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Molly`s Story - Family Resource Center
Giving abused kids a chance for a better life.
April 2014
Molly’s Story
Yesterday was Molly’s birthday, and she got her wish.
A year ago, Molly was a frequent sight around Family Resource
Center. On Thursday mornings, while her foster mother waited
outside, she would skip down our hallways, her hair in neat braids
with colorful barrettes, her outfits alternating between pink and
purple. She was on her way to supervised visits with her birth
“Molly’s dad was killed when she was an infant,” Jessica, our
foster care case manager, says. “As the only girl among three
brothers, she had a special relationship with her mom and it was
a delight to hear them laughing and talking. We had high hopes
that the mother would pull her life together so she could regain
custody of her children.”
Those hopes were dashed overnight though. When Molly’s
mother died of a heroin overdose, the task fell to Jessica to
comfort the little girl. It was a difficult assignment, one not
covered in textbooks. “I explained that her mother was now an
angel watching over her,” the case manager recalls. “She seemed
to understand. I gave her pictures of the two of them together
and told her it was okay to miss her mom and that she could
still talk to her. And I encouraged her to talk to me and to our
therapist. She has lots of memories and it’s important to keep
those memories alive.”
strong bond. She’s also very vocal! Before her adoption, she
asked me if she could talk to the judge herself to tell him her wish
to be adopted by her foster mom.”
“Molly is going to be a success; she knows she is loved. I
wouldn’t be surprised if she became a foster parent someday -she’d do a great job of it.”
Read more stories like Molly’s at our website,
“This child has endured a lot,” Jessica says, “but she has a
beautiful and loyal heart and she and her new mother have a
Happy Birthday to Family Resource Center!
FRC began as a pilot program at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 1974. Over the
next 40 years, it would become Missouri’s premier non-profit agency working
to treat and prevent child abuse.
At Family Resource Center, we know there’s nothing quite like a birthday to
let someone know they’re special and loved. As we celebrate our 40th, we
are very proud of the thousands of children and families who now have the
chance for a happy future. And we’re very grateful to all those who make it
Happy Birthday to us!
Dear Friends,
“From Darkness to Light!”
What a great theme for the celebration of our 40th Anniversary on February 22nd [see inside].
And what a thrill it was, at the end of the evening, to see that dark room at the St. Louis Science
Center lit up by all those lights – each representing a guest who had made a contribution to our
Fund-a-Need request. Preliminary results indicate this was the most successful (and fun) Gala
we’ve had, with revenues well over $300,000.
Sometimes the work we do can seem awfully heavy, so it’s healthy for us to balance the
seriousness with some fun as well. One of the really light moments at the Gala was when
Rob Weiman, our auctioneer, sold a tin of Anna Beck’s delicious brownies for $500. Anna was stunned! But having been the lucky
recipient of some of her brownies in the past, I wasn’t surprised at all.
And one of the most touching moments was the video – “Imagine”. If you want a sense of what FRC has meant to the St. Louis
community over these 40 years, I’d encourage you to go to our website ( and watch the video. It’s about 3 minutes
long, yet it captures perfectly the role FRC plays in an abused child’s journey from the darkness of fear and despair to the light of
hope and happiness.
Thanks to all those who attended or supported the Gala – our Honorary Co-Chairs and Honored Guest, the Host Committee, our
500+ guests, many generous sponsors, Board members, and our volunteers and staff. Let’s keep the light burning and the hope
alive for our kids.
Greg Echele, Chief Executive Officer
P.S. If you didn’t get to attend the Gala or didn’t get to be a
“light for a child,” you can do so right now. If you send me your
contribution in the enclosed envelope, I’ll send you a light so you
can join our “circle of light”, giving abused kids here in St. Louis
a chance at a better life.
Jack Galmiche and Nine Network Receive 2014 Pott Award
Family Resource Center honored Nine Network and its
President and CEO, Jack Galmiche, with the 2014 Herman
T. and Phenie R. Pott Child Advocacy Award at the Gala on
February 22.
Nine Network has been the leader in overseeing the “American
Graduate Initiative” to address the school dropout rate among
youth in the St. Louis community. The initiative is an effort to
work through schools and organizations already engaged with
local youth to encourage young people to complete school and
then leverage their diplomas to stay on a productive path to a
career. “We’ve heard it said many times that our youth are our
future,” Jack Galmiche said, in accepting the award. “At Nine
Network we are committed to making it a promising future.”
He noted that FRC has been a pioneer in “building networks of
like minded organizations to do what no one organization can
accomplish alone.”
“We’ve been working for years through our mentoring
program to keep teen parents in school,” said Greg Echele,
CEO of Family Resource Center. “Nine Network, under Jack’s
leadership, has raised the dropout issue to a whole new level of
Jack Galmiche, CEO of Nine Network, accepts the 2014 Pott Award
from FRC Chief Executive Officer Greg Echele.
public awareness and has brought other players to the table in a
collaborative effort that can only be good for our youth and our
The Pott Child Advocacy Award is given annually to an individual
or company that exemplifies the spirit of the Pott family in
promoting Family Resource Center’s mission.
Why I Give: Mandi Morris
Several years ago, Mandi
Morris and a group of her
friends decided to forgo
their traditional holiday gift
exchange so they could
help someone in need.
Our “Shop for a Teen
Angel” program was just
what they were looking
for. With the help of Tina
Nelson, FRC’s Events
Manager, Mandi and her
friends received a list of
Mandi Morris, Shop for a Teen
the clothing needs for
Angel Donor
several foster care teens, and then they began shopping.
is fun. We always hope the teens will be excited by the new
clothes and know that someone is thinking of them during the
holidays. This past year we were really able to maximize our
budget by using coupons for Old Navy, which all of our teens
had listed as a favorite store, and then the sales staff gave us
an additional discount since this was such a great cause. As a
result, we were able to get each teen two full outfits, socks,
t-shirts, a hoodie or coat, pajamas, scarves, hats, gloves, and
new handbags for the girls.”
Mandi is the founder and owner of Azalea Agency, a St. Louis
based talent agency. “We are a fashion-minded group,” she
says, “so picking out great clothes for teenagers in foster care
For more information about our “Shop for a Teen Angel”
contact Tina Nelson at 314.534.9350.
Save the Date for Family Resource Center’s
20th Annual Golf Tournament
Drive the Change to Give Abused
Kids a Chance for a Better Life
18 holes of golf
Lunch, dinner and auctions!
Save the Date!
Monday, August 25, 2014
The Country Club of St. Albans
Join us for 18 holes of golf, lunch, dinner, auctions, and
more! Sponsorship opportunities are now available.
Contact Tina Nelson at 314.534.9350 for more details.
“The right outfit can make anyone feel confident,” Mandi says.
“We want these kids to feel good about themselves so they
can put their best foot forward. Working with Family Resource
Center has been wonderful. We plan to continue the tradition
again this year.”
FRC in the News
• FRC was KMOX 1120’s “Voice of Caring Partner” for the
month of January.
• Greg Echele, FRC’s CEO, was interviewed by Maria Keena
and Brian Kelly of KMOX’s Total Information AM on January
11, and again by KMOX’s Charlie Brennan and Debbie
Monterrey on February 21.
• Pam Moussette, Chief Program Officer, was interviewed
by KMOX’s Debbie Monterrey on February 12 in response
to news of the tragic abuse of a child.
• John Heithaus, Chief Development Officer, spoke with
talk show host Kelley Lamm of KXFN, 1380, on February 13
about the Gala Event. John was also interviewed by Elliot
Weiler of KTVI Channel 2 on February 20.
• Anna Beck, long-time Advocacy Board member and
German honorary consul-emeritus, was presented with
UMSL’s highest honor, the Chancellor’s Medallion, at
UMSL’s winter commencement.
Links to news items can be found on our website at
View more event photos at
“From Darkness to Light”: 2014 Gala is a Night to Remember
What fun! Over 500 well-wishers came together on Saturday,
February 22, for an exciting evening at the St. Louis Science
Center to celebrate Family Resource Center’s 40th Anniversary.
Although the gigantic T-Rex that usually greets visitors had
silenced its roar for the night, the unique venue still managed
to bring out the kid in each of us! Guests “conga-ed” down the
halls to the rhythm of the Joia Percussion Ensemble and enjoyed
an evening of good food, great company and exciting raffles and
auction items (including a trip to Ireland, a chance to throw out
the first pitch at a Cardinal’s game, and the star of the evening, a
doe-eyed Golden Retriever puppy).
The theme of the 2014 Gala highlighted FRC’s astounding
accomplishments: forty years of helping thousands of children
move “From Darkness to Light,” from the horrors of abuse
to safety and a happy future. A video produced through the
generosity of Meoli Digital drove home the message that each
guest had the opportunity that evening to help bring light to an
abused child’s life.
The beautifully orchestrated event, co-chaired by FRC Board
members Jan Hess and Laura Holt, raised a remarkable $332,000
for FRC’s kids. Honorary Co-Chairs were John and Ashley Kemper
and Richard and Missy Mark, and the Honored Guest was Jackie
Joyner-Kersee. KTVI’s Monica Adams served as Emcee.
Each year at the Gala, FRC singles out a person or organization
that demonstrates a real commitment to improving children’s
lives. This year’s Herman T. and Phenie R. Pott Award was given to
Jack Galmiche and Nine Network for their work on the American
Graduate Initiative [see article on inner flap].
Thank you to FRC’s staff and many volunteers, including
employees from Target-Hampton Village, our Gala sponsors, and
all the friends of FRC who helped make the evening an amazing
Check out more photos and our Gala sponsors in this issue’s
special Gala insert!
Greg Echele, Mary Ellen Cotsworth and Bill Siedhoff
Jan and John Shivers and Marvin and Kathy Steele
Richard and Missy Mark
Jack and Rachel Oliver and Anna Beck
Ted and Nancy Koplar
Kent and Diane Chancellor
Donors:12/1/13-3/1/14 (cont. from back)
Hendel’s Market Cafe & Piano
Anne and Jim Herzog
Whitey Herzog
Jan and Gabe Hess
Robert Hillebrandt
Phyllis Hoff
Jackie Holloman and Scott
Laura Holt
Christine and Scott Homan
Home Wine Kitchen
Husch Blackwell
In-Kind Donors
Imo’s Pizza - Des Peres
Ahmad Afzalinia and Suzie
John and Sandy Irace
Michael and Allison Izsak
Margery Al-Abodi
Liz and Scott Johnson
Donya Allison
Joy Tribout Interior Design
Heather and Marc Allman
Just Dancing
Susan Allman
K Hall Designs
An Olive Ovation
Jane Kelly
Anna Marie’s Ice Cream
Dana Kelly-Franks
Kimberly and Glen Archer
Kennelwood Village
Are We There Yet?, LLC
Carol Kinsey
Assistance League of St. Louis Kreis’ Restaurant
Landmark Luggage
Jamie Baker
Marcia Levin
Balls & Strikes Ballwin
Terry and Jan Liberman
Baxter Gardens of Chesterfield Marriott St. Louis West
Anna Beck
Debbie Marshall
Billy G’s Kirkwood
Joseph McGuire
Botanicals Design Studio
Jean Monahan
Suzy and Beau Brauer
Mandi Morris
Broadway Oyster Bar
Irene Nance
Brunswick Zone-Chesterfield
Nordmann Photography
Michelle Buck
Kevin and Jeannine Nussbaum
Keith and Sue Bull
Old Town Donuts
Flip Cady
Olympiad Gymnastics in
Tommy Caraffa
Rose Carlson
Operation Food Search
Center of Creative Arts (COCA) Jeanne Ortega
Ann Chapin
Pace Farias
Steven Chase
Parc Provence
Circus Flora
Parker’s Table
Lou and Susan Clauss
Peabody Energy
Cooper’s Hawk Winery &
Pets & Company
Pinot’s Palette
Bob Costas
Country Club of St. Albans
Tom and Kelly Pollihan
Andrew and Cathy Daub
Pomme Cafe and Wine Bar
Frank and Mary Ann Daub
Cheryle Cathcart and Kim Price
Annette and Al DeGreeff
Laura Rapoff
Bhavna Desai
Diane and Greg Ray
Mary and Jerry DiSalvo
Charlotte and Jim Reynolds
Mike and Torie DiSalvo
Heather Rhodes
Donatelli’s Bistro
Ross & Baruzzini
El Azteca
Savvy Surrounding Style
Schlafly Brewery
Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis
Scott Ford’s Drive-In Graphics
Kathryn Shaw
Garden Heights Nursery
Jennifer Sitzes
Girl Scouts of Eastern Mo.
Six Flags St. Louis
Stephanie Grant
Steve and Ellen Smith
Grapevine Wines
Southwest Diner
Michele and Donnie Gross
St. Louis Cardinals
Group360 Worldwide
St. Louis Cathedral Concerts
Robyn Hall
St. Louis Science Center
Cindy and John Handy
Up to $99 (cont)
Edward and Sigrid Renner
David Richart
Mary Ann Rodriguez
Daisy Schrader
Chris and Judith Shamel
Ed Smith
Sheila Sprague
Shirley Spranaitis
Jeff and Jeanne Stoll
Jason and Sarah Wade
Donna and Thomas Williams
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
St. Louis Wind Symphony
Michele Stokes
Straub’s Markets
Studio Branca & Day Spa
Sunshine Drapery and Interior
Steve and Janette Taaffe
Yvonne Tedder
The Breeze Blow Dry Bar
The Dubliner
The Great Cover-Up
The Marianists
The Melting Pot
The Muny
The Pageant
The Sheldon Concert Hall and
Art Galleries
Susan and Michael Thomure
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Bob Tomaso
Stuart and Cressie Torgerson
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Upper Limits Rock Gym
Kami Waldman
Waterway Gas & Wash
Darla Wertenberger
Lisa Wilkinson-Habib
Wine Merchant
Vicki and Mike Wroblewski
Ylang Ylang
In Memory Of
Walt Beck
Lynn Newmark
Kathryn Beck
Betty Meyer
Bob and Pat Forchee
Margaret Mehan
Mary Ann and Patrick Moore
Adele Carey
Kathleen and Joseph
Gallagher & Abbi
Susan Long
Susan and Michaela Minor
Sheila Sprague
Timothy and Mary Lucchesi
Mary and Thomas Poisson
Bonnie and Charles Fahrner
Marian and Terrence Mehan
In Honor Of
Steve Goldstein and Laura
June Cohen
Barbara Kelley
Holly Gulick
Tom Corbett
Steve and Judy Gorin
Marcia Levin
Bonnie Sherrill
Sherry Delo
Don and Carol Carlson
Painting Party
Family Resource Center Mission
Family Resource Center’s mission is to give abused kids a chance
for a better life by preventing and treating all forms of child abuse
and neglect and by strengthening families through family-centered
therapeutic, educational, and support services.
Governance Board
Steven Goldstein
President-Elect, Program
Committee Chair
Brian Clevinger, PhD
VP-Human Resources
Steve Smith
Jan L. Hess
Juliane M. Praiss
Matt Harvey
Ronald T. Barnes
Cindy S. Handy
David W. Haynes
Anne H. Herzog
Laura Holt
Scott Homan
Lorraine Kee
Christopher B. Reid
Tina Shannon
Susan Stith
Lina A. Young
Advocacy Board
Phyllis A. Hoff
Christine Homan
Donald G. Imholz
John J. Irace
Cyeria Jackson
Liz Johnson
Joseph Kelley
Ashley Kemper
Mary Jane King
Tom LaMantia
Asha S. Lundal
Kjell Lundal
Anna Mayer Beck
Dean Boeschen
Satonya L. Booker
Valori Bring
Stephen J. Burrows
Kent A. Chancellor
Dannae Delano
Sherry B. Delo
Thomas L. Ferris
Andrea P. Frazier
Sarah Fuhrmann
John D. Heithaus
Michael Manchisi
Carol Margreiter
Debbie Marshall
Leo H. Ming, Jr.
Deborah Morley
Alison C. Nash, M.D.
Tim Person, Jr.
Thomas P. Pollihan
Heather Rhodes
William Rose
Kathy Siddens
Ellen C. Smith
Young Professionals Board
Interim President/Vice
Nathan Holt
Michael DiSalvo
Dan Michalski
Nominations Chair
Tia Jenice Morris
Catie Beykirch
Jaclyn Davis
Maurice Endsley
Emily Henke
Kathy Ly
Phuong Nguyen
Jamie Nichols
Mychal Voorhees
Editorial Information
Family Resource Center Update is published to further our mission and to acknowledge
our partners in achieving this mission. Client confidentiality is always maintained in
stories, unless permission has been granted by a client to use real names and photos. For
corrections or questions, please contact the Development Department at 314.534.9350
or via email at [email protected]
Chief Executive Officer
Greg Echele
Chief Development Officer
John Heithaus
Editor and Graphic Design
Sherry LeBlanc
Volunteers from Veterans Ministry Network painted the
walls in our Therapeutic Day Treatment Preschool.
Jean Monahan
Stephanie Grant
Tina Nelson
The cost of this publication has been partially subsidized by in-kind services
from our generous vendors.
Donors: 12/1/13-3/1/14
$50,000 and above
The Boeing Company
$25,000 - $49,999
Christine and Scott Homan
$10,000 - $24,999
Allen P. & Josephine B. Green
Anna Beck
Lee and Chrissy Broughton
Dr. Ingeborg Goessl
St. Louis Unitarian Foundation for
St. Luke’s Hospital
Tarlow Family Foundation
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
William T. Kemper Foundation
$5,000 - $9,999
Suzy and Beau Brauer
Stephen and Barbara Burrows
Benefits & Insurance Services
Centene Charitable Foundation
Kent and Diane Chancellor
Elaine and Ralph Chrismer
Brian and Vicki Clevinger
Commerce Bank
Edward Jones
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Goldstein & Pressman, P.C.
Susan Huber
Michael and Corinne Manchisi
Persons Charitable Trust
Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank
$2,500 - $4,999
Valori and Pete Bring
Wayne Brinkman
Jack and Sherry Delo
Express Scripts, Inc
Jenifer and Ivan Garcia
Tim and Elizabeth Hampton
Cindy and John Handy
Harvey Kornblum Foundation
Tom and Kathy LaMantia
Kjell and Asha Lundal
Debra and Dan McManus
Midwest BankCentre
Drs. Mark Miller and Nancy Weaver
Ming-Nash Family Charitable Fund
Missouri Foundation For Health
Packaging Concepts, Inc.
Tom and Kelly Pollihan
Christopher Reid and Jennifer
Robert W. Baird & Co.
Charles and Cynthia Robinson
Steve and Ellen Smith
SSM Health Care
The Lowenbaum Partnership, L.L.C.
Susan and Michael Thomure
Traci Young and Olga Sityaeva
$1,000 to $2,499
10330 Old Olive, LLC
Bill and Karen Appelbaum
Steve and Carol Bass
Kevin and Debra Bastien
Michael and Cynthia Behr
Andrew and Renee Bell
Adam and Gretchen Birenbaum
Carol House Furniture
Central Trust and Investment
Tom and Terrie Desloge
Peter and Bridget Desloge
Mike and Torie DiSalvo
W. Edwin Dodson
Tom and Ruth Ferris
Fox Family Foundation
Anne and Jim Herzog
Jan and Gabe Hess
Phyllis Hoff
Laura Holt
John and Sandy Irace
Liz and Scott Johnson
Lorraine Kee
Kevin Kerns and Nancy Boyd
Karena and Chris Marfisi
Richard and Melissa Mark
Debbie Marshall
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Dawn Niermann and Bill Overturf
Jack and Rachel Oliver
Bill and Paula Ott
Curtis and Shannon Searcy
Bobbie Sherrill
Sunstone Consulting
Steve and Janette Taaffe
The Michael Staenberg Family
The Sidener Foundation
Thompson Coburn LLP
Towers Watson
UHY Advisors MO, Inc.
Raymond and Laurie Van de Riet
Lina and Ellis Young
$500 to $999
Barry and Jackie Albrecht
American Direct Marketing
Resources, Inc.
Patsy and Dale Baldes
Stephanie Barron
Matt and Rebeka Boschert
Jeff Burgess
John and Colleen Bussen
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Ken and Celeste Dothage
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(Continued Inside)
Emcee Monica Adams
Carol Margreiter and Walter Beck
Laura Holt and Phyllis Hoff
Chief Executive Officer Greg Echele
Jan and Gabe Hess
Laura Rapoff and Brenda Bryant
Sarah and Jason Wade and Karena and
Chris Marfisi
Christine and Scott Homan
Meoli Digital
Entertainment by Joia Percussion
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Nathan Holt and Tia Morris
Nicole Shelledy and David Nguyen
Target Hampton Village Volunteers
Brian and Vicki Clevinger
Mike and Torie DiSalvo
Ryan Rakestraw, Michael McLaughlin and
Abhishek Chakavarty
Jackie and Scott Watson
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