File - North Country Arts Center



File - North Country Arts Center
NCAC’S 14th
Crandall Park Sept.22, 2012
We were on pins and needles all day. The first day of autumn, and the
weather couldn’t decide to rain on us or not; lots of gray clouds; some sunshine
too; patches of blue sky ; but no rain until after all our wonderful vendors had
packed up at 4 pm and gone home. Lots of folks came by. Vendors were
pleased. Live music all day! Good eats! Face painting! Spin art! Balloons
galore! Colorful Mums for sale! And so many people to thank !
Thank you to Girl Scout Troop #3381 and Scout Leader Regina Evans; the
girls helped with face painting, spin art, blowing up balloons and giving them
out to children, and set up and take down of signage. We just can’t thank them
enough for their community service.
Thank you to the terrific musicians:
Dan Norton, John Miller, Gordon Tetro, Neal Herr, Eric Archard, & Ed Wood
Thank you to the artists who donated artwork to the Chinese Raffle:
Linda Buerkley, Paul Chapman, Diane Collins, Fred Holman, Hudson River
Designs, Tom Ryan, Bev Saunders, Jon Segan, Judith Tulley, & Dennis Wilson
Thank you to the businesses that donated the MUMS:
Binley Florist, Garden Time, Mead’s Nursery, The Silo, & Watkins Garden Ctr
Thank you to Dennis Wilson coming down from Chestertown to be our EMCEE
and man the NCAC information table; he attracted interested visitors by
doing wood carving at the NCAC table.
Another COF come and gone. Lots of work preparing for the festival, but lots
of delight in making such an enjoyable community event happen.
Linda Buerkley, Diane Collins, & Jon Segan: COF Co-Chairs