mr maria, name the cops who took to allow killer hooch sale



mr maria, name the cops who took to allow killer hooch sale
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VOLUME: 1, ISSUE: 24, MUMBAI, 01 July to 07 July, 2015, PAGES: 16, RS.4, PH: 77188 07071-72
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“Bollywood in
Asia is not just
it is a religion”
- Celina Jaitly
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Students suffer
Due to landPAGE
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Reach your
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
I write this letter with full confidence and respect for you and the
office you hold. I was deeply hurt over the death of 104 persons
caused by spurious hooch at Malwani, Malad.
I fully appreciate the action taken by you and your juniors by
suspending some local cops on charges of dereliction of duty and a
similar action by the State Excise Department too is commendable.
But somewhere down the line there is a deep feeling that much
more needs to be done. The loss of innocent lives is no ordinary
case of negligence alone. There is a wider nexus between
politicians, bootleggers and the local cops.
Being the top cop and the man in control you know much better
than anyone else that such illegal and lethal activities cannot be
carried out without the overt or covert connivance of the local cops
and Excise officials.
You broke a similar nexus in Sion-Dharavi-Matunga areas when
you were in-charge of Zone-IV in the late 80s. And that too when
the stakeholders in the illegal hooch trade were politically and
criminally much powerful and well connected.
We all know that all the criminals involved would be tried and
sentenced sooner or later, but the huge loss of life cannot be
Mothers have lost their sons, the women were widowed and the
children have been rendered orphans. The already aggrieved
families have lost their sole bread earners. The collective misery
has befallen the entire locality.
Reeling under grief and concealed anger the wailing family
members have just one question. Could the tragedy be averted and
lives saved had the bribe seeking cops and Excise men done their
job honestly?
It reminds me of the ace Customs sleuth late Mr Dayashankar
who always believed in the dictum that smuggling never takes
place unless the same is allowed by the system. A ship never sinks,
it is always sunk. Bootlegging can never prosper unless it is
patronized by the law enforcers.
We all, including you, Mr Maria, know that wherever Mr
Dayashankar was posted during is long stint with anti smuggling
agencies all illegal activities used to come to a standstill.
I am more than convinced that you too are capable of doing what
Mr Dayashankar always did. You are one of the best investigators
and interrogators in the entire police force. During the past
weeks,your men have picked up several major players involved in
the killer game. They must have revealed to you how much money
they paid as bribes to the cops at all levels and similarly to the
Excise men.
Mr Maria, it is your moral and legal duty to name all those who
took the bribes along with details of the cash received. We all want
to know what is the price of a human life in the eyes of the corrupt
cops and Excise men. You name them and we will shame them so
that this cancer of bribery is exposed officially.
I know you can do it and am sure that you will do it Mr Maria.
Yours sincerely,
Baljeet Parmar
Consulting Editor.
Dear Mr Rakesh Maria,
Farhana Shaikh, 25 widow of victim Ajijul Rehman Shaikh, 27 with her mother- in - law and three children.
The youngest one who is just 30 days old.
Now, only opt for rotis at restaurants
Jain Munis and Maharaj sahebs appeal to community via social media to stop
consumption of Naan, Roomali rotis and kulchas
Mewati Sitaram
ANDHERI: After the Maggi issue, many restrictions on
eatables have been announced by various religious sects.
The latest being Jain Munis and Maharaj sahebs who have
sent messages and appealed to their community through
social media. They are advising their disciples to avoid
eating Naan, Roomali rotis and kulchas in restaurants.
These products are made using eggs. The Jain community
is a strict vegetarian community; even root vegetables are
not permitted to be consumed in their religion. The
community has reportedly made this move after watching
on a cookery show that eggs are used for preparing these
Hemchandra Surishwarji Maharaj saheb has sent a
message to thousands of disciples to refrain from
consuming the above products. Similarly many more Jain
munis have also forwarded the message on social media.
The Jain religion believes in non-violence and follows it
strictly. Any Jain visiting hotels or restaurants, is advised
to consume rotis instead of these products. Consumption
of naan, kulchas and roomali rotis in which eggs are used,
are considered to entail violence.
Hemchandra Surishwarji Maharaj saheb says, “For
years there have been debates on whether eggs are
vegetarian. But among Jains, eggs are considered non
vegetarian. So it is better that we refrain from eating
naan, kulchas and roomali rotis.”
The Jain community is reeling under thick suspicion
about using eggs in these items. To find out whether eggs
were an integral
ingredient, Hemchandra
Surishwarji Maharaj saheb
went on finest detailing. It
was revealed that indeed
eggs are used in making
the above products. Soon
after, he sent messages to
his followers to avoid
visiting hotels and
restaurants. In case if they
visit restaurants or hotels,
they should eat rotis.
Sanjeev Kapoor, Grand
Sanjeev Kapoor
Master Chef says, “There
are many dishes that can be prepared without eggs. Of
course, we have been making these in our restaurants
without eggs for years. It is the recipe. We use a mix of
ingredients like yogurt, baking powder and a little oil.
There are many global brands who have opened their
shops in India who are known to make everything non
vegetarian abroad. When in India, they have introduced
many vegetarian dishes, keeping in mind sentiments and
large business volume.”
Chef Kapoor added, “We have to respect every religion
and should avoid any sort of ingredient prohibited in
certain religions. There are various alternatives that can
be used in recipes. It not only gives you mental
satisfaction but also develops faith of a customer towards
restaurants and products made.”
Shop no. 12, Clifton building,
Oberoi lane behind, Shabri restaurant,
Sundarvan complex, Lokhandwala,
Andheri west, Mumbai - 53
E: [email protected]
T: 99673 99974
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Those found urinating or spitting in station premises
to be sent to jail
Mewati Sitaram
MUMBAI: Beware! Those found
urinating or spitting on the railway
platform or anywhere else in its
premises, are likely to land in jail.
The railway administration is
tightening its screw to book culprits
who are dirtying the railway
premises. The Government Railway
Police (GRP) and Railway
Protection Force (RPF) has been
instructed to look into the matter on
top priority basis. The Central and
Western railways are also gearing
up in a similar manner as per
directives of the Railway board.
It may be noted that the stink of
urine and ugly red pan stains due to
spitting in every nook and corner at
various suburban railway stations
are a regular feature. A highly
placed source in the Railway board
at Delhi said, "The drive would be
part of Prime Minister Narendra
Modi's initiative of 'Swachh Bharat'
campaign. The railway
administration is keen on keeping
railway premises clean and all zonal
railway officers have been informed
about the same. The board has
strictly instructed to implement it on
top priority basis. Unless people are
not sent to jail or fined heavily, they
will not leave bad habits. The public
thinks that notices are meant to be
pasted and not to be implemented,
so they are fearless. Once the people
would feel the heat of the Railway
administration, they will fall in
such a
would convey to people
that enough is enough.
Saldanha, social activist
from Goregaon
Numerous attempts to contact
the Western Railway CPRO Sharat
Chandrayan were in vain. Winnie
Apoline Saldanha, a social activist
from Goregaon said, “Unless the
administration seriously tries to
implement certain rules, they are
taken for granted by the public. 'Sab
chalta hai' attitude is dangerous for
all. The message behind such a drive
would convey to people that enough
is enough. For more than six
decades, our adamant social
behaviour needs to change.
Mumbai, being the commercial
capital of India hosts millions of
international business communities
and tourists every year. We can't be
negligent and irresponsible when
comes to showing etiquettes in
“It takes four
years to get a
Bachelor of
Engineering (BE)
degree but he got
the same in just a
few months. It is
unfair to the
students. Being
an Education
Minister what
example is he
setting? We
request him to
resign from his
Railways ups drive
to keep premises clean
Shrutika Sukhi
VILE PARLE: Last week, members of the Congress party
protested outside Education Minister Vinod Tawde's
house at Vile Parle. They demanded that the Minister step
down from his position and resign for his alleged bogus
degree. Protestors chanted slogans like 'Vinod Tawde
fraud hai,' and 'Bhag gaya, Vinod Tawde bhaag gaya.'
Nasir Zakaria, Congress spokesperson said, “Vinod
Tawde has betrayed the people of Maharashtra. He is just
12th pass. He should have maintained his actual score in
his documents. It takes four years to obtain a Bachelor of
Engineering (BE) degree but he got the same in just a few
months. It is unfair to the students. Being an Education
Minister what example is he setting? We request him to
resign from his post.”
Ex MLA Ashok Jadhav said, “Vinod Tawde should come
out in the open about his degree. It is not only the
Congress who wants his resignation, but the whole city
wants it. Being on the post that he is, he shouldn't be
doing something like this. Tomorrow any institute will
open and start giving degrees to students. This is unfair to
students who study hard to obtain degrees. Two weeks
back, Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar was made to
resign as he had a fake Law degree. If that could be done
in Delhi, why be partial towards Vinod Tawde? Asking one
leader to resign and not the other, is completely unfair.
Justice should be done.”
Tawde's BE degree comes from Dyaneshwar
Vidyapeeth in Pune, which is privately-run with no
recognition till date. In 2007, the Bombay High Court
stated that the institute has no recognition and will not be
permitted to award degrees and its degrees were
declared cancelled. Tawde had filed his election affidavit
in 2009.
Tawde in his earlier statements had stated that he
knew that the institute was not government recognized
but he took admission as the course was industry
oriented. Earlier, Union Human Resource Development
Minister Smriti Irani was in the limelight for allegedly
giving false information about her educational
qualifications in affidavits filed with the Election
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Since eight years I have
been fighting for this. I
have got many death
Social Activist & Actor
I have written two letters
to the Municipal
Commissioner about the
High Court order, but no
action has been taken yet”
Shrutika Sukhi
GILBERT HILL: Gilbert Hill has been in
the news since quite some time now
for falling rocks and preservation
matter. But till now no action has been
taken for the same. Gilbert Hill is a
200-ft high rock, predominantly black
basalt that was squeezed out of the
Earth 65 million years ago. It is one of
two such rocks in the world. The other
is in the United States.
Earlier this month, there was a
landslide due to the incessant rains,
which injured a rickshaw driver and a
man on motor vehicle who then were
rushed to Cooper hospital. Since then,
the BMC has not taken any measure
to prevent this. In fact, they are
building a wall behind the hill to
protect houses on the mountain
against landslides. A BMC official from
the building department said, “During
rains there is a possibility of landslide,
so we are building a structure to
prevent that from happening.”
Local MLA Ameet Satam said, “A
technical team had come to check the
current status of Gilbert hill and within
2-3 weeks they are going to submit a
report as to what measure should be
taken to protect the hill. They will give
a comprehensive plan.”
Suresh Pardesi from the PWD
Department said, “We have informed
the District Planning and
Development Committee about this.
There have been two presentations
with measure to protect Gilbert Hill.
The IIT Technical department will go
through them and decide which one
of the two to follow. Then as per the
Collector's orders, the government
officials will do the work. ” He added,
“Net Boosting won't help the rocks
from falling as they are too heavy and
will break the nets. We have placed
two warning signs (boards) about the
landslide and being a residential area
we can't even restrict people from
coming there.” The hill has been in a
bad shape since quite some time and
the residents also fear a mishap.
Local Corporator Mohsin Haider
has consistently been following up on
the issue to protect the heritage
structure. He said, “The authorities
are not following the Court order that
was passed in 2012. I have written
two letters to the Municipal
Commissioner for the same, but no
action has been taken yet. This is a
contempt of court orders. Earlier work
was in progress near the hill which
was stopped by the BMC. Recently
two people were even injured due to a
landslide. The authorities should do
something immediately.”
On 09/02/2012 while disposing the PIL No. 57 of 2011, the High Court had
directed state Govt., MCGM and other concerned authorities to employ net
boosting and other methods for ensuring that there are no landslides in the
future at a distance of 5 meters from Gilbert Hill within 3 months.
Since one year, local Corporator Changez Multani has pressurized
the BMC for not allowing NGO 'CHIP' to work in Prateeksha Nagar
Municipal School, due to which more than 700 children are suffering
Shrutika Sukhi
OSHIWARA: Since the past eight years, Social Activist and
Actor Kunickaa Sadanand has moved High Court for a
vacant plot adjoining Prateeksha Nagar Municipal School,
Oshiwara, as she wants to start a Higher Secondary section
(Std 4 – Std 10) for the said school by making efficient use
of the plot. However, since the plot, originally earmarked as
a playground, has reportedly been encroached upon, last
week, as per HC orders, the BMC and MMRDA officials were
asked to demarcate 7001 sq. mts of it. However, the
officials did a survey and presented the same, after which
Sarang, MMRDA Officer Mandar Katkar, BMC Officer
the Court has now asked them to file a compliance report
by July 18. The said plot falls under the BMC.
the playground or not. In 2003, an order was passed by the
In 2004, CHIP (Child in Pain), an NGO of which Kunickaa
HC that no construction work can be carried out on a
is the Convenor, adopted the BMC School and improved its
playground. Then in 2009, the Court procured an affidavit
infrastructure. Currently the school caters to students till
from all school Principals stating that if there is any
Std 4. Kunickaa wanted to extend its facilities till Std 10 as
construction work, even if for religious purposes, will not be
there is no such school in the vicinity. The only such school
i.e. Oshiwara School is also till Std 7. So she pressurized the
Mandar Katkar, from the BMC's Maintenance
School Department to initiate the development. They
Department said, “Since the planning authority of this place
included the school in the plan and informed the MMRDA,
is the MMRDA, we sent a letter to the town planning
as it is the planning authority in the area. The MMRDA
department. They processed the letter and gave a
assigned an architect for the job. When the plan was in its
demarcation date of June 19, but due to heavy rains, the
final stage, before the architect could give his approval
date was postponed.” Sarang, from the Land Sale
letter, they informed that the playground has been
Department of the MMRDA said, “We got the letter eight
encroached upon.
days back. So we have come to demarcate an area of
Only when Kunickaa applied for an approval till Std 10,
7001sq mts.”
she discovered that the playground is
encroached upon. The BMC, to whom the plot
belongs, wasn't aware that it was their
property. To verify facts, she filed an RTI,
which verified the same. Kunickaa said, “Since
eight years I have been fighting for this. I
have got many death threats. Also, a few
senior leaders from my Congress party asked
me to stay away from this matter. I was
boycotted from the North West district. They
also made it difficult for me to do any party
work.” Since last year, local Corporator
Changez Multani pressurized the BMC for not
allowing CHIP to work in the school, due to
which more than 700 children are suffering.
They are not getting lessons in Maths,
English, and many more subjects.
The MMRDA had handed over the
playground to the BMC in 1981. Many builders
tried to acquire the land, including the
neighboring HK College (half of the BMC
school land was given to HK College). They
sought permission for beautification work, but
it was declined by MHADA. There is a Mosque
near the ground, which was earlier a
madrassa. The owner of the Trust is in Assam,
who is an MP there. The demarcation report
Netas to guide or misguide us?
will state whether the madrassa falls under
A pole with unauthorised hoardings of politicians covers the signal,
making it difficult for commuters to follow traffic rules.
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Andheri boy bags
Silver in Germany
Shrutika Sukhi
LOKAHNDWALA: Thirteen-year-old Aryan Singh
Dadiala, a resident of Lokhandwala, recently
bagged a Silver medal (100 mts breast stroke in
01:18:83) in Germany where he represented
India at the 40th International Stuttgart
Swimming Championship.
With a smile on his face, Aryan says, “The
event was nice. This was a different kind of
exposure for me. It is the second time that I took
part in this event. The last time, I was not so
good but this time my positions were good. In
one event, I missed the Bronze medal by 20
The temperature in Germany was normal (26
degrees) when Aryan and his dad reached there.
But on the day of the competition, it rained,
there was a cold storm and the temperature
dropped to 9 degrees; whereas the water was 8
It was a spine tingling day for Aryan. He
recalls, “For us, it was too cold. It affected my
performance as in India we are not used to such
temperatures whereas the Germans have
adapted themselves to extreme temperatures.”
Aryan's father, Surjit Singh Dadiala had hired
a coach Mr. Muller, but for them, the language
became a barrier as the coach spoke German.
The other swimmers, the new generation, knew
English as it is a compulsory subject for them.
They kept translating to Aryan what the coach
taught. But the coach wasn't happy with it. So,
he himself plunged into the water and started
instructing Aryan.
The training was very different. Aryan was
told to swim and do all his strokes. Later Aryan
was shown videos of himself swimming. The
coach later told Aryan that he had installed
cameras in the pool, which helped Aryan
improve his glide, fly etc. Surjit said, “The
training, technique and technology matters. For
Germans it was normal thing, but for us it was
something new as the training was completely
different. Before looking at the videos Aryan
used to feel that the way he was doing his
strokes was proper, but after watching the
videos he realized his mistakes.” Aryan trained in
Germany, where from 10am -12pm he did
corrections, and 3pm -6pm endurance.
On the first day of the event at 200m
breaststroke Aryan stood 4th, then the next day
he told his father that he had to win a medal.
Sujit recounts in jubilation, “I went running to
Aryan as soon as I heard his name and told him
he was the only one representing India.” Aryan
has already started working hard for the
nationals now, slated for July.
Performs path breaking medical procedure to give the
patient a new lease of life
MM Correspondent
When acute liver disease
threatened Mahendra Bari, worldclass medical expertise, combined
with a supportive family, came to his
rescue. Today, following the pathbreaking and complex dual-lobe
living donor transplant, undertaken
at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani
hospital in Mumbai, the 41-year-old
patient has a new lease of life.
The surgery was undertaken and
monitored by Dr Vinay Kumaran
and his team of professionals who
made this rare and difficult surgery
possible. Speaking on the surgery
Dr Vinay Kumaran, Consultant and
Head- Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplant at the hospital said, “Owing to low organ donation
rates in India, most patients with liver failure either die on the waiting list for an organ or undergo a living
donor transplant, where a family member donates part of the liver. A living donor transplant is much
more complex than a transplant from a brain-dead donor; the blood vessels and bile ducts are small and
multiple and require careful reconstruction to ensure the liver is well perfumed and drained. The
remaining liver of the donor should be at least 30 per cent.”
Dr Ram Narain, Executive Director added, “For Mahendra Bari, who has been undergoing treatment
for decompensated cirrhosis of the liver at the hospital for the past year, a liver transplant was the need
of the hour. Despite the best available treatment, he underwent repeated admissions with lifethreatening complications of cirrhosis: internal bleeding that had to be controlled endoscopically, hepatic
encephalopathy (drowsiness and confusion that can progress to
coma); and the beginning of kidney failure (hepatorenal
As there was little progress on the waiting list for a liver from a
brain-dead donor, his family came forward to donate. His wife and
brother were found to have severely fatty livers and were ruled out.
His nephew Sandeep was found to have a less severe fatty liver.
While it was deemed unsafe to use Sandeep's right lobe, his left
lobe could be used as it was only 30 percent of his liver and could be
safely removed. However, the estimated volume of the left lobe was
only 441 cc, which would have been insufficient for Bari. At this
point, his niece Payal volunteered to donate part of her liver. Though
Payal was only 480 cc, far short of the 640cc he needed. However,
when both Payal's right lobe and Sandeep's left lobe were
combined, the total was 921 cc, enough for a safe transplant.
Explaining the complexity around the surgery Dr Kumaran
added, “Post observing the patient his medical condition we decided
to perform a dual-lobe transplant, a technically challenging and rare
procedure that was pioneered by Asian Medical Centre in Korea. It
involves three teams of surgeons operating in three operation
theatres simultaneously. The patient's liver is removed; parts of
donors' livers are removed; and work is required on the bench to
prepare the partial livers for implication. The reconstruction of the
two liver lobes in the recipient is very complex because of the
number of structures required to be reconstructed and the limited
time available (if more than an hour is taken, the livers can be
damaged by lack of oxygen and nutrition.) indeed, very few such
transplants have been performed in India. “
Dr Narian concluded, “Doctors have successfully completed the
dual-lobe living donor liver transplant, both the donors and patient
have recorded and are living a healthy life today. Such cases further
cements our reputation for path-breaking medical procedures and
upholds our excellence as a full equipped centre for liver transplant.”
[email protected]
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Konkan Divisional
Commissioner launches
drive to ease college
Coping with1st
year at college
MM Correspondent
It is that time of the year again, when students graduating out of school make
beelines to secure admission in desired colleges. Thousands of youth are all set
to take their first big step by entering college. This phase of life can be one's
greatest adventure. What you do in your first year of college can have a big
impact on the rest of your college years – not to mention on the rest of your life. A
few missteps might be possible to undo later on, but too many wrong moves and
you might well find it impossible to recover later. Here are a few steps to establish
a healthy balance of academic work, social activity, and just plain living – a
balance that once established, you'll find easy to maintain through the rest of
college and into your future.
1. Get organized: Get yourself a sturdy file box and a set of file folders, and set
up a folder for each class. Start using a planner, and keep a to-do list. Unless
you're heavily into computers, don't use software or web services to manage
your schedule; most of the time, you won't have easy access to a computer
which means you won't use those tools when you need them most.
2. Plan ahead: By the end of your first week, you'll know when almost every
assignment for the semester is due – put those on your calendar and write down
a set of milestones (with due dates) you need to accomplish to finish them on
time. There's no reason you should be stressing over papers or big tests the night
before they're due. Start making good use of your time at the beginning of the
semester and approach your due dates calm and relaxed.
3. Sleep well: It's ironic that the time in our life when we need sleep the most
is the time when we're most tempted to skimp on sleep. Adequate sleep is
essential for college students. Believe it or not, it's when you're asleep that most
of the work of learning happens – that's when the brain processes and files away
the stuff you stored in short-term memory in your classes the previous day. It's
also important for regulating your metabolism. Losing sleep causes stress, which
affects performance on tests and quizzes. And, of course, consistently going to
bed late makes it increasingly likely that you'll oversleep and miss those early
4. Talk to professors: College students tend to be intimidated by their
professors. Don't be. They are there to help you, and for all but the meanest and
laziest professors, that extends well beyond mastery of the course material.
5. Join something: Sign up for a sports team. Join a club, or a fraternity, or the
student council. Taking part in some sort of extracurricular activity will keep you
socially active, provide an outlet for nervous energy, and maybe even teach you
something new.
6. Speak up in class: College is interactive. Ask questions, answer the
professor's questions, and share your opinion as much as possible. Now is the
time to break free of your high school conditioning – there are no points for
sitting quietly anymore.
7. Use the library: There are so many resources available in the library –
magazines, guides to local places, databases, leisure reading, videos, and of
course, the books you need for your papers. Learn as much as you can about
your library, as soon as you can. Talk with the librarians about the resources
available in your field. Check out the resources you can access remotely – so you
don't come up stuck when you realize you need one more reference in the middle
of the night.
8. Relax: Make a point of taking it easy now and again. Take a no-study day.
Go to the park. Party. Go shopping. If you don't do something non-class related
once in a while, you're going to burn out. Remember: balance is key. Study
enough, and live enough. No more and no less.
9. Get a job: You'll feel a lot better about college if you're not always
struggling to make ends meet. Plus, a job can help you meet new people and be
a good counterbalance to your course load. A part-time job at a local business or
on campus is ideal, especially if you can find something related to your field of
10. Don't get a credit card. You'll get bombarded with apparently sweet credit
card deals almost from the second you step on campus. Consider that credit card
companies have fought hard for the right to turn a large profit from fees for being
overdrawn, missing payments, or going over your limit – now consider how they
expect to make a profit from you. Even if you never do anything to earn a penalty
fee, you'll end up paying way more than however much you charged in interest
and annual fees. Stick to a bank account and debit card.
The results of Std 10 of various boards are now out. It's
now time for obtaining admission in FYJC in various colleges
of the state. Beside open categories there are various
categories in which seats are reserved like SC, ST, OBC,
Domicile and many more. To obtain admissions in these
categories, colleges seek certificates issued by competent
authorities. The collector of respective district is the head of
issuing certificates. Tahsildar of respective talukas issues
these certificates which are accepted by institutions. When
large volumes of people reach the Tahsidar's office for
obtaining various certificates, the waiting period for
issuance of certificate goes haywire. Here is MEWATI
SITARAM in candid chat with Radheshyam Mopalwar IAS,
Konkan Divisional Commissioner. There are seven districts,
largest in India, which fall under his jurisdiction - Mumbai
City, Mumbai Suburban, Thane, Palghar, Raigad,
Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri.
Why do people approach the tahsildar office to
obtain certificates only after declaration of board
To be precise, there are people who fall in certain
reservation categories. Some are really unaware of its
importance and are not in possession of required
certificates. While filling up admission forms in colleges
they apply in certain categories that they belong to.
Surprisingly they come across the admission counter about
certificates, which they do not possess. When they realize
the importance and mandatory requirement for securing
admission, their queues begin at the Tahsildar office.
Are certificates issued in a time bound manner as
per citizen's charter?
Mostly certificates are issued in a perfect time bound
manner. The citizen charter is bound to be followed by
every officer. When a volume of various certificate seekers
reaches very high, it might be delayed for few days. But
every officer makes sure to deliver relevant certificates at
the earliest. If there is a long pendency, tahsil office staff
works extra hours to deliver documents within the time
frame. Sometimes documents are delayed due to
incomplete information and relevant proofs are not
attached by the applicants. If documents are in order there
is no delay in delivering.
Any plans for expediting issuance of
We are planning to organize special camps for issuing
Education is
the key,
says Anil Kapoor
MUMBAI: Stressing on the importance
of education, Bollywood actor Anil
Kapoor said it plays a key role in
moulding children into successful
individuals. “Education is the key to
success. Education plays a very
important role in life as it helps in
moulding us into successful
individuals. It helps one in taking the
decisions,” Kapoor said on the
sidelines of an education event 'P&G
Shiksha,' held recently which has
impacted the lives of over 800,000
children in the past 11 years by
building and supporting over 450
schools across India.
To celebrate this path-breaking
impact, actress Kalki Koechlin also
joined Kapoor to extend her support
to the initiative. “What Shiksha is
doing is great… it is an innovative
idea. Buying a P&G product can help
in educating a child. Educating eight
lakh children till now is a
commendable thing. I am proud to be
associated with them. I am happy to
be associated with this wonderful
opportunity to support the cause of
education,” Kapoor, said.
As a doting father, Kapoor, who has
three children said he understands the
importance of providing good quality
education to children. “Education
helps them in making decisions
independently. Like a friend, I was
supportive to them but at the same
time made sure they got their
education,” he added.
certificates in all seven districts of Konkan district. These
camps would be in addition to regular Tahsil office. There
are far flung areas from where people have to travel to
tahsil office barring Mumbai city and Mumbai suburban
districts. To avoid inconvenience to public to travel from far
off places we have decided to organize special camps.
Students and parents should take benefit to avoid rush to
citizen facilitation centres and other designated centres for
issuing vital documents required. We will try to handover
certificates at the earliest provided all relevant and
mandatory documents are in order.
Are special camps useful?
The camps are beneficial to all who are applying for
certain certificates. These camps are specially meant for
exclusive subjects under one roof. The entire team of
concerned officials is based at one place and ensures
speedy issuance of certificates.
Do you have any plans for arranging similar
camps in schools in future?
As of now our top priority is to issue certificates in
special camps so as to avoid inconvenience to the public.
We are not averted to conducting camps in schools but it is
too premature to comment on that. If need be, we will
organize special drives in schools periodically. Special drives
bring forward people to obtain certificates easily.
If there is inordinate delay in issuing
certificates, who could public approach for
All measures are taken to issue certificates in a time
bound manner and records are maintained in
Inward/Outward registers. There might be certain technical
or authenticity issues due to which certificates are delayed.
If there is an inordinate delay, an applicant can approach
respective Sub Divisional Officers (SDO), Additional
Collectors. If their grievances are not attended to, then they
can approach the Respective District Collector. If at all they
are still not satisfied they can approach the divisional
Nelson Mandela started the anti-apartheid movement against racial
discrimination. He was imprisoned for 27 years for being involved in such a
noble cause. The apartheid ended in South Africa in November 1993. Nelson
Mandela who was also known as Madiba was very dear to Indians. The Indian
Government conferred the Bharat Ratna to him and he was given an honorary
doctorate by the Banaras Hindu University. He was a completely non-violent
leader and had great mental strength. We know this by an incident when
Madiba was released from the jail. The jailor said,” You are free now,”
Madiba's retort was, “I was always free.” He was the first President of the post
apartheid South Africa. He identified six principles for the betterment of his
country's foreign policy-human rights, promotion of democracy, respect for
international law, world peace achieved by non-violent means; effective arms
control regime and finally growing economic cooperation in an interdependent
world. Madiba named South Africa,” The Rainbow Nation” to bring together
all races, religions and tribes.
I had visited Mandela's house in Houghton, Johannesburg with my parents
in 2011. I also saw his family restaurant,
“Mandela Family Restaurant.” He was a Nobel
Peace Prize winner and near his house is
another Nobel Peace Prize winner, Desmond
Tutu's house. Mandela once said, “Would be
very egotistical of me to say how I would like to
be remembered. I'd leave that entirely to South
Africans. I would just like a simple stone on
which is written, 'Mandela.'”
Name: Sankalpita Mullick
Class : IX
School: Maneckji Cooper Education
Trust School
Do you want to showcase your child's talent?
Here is a chance to do it...! Simply mail us
his/her work of creativity, be it poetry,
drawings, or anything else along with details
of your child. We promise to put it here..!!
So what are you waiting for? Grab this chance
for your child's claim to fame...and mail us at:
[email protected]
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Are you convinced with the
BMC's pre-monsoon work?
Last week, Mumbai received maximum rainfall in a day. The city was
haphazardly trapped with ceased train services, waterlogged roads and tree
falling in several areas. Even after spending Rs.2000cr on Monsoon
preparations, the BMC hardly seemed prepared for the situation, causing
colossal disruption in city life. Gajendra Goswami spoke to Andheri
residents on the chaotic circumstances that prevailed throughout the day...
KISHORE PAYE, 60: The BMC didn't at all seem
prepared for such heavy rainfall. This is just the start of
the season and we don't know how much it might rain in
the coming days. If things were planned properly and
forethought earlier we could have dealt with the
RAJESH KUMAR, 31: I didn't leave my house at all
that day. I live in Motilal Nagar, Goregaon and my street
was water logged. I watched the news on T.V. and saw
that people were wading through waist-deep water. If
the situation is so bad at the start of the season, we can
assume how prepared the BMC actually was.
ROHIT SINGH, 26: I believe people are equally
responsible for the situation. We ourselves don't keep
our neighborhood clean and prepare ourselves for such
circumstances. The BMC is highly inefficient but we
never pay heed to their negligence and are too busy with
our lives. Every year there comes one day when the city
is hampered badly. But what have we done to deal with
VEDANT KUMAR, 21: We were not prepared for the
Monsoon, that's for sure. My business was badly
affected. I have people working for me, who couldn't
turn up for work on the day since public transport was
badly hit. Authorities should be working properly and
be more cautious rather than fool people. I saw trees
falling, cars crushed and water logged roads. I didn't see
any preparation at all.
SWATI SHARMA, 47: I didn't face any problem since
I do not travel by public transport. Floods and rainfall
are factors which cannot be controlled. Mumbaikars
keep their spirit alive and they have come across such
scenarios in the past as well and have figured out a way
to deal with these matters.
LAAD S MAAN, 31: I feel corruption in the country is
the reason for such incidents. If Rs.2000cr is not enough
to prepare a city for rains, much cannot be said. Money
in this country is funded for elections and party funds
but not vital public problems.
RAVINDRA BANE, 34: I would not say Rs.2000cr has
been wasted completely, but I cannot sight where this
money has been utilized. If more transparency could be
instilled into the system of availing and using funds for
projects, such a situation can be avoided in the future. I
feel the people must be watchful and aware as well.
Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan, the man who won our hearts with his stellar
performances is very hard working and has achieved everything
with a lot of patience. He has always ensured his characters are
realistic and are unconventional and explore human psyches.
He brings to the table sensible cinema, impressive acting
prowess and a dapper look. His realistic touch to every
character he plays, clubbing charm with intellect and sensibility
to tug at the audience's hearts even as he challenges their
brains with intriguing stories that he selects for his cinematic
He analyzes every move before taking decisions and acts
accordingly but not in the case of emotional matters. Regarding
emotional decisions he is indecisive. Even when deciding
whether to enter the industry, he was sceptical but followed his
gut feeling and worked hard to earn this stature. His persona is
assumed to be kind of dominating and authoritarian but he is
fun when you know him. He has a platter of great opportunities
and work projects in hand. These projects will enable him to
surprise his fans and audience with more power packed
versatile performances. Cards advice Irrfan to take care of his
health. He is suggested to do prayers and be thankful for
everything he has achieved. Some of his projects will take a
little more time to complete and go live but the wait will be
worth it. During January to April 2016 cards suggest not to take any sort of important decisions or do any investments as
there are chances of cheating and loss. Cards show lot of travelling in the next year but he is advised to take out and
spend some quality time with his family as they will miss his presence. He is blessed with good luck hence will overcome
any losses if occurred. Cards advise he should endorse more brands. With his growing presence in Hollywood, the
National Award-winning actor has also carved a niche for himself in Hollywood which will keep him busy with
international and national projects. He will continue to strike a balance between Hollywood and Bollywood. Thus his
career has no other direction but upwards.
Guidance for our Readers by Expert PRIYANKA SAWANT
Hi, I am Harpreet Saggu. DOB - 22-11-91.
I want to know about my career. I have done my BMM and currently I'm working in Dubai since march. I
am not happy with my job. I wanted to know if I made a good decision by coming here and is it good for my
Thanks for writing to us Harpreet,
According to your question, cards show you could continue your current job in Dubai for a year or two but mostly
you will start facing problems from end of next year. Cards suggest you to start searching for a job in India which is
good for your career growth.
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specialized in Psychic Powers, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading, Crystal
Ball Gazing, Angel Cards Reading, Pendulum Dowsing, crystal
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Find Your Fate Astrology Consultancy & Training Institute
Tarot Card Reading Classes
MOHAMMAD AKHTAR, 42: I was badly affected
by rains on the day. My business was affected badly and
I wish the authorities would look into the matter and
ensure that such bad conditions do not arise repeatedly.
ABHINAY PATIL, 23: I stay at Amboli and I was
satisfied with the preparations in my area. The roads are
well maintained as of now. But I'd certainly add that it's
a rare sight for the western railway to be affected so
badly. Therefore it seems much could not have been
done with the kind of weather conditions that prevailed
that day.
Last week, an enthusiastic audience welcomed the ' The 3 U Turns Of My Life' by Jitendra Gianchandani
at 'The Svenska Hotel' in Andheri
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Debina's new workout regime
Be a responsible citizen, says Kailash Kher
They say big things come in small packages. Nothing more
can be said to describe Kailash Kher. The singer's name
resonates with an incredible voice incarnated into
staggering dedication with uncompromised originality. The
'Kailasa' stalwart recently spent a week in Dhirubhai
Koikilaben Ambani Hospital following severe health
Talking of his life, Kailash Kher left his parents at the age
of 13 to learn music professionally. His obstinacy for getting
formal music education against his parent's wishes
commenced a journey of achieving milestones for him.” I
was stubborn and a bit naïve at the time,” he admits while
recalling the incident. “Owing to financial reasons, my
parents didn't agree to my desire of learning music. I was
rebellious and neither of us backed down. I declared that
I'd learn music even if I had to leave the house for it. I didn't
Karan Johar to host
extensive B-town
screening of Baahubali
Karan Johar who is presenting SS Rajamouli's
Baahubali in the Bollywood industry is very excited with
the way the film has turned out!
So much so that the producer - director is all set to host
an extensive B- town screening for the entire industry! The
film's trailer was extremely loved by the audience and left
an impact across!
Therefore, Karan wants it to make a gala affair and
organize a big event around it... Karan Johar will be doing
the screening on July 8th in Mumbai and has already
started inviting for the same. Baahubali, which is the most
expensive film in the Indian cinema has taken people a
back with only its trailer!
The film is all set to hit the big screens on July 10th.
think twice and that was it,” explains Kailash.
Kher is exuberant and candid. His childlike naughtiness
preserves the sacredness in his heart. Kailash started his
career with a jingle composed by Ram Sampath and sung
for Nakshatra Diamonds. Even after years of singing for
films, concerts and his band 'kailasa', he hasn't yet
terminated his association with jingles. Kailash since his
debut has sung jingles for coca-cola, Citibank, Hero, PepsiIPL and many others. “People recognize my voice as theirs.
Over the years, my voice has become the voice of the
common man. A voice exempting heroic charisma; simple
and clear. It is an overwhelming feeling to be associated
with my fans as one of their own. Who would want to
discontinue such a healthy association?” explains Kailash.
He sung 'Allah Ke Bande' for the otherwise obscure
movie “Waisa bhi hota hai-II' which received instant fame
and popularity. The singer only rose higher thereafter and
the song and he received instant reorganization among
listeners. Kailash now had his own identity in the industry
and this provided him a perfect opportunity to make his
dream come true. “It was the ideal time to turn things
around for myself. I took the most critical decision of
forming 'Kailasa' with Naresh and Paresh Kamath then.
Both were as passionate and crazy about music as I was,”
says Kailash.
The band released their debut album 'Kailasa' in 2006
and became the new sensation in the music industry.
Owing to the popularity and critical acclamation of their
three albums Kailasav(2006), Jhoomo Re (2007) and
Chaandan Mein (2009) the band earned their own
independent record label “ Kaialsa records” and
“Cumbancha”. “Having his own independent record label is
a dream every musician dreams. Kailasa made it possible
for me and that was one of the defining moments in my
life”, Kailash recalls with a sense of thrill in his movements.
Kailash gave a brief of his ongoing and forthcoming
projects. “Kailasa's next album is due to release next year.
Two songs of the album have already been recorded. The
album also features Padmashree Tipania and is a complete
Sufi album, a genre I specialize in. I'll also be composing
and singing a yog anthem for Satguru Jaggiras Dev ji. The
lyrics of the same have already been penned down by
Prasoon Joshi.
Kailash is socially responsible and to a great extend,
socially active as well. The singer who lent his voice for
several social and political campaigns like 'Swachh Bharat'
campaign, Commonwealth Games and Anna Hazare's Anticorruption Campaign believes being a public figure also
accompanies some social responsibilities. “Everyone is
obliged to be a responsible citizen. I have always expressed
my opinion on important matters. It is moral responsibility
to me.” On being asked whether the 'Swachh Bharat'
Campaign had died too soon the singer replies, “We can't
expect changes overnight. The country has just witnessed
a huge change in terms of administration. When such
changes take place, little patience should be kept as well.”
The singer made it a point to reach out to his fans after
being admitted to the hospital following serious health
issues. “After I returned to India after a series of concerts, I
felt excessive pain in my stomach after which I went to the
hospital and stayed there for a week. Minute concerns
which are avoided for a long period of time can lead to
untimely inconvenience. I am fit and healthy now,” quoted
the singer. Mumbai Messenger wishes him good luck for
his upcoming album and wishes him good health.
Debina has always been known to try new stuff when it comes to her life.
The actress who has been working on her styling in a very detailed manner has
now become equally particular about her workout regime and instead of
following the regular gym workouts the actress has devised a new way of
workout which is at the beach.
The actress has requested her instructor to devise new interesting and
difficult ways of workout which Debina enjoys more than indoor workout.
Hence she has been going on early jogs and functional training to the beach
early mornings when the crowd is much lesser. Her fans now should know
where to catch the pretty actress.
Gajendra Goswami
The trailer launch of the
upcoming movie
'Thoda Lutf Thoda Ishq' was held
recently at The Levo,
Andheri West.
Shradhanjali to south Actress
Aarthi Agarwal and first look
launch of her last movie Operation
Green Hunt was held at
Fun Republic on June 22
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
“Bollywood in Asia is not
just cinema, it is a religion”
Ruslaan Mumtaz dons
Punjabi style
– Celina Jaitly
Her green eyes mesmerise you, as much as her style. Her twins, Winston and Viraaj, and her husband Peter Haag
mean the world to her. So here she is... former Miss World Celina Jaitly in a tete-a-tete with SHAILI MADAN.
Celina, who is ecstatic to release her second single, was awarded as the International Grand Marshal in Canada,
where acted as an ambassador to represent LGBT communities world over during the three-day fest. Here is more
about her current projects, life and work...
Ruslaan who is currently shooting for a film Khel Toh Ab Shuru Hoga in
Lucknow had to don a look of a Punjabi and he made sure he got it right the
very first time after many trials and look tests, the first schedule of the film is
shot and he will be starting his second schedule soon.
Ruslaan recollects "The look was different as I have never tried it before but
I am glad I got it right and it doesn't look fake or put up."
CMD of Bright Outdoor Media
sponsors home to needy family
Yogesh Lakhani, CMD of Bright
Outdoor Media Pvt Ltd always wanted do
something for the society. He has his own
NGO, which is an old age home. When he
came to know regarding a home for the
needy at Karjat village through Rotary club,
he came forward and donated it.
This initiative was taken by Amrish
Dafftary 2014-2015, President Rotary Club
of Greater Mumbai Hanging Garden under
Habitat for Humanity cause. Yogesh
Lakhani, who is associated with the
corporate world and Bollywood, also feels
proud to be associated with Rotary Club's
social NGO initiative.
Rahul has immense respect for Anurag
and hopes he can work in a commercial film
with him soon. Not to forget the amount of
love he also received from Anurag family, in
particular Anurag's wife who used to tease
him and called him 'young Salman' by the
end of the shoot.
Yogesh Lakhani
Your current engagements...
I am currently busy with the United Nation's Free and
Equal Campaign. I am also working on my next single and
am overjoyed that the first one got 2.5 million views on
YouTube. I am looking forward to my forthcoming movie
and other endorsements.
You are being awarded as the International
Grand Marshal in did this happen?
I have been working with the amazing United Nations,
Free and Equal Campaign for the last two years as an
Equality Champion and Spokesperson. As the International
Grand Marshal (IGM) I also acted as an ambassador to
represent global LGBT communities during the three-day
festival in Canada. I took upon this honour as part of my
duties as an Equality Champion for the UN. I think it's
amazing, and I wish it was the same in India. People really
struggle to get sponsors, money and permission from the
authorities for the pride. It is a never-ending, tedious
process. It makes me so happy to be a part of this great
celebration of human beings. It's just celebrating mankind
in all its glory, in all the colour the human spirit exudes. I am
looking forward to this because it's another wonderful
platform for me to come and be the voice on behalf of
people in countries where LGBT do not have the rights to go
and celebrate themselves, to say we are all human beings
Your views on the LGBT issue...
The term 'LGBT rights' is convenient, but can be
misleading. There is no subset of rights or new category of
rights called 'LGBT rights.' LGBT people are entitled to the
same rights as everyone else – among them the right to
life, the right to be free from discrimination, rights to
privacy and to freedom of expression, association and
assembly. The reality is that these rights, which are
universally recognized and agreed, are routinely being
denied to people just because they happen to be - or are
assumed to be - gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or
intersex. That is something we have a duty to acknowledge
and address in a concerted way.
How do you feel the issue is dealt with in India?
How do Indian laws/views need to change with
regards to the same?
In India we have an archaic relic of a law Section 377
reinstated which has put the entire Indian LGBT community
in the direct line of fire. This law can be or is being used to
blackmail, violate, abuse the people of the LGBT
community on a daily basis at workplaces, in day-to-day life
and this majorly hinders the work of health workers in the
field of HIV/Aids. Laws are meant to protect us, not to form
a platform for fanatics to blackmail, abuse, traumatize,
violate and humiliate the people of this country who fall in
the minority group of LGBT. In India, that is what 377 is
unfortunately perpetrating. When these same abuses are
perpetrated against members of any other group of people,
States rightly push hard for a more vigorous response.
However when it comes to the LGBT community, why
should the resolve not be the same?
What sets Bollywood apart from any other film
industry according to you?
The best thing about our industry is that besides
amazing cinema, dance and drama Bollywood is the single
most powerful connector of people of each and every
economic genre, religion, gender and race in India and
Southeast Asia. It is the soul food and dream generator for
many who can't even afford the basics. It provides
opportunities and employment to millions. Bollywood in
Asia is not just cinema, it is a religion!
Something that needs to change about the film
Punctuality (smiles)...
Where do you see yourself five years down the
Accomplishing past goals and beginning amazing new
Your views on the newer generation of actors...
and how the industry treats them...
They are all amazingly independent, unafraid of taking
risks and have added a new dimension of freshness and
open mindedness to Indian cinema.
What are your views on the wide genre of movies
being made?
It is amazing to see so many different genres of movies
"and" seeing them do so well. The change is a result of the
change in the mindset of the audience. Cinema, like
literature is the reflection of a society. And not only does it
influence the society, but has a great impact on the
successive generations. I am glad Indian cinema is evolving
into a phenomenon that is not just confined to India, but
has enthralled the international audiences as well.
Your inspiration...
Angelina Jolie. Her selfless humanitarian works and the
way she chooses to conduct her life with dignity is amazing.
I love how wonderfully she has used her abundant platform
for service to mankind. I look up to the way she conducts
herself in various roles – be it motherhood, being an actor,
director and most importantly being an amazing
woman...Super woman!
Your passion...
My family, Human rights, movies, books and music.
If you're not working, you're...
Enjoying my family life. My twin boys and my husband
are my world. I love to read and write so that too is a part of
my non-working days.
The most exotic destination you've visited and
what appeals to you about it...
Egypt will always be my favourite destination. It is
mysterious, immensely romantic and I am absolutely
fascinated by ancient Egyptian monuments and history.
Your friends in the industry...
I have many wonderful colleagues.
Philosophy of life... and most importantly show
gratitude for each and every blessing!
Your message to aspiring actors...
Follow your dream for you never know where it might
take you.
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Stay trendy
this Monsoon
Gajendra Goswami
Shaili Madan
Mumbai awaits the Monsoon
with sincere enthusiasm
round the year. Since the
rain Gods have finally
started showering their
blessings, people are
celebrating the
arrival of rains with
great gusto and
ardor. To many,
rains also present
the significant
tension of keeping up
the style quotient.
Damp roads and streets
can not only infuse dilemma
of what to wear, but also spoil
one's classy wardrobe and footwear
since summer styles are easily
ruined by walking on clogged and
mucky roads or travelling in public
Not reaching work or college in
squealed shoes and damp clothing
is a task challenging enough in the
Monsoon. For people who like
staying trendy and fashionable,
reaching work with floppy outfit
and footwear may take the juice out
of the whole day. Well, to their
delight the market is flooded with
trendy Monsoon wear.
It is important to choose a strong
umbrella, which can also keep up
with your style quotient. Umbrellas
with frills are very popular in the
market these days. They also vary in
sizes, ideal to rest it in your
handbag or protect yourself
completely even if you are hefty.
One may chose bright prints and
colors over the usual dull black
while opting for umbrellas. Ladies
could buy long-coats ranging from
Rs.990- Rs.1400.
Along the same price range
windcheaters are also very popular,
which are comforting and trendy.
Similarly, umbrellas and raincoats
with designs and prints
incorporating cartoon characters,
superheroes, comic characters and
WWE stars are also available in the
market are ideal for kids.
The most important trick while
choosing Monsoon wear is to
choose protective and durable
footwear. Swap your leather shoes
with more reliable plastic, Perspex
and patent leather. Comprising
boots can also be a very smart
incorporation. Animal print boots
or decent crocs can be a viable
option. While choosing a bag, try to
pick a waterproof one.
Monsoon is fun if you are ready
for it. Do not let the rains stop you
from setting your foot outdoor. Put
on some shorts, refill the fuel- tank
of your moped and enjoy the rain
showers. Feel blessed and
exhilarating and try looking for the
The subconscious mind is the inner feeling within you. The
conscious mind is that, which, acts always with you. The
sub conscious stays hidden. Most of the tines we follow the
conscious mind only it is within our own power to activate
our sub conscious mind so that things start working in a
better way for us.
Both, the conscious and sub conscious minds are two
spheres of activity within one mind. P.R.Menon, a
psychologist explains, “Your conscious mind is the
reasoning mind that chooses. Your subconscious mind
accepts what is imposed upon. It does not engage in
proving whether your thoughts are good or bad, true or
false, but responds according to the
nature of your thoughts or
suggestions. For example, if you
consciously assure that something is
true, even though it may be false, your
sub conscious mind will accept it as
true and proceed to bring about the
requests because you consciously
assured it to be true.”
The sub conscious mind has an
answer to all problems. If you suggest
to your mind prior to sleep that you
want to wake up at 6am it will awaken
you at the exact time. “Never use
expressions as 'I cannot afford it' or 'I cannot do it.' Your
sub conscious mind takes you at your word. It sees to it that
you do not have the money or ability to do what you want.
Instead thing 'I can do all things possible through my sub
conscious mind. And then all things will be done,”
elaborates Menon.
He adds, “We should not misuse over subconscious
mind. It should be used genuinely and in a proper manner.
There was a man whose daughter suffered from crippling
arthritis and painful skin condition. He tried many
treatments but she could not be cured. The man was very
desperate. He used to always say, 'I would give my right
arm to see that my daughter is cured.' One day the family
went out. Their car was involved in a head-on collision. The
father's right arm was cut off at the
shoulder. When he came from the
hospital, he discovered his that his
daughter's arthritis and skin condition
had vanished. The man's
subconscious mind had acted
properly. His daughter was cured Everyone loves to have beautiful
while he lost his arm. Remember your hands and lovely legs. This is possible
subconscious mind does not with proper care and beauty treatment
understand any jokes. It takes you by in the comfort of your home. Here are
tips to get started:
your word.”
Here is a story of a man who killed Things required:
himself by wrongly activating his A plastic tub or basin, Baby Shampoo,
Angels and You
Anjali Nagpal is a life coach and workshop facilitator certified to present Heal Your
Life transformational workshop worldwide approved by Hay House, US. She also
conducts workshops relating to Law of Attraction and self healing. She is also a
therapist for different modules (hypno, metaphor). She is an Angel card reader.
The word 'Angels' is derived from
the ancient Greek “Angelo's” meaning
“messenger.” Angels act as a bridge
between Heaven and Earth, serving
as a channel between God and the
physical material world. Angels are
divine beings and they are on higher
vibration frequency than we physical
beings are. These are intelligent
beings that never lost contact with
God, never had physical lives and seek
only to fulfill the will of God.
Angels vary in form, depending on
the needs and expectations of those
asking for help. Communicating with
Angels is a natural phenomenon but
over centuries, humankind has
acquired a belief that if you can't see
or touch something tangibly then it is
unreal or unnatural. Since angels
vibrate at higher frequency level they
have very subtle vibrations and hence
we need to completely relax and
balance ourselves in order to feel their
presence. Angels are divine beings
that have mastered the physical Laws
of the Universe. Angels are in service
to humanity and are believed to be
“Messengers of God.”
Archangels are above angels in the
hierarchy. There are many archangels
in the Universe but few have come in
contact with human kind and many
more are making contact. Archangels
are said to be in constant touch with
t h e c r e a t o r. T h e y a r e n o n
denominational and they help anyone
regardless of their religion or nonreligious background. They are
usually larger, stronger and powerful
than angels. Each archangel has
specific work area along with general
well being and healing with and of
human beings. Each archangel
radiates a particular color, related to
the purpose of that angel. Archangels
are able to be in many places at one
time. You never have to feel that your
"problem" isn't important enough to
bother them with. That is what they
are for - to help you grow.
The most popular Archangels are
Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.
Archangel Michael helps heal fears
and nervousness and helps maintain
unwavering faith. He creates drive
and vitality to complete task
effortlessly without anxiety. Archangel
Raphael: He is in charge of physical
healing of all living being. One can call
subconscious mind. This man went to a crystal gazer, who
told him he had a bad heart. He predicted that he would die
the next moon day. Now this scared the man. He called up
everyone in the family and told them about the prediction.
He met his lawyer and prepared a will. He was convinced
that the crystal gazer's prediction was true. He was
preparing himself for his own death through his
subconscious mind. As the new moon approached, he
became more and more withdrawn. By wrongly using his
subconscious mind, he made himself involved. On the
predicted date, he suffered a fatal attack due to extensive
negative thinking and died not knowing that he was the
cause of his own death. How many of us have heard similar
stories and shivered at the thought that the world is full of
mysterious and uncontrollable forces?
But these forces are neither mysterious
nor uncontrollable. This man killed
himself by allowing the powerful
suggestion to enter his subconscious
mind, unaware that he had the power
to survive. Let us take another look at
what happened, knowing that we
believe that the subconscious mind will
believe and act upon. This man was in
a suggestible state when he went to
see the crystal gazer, who gave him a
negative suggestion. He got terrified.
He believed that he was going to die.
The next moon day, he told everyone about it and prepared
for the worst. It was his own fear and expectation by his
subconscious mind that brought his death. If the mind had
known the law of his mind, he would have completely
rejected the negative suggestions and refused to give
attention to the crystal gazer.
The suggestion of others has no power on you.
Whatever power they have they gain because you gave it to
them through your own thoughts. You have to give your
mental consent. You have to entertain and accept the
thought. You have to think and bring your subconscious
mind to work.
Remember, you and only you have the capacity to
choose. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health!
upon him and ask him to surround
your near and dear ones with his
healing energies. Archangel Raphael
and Michael work together to release
lower energies from people and
places. Archangel Gabriel: She helps
in communication and art. She loves
to helps anyone who is in creative line.
She also helps in conception,
pregnancy and childbirth and also in
adoption. She will help you with any
parenting needs and desires.
Archangel Uriel: He helps to light the
path and clears the clouds of
confusion. He has the ability to
enlighten our minds with inspiring
ideas, insights, and answers. He helps
in overcoming regrets and keeps us
encouraged and motivated in order to
fulfill our dreams and goals. Call upon
him to guide endeavors.
Call upon the Angels anytime and
they would love to help. They can't
help you without your will still they are
always ready and waiting for you to
call upon them.
Sea salt/rock salt – 1 tbsp, Lemon – 1,
Dettol /anti-bacterial liquid soap 2-3
drops, Nail polish remover, Cotton
wool, Nail cutter/clippers, Nail file
(comes along with a nail cutter), Nail
brush, Orange stick, Cuticle cream,
Cuticle nippers, Moisturiser, Base
coat, Nail polish, Top coat (optional)
1. Clean your hands/feet well with
soap and water. Remove any old nail
2. Take lukewarm water in a basin, add
a few drops of baby shampoo, a tbsp of rock salt and juice of 1 lemon. Soak your
hands/feet in it for 10-15 minutes. Then lightly scrub and clean your nails with a
soft bristled nailbrush.
3. For feet – Rub with pumice stone underneath your feet to remove dead cells.
(especially on the balls, sides and heels of your feet). Then wipe your hands/feet
4. Cut the nails with a nail cutter and remove dirt from underneath the nail corners.
Hand nails- File your nail's sharp ends and shape them as desired.
For toe nails- Wipe toe nails and cut them straight across to avoid ingrown nails.
File them using the nail file.
5. Apply cuticle cream to the base of each nail and rub over your nails, massaging
gently. Gently push back the cuticles using the orange stick in circular movement.
You can use olive oil also instead of cuticle cream. Trim cuticles (any loose dead
skin) while they're still soft using cuticle scissors or nippers. It is suggested to avoid
this step as it is best done by a professional.
6. Wash hands/feet, pat them dry with a turkish towel (dry well between the fingers
and toes)
7. Massage your feet and hands gently with a moisturizing lotion or cream. Wipe
nails with cotton wool to remove any excess lotion or cream left on the nail bed.
8. Now it is time to apply nail polish. Apply a base coat first and let it dry. Then
apply 2 coats of your desired nail polish. Then finish it off with a thin top coat. This
will help your nail polish last longer.
9. Lastly wrap orange stick in cotton wool, dip it in polish remover and remove
traces of polish left on the skin to give a neat appearance. If you do not want to paint
your nails, just leave it as it is or you can buff your nail with a nail buffer.
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Relish Best Dinner Buffet
at Mumbai’s Luxury hotels
Restaurant: JW Café
When: Dinner Buffets daily
Timings: 7:30pm – 11:00pm
Price: Rs. 1836.46, Kids Rs. 918.23
Contact No: 28538888
Restaurant Manager: Abhijeet Adurkar
Restaurant: Glasshouse
When: Dinner Buffets daily
Timings: 1900 --2330hrs
Price: Rs. 2108.09 All Inclusive
Contact: 66961624
Restaurant Manager: Sanjeev Jaiswal
Restaurant: MoMo Café
When: Dinner Buffets daily
Timings: 07:oo pm – 11:00pm
Price: Rs. 1831, Kids Rs. 886
Contact No: 6136 9999
Restaurant manager: Rashid Ali
Restaurant: Earth Plate
When: Dinner Buffets daily
Timings: 07.00 pm – 11.30 pm
Price: Rs.2200
Contact: 3980 7444
Restaurant Manager: Harish Dosad
Restaurant: O22
When: Dinner Buffets daily
Timings: 7.30 p.m-11 p.m.
Dinner Buffet rates: Rs. 2,050, Rs. 2,200
(Magic Of Tawa and Tandoor buffet) on
Wednesday (includes unlimited beer),
taxes extra.
Contact No: 6672 7777
Glasshouse Hyatt Regency TAJ LANDS END, BANDRA WEST
MoMo cafe, Courtyard by Marriott
Restaurant: Vista
When: Dinner Buffets daily
Timings: 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Price: RS 2126 All inclusive
Contact No: 6668 1234
Restaurant Manager: Carlos Francis
Restaurant: Seasonal Tastes
When: Daily Dinner Buffet
Compiled by Mewati Sitaram, Senior journalist and hospitality Columnist
Timings: 07.00 pm to 12.00 am
Price: Rs. 2000, kids between 3 to 12
Italian food
years Rs 1000(Plus taxes)
lovers have
Contact: 022 6736 1801
reason to rejoice. or 9004661031
Globally Known
Restaurant Manager: Shreyas Aranoly
Chef Dario
Dezio, the gifted
culinary artist,
comes back to
Mumbai to create Restaurant: Pondichéry Café – All-day
authentic Italian
fare. He carefully When: Daily Dinner Buffet
Timings: 07:00 pm to 12:00 mid night
crafted to satiate
Price: INR 2,815 (all inclusive)
the everchanging palates Contact: 6117 5115
Restaurant Manager: Colin Lobo,
diners. He wowed Sagar Kulkarni
diners at gourmet
capitals across
the world after
setting-up an
award winning
Italian restaurant
chain. So enjoy
his creation at
Long & Short The Gastrobar,
Marine Drive.
PIC: Mewati
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The rise of an Indian
Bartender Mixologist
in UK
Mewati Sitaram
Bartending is a fiercely competitive field, a way to make great money
professionally, a job that occasionally induces hair-pulling frustration. But in the life
of a mixologist, it's the fascinating characters and their colourful tales that ensure
there's never a dull moment. Mewati Sitaram, Senior Journalist and Hospitality
Columnist profiles Sunil Hardwaria, a well-known bartender manager in UK from
Mumbai. Sunil is a confident, highly resourceful and reliable bar personal with an in
depth understanding of the bar, restaurant and hospitality industry. Possessing the
required communication skills and flair needed to attract customers, drive sales and
develop a business. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise
while remaining aware of professional roles and boundaries. He is working as
Manager at The Hilton Puckrup Hall Tewkesbury hotel, Gloucestershire, United
Kingdom. A five star luxury hotel, located just 50 minutes from Birmingham and
What made you to choose profession of a bartender
One day I was doing waiting for a wedding in Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai.
I saw one guy behind the bar making some beautiful colourful drink, I went straight
to him and asked, what is that? He said Cocktail. I asked him “Can I make?”
Surprisingly and happily he permitted me, by saying of course anyone can make it, if
there is passion. This was a turning point in my life. The next day I went and got
myself a cocktail book. Tom Cruise starrer movie “Cocktail” had released at that
time and I thought of pursuing bartender's profession, soon after.
No doubt that bartending is such a hard field to get into. I was lucky. Shortly after
completing my education, I was hired by Hotel Bawa International as bartender with
the expectation that I would assist the head bartender when the lounge is busy. As I
was passionate about the job, I eagerly absorbed every detail of the art of mixology,
knowing that I would eventually have the experience.
Is it a tough job
Undoubtedly, this job requires a thick skin and, of course, the ability to resist
drinking an entire bottle of Jack Daniels at work when the going gets tough. More
than anything, it's the fascinating people you meet. I've served numerous global
celebrities, and while the starstruck
feeling quickly fades, the way that
they behave never ceases to amaze
Who guided you to join
Life has a way of testing a person
either by having nothing happen at all
or by having everything happen at
once. As I was destined to broaden
my horizon, a friend of mine Mohit
Kadam, I cannot deny his inspiring
words went straight to my heart and I
can credit him for taking up the
course at Shatabhi Basu's Stir
Globally there are rarely Indian
b a r t e n d e r s ? A re y o u w e l l
Indeed you can rarely find Indian
bartender on foreign land but if you
prove. But things are changing now
slowly and many Indians are visible
at places. I am well accepted and I am
proud that my mantle is well
accepted. I left no stone unturned to prove my ability and the result is visible.
My job is to support my hotels service team and clients, which can mean
anything from assisting with efficiencies behind the bar to creating a craft cocktail
Is there any discrimination professionally?
It's not like discrimination but it is one-upmanship everywhere. But if you are
perfect in your job you can survive anywhere in the world. Even in India such things
can be seen on a daily basis. We just have to know how to deal with it. With
experience you become wiser and you will realize that sometimes bad things happen
for a reason. And somehow you will see that some good came out of the event in
your life that you once considered a failure. In the global trends only fittest survive,
so I am more happy now.
Any gratitude
I have struggled a lot to be in this position. Life is a full circle and many people
come and go. But there some people in your life that always remain in your mind
forever. My parents were my pillar of strength in my career. My uncle Captain
Prakash Hardwaria from Air India, Shatabhi Basu and food columnist- journalist
Sitaram Mewati are really a guiding force behind me. All these people inspired me
from when I was a young boy growing up – they motivated me to chase my dreams. I
admired the fact that they were concerned about me. They pushed me higher and
Are there job opportunities for bartenders abroad?
Earlier in India there were hardly few bartending academy like IHM Mumbai
and Stir academy. Off late many mixology institutes have opened shop including
globally known Johnie Walker academy. The reason behind mushrooming
bartending institutes is growing demand for good bartenders in India and abroad.
There are vast opportunities across the globe. Indians can be found in almost all
professions across the globe.
Is it true that every bartender has a drunkard personality?
There are some myths created by for unknown reasons. Let me tell you that there
is no truth that every bartender is a drunkard. Despite being in the bartending
profession for almost 20 years, I have never consumed alcohol in my life. It's fun
when I am selected to create drinks for a cocktail-themed menu.
Any suggestions for aspiring bar tenders?
Like any other profession bartending is a one of the most attractive and lucrative
professions and one of the most sought after trade. A few friends swore that
Bartending School was a laughable sham which I took as a challenge. Do not fear
failure. It is part of your journey to finding your way to success. We have a habit of
grasping any opportunities and moulded as desired. With the rise of any major trend,
someone has to be the first to carve out the path for others to follow. If you are
passionate you can really grow in life in India and abroad too.
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
The Untold Story
As Bollywood gears up to release Shootout at Lokhandwala, Baljeet Parmar
chronicles the sequence of the events leading to the killing of several hard-core
gangsters during the infamous daylight encounter
The period between 1985 and 1995 was considered to be the most important
in the history of the Mumbai's underworld. The decade bore witness to decisive
changes in the well-established crime empire of aging Dongri don Karim Lala, the
beginning of the end of Matunga don Vardabhai, the decimation of the smuggler
mafia headed by Haji Mastan, the coming of Dagdi don Arun Gawli and the
meteoric rise of Dawood Ibrahim and his aide Chhota Rajan.
This was a bloody time in Mumbai's history as scores of gang wars broke out.
Several prominent gangsters were killed in turf wars. This period also saw the rise
of encounter specialists, who gunned down notorious criminals.
Under the given circumstances, professional compulsions and political
priorities forced the warring gangs to strike alliances with certain wings of the city
police, a development that later came to be known as the political-policecriminal-nexus, which, to a certain extent, is still in vogue. In this 'marriage of
convenience', the cops used one gang against the other and on certain occasions
the gangsters used the cops to get even with their rivals.
The boom in the construction and film industries further extended the
operational sphere of the underworld.
Protection and extortion calls became the order of the day. Big business and
film personalities paid obeisance at the doors of the dons like Varda, Lala and
Dawood. Those who dared to defy the dons' diktat were brutally murdered —
and their deaths came as a warning to the others to fall in line.
The gang lords' reach crossed geographical boundaries and reached cities like
Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and even Bhopal. The more
influential set up shop in Dubai, South Africa or London and the business of
criminality turned international. With the rise in criminal activities the gangs
needed more hands to hold the gun. And the time was ripe to pluck uneducated,
unemployed, enterprising youngsters who were willing to do so. In a demandversus-supply scenario, small-time criminals joined the lower rungs of the
various city gangs, hoping to make it big one day.
The Shelter
Bindu Midha
The rain came suddenly- pouring, torrential. The cascade of
drops fell around like dainty diamonds, slipping of the
languorous leaves laden with water. The walk was truncated.
Evening walkers who were well equipped hid under their
umbrellas adding colour to the predominantly green-hued
park. Some less prepared, yet burden free walkers dashed
towards the canopy created by the tree cluster that offered a firm and secure
haven from the relentless rain. As one of the walkers caught unawares, I sought
refuge under a tree and wriggled to protect myself from the drops that seemed to
be mischievously looking for a vulnerable target leaving it wet.
As I huddled seeking warmth and comfort protecting myself from the moisture
laden winds, I sensed a protective cover above my head. I turned to see a
stranger smiling at me and holding the umbrella above both our heads, trying to
save our lustrous locks from getting wet. I felt touched and a little awkward as I
was eating into a safe haven, the umbrella not large enough to offer a cover to
both of us. It was a half of my benefactor and the concurring opposite half of me
that was being saved from getting wet. Thus we stood for a few moments till the
stillness was broken by snatches of conversation and the pitter-patter of rain
Wanting to become gangsters, youngsters like Dilip
Buwa, Anil Pawar, Raju Pujari, Ashok Nadkarni and
Maya Dolas joined the gang ranks, and over the years
became trusted sharpshooters of for Dawood Ibrahim.
They were the five criminals who were shot dead during
the Lokhandwala shootout. The other two just
happened to be at the scene during the bloody
November 16, 1991. Time 12.30pm. The cops
keeping a watch at Swati Apartments informed their
Baljeet Parmar
boss AA Khan that there was hectic movement at the
ground floor flat.
A team of ten members of the Anti Terrorist Squad, lead by Inspector Kavi,
arrived at the spot and laid siege to the building at around 1.20pm. It was
decided that Kavi along with Sub-inspector Gharal would knock the door and ask
the gangsters to surrender. Inspector Ambadas Pote and a constable were to
provide them with cover.
At 1.30pm Inspector Kavi knocked on the door. A burst from a self-loading rifle
startled the cops. A bullet passed through the right side of Dharal's chest and
another hit Kavi on his left elbow. For sometime there was a lull in activity.
Additional forces were summoned. By 2pm, ATS chief AA Khan arrived with extra
fire power along with Inspector Iqbal Shaikh. A company of Special Reserve
Police too was called in. The cops launched their second attack and by 2.30pm
three gangsters were killed. They were later identified as Anil Khubchandani, a
Bandra resident, the second a warden from Yerwada Jail, and the third D
company's sharp shooter Anil Pawar. Dilip Buwa opened the rear door, went
upstairs and started firing from the third floor, while Maya Dolas, Pujari and
Nadkarni kept firing using AK 47 rifles and Uzi hand guns made in Israel.
By 2.45 a crime branch team lead by ACP Gobse arrived and held discussions
with Khan. Maya Dolas kept abusing the cops and dared them to come nearer.
Gobse requested Khan to abort the encounter, so that the remaining gangsters
could be coerced into surrendering. But Khan ordered his men to go all out for
the kill. There were repeated volleys of rapid fire from both sides for another
hour. Dilip Buwa, who was injured in the thigh but kept egging his men. By 4pm,
the guns fell silent.
drops falling at our feet, scattering around like pearls detached from its string.
Time had elapsed. By now the torrential onslaught had eased into a steady yet
mild drizzle emboldening us to venture out of our hideout to explore the freshly
washed path that lay ahead and lead homeward. It hadn't completely stopped
raining, being ill-equipped (not having carried my rain protection gear), I fell
behind. My fellow walker then offered to walk me back under the shared space of
her umbrella. During our chit chat we discovered that she stayed in the sky
kissing high-rise a block away from mine. Embarrassed as I was, I had no option
but to take the offer. I would have had to either wait till the rain subsided or get
wet as I ventured homewards. I decided to walk back with my newly found
companion. Sure enough, like the Almighty's protective hand on our head, my
partner walked me back to the building where I reside and then carried on.
Smiles were exchanged and my gratitude was dismissed with a wave of a hand
and embarrassed look. No names exchanged, no promises made, no
expectations from either side. A bond was sealed. A tie of humanity; a
connection by being humane! A bond that made me realise that in the sea of
negativity and darkness that surrounds us, there is always a beacon of goodness
that outshines and outdoes everything else. A light that transcends all and leaves
one with a path well–lit that would be so easy to take. The path of being good,
doing good deeds and subsequently feeling good! Not essential to know a
person to be able to do so. Just be around and do our bit and joyous contentment
is sure to find its way, illuminating our inner being and keeping it radiant.
Seeking refuge under a charitable tree on an ordinary day had taught me so
much! I felt light as I walked home on this path which offered luminosity.
Shaili Madan, Resident Editor
Mumbai rains: A yearly dampener
With the incessant
rains in the city in
mid-June, the
m y t h s
o f
Mumbaikars living in a world-class
city were shattered when all were
provided a crash course in survival
tactics – courtesy – the BMC. The
city showed an array of colours last
week, with cars and motorcycles that
could be seen floating in flooded
streets, while taxi service and other
public transport networks closed,
and authorities ordered schools shut.
Almost 80 percent of the nation
received excess or normal rainfall
since June 1, defying weather bureau
forecasts that El Nino would curb
precipitation. The downpours
awakened memories of July 26,
2005, when a storm dumped three
feet of rain at high tide in Mumbai, a
record in India going back a century.
Having said this, as incessant
rains lashed the city, the downpour
was received with jubilation by some
and horror by others. For those who
sat in their air-conditioned cars, the
flooded streets, tree falls, wall
collapses, traffic jams, delayed rail
services were just that, minor and
temporary complaints. For most of
these people, rains brought relief
from the incessant heat and water
Anyone who has been to or lives
in Mumbai knows all her sounds –
those that are so distinctly Mumbai –
the sounds of the local trains
whistling by, the hawkers peddling
their wares mostly on busy streets,
the bhajiwaalas selling their veggies,
the pheriwaalas in their heavy carts
yodelling the virtues of their goods,
horns, raunchy music from a auto
rickshaw blaring away, chilling
running down the streets yelling
profanities - all so much a part of
Mumbai and so inseparable, but the
Monsoon does something to all of
this. Over the last downpour, many
of these sounds went missing and the
only thing that could be heard loud
and clear was the sound of the
lashing rain.
For the rest of Mumbai, the not so
lucky, rains brought misery in
bucketfuls. Whether it was the slums
in upmarket Juhu or in downmarket
Dharavi, the clogged drainage ended
up in their tiny living rooms. One can
only imagine the conditions in these
dwellings after several such days of
rain. All Mumbaikars are used to the
Monsoons. Pouring rains choking up
the city's windpipe, bringing
speeding trains to a grinding halt
street urchins scramming to earn a
few bucks by helping rich
businessmen push their cars floating
in chest deep water, children
returning back from cancelled
schools, and Udipi restaurants doing
brisk business due to all stranded
travellers. This is the romantic
picture that all newspapers like to
If one takes a slow look around, it
is worth noticing how every area
malfunctions i.e. if it functions at all.
From potholes in roads that can
swallow cars (for which each
previous Government has made
many contractors rich), to the piled
up garbage that stinks enough to kill
the flies that sit on it...from the
emergence of swarm mosquitoes that
feats on the blood of sleeping kids to
the slime and grime that accumulates
on the sides of the roads. At one
level, all blame the government, the
municipal corporation, our local
councillor and others.
The truth is that each one of us has
become apathetic and insensitive. Is
it enough to make one weep for this
once magnificent city? There have
been many complaints, media
attention, citizen initiatives about
this, but there's no respite.
Where Mumbai was concerned, I
was not the one to be easily dejected.
I always had hope and expectation –
a belief that things would improve. A
lot of important people promised that
it won't go to ruins, but now I feel
sceptical. Mumbai has definitely
deteriorated and how. It won't be
long before it joins the list of cities of
the world, which were once glorious,
but now have gone to seed. And the
sad part is we, each of us living in the
city, will some way be responsible.
Dear Editor,
I read the story 'BMC to the rescue'
and I am compelled to congratulate
you. We are facing a similar issue in
our society and which was restored
quickly. Such issues seem futile and
unimportant, but they are of utmost
importance to people on the
receiving side. I am glad someone is
addressing them and I hope you
would continue the good work.
Manish Pandey
To the Editor,
I ambled down the Juhu beach and
noticed the tattoo makers you had
mentioned in your report 'Tattoo can
be a health hazard.' You were right,
these problems pass unnoticed. I
had visited the same place several
times in the past, but never figured
these minor issues could lead to
something as big. Thank you for
making me realize and informing
many others as well.
Thanking you,
Jayant Roy
Dear Editor,
I've enjoyed reading the editorial
page ever since I started reading this
weekly. This week's editorial page
was no different. “Dawood thought
he was the US president” was an
incredible account of the
Underworld King Dawood Ibrahim.
Similarly, “A (w)holesome
Dwelling” depicted life during
Monsoon in Mumbai with a pinch
of humour and much intended
sarcasm. The editorial page is
always a reader's delight and I hope
the page and the paper's quality
would persist.
Tapan Pelgaokar
To the Editor,
I appreciate the candour with which
the interview with Vidya Thakur
was taken. I am a resident of
Goregaon East and a close follower
of all civic and political
developments. The interview read
placating answers to all my curious
questions. I am glad local
representatives are transparent and
come out in media to answer
questions. I would take this
opportunity to congratulate Mumbai
Messenger as well for this interview
and their efforts in reaching out to
the local representatives.
Arjun Singh
Dear Editor
I am a resident of Lokhandwala.
I've been hitting the gym since the
last one year regularly and only
recently I quit the gym after a bike
incident. I was sitting idle at home
when I read your article and I must
say it was quite an intriguing one. I
instantly realized the importance of
adhering to a fitness regime and
became resolute once again to get
fit and toned. I am commencing my
Yoga classes on June 21 since it is
also international Yoga Day.
Sarang Marotkar
Dear Editor,
I was thrilled to read the report
'Voters List Enrolment.' I missed
the enrolment earlier because of
which I could not cast my vote but
now I know when and where to
head to ensure I do not repeat the
same mistake again.
Ragini Kale
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Ask Our Expert
[email protected]
Skin Care Expert, Facial Aesthetic
Physician, Cosmetologist, Tricologist
Can my baby catch Eczema at
day care? What are its
symptoms? - Ishita Singh, 32
Dear Ishita,
The tendency to have eczema is
often inherited. So your child is more
likely to have it if you or a close
family member has had eczema,
asthma or allergies. It is not
contagious , so your baby cant get it
at the day care centre. Eczema is a
skin rash that usually appears before
age 5. In babies it tends to show up
on the cheeks and scalp, but it may
spread to the arms, legs, chest, or
other parts of the body. It's most
likely to show up on the insides of
the elbows, the backs of the knees,
the wrists, and the ankles, but it can
also appear elsewhere. The rash
might look like dry, thickened, scaly
skin, or it might be made up of tiny
red bumps that ooze or become
infected if scratched. Scratching can
also cause thickened, darkened, or
scarred skin over time.
My daughter has lice problem.
Is there any home remedy to
get rid of it, I don’t want to use
- Harshada Bhagat, 35
Dear Harshada,
To treat lice, all you need to do is
use a lice comb to comb your child's
hair every morning and evening for
three weeks. combing does most of
the work. Coat the hair with olive or
almond oil or coating the comb
instead of the hair and re-applying
the oil as needed on comb , and
comb the hair. Once you have
completely combed out your child's
hair, use their regular shampoo,
rinse, and repeat. Follow this
procedure every day for a week.
Then, for the next two weeks, comb
through your child's hair every night
to make sure the lice are gone. Also
some essential oils like tea tree oil or
neem oil or clove oil can be used
overnight on the scalp and hair, The
following morning, comb out your
child's hair. Then, shampoo and
rinse. Once the lice have been
eliminated, the alcohol – essential oil
spray can be used as a preventive
I sweat a lot irrespective of the
weather. What should I do to
decrease the excess sweating?
- Chad Pierce, 27
Dear Chad Pierce,
As you have mentioned you have
excess sweating or First , you need
to be clear that it is not due to any
underlying illness, it is just excess of
sweating. There are two ways to
control it, temporary and permanent.
temporary measures like Antiperspirant solution containing
aluminum chloride like Aldry lotion,
Drysol which you may apply on
affected area . Drysol is aluminium
chloride hexahydrate, apply it daily
at night on the affected areas .
Iontophoresis or Botox can also be
used to reduce the excessive
sweating. Permanent measures
include surgery in the form of
endoscopic thoracic sympethectomy
or surgically removing some of the
sweat glands.
Eye care is very important during monsoon because eye problems are very
common during the rains. Conjunctivitis, Eye Styes, Dry Eyes and Corneal Ulcers
are common eye problems during the Monsoon. No matter how aware you are,
someone or the other around you will get infected and pass it on to you. Children
in particular need to be taught proper hygiene; else they will spread the disease.
They love to get drenched in rain water especially after the scorching heat.
A little care can go a long way in preventing infections and keeping your eyes
healthy so that you can enjoy the rains during monsoon. Let's have a look at
some eye related problems that are very common during the monsoon:
Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is one of the most common and treatable eye
infections in children and adults. Often called “pink eye,” it is an inflammation of
the conjunctiva, the tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid. Conjunctivitis can be
caused by a virus, bacteria, irritating substances (shampoos, dirt, smoke, and
especially pool chlorine), and allergens. Pink eye caused by bacteria, viruses, it
can spread easily from person to person.
Eye Stye: A stye is an infection that causes a painful lump along the eyelid.
Styes are rampant during monsoons and are usually caused by bacterial
Dry Eyes: Dry Eye is another eye infection in which there is a constant flow of
water from eyes. This continuous flow of water from eyes cause dry eyes and
lead to irritation, pain and blurred vision. This is caused by exposure to dust and
pollutants. So it is important to take care of the eyes during Monsoons.
Corneal Ulcer: It is a very serious infection as it causes severe pain, blurred
vision and pus discharge. The affected person should immediately consult an eye
Tricks to
Lose Weight
MM Correspondent
The greatest weight-loss strategies are the ones you
can cherry-pick to fit your body and life. So go ahead and
take your pick!
Serve from the stove: Leave serving dishes on the
stove instead of at the dining table and you'll eat nearly 10
percent less. [And] pack snacks into single-serving bags.
Eating out of a large container ups consumption by 61
Sweeten up your morning: Embrace "breakfast
dessert." In a 2012 study, researchers at Tel Aviv
University Medical Center found that dieters who ate a
large breakfast that included a sweet treat lost 37 pounds
more over eight months than those on an equal-calorie
diet with a smaller, low-carb breakfast.
Aim for a size: Buy an outfit in your healthiest size
and hang it on your bedroom door as a reminder of your
Skip the ads: Fast-forward through commercials on
your DVR. A University of California study found that
images of high-cal foods stimulate the brain's appetite
control center, triggering hunger.
Feed your family: If you live with people who like to
indulge, buy treats for them that you don't like yourself.
Flex: Clench your fists when you have a food craving.
A series of studies found that people were better able to
control their impulses when they tightened a muscle for at
least 30 seconds.
Reframe your goals: Change your goal from 'lose 20
pounds' to 'lose 1 pound 20 times,' and give yourself
credit for each one.
Mix it up (sometimes): Variety stokes your appetite.
Limit the variety of treats you buy so you'll eat less of
them; and do the opposite with vegetables so you'll eat
more of them.
Don't overdo healthy foods: Many people have a
'healthy' food, like almond butter, that they tend to
overeat—at which point it stops being healthy. Know
yours, and keep it out of the house.
Pick up the tempo: Fill your playlist with upbeat
tunes. Research shows you'll naturally quicken your pace
if you work out with songs that have 180 beats per
'Eye Care is Vital
during Monsoon,'
Says Dr. Riddhi Shah
Valuable Eye Care Tips
to keep infections at bay:
Cleanliness: Pay special
attention to clean and take
care of your eyes. Rinse the
eyes with clean and cold
water. Try to clean your eyes
two-thrice times a day and
do not try to touch or rub
your eyes very often as it
increases the possibility of
viral infection. Keep nails
short, or if you are used to
keeping long nails, maintain
proper hygiene. If the eyes
are pricking, do not rub your
eyelids otherwise it would
increase the danger of being
Dr. Riddhi Shah, Visaion Sankara Eye Hospital
Strong Wind and
Sunlight: If strong wind is blowing or the sun is too bright when you step out,
use sun glasses. It will prevent your eyes from any infection caused due to smoke
and dust and if you use contact lens, it will also protect the lens.
Rain Splashing: The risk of dirty, contaminated water entering our eyes is
omnipresent during the monsoon due to heavy downpour and splashing of
rainwater. Immediate rinsing of eyes with clean water can prevent a viral
Avoid wearing contact lens during Eye Infection: Never share lens
solution and containers with anyone and clean properly before and after use.
Swimming: Never use swimming pool during rainy season, as pool water
increases the chances of viral attack on your eyes.
Eye Makeup: Makeup comes out easily during the rainy season, so always
try to keep water proof makeup kit with you and never share it with others. Be
careful while using eye makeup and check the expiry date of the eye cosmetic
product before applying. Avoid using any cosmetic products during infection.
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
Rs 20-crore
Series A
2 BHK furnish Flat for rent at vira
desai with parking resi. + com. 50 k
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No pets., Rent : Rs 90,000 / Deposit : Rs 5,00,000 / _____________________________
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SAMARTHA Aishwarya. Office.
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Cosmos plaza. 1000 Sq ft office. 1
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MM Correspondent
MUMBAI: Mumbai based restaurant in
cloud, Holachef, has raised Series A
funding of Rs 20 crore in a round led
by Kalaari Capital. AnandLunia's India
Quotient will also be participating in
this investment.
Holachef offers select signature
dishes from professional and amateur,
​ n a dynamic daily menu. It
ensures delivery of meals at a preselected time slot by the customer.
The service was founded in
September 2014 and had raised a
seed fund of Rs.2 crore by India
Quotient in February 2015. The
investment was in the form of
convertible notes, a short-term debt
that converts to equity when a startup
raises Series A funding.
“The investments will help us in
fueling our infrastructural expansions
that will enable better preparation and​
delivery of the food. This will help us
penetrate deeper into Mumbai as well
as other cities in India,” said Saurabh
Saxena, who founded Holachef along
with Anil Gelra.
Currently, Holachef is serving over
1000 orders in a day across locations
in Central and Western suburbs of
Mumbai. It receives over 65% of
orders through the mobile app on
NPCI and JCBI enter into a strategic partnership
for JCB acceptance and card issuing in India
CONTACT 9820396869.
[email protected]
77188 15387
77188 15386 - 87
(RS. 375/- ONLY)
Android, iOS and rest from the
desktop website.
Speaking about the investment,
Vani Kola, MD, Kalaari Capital, says,
“We are excited to be investing in
Holachef. The team has a deep
passion to offer great food and
commitment to customer service.
These are the ingredients to create a
great company. We are pleased to be
working with dedicated founders like
Saurabh Saxena and Anil Gelra. We
believe food tech will be a large
opportunity in India.”
Anand Lunia, who is investing in
the venture for the second time says,
Mumbai and Tokyo: National Payments Corporation of
India (NPCI), an organization established by the Reserve
Bank of India and being an umbrella for all India’s
payments system, and JCB International Co., Ltd. (JCBI),
the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd.,
announced today that both parties entered into a strategic
partnership for acceptance of JCB card at all NPCI
acceptance locations under the NPCI network, which has 1
million card merchants and 200,000 ATMs across India. In
addition, the strategic partnership will include the issuance
of RuPay/JCB international cards by NPCI member banks
that are globally accepted through the JCB network, which
will be the first-ever JCB card issued in India.
Leveraging the to-be-established interconnection
between the two parties’ payment networks, the scope of
the new strategic partnership covers acceptance of JCB
cards at NPCI merchants including both retail point-of-sale
and Ecommerce and ATMs and issuance of RuPay/JCB
international cards by NPCI member banks in India, which
can be accepted at around 29 million JCB card merchants
as well as ATMs all over the world.
Through this strategic partnership, JCB card’s
acceptance coverage in India will reach to 100% for card
merchants and ATMs, which will better serve the increasing
number of people visiting India especially from Asia where
JCBI has a large cardmember base. Meanwhile, the door for
international acceptance for RuPay brand will be wider
open with the partnership with the JCBI. Currently,
approximately 165+ million RuPay domestic cards are
issued by 426 banks.
Managing Director & CEO of NPCI, A P Hota said, “NPCI
has tied up with a US-based network, in the past, for the
international acceptance of RuPay- Discover cards.
Through the partnership with JCBI, NPCI can now offer
new international RuPay cards with the JCB brand which
are widely accepted throughout Asia where JCB has a
strong presence in terms of card merchant network as well
as exclusive privileges for its cardmembers. The new card,
RuPay/JCB international card, will work as RuPay card in
India and work as JCB card outside India.”
The two parties now target to launch JCB acceptance
business in India around mid-2016 and RuPay/JCB
International card issuing business later the same year.
NPCI-JCBI strategic partnership would be marked as a key
milestone in the Asian payment ecosystem. It will be a winwin situation for both nations of Asia to exchange and
achieve card payment dynamism with a view to enhance
the acceptance of RuPay cards at JCBI’s network & viceversa,” added Mr Hota.
Deputy President of JCBI, Kimihisa Imada said, ”We are
pleased to enter into a partnership with NPCI in India,
which is the most important market in our Asia regional
strategy. The acceptance level of JCB cards in India will
increase significantly and it will provide a seamless and
convenient consumer experience for JCB cardmembers as
all the card merchants and ATMs in the country will accept
JCB cards Further, issuing of RuPay/JCB card in the market
which has 1.2 billion population and strong economic
growth will have a significant impact on JCBI’s global
business. We believe our extensive card acceptance
network and customer oriented services and promotions
throughout Asia will be a strong feature of RuPay/JCB
international cards. We are confident that the issuance of
RuPay/JCB international card will contribute to the Financial
Inclusion promoted by the Indian government and NPCI.
Based on the strong bilateral relationship between India
and Japan, our strategic partnership between NPCI and
JCBI will certainly flourish and prosper.”
JCB is a global payment brand and a leading credit card
issuer and acquirer in Japan. JCB launched its card business
in Japan in 1961 and began expanding worldwide in 1981.
Its acceptance network includes about 29 million
merchants and over a million cash advance locations in 190
countries and territories. JCB cards are now issued in 19
countries and territories, with more than 89 million card
members. As part of its international growth strategy, JCB
has formed alliances with more than 350 leading banks and
financial institutions globally to increase merchant coverage
and cardmember base. As a comprehensive payment
solution provider, JCB commits to providing responsive and
high-quality service and products to all customers
National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), which
has been set up in 2009 as the central infrastructure for
various retail payment systems in India, was envisaged by
the Reserve Bank of India as the payment utility for all
banks in the country. During the last five years, the
organization has grown multi-fold from 2 million
transactions a day to 20 million transactions now. From a
single service of switching of inter-bank ATM transactions,
the range of services have grown to Cheque Clearing,
Immediate Payments Service money transfer (24x7),
Automated Clearing House, Electronic Benefit Transfer and
a domestic card payment network named ‘RuPay’ to
provide an alternative to international card schemes. RuPay
card base has gone up to 165 million.
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
July 03, 1980
Place: Jalandhar, Punjab INDIA
PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar
20): This should be a
pretty time, Pisces. You
will find a greater than usual
sensitivity to your needs. One
thing to be aware of is fast talkers
who might make elaborate
promises that they have no
intention of keeping. Slow and
steady wins the race, and you're
the master of this technique. Your
patience and sensitivity are
invaluable this time.
ARIES (March 21 to April
20): You are radiant and
glowing with happiness!
This is a refreshing change after
the gloom of the past few weeks.
Apparently, the decisions you
made worked out for the best. Or
even better, perhaps you're in
love? In any case, it will be easier
than usual for you to communicate
with others and share joy. Let the
good times roll!
TAURUS (Apr 20 – May
20): Your goal is to
enchant your mate. There
is no reason not to try. Indeed, it's
an excellent time for love. But
don't exaggerate your seductive
wiles, Taurus. Since the aspects
tend to distort your perception of
things, you may be deceived by
what you see in the mirror. Be
careful about what you do and how
you do it!
GEMINI (May 21 – Jun
20): People aren't going
to cooperate in the way
you might like them to. It could be
the time in which it's difficult to get
things done simply because other
people seem to get in the way. Try
not to get angry. Perhaps you need
to take a break and relax. The
harder you push, the more
resistance you will encounter.
CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul
22): It's certainly clear
that you have faith in your
actions. You feel no fear or doubt
as you progress toward your goals
at a fast clip, cruising along on
calm seas under clear skies. This
new atmosphere is likely the
product of your renewed
commitment. Reward yourself for
your accomplishments, but you
should wait a few days before
launching celebration.
LEO (Jul 23 – Aug 22):
This is a moment to start
being creative and stop
worrying that you don't have
talent. Who's to say what "talent"
is? In the romance department,
the love of your life might be right
under your nose. Try lifting your
eyes from the romance novels and
look around. The perfect mate
could be any number of people in
your life.
VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep
22): People may pull your
chain right and left in
order to get a rise out of you.
Whatever seems grounded and
solid may end up being flimsy and
detached. Beware of your steps.
The ground is apt to give way with
little warning. Your appetite may
be ravenous, but it's likely there
won't be nearly enough
nourishment to satisfy you.
LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22):
You could be seeing
mirages at the moment,
Libra, most notably in the
environment around you. You may
have the impression that people
are lying to you or that they're
hiding something from you. Or it
may be that you're the one who
lies about certain things or hides
what you do. Why are you making
it all so complicated?
SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov
21): Hold on to your
wallet, because you may
have some strange {though noble)
impulses to give away your hard
earned money or spend a large
amount on something useless. You
should think about spending your
money in a better way or not at all.
Why not consider donating some
of your valuable time rather than
money to those in need?
– Dec 21): You may have
your head in the clouds.
At the same time, there's a need
for you to keep your feet on the
ground. This contradiction of
energies might make it difficult to
find peace, but you should find
comfort knowing that this will end.
Deal with conflicting issues. They
will help you find the balance and
perspective you need.
Jan 19): Are you certain
you can't modify your
current situation, Capricorn? Are
you a prisoner of a lifestyle that
isn't of your own making or is a
throwback to the past? People
have been asking you to take on
too many responsibilities and this
is weighing you down. Don't be
afraid to distance yourself from
these situations. Learn to say no.
AQUARIUS (Jan 20 –
Feb 18) : You can rely on
the current aspects to
restore your self-confidence, which
has been sorely tried during the
past few days. The charismatic
seducer in you can swagger forth,
certain of conquest. However, do
not go too far. Wait a while for
reality to dispel the cloud of
ecstasy and you will be able to see
the future more clearly.
CAPTION THIS PHOTO AND SEND AT [email protected] WITH YOUR NAME. You can be a lucky
winner to win an attractive prize and get your name published with the picture in our next issue.
A man was crying in front of his
wife's cemetery. Suddenly he saw
another man crying really loud.
The crying man: why did u did this to
1 man: sorry to ask about your
personal life. Who is this person? Is
this is your wife?
Crying man: no. it's my wife's 1st
There is a floating post
office in Dal Lake, Srinagar. It was
inaugurated in August 2011.India
has the largest postal network in
the world, with over 1,55,015
post offices.
“CORREA'S NIGHTMARE" (referring to architect Charles Correa, the aesthetic
architect of Mumbai, who passed away recently) - G. RAMACHANDRAN
This is our lucky winner for the caption contest who has bagged himself two
movie tickets. You can be next! Write us a caption that you can think suits
the given picture best and win exciting prizes.
1. Forsake
5. Misgiving
8. Robber
9. Competence
10. Hide
11. Climb
12. Housing area
14. Groups of twelve
18. Archer's missile
20. Great pleasure
22. Strain
23. Flinch
24. Majestic
25. Gracefully slim
1. Thing
2. Strange
3. Turn aside
4. Almost
5. Even
6. Stir up
7. Perhaps
13. Despotism
15. Slanting
16. Colonist
17. Handsome youth
18. Stage-player
19. Turn rapidly
21. Stately, splendid
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Messenger taken any steps, to confirm the accuracy or
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Messenger strongly encourages readers to make whatever
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Editor: Surjit G Sahani, RNI: (MAHEN/2015/62464)
01 July to 07 July, 2015, VOLUME 1, ISSUE 24
The relation between France and India is of great importance. In a bid to
further improve the co-operative actions already initiated between the
countries His Excellency Yves Perris has taken office in Mumbai as the new
Consulate General of France. Here is Mewati Sitram, in a candid chat with
him about strengthening ties...
What do you feel about Mumbai in terms of culture, people and its
overall experience?
I arrived in Mumbai a bit more than three months ago. To be honest, I felt
immediately at ease in the city, with all the people I met. Wherever I have
been, my welcome has always been warm, honest and frank.
How important is Mumbai for the French government as far as
tourism and business is concerned?
Mumbai has always been considered as the "Gateway to India" for a long
time now. It is and has been the most important economic and financial capital
of India. The value attached to this city can be comprehended by the fact that
France created a Consulate General in Mumbai since 1865. If you'd like to
compare data, Mumbai is at the same level as Delhi in terms of visas issued.
With the economic growth of the city, it is clear that more and more
Mumbaikars are now travelling not only for business but also increasingly as
tourists to Europe. We have to take into consideration this clientele. This is
especially the focus of “Atout France,” in charge of promoting tourism between
both countries. I was surprised and quite proud to have met inhabitants of
Mumbai, in fact, of other cities too, who knew France very well, and not just a
few cities. From the business point of view, Mumbai presents an attractive
playground. The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry is based
here as well as a team of Business France. What is surprising among the people
I met is the number of those who went to France for business or to invest, and
who returned with families for tourism purposes.
Beside Mumbai, how many nearby cities are you facilitating Visa
All applicants residing in India can now apply at any France Visa Application
Centre in India. (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Puducherry, Bengaluru,
Chandigarh, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad and
For how long have you been Consul? How did you become it and
Actually, I have been Consul for all of three months! This has been my first
posting in this capacity. I come from the “Cour des Comptes” (Court of Audit),
where I assumed almost all the roles, the latest being that of an Advocate
General but not in the sense that is perceived in India. There are regular links in
France between the Court and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some
ambassadors join the Court at the end of their career, and the magistrates of the Court spend a few
years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs among others.
Considering your experience, what are the typical areas of improvement in the
relationship between France and India?
Relations between our two countries are exceptional, as shown by the visit of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi to France in April. There are a number of domains, old and new, which offer an
opportunity to build a trustworthy relation. We must jointly ensure to maintain and develop them.
Personally, I really believe that co-operation needs to strengthen further in two particular areas,
although it is difficult to limit the list. The first is higher education. France and India have unique
institutions and I visited several in my constituency including of Pune and Goa. It would be opportune
for these exceptional institutions to find ways to cooperate, especially at the level of Ph. D for whom
the language barrier is almost negligible. But this cooperation must go beyond, and associate
companies that may have an interest in financing the work of doctoral or post-doctoral students. Much
has been done in this direction: without mentioning everything, we have eased the visa-obtaining
process, given the opportunity to Indian students to stay and work in France two years after
graduation. It would be too long, as I said, to list all political, economical, cultural, military fields where
relations could be improved for the benefit of all. We do not always think about
it, but today there is a growing opportunity the world over, in which French
companies of all sizes excel: it is the agribusiness, where I see a large potential.
How many French nationals visit India and how many Indians go
to France every month? How does your Consulate assist them?
Every month, about 10000 French nationals come to the India and 30 000
Indians go to France. Aside from services to the French community, particularly
in the administration and the protection of people, the consulate is in charge of
issuing visas to Indians, whose applications are collected and forwarded to us
by the VFS. Currently, we issue between 300 and 400 visas a day and we do it in
24 hours. It is a goal outlined by our Minister.
How has the bilateral educational cooperation between India and
France fared?
In terms of student mobility, we aim to increase the number of Indian
students in France because we still receive very few Indian students while
France is the third country to host the most international students. It is the role
of our “Campus France” operator, with its ten offices spread throughout India,
to promote the many opportunities to study in France. We also want to bring
more French students in India, in order to balance our exchanges and build
long-term partnerships. Students are ambassadors of our countries, they build
sustainable links. Regarding our scientific and technological cooperation, it is
based on a platform well known to researchers of our both countries, the IndoFrench Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA), which is now 27
years old and financed equally by the two governments. It provides support for
research projects, seminars, but also finances scholarships for PhD students in
all scientific fields. We also have the French-Indian water network (IFWN) that
brings together academic specialists but also associations and companies in all
areas of water: treatment, drinking water, irrigation, oceanography. Finally, we
wish to work closely with French companies in India, the 10th meeting of our
R&D Club was held at the IISER in Pune on June 22.
Looking at two countries, the size of trade is still very small? What
is being done to improve bilateral trade?
At first sight, indeed, one could consider that the Indo-French trade is still
low; India appears to be the 23rd exporter to France and is its 31st customer.
But this data should be taken with caution. In the case of Indian exports, if we
do not take in consideration intra-Community trade, India became the 10th
largest supplier to France in 2014, an increase of 17% ($ 5 billion). As for
France, the relative weakness of our trade balance can be corrected with the
'Make in India' campaign, to which we are very committed.
There is a good demand and decent number of people who relish French
food. Any plans for conducting French food festivals in Mumbai's luxury hotels?
If yes, please elaborate.
In fact, the operation called “Goût de France” or “Good France” is an annual event. Restaurants or
hotels who wish to participate can join it by proposing French menus. The edition of this year, which
took place in March in Mumbai as everywhere in India, was a great success. I hope that the next
edition will be a success too, and we will support and encourage all the participants warmly.
How is French FDI into India growing and how does it compare with Indian FDIs into France? (for
ref: there are 110 Indian-owned companies, including 27 greenfield investments in France, employing
over 5,600 persons).
We have just finished identifying the French companies operating in India a few months ago. In
short, 400 French companies having 1,050 offices are located in India. They employ 3 lakh people for
an annual turnover of $ 20 billion and represent an equal amount invested.
Beside Mumbai, how many Consulate offices are operational in India? Any plans for
opening new consulate office in the near future?
There are three Consulates General of France in India, besides Mumbai: one in Calcutta, one in
Bangalore and one in Pondicherry. There is also a consular section in Delhi within the Embassy.
“I share my sensibilities with Chopras!” – Mohan Deep
Celebrated author
Mohan Deep, more
famous for his trilogy
of star biographies, is
on cloud nine!
His novel, The Five
Foolish Virgins has
almost sold out! It will
be available as a Kindle
edition and will also go into a second
“I am more thrilled as it is a novel, a
book of fiction. The prefix of 'bestselling
book' is nothing new for me. Madhubala,
Simply Scandalous: Meena Kumari and
Eurekha (An unauthorized biography of
Rekha) were the best sellers,” says the
author in a chat with 'Mumbai Messenger'
and adds, " But I am humbled at the
response. I will always cherish the reactions
of the people who have read The Five
Foolish Virgins.”
Raza Murad, the veteran character
actor, known for his stylish comments
“My way of describing The Five Foolish
Virgins would be:
Fantastic, Interesting, Vivacious,
Entertaining, Fabulous, Outstanding,
Overwhelming, Lovable, Inspiring, Sweet,
Humorous, Vulnerable, Impish, Ravishing,
Gorgeous, Inimitable, Noteworthy,
Raza Murad goes on, “Would like to
salute my chronic and dear friend, Mohan
Deep, for being brutally bold, forthright,
hard- hitting and terribly entertaining.
Would even like to possess the second
edition of this unforgettable and amazing
Stand-Up comedian, veteran actor and
director Shekhar Suman finds The Five
Foolish Virgins an engrossing and a riveting
saga. In his inimitable style Suman says, “It
is funny, poignant and deliciously dark!
Mohan Deep is known for his sensational,
irreverent and acerbic writing and he makes
full use of his talent in this book. Go for it!”
He adds humorously, “A must read
especially if you are the sixth virgin!”
Actor-Director Kiran Joneja-Sippy
comments, “Loved it, coming from a man,
the insight into women's minds is amazing.
Interesting, pacy and extremely well
The author has also got a lot of praise
from his contemporaries.
Screenplay Writer Nina Arora says,
“Mohan Deep's USP, even in his bios, is his
heightened sense of visualisation and
relentlessly incisive characterizations. Here
too, one feels one is watching a movie as the
story unfolds. One gets sucked into the
vortex of dramatic lives, even as one enjoys
the ticklish pin-points of "real" Bollywood
Smita Deshmukh, a Media
Professional says, "…is glamorous, dark,
bitchy and sometimes dangerous. The web
of characters is smartly interwoven and
Mohan Deep keeps you on toes, throughout.
The writing is eclectic and the book catches
your imagination because it is from a perfect
Seeing that almost everyone who has
read the book calls it right for a film, we
asked, “Will there be a film on your book?”
“I don't know. I have not been actively
soliciting producers.”
“Who would you like to make a film
based on The Five Foolish Virgins?”
“I wish Yash Chopra had been alive
today. It would have been easier to share the
sensibilities with him. Aditya Chopra has
the same sensibilities. May be Karan Johar.
Mine is essentially an intense romantic
novel with larger than life, success oriented
ambitious characters. It is a story that starts
in Karachi of late forties and climaxes in the
second decade of twenty first century. The
milieu is Sindhi and Punjabi. There are
many among the younger lot in Bollywood
who would find an emotional hook up with
the characters.”
“What about films or TV serials based
on your star biographies? We see your
books flashed frequently in TV programmes
on Rekha, Meena Kumari and Madhubala.”
“In fact, I have declined interviews to
scores of channels as I had moved into Feng
Shui. But now that I am doing both, I am
ready. My biographies can be useful for
BBC kind of biopics. The kind of work I did
would be a waste for the type of stuff being
churned out on the channels.
“Why didn't you write another
“One trilogy was enough. I was a
journalist for 15 years and totally bored with
the scene. I wanted some exciting project. I
knew virtually nothing about Madhubala
when I started investigating her life. It was a
creative challenge. I met all her
contemporaries, read everything published
about her and came across explosive
material on her.”
“Does anyone know that former
President of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
who used to practice law in Bombay was
smitten with Madhubala? I laid it bare. Her
heart ailment and moments like when she
would rush out of the sets to vomit blood
added to the narration. TV channels focus
only on her beauty and films but my
biography was the complete story of
“There were controversies about
“There is no controversy as far as I am
concerned. I wrote a book on Rekha's
“But it was not an unauthorized
“That is why it had more credibility. An
authorized biography is always full of lies
and half truths. Public figures and film stars
do not want the people to know ugly truths
about them. As far as I am concerned, the
book was never challenged by Rekha. I had
got the legality checked with two Supreme
Court lawyers. But please, I am not
interested in talking about Rekha. I am fully
focused on my novels and they are all
fiction. Pure fiction.”
“And they are successful!”
“Yes, 'The Five Foolish Virgin' has out
sold all my biographies,” says Mohan Deep
with pride.
“How do you analyze the success of
your novel?”
“Shano, Sita, Sheila, Nancy and Nafisa
have found an immediate connect with the
women readers. Their feelings, desires,
emotions, and dreams have touched them
somewhere. Yuvraj, Sam, Krish Aman, and
Irani too are a part of the milieu we easily
recognize. The story kept me absorbed
when I wrote it and has become exciting and
engrossing for the readers. They are
loveable characters. I have got people
telling me that they have read the novel
without break in one day and there are the
others who have read the novel two and
three times!”
But the story doesn't end here.
Mohan is writing another novel now.
It may be another six months!

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