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File - American Anti
Volume 2, Issue 9
September 2014
The Wright Stuff
A Word from Bob Wright
Whenever I see a professional’s name listed (associated with the
medical industry), whether it is on a door, in a program as a speaker,
as a participant in a clinical study or research project, etc., I often
wonder what those many letters and abbreviations behind his or her
name actually represent.
In This Issue
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Reliv Testimonials: From Autism to Prostate Cancer
The Truth about Calcium
Back to School
How The ACS Spins the Data
Blue Scorpion Project: Escozine™
SOUL Testimony: From the Horse’s Mouth
AACI Sponsor Highlight: Life Insurance Buyers, Inc.
AACI Newsletter
Of course, most of us know by now that “M.D.” is medical doctor, “N.D.”
is naturopathic doctor, “D.C.” is a chiropractor, and “D.D.S.” is a dentist.
People put a lot of stock in these initials and, to be fair, many of these
doctors, dentists, and other medical workers have journeyed far and
worked very hard to be able to use these acronyms. And, subsequently,
they are awarded with the prestige that these titles represent.
Sometimes, however, these are taken a bit far and the reverence poured
out upon this presumed deity is over the top. Again, I am not bashing
good doctors and those in the medical and health and wellness fields that
are trying their best to help those of us who really need it. May God Bless
them. No, as far as I am concerned – use whatever initials you like that
represent who you really are or, I guess, what medical science says you
are. Go for it.
But what really puzzles me is when someone has spent a great deal of
their life researching and studying (although, maybe not at an accredited
institution) and has – beyond any doubt – become a true expert in their
area of knowledge and understanding – and the purveyance of this
expertise. Bill Henderson, Ty Bollinger, Webster Kehr, Mary Tocco, et
al., huge names in the anti-cancer and anti-vaccination movement – have
no initials behind their names, yet have probably done way more good
over the past ten to twenty years than a whole boat-load of doctors and
researchers. Sadly, they get no kudos, few thank yous and, often, are
ostracized, persecuted, and prosecuted for their gall of telling people the
truth and practicing what they preach. The nerve of these people – and
may God Bless them, as well.
I get that a lot. Who are you Mr. Wright? You aren’t a doctor. There are
no letters behind your name. What right do you have to tell or advise
people what they should do for their cancers? What do you know that
doctors don’t – especially since they spent hundreds of thousands of
AACI Newsletter
dollars and more than a decade to become the professionals that they are?
Good questions – all. Most of you who have followed me, the
AACI/IWARC, or any of these previously mentioned individuals, know
the answers to those questions. The fact is that we are not confined to
allopathic medicine and its “conventional” wisdom (wisdom???) to which
only their diagnostic, surgical, and pharmaceutical knowledge and
understanding are relevant or allowed.
You see, we really do know when these things are necessary and
warranted. And, it’s not 100% of the time. Truth be known – it’s
probably more like 10% of the time. This is not acknowledged within
Western medicine because a lot of power and money disappear when
people move to natural intervention (the healing mechanisms that God
So, I have gone about the huge task (not really!) of rectifying this huge
injustice. No longer will those of us who are truly steeped in the language
of the natural healing arts be hounded for having no initials, no acronyms,
no string of letters behind our names. No way, Jose. I’m taking a stand,
and I hope that all the others who are questioned and belittled for lack of
degrees – and not lauded for their wisdom and understanding of what
really works for sickness, disease, and wellness – will join me in this
endeavor. At a minimum, it will cause a significant amount of “pause”
to those who will want to be critical – but can’t be because they have no
clue about what those letters mean!
So, here is how I am going forward. Others, obviously, are free to choose
their own. Although I hold a BS (no, it means Bachelor of Science)
degree – I’m leaving that out. No one pays attention to that anyway. This
is what it will look like from here on out:
Robert G. Wright, NDCS, GOH, POT
AACI Newsletter
Wow, that will get everyone thinking! What on earth do those mean? Is
NDCS a naturopathic doctor of cancer studies? No. Is a GOH a good ‘ol
human? No. And, what about that POT? Pretty obvious teacher? No.
NDCS = Non-Doctor of Common Sense
GOH = Giver of Hope
POT = Purveyor of Truth
Well, I like them. You may not. And, no one will really know unless
they ask. That’ll keep ‘em guessing.
No, this is not an attempt to pass myself off as some kind of doctor. Most
people I meet are delighted that I am not a doctor and understand that my
methodologies are not limited and I can tell them what I believe to be the
truth – no matter what.
Is this designed to have a little fun? You bet it is. And, this writing is
now documented evidence that there is no harm intended and – if these
“initials” prove to interfere with or duplicate some revered title that
already exists, people will know that it was a purely unintended
consequence. Just maybe, someone will come to hear the truth that they
might not have heard because I lacked the credentials and they didn’t
think it worth their while. Maybe a doctor or other health care worker
will think that what I might have to say may be significant – since I now
have all these letters behind my name. Perhaps they will get a heavy dose
of “the other side” and start thinking about patient options.
Whatever the case, my only goal here is to further the message. If I am
forced to “take these down” at some future date – so be it. My hope is
that many will catch the wave of fun and ridiculousness that this
represents and maybe, just maybe, someone, somewhere will be helped
because of this. We shall see and time will tell.
AACI Newsletter
Until then, I introduce you to my new self:
Robert G. Wright, NDCS, GOH, POT
Nice to meet you.
Bob Wright, NDCS, GOH, POT
Director and Founder
American Anti-Cancer Institute
International Wellness & Research Center
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AACI Newsletter
Neurodegenerative Diseases
It is apparent that more and more of our friends and family are being
diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases. Yes, Parkinson’s, ALS
(amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – Lou Gehrig’s disease), Alzheimer’s,
Huntington’s, and many others fall into this “catch-all” category for
conditions that affect the neurons in the human brain.
The slow deterioration of motor skills and cognitive function is both
difficult and heartbreaking to watch. It seems as though a once vibrant,
intelligent, and active human being is disappearing before our very eyes.
Sadly, modern medicine has no solution nor do they know the causative
factors that produce this neurological destruction. We have said many
times that it is very difficult to produce a solution if you do not know what
caused the problem. The foregoing is the bad news. Now, here’s the
good news.
It should be beyond question at this point in time that heavy metal
poisoning (especially aluminum) and the constant attack on our bodies by
chemicals (ingestion and inhalation – even transdermal) play a key role
in most sickness. From aspartame (NutraSweet) – which is an excitoneurotoxin – to flu shots, other vaccinations and drugs, and the heavy
metal and pesticide/herbicide poisoning of our food chain, it’s simply no
wonder that these neurodegenerative sicknesses are exploding.
However, in the knowledge and understanding of the causes, the Phoenix
rises. The brain needs cholesterol to survive. Yet, to doctors, this
necessary ingredient has become the enemy. We are told and instructed
by our physicians and our televisions (the pharmaceutical cartels) that our
HDL and LDL numbers must be lower and lower so that our risk of heart
disease can be minimized. What a crock that is. If you are my age and
AACI Newsletter
your overall cholesterol is not at least 200 – you’re probably in trouble.
The brain is 70-80% water. And, yet, most of us are dehydrated because
we don’t drink enough of the right kinds of fluids, especially water (think
ionized water). Finally, because the aging brain fails to produce enough
insulin and the glucose (food for the brain) conversion deteriorates and
does not supply the needed energy for proper function, the brain begins
to die.
So, what’s the solution? Well, let’s reverse the flow. If the brain needs
cholesterol, let’s give it cholesterol and make sure it’s getting enough (I
just ticked-off a city-sized population of doctors with that one). If the
brain needs more water, let’s provide this elixir in its most efficacious
form. And, if the energy system that is feeding the brain becomes
ineffective or inactive, let’s fire it up again. And, yes, we can now do all
of these.
First, the cholesterol thing is a no-brainer (sorry). Folks, get off the statin
drugs. They are poison and will kill you (now I’ve ticked-off Big
Pharma). Get on the right diet, largely organic and much of it raw, and
this cholesterol thing goes away. Drink ionized water, specifically,
Kangen Water – the best there is (now I’ve ticked off the soft drink
industry – ah, the trifecta is complete). Your body will be hydrated (this
water hydrates four times better and faster than any other type of water),
it will be flooded with anti-oxidants, and will reduce the acid terrain
within you (the cause of all disease) and start making it alkaline. It’s a
win-win-win. In addition, by adding 4 or more tablespoons of extra virgin
coconut oil, you will have supplied the medium chain triglycerides that
your liver will turn into ketones that becomes the new fuel for the brain
and begins to normalize it. Let’s complete this regimen by supplementing
with one of the greatest anti-disease foods of all, turmeric, which has
shown to be brain healing and an aggressive foe of cancer. Finally, Co
Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3 (in the form of Blue Ice
AACI Newsletter
Fermented Cod Liver Oil) are very beneficial and indicated for brain
function and nourishment. I prefer to get these (minus the cod liver oil)
in the Reliv products.
I know, I know. It can’t be that easy. Well, yes it is. And, we are
beginning to see this play out in case after case. Are there guarantees?
Heck no. Compared to conventional medicine’s symptom treatment
regimen of drugs, drugs, and more drugs, I would choose the plan just
mentioned that has now worked and is working for many victims of
neurodegenerative disease. Will they be cured? No one can say that.
Will they be better? No one can deny that.
There are lots of studies and trials going on right now – and a hard drive
full that have already been done – showing, without prejudice or partiality
that the “natural” way is, indeed, the best and most promising. We will
give you some links at the end of this article.
If it was me or my family, diagnosed or living with Alzheimer’s, ALS,
Parkinson’s, or any other of these life-stealing diseases, I would do this –
without question. The choice is yours. At a minimum, please investigate
this. Many, many more years of a “high quality of life” may be at stake.
See the links listed below for more information:
AACI Newsletter
Reliv Testimonials
Tami & Gray Martineau: A Child with Autism
At the two following links, you will hear about something that you just
don’t hear about in the conventional autism community. Please do not
infer from this astounding turn-around that we (or those involved) are
saying that the Reliv products cure autism. None of us are saying that.
However, it is very stunning to see that a five year old child that could
not speak suddenly began to verbalize within five days of the introduction
of these products. I must say that I am not surprised. You have heard me
say over and over again that good nutrition trumps sickness and disease.
Even though I have just used the words “stunning” and “astounding” – in
essence, I utilize these because Western Medicine rarely sees anything
like this – not because I am either stunned or astounded with this outcome.
They will probably pass it off as “spontaneous remission.”
All I will say at this point is – expect to see more of these results. Whether
you believe that vaccinations, heavy metals, and bad food are directly
responsible for the explosion of this malady (we definitely do and can
prove it), you must agree that this is a great story. Enjoy.
Gary Martineau in his own words:!gray-martineau/c6dr
Tami & Gray Martineau premiere “Reliv’s Really
AACI Newsletter
Michael G. Brahan, Personal Prostate Cancer Experience
Mr. Wright,
It was a pleasure meeting you at the recent Reliv International
Conference in Overland Park, Kansas, and thank you for
signing my copy of your most recent book edition. Per your
request, I am forwarding information about my experience with
prostate cancer and Reliv products. With the help of these
products since the beginning of 2012, I have been able to avoid
surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy since my initial diagnosis
in 2011.
Prostate Cancer Statistics and Outcomes
Michael Brahan, current age: 70
Before Starting Reliv:
 1/5/11:
Annual physical exam. PSA 7.6 Referred to urologist.
 4/13/11 Biopsy: 12 samples taken, two positive for cancer. Diagnosis:
Single focus of prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gleason score 3+3=6,
involving less than 5% of the cross-sectional area. Pathology report is
provided in a separate file. After considering all treatment options, and
with concurrence of my urologist, I began a program of active
surveillance, instead of the more radical treatments of surgery or
radiation. Doctor advised more aggressive treatment would be in order
if my PSA rose to 10 or higher, or irregularities are detected during
digital exam.
 7/26/11: Periodic check-up. PSA 4.2.
 11/8/11: Periodic check-up. PSA 7.4.
AACI Newsletter
After Starting Reliv (January 2012):
 2/2/12:
Periodic check-up. PSA 5.5
 5/2/12:
Periodic check-up. PSA 3.7
 6/27/12: Biopsy: 14 samples taken, all negative for cancer. Diagnosis:
Benign prostatic tissue. Pathology report is provided in a separate file.
 11/30/12: Periodic check-up. PSA 3.6
 6/10/13: Periodic check-up. PSA 6.1
 10/24/13: Periodic check-up. PSA 5.3
 3/4/2014: Periodic check-up. PSA 3.38
 7/10/2014: Periodic check-up. PSA: 5.27
No change noted on digital exams performed by the doctor at each checkup.
Based on PSA readings and no change in digital exams and general
physical condition, doctor has not recommended another biopsy.
Reliv Product Daily Regimen:
 ReversAge: 1 scoop, 3 times daily in separate individual shakes, at least
30 minutes before any other Reliv products.
 1 shake twice daily, each consisting of:
o Now: 1 scoop
o SoySentials: 1½ scoops
o ProVantage: 1 Reliv Classic size (14cc) scoop
 LunaRich X: 6 capsules daily (2 in morning, 4 at bedtime)
AACI Newsletter
The Truth about Calcium
I have been meaning to write about this subject for some time. I am
delighted that Dr. Bruce West beat me to the punch on this and, truth is,
he knows much more about this subject than I do.
To that end, I now forward excerpts from his August newsletter regarding
real calcium supplements and what they mean to your health. Take note
that almost all Americans are deficient in calcium – at least the kind that
actually is usable by the body. As a matter of fact, most of us get far less
of the minerals that we need to stay healthy. Our sickness and disease
attest to this vociferously. Now, Dr. West:
“The best, simplest, and fastest way to help all the children in this
country is to make sure they have plenty of the right kind of calcium in
their diet. And, the same can be said about adults. You see, your body
(and your kids’ and grandkids’ bodies) need plenty of usable calcium.
[For that reason] all adults, and surely anyone with an infant, baby, or
young child should always have a supply of Calcium Lactate on hand.
It is the best natural anti-colds and flu, anti-growing pains and rickets,
anti-muscle cramps, anti-fever, anti-hyperactivity, and immune
enhancing form of nutrition.
“Calcium supplements have been all over the news over the past year.
Some ‘experts’ are quoted as saying that taking calcium supplements is
bad and will cause calcium buildup in your arteries. Amazingly, if you
take the wrong kind of calcium, this can be true. You see, your body
needs usable calcium in the form of calcium bicarbonate. Almost all
calcium supplements are calcium carbonate or crushed rock. In order
for your body to make calcium bicarbonate from crushed rock, twelve
biochemical steps are needed.
AACI Newsletter
“So lots of the calcium from supplements does not get used by your
body. Some of the unusable calcium that does not get excreted in your
urine ends up similar to the white scale on the inside of a teapot. With
too much of this kind of calcium from supplements, you can see how
plaque buildup in your arteries or hardening of the arteries could
worsen. In addition, too much of the wrong calcium from supplements
can end up in kidney stones, or in cataracts, or in arthritic joints as in
bursitis and arthritis.
“Usable calcium is needed to build strong joints, bones, and teeth.
Without adequate usable calcium, you will suffer from osteoporosis and
your kids will suffer from ‘growing pains.’ These two conditions are
clear signals that you or your kids are suffering from a calcium
imbalance. By the way, no matter what you are told by your doctor,
growing pains are not natural. They are actually a subclinical (just
below the surface) form of rickets – not bad enough to bend bone and
cripple like the old days, but serious enough to cause severe pain. If
this is the case for anyone in your family, there is no way for them to
get by without Calcium Lactate for their bones and joints.
“Even the latest medical studies show that a combination of calcium
and vitamin D is very helpful to women. When women were tested for
seven years taking 1,000 mgs of calcium carbonate (the wrong kind of
calcium) and 400 IU’s of vitamin D3 (an isolated, synthetic, inferior
form), the benefits were significant. Women enjoyed a third less hip
fractures, less fractures of their vertebrae, and increased bone density
“In addition, there was a decrease in some breast cancers, a decrease
in all cancers, and a decrease in mortality overall. Based on this even
the Institute of Medicine is recommending that all women over age 50
supplement with calcium and vitamin D3. I could not agree more. But
you can supercharge this protocol by using the most absorbable
calcium – Calcium Lactate. And use the entire vitamin D spectrum as
AACI Newsletter
found in Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil instead of synthetic vitamin
“There have been all kinds of fad calcium supplements. But most are
crushed rock because these are so cheap to produce. It is also why
doctors recommend 1,500-1,800 mgs as a daily dose – because so little
of it really gets where you need it. Calcium Lactate is made from
vegetables and no dairy products. With Calcium Lactate, and
especially with ancillary Cataplex F and/or cod liver oil, the calcium
does get where you need it. Calcium Lactate is made into calcium
bicarbonate (the usable form) in one step in your body (not twelve steps
like calcium carbonate made from crushed rock). And that is why the
dose is so much lower at around 42 mgs per tablet. You need less of
the real thing because it is utilized so many times better and is not just
flushed out in your urine.”
Thank you, Dr. West. Please consider subscribing to Dr. West’s
newsletter, Health Alert – When All Other Treatments Fail. It is available
for only about $39 per year and arrives, in written form, monthly. I have
been getting this for years and it has opened my eyes to many things in
the health and wellness field and made me more knowledgeable
concerning what works and what doesn’t when seeking healing
modalities – and, staying healthy in the first place. Sign up at You’ll be glad you did.
For the products mentioned in the Dr. West’s article, call and order over
the phone at his Health Alert Store at 800-231-8063. Calcium Lactate
and Cataplex F are manufactured by Standard Process while Blue Ice
Fermented Cod Liver Oil comes from Green Pasture. These products are
second to none and some of the best in the world. The Blue Ice is
probably the last, best cod liver oil available as most companies are taking
out the vitamins A and D and supplementing with synthetics. Think about
AACI Newsletter
Back to School:
It Doesn’t Have to Mean Back to Colds and Flu
It’s that time again; back to school, and back to dealing with colds and
flu. While illness from germs and viruses may seem impossible to avoid,
there is a way to protect your immune system, and avoid the flu
WITHOUT a flu shot. Truth be told; it’s actually quite simple!
Since vitamin D is naturally derived from the sun, during the fall and
winter months it is important to supplement with a quality vitamin D each
day. By eating immune-boosting, organic spices; such as curry, which is
rich in turmeric; ginger, garlic, cilantro, and rosemary; you can greatly
help your immune system to do its job when the assaults ensue. Another
immune booster is to get rid of all sources of animal protein, which
suppress the immune system and exacerbate mucus production.
Supplement with zinc and selenium, especially if you have been exposed
to a cold or flu. Keep your hands clean, with warm soap and water...NOT
ANTIBACTERIAL soaps, wipes, or gels; these products often contain
dangerous chemicals that get right into the blood, directly through the
skin. Get some exercise each day, and get some sleep!
The goal is to equip you with the tools needed to help avoid a cold or the
flu by simply boosting the immune system! Colds and flu can easily take
down an entire family for DAYS, and sometimes WEEKS! We would
like to help you avoid missed days from work and school, by teaching
you a few, simple tricks!
So, protect yourself and your family! Get your daily vitamin D, either
from the sun which is best, or from a quality supplement. Eat immune
supporting spices such as curry, ginger, garlic, cilantro, and rosemary.
AACI Newsletter
QUIT MILK, and milk products altogether. No one likes MUCUS! Wash
your hands, get some exercise, even if it’s cleaning your house, or
walking the dog, and GET SOME SLEEP; 8 to 10 hours every 24 hour
period. Sleeping 16 hours on Saturday does NOT make up for lost sleep
during the week! Take care of your body, and your body will take care of
~ Jenevieve Fisher
Executive Director
Educate A Cure
Click here to watch Jenevieve’s
latest Wealth in Wellness video.
Get Educated! Get healthy, and stay healthy!
Folks, I can’t wait to tell you about this. As we are
constantly on the lookout for real “game-changers” in the
fight against cancer and all sickness and disease, we
recently came upon something that, we believe, will
change the face of health and wellness for decades to
come. Don’t miss this. Coming October 1st in The
Wright Stuff.
AACI Newsletter
How The ACS Spins the Data
Cancer Statistics (I mean REAL cancer statistics):
The American Cancer Society (ACS) wants you to believe that they are
the new “sponsor” of birthdays. They have literally said so with their new
television advertising campaign. They also try to convince you that,
perhaps, 60-70% of cancer patients are now being healed because of the
huge advances in modern medicine.
Once again, I quote one of my personal heroes, Colonel Sherman T. Potter
of the television series, M.A.S.H., when I shout unequivocally, Horse
In the December 2004 issue of The Journal of Oncology, it was reported
by a team of epidemiologists that the 5-year survival rate of cancer
sufferers who undergo chemotherapy was a miserable 2.1% in the United
States. And, these are people who did their homework.
My friend Chris Wark, in his latest blog update, tells more of the real
story about how the ACS spins the data to make the cancer industry and
its fabricated results look good. Please read his blog here and get a dose
of reality regarding cancer stats and how easily the truth gets sidetracked.
While you’re at it, subscribe to Chris’s newsletter blog – it’s free and full
of testimonials and data you won’t find elsewhere. You can find it at
AACI Newsletter
Blue Scorpion Project: Escozine™
“Real HOPE for Your Health Challenges,
HOPE for Your Difficult Decision Processes”
For a person to appropriately and effectively enhance one’s level of
wellness it requires a plan to spend time researching and self-educating
oneself in the specific area(s) of the present individual health deficiencies.
In many cases that involve heart rendering choices, individuals are herded
to make decisions that apply pressure for immediate response and
participation, but so many of these “quick to decide” type of decisions are
brought about via the persons amplified condition causing unwarranted
fear, high levels of anxiety and a myriad of other mental, physical and
spiritual stressors that further tax and burden ones already depleted
immune system.
Native American Nutri-Science and its mission statement is committed
in introducing a product(s) that will only be offered as a proven, well
documented and safe for use and our first such natural product is called,
Escozine™. Escozine™ is one of very few neutraceuticals awarded a
patent of use. This patented innovation is presently helping bridge the
benefits of nature to those seeking alternative health protocols for one’s
health considerations. Escozine™, is a new, revolutionary Natural based
nutrient delivered by a patented “polarization” technology, which
AACI Newsletter
increases the efficacy and synergy of its active substance. The isolated
and polarized substance is the vital compound which is extracted from the
Rhopalurus Princeps, or better known as the Caribbean Blue Scorpion.
One key point a person should consider in his or her research and selfeducation is the importance of product qualification as it relates to their
own immune system challenges to the present or historical health
concerns and abnormal aggressions. Escozine™ is one of the very few
Natural products that have amassed a virtual library of accumulated data
of use and related positive results. To be able to better fight against
chronic, acute and life threatening disease the body needs to have a strong
immune system.
Escozine’s™ Mechanism of Action: Is a new dietary oral supplement that
is a powerful, innovative, and revolutionary product effectively acting
against the most pernicious effects of aging and abnormal cellular
expressions due to its patented manufacturing technology.
 Escozine™ has shown to help reduce chronic and acute pain and
 Escozine™ gives NO interference to what you may already be
doing to support your health.
 Escozine™ helps eliminate abnormal cell growth, oncological
expressions and division by inducing apoptosis (cell death) in a
variety of cancer cell lines compared to many chemotherapy drugs.
Escozine™: Scientific Innovation
 Escozine™ has proven effective because it demonstrates a stronger
resistant synergy to abnormal cells and malignancies.
 Escozine™ supports the body’s anti-aging mechanisms that move
against unnatural cell expression.
AACI Newsletter
Native American Nutri-Science stands firm in our support of the holistic
and alternative, Natural approach to those seeking relief and positive
response to new alternative introductions to help people with
compromised immune systems fighting major health battles.
Escozine’s™ Mechanism of Action of a polarized, potentiated bio-active
peptide formula which contains amino-acids, proteins and minerals that
are prepared by the use of the most modern manufacturing technologies
to help increase the body’s natural ability to strengthen its own damaged
or compromised immune system, but also acts as a sound preventative
Escozine™ being a novel, potentiated peptide supports the body’s
mechanisms that move against unnatural cell expression, it affects the
mediated transfer of neurological information in such a way as to slow
abnormal cell growth, and it triggers the body’s natural ability to attack
cellular abnormalities through the process of cellular suicide, called
The ravages of ill health and disease are magnified in ways that need to
be better examined in order that people can better understand how to
select product from product. In the format of today’s western medicine
marketing, people find themselves inundated with too much content of
scientific data that usually is only a precursor to dangerous side effects of
product use. It is the purpose of Native American Nutri-Science to
introduce a product that has been used for years, countless thousands of
people suffering from various illnesses and diseases have seen and
experienced their health significantly improve through the use and
application of Blue Scorpion Serum-Escozine™.
AACI Newsletter
The human body is a strong and resilient vessel that can and will
regenerate given the right format for recovery and the healthy protocols
and implementation to allow specific utilization.
I believe there is much too much strategic confusion about what medicine
is and what it is not. The consumer needs to be more AWARE of labels,
abstracts, white papers, and other professional references to better make
a qualified interpretation and product selection of choice and what to
expect as to how the product will perform and ultimately be utilized in
the body. This is where Escozine™ is unique! Escozine™ has a long
history of professional and anecdotal testing and has a long list of
professional affiliates that can attest to its performance, efficacy and
safety of use. It is a “Natural” product synergized to help strengthen ones
damaged immune system as it relates to abnormal cellular activity and
proliferation that I believe offers a real exception to many other
“alternative or complimentary” products that haven’t produced such a
volume of supportive materials of use.
~ Damon F. Schlenske,
Native American Nutri-Science, Inc.
I would like to direct the reader to our Native American Nutri-Science,
Inc. informational website at to
read about Escozine™ and also to visit the Native American Health and
Wellness Association (NAHWA) website at, a Private
Membership Association. You may reach us at 1 (800) 757-7309. Email
- [email protected]
Send us an email if you would like to be invited to our upcoming
AACI Newsletter
SOUL Testimony: From the Horse’s Mouth
Most folks don't care about their own health but they'll do anything to
comfort their four-legged friends. Horses are remarkable animals. SOUL
saved my 13-year-old Labrador retriever from death and other canines
have also benefited (Dr. Weeks’ comment: topical use is safer with dogs
than oral use since the D- xylitol in SOUL raises a dog’s insulin which
lowers their blood sugar. This can be life-threatening). Now we have
another great and remarkable testimony regarding a 31-year-old mare.
Posted 7-29-14:
Well just when I thought I'd heard every type of SOUL testimony... This
morning I was out feeding the horses when I realized my 31 year old mare
wasn't coming to breakfast. When I walked out to get her I realized she'd
somehow hurt her left front leg & was in pain. She's been my girl since she
was just 5 years old, so I know what she's feeling & thinking. I applied a
liniment and led her to the barn to eat... She was limping horribly. She
grabbed a few bites of hay, but wasn't interested in her usual grain breakfast.
I waited an hour to see if she would get some relief with the liniment for joints
& muscles, but there was zero change. I then tried an aspirin liniment spray...
No change. Then my dad suggested to try SOUL. Why I hadn't thought of it, I
don't know, but I ripped open a packet and slathered the entire contents on
her leg (and some on her other front leg for good measure!); literally within
5-10 minutes she was walking around the yard grazing on grass, with barely
a limp!!! I continued to monitor her and let her walk and graze for at least an
hour... by that time she was no longer limping, so I led her back to her stall
where she proceeded to chow down her breakfast. I am so grateful that SOUL
helped my beloved mare today!
Brigham Iraheta
Director of North American Sales
AACI Newsletter
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What’s important?
Choosing a company you trust. At LIBI, our strength, people, service and leadership
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