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User Documents GIFT CARD
User Documents
The GIFT CARD module allows you to offer gift cards for any amount you like in your store. All
customers can then buy them on your site to offer people the chance to come and spend them there.
The module generates a new card product form in your site’s front office, with all the information
(visual, price, description). Your customer can buy the card in your store and send it by e-mail to the
recipient of the gift. The customer can add a personalised message and choose the date when the
card is to be sent to the recipient.
Prerequisites: Having PrestaShop 1.6 or a later version
Having cron job module installed and activated
Have you got version to of PrestaShop?
1. From your store’s back office menu, click the “Modules” tab.
2. In the Log in block, enter your PrestaShop Addons username and password then click
“Connect”. (All PrestaShop Addons orders will now automatically appear in the back office.)
3. Search and locate the “Gift Card” module, then click “Install”. Once installed, the “Configure”
button will be displayed.
Do you have PrestaShop or a later version?
1. On your PrestaShop Back Office, click “No connected to PrestaShop Addons” located at the
top right corner of your page.
2. In the Log in block, enter your PrestaShop Addons username and password then click
“Connect”. (All PrestaShop Addons orders will now automatically appear in the back office.)
3. Search and locate the “Gift Card” module, then click “Install”. Once installed, the “Configure”
button will be displayed.
The following 3 tabs now appear: Documents, Setup and Contact.
On this tab, you will find different blocks for filling in the information on the form produced which
will be created for the gift card. They are:
A gift card is a product including specific and customisable features. Fill in the main information
about your gift card here:
- Name: this is the title you want to give to your gift card. The name will be displayed on the page
produced by your store. You can put in a title like, for example, “Gift voucher” followed by the name
of your store.
- Period of validity: here you fill in the number of days during which the gift card will be valid in your
- Status: you can enable or disable the form corresponding to the gift cards you create using this
- Visibility: you can make the product accessible only via certain paths:
Everywhere: customers can find the product by exploring the catalogue, looking for the
product in the search engine or directly by using its web address.
Catalogue only: customers can find the product by exploring the catalogue or directly by
using its web address.
Search only: customers can find the product by searching for the product in the search
engine or directly by using its web address.
Nowhere: customers can only get to the product using its web address. They will not find it
by exploring the catalogue or using the search engine. This allows you to create private
products that can be accessed only by certain privileged customers, if only temporarily (you
can change this option at any time).
- Summary: this field allows you to write a brief description which will appear in the search engines
and in the product description in the category pages. By default, this field is limited to 400
characters. It is a short product description.
- Description: this field allows you to write a full description of your product which will appear
directly on the product page. The text editor gives you access to a large number of options for
customising the description (font, size, colour, etc.). This field has no character limit.
- Keywords: enter words that will help your customers find the gift card in the search engines,
separating them with commas.
The gift card form will be displayed in the front office as follows:
An e-mail is sent to the beneficiary of the gift card at the e-mail address filled in by the customer
when buying the gift card:
The customisable parts of the e-mail are as follows:
- Subject: subject of the e-mail received by the gift card beneficiary.
- Content: the content of the e-mail that will be sent automatically. It will be displayed at the bottom
of the e-mail. This allows you to add conditions of use to your e-mail.
- Variables:
{card_price}: price of the gift card
{card_from}: “From” Name entered when the card is purchased
{card_to}: “Beneficiary” Beneficiary’s name entered at the time of purchase
{card_message}: message entered at the time of purchase
{card_code}: reduction code generated at the time of purchase
{card_expirate}: gift card expiry date
{card_image}: image corresponding to the model selected at the time of purchase
{shop_url}: store name
{my_account_url}: link to your store
Note: you can translate the product name, descriptions, tags and natural reference information into
all the languages active in your store.
Your customer can also personalise the e-mail with the following fields:
Beneficiary’s e-mail address
Message. Your customer will be able to write a message to the card beneficiary. This
message will accompany the gift card and will be present in the e-mail sent to the
The e-mail sent to the beneficiary will take the following form:
The e-mail will contain the following information:
Sender’s name
Gift card amount
Visual of the gift card chosen by your customer
Sender’s message
Reduction code to benefit from the gift card
Link to your store
Expiry date
Text added by the trader from the back office
Determine the price that will appear in your store by following these instructions:
Number of gift cards: you can create up to a maximum of 6 different cards.
Sale price not including tax: the price of the gift card before tax is applied. You can enter as
many prices as there are cards.
SEO: this block allows you to customise the SEO information on your gift card forms.
Friendly URLs give you a unique address for each page of your website. This helps search engines
easily reference the page. Before you get started, make sure friendly URLs is activated. This is
required for your URL settings to take effect. To set up friendly URLs, go to the “Preferences” tab,
followed by “SEO & URLs”.
Meta tags will appear on the search engine results like:
Meta title: This is the most important tag for good ranking on search engines like Google. It is
the blue text that appears on a results page. Here, word choice and order are important.
Meta description: This is the gray text that appears on Google search. It describes the page to
potential customers and encourages them to click.
Meta keywords: Keywords are used to help search engines like Google find the best results for
keyword searches.
Note: this field must not contain special characters.
If you have already installed an SEO management module, the information you have entered in the
SEO fields of the Gift Card module will not be taken into account.
ASSOCIATIONS: this section allows you to choose the category in which the product has to
IMAGES: this block is used to include photos on your gift card page. You will find 5 images by
default which will allow your customers to choose the visuals for their cards. You also have
the possibility of disabling these images or adding new ones.
Add a new image: to add one or more images to your product, click on the “Add files” button
and then select at least one image file from your computer to be uploaded. You can select as
many images as you like. To do this, keep the Ctrl key pressed down while selecting the files,
or add them one by one.
The recommended size is 300 x 300 pixels.
Caption the images you put online. The caption will appear if the image does not display and
can be very useful for your reference.
Click on the button “Upload files to the server” to put your images online.
The images appear in a table below the form. If you have selected more than one image, you
can indicate the image you wish to use as the principal image. By default, this cover image
will be the one on the gift card page. Click on the miniature to expand it.
Once you have put all the images online, you can change their order by dragging the lines of
the table with the mouse and then clicking when the cursor changes shape.
Once this information has been entered, you can click on the “Save” button to create your gift cards.
In the back office, you can find the files produced by going to the “Catalogue” tab and then
“Products”. You can then click on the “Modify” button to make changes to your gift cards.
On this screen you can change, duplicate or delete a gift card. The status makes it possible to indicate
whether the card is active and visible to your customers.
Your customers can select a specific date sent to the recipient when purchasing the gift card. Then,
an e-mail with the gift code will be sent automatically from your shop. You need to set up a cron job.
A cron job is a process that allows to schedule regular tasks.
To do this, you need to go to the "Cron jobs" module and click "Install" to proceed with its
In the summary table you will find a cron job already created for the Gift Cards module:
Please, check that this cron job is active by default. Otherwise, simply activate manually so that
emails are sent automatically.
The beneficiary of the gift card will receive an e-mail containing a code to be used on their next order
in your store, depending on the validity period you have set up.
Then, the beneficiary can go to your store and enter the code at the time of payment. The reduction
will be made automatically.
In your back office, the reduction will appear in the order information as follows:
This tab displays gift card statistics. First, you will find the main indicators:
Number of gift card sold
Total value of gift cards sold
Turn Gross: Accumulated values paid with the orders associated to the gift card
Gift cards use: Percentage of gifts which amount has been fully utilized to buy at your store
Also, you will find two tables. The first provides information by card type :
Quantity sold
Card values
Sales generated with these cards
The second table provides information by gift card:
If the card has been used or not
If the customer that receive the gift card is a new customer or not
Gift card purchase date
Code use date
Code expire date
Turn Gross
Access information that lets you to contact us with issues concerning this module.
The Gift Card module for PrestaShop has been developed by the PrestaShop team, ensuring perfect
compatibility with PrestaShop ecommerce software.