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The European Federation of the
Sanitary and Heating
Wholesale Trade
© Editor in chief : Frans Geurts E : [email protected]
European Federation of the sanitary and heating wholesale trade
Europäische Vereinigung des Sanitär- und Heizungsgrosshandels
Federazione Europea commercianti articoli idrotermosanitari
Confederación Europea de mayoristas de saneamiento y calefacción
Féderation Européenne des Grossistes en appareils sanitaires et de chauffage
May I first of all begin by wishing you all a happy, prosperous and, above all, healthy New Year. 2015
was a very eventful year in which we saw Europe and the world as a whole change in many ways unfortunately not only for the better. As we are unable to see into the future, we can only hope that
this year will be more peaceful than the previous.
Last year the culmination of a great deal of work that has gone into defining the new strategic direction
for the future of FEST. Taking the key objectives agreed upon by the members at last year’s workshop
in Frankfurt, the Strategic Committee have evaluated the options and are now in a position to propose the following
exciting new initiatives to the General Assembly in March :
● The appointment of a professional lobbyist to represent FEST wholesalers at the EU Commission.
● The development of a universal coding mechanism for all Sanitary, Plumbing and Heating products under the
heading Master Data.
● The accumulation and dissemination of country-based statistical market data for the benefit of members.
The FEST Presidency is delighted to invite the
members’ presidents and directors to the Annual
General Assembly to be held on Wednesday March
16th and Thursday 17th , 2016 on the occasion of
the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2016 in Milan.
I proudly announce you “a breaking news”. At the
end of 2015 the Polish Federation of Plumbing,
Sanitary and HVAC wholesalers SHI applied to the
FEST membership and our Vice President, mrs
Caroline van Marcke, succeeded in convincing the
French Association FNAS of the value in remaining
actively involved in FEST : FNAS renewed her
membership. FEST now includes 16 countries :
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland,
Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland and United Kingdom.
The Presidency is also looking for the replacement
of undersigned, who is retiring, by the proposed
appointment of a new Director General, Mrs Sue
FEST merchants, use the unique
code to preregister free of charge
on www.mcexpocomfort.it
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With the FEST congress coming up, I look forward
to seeing as many as possible in Brussels 15 and 16
September 2016. I really enjoy seeing so many old
and new friends gather to discuss the market
situation, exchanging advice, offering solutions to
the many problems caused by market conditions.
What I find most astounding is the way we can also
agree to disagree, reaching a compromise that suits
all and continue with our work. FEST enables
integration without anyone losing any part of their
own personal culture, this is something of which I
have always been very proud. So, let us work
together to strengthen our position and forge ahead
to ensure that our voice is heard,
Yours Frans Geurts
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The European Federation FEST provides merchants of sanitary and heating articles
with the support and advice needed to run their businesses in a competitive environment
no 157 January / February 2016 - page 2
In most European countries the construction sector shows
promising figures (increasing construction volumes) for the
near future. The vast majority of European architects
therefore experiences a quantitative (and qualitative)
labour shortage on the short run. Labour shortage seems
to be a growing issue in the construction sector as an
increased amount of architects experiences this
development compared to previous years. In the UK and
Germany in particular, a substantial increase in
quantitative labour shortage is seen in the past 12
months, whilst in Italy and France most architects are
already experiencing a shortage of skilled employees.
These are some of the conclusions of the European
Architectural Barometer report, a quarterly market
research among 1,600 architects in eight European
countries. There are some clear developments regarding
the architects’ experience and expectations towards the
quantitative labour shortage in the upcoming years. The
biggest increase of architects who already experience a
shortage is seen in the United Kingdom and in Germany.
However also in France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium
and Poland an increased amount of architects already
experiences a quantitative labour shortage compared to
2014. According to a study commissioned by the European
parliament published in March 2015 there is a strong
correlation between the economic recession, which
strongly influenced the construction sector, and labour
Therefore the experience of the architects and their
expectations regarding labour shortage in the next few
years is again an indicator the construction sector is
recovering. Next to a growing number of architects who
expect a quantitative labour shortage, the majority also
thinks there are inadequately skilled workers on the
construction labour market. Especially in France and Italy,
but also in the UK, Belgium and Poland more architects
already experience a qualitative labour shortage compared
to previous years.
ADMISSION is free of charge for FEST merchants
who use the unique invitation code 3780058001 valid for
online pre-registration on www.mcexpocomfort.it with the pdf
form received by e-mail upon preregistration, you will directly
access the Exhibition through the FAST LANE turnstiles.
MCE offers you a unique opportunity to learn and to source the latest HVAC & R technologies, solutions and systems for
smart buildings in commercial, industrial and domestic residential sectors. As engineers, specifiers and installers, you will
connect and interact with the HVAC & R international professional community and you will meet with exhibitors from all
over the world. Attending and participating in MCE will grow your business, develop your profession and overcome your
future challenges with enthusiasm and passion. We look forward to meeting you at MCE 2016!
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no 157 January / February 2016 – page 3
Czech Republic
From 27 – 29 October 2015 a delegation of about 20 FEST members visited three HVAC companies in two member
countries : the first destination was the Czech branche of Gienger in Napadjela. During the visit, the participants were
not only able gathering a lot of interesting information about the market situation in the Czech Republic but also
generally on East European HVAC markets.
Another day, another country
The field trip continued onto Austria with visits to two Austrian wholesale companies SHT and Holter, who gave the
participants an insight into the developments as well as the challenges for the building service industry in Austria. An
important aspect of the visit was that both the similarities and the differences between the HVAC markets were
highlighted. In particular, the different approaches to warehouse management met with great interest. Customer
acquisition and service were also discussed extensively, which each of the three companies having different methods
and solutions.
The success of this first field trip – especially the overall satisfied reviews of the participants – has led the FEST
organisers to look into the possibility of arranging further such field trips. We shall keep you informed.
Gienger - host : M. Bernd Schröder
Holter - host : M. Michael Holter, Geschäftsführer
SHT - host : Mrs. Beatrix Pollak and M. Wolfgang Knezek
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no 157 January / February 2016 – page 4
1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Brussels, 25 January 2016
Improved euro - area sentiment
resulted from higher confidence in
industry, which was only partially
outweighed by lower retail trade
confidence. Meanwhile, confidence in
services, construction and among
unchanged. Amongst the largest euroarea economies, the ESI rallied in
Spain (3.4), increased slightly in Italy
unchanged in Germany (+0.0) and
France (-0.1). The Netherlands, by
contrast, saw economic sentiment
slipping (-2.4). Increasing industry
confidence(+1.2) resulted from managers' more optimistic production expectations and, in particular, improved
assessments of the current level of
overall order books. Managers' views
on the stocks of finished products
remained virtuallyunchanged. Of the
questions not included in the
confidence indicator, the assessment
of export order booksimproved,
whilepast production was viewed more
remained largely flat (+0.3), owing to
moderately improving assessments of
the past business situation and
demand expectations being partly
appraisals of past demand. Also
virtually unchanged (+0.2), reflecting
two opposing forces: while consumers
were more upbeat on questions
relating to their personal finances
(expected financial situation ,future
savings), their views on future
unemployment deteriorated. Guesses
about the future general economic
situation, at the same time, changed
only little.The sharp drop in retail trade
can bemainly
attributed to markedly deteriorating
perceptions of the present business
situation, which coincided with a more
careful assessment of the adequacy of
the level of stocks. The expected
business situation was assessed
broadly in line with the last month.
The broadly unchanged level of
construction confidence (+0.2) reflects
managers' more upbeat employment
expectations, in combination with a
worsened assessment of the level of
order books. Employment plans saw
upward revisions in construction and,
to a lesser extent, services, while
they remained broadly flat in industry
and retail trade. Selling
expectations declined across the board
(industry, services and retail trade),
with the exception of construction
managers who expected higher future
prices. Consumer price expectations
remained flat. The more pronounced
increase of the headline indicator for
the EU (+1.4) owes to improved
readings in the largest non-euro area
economy, the UK (+2.9). By contrast,
sentiment in Poland eased (-1.0).
Sectoral developments differed from
the euro area in so far as services,
consumer and construction confidence
firmed, rather than remaining flat. By
the same token, instead of weakening,
financial services confidence remained
largely flat. Deviating from the euro
area, EU employment expectations
increased in industry, while they
dropped in services and retail trade.
EU price expectations diverged from
the euro area only in the services and
retail trade sector, which posted
upward revisions.
Source : European Commission Service
Van Marcke’s Big Blue, Leuvensesteenweg 390 Zaventem. On invitation only.
Presidents and directors of the FEST associations have free entrance as VIP Guests and free hotel stay.
On invitation only.
Presidents and directors of the FEST associations have free entrance as VIP Guests and free hotel stay.
■ THE 55TH BIENNUAL CONGRESS BRUSSELS 15 -17 SEPTEMBER 2016 congress theme :
“Gearing up to be the wholesaler of tomorrow”.
Next FEST FACTS No 158 March/April 2016 is due to be published in the first week of March 2016