Flandria : 2013 NewYears Press/News : (by Purest


Flandria : 2013 NewYears Press/News : (by Purest
Flandria : 2013 NewYears Press/News :
(by Purest Racing)
‘Flandria GEN2 pruduced by Birel : a genetically proven winner’’
After the launch of the Flandia Kart models Superia1 and Smiley 1 in 2011, where they had proven
good performance in regional races, with in 2012 a front-row qualify in the AsianMaxSeries, and a
top3 in the X30 shifter class series. Not mention the strong Mini60cc driver-duo Dorrestijn &
VanEngeland, in the 2011 Trofeo Del Garda and Holland Championship, where they changed the
market atmosphere quiet a bit.
Ofcourse, DMmotorsport (the Flandria Kart’s mother company) is ambitious and hungry for more!
The 25y old company owner, K. Dehert, is therefor proud to present the new 2013 Flandria Karts !
And the fact that the production of the karts is moved to the Birel company in Lissone-Milano.
‘’ Yes, ofcourse we where quiet happy with the material supplied by our previous chassis welder for
the purpose nessacary for national racing…, but it was time to take the next step. We stopped the
home-made production of some parts too, since we just were not able to follow the request by
dealers, and ofcourse that situation you don’t want as a brand! ‘’ Mentioned Dehert.
Therefor the 2013 karts will get a new model name, new tubing, new aerodynamics and new stickers,
and more leightweight parts, such as bearingholders, steringhweelhubs, rearbumpersupp., and many
When we ask K. Dehert, why exactly he choose for a coorporation with Bire S.p.a., the answer is clear
as water : ‘’ There are 2 to 3 solid companies in the world of karting, Birel is 1 one of them…… (with
a laugh) I drove in a Birel kart since I was 7y old, and when I and Mr. Ronni Sala had our first talk
about Flandria 2013 , in the beginning of May, it felt like coming home, with a solution for my idea,
and a solution for the weak spots we had before “
(picture : K.Dehert In Mini60 Belgian Championship 1996)
Not a ‘new start’ but, yes, a new step up for the Belgian company. They present the Flandria GEN2
line (KF, KZ, DD2) and the Smiley3 (Micro, 60cc, Cadet) ! Both models are based on an idea of
DMmotorsport, with FreeLine (Birel) componants.
‘’ We stand for honesty, reliability, style and most of all performance ! “ it sounds.
Back in the workshop we met Flandria mecanics Gunther L. and Steve M., and factory driver Mathias
Geirnaert . Ofcourse, they can’t escape our curiousness ! We asked them 1 by 1 about there
thoughts concerning the new generation karts, and the 2013 developments:
Gunther, mecanic workshop, sounded very exciting : (with a laugh) ‘’ huh … well, I think … no … I
even FEEL it .. 2013 will be THE year ….. I just feel it “
Steve, engine department chief, was quiet calm and professional : ‘’ Our younger team members
sometimes just have to held down a bit… “ (and again, a laugh) “ But ofcourse, we have a strong
product ‘’
Flandria’s Factory driver, Mathias Geirnaert …. A very big talent, who never realy got the chance to
get in the top level, but has showing speed the last few years with DMmotorsport…
He answered us : ‘We did quiet a few tests, prototyping in 2012, meeting our partners and
sponsors… and now the final result is ready … I AM SOO excited about it ! My desire to drive and
show our speed, in the Flandria colours, is TOO big to handle, Just can’t wait to start our program !!”
Trough this period, the home track (Genk) and other local tracks are closed for holidays and weather
forecasts… Something where not only teams in Belgium struggle with these couple of weeks.
When we want to leave the mecanics alone, Geirnaert admid us a small secret : ‘’ OW, and… we will
race in the World Championship KZ1 in Varennes …. ‘’
Mr. Dehert entered the workshop and was excited to give us a view on his plans, and the plans of his
‘’ Haha, I feel like a kid, ready to tell a cool new joke! … Now,… this is everything but a joke.. The
new karts are fanatastic, even if I say it myself… We worked hard on this project, and we are sure
we take the right choice, to leave 2012 to the side a bit, and start development for 2013 a lot earlier.
And sometimes, you need to leave partners behind, and go with the ones who support us the most
and can rely on …
Ofcourse, the coorporation with Birel is not 1, but 3 steps up for us ! Where we are thankfull for to
Mr. Sala and the rest of the Birel company. But ofcourse from myself, I have to thank my family,
friends, partners and everyone around, for the help they gave ! Now, I need to turn the stone into a
diamond …. “
(where to we anticipate) : Regarding your crew, this will be THE year…..
‘’Well, … hehe … it SHOULD be …
We know, half of the Karting-world will say : ‘hey cool …’ other half of the karting-world will be
sceptical about us … for different reasons … But to be honest, this is my strenght… this is what
gives me more ideas, more strenght, more WILL to push, which indeed leeds to a slight arrogance…
but which our dealers, and other partner, can appreciate ! And to be clear, a stronger ‘ME’ is a
stronger company, a strongher team/crew, and eventually this results into stronger product…”
Technicaly speaking, the Flandria Kart is an amazing piece. It’s based on the Birel/FreeLine parts,
which ofcourse stand for quality. The The tubing’s technical name/number is ‘FRY30’ , and is bases,
as you can immagine on the RY of Birel. The Cframe and rear bar is slightly changed form and
positition, and the catalogue name will be ‘GEN2’.
Wat regards the Mini 60 frames, this will be tech-called ‘FC28’, and gets the name : Smiley 3 ! This
chassis is an evolution of the Flandria Jamesie and Smiley’s of 2011-2012, in combination with the
Birel C28 model caractristics !
If we speak about design and looks, we can only pictures speak for itself :