014 MPower Artist Grant Recipient
Hometown: Kansas City, KS
Current Affiliation: Fort Worth Symphony,
Fort Worth, TX
“Where I will
go is undetermined,
but I know I will go far.
Sphinx has ensured it.”
Gabrielle Hooper
Sphinx Performance Academy
Farmington Hills, MI
For more information on how you can transform a life with Sphinx,
at a level meaningful to you, please contact us today:
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in transforming lives through the power of diversity in the arts
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Finals Concert
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