a visit at the orlando pri - Performance Racing Industry


a visit at the orlando pri - Performance Racing Industry
GOING ON: INNOVATIONS IN ALL AREAS text and photos by Ronnie Ghezzi
At the show, many karting companies are on display.
From the top, Birel, who, with important US MRP
Motorsport, introduced the newly homologated chassis
and other products; Birel is strong of a product line
ranging from the N-35X dedicated to rentals at the
track, to the new competition models. At the Birel
stand, the Step 1 is also present (the black kart, at
the top left). It is a vehicle dedicated to the beginners.
Above and to the left, the products from Arrow, an
important Australian company which introduced their
kart product line at the PRI.
ne magazine. That’s at the base
of the pyramid; but there is
much more... In motorsports,
especially in the US, “Performance Racing Industry” is of
real importance and, with a monthly issue, it is
the point of reference for everything that deals
with racing; from karting to Formula Indy, from
lawn mowers to dragsters, everything is dealt in
the same manner, the top of racing. Performance
Racing Industry (aka PRI) is also a show which
takes place in Orlando, Florida (USA), at which
all that is related to motorsports has its place.
This is not a show open to the public, therefore
there aren’t any big stands with shows, etc...; everything is focused towards experts and therefore,
extremely professional and never vague. The
multitude of products shown is amazing. Let’s
start with the working tools: at PRI there are
numerical control devices, milling cutters, etc;
everything needed to work and create mechanical parts, used in the tuning of spec racing,
and even top performance vehicles that race in
Nascar series.
Inside the Orlando show, there are also the
trucks made for transporting dragsters and cars,
with offerings starting from the trailers for pick
up to monster traveling offices, equipped with
meeting rooms and hospitality areas.
The PRI show also hosts constructors, with
their sports models, such as, for example, Ford,
showing a Mustang prototype for 2010. Along
all this, there is a large section dedicated to
karting which, in times of new homologations,
is crowded with the most important constructors introducing their new products. Arrow,
Avanti, Birel, Crg, Intrepid, Italkart, Kart Mini,
The Stand21, historical company for drivers
clothing, presents its new karting suit. The
company, official supplier for Porsche Motorsport,
has included all its new technology in the new K221
suit, strong with a stretch material and comfortable
stitching for the drivers. Scribner Plastics was also
there, producer of bumpers and karting accessories
in plastic. Intrepid (above) introduced their ’09 line
of new products; so did Leatt Brace (to the left)
which shows its neck braces, also used during the
Snap-On race.
Above, Position-One Motorsport shows the chassis and
many innovations such as, for example, “Speedy Lock”
sprocket, a revolutionary accessory which allows a
quicker replacement of the sprocket. On the right, the
OMP suit, used by Marco Andretti in the 500 Miles race
at Indianapolis. Below, the 2008 WKA Champion Justin
Brown posing next to his kart. Underneath, snap shots
of the Tony Kart Florida Stand, where the new Tony
Kart designs stand out, the full line of engines Vortex
and the Senna kart, created by Tony Kart in memory
of the mythical Ayrton Senna.
On the right, the CRG stand in which, apart
from the chassis of the company in Brescia and
Zanardi’s, the team TRG’s Porsche is shown off.
Crg/Maxter, in the last two years, has won two
World Cups on KZ1, the highest category for
shifter karts under the CIK-FIA. Below, a kart
from Maranello, in the stand of the Palm Beach
circuit, major track in Florida which also includes,
among others, a karting track. Farther right, the
silver Birel with the MKP team, retailer for Birel
and Freeline.
Above, Freem is also in Orlando. After a successful
motorsport season all around, the company introduces
its new pair of customizable driver’s shoes. Here above,
Max Papis, driver for Birel at the Stars of Karting race,
taken with Mariano de Faveri, team manager of the
European Birel Motorsport team. At the top right, the
IKP stand, importer for the brands Righetti Ridolfi and
SKM for the USA. On the left, one of the owners of
Freem and two ladies of the Italian company. Below to
the left, the chassis of a kart for oval competition and,
underneath the products from TS Racing.
On the left, Enrico Rosignoli and Mike McKnight
pausing with Paulie Harraka, 2008 Champion of the
Nascar Whelen All-American Series. Here to the left, a
photo showing part of the AIM stand, producer of data
acquisition systems for motorsport and able to offer
solutions for all categories: from auto to moto and
from karts to off-shore, without forgetting dragster and
formula vehicles. Below, a view of the AIM stand, in which
is flaunted the last innovation, David 2: a combined
system of telemetry, video camera and GPS, with which
you can best analyze each track lap and more…
Mkp, Parolin, Tony Kart and TS Racing are
there with their new line of products, with the
latest cutting edge technology.
Also present at the PRI were several companies
which don’t only work with karting but have a
wider reach, such as the production of helmets,
various accessories, clothing, tools and any type
of products necessary for our sport.
All this is nothing compared to the 40,000
people (from 50 countries) who went through
the gates of the Orange County Convention
Center in Orlando to promote, purchase, assess
and learn about the newest products on display
at the PRI. The first night, there was a side
race: the third edition of the Snap-on Stars of
This karting race saw at the start, in addition to
various first class kart drivers, also many drivers
from other car competitions such as Scott Speed,
Nelson Philippe, Alex Tagliani, Ed Carpenter,
Dan Wheldon, Max Papis, Bryan Herta and
many others; for the curious, the winners were:
Jay Howard and Joel Miller; the first, driver for
IRL and the second, driver for Tony Kart.
On the left, the new homologated chassis from
Parolin Motorsport (Monza and Le Mans), decorated
with new graphics and bumpers with new CIK-FIA
homologation. The products of the Italian company
are distributed by Russel Karting, also retailer for
various brands (below), among which lubrificanti
Xeramic, Dunlop tires, Iame-Parilla and SGM
engines, Simpson clothing and many others. Above,
the Kit Kart Kart, product made by Parolin which
enters the market as a very simple product and a
high price/quality ratio.
Postcards from PRI. On the left, a”green Santa”
girl distributing flyers and who probably has
never heard a “no, thank you”. Here on the left,
the cooking set for the true racer made of carbon
fiber and ideal for the pre-racing light lunches.
Below, a Chevy Camaro from ‘68 with a “quite
big” turbocharger, necessary to pull a wheely at
the green light before covering a quarter mile…
Finally a motor home equipped with a trailer,
necessary for who desires all the comfort of a
home, when at the track.
On the right, a tool cart with kart tires. To
the right again, a trailer holding a roaring
Nascar stock car. Below, a racing lawn mower
equipped with data acquisition and a lucky
number. More below, a motorcycle dragster,
notice the turbocharger... In the big photo
the Sparco stand, leader company for driver
clothing manufacture and with a catalogue
ranging from karting to Nascar, including
Formula 1, street car tuning and street wear
for the off duty drivers.
On the left, the Mini Kart, a Brazilian kart brand which
always receives more success on the market, it is more
distributed in the US than RDD Motorsports. Below,
The Canadian Italian Motor stand, Canadian importer
for the brands Iame and Tm; The Canadian company,
created by Claudio Valiante (here on the left) in the
70s, also makes its own chassis, the Italkart, which
obtained various successes in important races; the
Italkart chassis are CIK-FIA homologated and are
made in Italy near the Intrepid headquarters with a
particular attention to quality and finish.