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Publication of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce Toronto and Montreal
Publication de la Chambre de Commerce Suisse-Canadienne de Toronto et Montréal
August/September Août/Septembre 2010
Gold – The Ultimate Currency
L’or – la monnaie ultime
Annual Member
Company Directory
Répertoire annuel
des compagnies membres
For over 25 years, Swissmar has offered a selection of leading brands from around the world to
meet all of your entertaining needs. Our Swissmar brand continues to develop, and has expanded
from raclettes and fondues, to wine accessories, bamboo products and cheese knives. Our latest
endeavor, Swiss Classic Peelers, use proprietary technology from Switzerland to make them the
sharpest and most durable peelers you will ever use! At Swissmar, quality, value and ingenuity are
our key commitments for creating entertaining necessities. Our Swissmar brand products are
available in many countries. Visit us at
Heritage - Craftmanship - Innovation - Performance - all key elements and commitments from
Wenger®, known as the Maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife™. The Swiss Military® Watch
collection continues the tradition of quality, heritage and Swiss craftsmanship that began more than
a century ago with the Swiss Army knife™. Today, the same passion for providing lasting value and
timeless design exists in both the Wenger® Swiss Army Knife and the Swiss Military® watch.
Visit us at
Publication of the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce Toronto and Montreal
Publication de la Chambre de Commerce Suisse-Canadienne de Toronto et Montréal
Gold – The Ultimate Currency / L’or – la monnaie ultime
Marché® – The Swiss Original is Back
Bruno’s Tip – Winning at any price?
Karin’s Performance Solutions – Reminders for Excelling
A Look at the Private Equity Market
PPPs – une nécessité simple / An unavoidable necessity
Travel News
Quote of the Month
Business News
Trade Fairs
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President’s Message SCCC/Upcoming Events
Message du Président CCCS / Evénéments
Scholarship Fund
Member Profile / Profil d’un membre
Nouveaux Membres – CCCS
Un 40ème anniversaire souligné en grand
Une journée sur le vert de Whitlock
Football World Cup 2010
SCCC Group Health Plan
New Members – SCCC
Quote of the Month
2010 SCCC Golf Tournament
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Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ontario) Inc.
756 Royal York Road • Toronto, Ontario M8Y 2T6
Tel: (416) 236-0039 • Fax: (416) 236-3634 • E-mail: [email protected] •
BOARD OF DIRECTORS • 2009 – 2010
President / Director:
Hans Munger
Auto Motion Shade Inc.
400 Bentley Street; Unit 7-11; Markham ON L3R 8H6
Tel: 905-470-6198 x 33
Email: [email protected]
Vice-President / Director:
Phillip Gysling
Mesh Innovations Inc.
174 Hallam Street, Toronto ON M6H 1X5
Tel: 416-871-8159
Email: [email protected]
Second Vice-President / Treasurer/ Director:
Urs Villiger
1678 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON M6P 1A9
Tel: 416-562-7701
Email: [email protected]
Secretary & Legal Counsel:
Bernard Lette
Lette Whittaker LLP
20 Queen Street West, #3300, P.O. Box 33, Toronto ON M5H 3R3
Tel: 416-971-4898
Email: [email protected]
Past President / Director:
Ernst Notz
2 Hunter Avenue, Toronto ON M6E 2C8
Tel: 416-784-2872
Email: [email protected]
Rudi Blatter
Lindt & Spruengli (Canada) Inc.
181 University Avenue, Suite 900, Toronto ON M5H 3M7
Tel: (416) 351-8566
Email: [email protected]
Julien Favre
154 University Avenue, Toronto ON M5H 3Z4
Tel: (416) 345-7033
Email: [email protected]
Jean-Jacques Henchoz
Swiss Reinsurance Company
150 King Street West, # 2200, POB 50, Toronto ON M5H 1J9
Tel: 416-408 0272
Email: [email protected]
Roger Hunziker
The Bata Shoe Museum
327 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON M5S 1W7
Tel: 416-979-7799 x 242
Email: [email protected]
Sandra Leuba (leave of absence)
136 Curzon Street, Toronto ON M4M 3B5
Tel: 416-616-4251
Email: [email protected]
Ronnie Miller
Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
2455 Meadowpine Boulevard, Mississauga ON L5N 6L7
Tel: 905-542-5522
Email: [email protected]
Daniel Oehy
35 East Beaver Creek Rd, Unit 6, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B3
Tel: 905-764-1121
Email: [email protected]
Fabian Richenberger
Lombard Canada
105 Adelaide Street West; Toronto ON M5H 1P9
Tel: (416) 350-4399
Email: [email protected]
Urs Uhlmann
400 University Avenue, 25th Floor, Toronto ON M5G 1S7
Tel: (416) 586-2959
Email: [email protected]
Andrea Von Moeller
B2-125 The Queensway; Toronto ON M8Y 1H3
Tel: (416) 907-8012
Email: [email protected]
Honorary Director:
Bernadette Hunkeler
Consulate General of Switzerland
154 University Avenue, Suite 601, Toronto ON M5H 3Y9
Tel: 416-593-5371
Liaison Officer Consulate General of Switzerland:
Philippe Crevoisier
Consulate General of Switzerland
154 University Avenue, Suite 601, Toronto ON M5H 3Y9
Tel: 416-593-5371
Email: [email protected]
Executive Assistant:
Patricia Keller Schläpfer – SCCC
756 Royal York Road, Toronto ON M8Y 2T6
Tel: (416) 236-0039 Fax: (416) 551-1011
E-mail: [email protected] Website:
Electronic Typesetting and Assembly:
Nancy Raitt @ corptype
Printed by: J. B. Deschamps
Dear Members,
As feature for this issue we have chosen the currency situation,
where the key article by UBS Research looks into the again growing
importance of gold. Gold – the new currency? This seems far fetched
at first, but then again, during economic turmoil in years past gold
always gained in importance when the trade with paper money miserably failed. Looking at the European monetary crisis, fanned on by
mismanaged economies such as Greece, gold as a safe haven does
no longer seem so absurd.
Factories in China may soon need to start changing their machinery from producing leather
wallets to portable treasure chests!
On the SCCC events front, it has been pretty quiet during the summer period. Unfortunately
we had to cancel our annual partner event at the Black Creek Pioneer Village due to insufficient registration. Was it the beautiful weather with many people busy with other events
or on vacation, or the world cup of soccer in South Africa in full swing at the same time that
kept our members and guests away from this event? Our events committee has taken this
cancellation as a new impulse and spark to work on a comprehensive, new plan for innovative, interesting and educational events for the next several months. We would love to hear
from you, our members, with comments or suggestions on what you would like to see on
the SCCC events agenda. I encourage you to make your voices heard and give us feedback on
either past events or events that you feel many of our members would enjoy attending.
As your representatives on the board, it is our goal to continue developing the SCCC into one
of the more active, business-oriented chambers in Ontario. To achieve this target, the board
has appointed a Marketing Committee whose job it is to work out a long term strategy to
safeguard the continued development and well-being of the SCCC. Clearly, this is a long
term plan and the committee’s work will not be felt overnight, but you will likely hear soon
already about some of the new initiatives that come from this work. As always, any constructive suggestions from your end are definitely welcome!
We are currently in full preparation of our upcoming golf tournament on 13th September at
Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club. We will again have the pleasure this year of our Swiss
Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Werner Baumann joining us for both golf and dinner. We would
recommend signing up as soon as possible for this fun event, by simply visiting our website
at and then click on “Golf Registration” under “Events”.
Until then, I wish you a happy, sunny and warm second half of summer.
Hans Munger, President
August 17:
Pub Night with British Chamber at the Duke of Westminster
September 13:
Golf Tournament at Meadowbrook G&CC, Gormley
November 20:
Gala Dinner Dance at Le Meridien King Edward Hotel
Further Information can be found on
or (416) 236-0039
La Chambre de Commerce Canado-Suisse de Montréal Inc.
Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Montreal) Inc.
1572 Avenue Docteur Penfield, Montréal, Qué. H3G 1C4 • Tél: (514) 937-5822 • Fax: (514) 954-5619 • E-mail: [email protected] • Web site:
2008 – 2009
Présidente / President
Me Monica Schirdewahn
Avocate / Lawyer
Lette & Associés
Tel: (514) 871-3838, # 213
Fax: (514) 876-4217
E-mail: [email protected]
Secrétaire / Secretary
Mr. Raphaël Delacombaz
UBS Bank (Canada)
Tel: (514) 985-8104
Fax: (514) 985-8128
E-mail: [email protected]
Vice-présidents / Vice-Presidents
Mr. Jean Serge Grisé
Conseiller en affaires publiques
Tel.: (450) 674-2251
E-mail: [email protected]
Mr. Olivier Schlegel
General Manager for Canada
Swiss International Air Lines
Tel: (514) 954-5600, # 6610
Fax: (514) 954-5619
E-mail: [email protected]
Trésorier / Treasurer
Mr. Othmar Widmer
Consultation Widmer
Tel.:(514) 290-4822
E-mail: [email protected]
Directeurs / Directors
Mr. Ch. Dubois
Conseiller de la Ville
Ville de Montréal (Arrondissement Pierrefonds-Roxboro)
Tel. : (514) 624-1488
Fax : (514) 624-1415
[email protected]
Me Jean-Marc Ferland
Ferland, Marois, Lanctot
Tel.: (514) 861-1110
Fax: (514) 861-1310
E-mail: [email protected]
Mr. Moritz Gruber
System Huntingdon Inc.
Tel.: (450) 264-6122
Fax: (450) 264-6066
E-mail : [email protected]
Mr. Olivier Rodriguez
Responsable service bourse
Mirabaud Gestion Inc.
Tel.: (514) 393-1690
Fax: (514) 875-8942
E-mail: [email protected]
Mr. Bruno Setz
Tel.: (514) 767-5123
E-mail : [email protected]
Mr. Paul Wieser
PDG pour le Canada
Busch Vacuum Technics Inc.
Tel: (450) 435-6899
Fax: (450) 430-5132
E-mail: [email protected]
Directeur honoraire / Honorary Director
Mr. Claude Duvoisin – Consul général
Tel: (514) 932-7181
Fax: (514) 932-9028
E-mail: [email protected]
Liaison au Consulat général de Suisse
Mr. Markus Osterburg – Consul
Tel: (514) 932-7181
Fax: (514) 932-9028
E-mail: [email protected],
Conseiller juridique / Legal Counsel
Lette & Associés
Tel: (514) 871-3838, # 213
Fax: (514) 876-4217
E-mail: [email protected]
Responsable de l’administration / Administration Officer
Mr. Andreas Kräuchi
Tel: (514) 937-5822
Fax: (514) 954 5619
E-mail: [email protected]
Chers Membres,
J’espère que vous passez un très bon été et que vous profitez de cette période
de congé avec vos familles et vos amis.
Dans ce numéro, vous recevrez « le répertoire annuel des compagnies membres », une brillante initiative de promotion de notre Chambre de commerce
sœur de Toronto, qui vous sera utile afin de pouvoir localiser rapidement vos
collègues lorsque vous cherchez un service ou un produit particulier.
En effet, notre Chambre est à la recherche de solutions permettant de développer les possibilités d’un réseau professionnel au sein de celle-ci, de trouver
comment plus d’opportunités pourront s’offrir à vous afin de commercialiser
vos propres produits et services, et enfin d’en apprendre d’avantage au sujet de
ceux de vos collègues, le tout en vue d’accroître la valeur de votre participation
active dans la Chambre.
A cette fin, et avec une nouvelle saison d’événements de la Chambre approchant à grands pas, votre
conseil d’administration se réunit durant l’été dans le but de trouver d’autres façons de réaliser ce projet.
Nous sommes toujours dans l’année du 40ème anniversaire de la Chambre et nous travaillons sans
relâche à lui donner un nouveau souffle.
Je tiens à exprimer une fois de plus toute ma reconnaissance envers le merveilleux conseil
d’administration que vous avez élu et dont les membres consacrent, pendant tout l’été, leur temps et leur
énergie afin de concrétiser cette entreprise. Des membres nous ont aussi contacté afin de nous offrir leur
soutien en nous aidant sur des projets spécifiques; nous nous réjouissons vivement de leurs initiatives et
invitons les autres à faire de même.
Pour terminer, je vous souhaite une fin d’été reposante; j’ai vraiment hâte de vous revoir et de rencontrer
vos amis et collègues lors de notre premier événement : le cocktail annuel d’ouverture du début de la
saison. Nous envisageons d’organiser cette réception dans un restaurant tenu par l’un de nos membres
de longue date et qui vient d’ouvrir ses portes dans le centre-ville de Montréal. Nous attendons avec une
grande impatience de partager cette nouvelle expérience avec vous.
Meilleures salutations,
Dear Members,
I hope that you had a wonderful summer and enjoyed some vacation time with your family and friends.
In this issue, you will be receiving the Annual Member Company Directory, a wonderful marketing initiative of our sister Chamber in Toronto, and which will be useful for you to be able to quickly locate your
Chamber colleagues when looking for a particular service or product.
Indeed our Chamber is looking for ways to increase the networking possibilities within the Chamber, and
to find manners by which you will receive more opportunities to market your own products and services,
and to learn more about those of your colleagues, the whole in the goal of increasing the value of your
membership within the Chamber.
To this end, and with a new season of Chamber events around the corner, your Board is meeting over
the summer months to find other ways to achieve this goal. We are still in the 40th year of the Chamber
anniversary, and are working to giving a fresh start to the Chamber still within this year.
I wish to express my gratitude once again to the wonderful board that you have elected, the members
of whom are willing to dedicate their time and energy over the summer months to make this happen.
Members have also approached us to offer their time to help us on specific projects, and we welcome
their initiative and invite others to do the same.
I wish you a restful end of the summer, and very much look forward to seeing you and meeting your
friends and colleagues at our first event, our annual Season Opening Networking Cocktail. We are planning on holding this Cocktail at a new restaurant being opened in downtown Montreal by one of our
long-time members and look forward to sharing this new experience with you.
Best regards,
Monica Schirdewahn
Septembre / September
Cocktail d’ouverture de la saison /
Season opening cocktail
26 octobre 2010/
October 26th, 2010
Carrefour Europe / Carrefour Europe
Novembre / November
Soirée Fondue / Fondue Evening
INFORMATION et détails/and details : ou/or (514) 937-5822
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Gold – The Ultimate Currency
L’or – la monnaie ultime
Provided by UBS Bank (Canada), UBS Investment
Management Canada Inc.
Highlights by Andreas Höfert, Global Head Wealth
Management Research and Dirk Faltin, Head
Thematic Research
Most people – analysts and investors – view
gold as a commodity. They try to understand
its price movements in the same way they
look at those of copper or nickel. While it
cannot be said that this approach is wrong,
we believe gold is more than a commodity. Gold is money – a very special form of
money. It is gold’s monetary function that
drives its prices beyond its relative value
as a commodity. Gold’s monetary aspect
is particularly appealing during periods of
economic strife, especially when trust in
paper money wavers. Indeed, the sharp
rise in the price of gold in recent years can
largely be attributed to its status as a safe-
haven currency. Like any other currency, gold
actually has many prices. Thus, saying that
gold is too expensive in USD terms is the
same as saying that the USD is too cheap in
terms of gold. Against a broad basket of all
major currencies, we note that gold’s value
has remained remarkably stable over long
periods of time.
About 166,000 tons of gold are held above
ground today and since the metal is virtually
indestructible and is never really consumed,
there is no risk that we might run out of
gold the way that we may run out of oil
or other raw materials. Nevertheless, since
much of the gold stock is unavailable to the
gold market, the annual shifts in supply and
demand heavily influence the metal’s price
outlook. Mining produces most of the world’s
“new” gold, but mines are capital-intensive
and slow to respond to price changes. Scrap
gold is another source of supply, as are central bank sales. Jewellery and investments
are the main sources of demand. Investment
demand has risen rapidly in recent years,
reflecting investors’ concerns over the sustainability of paper money systems. Central
banks, which reduced their gold reserves
during the 1990s, are now maintaining or
even rebuilding their gold reserves. We
believe that the growing importance of
investment demand is likely to make the
gold price more volatile in future.
major monetary systems are becoming visible in the price of gold.
We think that the price of gold has yet further to rise. Our target is about USD 1,500
per ounce in 12 months’ time. Of course, any
sharp intensification of the sovereign debt
crisis in Europe could propel the gold price
even higher, but downside risks should not
be discarded lightly either. We think that
prices below USD 1,200 represent buying
opportunities. We would expect investors to
Applying a valuation to gold is tricky. There
is no absolute, independent measure that
determines when gold is cheap, expensive
or fairly valued. However, we believe that
the parameters we discuss in this report offer
reasonable guidance on gold’s valuation. Our
investigation into production costs convinces
us that gold is certainly not cheap anymore.
At the same time, compared to other assets,
we find that gold is also not extremely
expensive either. Indeed, compared to oil
or stocks, gold appears to be at least fairly
valued if not inexpensive.
Our longer-term inflation-adjusted gold
price outlook reflects this view. Our price
model, which relates gold’s price to the
quantities of gold and money, indicates that
a significant share of gold’s higher prices
mirrors the expansion in the supply of US
dollars in recent years. Our gold model also
indicates that concerns over the future of
be richly compensated for the risk they take.
As always, investors should carefully analyze
their reasons for buying gold because clarity on the aims of such an investment will
determine the most suitable investment
vehicle. In the current environment, we
prefer un-hedged, physically-backed positions over equities and paper investments
in gold.
The full UBS Research Focus report can be
viewed and downloaded from the SCCC
website. Please go to –
“Business Services”.
Risk Management
Zurich HelpP int
The Swiss Canadian Scholarship
Fund of Ontario is pleased to
offer yearly scholarships. It is
open to members of the SCCC and
the Swiss Community.
To find out more about the
availability and eligibility criteria,
One global insurance program
for your expanding business.
Even for places you’ve never been.
Zurich HelpPoint is here when you need more than just insurance. So we offer the
Zurich Multinational Insurance Proposition (MIP)*. It helps you keep global insurance
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yourself to new risks. The strength of Zurich MIP lies in a transparent and thorough set
of solutions for writing and maintaining global insurance programs in over 170 countries.
Our game-changing solution can help you sleep better at night, no matter the time
zone. For more details about Zurich HelpPoint , visit
Here to help your world.
please visit the Ontario Chamber’s website at:
Because change happenz®, Zurich® and HelpPointTM are trademarks of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Business News
By Ms. Babette Baars, Head of Marketing &
Corporate Communication, Marché International
Marché® re-launches its Swiss Original
Market Restaurant Mid of August 2010.
With the opening of the flagship store in
Brookfield Place, Canadians will once again
be able to enjoy the Marché® freshness and
quality combined with unparalleled Swiss
The Marché® Fresh Concept is successful
in 12 countries worldwide and offers “meals
like in the market place”. The high standards
of freshness and quality, the front cooking
principle and the informal market atmosphere fulfil the expectations of qualityconscious guests in terms of healthy food
and transparency more completely than
ever before.
Guests can stroll among the inviting market stands and make their choice from the
abundance of fresh, high-quality products.
The imaginative preparation of delicious
dishes is experienced “live” by the guests
with all their senses. Guests may enjoy a
wide offer of European food. First of all the
typical Swiss recipes such as different varieties of tasty Rösti, the famous veal sausages
and Swiss bread sticks. Also original Spanish
Paella, healthy vegetables with fresh herbs,
Italian home-made ravioli and pasta dishes,
crunchy pizzas with duck etc. The tender
meat is roasted at the French rotisserie and
beside the fresh seafood station also speciality “fritto misto” will be served. The beverage offer includes hand pressed fresh juices,
home made ice teas and lemonades. Swiss
wines can be tasted at the after work Wine
bar together with high quality salumetti.
The offers are regularly adapted to seasonal
and regional conditions. Products are, whenever
possible, delivered daily by local suppliers.
Next to new stations like the butchery, the
seafood station or our own green house,
Marché® offers also a Marché® Natural
Bakery. Marché International’s CEO Oliver
Altherr described the path Marché® Natural
Bakery has followed very accurately: “Our
original goal was to offer the best sandwich
around. But then we realized that there was
no way to reach this goal as long as we
used warmed-up rolls. That’s where the idea
came from to bake our rolls “from scratch”.
That became the cornerstone for the expansion and the growing of the Marché® FreshRestaurant into the Marché® Natural Bakery.
Entre la banque fondée à Genève en 1819 et la marque désormais présente sur 3 continents,
il y a tout un monde de nouvelles opportunités pour nos clients. Mais c’est toujours avec
la même volonté d’excellence que Mirabaud peut, aujourd’hui, vous faire profiter de
ses compétences sur un large territoire de produits et services financiers : gestion privée et
institutionnelle, fonds traditionnels et alternatifs.
MIRABAUD Gestion Inc. Yves Erard
MIRABAUD Canada Inc. Olivier Rodriguez
1501, avenue McGill College Bureau 2220
T +1 514 393-9748 F +1 514 393-1828
Montréal (Québec) H3A 3M8
We adhere to the rules and follow the traditions of the craft of baking for everything
that comes out of our ovens. That means
that we use only 100% natural ingredients
in the goods we bake and never utilize additives like baking mixes and other baking
aids. We purchase our flour from a local supplier. Another very important quality aspect
is the long dough rising times. This allows
the development of a more intensive flavor
and that is what really makes the difference.
All of our breads are not only very healthy
and visually attractive, but they are all
baked freshly every day. Our offerings start
with bread types that are not only highly
diversified in their structure, but also rich in
content, to our own recipes that range from
pizza dough to hearty Focaccia variations.
Whether you would like only a small snack
or need to satisfy a man-size hunger, we can
prepare individual sandwiches with Chutney
sauces. These sandwiches are low in calories
and garnished with a home-made spread.
The wide assortment of freshly prepared
and cut cold-cuts and cheeses vary according
to the seasonal cycle and are carefully and
thoughtfully selected from local suppliers.
The same is true for the unusually wide
range of condiments, spices and oils. If you
have a sweet tooth, on the other hand, then
you can choose from a wide variety of delicious muffins, Swiss short crust pastries or a
huge selection of constantly changing cakes.
Enjoy both your warm or cold snacks directly
in our shop or we can pack them up for you
to take them home. Our bakery selection is
complemented with hand-pressed juices,
carefully selected tee and coffee specialties
and home-made jams and jellies.
Thanks to the quick, informal service,
Marché® is particularly suitable for larger
groups as well as for single individuals. The
relaxed, child-friendly atmosphere is also
ideal for families. Services such as Catering,
private rooms and events will be part of
the offer.
Marché International is a subsidiary
of the Mövenpick Group of Switzerland;
for more information please visit
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Annual Member Company Directory
Répertoire annuel des compagnies membres
Adecco Employment Services Limited
Sandra Hokansson
President and Country Manager
Romie Parmar – Assistant
10 Bay Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON M5J 2R8
Tel: 416 646 3322 x 2342/ 416 646 3322 x 4176
Fax: 416 646 0411
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Adecco delivers an unparalleled range of flexible
staffing and career resources to corporate clients
and qualified associates.
Accounting Services / Vérification, Comptabilité
BDO Canada LLP
Martin Hoeschele
Suite 3300, 200 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5J 2J8
Tel: 416 865 0200
Fax: 416 865 0887
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
BDO Canada has proudly assisted businesses
like yours for over 80 years. We can help you
with your accounting, reporting and tax issues,
provide valuations, assist with new business
ventures and acquisitions, and more. BDO. More
than you think.
Day Software Inc.
Eric Gott
161 Bay St., 27th Floor – Brookfield Place
Toronto, ON M5J 2S1
Tel: 416 572 2117 / 416 460 9329
Fax: 416 352 5973
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Day Software’s Web Content Management
Software is a platform for delivering engaging,
multi-channel customer experiences to drive
online business success.
Mesh Innovations Inc.
Philipp Gysling
305 Woburn Ave, Toronto, ON M5M 1L1
Tel: 416 871 8159 Fax:801 681 0986
E-mail: [email protected]
Mesh is an IT consulting firm specializing in the
development and implementation of customized,
business-critical Internet solutions.
Gustav Kaeser Canada
Rudy Daenzer
31 Beechwood, Baie d’Urfe, QC H9X 3K1
Tel: 514 457 0313 Fax:514 457 2097
E-mail: [email protected]
The Swiss training company was founded in
1963. Today, represented worldwide in 30
countries and 23 languages with about 100
full-time training leaders.
Cunningham LLP
Paul Girolametto
810-2001 Sheppard Avenue East
Toronto, ON M2J 4Z8
Tel: 416 496 1051 x 254 Fax: 416 496 1546
E-mail: [email protected]
Chartered Accounting Firm focused on midmarket entrepreneurial business clients in
numerous industries.
Spatial View Inc.
Donna Teggart
144 Front Street West, Suite 785
Toronto, ON M5J 2L7
Tel: 416 591 7177 x 0120 Fax: 416 591 7199
E-mail: [email protected]
Spatial View is a pioneer in stereo 3D content
delivery and auto-stereoscopic technologies.
PRISMA – Business Management Inc.
Steiger, Zumstein & Partners Ltd
Walter Zumstein
Nauenstrasse 49
CH-4052 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 270 99 10 Fax: +41 61 270 99 19
E-mail: [email protected]
Administration of Swiss companies, including
accounting, taxation and consultancy.
Business Development, Management & HR Services
Gestion de développement d’affaires & Services RH
2Market International
Andrea von Moeller
B2-125 The Queensway,
#131, Toronto, ON M8Y1H6
Tel: 416 907 8012 x 501 Fax: 866 407 0719
E-mail: [email protected]
2Market International assists small medium size
business from Europe entering the Canadian
market predominantly from Switzerland, Austria
and Germany.
Computer/IT Services / Informatique, Services IT
Werner Gruenwald
Watersedge Road
Mississauga, ON L5J 1A3
Tel: +1 905 464 3987/ +1 905 916 1850
Fax: +1 905 916 0760
E-mail: [email protected]
Management of the expansion of European
companies into North America. Restructuring
of underperforming companies. Business
Development in North American Consumer
Goods Industry. Expansion of European Farming
Businesses into North America.
Construction, Home Improvement
Constructions, Rénovations
Canadian BBR Inc.
Marc Ducommun
3450 Midland Ave., Scarborough, ON M1V 4V4
Tel: 416 291 1618 Fax 416 291 9960
E-mail: [email protected]
Supply and Installation of post-tensioning cables,
rock anchors and tiebacks.
Sage Mentors Inc.
Catherine Mossop
4 Glen Edith Drive, Toronto, ON M4V 2V7
Tel: 416 863 4870 Fax:416 716 5424
E-mail: [email protected]
Design Mentorship Programs for talent development, succession planning; leadership coaching
and mentoring; executive mentors.
Nortesco Inc.
Philippe Hess
151 Carlingview Drive, Unit 12,
Rexdale, ON M9W 5S4
Tel: 416 675 3434 Fax: 416 675 0167
E-mail: [email protected]
Seit über 20 Jahren in Ontario zugelassener, deutschsprechender Anwalt
und Notar bietet Ihnen persönliche Betreuung und fachliche Kompetenz.
Helping you
make the Right
Victoria Tower
25 Adelaide Street East
Suite 900
Toronto, Ontario M5C 3A1
[email protected]
Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.
Canadian Distributor of high-end European
plumbing products.
Urban Edge Shading Inc.
Hans Munger
155 Shields Court, Markham, ON L3R 8H6
Tel: 905 470 6901 Fax: 905 470 6906
E-mail: [email protected]
Manual and electrically operated, contemporary
window treatment systems for private residences
as well as commercial and institutional projects.
Consumer Products / Produits de consommation
InVita Sport Inc.
Helen Krapf-Jones
2325 Matheson Blvd. E., Unit 3
Mississauga, ON L4W 5B3
Tel: 905 624 6614 Fax: 416 458 4521
E-mail: [email protected]
Retail and online cycling business focused on
premier bikes and associated products.
Smico (1990) Inc.
Diane Bischof
40-18e Avenue, Roxboro, QC H8Y 3A6
Tel: 514 683 8888 Fax: 514 683 9667
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Agent-consultant pour l’industrie agroalimentaire et l’industrie culinaire.
Swissmar Ltd.
Daniel Oehy – Nanett Moylan
35 East Beaver Creek Road, Unit 6
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B3
Tel: 905 764 1121 x 234 x 239
Fax: 905 764 6099
E-mail: [email protected]
Gourmet house wares distributor, Canada, US and
internationally and Canadian distributor of Genuine
Swiss Army Knives and Swiss Military Watches.
Educational Services / Services éducatifs
Rolex Canada Ltd.
Rolex Building
50 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON M4V 3B7
Tel: 416 968 1100 Fax: 416 968 2315
Swiss Virtual Business School Inc.
Dr. Christian Metzger
333 Adelaide St. West,
Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5V 1R5
Tel: +1 416 848 3744 Fax: +1.416 848 3906
E-mail: [email protected]
SwissVBS is a leading provider of online management education and customized corporate
training programs.
Financial Services / Services Financiers
Credit Suisse Securities (Canada), Inc.
Trevor Levine
1 First Canadian Place, Suite 2900
Toronto, ON M5X 1C9
Tel: 416 352 4694 Fax: 416 352 0939
E-mail [email protected]
We provide comprehensive financial advisory,
capital-raising, sales and trading, corporate
banking and financial-product services.
Finmax Inc
Meinrad Meerkamper
Tel: 416 467 0589 Fax: 416 467 1260
E-mail: [email protected]
Providing independent review of portfolio investments, monitoring results, analyzing investment
proposals and to oversee charges of brokers and
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Successful logistics is a question of creativity
Your business requires a service provider that understands and listens to your unique logistics requirements, then translates that
understanding into efficient logistics solutions. Kuehne + Nagel combines 117 years of global strength and experience in
international transportation and logistics with comprehensive information technology solutions. Our worldwide network of sea and
air logistics, road and contract logistics provides you with a flexible and evolving infrastructure making your business competitive
in the global marketplace.
Looking forward, Kuehne + Nagel will continue to build upon a strong foundation and tradition of providing service excellence in
international transportation and logistics with a clear focus on providing IT-based supply chain solutions.
Sea & Air Logistics
Road Logistics
Contract Logistics
Special Services
Kuehne + Nagel Ltd.
5800 Hurontario Street, Mississauga, ON L5R 4B6 Tel: (905) 502-7776 Fax: (905) 502-0775
email: [email protected]
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
An investment in research
is an investment in hope.
Roche is a leader in the research and
development of pharmaceutical and
diagnostic solutions that look beyond
today’s horizons and make a profound
difference in people’s lives.
Working in partnership with healthcare
practitioners from across the country,
we have opened the door to countless
new possibilities in the discovery,
treatment and management of acute
and long-term disease.
Registered Trade-Mark of Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
Annual Member Company Directory
Répertoire annuel des compagnies membres
Financial Services / Services Financiers
Helvea Inc.
Felix Weibel
1800 Ave. McGill College, bureau 1020
Montreal, QC H3A 3J6
Tel: 514 288 3556 / 1 800 561 8161
Fax: 514 284 3270
E-mail: [email protected]
Hottinger Asset Management Canada Inc.
Werner Joller
141 Adelaide Street West, Suite 203
Toronto, ON M5H 3L5
Tel: 416 777 0123 Fax: 416 777 0308
E-mail: [email protected]
Investment Counsel/Portfolio Management
Mirabaud Gestion Inc.
Yves Érard – Olivier Rodriguez
1501 Ave. McGill College, bureau 2220
Montreal, QC H3A 3M8
Tel: 514 393 1690 Fax: 514 875 8942
E-mail: [email protected]
Mirabaud Gestion Inc. offre à sa clientèle des
services personnalisés de gestion de portefeuille
axes sur la diversification internationale.
Mirabaud Gestion Inc. offers its clients personalized asset management services with an
emphasis on international diversification.
Pictet Canada S.E.C.
Philippe Givel
1000, de la Gauchetiere Ouest
Bureau 3100
Montreal, QC H3B 4W5
Tel: 514 288 8161 Fax: 514 288 5472
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Pictet Canada LP offers a wide range of global
execution services and relevant market information that is tailor-made to meet our clients’
needs. Institutional clients utilize Pictet Canada
for the quality of our executions, our culture of
discretion and our personal service that focuses
on building long-term relationships.
Raymond James Ltd.
Michael A. Winiker
Scotia Plaza, Suite 5300, 40 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 3Y2
Tel: 416 777 7174 / 1 866 363 1024
Fax: 416 777 7020
E-mail: [email protected]
Helping individuals, private businesses and
institutions maximize their wealth through
customized strategies tailored to their financial
Trustex Currency Trading Corporation
Yasser El-Riffaey
50 Westborough Street, Thornhill, ON L3T 4X5
Tel: 905 764 1894 Fax: 905 764 7204
E-mail: [email protected]
Corporate foreign exchange, help corporations
(importers & exporters) save money & time on
their currency trading business.
UBS Bank (Canada)
Julien Favre
154 University Ave., Suite 800
Toronto, ON M5H 3Z4
Tel: 416 345 7033 Fax: 416 345 7015
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Wealth Management services for High Networth
private individuals. Expertise in investment
management and execution, in global markets
and multi-currencies.
UBS Bank (Canada)
Graeme Harris
800 -154 University Avenue, Toronto, ON M5H 3Z4
Tel: 416 343 1800 Fax: 416 343 1900
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
UBS is a global firm providing financial services
to private, corporate and institutional clients. In
Canada, we offer wealth management, investment banking and asset management services.
Food Products / Produits alimentaires
Durward Importing
David Durward
1652 Four Mile Creek Rd., #106
Niagara on the Lake, ON L0S 1T0
Tel: 905 468 4040 Fax: 905 468 9191
E-mail: [email protected]
Imports of Swiss Wines.
H.U.H. Imports Inc.
Hans-Ulrich Herzig
1228 Gorham St., Unit 16, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8Z1
Tel: 905 853 0693 / 1 877 853 0693
Fax: 905 853 1038
E-mail: [email protected]
Importer, distributor and wholesaler of high
quality Swiss food products.
Lindt & Sprüngli (Canada), Inc.
Rudi Blatter
181 University Avenue, Suite 900
Toronto, ON M5H 3M7
Tel: 416 351 8566 Fax: 416 351 8507
Lindt & Sprüngli is recognized as a leader in the
market for premium quality chocolate, offering
a large selection of products in more than 100
countries around the world.
Swiss-Master Chocolatier
Ingrid Läderach Steven
2538 Bayview Ave., Toronto, ON M2L 1A9
4922 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, QC H3Z 1H3
Tel: 416 444 8802 / 514 484 4747
E-mail: [email protected]
Beautiful Swiss Chocolates” for Beautiful-People
in Toronto and Montreal.
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A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Member Profile
Article provided by Dr. Christian Metzger, Senior
Manager, Operations of SwissVBS
“Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and
I may remember. Involve me, and I’ll
understand” – Chinese Proverb
In the early nineties, a small group
of forward thinking professors from the
University of St.Gallen sat down to talk about
the impact of technology on the future of
adult education. They discovered that the
new generation of professionals worked
demanding jobs and had limited time to
further their education even for professional
advancement. These professors sought a
solution that would provide time flexibility,
convenient access points, and interactive
learning tools in order to offer busy professionals an opportunity to advance in both
their education and career. The answer came
from a fledgling field that had begun to gain
popularity amongst educators and students
alike—it was called eLearning. Online learn-
ing could provide education
and while the professors
were agreeing that this was
indeed the education of the
future, the eLearning revolution was beginning.
“E-learning is becoming
a commodity. Companies
are looking at E-learning programs like
a stapler or reams of paper—it’s just one
item in their inventory.” – Clark Aldrich,
Gartner Group
SwissVBS: leading through the use of
superior pedagogy,
avant-garde technology and
cutting-edge media.
In 2001, Swiss Virtual Business School
(SwissVBS) was formed as a spin-off of the
University of St.Gallen that would provide
“applied learning solutions”. Its first product
release was a twenty-hour online module
in strategic management. This was well
received and proved highly successful with
executive managers. Soon, the curriculum
expanded to include courses in the areas
of finance, accounting, and marketing—
followed by the evolution of customized
programs that created the option for learners to work towards university certification
by using blended learning approaches (a
combination of online learning and in-class
lectures). As more and more institutions
began to incorporate eLearning into their
teaching models, SwissVBS sharpened its
focus on customized corporate training
solutions. With the aim to provide companies with fully integrated online learning
solutions, tailored to meet clients’ specific
needs, SwissVBS’ global reputation as a
high-end web-based-training provider grew
along with a distinguished client base.
From early on, the concept of eLearning
promised great potential for growth and
in 2010 the industry was conservatively
estimated to be worth more than 38 billion
Euros worldwide. Online learning’s original
promise to create a more convenient and
flexible path to formal education, constantly
grew its value to fulfill a multitude of objectives in other industries. During research for a
globally situated client, SwissVBS discovered
that a key issue for the insurance industry as
a whole was their inability to retain a large
percentage of salespeople beyond the first
year of employment. The dropout rate was
staggeringly high and the cost of training
these employees, only to lose them shortly
after was creating an expensive cycle of loss.
Ironically, in later interviews, many of these
ex-salespeople reported that a primary
reason for their departure was that they
felt they had been poorly trained and were
ill-prepared to sell insurance on behalf of
the employing company. During sales training, instruction inconsistencies, inability to
customize training to accommodate varied
learning styles, and inflexible learning pace
How Switzerland lives, how it
thinks, what drives it.
The news and information platform reports daily from
Switzerland, about Switzerland. An
interactive multimedia website in
nine languages.
can dramatically affect retention and learning outcomes. Here, conventional teaching
methods alone were unable to cater to varied individual requirements and capitalize
on the desired performance results.
“The ability to learn faster than your
competitors may be the only sustainable
competitive advantage”
– Peter Senge, Fifth Discipline
Enhanced human performance can have
other critical effects on organizations as well.
Strong pedagogical techniques consistently
lead to better training, and in turn, to better
business practices. A clear channel that delivers a consistent internal message across a
whole organization creates employees who
have the established proficiency to achieve
a competitive advantage for a company.
As an added benefit to many corporations,
eLearning enables learners to develop or
practice some of the technical skills and
competencies that are essential in many
digital working environments. Most corporations are focused on developing strategies
that will allow them to control any negative effects—or benefits—of organizational
change. One key to coping with change
is to ensure consistency across all of the
company’s implementation processes—from
public service communications to compliance
training. SwissVBS has been instrumental in
providing clients with dedicated programs
that can fulfill their variable strategic train-
ing mandates, along with the flexibility to
update content as necessary.
“We strive to provide our clients with
a mechanism to capitalize on human
performance and master organizational change.”
Through SwissVBS’ adherence to high
standards of pedagogical integrity, creative
conceptual approaches, and cutting edge
media—it has managed to attract some of
the brightest and most talented individuals
to perpetuate its unique thought- and technology leadership. Today, SwissVBS’ expertise in creating highly effective and globally
relevant educational programs has found
new applications in the international business world. Organizations, such as Allianz,
Deutsche Bank, Holcim and World Economic
Forum, have recognized the value of
SwissVBS’ customized solutions in the interest of lowering costs and increasing accessibility. The success of SwissVBS’ approach
to management education and customized
solutions gave way to expansion into North
America, so as to better serve international
clientele, resulting in the launch of a production facility located in Toronto, Canada—a
known centre of eLearning.
“We can offer our clients ten years of
experience in Management Education
and Customized Solutions, as well as
a bottomless reservoir of top talents
and minds”
As the eLearning industry has grown
and expanded, SwissVBS has accumulated
knowledge and expertise in the sectors of
banking, insurance, healthcare, and compliance training. The founding professors still
serve as members of the Board of Directors
and regularly engage other highly respected
professors from Wharton School of Business,
INSEAD, and University of St.Gallen in the
evolution of SwissVBS’ offerings, as well as
the architects for the company’s ongoing
development and expansion.
“SwissVBS is pushing the evolution of
eLearning—leading through the use of
superior pedagogy, avant-garde technology and cutting-edge media.”
Keeping teams up to speed with advances
in information, essential skills, and compulsory industry updates is a constant requirement in an increasingly competitive corporate
environment. The sophistication of the product grows with each leap in technology, and
SwissVBS’ courses utilize dynamic 3D, video,
and Flash-based media to deliver world-class
instructional design. In line with its origins,
the company continues to push the evolution
of online learning, optimizing the communication of pedagogical concepts in its bid to
better engage the world’s learners.
For more information on SwissVBS,
contact Christian Metzger at SwissVBS,
333 Adelaide St. West, Suite 200, Toronto,
Ontario MV5 1R5 – Tel. (416) 848.3744 or
visit their website ■
lobal relocation is a people business. At TheMIGroup,
our central theme has always been to train and empower our
people to deliver solutions that result in satisfied customers and
successful outcomes.
Contact us, we’d love to talk to you.
Toronto Office
Tel: 888-677-4650
[email protected]
London, UK Hong Kong Atlanta Chicago Houston Los Angeles New York
Philadelphia San Francisco Calgary Montreal Toronto Vancouver
TheMIGroup’s Global Alliance of Relocation Service Providers
& Cultures
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Annual Member Company Directory
Répertoire annuel des compagnies membres
Furniture / Fournitures
Dietiker Switzerland
Robert Vlessing
8888 Keele Street, Concord, ON L4K 2N2
Tel: 9057389514 / 8774389514
Fax: 8884774351
E-mail: [email protected]
High end design and quality Swiss contract
furnishings for over 130 years. Seating, tables,
reception, conference and lounge applications for
management and the work environment.
Government – Public Services /
Gouvernement, Services publics
Government of Ontario
Sven Schoening
1075 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5S 2B1
Tel: 416 327 6267
E-mail: [email protected]
Représentation de l’État de Bavière au Québec
Daniel Curio
1501 Ave. McGill College, bureau 2060
Montreal, QC H3A 3M8
Tel: 514 985 6515 Fax: 514 985 2610
E-mail: [email protected]
Représentation officielle du gouvernement
bavarois au Québec, soutien a la coopération
Switzerland Tourism
Mirko Capodanno
926 The East Mall, Toronto, ON M6S 1L8
Tel: 416 695 3375 / public: 1 800 794 7795
Fax: 416 695 2774
E-mail [email protected]
Swiss Tourism Board. We are a marketing
organization, promoting travel to Switzerland.
Hotels, Restaurants / Hébergement, Restauration
Auberge Le Montagnard
Edgar Borloz
3462 Route 155
Rivière Matawin Trois Rives, QC G0X 2C0
Tel: 819 646 5555/ 1 877 646 5550
Fax: 819 646 5595
E-mail: [email protected]
La plus belle auberge en bois rond du Québec
Marché Restaurants Canada Ltd.
Gottfried Keller
8 King Street East
Suite 838
Toronto ON M5C 1B5
Tel: 647 341 1444 Fax: 647 341 1445
E-mail: [email protected]
Swiss Original Market Restaurant for fresh and
healthy food.
Industrial Products / Produits industriels
Airtronic Metal & Machine Parts Limited
Ramon P. Garcia
22 Golden Gate Court, Toronto, ON M1P 3A5
Tel: 416 298 9299 Fax: 416 298 2731
E-mail: [email protected]
Manufacturer of custom precision parts and
Barber Glass Industries
Ralph Pichler
151 Sheldrake Blvd., Toronto, ON M4P 2B1
Tel: 416 4860383
E-mail: [email protected]
Glass Processing: Tempering / Heat
Strengthening / Laminating / Insulated Glass /
Hurricane Glass. Oversize Glass size: 240” x 130”
(6m x 3,2m)
Custom Spring Corporation
Peter Koller
1249 Kamato Road, Mississauga, ON L4W 2M2
Tel: 905 625 1504 Fax: 905 625 1635
E-mail: [email protected]
Springs – all kinds.
Isoelectric Energie Inc.
Giancarlo Pellegrino
275 Liberte, Candiac, QC J5R 3X8
Tel: 450 633 1414 Fax: 450 633 1169
E-mail: [email protected]
Manuf.of test switches for current and voltage
Schubert Packaging Automation Inc.
Fritz Kipfer
700 - 2425 Matheson Blvd.,
East, Mississauga, ON M8V 4E2
Tel: 905 361 6629 / 416 278 6112
Fax: 905-361 2686
E-mail: [email protected]
Schubert is a world leading manufacturer and
supplier of robotic packaging solutions for the
manufacturing industry.
Swiss Instruments Limited
Belmag Inc.
Danny Peyer – Martin Linhart
1920 Mattawa Ave., Mississauga, ON L4X 1K1
2255 Rue Guenett, St.Laurent, QC H4R 2E9
Tel: 905 279 1275 / 514 636 8323
Fax: 905 279 8940 / 514 636 8327
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Swiss Instruments has been a leader in workspace and instrumentation solutions in Canada
for more than 50 years. We represent some of
the best Storage and Material Handling Systems,
Precision Measurements & Metrology products,
CNC Machine Tools, Coolants & Lubricants. We’re
a full service organization, servicing everything
we sell.
Walter Meier (Climate Canada) Ltd.
2740 Fenton Road, Ottawa, ON K1T 3T7
Tel: 6138220335 / 1 866 NORTEC 1
Fax: 6138227964
E-mail: [email protected]
Nortec specializes in the design and production
of superior industrial, commercial, and residential, humidification systems.
Industry Associations / Associations industrielles
Canadian Association of Mining Equipment
and Services for Export
Jon Baird
101 - 345 Renfrew Drive, Markham, ON L3R 9S9
Tel: 905 513 0046 Fax: 905 513 1834
E-mail: [email protected]
CAMESE exists to assist Canadian suppliers to
succeed in international mining markets.
Swiss Textile Federation
Aline Kloetzer
Waldmannstrasse 6
CH-9014 St.Gallen, Switzerland
Tel: +41 71 274 90 90 Fax: +41 71 274 91 00
E-mail [email protected]
High Precision Machining / Machinage de Haute Précision
Our consultative approach, our complete solution-based machining service, and
our innovative abilities in technological multi-sector industries continue to expand
our horizons.
Notre approche consultative, notre service d’usinage à base d’une solution
complète et nos capacités novatrices dans les industries multi-sectorielles
continuent à développer nos horizons.
208 Migneron
Saint-Laurent, QC
H4T 1Y7
Tel : 514-331-0322
Fax : 514-331-0261
[email protected]
The Swiss Textile Federation represents and
speaks for the Swiss textile and clothing industry.
Insurance Services / Assurances
Lombard Canada Limited
Sandy Bernier
105 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 1P9
Tel: 416.350.4426 Fax: 416.350.44417
E-mail: [email protected]
Property & Casualty Insurer
Ernst Notz
77 Foster Crescent,
Mississauga, ON L5R 0K1
Tel: 416 473 8681 / 416 784 2872
Fax: 905 507 2882
E-mail: [email protected]
International Insurance Broker; Member of the
Kuehne + Nagel Group
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Sharon Ludlow 150 King Street West, Suite 2200,
Toronto, ON M5H 1J9
Tel.: 416 408 0272 Fax: 416 408 4222
E-mail: [email protected]
Global re-insurer for the worlds most important
insurance companies.
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Urs Uhlmann
400 University Ave.
Toronto, ON M5G 1S7
Tel: 416 586 2853 Fax: 416 586 2939
E-mail: [email protected]
Property and Casualty Insurance company for
large mid market companies and International
Legal Services / Services juridiques
Baldwin Anka Sennecke Halman LLP
Alexander C. Sennecke
Victoria Tower – 25 Adelaide Street East,
Suite 900, Toronto, ON M5C 3A1
Tel: 416 410 2113 / 416 816 2113
Fax: 416 410 9423
E-mail: [email protected]
Alexander Sennecke betreut deutschsprachige
Finanzinvestoren in Ontario bei der Abwicklung
ihrer Handels- und Immobiliengeschäfte
sowie dem Aufbau ihrer kanadischen
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Greg Kanargelidis
199 Bay Street, Suite 2800,
Commerce Court West, Toronto, ON M5L 1A9
Tel: 416.863.4306 Fax: 416.863.2653
E-mail: [email protected]
Blakes has 5 offices across Canada, as well as in
the Middle East, London, and Beijing
Gagne Bennett
Me Gilles Gagne
1155 University, bureau 1400
Montreal, QC, H3B 3A7
Tel: 514 871 1206 poste 228 Fax: 514 871 5336
E-mail: [email protected]
Aviation, Expédition et Transport, Contrats
internationaux, Litige commercial international,
Insolvabilité internationale, Immobilier
Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP
Norman D. Griesdorf, Q.C.
480 University Ave.
Suite 1600
Toronto, ON M5G 1V2
Tel: 416 597 3393 Fax: 416 597 3370
E-mail: [email protected]
Full service firm with concentration in the areas
of corporate/commercial, real estate, franchise,
construction, intellectual property, entertainment,
employment, and wills & estates, together with
litigation and dispute resolution services related
to the foregoing matters.
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The forces of nature can strike at any time.
Let’s discuss how to plug our defenses.
As the Earth’s climate is changing, so are the frequency and intensity of floods and storms. What’s the answer: retreat from the
most hazardous locations? Protect vulnerable areas with sea walls, drainage systems and better building codes? Or take measures
to transfer the financial risk and rebuild? All we know at Swiss Re is that, as our climate changes, we must adapt apace. Which is
why we’re helping countries and communities develop strategies to protect themselves against the forces of nature. Risk is the raw
material we work with; what we create for our clients is opportunity.
Plug into
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Your goods are priceless !
• Air
• Sea
• Groupage
• Packing
• Crating
• Storage
• Insurances
(Toll Free)
The International movers inc.
Fax : (514) 633-8321
[email protected]
Free estimate
Bruno’s Tip
Winni ng at any p rice ?
is the real problem here, keeping this thing
going well beyond its best before date?”
The ego has a voracious appetite.
The more you feed it,
the hungrier it gets.
–Nathaniel Bronner, Jr.
By Bruno Gideon
Are you in an endless fight to win a point
with someone who has angered you? It may
be time to ask yourself some questions, such
as: “Is this worth fighting for?”, “Haven’t I
already invested too much time in this?” and
“Is winning really that important to me?”
And then ask yourself the most important question of all: “Could it be that my ego
And could it be that it is our ego that is
taking over when it says things like: “I am
not going to take that!” or “Who do they
think they are?” or “That won’t wash with
me - they will get to know me!”
When our ego gets involved, we stop
seeing things clearly and make mountains
out of molehills. We let fantasies of revenge
play in our head, make plans to fight back,
and make sure everyone knows it wasn’t our
fault. But is that really who we are?
We are considerate and kind people and
shouldn’t let anything destroy our positive
personality. There are many other ways to
react. We could discuss the issue with the
person who angered us, or find a common
friend to act as a mediator, or in most cases
just walk away and move on. Does the sun
still come up every morning? Do the birds
still sing? Do we have family and friends
who love us?
If you are in a fight right now, is it really,
really worth it? If the answer is no or even
maybe, just let the problem vanish. It’s a
liberating experience!
Born in Switzerland and founder of the
Swiss retail chain Pick and Pay, Bruno
Gideon now lives in Toronto. His free
weekly newsletter “Bruno’s Minute”
has become very popular and is read
by several thousand subscribers in
20 different countries.
Many SCCC members have already
subscribed to it and like it a lot. It is
motivational, inspiring, always positive
and absolutely free.
To sign up for it, go to www.brunogideon.
com or contact Bruno directly by email at
[email protected]
Individual members / Membres individuels
M. Jean-Michel Dancet
Agri-Distribution JM Inc.
23 de la Station
Ste-Martine, QC, J0S 1V0, Canada
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For your investment needs please contact:
Werner Joller
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A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Ka r i n’s Pe r for m a nce S o l ut i o n s
Re m i n d e r s for Exce l lin g
Karin Lindner
Excerpted from “Zone of Excellence”
by Terry Orlick (
provided by Karin Lindner of
Karico Performance Solutions
Only Positive Thoughts – Only positive
thoughts help you to do the things you
really want to do. So talk to yourself
only in ways that will help you to live
and perform to your true capacity.
Only Positive Images – Only positive
images of the things you want to
accomplish help you to accomplish
them. So imagine yourself doing the
things you want to do, exactly the way
you would like to do them – with full
focus, precision and total confidence.
Always Lessons – In practice and
performance situations there are always
lessons. Look for the good things you
have done, draw out the positive lessons
and act on those lessons. This will
ensure you to continue to grow
and excel.
Always I Can – There is no advantage
in approaching performance or life
situations thinking, “I can’t” or “maybe
I’ll mess up”. Approach situations only
thinking “I can”. Act like you can, even if
you are not really sure you can. This will
give you your best chance of achieving
your goals and dreams.
Always Opportunities – There are
opportunities in everything to learn, to
grow, to find something good, to know
yourself better, to overcome challenges,
to become stronger, wiser, more
balanced, or more consistent. So look for
the opportunities in everything.
Always Focused – Only when you are
fully focused on connecting with each
experience and each performance, can
you perform to your true potential. So
stay focused on the little things that
free you to perform your best. This will
give you your best chance of living and
performing to your ultimate capacity.
Step-By-Step – Great things are accomplished by taking tiny little steps forward
each day. There is only the step in front of
you. Nothing else matters. You are always
fully capable of taking that one little step.
Take that step, and then the next, and
the next. This is the path to your desired
Karin Lindner is the founder and owner
of KARICO and her mission is to “help
organizations and individuals in manufacturing environments to become the
best they can be by positively impacting
their ROI (Relationships, Outcomes and
Improvements)”. Karin can be reached at
1-647-401-5274 or by e-mail at [email protected]; you may also visit
her website at
Chamber News
Information de votre chambre
Par Olivier Rodriguez
C’est le 27 mai 2010, sous un soleil radieux
et dans le cadre majestueux de l’hôtel de
ville de Montréal, que s’est tenue la soirée
de gala soulignant le 40ème anniversaire
de la Chambre de Commerce Canado-Suisse
de Montréal.
La magnifique vue panoramique de la
terrasse de l’hôtel de ville où a été servi
un apéritif au son du cor des Alpes de John
Loretan n’a fait que renforcer une ambiance
déjà chaleureuse et conviviale amenée par
les quelques 120 personnes présentes.
Le livre d’or de la ville de Montréal a été
signé peu avant.
Sous l’égide du maître de cérémonie,
Monsieur Jean-Serge Grisé,
c’est dans
l’imposant hall de l’hôtel de ville que se
sont rassemblés les convives pour le repas,
précédé par quelques mots de Monsieur
Christian Dubois, Conseiller de la Ville
de Montréal, souhaitant à l’assemblée la
bienvenue au nom du Maire de Montréal,
Monsieur Gérald Tremblay.
Canadian Business and Professional Men’s
Association. Il a souligné la présence des
membres fondateurs présents, Messieurs
Ernest Bieri, Simon Caviezel, Pius Kaufmann,
Urs Pfund et René Suter ainsi que celle
d’un des anciens secrétaires de la chambre
venu spécialement de San Antonio, Texas,
Monsieur Joe Seiterle, accompagné de son
épouse Henriette. Il a également mentionné la venue de Monsieur Hans Munger,
Président de la Chambre de l’Ontario, et de
son collègue Monsieur Ernst Notz qui ont
tenu à faire le déplacement de Toronto pour
célébrer avec nous.
Tour à tour, différents orateurs se sont
exprimés devant l’assemblée pendant
le dîner.
Le Consul général de Suisse à Montréal,
Monsieur Claude Duvoisin, a retracé les
premières présences helvétiques en sol
canadien et en terre québécoise et, dans une
histoire plus récente, souligné l’implication
et la contribution suisses à l’économie québécoise dans des domaines professionnels
et culturels variés. Il n’a pas manqué de
louanger l’engagement et l’enthousiasme
sans faille des membres fondateurs et des
membres actuels de notre Chambre.
Monsieur Werner Baumann, ambassadeur
de Suisse à Ottawa, a abordé les excellentes
relations entre la Suisse et le Québec, confirmé dans ses propos quelques instants plus
tard par Monsieur Pierre Arcand, Ministre
des relations internationales et responsable
pour la Francophonie.
Madame Monica Schirdewahn, notre
présidente, a rappelé que c’est l’engagement
des membres fondateurs et de tous ceux
qui ont contribué au développement de la
chambre depuis qui ont permis cet anniversaire. Elle a remercié chaleureusement le
comité organisateur de cette réception pour
leur diligence dans la planification de cet
Cette inoubliable soirée s’est conclue avec
la remise à chaque participant d’une clé USB
contenant les photos de la soirée ainsi que la
brochure souvenir…en attendant le 50ème !
Monsieur Walter Krieg, en qualité de
président d’honneur de ce 40ème anniversaire et membre fondateur de la Chambre,
a alors prononcé une allocution où il a évoqué l’ancienne dénomination d’alors, Swiss
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Chamber News
Information de votre chambre
Nous tenons à adresser nos vifs remerciements à Monsieur Christian G. Dubois et
à la Ville de Montréal de nous avoir ouvert
les portes de l’Hôtel de ville et d’avoir mis à
notre disposition ses bénévoles ainsi que le
Consulat général de Suisse qui nous a pourvu
généreusement en vins.
Nous ne pouvons terminer cet article
sans exprimer notre gratitude envers nos
généreux commanditaires qui ont grandement contribué au succès de cette belle
Le Groupe Alfid, avec la création du livret
souvenir sur le 40ème anniversaire
BMW Canbec, Bobst Group, Busch Vacuum
Technics Inc., Cansica Services, Europack,
Fernand Marois Lanctot, Gestion Pfiffner Inc.,
Kaufman de Suisse, Kuehne & Nagel, Marcel
Brigger, Mirabaud, Nespresso, Panalpina,
Pictet, Primavera, SCCC (Ontario) Inc., Swiss
International Airlines, System Huntingdon Inc.
De même, nous nous devons de souligner
l’énorme travail du comité organisateur et
d’en remercier tous les membres pour leur
application à faire de cette soirée un inoubliable succès.
et Daniel Roberts. Le trophée du Consul
général de Suisse a quant à lui a été remis
au groupe composé de : Alex Mc Namee,
Guylaine Bonabe de Rougé, Suzanne Brillant
Fluehler et Shitik Thong. Pour terminer, le
trophée Jacques Thevenoz a été remporté
par Patrick Beaudet. Nos félicitations aux
gagnants et meilleure chance la prochaine
fois pour les autres joueurs !
Après le cocktail, tous les participants
ont été invités à se rassembler autour des
tables du Club pour un savoureux dîner. C’est
dans une ambiance festive que s’est déroulé
le tirage dont les nombreux prix ont fait
beaucoup d’heureux.
Nous espérons vous accueillir encore
nombreux l’année prochaine pour vous voir
jouer du club et « putter » en agréable compagnie dans ce cadre idyllique.
Cet événement n’aurait pu avoir lieu sans
l’engagement de Monsieur Schlegel, organisateur, et sans l’aide précieuse de Sylvie
Leduc, Sophie Kraeuchi et Andreas Kraeuchi.
Un grand merci également à nos généreux
commanditaires qui, d’année en année, nous
permettent d’enrichir la tombola et les prix
par une variété de lots très appréciés.
Undeclared Funds
Vous Détenez des fonds
non déclarés à l’impôt ?
Put your affairs in order
Avoid penalties and prosecution
Régularisez votre situation
Évitez pénalités et poursuites du fisc
• We can assist you in negotiating a settlement
under the voluntary disclosure policies of the
federal and provincial tax authorities
• Nous sommes à même de négocier en votre nom
un règlement en vertu des politiques de
divulgation volontaire des autorités fiscales
fédérales et provinciales
• Your communications with us are protected by
solicitor-client privilege (professional secrecy)
• Communiquez avec nous sous le sceau du secret
Par Olivier Rodriguez
C’est dans le superbe cadre du club de golf
Whitlock à Hudson et sous un soleil radieux
que s’est déroulé, le 7 juin dernier, le tournoi
annuel Jacques Thevenoz Memorial de notre
Ce sont quelques 107 golfeurs néophytes
ou d’expérience qui se sont réunis à l’occasion
de cette compétition amicale. Cette année,
le trophée Finecast récompensant le meilleur score a été remporté par le quatuor :
Tony Roberts, Andrew Harris, David Roberts
[email protected]
Lette Whittaker LLP
Lette & Associés
Lette Alérion
Lette & Knorr
137, rue de l’université
75007 Paris
Tel: +33 (1)
Fax: +33 (1)
[email protected]
Tal 12
D-80331 München
Tel: +49 (0)
Fax: +49 (0)
[email protected]
20 Queen St. W.,Suite 3300
Box 33, Toronto ON M5H 3R3
Tel: +1 416.971.4848
Fax: +1 416.971.4849
[email protected]
630, Bd. René-lévesque Ouest
#2800, Montréal QC H3B 1S6
Tel: +1 514.871.3838
Fax: +1 514.876.4217
[email protected]
By Ernst Notz, Past President of the SCCC
The Jabulani has made its last funny turns
and twists, the Vuvuzelas have gone quiet
and the celebrations in the countries are
over. South Africa has done a wonderful job
as a host and what a great football (yes, I
prefer this over soccer) tournament this has
been! Skill and tactics have won over kick
and rush and overall the best team deserved
to win this Championship!
FIFA will have to do some homework
and I am sure that at the next World Cup we
will see some new technology introduced to
support the referees’ decisions.
The “little” Swiss football team can now
say that it was the only Eleven to beat the
World Champion! “We” started well and
could have gone further with a little more
courage and self confidence.
with the “Associacion de Mujeres Chilenas de
Ontario” served a great cause that brought
our communities closer together.
New Personal Members:
Karsten Mertens
Conduit Industries Ltd.
2 Billingham Road
Toronto, ON M8Z 2Z1
Tel: 416.237.0591
Email: [email protected]
AndrÈ Nowakowski
The organizing committee (see photo
above) would like to thank all the great fans
and the sponsors: Consulate General of CH,
Swiss Tourism, Auto Motion Shade, Kuehne
+ Nagel, Lindt Chocolate, Lombard Insurance
and Swiss Reinsurance for their support to
come up with prizes for the Quiz winners. ■
Miller Thomson LLP; Scotia Plaza
40 King Street West, Suite 5800
Toronto, ON M5H 3S1
Tel: 416.595.2986
Email: [email protected]
Our Swiss fans had a lot of fun together
with the attending fans of Spain (incl. Messrs.
Jorge Rubio and Juan Carlos Munoz Sanchez),
Chile and Honduras. Watching the Chile game
with their Consul General, the honorable Mr.
Patricio Powell (see photo below) together
with our own Consul General, the honorable
Ms. Bernadette Hunkeler Brown (she turned
out to be quite a football expert!) was a
highlight of these friendly get-togethers. The
fundraiser for the earthquake victims in Chile
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Business and Other News
Nouvel les economiques et information
By Mark Borkowski, President, Mercantile
Mergers & Acquisitions Corp.
Private Equity Groups have not been hard-hit
by the credit crunch or the past stock market
decline. They have capital to invest and are
looking for business acquisitions or investments. One of the major market shifts for the
acquisition of privately held companies has
been the growth in the number of Private
Equity Groups (PEGs) over the last decade.
These organizations number in the thousands
in both the United States and Canada. Private
Equity firms generally manage money for
insurance funds, pension funds, charitable
trusts and sophisticated investment groups.
They have money to invest. Despite the
downturn in the Canadian economy, the
buyout and investment market for Canadian
companies remains hot. Even early stage
businesses are also being sought out.
PEGs have become key players in business
acquisitions. They offer flexibility as a liquidity source, giving entrepreneurs the ability to
take some cash off the table, recapitalize their
company or simply sell and move on. Private
equity refers to buyout groups that seek to
acquire or invest in ongoing, profitable businesses that demonstrate growth potential.
The private equity market had traditionally been restricted to acquiring or investing
in larger companies. But increased competition for those larger operations, the greater
growth potential of smaller firms, and an
easier path to exiting the investment of
smaller firms in the future have played a role
in attracting PEGs to smaller companies. PEGs
are typically organized as limited partnerships controlled and managed by the private
equity firm that acts as the general partner.
The fund invests in privately held companies
to generate above-market financial returns
for investors.
The strategy and focus of these groups
vary widely in investment philosophies and
transaction structure preferences. Some
prefer complete ownership, while others are
happy with a majority or minority interest in
acquired companies. Some limit themselves
geographically while others have a global
strategy. PEGs also tend to have certain things
in common. They typically target companies
with relatively stable product life cycles and
a strategy to overcome foreign competition.
They avoid leading-edge technology (this
is what venture capitalists want) and have
a preference for superior profit margins, a
unique business model with a sustainable
and defensible market niche and position.
Other traits that appeal to PEGs are
strong growth opportunities, a compelling
track record, low customer concentrations,
and a deep management team. Most prefer
a qualified management team that will continue to run the day-to-day operations while
the group’s principals closely support them
on the Board of Director level.
Private equity buyouts or investments
take many forms, including:
Outright Sale:
This is common when the owner wants to
sell his ownership interest and retire. Either
existing management will be elevated
to run the company or management will
be brought in. A transition period may be
required to train replacement management
and provide for a smooth transition of key
Employee Buyout:
PEGs can partner with key employees in
the acquisition of a company in which they
play a key role. Key employees receive a
generous equity stake in the conservatively
capitalized company while retaining daily
operating control.
Family Succession:
This type of transaction often involves backing certain members of family management
in acquiring ownership from the senior generation. By working with a PEG in a family
succession transaction, active family members secure operating control and significant
equity ownership, while gaining a financial
partner for growth.
Dry Skin – Irritant for many of us
We are still in the “high season” of dry skin. The management of
dry skin includes the restoration of the barrier function by use of
emollients to reduce the water loss via occlusion, increase the lipid
content of the skin, as well as its smoothness and softness.
The Excipial® Cream is a ‘Lipid in Water’ formula wich contains
34% lipids. The cream is a moderate moisturizing for normal to
mildly dry skin which can be washed off easily and is free of perfumes.
The Excipial® Fatty Cream is a ‘Water in Lipid’ system’ which contains 55% lipids. The
cosmetically elegant, water resistant cream is highly moisturizing and great for dry to very
dry skin and for smaller cracked-open skin areas.
The Excipial® Almond Oil Ointment (The most protective skin-moisturizing treatment) is a
‘Lipid Only’ system which contains 96% lipids (75% almond oil; 4% zinc oxide). This amazing
ointment is highly moisturizing to be used on dry to very dry skin, atopic, dry winter feet and
other extremely dry skin conditions with limited surface area. The ointment is suitable for use
in children and prevents diaper rash (the leading product in Switzerland). It does not contain
preservatives (only vitamin E as an antioxidant) and has a fresh fragrance.
The two creams and the ointment are available at the Rexall Pharmacies or at
Classic Care Pharmacy. To order please call: 1-800-677-4053
Spirig Skin Care Products for Dry Skin, distributed by:
Made in Switzerland
This is an option for an owner who wants
to sell a portion of the company for liquidity while retaining equity ownership to
participate in the company’s future upside
potential. This structure allows the owner to
achieve personal liquidity, retain significant
operational input and responsibility and
gain a financial partner to help capitalize on
strategic expansion opportunities.
Growth Capital:
Growing a business often strains cash flow
and requires significant access to additional
working capital. A growth capital investment
permits management to focus on running
the business without constantly having to
be concerned with cash flow matters.
PEGs have become a major force in the
acquisition and investment arena. They can
also be thought of as strategic acquirers in
certain instances, when they own portfolio
companies in your industry or a related area
that addresses the same customer base.
These buyers may be in a position to pay
more than an industry or strategic buyer that
does not have this financial backing.
Mark Borkowski is president of Toronto
based Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions
Corp. Mercantile specializes in the sale of
mid market companies sold to strategic
buyers or private equity firms. He can be
contacted in confidence at
[email protected] or
(416) 368-8466 ext. 232 or
Conscients de l’urgence de la situation,
les divers paliers gouvernementaux canadiens n’ont pas tardé à emboîter le pas en
s’engageant à investir plusieurs milliards de
dollars dans les infrastructures. La question
est de comment réaliser de tels investissements à la lumière des risques réels qu’ils
comportent. Les approches traditionnelles
ont souvent menées à des délais ou
des dépassements de coûts importants.
L’approche des partenariats public-privé
(PPP) permet de mieux gérer ces risques.
Depuis le début des années 2000, plus de
70 projets d’infrastructures (hôpitaux, routes,
ponts, etc…) ont été réalisés ou amorcés
au Canada en PPP. En Ontario notamment,
on compte 35 projets dans le secteur de la
santé. Au Québec, cette formule a permis la
réalisation de 8 grands chantiers, dont les
projets des autoroutes 25 et 30 ainsi que le
projet de plus de 1,3 milliard de dollars du
Centre universitaire de santé McGill.
La plupart des projets PPP réalisés à ce jour
au Canada confère au secteur privé la responsabilité de réaliser la construction et le finance-
A large selection of vacuum pumps with different principles of operation
and design sizes, as well as the construction of individual vacuum
systems, enables the exact solution for every application.
Busch’s worldwide customer service is always near. With over 45 years
of experience, we will provide you with the answers to your vacuum
and pressurised air problems.
Busch is present with its vacuum technics all over the world. The company has
several production plants in Europe, USA and Asia. With 55 companies in 38
countries and sales agencies in more than 30 countries, we are strategically
positioned throughout the world to provide our customers with the essentials
for success.
Written by : J. Mullen, Directeur Général PWC
Les besoins d’investissement en infrastructure sont énormes au Canada. En 2007 , une
estimation situait le déficit d’infrastructure
canadien entre 350 et 400 milliards de dollars. Même si les chiffres peuvent varier, la
conclusion reste sans appel : des investissements massifs sont nécessaires.
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Business and Other News
Nouvel les economiques et information
ment jusqu’à la livraison de l’infrastructure.
Dans plusieurs cas, c’est même au partenaire
privé que revient la responsabilité de parachever la conception et d’entretenir et de maintenir l’actif à long terme.
La contribution du secteur privé dans
les financements de projet d’infrastructure
s’avère donc cruciale. Au-delà de pourvoir
une source de financements au projet, les
bailleurs de fonds mettent avant tout à
profit, leur rigueur. En effet, ce n’est qu’au
travers d’un projet conforme aux budgets,
aux standards et aux échéanciers que les
bailleurs de fonds s’assurent du remboursement de leur capital.
Les PPP n’ont pas échappé à la crise financière, mais ils ont su y faire face. Pendant
presque 18 mois, les institutions bancaires
se sont retirées du financement à long terme
et c’est donc via une participation accrue au
marché obligataire que les projets ont pu
se financer. Ainsi, en dépit d’un environnement difficile, la capacité d’adaptation et
d’innovation des partenaires privés et publics a permit la concrétisation d’une dizaine
de projets majeurs d’infrastructures dont la
valeur cumulée dépasse les 3 milliards de
dollars. En combinant différentes solutions
de financements et de multiples tranches
de dette à court, moyen et long terme, les
partenaires ont su innover et structurer des
financements sur mesure répondant aux
besoins totaux des projets.
Depuis le début 2010, les conditions
de financement de projet semblaient se
desserrer ouvrant la voie au financement
bancaire à long terme avec des échéances
de remboursement de 20 et de 30 ans. Le
tout, évidemment, avant la crise causée
par le déficit de certains gouvernements
européens, notamment la Grèce. L’impact
de cette crise en Europe et ses répercussions
en Amérique du Nord reste à déterminer.
Une chose est sûre, et les crises de 2007 et
de 2008 en attestent, les PPP et la présence
du financement privé s’imposent comme
une option incontournable pour les divers
paliers gouvernementaux au Canada afin de
renouveler son patrimoine et d’améliorer la
qualité des services à ces citoyens.
New Corporate Member:
New Corporate Member:
MarchÈ Restaurants Canada Ltd.
Swiss Virtual Business School Inc.
Gottfried Keller
Dr. Christian Metzger
8 King Street East, Suite 838
333 Adelaide St. West; Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5C 1B5
Toronto, ON M5V 1R5
Tel: 647.341.1444
Tel: 416.848.3744
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Risk Management
Zurich HelpP int
We provide claims handling specialists
for those not-so-special moments.
Zurich HelpPoint is here when you need more than just insurance. That’s why the
moment you need help, we engage a deeply experienced claims team with an
understanding of your company and your specific needs. They can quickly assess
the damage and start the recovery process right away. We understand that besides
repairing physical damage, a quick response restores what you need just as much; your
confidence. For more details about Zurich HelpPoint, visit
Here to help your world.
Because change happenz®, Zurich® and HelpPointTM are trademarks of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Legal Services / Services juridiques
Jean-Marc Ferland, Attorney
Jean-Marc Ferland
1080 Côte du Beaver Hall, Suite 1610
Montréal, QC H2Z 1S8
Tel: 514 861 1110 ext. 224 Fax: 514 861 1310
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
Avocats formés en Suisse (et au Canada):
droit international, des affaires, immobilier,
planification et la liquidation de successions, etc.
Attorneys trained in Swiss (and Canadian) law:
International, business, real estate law, estate
and tax planning and liquidations, voluntary
Law Office of Celina Fenster
Celina Fenster
61 Spring Gate Blvd., Thornhill, ON L4J3C9
Tel: 905 886 5466 Fax: 905 886 5412
E-mail: [email protected]
Advising on issues regarding the protection of
corporate trade marks and intellectual property
Lette & Associés SENCRL
Bernard Lette
630, boul. René Lévesque Ouest,
bureau 2800
Montréal, QC H3B 1S6
Tel: 514 871 3838 Fax: 514 876 4217
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
LETTE est un groupement international de
cabinets d’avocats avec des bureaux à Montréal,
Toronto, Munich et Paris, offrant des services
juridiques à des sociétés et individus suisses
faisant affaires au Canada et à des compagnies
locales et personnes ayant un lien avec la Suisse.
Il se spécialise en fiscalité internationale, droit
corporatif & commercial, immobilier, propriété
intellectuelle, successions internationales, litiges
commerciaux, fusions et acquisitions
Lette Whittaker LLP
Bernard Lette
3300-20 Queen St. West,
Box 33, Toronto, ON M5H 3R3
Tel: 416 971 4898 Fax: 416 971 4849
E-mail: [email protected] Web:
LETTE is an international law group with offices
in Toronto, Montreal, Munich and Paris, offering
a wide range of services to Swiss companies
and individuals doing business in Canada as
well as local companies and persons with ties to
Switzerland. We focus on international tax, corporate & commercial, real estate and intellectual
property law, international estates, commercial
litigation and mergers & acquisitions
Miller Thompson LLP
André Nowakowski
40 King Street West, Suite 5800, PO Box 1011
Toronto, ON M5H 3S1
Tel: 416 595 2986 Fax: 416 595 8695
[email protected]
Thomson, Rogers
Alan A Farrer
390 Bay Street, Suite 3100
Toronto, ON M5H 1W2
Tel: 16 868 3217 Fax: 416 868 3134
E-mail: [email protected]
Thomson, Rogers celebrates 75 years in practice
as a leading litigation firm, specializing in
personal injury claim, class actions and employment law.
Torion Trading (Canada) Limited
Thomas W Gruenig
PO Box 844 Stn. Main, Bradford, ON L3Z 3B3
Tel: 905 7757578 E-mail: [email protected]
Venture Capital Investment & Real Estate
(Holding Company)
Moving , Transport & Logistic Services /
Déménagement, Transport & Services logistiques
Agility Logistics Cie
Richard Dill
333, Blvd. Décarie
Suite 400
St. Laurent, QC H4N 3M9
Tel: 514 855 5551 Fax: 514 855 9522
E-mail: [email protected]
Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of
integrated logistics to businesses and governments. It is a publicly traded company with $6.8
billion in annual revenue and more than 34,000
employees in over 550 offices and 120 countries.
Agility brings efficiency to supply chains in
some of the globe’s most challenging environments, offering unmatched personal service, a
global footprint, and customized capabilities in
developed and emerging economies alike.
Armstrong International Movers
Derek Duffy
630 Secretariat Court, Mississauga, ON L5S 2A5
Tel: 905 795 6778 Fax: 905 670 0764
E-mail: [email protected]
Armstrong has been successfully relocating
families locally, nationally and internationally
since 1963. Consistently ranked as Corporate
Canada’s preferred moving partner.
Julien Bertrand-Hardy
620 Avenue Orly, Dorval, QC H9P 1E9
Tel: 514 633 8583 Fax: 514 633 8321
E-mail: [email protected]
Europack move people all around the world, from
private people to corporate people
Kuehne + Nagle Ltd
Suzanne Broadbent
77 Foster Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5R 0K1
Tel: 905 502 7776 Fax: 905 502 0775
E-mail: [email protected]
With offices in Canada from Vancouver to Halifax,
Kuehne + Nagel provides service excellence in
sea & air logistics, customs brokerage, road and
contract logistics, with a clear focus on providing
IT-based supply chain solutions. We deliver
end-to-end supply chain solutions for many
major industries, including: Aviation, Automotive,
Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Industrial, FastMoving Consumer Goods, Retail and Consumer
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Spectacular Sunsets in coveted part of Georgina
Island in Lake Simcoe. Cheerful Open Concept 3
Bd/1 Bath with Cathedral Ceiling, airtight inserted
Woodstove, Loft with Lakeview, winterized. Huge
wrap around Deck, very quiet and peaceful.
Landscaped. Private Dock. Gardenshed and
Marlies McKee, Realtor, Sutton Workshop. Only 1 hr to City. Building on Cement
Pad 4 Blocks high Holding Tank with sep. gray
Group Incentive Realty Inc.
Water System. No Taxes just Landlease expires
Tel. 1-705-739-1300 or
2052, 5 year Term $3000.00 annual Fee to Oct.
1-866-871-1151 31, 2013.
[email protected]
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Travel News
Aquabasilea in Pratteln by Basel is a unique
water world extending over an area of
13’000 square meter.
Basel Running Tours offers guided tours
through Basel. See the sights on foot – either
walking or jogging.
Swiss Indooors in Basel celebrates its 40th
From October 30 to November 7 over
70’000 spectators are expected to celebrate
the sporting event’s 40th anniversary. No
other than Basel’s native son, Roger Federer,
is expected to open the home tournament.
Hydrospeeding on the Sarine River. If
river rafting is too tame for you, loose the
raft. Hydrospeeders swim through rapids
equipped with a float, helmet, wetsuit, life
jacket and flippers. Swissraft runs the trip
from Saanen to Rougemont.
Lake Neuchâtell – The only waterski lift in
Fusing waterskiing and a ski lift? See
the result in Estavayer-le-Lac. There the
challenge is to stay on your wakeboard or
waterskis while a rope tow pulls you on an
800-meter ride at 30km per hour.
August 11-14 Rock Oz’Arenes, Avenches;
Where else are you ever going to see
Status Quo perform Rocking All Over The
Worlds inside a Roman amphitheatre?
Rock and pop music legends feature
heavily here. The parties kick off in a
fairly hedonistic way with thousands of
people dancing until dawn around this
ancient auditorium.
August 14 Street Parade, Zurich; One of
the biggest techno parties in Europe,
Zurich’s Street Parade is fun, attracting
more than half a million people. “Love
mobiles” pump out hard tech grooves,
usually accompanies by large groups of
glittery, bikini-clad party people of all
August 19-21 Pully for Noise; This musically edgy festival is set in the forest of
a chic but otherwise sleepy Lausanne
suburb of Pully. But over one weekend
in August it showcases bands that
attract the coolest music connoisseurs.
This alternative festival is an antidote to
the pop-music dominance of the Paléol
and Montreux festivals.
August 12-September 18, Lucerne
Festival in Summer; “Eros” is the theme
for this year’s classical music festival
featuring world-class conductors and
Switzerland is a small
country. Less than one hour,
and you’re off.
Short walking distances and perfectly harmonised flight schedules mean that nowhere in Europe is it quicker and easier to change from one plane
to the next than in Zurich. It’s almost a shame that you don’t have more time to enjoy the airport itself, which was awarded the «World Travel Award
2006». For information and reservations, call 1-877-FLY-SWISS or contact your travel agent. Visit SWISS.COM to find out more about all the things
we do to make each and every flight as comfortable as possible for our guests.
20.3.2007 14:36:49 Uhr
Our amusement park.
The Swiss Travel System has the perfect ticket for you to discover Switzerland. Tailoured to
your itinerary the Swiss Pass, Swiss Flexi Pass, Swiss Transfer Ticket or the Swiss Card will be
the perfect solution to ride 20,000 km of train, postal bus or boat routes. Your personal choice
include the classic scenic routes such as the Glacier Express, the Bernina Express, the Golden
Pass Line, the William Tell Express, and the Palm Express. Also included is the public transport
system of 38 cities, and the passes give you 50% discount on most mountaintop trains and
cable cars. To top if off, you will profit from free entries to over 450 museums.
For more information go to,, or call 1-800-361-RAIL (7245)
Annual Member Company Directory
Répertoire annuel des compagnies membres
Moving , Transport & Logistic Services /
Déménagement, Transport & Services logistiques
Kuehne + Nagel
James Kelly
1155 University, Suite 400, Montreal, QC H3B 3A7
Tel: 514 397 9900, ext. 285 Fax: 514 397 9296
E-mail: [email protected]
We import & export cargo worldwide and also
handle Customs Brokerage and Insurance.
The MI Group Ltd.
Steve Szostak
6745 Financial Drive, Mississauga, ON L9T 6R4
Tel: 905 813 9600 Fax: 905 814 6702
E-mail: [email protected]
Recognized as a top relocation provider,
TheMIGroup offers a full range of global relocation management services worldwide.
Museums – Art Galleries / Musées, Galeries d’art
Bata Shoe Museum
Sonja Bata
Bata Shoe Museum
327 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 1W7
Tel: 416 979 7799 Fax: 416 979 0078
E-mail: [email protected]
The Bata Shoe Museum is dedicated to uncovering the role of footwear in the social and cultural
life of humanity. The Museum’s growing international collection of over 13,000 objects touches
on 4,500 years of history. A varied program of
events and exhibitions lets visitors discover the
stories behind footwear from many lands and
cultures. Further information is available at www.
News Media / Médias
Conduit Industries Ltd.
Karsten Mertens
2 Billingham Road, Toronto, ON M9B 6E1
Tel: 416 237 0591 Fax:416 237 9590
E-mail: [email protected]
Neue Welt - leading German language newspaper in Canada.
Pharmaceutical – Chemical Products /
Produits chimiques et pharmaceutiques
BGR Chemical Products Inc.
Gerry Attenborough
600 Delmar Ave., Pte. Claire, QC
Tel: 416 298 7122 Fax: 416 444 4586
E-mail: [email protected]
Manufacturer of Iodine derivatives to industry,
agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries.
Hoffmann-La Roche Limited
Caroline Kernichan – Deborah McCausland
2455 Meadowpine Blvd., Mississauga, ON L5N
Tel: 905 542 5765 / 905 542 5690
Fax: 905 542 5507
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Narimya Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Charles Piwko
20 Maimonides Court, Thornhill, ON L4J 4X8
Tel: 416 433 5787
E-mail: [email protected]
Import of Swiss made pharmaceutical products.
Printing, Publishing, Graphic Design /
Imprimerie, Edition, Conceptions graphiques
Hunter Straker
René Walti
49 Treeland Way, Toronto, ON M3M 3H7
Tel: 416 630 8049 Fax: 416 458 1295
E-mail: [email protected]
Advertising & Design.
Matterhorn Publishing Inc
Bruno Gideon
22 St. Thomas St. Toronto, ON M53E7
Tel: 416 966 0036 Fax: 416 969 8998
E-mail: [email protected]
Bruno’s weekly Minute is inspiring, fun to
read and free. It’s read by 20,000 people in 23
countries. Please join us at www.brunogideon.
com. You won’t regret it.
We Make HLA
Divisions of Heidy Lawrance Associates
Heidy Lawrance
238 Willowdale Ave.,
North York, ON M2N 4Z5
Tel: 416 733 1827 Fax: 416 733 7663
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
We design, typeset print books, magazines,
stationery and promotional items from flyers,
brochures, newsletters to catalogues. We also
create websites.
Real Estate & Property Management Services /
Immobilier, Services de gestion de propriété
Alfid Services Immobiliers Ltée
Walter Krieg
500, Place d’Armes, bureau 2300
Montréal, QC H2Y 2W2
Tel: 514 282 7654 Fax: 514 782 7495
E-mail: alfi[email protected] Web:
Services : Property Management, Adminsitration,
Brokerage, Maintenance, Security, Construction
Services: Gestion, Administration, Courtage,
Entretien, Sécurité, Construction.
Atlantis Real Estate Corporation
Bernhard Kaeser
1131A Leslie, Suite 510, Toronto, ON M3C 3 L8
Tel: 416 449 9500 Fax: 416 449 9105
E-mail: [email protected]
Real Estate Investments.
Arctic Ski Expeditions
I Love to Travel Group
(Rosedale Office)
Suzanne Schurmann
920 Yonge Street, Suite 607
Toronto, ON M4W 3C7
Tel: 416 968 2636 Fax: 416 323 0185
E-mail: [email protected]
Special interest groups/business and private
travel worldwide.
Swiss International Air Lines
Olivier Schlegel – Sylvie Leduc
1555 Peel, bureau 800, Montreal, QC H3A 3L8
Tel: 514 954 5600 Fax:514 954 5619
E-mail: [email protected]
Transport aérien
Quote of the Month
An economist is an expert
who will know tomorrow
why the things he
predicted yesterday
didn’t happen today.
(Laurence J. Peter)
Bolliger Holdings Corporation
Arlette Bolliger
70 Rosehill Ave., Apt. 703, Toronto, ON M4T 2W7
Tel: 416 964 8573 Fax: 416 964 7870
E-mail: [email protected]
Euromart International Bancorp Ltd.
Marcus J. Arnold
121 Richmond Street
West, Suite 1000
Toronto, ON M5H 2K1
Tel: 416 863 9858 Fax: 416 861 0191
E-mail: [email protected]
Realty Services. Asset Management. Pension
Fund Advisory Services in Canada & USA offices in
Toronto & Quebec City.
Imperra General Management & Investment
Corporation Limited
Thomas Heilborn
2751 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M9A 1T9
Tel: 416 236 9474 Fax: 416 236 8813
E-mail: [email protected]
Imperra General Management & Investment
Corporation Limited.
Gestion privée
Gérants indépendants
Family Office
Global Custody
Gestion institutionnelle
Fonds de placement
Nous avons un
centre d’excellence,
établi dans 20
places financières.
RE/MAX West Realty Inc.
Urs Villiger
1678 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M6P 1A9
Tel: 416 769 1616 / 416 562 7701
Fax: 1 866 569 3650
E-mail: [email protected]
Assistance when buying or selling residential
or commercial real estate in the Greater
Toronto Area.
Swiss Canadian Management Co. Ltd.
Peter Tschan, President
Tel: 416 783 7676 x 225 Fax: 416 783 7202
E-mail: [email protected]
Travel Services / Tourisme, voyages
Exploring the Limits Ltd.
Emily Schindler
211 Blackburn Blvd.,
Woodbridge, ON L4L 7J9
Tel: 905 851 8508 / 416.998.8666
E-mail: [email protected]
Genève Lausanne Zurich Bâle Londres
Luxembourg Francfort Paris Madrid Barcelone
Turin Milan Rome Florence Dubai Singapour
Hong Kong Tokyo Montréal Nassau
Esprit d'indépendance
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Mark your agenda. Book early. Be part of the fun.
2010 SCCC Golf Tournament – 13 September 2010
Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club, Gormley, Ontario
U r s V i l l i g e r , MBA
sales representative
S Awhen
L E S buying
R E P RorE selling
V E in
ur Swiss choice
real Iestate
Greater Toronto Area.
o f f ic e 416.769.1616
c e ll
[email protected]
w w w. u r s v i l l i g e r. c a
RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage
Business News
Surveys have ranked Swiss companies as
the most innovative in Europe, dispelling the
myth that the country’s ideas often fail to
find commercial success at home, according
to an article in SwissInfo. Switzerland climbed
one place to top the European Innovation
Scoreboard issued by the European Union
in March. And research by the KOF Swiss
Economic Institute reveals that innovation
really does translate into cash.
The EU’s annual comparison of innovation
in the continent showed Switzerland outperforming 32 other countries after displaying
strong growth in ideas and application during 2009.
Expedia, the leading global online travel
service, announced it is transferring its
global Lodging Supply team to Geneva.
Navigation device maker Garmin Ltd.
will shift the location of its incorporation
from the Cayman Islands to Switzerland.
The company noted that the Swiss office
will provide a base for expansion of certain
corporate functions in Europe and a more
favorable structure from which it would be
possible to acquire or partner with European
Cephalon, Inc. based in Frazer, PA, has completed its previously announced acquisition
of the Swiss-based pharmaceutical company
Mepha located in Aesch. As a result of the
acquisition, Mepha is now a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Cephalon. The purchase price
paid at closing, inclusive of certain closing
adjustments, was CHF 662.4 million (or
approximately US$615.4 million).
Charlotte, North Carolina by consolidating
certain business support and customer service operations there. Clariant, which already
has nearly 400 employees in the state, will
create an additional 50 jobs over the next
three years through this investment.
Sandoz, AG, the generics unit of Swiss drug
major Novartis, has entered into a definitive
agreement to acquire Oriel Therapeutics.
The US pharmaceutical developer is based in
Durham, North Carolina.
Swiss pharmaceutical firm Novartis AG is
reportedly preparing to cut about twenty
percent of its US headquarters staff. The
company is also reorganizing its US staff
into four new business units each focused
on a specific therapy area: primary care, MS,
respiratory disease and neuroscience.
Swiss chemical company Clariant will
invest two and a half million dollars in
A U G U S T /S E P T E M B E R
Date: 15-SEP-10 to 16-SEP-10
LOGISTIK Schweiz will provide an
opportunity to meet directly with potential
new customers from the region. The event
will bring together the region’s most
comprehensive trade show for the industry
with a rich program of informational
activities all around the topic of transport,
technologies and solutions, materials
handling systems, logistics infrastructure,
warehouse equipment & services, goods
handling, labelling, picking, tracking.
Venue: BEA Bern Expo, Bern, Switzerland
Si je savoure si souvent ces si purs suisses-ci de la Suisse, c’est parce que ces si purs
suisses-ci de la Suisse sont si savoureux. Pourquoi ces si purs suisses-ci de la Suisse
sont-ils si savoureux déjà? Ces si purs suisses-ci de la Suisse sont si savoureux parce
qu’ils sont faits comme seule la Suisse sait les faire. Si vrai, si pur, si Suisse. Si, si.
Découvrez-les sur les
Pleasure & Lifestyle
Date: 16-SEP-10 to 19-SEP-10
Pleasure & Lifestyle is the great event
for consciously enjoy living in style
Fair delicacies, wine, specialty, holiday,
sports and wellness of Switzerland. It
will Showcase Cosmetics & perfumes,
Skincare/ Hair care, Lifestyle products,
Fitness consultants, Fitness Equipment will
be targeting travel specialists, medical
professionals and health and beauty
consultants, operators of facilities.
Venue: Luzern Convention Center,
Luzern, Switzerland
Miptec Expo
Date: 21-SEP-10 to 24-SEP-10
Miptec Expo is now well-established
and recognised as the leading European
conference and exhibition on enabling
technologies in the drug discovery
process. However, not many people know
the background to the creation of this
prestigious event.
Venue: Basel Exhibition Center, Basel,
Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
Date: 21-SEP-10 to 24-SEP-10
ILMAC Expo is the Industry Exhibition for
Research and Development, Environmental
and Process Technology in Pharmaceuticals,
Chemicals and Biotechnology. This is where
you will find all the industrial applications in
process technology represented in one place
from research and development through
piloting and engineering up to production
and disposal.
Venue: Basel Exhibition Center, Basel,
Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
Just how pure is this Swiss? Well, it’s so pure and so savoury that every taste is 100%
pure bliss. So when it comes to Swiss, there’s one thing that you should never miss.
Make sure to put authentic Swiss on your list. Because nothing else is this Swiss.
Get the real Swiss on

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