November 2009



November 2009
Memorial Ashford News
November 2009
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Halloween 2009
The MATA Trick or Treat Party was a “bootiful”
success again this year! Thank you to all the
volunteers who helped make it so much FUN for
our kids!
Trina, Andy, Daphne, Jona, Kari,
Tristan, Ben & Max!
We couldn’t have done it without all your
time, help & donations!
~thank you all so much,
Kelly Bellemans
~Stephanie the Greek Goddess, Kelly the Good Witch, Trina the
“crocodile” from the Peter Pan story, and Kari the Dark Fairy~
Peter Pan enlists the help of a friend to
take on Captain Hook in a sword fight!
The kids enjoyed games and fun
Halloween contests with Miss Kari.
Memorial Ashford News
page 2
Security Report - October 2009
PIP Meetings
The PIP meeting was held on October 15, 2009, at 7 p.m. at the Houston Police Department, Westside Station on Dairy Ashford.
Speakers for this PIP meeting were individuals with the FAST (Forfeiture Abatement Support Team) Unit. There will be a Citywide PIP Meeting on Wednesday, November 10, 2009, beginning at 7 p.m. This meeting will be held at 9009 West Loop South,
Houston, Texas.
For more information, please contact the Citywide PIP Coordinator, Officer James Sobota at (713) 308.9079 or at
[email protected] There will be NO PIP meeting for the month of December. PIP meetings will resume on
Thursday, January 21, 2010.
REMINDER: Houston Police Department -- Westside Station has begun a new program ~ a Tip Hotline that individuals can call
to inform police of any possible crime activity taking place in their community. The hotline number is 281.584.4232.
Below is a summary of certain incidents handled by MATA Courtesy Patrol in the month of October, 2009.
Officers observed normal traffic in and out of MATA property. We continue to have speeders throughout the
complex; some have been driving rather recklessly which is a danger not only to the driver, but to the residents/
children that are out and about walking/playing the property. Everyone is reminded that the speed limit is 10
miles per hour.
Be forewarned: The Board of Directors does not take this matter lightly and will determine what necessary steps need
to be taken in order to stop the speeding/reckless operation of said vehicles.
Officers continue to see patio gates left opened with no visible sign of the homeowners being home at the time.
Officers made contacts with numerous homeowners while patrolling. Officers are beginning to walk the property
more in an effort to make the homeowners/residents feel more secure on MATA property.
Vacation watch was utilized since several homeowners were on vacation or out-of-town.
Four Hispanic males, approximately 20 – 25 years of age, were found lingering on MATA property late at night
around Lane 2. Officer advised the males to immediately vacate the area.
Two disturbances between neighbors; one on the Southside and one on the Northside of the
Loud music complaint on the Southside of property.
As always, our MATA Courtesy Patrol is doing an excellent job in keeping the homeowners/
residents safe on MATA property and they will continue to do so. We, as homeowners, should
continue to be vigilant and secure our property the best way possible.
Mary C. LeBlanc
Security Chair
Memorial Ashford News
page 3
As the holidays approach and friends & family come to visit,
parking around MATA becomes more of a focus for residents.
The excerpt below is from the MATA Rules & Regulations and
is included to help answer questions about where you and/or
your guests can park on MATA property. If you have any questions, please contact our Property Manager, Milbry Smith.
Towing Vehicles: Illegally parked cars will be towed! If you
park along the red lines or red curbs; you’ll get towed. If you or
a guest parks in another homeowner’s carport spot; you’ll get
MATA’s Courtesy Patrol cannot tow a car from a Homeowner’s carport. The Homeowner must call the towing company and report the car to be towed from their carport. Any car parked illegally along a fire lane (red line or red curb)
can be reported by anyone and towed at anytime.
Rules and Regulations for Common Areas and Facilities
h. Each two (2) designated carport spaces are allocated for the exclusive use of the resident of each townhome. These designated carport
spaces must be used for vehicle parking. If the resident of a townhome
owns two (2) or less vehicles, the resident is not allowed to park any of
such vehicles in the unassigned covered spaces for any length of time. If
the resident of a townhome owns more than two (2) vehicles, one (1) vehicle may be parked in an unassigned covered space but only during a period in which the resident’s designated parking spaces are being used for
two (2) of the resident’s other vehicles and for a period not exceeding
forty –eight (48) hours. Under no circumstances may the resident of a
townhome park more than one (1) vehicle in unassigned covered spaces.
As used in this paragraph, a vehicle is “owned” by a resident if it is actually owned, it is leased, it is provided by the resident’s employer, or it is
otherwise regularly used by the resident. “Resident” means all persons
occupying a townhome, whether one or more. Those vehicles that exceed
this period are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.
Memorial Ashford News
page 4
Find a hurt wild animal ?
Please contact the Texas Wildlife
Rehabilitation Center at 713-468-8972 for
information and instructions on how to handle
the animal.
10801 Hammerly #200
(just west of Beltway 8)
Whooooo me?
Homeowner Trash Containers
MATA’s trash service picks up garbage on Monday and Thursday.
Each Homeowner or Resident is responsible for moving their trash
containers to the back of their shed on the same day the trash service has emptied the garbage. If you do not put your garbage containers away, the lids sometimes get blown out into the alleys where
they are run over or lost, costing you money to replace.
In addition, Homeowners/Residents
who repeatedly leave their garbage
cans out in front of their shed will be
subject to receiving a warning letter
and then a fine.
Please help keep MATA looking good
by storing your garbage container
behind your shed once the garbage
service has come by.
Per the MATA Rules & Regulations on page 4
a. Conventional trash containers with lids must be used (recommended
address number on the container and lid) and kept from view behind
storage shed, except on garbage pick-up days.
b. Trash must be in proper containers and placed at the rear of the carport area to be picked up. NOTE: Increased collection costs will result
if trash is not properly placed.
c. Trash must be placed in proper containers behind storage sheds during non-pick-up days.
d. Homeowners/Tenants shall not place,
or cause to be placed, any furniture, packages, or objects in the common Area.
e. Items, which cannot be hauled away
under the regular trash-hauling contract,
will be removed at the expense of the
Treasury Report - Mike Hallecook
September 2009 Financials
Year to Date
Gross Income:
-Ins. Expenses
-Tax Expenses
-Capitol Improvements
-Contract Services
Total Expenses
Net Income
Per Unit Cost
Mail Box Lock
Residents & Homeowners at MATA now
have the option of having MATA handle the
replacement of their mailbox lock. Changing
this lock is a good idea if you have renters
moving in/out, if you are a new homeowner or
just as an added security measure to make
sure an unwanted person does not have one of
your old mailbox keys laying around.
Homeowners still have the option of taking
care of this themselves, but it’s often difficult
to coordinate a time with our mail carrier to
make sure the mailbox door is left open for
the work to be done.
Contact our Property Manager,
Milbry Smith, and she will
work out the details for
the installation.
The cost of $45
includes labor,
a new lock & keys.
Memorial Ashford News
page 5
Please keep your pets leashed at all times in the common areas & always
clean up after them. This will help you avoid the $100, $200, or
$300 fines and keep our community clean and safe!
THANK YOU to everyone who does their part & picks up after their
dogs. Pick-up baggies are provided at each “Doggie Station” on the
north & south sides.
Remember to keep your pets leashed at all times in the common areas
or kept within the confines of the pet owner’s patio or unit.
Please do not leave your dog on the patio all day to bark, whine or otherwise annoy your
neighbors. Plus, the Texas weather can be brutal on them.
We are all working towards an enjoyable, peaceful community!
If anyone encounters an unsafe or
dangerous situation with an animal
CALL THE POLICE immediately!
What did the mama turkey say to
her naughty son?
“If your father could see you now,
he’d turn over in his gravy!”
What key has legs but can’t open
A turkey!
Pet of the Month
Name: Tobi
Breed: domestic short-haired tabby
Age: 3 years old
Favorite Snack: Pounce kitty snacks
Favorite Toy: anything leather - he’ll chew it up!
Keep your shoes & purses safe while visiting!
Best Trick: Tobi plays fetch and loves to have his
belly rubbed.
If you’d like to show off your furry, feathered or scaly
friend, please send in a picture along with some information
to share.
Email it to [email protected]
Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was the chicken’s day off.
Memorial Ashford News
Landscaping Flags
For those “do it yourselfers” out there who love to garden, you can
now manage your own flowerbed. If you’d like to trim, weed and
maintain the flowerbed of your front yard, simply submit an ACC
form outlining the duties you’d like to take care of and you will receive a Landscaping Flag to put in your flowerbed. This flag will let
the landscaping crew know not to touch the flowerbed in front of
your house.
You must get the flag from the office, houses that use their own flags
and do not submit an ACC form will have the flag removed and will
still be under the care of the landscaping crew.
Please note that any “changes” you make to your front yard will still
require a new ACC form. That is, if you’d like to remove or add
plants, mulch etc., you will need to submit a separate ACC form
outlining those changes.
page 6
Sign up for the
Official MATA Email List today!
You will receive important
Notices, Security Alerts,
Announcements and the MATA
Newsletters right to your inbox!
Please send your name, address and the email
address you wish to add to Kelly Bellemans at
[email protected]
Keep in mind that while we want our Homeowners to enjoy this freedom, MATA will still maintain responsibility for the yards and can/
will intercede if the yard gets “out of control” or doesn’t stay maintained up to MATA’s standards. Please contact Milbry Smith with
any questions (page 8).
Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
Top 10 Woodburning Tips from CSIA
To aid in the prevention of chimney fires and carbon monoxide intrusion
and to help keep heating appliances and fireplaces functioning properly, the Chimney Safety Institute of
America (CSIA) offers the following safety tips:
1. Get an annual chimney check. Have chimneys inspected annually, and cleaned as necessary, by a
qualified professional chimney service technician. This reduces the risk of fires and carbon monoxide
poisonings due to creosote buildup or obstructions in the chimneys.
2. Keep it clear. Keep tree branches and leaves at least 15 feet away from the top of the chimney.
Install a chimney cap to keep debris and animals out of the chimney.
3. Choose the right fuel. For burning firewood in wood stoves or fireplaces, choose well-seasoned wood
that has been split for a minimum of six months - one year and stored in a covered and elevated location. Never burn Christmas trees or treated wood in your fireplace or wood stove.
4. Build the fire right. Place firewood or firelogs at the rear of the fireplace on a supporting grate. To start
the fire, use kindling or a commercial firelighter. Never use flammable liquids.
5. Keep the hearth area clear. Combustible material too close to the fireplace, or to a wood stove, could
easily catch fire. Keep furniture at least 36” away from the hearth.
6. Use a fireplace screen. Use metal mesh or a screen in front of the fireplace to catch flying sparks that
could ignite or burn holes in the carpet or flooring.
7. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Place detectors throughout the house and check batteries in the spring and fall.
8. When you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time, remember to check your batteries.
9. Never leave a fire unattended. Before turning in for the evening, be sure that the fire is fully extinguished. Supervise children and pets closely around wood stoves and fireplaces.
10. The CSIA recommends annual inspections performed by CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps. These
chimney sweeps have earned the industry's most respected credential by passing an intensive examination based on fire codes, clearances and standards for the construction and maintenance of chimney and venting systems. The National Fire Protection Association also recommends that all chimneys are inspected on an annual basis.
Memorial Ashford News
Financial Management Company
Since August 1, 2009 MATA has been working with a new financial management company, Creative Management Company
(CMC), to manage Homeowners’ accounts.
page 7
Have you done some house remodeling?
Here's a place to take your REUSABLE old
cabinets, toilets, tubs etc.
Please pass it on to your friends & any contractors you may know.
You should have already received your coupon payment book in
the mail from CMC. If not, please call them at 713-772-4420.
Your address is still your account number and your check will be
made payable to “Memorial Ashford”, just like it has been in the
Mail your payment to:
Memorial Ashford Townhouse Assoc.
c/o Sterling Bank
PO Box 4991
Houston, TX 77210-4991
Recycle plastics, glass, paper, aluminum &
1200 Brittmoore Road (at Westview)
Houston, TX
(713) 461-9933
To help keep your trash pick-up costs down,
and protect the environment.
If you wish to learn more about CMC, please check out their website at
Creative Management Company (CMC)
8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite 330
Houston, TX 77074-1692
Phone: 713-772-4420
Fax: 713-772-8655
Email: [email protected]
If you have any questions, about your payment
options, please contact CMC at 713-772-4420.
ACC forms
Don’t forget to submit an ACC Form to the
office BEFORE working on the exterior of
your home. Projects include, but are not
limited to:
DO NOT mail your monthly payment directly
to CMC’s office or to MATA’s clubhouse office.
This will only slow down posting the payment
to your account. Mail your payment to the
Sterling Bank address listed above.
New flowerbeds or borders
Adding mulch
Painting front door
Trimming trees or bushes
Adding/removing plants, trees, bushes
Yard accent lights
Potted Plant out front
Satellite dishes
Patio Cover
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~Dial 911 for EMERGENCIES~
On-Site Property Manager: Milbry Smith
Monday - Friday; 8:00am - 5:00pm
City Departments:
Harris County Info line:
Phone: 281-531-8699
Email: [email protected]
Creative Management Company (CMC)
Phone: 713-772-4420
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Mail Monthly Payments to:
Memorial Ashford Townhouse Assoc.
c/o Sterling Bank
PO Box 4991
Houston, TX 77210-4991
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HPD Courtesy Patrol Officers
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motorist assistance)
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